Fighter's Fury 10-29-2017 (UFC 217 preview, Colby Covington vs Brazil and Tyron Woodley, Anthony Joshua vs Wilder closer)

Fighter's Fury
Sunday, October 29th

Tobin recaps Anthony Joshua's 10th round TKO victory over Carlos Takam. Was the referee wrong to stop the fight? Will Anthony Joshua fight Deontay Wilder next? These promoters can't make the mistake of making fans wait for this bout too long. It's understandable why Joshua wants to make Wilder wait but what can come close to this for him box office-wise outside of Tyson Fury's return? Shifting to the UFC, last night in Brazil, Derek Brunson gave Lyoto Machida a brutal return to the cage. Will "The Dragon" continue fighting? What will it take to get Derek Brunson back in title contention? In the co-main event Colby Covington defeated Demian Maia and got right into it the the hostile crowd. He said Brazilians are "filthy animals". He's going right to the school of Chael Sonnen for being the bad guy. Does that kind of promotion still work these days and does it benefit him to do that in getting a Tyron Woodley fight. He and Woodley are already getting into it on social media. They have a previous history. Is it enough for Colby to leapfrog Robbie Lawler and Rafael Dos Anjos? UFC 217 is next week. Tobin explains why he doesn't think GSP is going to get the ending he hopes for and why we may not get a lot of change after next Saturday. 


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Mixed martial arts and it's time for our players feel. Here's fueling M 187. Mon and fighters Gary here on seven I had the tickets nobody here with you for the next hour. As a dive all over the world mixed martial arts and boxing lots dive into. Played action from this week and and we a big juicy argument makes week Gionta while others fight next week's sell lottery to have a lot of review and to get to. I wanna start off within any Joshua his performance yesterday as. He got himself when the because to calm. In age and late replacement flight that was he was used. He was those Vista Gump who who got injured so they had they had to come on standby. And you know oh I don't think it was the only if any it's good the most memorable performance of Anthony Joshua his career. You know he is he's kind of the golden boy right now of the heavyweight division I don't think anybody can. We'll get into Josh and think he's doing anything wrong I mean these sell out 60000 seat stadiums in in Britain. You guys got one of those were hurt him goal heavyweight bodies. Buell the motive for for a long time. He's got a thrilling win that he just had or Wladimir Klitschko. So he is pretty Teflon right now. But I have my guess that that the fight yesterday as the come. Even look good. He looked good but he he also looked he was news I think flustered by the cons. Size and stature mean to come being about six point 61. Seem bothered by. This directory and and and landing it meant that left hook landed at will. But in some you know to come ones instill. The one but put you know it was a dollar performance he ended up cut up both of the comes guys got stopped in the tenth round. But I don't think. To calm. Really was. I don't think he was in a dangerous spot in the tenth round the only problem I had with that fight. Was the finish the rest stop to present a very odd time. It almost felt very parachute ask like that like the rest was told a forgets that this certain point and then danger happens. Pull it out on to come don't have them don't have and continue. And I thought I was disappointed because I thought there was. There was a couple things or swing and that thought they got super dangerous I would say. Four rounds then. And Anthony Joshua was put it on to come to come really wasn't in the fire agency when you put any offense. But distancing thing they can bring this up during the broadcast about into Joshua sides you know he was 254 pounds going in which is just. It's absolutely massive for heavyweight he's got a lot of muscle that he carries around and this is a question the last fight against. Wladimir Klitschko about his party about. Yeah him him peering out after especially after got the knock out the knockdown of latter question on the fifth round. That he's he's seen have a huge adrenaline dump and it took them awhile to get back into that fight. And I don't wanna say that if he just was fatigued because. He was certainly. Measured. He didn't over exert himself very much and really have to do. But the output did decline. Width. What he was putting on to come and for a guy who you know jet was landing some good stuff on every Joshua. What clearly was in a position where I don't think he could've put in the Joshua and any real danger. I was surprised by how low. And they just was was it is up with a not. What about there are no more convincing fashion now some of the seeking credit to pause to come for his part is will his toughness he has used leaves an absolute bomb. But he both eyes cut up you know the rest ravenous start checking him. Prowler on the seventh round and and the guy was as appalling as does the entire time was getting that thick blood into his eyes very hard to see. And well I say it got to a point for me where. I thought. Carlos to com. Had proven himself game enough where I thought he deserved the opportunity. To go the distance I'm not normally that guy like. Where I wanna Selig and have a fight's over it's over again. But it didn't feel to me like the fight had gotten to a ridiculous. Point you know a lot of the times when those fights should be stopped in the tent around. He apart you can be on the side of you know what he's not gonna win. Unless he comes up with some massive. Knock out out of Adam. You know the stratosphere what's the point of him continuing. But it says something to calls to come to have on his resonating Hank he went the distance with the recognize. Heavyweight champion of the world and the fact that it felt like the refereed. Policy Palin the Joshua out because he was winning. But. Ended things prematurely. Without really. Being in the conclusion it deserved. I think calls to come deserve to have the opportunity to try to finish that fight and then I thought that there were. Much more questionable parts of that fight where you could have said are you know what we've seen enough what you had already determined to that point. He's game enough to go he's able to to whether these cots. And I think at that point. If your going to hurt it either and if you're gonna let those things go. I don't understand why are coveted protecting that this certain point. And I I kind of felt I felt bad because Saddam was and know that would have meant a lot to him to go the distance within the Joshua. The hottest name in boxing right now if he was able to go. Bomb. Who knows about what to do on first career even if even if he doesn't beat them the fact that he stood toe to toe with the guy who's gonna who's looked upon as the baddest man on the planet right now. That says something and it felt to me because you know and it just was even talking about it a lead. Ten to twelve round prediction of a stoppage. It kind of felt to me like RA this this referee was told tenth round any signs of danger that's that's that's the magic stone. Let's let's just stop this thing it league. That fight had no shot of going the distance. Short of to come came into that fight last night and he was absolute putting it on Anthony Joshua. But if it went the way like if felt like the commissioner of the promoter told her every if it looks a certain way but we think it's going to look. Stop and at this point this is the expire. And it felt that the Tom was good enough. And proved himself enough that it deserved to go past whatever. Arbitrary point they. Drew in the line for him and I don't know that that to me was that was a bit disappointing. But overall. Ebony Joshua. He PCB. We took care of that business he went in there it was a replacement opponent. You know ten days' notice. That he had to take on the challenge he is still fight another man who was trading for him while he was trading for another guy. A guy who moved a lot was very awkward. Are very small. Compared to him so that's not an easy task for it to Josh I don't wanna take credit away from them. It was just one of the things I found myself almost haven't. The rocky Phelan in this vitally I was I eat if kinds of all of a loaded the Joshua he's he's been great for the sport. But Ito you can help would kind of fall for the guy. Who is the super underdog in a moment fighting has a weird. Thing do you in that way so. Bomb. And that Joshua great performance by him as far as getting the win. Maintains undefeated record. Continues to stop everybody. That he's gone in there with now the big question is what you fight beyond that while there that's the question everybody wants and now. She sky sports and shy away from the estate. Of immortal love the answer that he put forth you know he did say. Quote it has to happen. But he did put a lot of caveats that way I or talk to these belts I'm not going to let. I'm not go to let. Certain mandatory use dictate. Winners when I get them take away from me or not. Is damaged and thing amongst fighters of what does the belt really mean for Anthony Joshua. Does he need those belts to be recognized as the heavyweight champion of the world. On those boats are mentioning saying there there there there commission's put together there's fees their own rankings. There's a lot of politics is a lot of money involved with them. But I figure we're going to look at this from a standpoint of boxing fans they know they don't need those belts to. Decide who really is. The Genoa for a lot of times. They're great for fighters who are actually may be on the on the costs of getting into that picture. You know you wanna talk about the guys who maybe have other pieces of the heavyweight championship. For a guy like the other Waller it's probably important to be out there ought to have that peace in the BBC crowned. Just because it's a well recognized. Commission. He. Otherwise really don't I don't know if you would have had I don't know if he does getting AA stake in this. Anthony Joshua claim but he does have that peace sodas aboard let's let's get in there let's unify the belts but the idea that. If he Joshua is just got to go in there is he's got to fight whoever the WBO don't VA the IDF. Tells him he has to fight. Right now. Those commissions in my mind with these belts they're lucky to have him wearing those belts and bring credibility to those belts. So from my standpoint. He should go fight as industrial whenever the hell he damn well pleases. And those commissions should be happy that somebody of the oath of Dion there while there would be winning those belts whenever. Now. The other ought to get a fight next week you'll take number mainstay of earned as they eat it's a fight he should win he's already won it. He's come out and he said that he will retire. You leave the sport it's loser lethal leaves home match go down next week in Brooklyn though he will you'll leave the sport if he loses to stir Vern. Tomorrow what this is with the and that's where the out there a lot of what has done a BC about. The late Matt later plays and he is hosting got Luis Ortiz it's a bummer for the odds that water that the resort teased I didn't come through. Because Luis Ortiz and recognizes a guy a lot of people there want take on a high risk opponent older awkward. Blue that a mystery to ram and the fact that he popped for peavy is a bomber for Dionte because. I think I would have given the DR to a lot of the credibility he's been looking for. And his credibility as a chipped away one yet that injury layoff wall into Joshua was skyrocketing to the top so that sucks to be out there while there. And also. It's been a tough forehand. One. It's been tough for him selling wise you know a lot of his career he's had to. Being his own state of Alabama which is cool he's a hero there but it's not exactly looked upon as one of these fertile breeding grounds of boxing. You know you compare if he Joshua is at the university he's at UAB. And Philip the basketball arena and compare that to what if any Josh is doing in London where it's 67000. Be born. And 90000 people in stadiums coming to see him it's just a different star level power he also was the disadvantage of being American. And it just is what it is that stuff. In this country we don't support our fighters. Why we probably should. You know it Dion tea while there and if these Joshua there's a lot of American fans. Who support it and Joshua Moore that they will be onto water and that is what it is a lot of time in America we have done this thing where. We are just going to like the best no matter what there's a lot of Americans who are gonna support kind of McGregor there's a lot of Americans that are gonna support many hockey out. And they're not a silly and support there fighter. And so. The hope is pay can they get these two into a ring in America in Vegas old school. Heavyweight matchup on paper view could do big business. And this fight coming up next week heard the odds there while there he's got to put on a big showing its remains to burn he's got to beat him worse than he did before. To get people really buzzing about him to get people really care if he goes out there and he goes citizen with some burn. Maybe it's an all time classic may be able will be we talk about but. I think he's got to go out there and make a statement no there's not to be any. Whittling our thumbs here and Tony are going after mandatory is known and I don't know. We need to make the fight. Within the Joshua happen next whether it's in April may June the next time those two stepped into the squared circle. It needs to be against each other. And that's a tough task for the as a lot of because he is clearly beside here he doesn't have the fan base he doesn't have. The M the signature win he's older so time's not on his side. It's it's a lot it's a big ask to be out there Waller it's offered to be patient and all this. But I hope that both sides don't over think there's a whole bow Lehman's that is an over a figure for beyoncé I hope that he heard side is over the game because. You wanna get these guys when they're out there apps loopy weighed in these things out it doesn't really turn out great maybe you do a little bit better. Maybe you do have a better financially maybe I don't think either one of these guys that superstar level you would if they Joshua. On debut and he had to sell just in America against anybody has that do work. They got a would be out there while on a debut by himself against whomever has that doing if you put its each other how they're gonna do over here. It's and is in questionable ready fresh in everybody's mind of getting to this upper level of stardom. What. That being said. We've seen the way out on the news big time matchups when you when you you drag along and you drag along and you drag along. The quality in ring is never quite what you hoped would be and so I hope that they don't get to this game of waiting around and waiting around and waiting around. Until it's not quite as good as it should have been because the odds of getting up there. That pretty soon you know that produce it at that just was getting up there in the book heavyweights so. That showplace a little bit longer. Because of the power because of the rawness of that bomb. But even still I mean people are Jones and for those boxing fans want despite this is one of the this is one of the fights. You know promoters have promising we're not gonna wait around anymore we're gonna give the fans of the fights they want. This is one of them this is one of your races that you get the deal for Tony team don't screwed up. We have to be OC to get into there was some action last night controversy coming out last night. Lyoto Machida returned last night not go exactly the way probably thought it would and we I in the UFC 217. Visiting GSP Cody Garber NE ST did Alicia rose only Tuesday on your on NJ chick. A lot of big fights about next week and honesty so get all that but mr. is back after this. It's miners feel. Back to what you had your fighters carry. Why did TSE 217 little little re cowboys Dallas led big stories of last night. Heard you see. San Palo fight night the elements Jim is returned. First time a couple of years use on suspension from the side a tougher steroid first fights as he fought down here. Against your marrow heal America kick the crap out of with a hard rock there's a blossoming of them card down here. Let's go volume salted and give New York like nine cards but don't give us an cards like the Nassau coliseum is. It's it's it's it's a rat hole. Book you know put my cards there because unity as a fight for New York for forever and solid and screw up everything but. You get a cards amnesty next week we end of that. But their Bronson beat Lyoto Machida in the first round tko he came he ducked under him this monster left hand and it was it was but it must now and I from there Machida. Selig was heading towards retirement after that all playoffs man solid uses project when the suspension went down. So. Me and staying I don't know I think you'll probably see Leo Machida again means its offices for the for the Brazilian led us to retire because. Mean there's there's there's such this such heroes over there and people that big hill to see them they love seeing them every time. Every time the new way and they go out and they are the ages did decree was Agee hero's welcome so. We'll see I don't and I don't feel like Leo image it is going to retire and what that that's a long time off meant Debra of the beast. He kills it I mean really should probably be on a three by when street where he had the luck the rough loss Robert Whitaker. You BA Anderson Silva those are that was a sketchy decision for him to not get that nod. So you're Dirk brought them their roses and in a good zone right now I'd just be. You know so I I think I think he should be. You know you should probably getting back to that the problem that's for for their president get into the top of those rankings again is the fact that. You have Robert Whitaker holding. The interim title. And he. He lost it by not towards one said he wanted by the Rocco I'd be in that fight all I'd I'd love to see that fight. Lou Brock told seems like he's almost NA. A belt or not fighting mode which I don't know is a great place for him because added he looks fantastic and as it turned. Against David branch. But it is what it is that I understand the Rocco won two it was at the top spot. The he lost the belted the Michael visiting in. And talk fashion in his first round knockout by the biz doing old off the short notice to mean. He's been the EB era after the fight with their breasts moved Rocco was saying like Q&A conditional TSB and one we really is on your show up. The other British is gonna show up it's who brought a lot of money you know I don't think GSP is gonna not show up it's weird. But that that was the drug Rocco stratus all right. I'd be in the C live rock called against against their Bronson. And I think they'll get their bronze and right back and that makes a mean you be number two that's. It's tough to to be denied. Last night I think will be will be stolen headline analyzed by Coley Covington who want us to straight. Over daily in my. And this this is a very heated lead up Kobe Covington go to the school chill Sonnen where he is is agitating ever Brazilian out there. And you know maybe this is the be the dawn upon the next you have CEO Aminu didn't seem to give a bleep it's a lesson you present the Brazilians. Intense mentally you know the kind of McGregor. The kind of McGregor Jose although worlds or I mean didn't pay. You probably need protection for her furcal Macgregor group for the intensity that was going on there where they were. With a Cooper but getting on the buy your brother trend that im gonna murder you really a blue route we are going to end view. You know but. McGregor being in the the crazy bastard that he is immune he soaked it all and tell Sonnen who is. In vile towards Brazil with the with the insults that he's thrown. But. Kobe got within you what their last night I mean he was he was on apologetic about it here was in the post I would do in Korea. And I. Why did. It's. That is have been tense brewing that's heating go to pose a press conference obviously. But. He just is not happy about the comments. USC senior VP David show off. On Kevin's house in terms of fan reaction that the codes and find there's terrorists to sport in the fence story items or any stuff that the buyers however evidence that we're looking in the says situation with northern very seriously. As are being reviewed by our code of conduct committee if somebody were not very happy about. Covington came out was some statements of his own he said on the walked out it called every name in the book and chant you're gonna die a book value them a bit. Would say a bit me he bowed out of a boat pulled back packet that was strong on out men that's an intense atmosphere. And says the crowd reaction some of those before they hate me I don't respect them. Says quote they don't need to translate for me because I was talking to America and the fences support me. Now. The question is that there's a couple things of this with Kobe going to. The Dublin market Ambien a bad guy. That's a clear and and and playing against a certain country. There's there's definitely going to be people who are going to be willing to spend money to watch you get your ass kid kicked. If that thing about it though you know it's the obvious it was quite an A. Eight re Brazilian fighter and Damian Mya who you got to not fight in his style mean yet. He stuffed a lot of take downs but he got there in my attic about swinging I mean it was not it was not. In his character of how he was fighting so seemingly it did work his style of getting and David in my skin and getting. Day in my I don't know maybe this sense of of pride of of defending Brazil's name. In a guest in that respect it worked. But the other missing thing is. OK so you have this. But. Now wants a buy town worldly news a Brazilian. Soul. I don't know what the payoff for this is going to be for Kobe Covington you know I would say. Let's say gets down the line and populace on just adds a beating. Tyrant would lead for the belts because that's supposedly the next. That's the next. No more contender ship dated didn't like him now they about a week ago and that Robbie Lawler vs ardea winner gets the fight town with a for the belt. Ankle becoming then. If you were to match up with a lot of the senators could see the stuff. Being used by U of C and they're gonna say I fail well unhappy with the border and a remark in the bleep out of it we were in were we do send him down there and it's going to be vicious and and hopefully it's a lot of interviews. You know this is it they said this worked for shell Sonnen but also portrait shell Simon mom. There were rich of a sudden you know ten years ago. So it's never climate if people think things a lot differently I don't know if that stores itself but then again. You know Floyd Mayweather and covered a sold four point one million pay reviews. Marketing and a lot of the stuff. So we'll see this sick thing is the tower will be OK so you want to dial on the tile title shot right now they have a bit of a past. They haven't garner. Our ongoing data bit on social media parents and about by end of this that he got out struck by BJ guy. He's coming out of with I I I struck him more in three rounds and you did have five. I don't think holy covenant is going to get the next title shot. I guess how they the other the other thing that they have effort out of this. Remember what town what the because Dana White came out because he had the he backed himself and a quarter with the is just eating out of was negotiating digger whatever. But Dana White backed himself into a corner saying this being just he's not gonna happen. And now it's gonna be Tyre will be is gonna get possibly the GSP five translate. RA not buying that but if you say so and all the sudden. Tyrell the has aboard body is there in my some of that has happened to plenty of fighter. And he just roasts. Taiwan in the entire web is like. I'm tired again treated like this understandably so tidy injury like this I have stuff on Dana White and the USC that I'm gonna release of this ever happens again. And seem like user scorched earth and the UFC. They go we Covington comes out and he says that he has stuff on the Tyrell that's even wait worse if you do if you decide to does the old boss ask this and move you judge you do anything to Dana White I'm gonna draw some way where's that I have on you. So there's a bit of a pass their ATT tie he says that he's beat him up in the practice room so. There is there is some good heat there which I think I think it would be great for tyrant to tyrant could use. A guy. Chooses beat that ultimately he'll for him that he'd get people on his side. And and really bring it bring out on I don't know fighting populace on just. Or fighting Robbie Lawler again is don't do that they were buddy Robby Lawler. You're not gonna do better against Robin well then you already did he may beat him he may go up there and beat him or five rounds and he may. But this sensational knockout but he had a Robbie Lawler who was walk in the planet as. One of those vicious people in the USC. I don't I don't know darn can top that so. If you want to rob Merritt we got to didn't I don't think he deserves a title shot quite yet even with five straight wins. But if you wanna talk about today's Gypsy in marketing in an aisle and all that. If you keep doing it gets another what I think for sure is gonna get the title shot against time only provided to our hold onto the belt. Just with the atmosphere that or in you look at the rankings. I don't they were ever gonna see one aboard Thompson against Tyre with the again that they've fought its system that match up they're not fun fights. We got to fight next week we have steer one aboard Thompson against tough Lorie mosque Udall. It must feed all winds as much you don't get to the talks. Must do all. Loss to Damian Mya. But it was it a bad performance. He. He did some good things on his feet. Damien just had to get on his back a lot of had to be a do a lot of hand fighting so. Does a win over Stephen wanna what Thompson do enough to pull it. Port must not in those talks I don't think must at all and Robby are going to fight their very close. And so if he gets to a point where. He needs almost his friend lose to fight dose on just to get to those talks. Or does he need to fight polio Clinton is another ET TI I don't know if they're willing to to scrap it out that's in the sewers and I don't know what the relationship biz. So there's there's a weird cluster up there with the welterweight division. But between. The no more content to ship of Robbie Lawler vs RD day. Whenever that good when that when that goes down. Necks or who got Steven Thompson. Or mustard off Carlos Condit is also in the rankings he's apparently on May come back. But we don't and is currently ranked seventh he just beat the number three guy you got imagines probably going to be in that top five next week. No it's a good cluster up there. But I would have put a pass because of the newness. Because the heat behind them. I would be looking at this matchup against the guys and our. How much more money in my gonna make out of a Robbie Lawler fight verses poor government and who's not as dangerous and Robbie Lawler. Be honest. There's a discussion I would DOC 270 we come back we idiocy to seventeen Newsom by picks we'll get to that only a siren to this. It's miners feel. I did you have season seventeen coming up next week. Madison Square Garden. Good guard really really good cars give us your boy you know a lot of scrutiny about the main event. How it should RU NG ESPN's Michael visited and what sits there are going to be into it. I'm boasted since the ideas he's going to look that that to me is number one. Jezebel because of his being at peace if there's bing beats George saint Pierre. I don't really know where it goes to me into the yard needed to even fight Robert Whitaker who knows there's got to fight at least one more time and. After 217. Michael Bay is being I think just winning the title the way he did. Was to me the crowning achievement of his career the fact that he came and always has got to that bridesmaid at the USC never really got to the top. And he's got to heaven as Renaissance. Second part of his career where. Yet agreed Friday n.'s Anderson Silva he had a great fight and won the tie millions of rock colonized in the GSP fight at amnesty so it's cool that he's having this. Second act through his career where he's getting all this this this. This height and against dual these these these great accomplishments. That's awesome form but. You feel like the storm looks almost over what Michael has been you know really know where it goes if you BC ESP. What is the story go there are cells from mice to a what does a fan. I have never been the biggest GSP guy. But I but I wanna see GSP win only because I wanna see I was just going to do next is a lot of talk of is gonna stay and defend about busy and don't try and go down and and and reclaim the 170 gravel time will lead or is he going to try and find a way to settle fight with Tom McGregor. This dog that just beat you get down don't want to be five he's talked about going and I don't. I don't see I don't know how that would be possible I don't you mean he looks big he looks very very big that's a little lot of weight but. He's also in insane athlete he's very obsessive so I'm not gonna. Put it past him. But also it's weird to me that. All right the big guy just he wants to go to fight the wanted to five champ like. As part of me when it when guys say if he's gonna come out is gonna target the guy who's smaller. That to me is weird. But. If you're atomic power is gonna come out out if he beats let's say whatever it is he fights Tony Ferguson in the he comes out and he wants to college ESP. GS he's the mayor guy he's the go long or anyone said he champ now let's say is the 185 champ. That to me it feels different first of all con is going to be better to call out the GSP is just in general. So I think I think the hide behind that would be a little bit better. But I don't know I don't know how I feel about GSP Santa I want a good down to 155. You lead the edited you gonna go up and you're gonna get the 155185. Crown. Is cool itself it's years too late I mean for years we want to see GS PN's Anderson Selma. Her forever. For the 185 crowd and or some some catch we we never could get it USA about the first segment about. If the Josh should the odds are all don't make it's way to it's never going to be as good as the prime when we wanna. This is kind of day I mean we read for ever won the CG SP. In this weight class seeing him compete so that the right opponents up the guy we wanted and defy one to see him fight Anderson Silva. And now Anderson Silva is not what used to be. And we don't really know George saint Pierre is going to be so that's good pitching thing is dorsett bear how is he going to look communion important for years. We just saw the other Ritchie did not fight in two years and did go so well form. You know and at a think we all look at this and we say yet just he's gonna commit to this fight. And easier to try and take Michael Bisping down in and be out of dangers weigh in and and do the old trademark GSP moves he has. Continue to work with Freddie Roach and we know what that did it just costs Exide back in the day. No hourly disgusting. Projection of habeas court for this fight what do you do many of Israel I think that's judges he's gonna go about trying to win this by. Mean there's eggs a big dude man that's at the the that the big size and as he has there and just a layman and you would say I would imagine you as you wanna get into the granted to make that less of a factor. So. I look at this fight. And there's probably that it's a road visiting just injury wise wears his hat that career wise. Is it is is you look at it this is the disease don't this is hard as possible know this can be the swan song. And how healthy is he you know there was some injury things that is due within say they were George George you don't you know this is delayed because of of a GSP health reason. You know watch that special on him and and the way restraining it looks like eastern like an absolute monster as you would expect him to. It's hard for me it's hard for me to pick a fight where I haven't seen a guy fight for years I really. I look at it and legislate. It would just be completely guessing here. But remember what GSP was when he left. And remembering how he fought Johnny Hendricks. And he was getting pieced out and a lot of damage to his face. You know if G if his being can't afford they can't so we can avoid getting taken down. And just in regard as being very very sharp so solid opinion that he's too big to be taken down. I really think that he's got to show you can really really bothered George and it's just I don't I'd. I got a hard time picking a guy who hasn't fought. In nearly half a decade. So aimerito visiting running out that you stop some but I think he's gonna and aborting a decision in this fight and keep it has now what's the bombers I wanna see what would happen of georgians up. Winning the fight and I think Georgia says if he loses he's not gonna continue abiding. And I'd like to see durst it's a give and excel wanna see with a story goes but I. It. Just I can't go against visiting Disney's been on this this hot streak. We know since. Whenever sins you know just like to go against and so. Rodeo biz being top in just pee in any decision. I don't think it's to be lopsided but at the I think he's at he's giving and getting on the scorecards. The bottom I'm jacked about is putting aren't needed to Alicia that fight it and and visiting and Cody Garber and even gone into this that this is the true main event. This is the fight that they're here a period of C fan this is the one USC edges of the San point of hell man. These guys were once teammates yet that's all cool but these guys striking wise with they'd ring into the octagon is. Next level stuff it's unbelievably good and we have all the stories about who got the best of who practice. You know Cody looked sodium good against Dominick Cruz so imbued again with him. My biggest concern is these video some injury stuff there's a back issue is that going to play into. How. He gets through this fight party a wise he looked like he got in the fight with Donna crews masterfully mean I was a I think conservative lateral how Lazio to be Carty allies can get to vibrant. He got survive rather it was not that mean news pop and lock in in the middle up fight it was and it was. It was beautiful what he did Dominick Cruz T did Ellis shot. But a good audience on a cruise much clothes to buy it some people thought that'd be Dominick Cruz. Yet TJ has gotten really really good with. Adding more takedown into his game he's become more dynamic and and more well rounded. But it. I got this my my my guts on the Cody is gonna come out on top of this just because I feel like. Cody just showed something that win over Dominic that we didn't know he had in him that he could just take it to this next level. I feel like mentally. We saw two mean Donna cruises day is. A real wizard when it comes to getting guys' heads and trying to get them to over commit and and he bought to none of that none of that stuff got to him. So the drug is gonna come out on top of that fight as well. And will soon rule will put this another one where. And Obama's either one of these guys I don't know but see either one of these guys getting stopped living this. Really what I what I want what I am saying is I figured for a long night of you know see this night to the U Northridge image of bytes which are not a fan of I don't love haven't breach image of by someone I'd be the feel like. It didn't make for very long night is special and got to lower weight class like the fact of the due in. You wanna and rose. You gotta feel that's gonna probably go five rounds beat is not a lot of stoppages or how I want fifteen. Then he got bantamweight. And maybe they'll be a stoppage to those two guys there are really really with a striking so you could be in for a long night without one as well. So not a huge fan of do it three time title fights has been unity could drag on a little bit into the night but. At the end of it I just think Cody is hitting this next it's. How to crescendo for himself and for TJ. You know in my benefited him or if he get these take downs on Cody. And and and deliver punishment that way. Then we're talking okay that may be the key to him getting. And and pick our browns but. I think I think straight up on the feet I mean Cody is such a monster he's he was he was unbelievable in scorers. And I got to deal were to see that again and I think he's gonna keep about. You wanna vs rose. IE I just said that they were the roads were a don't know. I don't know she's quite the next level. Or quite at that level of you wanna. And I I just don't see either. Bring anything to the table. Where she's going to be able to hurt yo on. How's it feel stimulate your it was a lot bigger even at this weight class that feels like you wanna. Probably isn't the long to be in this week last much longer we can filly she's getting a lot bigger than a lot of her opponents. So. I think the champ regular champions you would keep her herb street going I don't know how close the puts her to run I think the Pulitzer like one with him one of Rondo or maybe tying Rhonda. For a while his female. Titles title street. But yeah I think it's gonna be alone item of retaining champions. If there's going to be one way I think a guy can can put for the performance and people are talking about we're talking about what to a picture and I think that's muscular audio mosque it all comes through. And he gets whenever Steven Thompson were to gonna pick Ross feel to do I think I think must all come out of this night and had a lot of people talking about it and say I. Looks like there's another another player in this what to a division again. So I think that's how that's gonna go a big. And and get Johnny Hendricks Palo boards you know I mean I just can't pick Johnny Hendricks is because of the lack of trust I got former and now it is interesting though. I like the fact they did put. Johnny Hendrix on the same card as GSP. It will be interesting if John had eggs does get a win at let's say he. But he goes out there and he gets to stay 88000. Highly win and I know that's hard to imagine let's say he does. It would be right there on a silver platter for him to to go out and called George saint Pierre now whether Xavier wants any of that. I think a lot of saint Pierre is PD. Complaints were in regards to the guy he fought Donny Hendricks. So would even nibble at that kind of call out maybe not but I think that has to be the plated Johnny Hendricks no matter what. Even if it's even if GSP. And the blues. Johnny Andrews when Zia is arm raised. He calls for GSP don't worry about business you fight GSP that's unfinished business that's the place he's got to go with this so. May god picks moment ago. Leo with bush you have beaten the addiction that is don't just under X. But I had I am at the party is rooting for hundreds to get that win and and get that call out. I'm Leo a must at all what is decision win oversee one aboard Thompson and minimally. I'm a gold chalk it gonna go to gyms are retaining and Leo are you honored pertaining. Cody retaining. And just I. I'd like to see just UN. But I can't I can't I can't beat a guy who has been fighting for for four years and can't do it. We can do so we vetoed that would be as being winning and outward bravado while full recap for three guys next week. On fighters Gerri see guys to tutor for that. And that's it that's our show.