Fighter's Fury 1-29-2018 (DC vs Stipe, Ronda Rousey in WWE, Laila Ali Interview, Peter Kahn Interview)

Fighter's Fury
Monday, January 29th

Tobin gives his thoughts on Daniel Cormier vs Stipe Miocic. He reacts to Ronda Rousey's debut in the WWE. Recaps the weekend action in boxing in MMA. He speaks with local boxing manager Peter Kahn. They discuss 2018 landscape in boxing and what it's like to deal with the business side of boxing. Plus he is joined from Laila Ali. She reacts to Claressa Shields believing she was disrespected by Ali.


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Martial arts and boxing fans it's time for fighters feeling each side the heart of a champion. Cook's friend didn't. Tommy guns it's time for fighters viewing 1 PM seven. Everybody Brothers Terry here on seven it's they get. I give you an updated version of the podcasts that I was out and so on Sunday I was so sick this weekend man. Just have had this call that I can shake and you know near the weekend off self. Our little updated on what ran on Sunday morning for those of you doing more as things are about dinner Cormier or does things that happened and so on and say it. Why you know wasn't discussed in the run arouse your wrist. Wasn't feeling well railway had Iran feeling better now so let's get into it I mean this was. You know we had so what's happening over this weekend this is that well it's always gonna be a pretty quiet we give woods his wife told good about. Mean no role in with segment that I did on Friday. Was because they didn't think that much was going on you know we had you have seen in Charlotte pat ourselves and HBO card. Gloria movies and T say give them some knocked out when. Yet though or Linares. Looking really good. And you know fallen Carla HBO. As far as the FC on fox which I I don't Gaza the completely call me by surprise a late first of all. Normally have a card is is not not publicized it's for sure enough this one car the titans of fox guard. Just shook me to buy Cold War that it was that quick around but. Just go to Sosa he comes up with a big first round knock out win the head kick off follows it up. Quick stoppage maybe I mean it looked like Derek Debra it was Brady out of it. Pretty out and it's so. Just say gets himself a win win the the rematch against these guys against their Brunson and I would say it puts himself back into the fold at what happens at middle middle it's so weird place right now look we're at this. Point where Robert Whitaker has the staph infection. It's apparently got news organs so. You don't know I series that it doesn't sound. Great and we had a sub coming fight in Australia which was supposed to be a big coming out for him he's gonna fight in his native land and and and defend his belt. And instead it. It's it's your round shots EO we know in the we love him on the show been on the show for Lou Brock old same deal trading down here now great matchup I love the fight. But obviously. Ports the middleweight division in the habit of flux and now you have a bit the old guard back on top where. Middleweight is. You know Wideman doc today Lou Brock cold. Dollar amount Calvin gasoline gases in there as well right now. And then nine than the rest so. Willow seemed to eighteen turns into but very very entertaining when project array. -- car was okay it was an okay guard I don't think anything really stood out too much from an early copy the main portion of it on Saturday night. But obviously the the main event to John Kerry was the I was the guy who really stole the show that night but the big news that came out this this past week I thought. Obviously. The biggest piece of news was data Cormier is taking on. Steve Amy it's huge for the heavyweight championship and that's awesome you know we talked a little bit about this. Would he would and he pulled the trigger on that move. And you know it Siemens on a guy that I we're all talking willing man. You know I get the loyalty became Alaska's again but it. You don't got that much time left it's not like you to stick around us and Indian heavyweight forever you've been pretty firm that you retire next year. Take those last bullet and fired man go people wanna see despite. They needed they need something fresh at heavyweight you know it's in the it's been for breach over doom dance for awhile. Alastair rover team now Fred sing god he has a lot of remake and to do and with Cain. Hey. Came Alaska is is not fought forever. We don't know for you get through a training camp healthy how could you possibly invest in making that fight happen. So. It really if you take away the friendship is an obvious move to make it's as obvious as it gets when it comes to these two. Did god put DC's a loyal guy and intervene and bring him into a full bullet into the sport training partners friends I get it. But. Did got to make that fight if you'd if you that they feel the USC. Not only does data have an opportunity to win this fight up but I think he can win but. He is now is it a situation where. He gusted to really depart from that John Jones legacy you know. And if he does wanna stick around for more play any does want the John Jones fight again. If he'd beat Steve today. He can go fight John Jones and heavyweight or. If he doesn't beat Steve day one more shot at John Jones soapy DC and you're looking to get out of the staying with a couple big pay days to end your career. You got the steep they fight and get two things that are gonna happen either beat them and you fight Judd doesn't have where he can beat them we could fights deep in Arenas or you beat them. Or you'd or you lose two and you go back and defend your belt against John Jones. I think it's two win win win for for DC as possible Campbell us is even came out and he says that day if you went about things are gonna get interest and and a tooting that came Alaska's in the in this county are now needs to get himself a win to put himself back. In the none as silly title contention because. Look he's a former reigning heavyweight champion it's not ethnic division if cable us doubles title fight came last as gets a title fight. But there needs to be that that proving that show me mode to the promoters seeking get through it healthy. And Amber's DC that's big drama to. Sudden I just think it's the Smart move doesn't put to a lot of weird spot. But 20520. Fives in the spot where it's full of a lot of veterans. You know solids and the justice it was like you know and hold this news about DC isn't true you know my adult. You know Gustafson got a couple cracks the belt nobody should be it should be sitting here. Mean cried for Alexander he's a great fighter. You know had his old little. Hiatus from the sport where people thought he was gonna retire. So have some flights at 205 and and let's clean that out a little bit and and figure things out. I don't think it's it's it's that bad for to a pod have a little bit of a smoothing out process. And look at the worst is that comes out of it is let's say DC puts it this is his last last fight. He loses about it John comes back. There's all the rumors are John's gonna come back in an idea that big of a suspension. He comes back and any of gusts vs. What does that fight it was the best fights never seen so. I really don't think this this move has a lot and used to come very very much sport I'll go to this fight does this mean for me you want to pull out all the what are super fights would assume budget to make the term has become so loose at this moment between you know. UCL a tyrant take about ideas or that's the super fight nada. This is a super fight. Former strike force heavyweight champion never lost an heavyweight. You rating light heavyweight champion all the losses at a John Jones to get on the guy the most title defenses in Europe's history and heavyweight this super fight bona fide. Should be big business sadly we have a stack it up was him with some. Some big fights as well possibly amid renewed as verses cyborg. Possibly. Might it just Johnson against you did Alicia off. So chevys burst champions that comes with its negatives bought. It is gonna have a blockbuster deal for that night there's no doubt about that and I love it I'm glad to make in this fight. And I think he's secure win. I don't know more pick and yet. But I think he can win I definitely think there's a there's definitely a path to victory here for data Cormier. And I'd like to see it's a similar because you know we just saw. C pay. He. Took branches in the deep waters. But it eat it was never able to finish him and he was very tired. Dealing with a guy France's side is now that's the big expected there's friends a lot bigger than the DC but DC's are about as good wrestlers that debts and DC breaks people. And it's not quite the overwhelming. Size difference. That John. Is compared late Steve pays what 6364. So he's that height but not quite the reach not quite. These difficulties and dangers that Jeb walk you through those leg kicks pretty much deal with his hands for the most part. I stole it is as dangerous a fight for DC as fighting John jones'. But we'll talk more into it as as the fight close than the other big news they came out Monday or are late Sunday early in a Monday run arouse the makes sir. WW debuts she was at the royal rumble she came in after the women's royal rumble was decided. Oscar I think is the one who won immunity to super I forget zevil Tomei in in the morning show I've forgot. And so she's full time apple time to read every now did some interview with Ramon out there was still little talk about the losses not nodded talking about her defeats. Just too hard for our. You know I have a body a buddies. Talking about this to me just like ashes of frauds got a fighting. There's a lot of salty this I sense a round. The mixed martial arts community. For Rondo the way she went out not speaking to reporters. Hadn't spoken through the A sports reporter that's not remote Michelle and about two years. So. I get why a great chunk of the mixed martial arts community and fans have turned on Rhonda. But from my standpoint rod has Teflon. And I don't ever wanna hear people say that she's a fraud. Or that she wasn't ready or wasn't awesome or didn't dazzle us or was it a great attraction. In the octagon she was she was in there she was pulled through issues break in arms Jim signature mole signature move everybody knew was coming nobody could stop it. Beautiful we're Chevy Amaechi taped multiple times. Beat a former Libyan. You know. Beat a very very short contender in cats and gone now. I added I think she is really good wins on her resonate and let's not forget the most important part and I think everybody should remember this. This is a person. Who went from a cocktail waitress. In a living out of her car. For first time and broke the ceiling on women getting into the UFC Dana what's that it was never gonna happen you saw run arazi. Saw a dynamic athlete. Also the whole package good looking you know somebody could very very much market and with that came with a high expectation you think about a lot of you that tried to do this with page bands that seize north cut. Does it always worked out that the golden boy is or golden women. Are able to come through with the results and Rondell Wallace and about a case of her being protected. Got to remember. You know this volley home when she fought her biggest underdog ever. In a title fight. On that was such get a chance that we really thought she deserve the town that is kind of this is what it ended up being. And and everybody after his golf game has passed Rhonda by now. Made a mistake somebody tailor made for. And as you and possibly about habits of the best people in the sport. You know you wanna look into the second fight the second lost amid a new says essay that was gone about the whole way never really got over the first loss. Reportedly didn't spar. For. That fight and Amanda yet mentally you can say that choose probably shipped on that flight or wasn't set up bright for success in that fight. Not good enough to. Prove that I think there's some woods in his legitimacy to that but. Look meant her importance. To getting women to this stage it can't. It can't be just brushed aside it can't be because you took a tub a couple losses this is in the sport for that. This is in the sport for people take a couple losses and and in your views say they were frauds or brushed aside forever that's that's not. Mixed martial arts that's not the USC that's not supposed to roll. Good for her good for getting use this opportunity to Demi don't be. I think it'll be fun. And we'll see how this pans out I hope they usually Brock was apparently don't talk much. I I don't know if she has the microphone charisma. You know to be the female version of the rock or anything like that. You know based on some things in that seeing SNL and whatnot or some of wrestling Promos. But he UV maker does the old cement unstoppable force. I think that definitely is marketable degree you'll love it seem like some fans are gonna behind yesterday. I think it would be fun so it's cool shots around a rousing. And we'll look forward to watch it and see with a crossovers but the door open for return. It's all the rod Rouse is done with a mixed martial arts and really now. I would it is present the very very long time before we see her again. But I wouldn't opt not rule out the bag that she bites again I really am I'm not. The it'll be a big deal that people care what you buy it's again. Her reaction this guy watches a lot of fights publicly. In bars in crowds. When she fights. Nods I did your what now but it when she fights. It was something different from when other guys are fighting you know the women in the bar they cared differ away my wife doesn't have many. What she calls girl crushes but she loves her some run arazi was as bummed out when she lost. She has she has an electricity and an attraction. To league Rand fan base. That. Others have not been able to connect with. And and that's pretty cool so. That was the the run down from the weekend we have a double there you guys will hear on this podcast. Peter Caan local boxing manager. Very sting guy connect in a lot of ways in the sport you guys earlier that conversation we also heard from the greatly lolly there was also a bit of a mess up. On Sunday I don't know whom it was on at the radio station but. Not care as it was supposed to air yesterday. A lot. We'll play it cool as far as why it didn't. But for those sitting in today here is you get as we get to hear Leila Ali throws some. Was that she throws ensure that at courses shields courses just claims that Layla Ali through some shaded her with an interview with a breakfast club. And when we got dispute Leila we. Broke that news to her that heckler said took that. Took that interview portly. And so you hear her response and that's very very four minutes stirring. So body into the rest of the episode who back same time same place this week. 10 AM on Sunday fighters Jerry back live in the cell next week. But you guys can enjoy the rest of the show thanks for two and and thanks for download podcast we'll talk to next. Each finder's Fiore. Every single way in the boxing landscape he's got his fingerprints all over the map Peter con local down here is imagine fighters for. A number of years now Peter you're you're. You're kind of in the midst of it all promoters all ends of the earth you know we were speak in your on each different time zone it's like your clock doesn't stop ball single day itself. Tell us into gets humid here because I don't think you get to hear maybe this is decided the that the business or how things go. So I guess ought to start here whoa when you're. When your day started because they a lot of things from a fight fan's perspective is. We'll have some things don't get done how things are done at the time no matter what's making things Dora and like why don't we get. A triple GQ though we won a lot of we get a Dionte wanted to be Joshua what we want it why why they're all these things that that that that get in the way so. Give me the from your perspective. V. The biggest number one headache that can cause maybe fights that I go to where we probably want to go or not be in the timely manner like how does. How do you from your perspective see those things unfold so it's a great question and in person foremost thanks for having me on the show a big fan listen to you often and I'm I'm I'm glad that I'm here. So it's a great question is like he said I'm constantly. Trying to make fights for the fighters that I managed. And timing is the most frustrating aspect and you got to look at it this way at the championship level. Up most fighters can't fight more than three times per year. Like if you're talking even in the heavyweight division or the lighter divisions three times a year is is pretty much the Max. So without being said. Like all the stars have to fall into alignment number one you don't have a competing show against another show right so I mean we can all look at. Mayweather McGregor and triple G can hello. I've never seen anyone more upset in the history of boxing and Oscar bill lawyer Daria. We are and I just interviewed him mild sort for Forbes the boxing for Forbes got you an Oscar I spent some time together. About a month ago and Dow and we did. A a twenty minute sit down very casual but he was so heated I think he said that they were basically wanted to rein on his parade so. To that point. Everything has spawned alignment eighth. The fighters have to be in rhythm. In their fighting Wear them better daylight like you have Jocelyn Parker coming up. And it works because neither of them are just coming off a fight they've both been somewhat inactive to an extent to where they were able to settle on this march 31 day. But then you have to get the television date to be an alignment. So whether that's going to be HBO or showtime and from what I understand. The US distribution has not been finalized yet route so wall you know Eddie Hearn of Mac true. Has been working with both HBO and showtime so she's been doing a lot of showtime with Joshua. And with in Sheffield and passed me with Holbrooke. And a number of other fighters but he also now house relationship that he's been. Cultivating with HBO through Danny Jake ups writer and as I told you up and I'm proud of this book my my light heavyweight Trent brought Hearst. Was on the wrong end of a first round Cahill lost you Dmitry be evil in Monaco and that was on HBO. So you have the the activity of the fighters. Right having to have to pick a date now works of the beat them both have a proper camp because remember they need a certain amount of lead time. Heavyweights not so much. Because they don't make weight but on the smaller weight classes guys part of it is that's half the time not out. Well then it has the match up with the TB date that two promoters sometimes they go head to head because they have no choice be really don't want to cannibalize draw audience that's another factor. Well and then let's get down to the big factor money. Sure before all comes down to money. Anti Josh was been putting ninety plus thousand people what Wimbley seventy plus thousand people at Cardiff there Macon money. You know so -- able to you kinda dictate and and drive the narrative there. I want you to believe your perspective on this so. I find fascinating right now. How popular but bout boxing scenes across the seasons in monsters in Britain and the way they're able to fill the arena. You know for example we go for first issue we go to some of the fights are here. And I thought one of the best fights because it made this year was was Sergey called levers and there were two guys top of their game. Long guys oblique talk in Russian wheel guys the American Libyan it has all of the things I would think a promoter would want for a fight to line up perfectly. And yet it's it's downgraded to the Mandalay bay if you will for their for their rematch which was a controversial first flight. And just like man. If this isn't a commercial success. What is gonna be a commercial success in boxing because if feels it has all the ingredients where is across the seas. It's like man if he Joshua could probably can't walk the streets and not get stops whereas. Over here I think probably the onto other Cody problem other than his height of probably dole ought to play some people just with the oh what sport do you play and do you are no on the have you achieved in the world it's a little weird it's. Why so let's take it be your your first point with ward Kovalev and you're right do I knew the anticipation. For the first fight. Right one to see that match up was this was a fight fans fight not only a fight fans like this was like. A fight industry. Persons fight like I want I don't watched every fight like I don't you Alex went to my family like to do other stuff toward Cuba I can't sit always sit watched fights. But I wanted to see this fight and I did and I I made a point of being home a wanted to focus on it and and I wasn't disappointed like that first fight I thought was a really good fight. The problem is is that Andre Ward phenomenal. Fighter one of the best ever. Great fighter Kovalev great fighter. Not group marketers not good self promoters and so. They they don't have that megaphone. Whether it's on social media whether it's. Just you know their personnel but here's the other thing. And I never like throw anyone under the bus however in in this case bomb it wasn't so much main events. Our issue Iraq mission and our nation OK aside wanna say that I wanna say garnered so so you know here's a thing arm and I ate and I. You know spoke spoke to Michael your mark in advance of the rematch and I tried to do them a favor. Where I wrote articles part of my Forbes column how the sponsors or the big winners in the war Kovalev rematch. There was no doubt that we were all anticipating it as from a fight fan's perspective. But they fell short on the promotional and then they didn't do all that they can do to drive for traffic. And HBO's HBO does what they do I mean they don't changed the method in which they promote a fight so they did their job. Right it rightly or sevens I was usually that is amazing in this story well put together love it the fighters did their job. OK then you have the leave it up to the promoter and war and was with roc nation who was the lead promoter in this scenario and it really comes down to being up to them. So in that sense just says the first part you know I think that it could have been promoted better. And it's the first time that we've seen great matchups go fall under the radar but here's the other thing. I think that we were treated. To so many. Great fights in 2017. It truly was a turning point again in the sport yet you know it's peaks and valleys are grown always sesame oh. MMA is is just devouring boxing while looked MMA in the UFC and in particular. Had a great bomb. In the early two thousands bomb with the launch of Ultimate Fighter and they're the revamped and re branded UFC. Look who's gonna deny that no one it was great. By peaks and valleys box and had a good hundred year run before that absolute and the thing is is that the fights have gotten better. There's been more competitive fights I mean we have some really. Good spiders a lot of talent across the divisions. Get Singapore and now are have been more excited about. The young crop that we have right now and then I have been a long time and it does go piece about the goes from year to year like a tell you. You know as a guy who covers both sports for for the show. If I were to just put it from an entertainment sim point I've been saying that I would say all throughout we can we dusted. Boxing's have a fantastic year you'll see not so much a mean they had a good leap run at the end of the year right. But as far as as far as if you were to look gift from from post to post with. You don't know McGregor being in the octagon. With John Jones getting suspended to have an entitlement with runner Rouse he not be there. But they had a tough year it does the fight game there's some stuff you can't control both Boxee to seem like. Then you have the Joshua Klitschko fight so early on just got the momentum on the heavyweight division. There's actual you can see doubles playing out almost toward a solid how it's coming together arm. It seems like it'll lead up to Joshua Wahlberg yeah I mean that's what it's sank right mr. hope that well you're hoping but. Look as a as a stand and as someone I always feel. If you're puncher you always have a chance. And I think Joseph Parker has a chance I don't necessarily think he's going to be d'antoni Joshua but he certainly has a chance because I still. And yet convinced. That I instead I'd seen Joshua. An accommodation of blogger clinch those aged. I conduct fight would have gone the other way but to your second point earlier about. About people walking down the street in recognizing fighters yes Anthony Josh Roy can't go anywhere in the UK. And in most parts of the world even here I would think that. Boxing fans would recognize immediately. We don't have that in the heavyweight division but let's be real certainly have that would Floyd Mayweather. Certainly had a what Manny Pacquiao if I mean these guys were and so it just it depends on the weight class so there are those superstars remember. 2%. Of the fighters make you know the majority of the morning in the sport so. You know there are so many good up and coming fighters. And I think the biggest compliment. That UFC fans and you'll see. You know. Fighters and and participants should look at is the fact that Dana White wants are promoting boxing and that's not just rumor or talk. I know this for a fax him because he's inch and a couple my fighters real yes so I know. That he wants to build a stable. What do you think that is do you think that's the money. It is the toilet so I'm just can feeling because Dana's got to this point where he built up DO CU outselling it bureaucratic confused on what his role is still abusive as you want like his own. Old's baby to make again and again silly he's super imagines amazing welcome his piece of the USC sale horse but I just wanna have billion. Yeah so let's leave it still like that's I'm sure a guy like that it never goes away and it almost you maybe want something new to create again I don't know look. I I know the history. Behind. The USC and and when I think it was Bob Marley it's I think that was is from from Long Island and here he sold he was selling eventually enough. There was a guy down here Dan Lambert who owns American top team. Who was the original the original contract. On the USC and he let the fourteen to Brothers. Run with it. And he just you know I. Long story but I'm gonna give me the short version so. Back then that I was had a rules meeting I'm I had to barrel Williamson fighting Wladimir Klitschko. I think this is like in 2004 at Caesars outside in the Daihatsu Vander pool fighting Jeff lacy on the same shall time court for the idea of super middleweight title Dutch and so I had to those TV fights and where the rules meeting Marc Ratner was still the commissioner for Nevada. And you know they do the traditional old you know the appointment of the the judges in this is the refereed and give me. You know deep protest GO pits nearly this is a formality but you have to be present got you and I'm sitting there and all seven. To my left. So the mark Brenner says as anybody have any other. Business and they wanna discuss because its open meeting to the public. And guy next we stands up says when he was Laura's a fourteen day and I own a company called all the planning championship and I'm respectfully requesting the bats. You don't make the results public because you know little to public. Knowledge the next day. Because we're doing this reality show and I'm really looking often in a Muslim sitting there and almost into and talk about this and I'm thinking this can be really big. Like that there you know that this is good like he explained basically the first season of the Ultimate Fighter coach afford it actually aired. Because yet he need a permission that the results wouldn't be release otherwise it would rumors that old this year show. And from that point it exploded Dana White to a great job it just it it exploded I mean it was the biggest thing and at the time boxing that sort of economy B dot one and one of those valleys and I think it was a perfect storm. But I mean look they built the UFC into this mega power house of its of an industry in itself they went and bought they bought all the competition. Member pride was so competitive. They bought pride of Ayman do you have C die I just I mean you know this let's just say there isn't right it's fascinating because he watched them build something that was basically people Paula defunct. Right they build this brand. They make it a worldwide phenomenon. On by. It's different than boxing because they didn't have competition competition drives the price. So guns on the fighters side as you are represented them what do you make now of more guys getting into the game and any herders trying to against Tuesday the American landscape Dana White who's trying to put his blue water with the top ranks. With the golden boy does that shatter for the fighters that that we have all the sores are gonna. Separate guys because it it it felt like. You know the public couple years ago like okay you're gonna be on national television this going to be great but. Philly they're keeping all's QVC guys are right from each other and and if folic. We are hoping that there be more fair fight fan friendly fights but it almost felt like the segregation almost got more divisive in the fighting. We'll look at that's what a lot of people. Are concerned about right now on the wall toward division because you have the WBO title. With Jeff worn yet and he's fighting Terrance Crawford. I'm friends or just a love Jeff. But. I don't see any way that. That he beats Terrance Crawford if it's it's it's just Terrance Crawford to special fighter I think he's going to be stronger 47. But the the rest of the guys are with Al Hayman. Okay Earl Spence. Key Thurman Danny Garcia Sean Porter LaMont Peterson who spends just bought and then a number of other guys so at all. Which understandably OK he's recycling all those guys and they're fighting each other but these are guys in the top global but you know what. They've already fought each other enough okay so eventually you're gonna need to have some new people so to your point and concern. Is that we you know we wonder ten Bob arm and he BC slash Al Hayman. Make a deal so we can you find out welterweight division room which would be unbelievable without with the amount of talent. To be able to see that happen to have maybe a Terrance Crawford and a barrels I don't I think it's kind of owed to the fans definitely so I do you think. You know I worked for Don King for a long time and people there was a time when him and Bob Merriman never worked woken swat. All the sudden. Deal way intranet that bought. And that could open the door again I think actually Chavez and dale lawyer fought. First I think in the end money talks here and the fans you don't wanna see something I don't. Think that it's gonna get in the way because Tom you know promoters are competitive. But they're in this to make a living I mean they're in this make money so everything's in negotiations why do you think that. The more and in television dictates a lot of that narrative as well and if HBO and showtime who are so big players and now ESPN with all the dates they've given top breaking ESP and and all the boys. They also have a site they have stoop seep a lot of people don't realize this. Bomb Peter Nelson has Stephen Espinosa they have the final say on these fights. They have to approve these fights (%expletive) that TV shows that what you have you have guys like me managers who are constantly emailing and texting and hey you know can you jury you know Bruce always so for because I can be talking to. I'll give an example. IA I won't say the fighter that I have but these you know a woman say that he got denied by HBO to fight for the Demetrius and trade. But he got turned out these top. Ten rated junior middleweight poker and HBO. Didn't approve him for the broadcast would that cost me and my spiral automotive career because the promoter wanted the fight. I'm from from books from your standpoint when you get twos when they get denied what's the reasoning behind this to be on the part of it looks I'm not gonna ever say. Is it mostly they don't feels good about it is that wanna protect their other entity when all they don't they don't know they they would look I mean they don't think it would be. Appealing to the viewer should really and that's their opinion I can't tell. Them how to do their job and obviously I think all my fighters should be on television I would be an insane person if I didn't read what I manage a fighter that I don't think. Should be on television or that has world championship potential and all my guys are in that environment. And then you know you have the flip side of it like for instance my my undefeated super featherweight sol were re yes I have him with Mayweather right. But it's really hard to find him opponents at this point. And so now we're in this mode where guys either priced themselves out because it you know when he winds fifteen K knows. They don't get knocked out if they do they wanna get paid really well then you have the issue of the commission. Approving. I mean we can't get an opponent first fight on February 17 because he either doesn't get approved by by the commission in Nevada or guys press and solves out. So then we can't put them on television why would Leonard Ellerbe put him on television against an opponent you know enemy alike would have to be television friendly. IN percent this it's you gotta find its missiles young from the right mix of exactly marketability but also competitiveness it's got to be and that's it's it's it's that. It's almost goes back to our first point the of the site rewards like. You gotta find that right mix of tidy and marketing money at all by the. Yes also a fan looks out at lake you know everyone's crazy they're not doing their job this is ridiculous but. If there's Som many things that go into it so when when Eddie. Announced when he heard announced October was going to be fighting at super middleweight great and he announced today I immediately of course sad how about silence. And he said among us say who because and you know I wanna but he'll say but he said I need some an Easter force got you the first fight for him at 54. Bomb and then I went pac ten with somebody else and no he pawns it off on the trainer. It's like little cruiser convertible picking the message to us and I had the trainer so I have. An undefeated. Lightweight that's also top five in the world. And even working with trainers like I called Abel Sanchez went would you like to work its own so you know also up to big bear. And then it's like there's all these stipulations the father can't be involved I need to have this I need to have a like that he can come off for 34 we could see there's the chemistry of the ego massaging your gonna. Yeah but this is the way that it is and so what happens is it's all of these things. You know candidate is a really tough sport. Like it's very. Forgiving it's also a tough thing is I imagine for fighters because we're in this day image where the fans how's that to direct pipeline and to the guys yeah. And a lot of times you know they call out these you know these are some of the hardest individuals you meet negative views on social media right by anyone by saying your power scheduled deuce and you planet may have helped the deaths they've gone to to get where they are they're treatment of that conversation rise so Chris vineyard in my it might well the way. Who you might remember from Dion McGregor spar exactly so Chris tape incidents like Ryan is an incidences. For those who don't remember from the McGregor build up it was. It's the first leaked tape of McGregor tape McGregor training boxing K about and he was given the work to it appeared he was given the work to. That's a Peters fighter Chris and and and it it didn't turn out to be that was that that the optics weren't exactly Kristol William. I Crist put them but understandably so courses. Chris is welterweight with one. Loss on his record in 2015. Right in over twenty some nights the only you know he's only has one lawsuits have Errol Spence. I mean it's it's not a bad got a Lucille Devlin and and and a ten round fight the referee stopped in the eighth but crystals and knocked out he wasn't down but if you know we need to knock out to win and it wasn't happening. Chris gave Errol spends about her fight in my opinion the LaMont Peterson and Intel Brooke okay so to the Peterson point. Vineyard in because of this Macgregor thing it gave him a platform they he was on TMZ. He was on ESPN sports senator bill you know people wanted to talk to them. She took that opportunity Apollo LaMont Peterson LaMont Peterson LaMont Peterson because Peterson had. The interim WBA welterweight belt at that time right you know Chris is just Peterson Peterson pulled up. LaMont doesn't do anything on social media doesn't respond nothing you know all this time goes by and of course he ends up fighting expense and we saw how bout went and looked. That's as tough. That's a tough fight. The only person my house told you I think before we spoke the only person. But I could seed being competitive with him would be Terrence Crawford I mean I think spends beats Thurmond I think he beats Porter Garcia credible I mean. Watching what it in its service it's it's it's a thing with him where you watch there it seems effortless yeah but it's it you could just how how damaging news to guys is just the build up it is it's it's it's it was beautiful locks on the street. I was in Sheffield. Just a few feet from the ring when he fought Colebrook when he won the title his punches are thunderous. It's like he is very strong he's a very like he's a very strong welterweight. He is a really has such a high boxing I Q he's so composed. She is very methodical he does all the right things. And I'm imagining he has a good chin I don't know he's been tasks agenda. But he just is he's so relaxed and not fazed. That. I I really don't see anyone giving him trouble like in the near future except maybe Crawford who's got that mentality. To probably make a really good fight of it. Well Olivia she's so if you were there if you're in a guy like Errol Spence right now and he's been doing there are doing all the right things with him he's young. He's he's is very exciting style. What do you think it is to get guys to. I guess I guess the old 'cause feature is like superstar level like how does it take that judge what what is it that makes that jump has. We're watching. The Euro Floyd was in the sport for so long like the jump for him really didn't happen even until leader and his crew put so much time into it. And that it took the bill went by then boom it was so next level. So I was talk and a literal BS about that because we're talking about the fighter that I managed that they have they're the promoter so it's a team effort. You don't mean like it's a team effort because we all have the same goal in mind obviously I'm the go between between my fighter and them. But in the end we have the same goal. We want to be a world champion we want to make a lot of money right and we want him to win and and you know all those other things that go along with it until Leonard I were talking because there's just this strategy that takes place and so women of talking about. For a minute I was home for me the fight. That was a statement fight for Floyd where he went from we knew he was a great fighter. But to that next level was the corral spike occur in the ease of which people bought Krause was gonna get him. And and Floyd dismantled them. Right I mean you remember that fight against him I mean what are dismantle them and and so yes so there are defining fights and I think for Spence he needs at defining fight. So Peterson was a good step in that direction look he beat cal brought. Cobra was is is no walk over me cobra is a good fighter and he's heavy handed to. I don't know. This is not I I I know today. You know or this week showtime is is going to be announcing their fights. For. Whether it's the first quarter or big fights here I have a feeling that we're gonna see Spence and Thurman. Definitely in 2018. And I think that if Crawford. Be sworn. As a as anticipated. I really believe that we can end up seeing this unification enough in the welterweight division so we remember unified heavyweight champion might have a unified. Welterweight champion. Bomb there's going to be the canal low triple. The remaining yeah may this process. Tomorrow so make. Bruno and I have yet comes out he's like that's not done yet it would go into the lives somebody is covering the guy it's guns don't know why this is old Oscar and I and it in my gut. Is that it's gonna end up at Madison Square Garden really it's my god against. Based on our conversation. He said they really really wanted it. But it might lose what might end up in most things but those are those things that the timing of things I mean that you know for me whether or record I happen they had to pay by the etiquette step aside money. You rumbles the basketball. The big ice cube the big. Get. I want that job I just wanna have the job where you get a date and so must pay you a lot of money to step aside it was a must go across the street. Fujimori and you know but it's just you know it's like. What I'm saying is all those things have to play into it great and so. The other thing is that boxing in the past year and in moving into eighteen on a worldwide scale. Has has flourished like you said the UK. Bomb boxing's on fire. In Russia. Box I mean there's more more world class fighters being produced championship level. And they are big promoters that are promoting consistently they television and then their fighters are coming over here. And in winning world titles palm look for what it's worth. Australia. Has picked up the pace. All you know in the past couple years it didn't look Joseph Parker you know he's he's from New Zealand his promoter is from New Zealand but it's all very you know pay bills have Joseph. Everywhere with that with the New Zealand and Australia say it's the same but they suited they had to like that I don't you know the the promoters are there they're actually all New Zealand and even Jeff Horne fought fought the majority despite news on before fighting you know come back and finding amber has been. Armed by. The worldwide China. I mean there's been so many fights in China. Top rank has been doing so many fights of Macau and not even Chinese promoters now have been picking up the paceman looked at one point four billion people. And they have a lot of fight fans here I'm Japan is consistent with you know turning up smaller weight classes. There's just a lot of interest worldwide in seeing these sports. It's it's going to be a funny Arum on very much imposes a really does come rescission Peter over to do again down the line that via an absolutely that a great and I was a fascinating look into where things stand right now. The news saying inching their fur I think this to be really good turning point here for for boxing if we get rid of me here. Who are your top five pound for pound. Oh man now that the spent spite took place. I it will. I never know where to put the CI I think. See what logic has been doing to guys mentally. It's like it if it's a different kind of beat down that I've been seeing with guys right now so no I think we can question. Oh what is the true test is really phase in the fact that he's going in there with guys who are. Part and guys and they're just say man it's not it doesn't feel like they physically can't tell you it's like they've never seen a reached cube like him before I can't figure amount so. I mean if he's not top he's definitely in that he's definitely and probably my top three. Right now I got Joshua just because he's you know to me heavyweight champion of the woes baddest man on the planet I think that's and it and and the fact that. You know he's he has a win like that in a fight of the year that's a big deal to me. You know Errol Spence. And Terrance Crawford it's tough for me not to have those guys both up there. For Oprah fifth one in their right now. As Mikey Garcia made the list my accuracy is needed to be awesome to see members of the moment this year two of the government the going to be pretty awesome. You know. Idea I mean does skin where's kanell eligible Selig it's not like me and and edits that you think back to their fighting legislature. We'll put a lot who'd you the tiebreaker to or two ago what I think happened or do I go right what the results are. And I'll one of these items because as lopsided as you people volley triple zero that I didn't think so I thought I thought it was actually very close. But I thought the dramatic action about it being a draw my phone relegated to a stupid score parliament photos. So that's you know I'd probably because one of those guys is they're going to have probably the biggest business fight of the year. I think that counts for something to do you know so for me. And over your regimen had a different order but I put wilmots Seko. Into new Joshua. Terrance Crawford Errol span's triple G canal of one of the men there. So. You know and you're short on time here but. In an interview a year per second pitchers aren't so now he put jostling their doors while white is wilder. Not. Is it demean their level cut. Joshua has not have a level competition right justify Friday the blue to and that at any Clinton a forty year old Klitschko what sucks for Joshua. What sucks firfer Dionte rather is a lot of this that hasn't been his fault it's the stuff that's out of his control right. Was finally getting Ortiz he's finally getting and he also had you also had a put back in. Yeah I mean that's that's a drug test yet these this is it his ball right it's still you still have to have that signature moment right right. And Joshua has that and while there may get its suit. But for me it's not there yet and about Lee when were were. Were cut figure like a talked him like he stopped and he still fantastic but I still think that Joshua gets the nod right now remember. Pound for pound was created by the sportswriters. Because. Sugary Robinson was so dominant they needed to define. Some things to express how he was the best fighter in the sport so they created the pound for pound list for him. Yeah and so. It's it's that just tells you how. How good of a place sport is in right now that we can't really. He's been down pinned down a top five it's tough to pin and which is to get into trouble she can LO as you are right some as part of the Forbes I also right on the bettors got. And my despot of the evening was a draw. At like plus two rows of death because I just felt it wasn't inconceivable. That that they can go win six rounds each. I think we will medalist outrageous that wasn't the one scorecard being as our Adelaide Byrd scorecard Muslim was was all but papers out of the way we would have been more okay with righteous where. The it was where was it seems like. If you have some of it that you're either not watching the fight or you're on the Tate Floyd made a career. And hundreds of millions of dollars going backwards and counter punching. Why can't canola tiger. Your effective right. So that's my my final thought Peter god thank you for the time today and Syria are very much enjoy it would back after the us. Each fighter's Fiore. On seven it's again very side to be joined by our next guest lane allow these using new book that came out this week food for life. Leila thanks for joining us really appreciate it why the decision to come out the cookbook. Well a lot of people don't realize obviously haven't cook and that I was like nine or ten years old could come a far off the people's livelihood because you know not been cooking. You know over the years it would seem these possibly compete on the Food Network on choppy when that a couple times judging other shows the cooking has always been. A passion of mine have finally decided to go ahead and put the book together. And I'm working on it for a couple years now from super excited about it. And got taken out of my love for food and comfort food and soul food all the things that we love but preparing them and healthier way than their more nutritious where you felt. I think it is great so far as doing really really well and I'm just excited of people embrace and it. That's awesome that I. I am is what I received my via we go through the same routine things every single week give me not if you're given what all the top your head that I could bring home today. Impress to be light. What what did you learn that really it's it's a secret between us like what is it would it would be a go to one that's easy you have bigger than not know of no chef Charles. No they're not up even though you a lot of brass. It appeared yes. Okay ability to be for the whole family I would say my loaded Turkey tacos with very little that's like total crowd previously very easy. And this is deprived than their for the kids they don't even know if there had been held to Turkey is the conventional so I would try those. For sure my have a fried chicken wings are absolutely amazing as well that everyone loved so and a lot of recipes in there I think that it will work but very easy for you as well. We're talking a little low enough that you're born down here in Miami did you grow up more or spend any child had down here Miami or just. I did in my father was training for a fight and my mom had me there in Miami in that. There's no doubt that the film about the old look again on the plane and copy of training camp over. We went back to LA so probably thirty days within thirty days they are now without without their. Yeah well yeah I remember like read about your father and then that doing a lot of the early early training had to be did he share any any stories of his time not here with you. You know we love Miami I mean how can united such a beautiful place and that's one of the reasons like you know training camp it's already tough and at night when you have. Beautiful surroundings wonderful people good food you know situated fifth street gym I could see why he'd like a pair of every time I come to Miami I'm like man who live here. Bank. What does that what does what does this part of your idealized the like in comparison to training as a professional athlete and being as great as you words are you enjoying. More of the the culinary creativity and all that stuff four or do you ever messed. You know the grind of training of them putting your body through that sit together prepared for boxing. I'd rather have available for pocket compared fail like one more than the other you know I was in my young twenty's when I was fighting and that was like my first person who to say it and sometimes I think cooking was my first love but I mean professionally. Populate my first than. You know the training was passed obviously you can always love it but that's part of what part of it and I still incorporate. Fitness and my life you know still you know I'm not actually borrowing but not it's a heavy bag it's part of my my work out rotation but. Thought definitely missed it you know I missed my body at that time to move totally different but I'm forty now. And I'm in a new phase in my life I have I don't feel for him look forty that's great if I can be put compensated. But I think it's because of over the years taking care of myself not abuse in my body eating good foods. Drinking a lot of water have a healthy lifestyle and then now being a mom to two children have a much has been. You know I love cooking for my family back because may have been an old table that caught my family with an amount would have been are going to be ready Phillips likes. Is part of my everyday life and I love it. Do you are your kids at the age at where they know what their mom used to do because that's that's a pretty cool thing to have your matter when the baddest of the women on the planet. They do you know because they you know there aid now on the go to school to friends raft of questions and Lamar mom says that your mom you know then. But they. They are letting you put I don't think that they they knew on the level there was an upstart is on the male video but sometimes not to be blocked until videos may come in the room I almost got some eyes light up. After having them make you feel it is like he could should not I think you make them feel kind of weird to think we beat up on people we killed. It doesn't really like rocketed so I went up which I understand. We're talking a little the rhetorical willow he doesn't get her new book out cookbook food for life they came out this week it's it's it's flying off the shelves. She already given suggestions on what will be fantastic to bring up repel a home which yelling at the whole collection. Lilly you've been obviously doing a lot of media for the books so I'm sure getting asked a thousand questions and you never know with the with a way snippets are how to get taken out so you're you're doing a radio interview this week and you mentioned courses just and I thought here you're your praise for her it seemed pretty complimentary but she seemed to take it the wrong way. Because she tweeted out that she when and listen to this interview on the breakfast Robyn and she's felt there was some disrespect in shave. And she says mileage thing easily takes a phone call to rumble. Are you surprised she took god hear your comments rolling and our do you have any interest in fighting her. O'Reilly that I don't even realize this you tweeted that it interest paying your biggest thing about phone call took issue you have my number yeah. But take a pause right there you have my number. So you know any comment the issue. Best thing to do that call but the thing is this liver because of a young girl and Mikey says I didn't give her. I'm. The thing is that that when I talk about me in my career has nothing to do with anybody else though sometimes. People take offense the very thing I'm not sure what she took offense to benefit. Probably when I say there's any competition out there for me without. When I come back though. Maybe you know she wanted me to say we have of course the field out there wouldn't think would happen if I would've said that. It should go to bed. Oh yeah there's a girl out there and have been the next thing we hear is Layla find grip the field right about that day comes I'm well. Though that you always have to be careful in the way that you say things but. I think that no matter what I say is solid and it turned into something else you know retired for mopping up up and retired in 2007. Know that your cookie and there you don't think you're. Mean it's not me not been retired since 2007 but that it goes to show. I think it isn't really my fair wind you've got to try to bring me back into it or. Get offended by something that I say in the thing is is that. And it's not just. That hurt anybody what I'd say that no woman can be me when I say that it had absolutely nothing to do with any particular individual that is what I've been saying since the beginning of my career. So open up the way to put up what I'm always gonna phase so you know you really wanna. Focused on who was in front of you now you're could be your career now because I'm totally out of the game you know I'm saying. So it is what it is you know but like I've said I'm not really worried about it I hate to have any back and forth with the with someone that I'm not even really concerned about. But Covert I have my number you know those but as you mentioned. A phone call you know so it's obvious. Since then no more. The it was a big fan of the the apprentice season you're on I got I got wrote Tigger does big damage also love mixed martial arts and boxing. I do you have any good stories from from your time on the apprentice I enjoyed that season. With jail or it has been general. I damage also and so I'd love that one. No it was funny as heck because you know we're both fighters but he was like five media without these other up and arm ever deferred. Cut the first time I was project meant he was product manager you know we had a little word. Behind the scenes and it was a black don't know boo boo you're not gonna win you know that we were going hard on notably law they would he pick a hard cooked it but. I love what I love film because Philip that the character on the show you know and he was he was funny little taken too seriously but he. He he was like. You know the column but he was like the one that you intra I got told the ladies do not trust silly no cut and you like all of barrel war meant that we are fighters so. But no he's a great guy we actually I've vote my show Lila Ali lifestyle podcast on and he had his show though. You know and I know he just won because he did an amazing job on super excited for him but solid nicest people and work hard and put the payoff though. Love till. Well thank you for the time really appreciate about slugger in the pocono and all the media that in promotion gone on the recipe thank you percentile of those really appreciate it. Thank you thank for making me aware that we otherwise. Later at a the list of governors reject and that's live leads uniting get a book. Food for life that is out this week very much into the conversation. About a fantastic regroup talk tees in times in place Nixon.