Fighter's Fury 10-15-2017 (Showtime Triple Header Recap, Joshua vs Wilder outlook, Conor vs Tony Brewing)

Fighter's Fury
Sunday, October 15th

Tobin recaps Showtime's 154lbs triple-header. Who stole the show in Brooklyn? Can Erickson Lubin bounce back from his devastating knockout loss to Jermell Charlo? Out of the three champions, who all retained, will any of them fight each other next? Why did Keith Thurman seem so lukewarm on fighting Erroll Spence? Deontay Wilder has a briallant call out of Anthony Joshua. When will those two square off? Shannon Briggs says he's heading to London to find Tyson Fury. Tyson announces he's going to fight in 2018 three times. Conor McGregor seems to hint at a fight with Tony Ferguson coming up. Tobin explains why he is making the right play, like Conor always does. There can be no more mention of a fight with Paulie Malignaggi in boxing. No more talk of Conor boxing. Go do what people love to see you do. Rafael Dos Anjos needs to zip it up with talks of a interim welterweight title fight. All interim title fights need to cease unless is absolutely necessary. 


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Mixed martial arts and it's time for fighters feeling inside the here's viewing. Spiders scary here on 79 of the tickets nobody here with you. No semen outselling guns this week. We got a lot to dive into the world of mixed martial arts and boxing we'll start off with the sweet science doesn't last night. Had a hell of a card on showtime. Really really stack car there and promote Mr. Bush hatter. Like crazy. Lot of young guys three championship fights all the same weight class. And I've autos a fun night of autos but the Fed does show on the first fight. Jared heard Austin Trout was unbelievably good those guys had a couple of rounds I think could be intent if around the years that. Awesome Trout. Props up during the ease he is consummate. It feels like on those next level immunity has been a champion but those who play. On these big stages he is he's been. The cubs a bridesmaid and getting those big moments because here he was putting on Jerry heard. Four. Really the first out of that fight a lot of shots that did damage. Obviously the south luggage or heard all a lot of problems have nasty clash of heads that. Gave her the crimson mask but he is it was a when he was waving your view is way big here you was. He was better condition he was able to take the beating and eventually it was CEO we kept walking down Austin child. Was a sure it was discouraging to Rome where. You know traffic sees put an honest guy he's he's being with his own best weapon and that just loading upper cuts on them really really peace in the mop. And I heard just a comment he just kept coming and coming talent and eventually. With star and two I would sailing around around 66. Is an unbelievable round 101 one of the best rounds of the year. But you can just tell that. The shots. That I heard was landing we're doing more than what Austin Trout is doing. And any sudden you start to see the productivity start to dip Ross and trodden. Pretty much a study governor of a survival match him and he was like Walking Dead he would get he would these monster shots and you just keep harmony was unbelievable. Although we will toughness from Austin Trout but the eyes started to swell up it was look at real real nasty. And and after the tenth round. The corners last doctors they stopped the fight and Jared retains his title really really entertaining five from those guys. I was most excited for the next fight it out as excited for Jamaal Charles lovers is Ericsson move and there's a little we have on the show a couple of weeks ago. A dynamic young personality. And very very young point one point two years old. You know so he's he's Stefan is the lines and real early Jamaal Charles talked about. In the lead at despite U doesn't belong with me this is too soon for hand. He did understand why Lou was getting the shot so early. But you know you receive a marriage movement how full dynamic puncher. Sometimes a bit of a showboat. And we'll see woody did didn't seem like the state museum overwhelm them. And know very very much a feeling out first round. The these guys are our. Our first staring each other up and down. Nothing and of big note but they start to open up. And then. Ericsson move is in the midst the first round. He he he dips down to what it takes avoid a shot and wall he's down. Jamaal Charles hits him with a right hand right and do his knack. And it it you can just see the body short circuiting. Honors movie he. It honestly it's one of lead to scarier. Reactions to a shot you'll see a mean he. Stiffens up like aboard. Almost topples over sideways it was as if you turn him into a two by four. And just stop supporting like you had it on the tall and and you just let drop. And he was out doubt the other I think but it was so shocking because of where the shot came from. He was he was he was clearly trying to make a mood defensively. And it didn't take much because his momentum and Charlotte shot hit the right spot which is one of those sweet. Perfectly timed. Worse possible spots. You know just says Mohammed of of stuff adds so. It was it it really was. Just just it was a scary scary reaction from movement but a sensational. Sensational once shot knockout from Jamaal Charles up. All very emotional after words you know you could tell he was very upset pile on the lead up apparently somebody threw summary through charity rather Jamal. So that it heard. The news the post interview with with Jim Gray had a lot of fire to it. And you feel over Ericsson movement you know I'm done you this is you are those guys you know they talked to. Curve for ten minutes and you you like guy he can't help but root for the guy. But. This is one of those things it doesn't it doesn't mean that he's not or it doesn't mean that it can't be great doesn't he's not going to be back there. It it it it's almost sometimes better to lose like that in such stunning fashion. And you go back to the drawing board and I just think you know what. We made the he made today it analysts say a rookie mistake Aziz he's got always what he fights under his belt. But you just eat you may one of those huge mistakes and you got caught and that happens it's it's almost better. That happens like that. And firfer suddenly do happily that. All things have to kind of go. Away like you have to make a mistake while your opponent. Make you pay for that mistake in it just a vicious fashion. But it's not like he went on that stage any terribly huge does and he got dominated. You know those that figure almost worse to me is if you looked to what happened in the main event. When there is that nuance throw allegation geisha. Do it resumed negotiate it was a it be that that to me was it if it clearly was the least exciting of the night. What did you bears Lenny Lars a bit of a bummer because you have the main event stayed on this. Huge traveler card or the crowds bill when you. And I that you had the most forget full performance of the night. But he's one to do that meeting has that style is that Cuban background that that that amazing and richer. Style. And very simple straightforward but. But also just from angles and you can't. He's just so hard to hit be so hard to figure out. It was funny though I would given the slate when the crowd was probably doing is lousy he responded by. Knocking down. Negotiate. In I think it was the fifth round so he did at that moment but. Dig closed the show. You know and had a pretty lopsided performance. But it it's better I think for Lou been to lose like this huge amounts are low. That it was for him to me to go up and really look like he was outclassed. You know knocked out tap that you know guys get stopped and how it happens in combat sports and this is some of that he would take is a learning experience may take him. 34 fights to get back on the stage it's gonna it's gonna take some rebuilding to get me wrong. But it doesn't mean EE you really this is his talents displayed you know and I mean. Reminds me if I were to switch over to regretted using them amid parallel. We're talking about a aired because debut therapy or just has debut of ballots or Canada misty. And you know everywhere Ciba Aaron peca because the some believable debut ease ease the future member may. He's the highest prospect mixed martial arts has ever had golden gloves champion national champion wrestler. And he gets he gets cleaned up its cleaned up gets put on gets put on the campus. With that with a big shot and gets submitted so. You like well all of the hype train does the high trimmed a stop it does get derailed a little bit. But it doesn't mean he can't get back on track and as you saw his last performance. Had one of the more sensational knock outs definitely bella tour this year I can and I've been probably been argued mixed martial arts this year his last win so. Actually it was gonna have his chance give back. I guess the question is why it. Happens out of last night you know they won't Wear at these trio is somebody going to unify and fight. Jared heard was interviewed in the crowd and he said that. Did you mean. More than willing to take on their salute and likes the fact that he'd continue issued to south laws. You know Jamaal Charles having this chance now attitude to shine. He had the moment of the night. I think he's got the the highlight reel I think everybody kind of comes out last night talking mostly about him so dude you make that fight. What where do you wanna go from here because. What ever whichever one of those young guys you pair up there is when you are off. No they're going to be dropped brought it to deep waters that there's still says it tested in a different in a different fashion than probably ever has before. You know you're getting in there. And especially average about Charlotte did you make that matchup you are going to be put in a position where. It's it's not taking on a guy who's 21. And made a mistake there that you are. You'd be hard to believe that he's going to maiden that's a mistake. And so. You know what what to go to be like for trial of he does get dragged into that that position. As far as Jeremy was and he showed himself to be a very resilient very entertaining fighter yet he was in there with a guy who. I was awestruck past his prime. Mom. But he definitely he he definitely looks like he. I think awesome job fought about as good as he could play. And it just wasn't enough. He eat he ran out of steam he definitely looked. Outsized in this one you know never been a big puncher. But. Has been a guy where you you've always a scene he's been on that costs. Of get that big performance and you looked well on his way while his way but it really really fun met by showtime fantastic fantastic card. The fun at a boxing yet CBC on Fox's well I'm Dumars the under dispute here as well very lopsided decision. Back issues is actually stop but it was very lopsided at the time of the stoppages nearly shut out. There's a fellow men had to stop the fight so Mars gets his win this at victors he beats that Chris Douglas. By tko in the eighth round those two are matchup. Snedeker is really put you on super active and it as they announced in the in the showtime card that those two will have their rematch so. We have got to look forward to of those really fun night of boxing. Very very exciting night and a whole lot of guys got to force on that stage so really really Pullman. We have a lot of boxing news and just to get to and a lot you'll see a lot you have seniors to get to as fires tear rolls on after this. It's miners feel. So I knew you know what's happening. Boxing wise yesterday on the showtime broadcast of the double thing they had three of their champs up there. That he Thurmond girls bends. Beyond that while there all of there. You know BBC is so. They they they were trying to other trying to seem like too remote. There were everywhere eventually and get Errol spends vs Keith there really is that it happened. And it was funny manly Els is like yeah absolutely can win let's do that and meant. You know keep Thurmond. Such a strange dude he is he's a weird guy and he's Spiezio has come from big injury. On. But such well like you were just vetoed Ghassan route would you want them as a what is it that would be a matchup everybody wants the unification. Welterweight title play. You actually come under the same pretty much umbrella seems easy enough to make understood that they wanna do. Do a fight where key Thurman is going to be able to test out his arm but would does tournament he Thurmond's it's like going on this. You know well you know yeah I can see he's got no more passion meek is he's doing the Holland and he's doing the chase and then. Like nominee yet understand. So lost thing on a lot of guys you know they think just because they have a belt. That people are going to remember who they are you know keep Thurman because of his injury. Has has been slipping out of people's minds the Darryl Spencer is the new thing Els Spence is the guy. Everybody's buzz amount everybody remembers his chairmanship performance they wanna see him and would that be in the case. You can't be out there a lot of really. You know Woolsey and here's the other thing a thousand missed by key Thurman. You don't. You don't I don't think you on herself big fights that you're excited about it people people wanna see. Carroll spends vs key Thurmond. You don't you don't ho hum it you don't you know milling you know world will see what happens. You know we view may and we you know we can make that Friday that it you know wardens like. C'mon man like this is this is your bread this is what you're supposed to be doing you're supposed to be saying you want that fight. Of course you admit that by that by it's gonna happen. And justice this you know Paul ultimately got a Davis twenty underwater. Through. You know I think you criticize him of some of the things that he's ducked in the past but he's also a lot of things. Dole wrong firm as far as this climb to save people's minds because a lot of his opponents have popped for PD's. But. I will give him this everybody wants to see Anthony Joshua Dionte while there he goes out to sell that fight. I thought he had a great line yesterday where there's a hole or are you. Are you look past remains to burn and he's like. I'm not looking past him but let's just say am window shop at some look at through a little bit either of those agree on by the onto water. And you know just just lets people know like I'm I'm trying to hunt despite their than Josh and try to make it happen they're both going to be fighting. About a week apart from each other. Anthony Joshua fights 120 aliens who love and Dion difference a week later. It in November. November 4 of the Barkley senator so. These guys are going to line up and this I think for the both of them they should. Really be concentrating on making that. The thing their cell and not ho humming it not determining where that fight should be. I think. Business wise. It would clearly. Do the most. If they did it in London. And it was in Joshua is native. Native of of of England because. You know Dionte hasn't shown himself to be a monster. Ticket seller here yet. You just hasn't been a lot of us by its cover it is his home state of Alabama and it's no disrespect Alabama but not exactly the Mecca of boxing. So he's a big draw in his hometown. He's done a couple cards in the Bartley senator. They have a men marquis huge fights. And I think that. Really if you look at if you wanna say well who is looked upon as got amoral having a more legitimate piece of the crown. You probably go Joshua. Mean if you really want to look at it from a lineal standpoint. Tyson fury was champ at a all these many yacht you know. Went you know. US he went with some personal issues and his title stripped and so. He was Lulu will champion. And his lesson was over Klitschko. So you wanna look at as they are well Klitschko never got to have as a rematch. But Josh who beat him worse. I guess you go like that mean I I I think if you were disable who's who's got the more the most legit piece of that he would crown I think you would go and I would say Anthony Josh. In my opinion. But those who need a fight they need to they need to do they need to do way. America can verses and verses British. Card clash too young guys to giants. And they're gonna look like super you mean you think about. With the with the you'll have to imagine these generally bad except it's gonna be like clash of the giants. And isolate Joshua that fight. I just that he's a little bit more polish you talk about you know I don't know an Olympic gold medal background. He's really been then they're now with. With oh with an elite fighter includes go has been there in a serious war where. You know he was done in the canvassers really test you we have really seen that with Deion tea. You know Dion days. Yes he's had some issues with fighters. Testing positive PD's. But it bizarrely that he's he's not being given any fears with the place and I think they've been against. You know spiel. In some dude from France that we never heard of flights today they have not been doing favors with the replacement opponents are giving him and now. They're get a may a fight and amber mainstay of our new. Is that you know he went the distance with them so you have that. But I don't think anybody really looks that by and says he's got a true. Element of danger here too to unseat. Dionte while there but those who need to fight better than no doubt about that but between all that the Joseph Parker's the Dylan whites. All those guys who are on the fringes right now. The a. Don't compute like those to do now. Speaking get Tyson period positioning we've had followed the story because you know world were closed with with wish in the cameras we would love the chair. You know who's on use arm news on London radio this past week. And he has been in touch with Tyson juries management. And seems to think that something's close. Ties in fury comes out this week. And he announces. That he's going to make a return of the ring. Now he's pulled us through before. So take it for what it's worth he's crazy person all right but. He's waited to be ready for a fight April 28 team in a great fight. Again in the summer in a mega fight and again in the back into the year three big fights in 28 team. Now does a very obvious there's a lot of training to do to get in to fight shape because the Mena and have you seen them but the last we have seen on social media. He looks huge. He's he's Jack enormous in the last outing that saw him was at his Brothers fight. He still be boy he's shy enormous. Much like garment does he wanna come back and really get into lines then fighting Deion today. Or if any Josh you all for those other guys at the peace. Of his heavyweight Dramamine if we really wanna called. Or disease does he want does he wanna test himself out does he wanna feel things out he's got to get new fight. We have share number rigs. A guy closest match up wise. Tyson is the guy who can go. Twelve rounds they get snuff and union dance around these very elusive. He's the younger guy. You would think. He would have. The training to go twelve rounds and and so if he could drag shaded to deep waters would that be trouble for the chair. Probably so but you also the element of he has been fight he has in Madrid. Now that she has been a bit of hiatus due because he has the suspension to deal with so that that's also a question but. You know mentioned breezes in the Jimmy is doing some training it's not quite fight here but it's not were present fury is where he's. Just off Gypsy union and drinking in dueled over the how he's doing and we don't know Armenia's. He's off doing doing traveler things. So their beards sitting. Chin and said on the on the are moderated and heading over to Europe he's a he's heading over to England is trying to fight has in Jerry I don't know this could be as easy as finding Dave today. Where he's based who's standing outside his gym or as easy as getting on the eve of the lawn of Buckingham Palace. He's gonna do bomb. Mile out Ulanova health doesn't periods. But it seems like. You know ties of Jerry housing gays and they in two recovers is Jewish and emerge so powerful about cement I would say. This thing definitely has legs to it. And I it would I don't think anything. Could hunch that fight promotion lies. This that for the for the rest of the year. Or for next year for me in those guys are our two masters. At promoting a fight. That figure be unbelievable it would be would be unbelievable. So. Anyway. This is that that's a southern keep. Double more news and notes from boxing before we or switch over to the FC user gets them we have some big things yet there. Meal grow as an hourly will be taking place December 2 that's slated to be. Mean Dakotas retirement fight. This is a weird rumor that's out there but Jeff porn. Who has never gotten more headlines because of a judge threw for judges being terrible. There's a river. That. He's he's getting fein Derrick or on in December. And there was a rumor that his fight after that would be against Ghana McGregor. I don't understand that I don't I don't get the tie in there. But that's out there now orange trainer and Bob airman said that if he beats the gore on this upcoming fight. Next fight for him. Is either Terrance Crawford amended pocket out. Now from my standpoint. Realist you Jeff worn by either one of those guys I'm not aged in Singapore but I saw Jeff ward fight against many pock yeah. And listen you give them. Credit for being tough because it looked like pot yeah hadn't done that I could have been stopped. But just because you get a nod. From the judges it doesn't make you more urged him watching you fight an idiot Tommy. The pool of Jeff foreign Terrence Crawford many Iraqi out. Who I wanna fight. What does he Crawford and hockey a fight I wanna see one of them fight Jeff form I wanna see those two options Crawford and hockey I'll fight each other. So. I don't know but you know dozens in my that's going to be the case league no Pacquiao is. In a commanding a lot of money to fight it has covered and understandably so you know get in there the guy tenants Crawford you've aides about you know it might be lost on you fight. It could be your retirement played nose up if if you'd if you could win that fight. But I think David still like all right well like this you think it is you know if you make this fight really offer of those guys. You need to give Terrance Crawford a superstar level by we got to be arguably the best boxer walk in the planet right now. And and he could walk in through this building anonymously nobody would bother him other than the people hosting the show. And that's a problem and so you need to do you need to put some some marketing some. Superstar behind him and he needs to get. The popular book to Portland to porn he's never gotten so much spray. Never gotten so much publicity. You know Epoch he he just got he got a gift from the judges and look at all the headlines you get from him. It's crazy an idea that he's gonna fight kind of McGregor. He's got a flight out of McGregor. You know what's. I don't understand. Putt. You know it out to Crawford should get that rob Mayer. He he he he he is he is more deserving of that rubbed and Jeff forward. It crazy to me it's it's why he'll I don't understand. So. It's it's it's to get these headlines that all you Jeff Warren he's either gonna fight. Crawford upon you to business. Hi. Why and I again. I don't understand. Pot yeah wanted to fight him. They don't get you proved your point. You've been screwed over a bigger stages and worse than that before. I don't understand the need to get right to fight Jeff ward and I don't. If it does nothing for part yes legacy or career off guys use remember what hockey out. He wrote in the wrong against a foreign Soledad it was it was fantastic he's already done that. He fought to rally three times. He gets through the first time then beat him twice badly badly. Despite support he's gonna be number worse. Much worse. They mean Jeff Warren I. But the guy put it put his hands up went forward didn't throw punches didn't land colleges and somehow came away with a decision. I don't need to see parked out in a ring with him again especially in Australia. To prevent it. But I would like to see pock yeah in there with a potential superstar. With a guy who really could use that rub who's in the same under the same top ranked umbrella. That I think could be useful. His was you know Bob there would pony up and make it happen. We Edison mussina slug things out a mixed Marshal as we get that next. Heat's players feel. You. Fail to o'clock. Doug are you ready for dolphins. So we may have a first hit nowhere come McGregor is fight next. That could be coming up the he tweeted out this picture. Sleep at Grand Theft Auto parity. And he's in his he's in his car to get the bell yet to bouts in your cash get a gun in his hand. And it just tweets out. And it just says on the caption Tony. So. At that were all jumping to the conclusion. That fighting Tony Ferguson is next at thing I think that is. Mean that's pretty clear that he's Megan now that that's. That's plaza the possibility that this is going to happen. I'm I'm really glad that is the the scenario or look at that if Connor. Mixes USC returns soon. That. He's got to go he's gonna defend his belt I think it just is such a great thing. For comet to do. Civilly because. That is what got him to this point you know a lot of it was. These are going to be able do this time of the seeds arrest Libby Simon is not be able to do this user experience Jose album knocks on thirteen seconds. From. New is not going to be able to go another belt beats Eddie Alvarez. Is not ideal Bluetooth to win a rematch against Nate Diaz does. You know easy easy easy so I was a lot of doubters and I think now the next thing is though is not a real champion doesn't defend his vows never defended his belt. Well this is for substances if you know go out there and defend defend your belt. You know A this idea that he wants to walk around and he wants to. Be known as two division champion. Never lost he's never losses in his belt in the fight. When he needs he needs to get he needs to go defend and I'm. I don't even. Don't really think it's a debate. Between what you do next between. If he's gonna return of the USC. And you wanted to fight new ideas next he's got a negate the double. That this can't be a thing where in any world. Nate Diaz deserves title shot. Over Tony Ferguson. He'll want to rivers and I mean up I was out there and ideas could've bought it. And did wanna do you lost or for partner and that's fine natives to do whatever we want who has surrounded Wafer got a McGregor. That by its going to be there the rubber match is there not by doesn't need to be for a belt. Does it matter if that weaker us if it's I want 7155. The deal will be a monster fight people care about seeing that fight. But. My thing is this if you want to if you wanna debate business with Tom McGregor. I think part of McGregor is return you have seen fight is big no matter who it's against. And if you're done do have. A big business fight why would you shoot two bullets for her for one target. Why you're gonna have his return fight and the Nate Diaz fight in the in the in the same breath. Adding that I think it takes away one of your money fights. Connor. Vs Tony would do great business because Connor gonna make you return the octagon the first time he's fighting in well over a year so. I don't really figuring it's a business one that now you guys know what happens of you loses what happened the news this is you know does he fight a rematch. How does he lose how does he looked. I think there's going to be a lot of questions but. May become handles it the way he always sales may be handled that by being gracious in defeat learning in and moving forward and and maybe fight Toney again. You know that's Nelly and then you know fight with Tony. In the future Yemen Libya were rematch there you know we've seen a con has been able to bounce back before from a devastating loss make the adjustments. And you know could you do that against sort of person yeah so then you have another big I think it goes it goes back to we're at a motel with with Terrence Crawford many Pacquiao. It's can be nothing but helpful for Tony because he's going to be able to get that rough from come McGregor he's gonna be able to be in there with a superstar. And be put up on a pedestal. He's got to win he's got to look good doing it for his got to put of a very competitive fight you kick like what Billick Eddie Alvarez and you can't get annihilated. Because. You know that they've line you know. They are going to want to buy you in droves. But he Albers is still monster me in my opinion is all of a resume we gotta win the boat tour and and USC championships. So. I mean now puts in the closet his own about taking anything away from Eddie Alvarez he's fantastic. Voters are from a box office draw perspective. Somebody is I mean it you know I don't. This W of their rising outages Jesus planner these she's trying to put in the some others Tony Montana I maybe. But I think you know it's I think there's a piece of got a McGregor that knows. He needs to go defend his belt mention a few weeks back we wanna you know this people talk about my legitimacy as a champion on legitimized about. I think he knows Connor always. Has this sense. Of respect and heritage to the sport. Wall always thinking bigger. But I think all of the gimmicks and all the fun in the crazy ride that was getting the Mayweather fight. This is this is. I do beg for Connors there's a little bit of him wanted to get back to the way it was it's. Oh what's his major vein is why bum me out what I heard of Lee fights in December he wants to kind of do the run around the thing we just show the for the way in. And it just shows up for the fight. And I get it he's worn down. But one of the shooting yourself in the foot I think that's her new box office was his everybody wants to hear economy Gregor talk. And it's not enough succumb to fight you want your cut Connor talk. And you're also I think you I figured I figured thumbing your nose the fans a little bit especially. The ones that major as big as you are the the US defense. And so did a problem that when you went on on a foresee world tour for. You know a showcase if you will against Floyd Mayweather. Doubt bum me out a little bit I'd rather I can't take what time we need all you wanna displayed in February you wanna wait till Saint Patrick's Day. When you wanna do it. But it merely acknowledging Tony Ferguson. Do you get the film scholars go take as long layoff. I mean. It's Tony award to fight again. You know he just took about a year off. So there were wait till march of the easiest way in the world for Tony Ferguson to me it's. But until October. Like five month that the about that so what if we have to wait until. March to get this fight did you Saint Patrick's Day in Boston in New York whatever. The bad big layoff for Tony burgers in and Leo assail us like I don't. It don't think that. They're both big this is an easy fight for Conner really don't you know people think that Tony's very credible. He is he does allows up to get hit but he's rich he's he's acquitee person. And he does it's the hop. Soul. If we're gonna get into. A contest of hit a spike you go to deep waters. And Tony's amazing on the ground. And I just think that these that these are taken request in to question McCarty oh issues O'Connor was a big a legitimate. He's been by browns now he's won a five round fight begins they Diaz so he has that in his back pocket. And you'd think you would be in better shape because he's gonna be or 55. But. It's a lot more from the cage so a lot of so advocate defeat is going to be away. For. An extra six months. Then we're talking and what we're talking you know a year and a half away from the octagon how much rating is even doing in mixed martial arts we don't really know. Those are all you know in you know Tony is is been training like a monster. Like he did for this fight against heavenly what he does for every fight pub in big bear you know making his own equipment these diseases than same person. So. I do think this this this Condit Tony matchup I think it's fascinating. I think I think Tony's got a good personality I think these guys would. Would do a good fight for most average other so. If this is Connor hinting towards a fight with Tony firs. That's what it was nice that I'd I think is very exciting for USC fans. On the things that have been announced this week Dana White came out. And he said that the winner between Robbie Lawler and half feel the sun just to get a welterweight title shot they're going to be fighting and a Canada. You have C on fox December 16. The cards also gonna have Jose Aldo Ricardo Lamas Mike parry who fight on the card so nice little car that put together. For December 16 I sub he'll decide to say that this should be for an intern title I think that's lunacy. I mean. Why I mean did. You know tie all of the is is injured. But he's he's not. I'm not going anywhere really easy these injuries rehab the shoulder injury I don't understand that. I'm I'm just some humble little tired of the inner belt I really have we all this debate. Back and forth. But. Man you really should you really should always be doing that if there's a real shot the champion doesn't come back. The dumbest one right now is is 185 I don't understand why GSP and and Michael does bring her fighting for a belt and why there's an interim belt up I don't get it. You don't get it it's weird to me that. Bob Whitaker does is like a just go read and heard rubble Whitaker I don't know what how to do get kidnapped where's Whitaker. Nobody Vermont it was he's injured if you do these these these letters they can't share enough information. I'm get an MRIs. Again and I'm get X rays I saw page and page Kansas rate up images of herself naked dual wage cuts. These fighters get stopped giving you information looks and I haven't heard a damn thing for Robert Whitaker. All of since losing his bid up hey guess what we bleeped up we have to do this title fight between biz doing in GSP just go away we have been. Beat it Whitaker. I don't understand. But. Populism as Wilson's BA gets the fur for. He wanted to be for for an editor of why I. You just just what crap why does not gonna just be the number one contender what is it also does what you like to fight took well to. You get these big out dumb enough I deserve I deserve. A gold belts for that. Oh a year before Robbie Lawler the Rob Lowe gives a rat's ass about it that are about but guys that was one of the best champions the sports had. More entertaining championship fights that Robbie Lawler. Nobody. The one of the most entertaining JB the whole time. Getting him out your booty operating around asking for a off for it in a rebel all. Some errors in hospitals honest I'm glad to what we showed down. Interim belt. It is out of control. Unbelievable. All these view mood. You all bitter about willow molded to a relative change the color that's well. The stock it'll look the other bell. I get Tony firs and hell yeah Dover Tony Ferguson. Has been gone for a year and you Tony for civilian or about because who goes economy go box fallen on on. And it's up on allies if he told fight iPad data and how him and have been in contact. I give less than zero beliefs about that fight I. Give you wanna put. On the on the bottom ring of fights I wanna see it's kind of murderous apology I will see those guys and an oblique talking on those. Till the end of time I don't wanna see them play a really deal I have no interest in it. If you want it to the box extremity O'Connor and it at the beginning of cabello I don't really wanna see that but I can't said turn away however small amount Ozzie. Why. Why what's the what is this what is the great win there potter commuter retired boxer what's the great play there. All they had this boring footage it was unbelievable governor did it. He left to drink it I'm so sick of the storyline as it is you don't want you want I want more for promotion with. Dole leaping away. Dick Cottam McGregor and pull him on Ozzie the hell away for me. I don't wanna hear about on a boxing. He has big mountain top. There's no way ago. Alleged tell me that kind of McGregor is going to be in a Bane lab and he's gonna shoot up to six vibe and he -- himself fit and Joshua Eileen interest it. So you can you can hit rocks with Paula Knology vs trying to murder I got no interest none. Forget that belief. He won the best mixed martial artists in the world let's see him do that. I've already seen him try to box against the best box over the last fifteen years. You don't get much higher than. It fact it can only go downhill. You know I can get any credit for being ball in on Ozzie and let's take it McGregor does run out and his guest that and then the guy who got stopped by Paula Knology. It's up by Paula Knology don't be humiliating. For got a McGregor to lose DePaula Mamas and that is so stupid. What the hell would they do that fight. Owed to do to move owes him two million buys you think so even that's had a big business comic regulars is ball at all Ozzie. What's the last limited and it paid to see pollen on Ozzie fight. Like just you know lawyers say that your budget canals you do three million buys. Ultimately did print a dozen months before it just three million buys. Chosen best fights and sucked out of McGregor pursue any boxer cut McGregor. In octagon. Fighting mixed martial arts his dad what he does. They got a great idea Ecstasy. But LeBron James on skates. Which you'll let's go CEO doesn't hockey well. We done it we've and then we pay money paid my megabucks. Ever permit with a McGregor. That's it no more. No more crossover. We're done. Well I mean would play due to step down as from Floyd Mayweather to pull in Allen Ozzie. It's. I mean it would be like hey we got his all time matchup. You know Tim Tebow gonna take on Michael Jordan 101 we're gonna see how it goes. And than he's gonna take a larger the second. That's the stepped out. Of Mayweather. The Polly Mellon on so don't. With that storyline. Crazy. A man to gauge it by about Johnson beat him up this week he says that he wants to get a huge payday if UC wants him to go audience by. And a fight against noted are bred to did Alicia off. I do positive view of the UFC. President who is out here operating strategic do this job against the majors might amass Johnson. I love you I should get a good data for that. I get my house has point. Why get paid the same. For mom a much riskier fight. So hopefully that happens form like C immunity big time today it's 200 pseudo. Speeder carver and the guy eight. Broke his ankle as he was trying to escape the wildfires in California. Lost gold medal that sucks man losses Olympic gold medal for wrestling. In the wildfires had to jump from a second story and broke his ankle so hopefully as Peter Travers was to. By producers and but certainly there's going to be a little bit of the lay out there for so. Hopefully everything gets great for her pseudo and also congrats to drew an opinion who is now putting her make horrible because you know she is pregnant. So and a healthy helped bring the seat to Jewish opinion as well everybody of fantastic restive Sunday.