Fighter's Fury 11-12-2017 (McGregor storms Bellator Cage, Dana White - Boxing Promoter, UFC Norfolk, Boxing Heavyweight update)

Fighter's Fury
Sunday, November 12th

Tobin, Cima and Tommie Gunz discuss Dustin Poirier's win over Anthony Pettis. Can Poirier's plan of an Eddie Alvarez/Justin Gaetje winner then title shot blue print come true in 2018? Where does Anthony Pettis go from here. Matt Brown had a knockout of the year contender with his HELLbow KO of Diego Sanchez. He's now re-thinking retirement. Should he still hang up his gloves? Frankie Edgar is hurt so now Max Holloway is fighting Jose Aldo again? Would Cub Swanson have been the better choice? Conor McGregor is taking some heat for storming the cage to celebrate a win with a teammate and shoving a referee. What actual punishment can Mystic Mac face? Dana White says he and the UFC are getting into boxing? What does this plan look like and is it going to benefit the sweet science. Plus Bonus segment on boxing's heavyweight division: Jarrell Miller TKO win on Showtime may put him in line for a fight with Anthony Joshua. Should they put off AJ vs Deontay a little longer to build up the hype? How about Big Baby vs Joshua, Wilder vs Dillain Whyte and Tyson Fury vs Shannon Briggs to start 2018?


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Martial arts in my. It's time for fighters feeling. Here's viewing. That gets on good morning everybody welcome on and fighters Gary here on seven at the ticket. It's over there with the over the next hour president will dive all over the world of mixed martial arts and boxing busy busy week obviously we are. And after that after a little cain's victory which we all enjoyed. The other get a full breakdown of that about an hour's time we got to enjoy some fights UF CH BO boxing was going on. A lot of news and notes some crazy thing went down about to involving Tom McGregor. A lot of people are so with Connor and want him to be disciplined for his actions the first of three gavel went down less I had done some boring day. Dion Anthony pettis in a lightweight match up as he does is return to light way he's he had a stint at featherweight one of flight had a title fight. And he he was the and yes it was a fantastic brawl between these guys are mean they really really went at it hard. The first round stand up for us to slug fest. Does aborted did get an a few take downs in this fight that was one thing that was definitely noticeable in his game come into is that he was going Q. Try and exposed the vulnerability. That. Anthony pettis has. When he's taken down. So maybe some of the wind seemed from doesn't allow but he did bring never style. Tactic to the cage at this fight and so it did it did allow him to. Do a lot of things are well I actually thought though it was funny. You know first of all these guys were David they were going back to for the really really strong in a row on the dusting clearly won the first round. And he he busted he busted because up a little bit. They get to the second round bust some of the worst in the second take down if he's got AA just starting gushing blood. It gets really really really really bloody I mean his eyes are covered. What point they have to stop the fight because he'd he'd literally cannot see a because of all the blood that is in this face but it also made divide super slippery. It is. I think I think Paul fell they use the description of their their share in the NN that's that's how. Massively bloody was but also it was not it was not easy to get submissions mean there with these guys are slipping all over the place that there wasn't. An opportunity for either one of them to. Blocked anything in bad what was funny about it is I think at that point because they have that he was so bloody I don't know why. I don't know why dust and continue to go on the ground that felt like to. He had such a vulnerable opponent on the feet and he was used Ifill again the better of it with his hand at least maybe use word of some crazy showtime. Kicked that we haven't seen in awhile so they figured that the you know go get the win where it's safest where Anthony pettis can do who is a dad's. I was actually worth of the closest. Points and that's why we're Anthony had a chance to really win the fight in the news and some good stuff and on the Veba thought. But the plays where he actually having a good place to win the fight were. Pull out some crazy admission the submission. It was close to trying low one point useless and arm bar one point use goes to go morrow one point. But really I don't I don't I don't I don't feel any time really on the feet Anthony. Had anything for Dustin you know other than some good retaliation but I thought Dustin gory it was dictator that fight. And comes with a good wins or shot to hand shot to American top team shot doughboy dies Davis in the in the coaching camp there. Getting a get a win for Dustin doesn't says that he wants. Either Eddie Alvarez or just engaging whoever wins that fight and anyone seeing the title fight. And a good friend man either one of those guys I think against us import would make for a fantastic out. Eddie Alvarez or just engage although I do think. I would say just engage you wins his fight against. Eddie Alvarez. Will he get another fight before. Getting a title fight because they think you know being on the Ultimate Fighter. Beard and a new recruit he gets an impressive win over Eddie Alvarez like his last win against muttered Johnson which might have been fight of the year. He may not have to get the fight into get a tough and the other thing that does. Hinder anybody that division right now is where things stand with Connor there was a report this week from the LA times. That the USC. Would be talking with Connors representatives this week. To determine whether or not he was going to fight this year by December. And blew a lot different stuff blown out there there's a there's stuff that you O'Connor again take a lot of time off Conner never never. Boxes himself then. Where he is. You know at this point said that. His next fight could be against Tony firs in that light your B and so that will likely will be in Sony first and then he says that he may go to boxing then he says he's a partnership. Then he says he needs promote you know. To be a co promoter in the fight so. I don't think we're getting a good read from Conor good businessmen that he is is leaving a lot of sub out there. And but will he come back in flight in December. Ito I don't think we're making Tony wait until the you know the other the other rumored date is march you know I'm building he's gonna come back Saint Patrick's Day. Or in that knows him of some pay review in March. And I don't think Megan toady. Wait till martz is that bad Tony just took a year off so the idea idea it would have to wait at that point another. Yeah basically be a six month layoff or would it be that crazy. For her either of those guys to wait until that I honestly think her Connors sake. I do think that the more he waits the more minor incidents chew him. Just to get that theologian activity he's been too long you know the idea that point that he'd be. Then he doles B eighteen months out of the octagon. And you go to a leads the early against a guy Tony Ferguson who just gets better and better every time his and then comes out a new tricks every time that he's in there. I just think it's a long layoff for Connor and I don't know at this point his career how great that is for him I'm sure that he's trading now. But he also looks like he's been enjoying. The fruits of this last year and and in and making all the money that he has. And then of course causing Qassam boat tour which is which is wild I mean. Look if you guys don't know what happened this past week. Here's what here's what down so belts what was going on in Dublin. Where Connor from. And they air on tape delay so I would say I was just leave it on the the show with LeRoy pond. On Friday relieve the hard rock. Also and you start getting all these notifications. And videos of karma Gregor. Just going. Crazy he he pops into the ring. And is celebrating with one of his teammates. Whose whose name slips on mine but he he celebrated with one of his teammates. For us from SPG. And Charlie ward and he'd be he he basically slips into the cage as the fight about as the fight gets stopped. And restore the cage opened because the doctors are going in there Connor. Bolts into the cage. And hops onto his teammate just. Shields on leap frogs on them they celebrate the don't crazy. Technically. Dead needed on the official decision yet you know lead when when a stoppage happens you have to. Wait for the refereed. And to officially announce such and such Charlie ward as though it is the winner. And the other guy who's who's getting knocked out John Redmond. He is still. Added it on the other side of the cage so. Cotter. Is. Getting broken up by mark Goddard. Who crazy enough. These two got into it not too long ago I think the undertow if I was two weeks ago so Connor would do the same thing with with a fight with under Philly and and end up audible above his teammate. I think if I was in Poland but it may be mistaken but mark under was the rep for rape and Colorado was going nots who don't nuts outside the cage. To the point where. He. He needed to get reprimanded. By the rest rate at a depth account it was cool about it TE backed off used very respectful. And and so that now what came out of that afterwards was kind of got caught on camera uses in a homophobic slur Mosul times talked to do his teammate. About big in the fighting just that so. That also had its own Koch for Zeke about it but. This is crazy so Connor. Is. Celebrity with a teammate that is getting rubber about the rough three to the point or there and each other's face the referee tries to walk away. And go check on the opponent Redmond. And Connor start stalking and mark Goddard and gives a little. Gives a little showbiz getting held back but what it looks like a commission guy and what mark does a look at these shows and the other way. They really don't look for companies go and he he's tried to get around we're like three or four commissioners to get to mark Goddard. And is point at his face it it finger at his base. And I'm watching the video right now. Just read an atom they still haven't had. The official decision they haven't had the opponent raising it Connors just lose it as did lose in his mind. And so. It's wild it's wild scene why. It's also. Gold for ballots or is this fight is getting this without airing live mind you this what is taking place overseas. And they're going to air on spike TV we're gonna air at 9 o'clock. So I immediately as this happens then Pallet tours tweeting out videos. Are notorious just to build to a 187 to another level. Tune in tonight 9 o'clock on spike TV so they're used as a promotional. It's kind of hard not to have you got the biggest star in it in combat sports who just crashed your party. This obviously leaves a lot of people little weird spot because. McGregor according to the commission assaulted one of the referees. Yet it's not a brutal assault but it's an assault on the last he put his hands on an official. Contest he has nothing to do with he's nothing there is not ornament is nothing but a spectator there. And people say that has to be some repercussions for this but what you do if you are. Anybody involved with this person ball if you go to war. Can you do anything. Edu basically abuses the promotional tool to get ratings that nine attitude and I didn't see with you raise reckoned with but the after the break. If you are decommissioned in Dublin. They did send out a statement reprimand him but what do they do. Are they going to bent out of McBriar they guarantee you the first time that they can they can snap those curfew laws and covered or confide in Dublin. She's frightened Dublin. So do you if your ballots or do you reach out to the USC and see if they're gonna reprimand them what are they gonna do. Are they going to. Suspend Conner know they're already got their own handful stuff with Connor so he's. He's kind of Matta pondered the idea is it has got to McGregor lost control. Here's the thing though. And I really think the only. Movie here. And it's gonna look really hypocritical on their part if you do it does not to be reprimanded for this there's no doubt it's not. It's not pitchforks and won a pound of flesh like some of the MMA media is making it. It's not a great book the economy Gregor you can't go into a cage celebrating with your teammate wallet guys still unconscious in the morning. Discussion without a little bit to help a little bit of time clear nod to tko. Things need to clear out you know you're gonna get your chance to celebrate with your teammate. And he's got to walk around free range like it's not that. I really think the only move here is because out of the commission you really do anything to lose early Revver. McGregor basically made the biggest commission bowed to him. And say I. You guys don't you guys he does because if you guys want to punish me heavily for. The Nate Diaz water bottle throwing its incidents such a fight Nevada anymore when a fight New York. And they. They've they swept that under the rug real quick. You don't went for I think it was a 100000 dollar fine it was even a quarter of a million dollar fine to a 100000 dollar fine. Sort of put it to a 25000 dollar finally got. Really really shrunken. If you DO CU really no power Healey covers not on your dime right now he is one of your fighters technically. But what is the 100 dead and they banned him do day suspend him. You know this isn't this isn't like. This is it like a league that can go and and suspend somebody for game for inappropriate behavior you know. Is verifying that comes down. Part kind of McGregor guy who's got more money than god and is spending quicker. I really think. The only the only body here that could truly punished Connor. So make a statement although it's gonna come look at hypocritical. And it's gonna come with maybe she hurt your future business have got -- obviously are I think if you wanna make anything happen here Billiton was gonna ban them. I think that's the only thing you can really do. I really building Scott Coker is gonna do that I don't think Scott Coker loves the chaos Scott Coker loves the nonsense Scott Coker is not above. A little bit a circus. But I really think that's the only play here it is if you need ballots or Evan day to sit here and say this guy's not a lot of our bands anymore. And that's it. Veto anything else from that it it seems underhanded now. Could Connick about with another policy can be counted them a lot of apologizing lately. And Amare got to have got into about to limit my daughter can they make good. You know can reduce some kind of joint state it was a aghast. But. I do think something needs to be done with Connor. Where. Even if it's this even if it's. All right if it if it doesn't hurt hotter than something just happened to his teammate. And maybe that's the case where. The commission wall allowed is that you know you your teammates are now. Liable for. Are now responsible for. Whoever comes in the ring to celebrate with you you know but there are only allowed a certain number of people anybody else can warn a suspension. For. A fine. And maybe that'll keep. McGregor mourn check with these SBG guys that you can't be walking in there whenever somebody from us BG is is fighting and acted a fool. That may be the way to go is something has happened and unfortunately Charlie ward. War and were part of low Bob or any of his teammates. For his behavior to change. But it's a real predicament it is it is a it's a really really strange place there and we get a little bit HBO boxing last night plus one of the almost whole lace is not doubts. Of the year took place less that he in the US eco main event and they don't want to perilously at a boxing now soda with touch on all that we come back after this. It's miners feel. Power back by this jury here on seven I didn't say it W if you. We'll tell you until around 10 o'clock today. So last night you do you have C. In Norfolk. We imagine doesn't Torres last last segment he and so when the other big. Fly in this one had Matt Bradley it obviously is I think a lot of us probably thought this was going to be. An all out slugfest. Not known it was going to last long. But we figured that there are going to be some some. Back and forth both guys really Grady both guys take punishment. Both on the back in their career. This was originally dubbed of Matt brown this is supposed to be his retirement by this is going to be the last legs immediate loss of 67 and eighty he's been really bad way lately. And Diego says is he he got stopped his last fight by strikes. Personally that's happened Diego. And Matt brown just unleashes. This elbow. Which broke the broadcast media it was still vicious. He hits him with his elbow over the top they. You know he was you and Matt brown the only danger that he suffered there was one shot that it was a it was a left leg wife to his liver. And it looked like that was going to shut him down. He he holds on Lowe's they'll protect from it you goes forgo more times than Matt brown. Adds up you know stop in stop the gate checks the kick. Holds it out and gets Diego against the cage and just hits them with this. One of the most vicious elbow and you'll see. This is just. Flat lines of flat flat lines. This inches cold face plant on the canvas. And out for a little bit it was a risk it was a really stared shot from Matt brown. Highlight reel knockouts was a knock outs of the year for sure being in UFC. So I guess the question becomes now where. Where does he won't be easy to continue fighting is the big question because. This this was billed as what was going to be his last fight but now. You know he said all best training camp that have ever had. Mom. I don't know yet I I don't know now and if you map brown I heard a little bit in the post fight where he's saying. You know maybe I'll get back in that title contention and a five if I have a chance to do that. Then. I will I rule I will reconsider my retirement. But the thing is it in your map brown you know you've already had. Fight the guys in the top of the division Damien Meyer Robbie Lawler. Donaldson Roni ebitda in there with the contenders. So then you talk about if you map brown okay that he gets up by the new guys yet athletically Covington it becomes unified. There until he goes out to the final wonder boy becomes so. Well then the idea that Matt brown and all the sudden have this this revolution of his career. He may be but you know he has he's he's gotten stopped. It before this he was stopped his last three fights. Well I love the idea that I'm proud all the sudden is now reconsidering you know 36 years old to be 37 as the couple months. These had such a good run he's been such award in the cage or tell guys to and when when to retire. But if you targeting a lot and that seems like the way to go out to have a win over guy Diego Sanchez probably go to the hall of fame. And you'd do it like that. Not many guys get to go out on top nominee guys get to go out the way they want to. And here to reconsider. I get it eat you probably get a feel like RI appeals on top of the top of the well mock but it. I don't know that that. Does somebody got to know what to when the call and and that is about as good a a finished. As you get out Duchardt Morsi look at what Tommy guns good morning or eats it. Who will parties on guns that the yes you have not tell us that by Matt brown. For me the me it was amazing it. To me that is amazing his vicious world of bloody night of fights that really was the the did the way Tommy guns liked the Anthony pettis was it was ridiculous and they were slip sliding all over each other Emporia. He is a little nasty to me there was than those who grew social football felt the colonial DNA exchange yes it was definitely DNA exchange. For certain and I think that pettis that you should consider hanging and really I do when I do he just does not look. This thing. In his past. 45 fights he's just he's been like no man's land I feel via and T. Didn't just go back to do groove race. He added that do lead to propose I think he left to get. Like that I think only let you lady yeah anyway exhaling you had to expand and I think that what we know for sure that he. You know the EU we use searching he went because he went to 145. This search is not over. Yeah well because he personally Neiman looked confident coming into the cage and I know I picked them on the with I was thinking what. When he played thinking like it Tobin in a time then that's where I guess there wasn't when he came into the k.'s last night. Any started doing this there Ric Flair woo yeah. I knew we was done really has to me that was a sign of nervous energy. He was trying to bring the drone on them. And he just he just didn't he did not have an end and well dust Emporia is. Is good. I think he made distant warrior a look a lot better than he actually is in ma is just my opinion neither really did a subordinate and the thing is you know what he made a lot of mistakes. He left himself open and he took some big shots I think ported to it took some big shots and I think a guy. That is bigger than pettis in that division. If I've got another guy in the top five connects with some of those shots Porter Goss asleep. Mean and mean on a tremendously yeah problems that won't 45. I think that I think there when you leave yourself open the way that Horry did last night. And maybe he only did it because he felt the power pad as early on. And failed that he can take his shots but he took a couple clean shots and X in exchange against the cage. Any other guy top five guy with a little more a little more meat and potatoes behind his punches puts the tremendously. Then astonishing you know director uses them over at HT TN FL it is see I thought he was actually having more success on the feet I I understand why you wanna take Anthony pettis down. Because he's not he's not. Great in wrestling. And but I thought that the only place they're really thought he was vulnerable was if you gonna get caught in some weird submission. But there are couple moments there were it was like. In it in a trying to all look like give that he could grab his own put him in an all embarked and it and the storage with a vision got. Compromise I thought no reason only underground it yeah why not just gets that he can't see you. But that was a tragic death that like any pettis can't wrestle and doesn't worry said after the fight listen and learn wrestled the cup until a couple user the noted doubly was and so. That's a so they did he tell us where hey guys are just trying stuff on you novice wrestlers are just trying this on you and having success. I don't know where you go or doubt where you go if you're if you palace. I think there was I think there was Torre's way. To break his spirit. Unbeaten Ulan hands. On the take you down now. Plus he had a lot of success in the ground brown I mean he created a couple more mouse on pettis as head. You know with those elbows they were big dashes and he not only had a gash over his idea gash across his nose he had him on this side of his head. I mean he he was really taken some shots and that's why it was so bloody. But I'm I'm with you I don't know what do you what do you do you tried 145. Yeah he got beat up there. You did that seek of 155. I don't know it just seems like. He went to 145 because he was an avid success at 154. I don't I don't I don't know I don't know really this is the guy who was on the cover of the Wheaties box. The what what they did a white said he is he's going to be the face the USC's he's our best young superstar out there. I don't know he's a guy who just believed in his in his own hype and and then couldn't find the next level magic. Bat or why but it's. But I I don't know that any answers there I don't I don't know Sima that's it big what you think Tommy. I think it's a good thing that he made the money that he made when he made it because now I have to do. By with seamer on this in that he's coming to this point where. He's not to finish strong as he's been for a very long time. And at some point we talk about it saving the fighter from in itself Brett and I think it could be one of those moments not that he doesn't have more in him. I just think that we could be it ethnic. Did always relative. His own about that yet at speed about it GSE would have moved on her idea that it did what they do this what do you do mad men have been paying the I don't have any good answers for that none of you you soak it up when you take advantage of the promotional opportunity that you got by using and another. The biggest name in combat sports yet another promotions. Biggest name as well. You had the opportunity to utilize it to draw eyes in I think that the only the only recourse that you truly have is. You could only treat him like he you would treat a spectator they ran in the cage what would you do you have them arrested. Are the authorities gonna arrest him and Ireland Elmo now they're not gonna do that. So that I really am and that I gonna ban for arena of course not in Ireland anywhere else maybe they would. But you have no other recourse I is not a fighter on your roster yet. I've I find it very difficult that they would be able to. Have any sort of leverage against the fighter that is. On their roster I don't think that Scott Coker would do that I don't think that the commission would do that in the if you if you are you know. Connor has had a different type of he is different take the standard CMB touched you are right now it's like Mayweather go watch a Mayweather fight if there's a fighter from the Mayweather camp. In the ring. Mayweather is not circle in the ring and running around with his credential on getting up medically. Seat shouting instructions to his fighters day of course see it are that are the ref seen anything to him. No no they're not because I've been at some of the fight well and he's he's in the same. Category. Right now yeah Nick Carter is an MMA and it's also a fact of what kind of bends to. The Vegas commission trying to do this to him. I don't know what. The Dublin commission is going to be able to do that especially because. They know if it ever got to kind of McGregor fight to do it that. You know said. Still a soccer scene they're gonna turn that down in even when all those curve usually a go by. I really think I think out of out of the oil I see a possibility of making Connor chill on the stuff. Is if you start parsing his teammates I don't even know how you go about doing that do you find them in new breed of our. I guess I don't know I don't there's no it it he is really kind of in this area of of. Untouchable. I think. Personally speaking if I weren't in either situation have you had CEO of bella tour. As Billiton or I would milking it for Anne Marie analysts that it has I would green Connor I was starting to. Talk more about him I would used utilized his popularity. And it is what it is says it because and I don't say that. He should be punished by you have seen a ballot doors somewhere someone else because of rules aren't in place we just be talking they're not it's he's not a team. He's he's an independent contractor really. And then. Well there's the probably pellets or like you said they took advantage that the suit is that happened to keep taking it and as soon as that happened at 1 o'clock because it was a tape delay of about. Bomb Suzanne out of 1 o'clock bag was on the Twitter account thank you was on theirs they're gonna count. Notorious. Make 187 the next level so they're they're celebrating it. I just don't know if it was in a bigger commission maybe you got more recourse I guess but. Then he's just as they are not fighting there I don't. You'll with the Dana you're coming in serious Connor your banned from going to Burleigh tour events because you're creating too which promotion for the maybe data and also in the news this week he he's got himself and a little national weather next. It's fighters feel. I'll look back fighters Jerry here on 79 in the ticket. We a lot of good injury news and notes this week as far as I say I canceled or rescheduled. Dominick Cruz he's out of his fellow junior Vera. Max Holloway is an opponent he was supposed to by frank yet different digger started the use of the use of the fights last night. That him he would they had hammering side but he can't murmured to her two to enjoy your fight this. So now for UCQ eighteen which is coming up with it the first week of December. We have. Holloway Al those two. As the title fight we got Leo yet. Outlook successes and in an earlier that play he did have success but I just think we Max Hall is one with ten or eleven Euro he's he's straight now he's Keller right now I mean is is his last loss was to Connors. Four years ago that's crazy that's a crazy you know Iran I don't feel like. How Felix Jose has got anything new form in Judy young guy like Max is only get better from that actually you know. Both the one other guy who his campaign of a fight. I'd almost rather see and I feel they were so new I didn't feel like. The I want to see cub Swanson of Swanson was it was was was campaigning to be the films that he's number rat he's number ranked by these fourth ranked. And by the way he's won four straight. You know hasn't had a title fight since when. Media yeah I find it interesting that that Al though keeps getting these automatic. Yeah title fights he's had what three shots now he's gotten to fight for. The bell. Yeah like we really this is his fourth opportunity because this. Eve you lost a Conner losses bell. He got to fight for an interim belts and then that he fought Max Holloway defendant is they they for a unification fight and. And now he's getting another shot Newton and he's. You know he's won in these one into already in this title fights so. It's just it's cool Jose LL. I get it is a name he's been alleged he's been doing it forever but. I feel like I feel good look a little new blow a little bit of freshness go in there and I agree you know so that's what I would go but. You go out right now I don't think Max always good when you think do you think any differences about Tommy guns do you think Jose can win. I think music you know entering yeah as you can always doing yet because he sticky he comes he does different things however. I think Max is paid his dues and has shown us what he's capable of and missed that writing and typing. We get out possibly give it found. The other music came out this game on Friday Anderson soda pop by you son again. Don't know if somebody get youth not Adam and away the man. He's old he's this all these regulations livestock that was older guys you have the exception bless them is to love bacon bill from from Anderson I don't know these this time as another way in his explanation but he took those gas station pile of issues that it was a at highlands. Elixir. Did not tie Alexa that that he used to help himself he did go in. And that was that Lucy says the wrong kind of PD that he should be up for the other one intended. It was it's crazy it's crazy so he's ever been out at best but this. Michael Bisping is going to out of it and fight and fight Kelvin dust laments that in November Tuesday no break. I love it is don't write about it fight in Shanghai I'm surprised by it. I'm surprised I. Was too. Because guess Colin could give him problems. But guess the limits probably gonna stand and trade with death and B is being always had this show when he's standing in trading. It's when you try to take him down. You know that's where things changed little niche as what happened would you speak I just think it's it is in matches I don't know what it. I don't I don't really know it does for business I guess is they get a rabbi it was a picture of you beats Kelvin talent coming off a loss I don't know fees. On notice that the eight day. Again it was a you have a meal now on contract or mail all imagine if he's stepping in last like that and I think that's the Shanghai. News I don't think that's that's a big fight for do you see as far as the first play in China. Stick to paved the way you can yeah I get it. I got especially especially your step and you do in the USC a favor so what's gonna happen. He bizcast when when. Heads of Ed seven figures to the bank account. Turns around and he's gonna lobby for the rematch. Woods is today anybody I think that he was beaten GSP until he got caught dad I just. I don't know and did his thing would have Smart bought us mortified in their third was a third round yeah this third round kept a distance. Not put himself in a position where you can get taking them. He wins the fight. Maybe but I don't I saw no maybe I saw evidence is insane again. I think adding those guys about that point in their career I don't see either one thing in this huge jump I don't think GSP takes the fight isn't have to. I think definitely for price fight and it's really can deceive is being not being. I'm concerned about the dangers of going into another fight so soon death pledges are willing to be confident in this cracked. Did insisting. What are you just think this is this news came out the secret Dana White said Dana White is apparently getting in the box and they love the experience of four adverse Connor so much they think everything's gonna be a home run like that. Today annoyed says that they're not leaving the OC but he's getting into boxing. With W MEI MG. And they're going to be doing boxing cards. Is this is. Is inching feel they're gonna go into as far as do you think this may have something to do with plate their new TV deal that's gonna come up so the hub more. Events to offer. Whatever TV package picks them up. I wasn't surprised that I've been no date has always like boxing and he's he's always been very critical how it's promoted. And he is a very good promoter mean whatever you wanna say about how we handle some of his comments and how not to ever medal is. He is very successful. Do you like this move do you think this is this this could lead to a lot of success for the sport. It's gonna be interesting how it works out because the they'll pay model. A boxing is far different than the pay model for USC. Or for MM in general rise. Boxers get because of the Mohammed Ali act they get far greater percentage of portion name of the fight purse. The gate that TV revenue all of this sponsorship dollars all the ancillary. Revenue streams so it's going to be interesting. How Dana could cope with that. In bed in their revenue split. That that model. Because of their TV deal in the waited the boxing motto has changed. And now has. These ties to TV networks it's always that it ties to two HBO went to showtime. Cable networks and how those pay per views. Are created through those cable networks but now we've seen PVCs model. With various non exclusive right network deals top right now we're seeing India and top rank with ESPN which is why I believe this. This possibly make sense especially with a fox affiliation. The power that they generate through the cable network and the broadcast network of fox broadcasting. It could create for some very interesting dynamics they might give Bob Arum heart attack oh. I'm sure that he's probably. Going nuts inside. Because. This is. Probably his worst nightmare between the golden boy. Come back around but then coming back into the fall with top rank and now PDC. PBC has not proven to be a success so it'll be interesting to win a serious side. Like wildfire but it's really in a row spot right now and I don't really think their 900 million dollars in debt and I don't edit I don't really know how much some Malo PCs relieving on does not seem to be OTC fights as Sierra. Really on showtime. So it's just kind of Al Hayman fighters under that model but they're using. Different promoters are different. Entities to go be broadcast. I like the model I like it because that's what this very show and fighters theory inside the heart of a champion. We talk about the boxing spore they MMA sport. And there is dead crossword where both of those bite fans have those. The various divisions if you will come together like us that three of us we enjoy boxing day MMA. Still for a USC to come in and do what they do with USC. And turn arraigned. Maybe adding to the new boxing fans. And keep in the sports in a way that it hasn't been in quite some time you know bet on the come back there's been more. In involvement more of people talking about it more people wanting to watch it becoming boxing fans. But I I think that banner that jelling of the team could really be interesting for playing the firefight dance in general. Didn't think there is this move that does help the assay. Both tours has kind of play with a slowly it's not really of them doing it but they've let legacy of Michael venom page they let him go box they allow him to go box student. Or or they're bringing them boxes like other party. So what do you seek a do let's say you take a guy like Jose who supported a lot with saying he wants to box. And he kind of worn out your use of Joe's Al does a mixed martial artist he's been in the one of the best fighters. Of all time at featherweight. He's pitted champion he's had his run of title shots what do you do Joes out you have Jose out on a contract just elegant a box now. And now you can build up. Boxers. Fighting a Jose out so maybe it's a little service he made its little hokey but it is a good way to get these boxes that you would sign. They wait to build up their name they'd be Jose Aldo amid the sea imparted Jose Al though. Or an Anderson Silva Anderson so renews our Anderson's that was talked to fight Roy Jones junior forever. So Anderson Silva whenever he has some of the suspension and has read here common McGregor exactly so maybe using your stable. Holly home you know using your stable and and saying hey do you would you guys be staying crossing over sport more. Because people seem to be in the that they it's a little almost it's weird is also a little bit of a throwback to what it was in the beginning. You're gonna be seeing. It's not going to be cross sport because BC won't have the boxer fighting in the graph Blair. But you will have all day we're gonna see. A mix wash us we've seen just using their one skill set and they're gonna go bring as a person who only boxes. So. I could be adjusting. But. Put this thing you mentioned that adversity that that that does puzzled me. If in what becomes a boxing promoter. Doesn't that. Open up mixed martial artists to. Get morbid argument to be covered by the Ali act. It could muddy the waters and that was that was really the the the point of that conversation is that guys guys now. That will elect to go into the boxing ring. Are going to experience. A much different. Type of pay scale. And I think your start you you start to create your muddying the waters now so your allowing them to co mingle. And now you're no longer like you can no longer argue that would that technically this is a different kind of sport and we're not under that sort of act right. So it's going to be interest in the fighters who probably love it. I also think gears and it's a distinct advantage between when you look at the PDC model that PVC model was. Let's do TV deals. And let's bring all these big name fighters to the mix. And we're gonna buy air time. And we're gonna bide its airtime and we're gonna create so many viewers in theory there we're going to be able to go to sponsors. And sale TV time because we're drawing eyes now because we're on regular television rise. Model in work out too well. It because her record it did because the the big advertisers. Are not necessarily lighting up. To spend money for TV ads or subtle. W aiming. Has all of these corporate engagements already futures Europe so they could go to a Coca-Cola. They could go to an AT&T want it and they could say hey we know that you're a part of this big world tour with Lady Gaga. Would you be interested in doing this and we'll do product placement and they won't just be you running TV spots we'll build Julian. Into the fabric of the event. Yet and the other thing that I think will help is if you do it guys and the umbrella Dana is more. Prone to putting those matters that fans do want together. Thing that have a PVC is. They've they've they came out with a bang with with matchups that we wanted to see in and the guys phase admitted eventually run out and could not sustain people didn't wanna see. Al Hayman how this has this that were willing to work I guess is much within and so. White guy thing these these fragmented promotions can only go for so long you know you have one good matchup than a dozen us last that a mistake it's interesting development. Added definitely Towson hometown that's Kim both nights I'll yeah that's right covers in junior congrats on the win. Two and one he's won his last two if I may be slight he is well run rear naked choke knowledge Papa he's though he says he does he brings a lot of of these they'll just say it taught him this week the unit that I'd ever get there the unity to the phone mind really stunk. It won't smell it. It loses its its not its only about Ireland. But he said he said he columns of lazy he's he said he's like you know. What they have realized I was really lazy over the last. Over the started my career and I can't be like that from them having the success so he's. You know he seems like he's buckled down the morgue that's it's conditioning you don't healer who describe themselves that way now. But very self aware cigarettes and congrats to and dressed young Kimbo Slice junior. Thank you got to dust supportive for the wind. An and and shots of the entity proof for the win last night. I can answer we'll talk to you guys next week and see them. Boy back but as you guys want to give you a bonus segment on boxing me out really having to USC Connie and Hulu Boxee as far as you know the FC and and in all its plans become a boxing promoter but. A one Q touch although one down let's say the man command miracle man Danny Jacobs. He was under his HBO debut with Eddie her match from boxing. As they were having a card. Down ON firfer Danny Jacobs as he bounces back from that I mean honestly I thought he'd be getting a lot in scorecard was so good for him to get that win. Under his belt and we also got a little bit of movement in the heavyweight is in drubbing David Miller. He came on top. I've been involved by by technical knock out. Mr. buck but is broke his hand he couldn't go anymore I was as surprised that the the trainer let it go as far as he did. He came back. Now on sale is the seventh round whose eighth round bust this and could even move it drove him right on the hand and he could see that. That even children so the idea that kept going was I was pretty rough in my mind but you know crazy crazy Russians do what they do. He he got the win the shooting is where what happen if I would Joba right now because. He'll big baby is starting get a little bit more Apollo is on the showtime card pass showtime card now he was on HBO. Which was under Eddie herds banner. What's gonna be inching now as what happens with the heavyweight division when Miller win last night. Where does he go for his there was a lot talk last night about the potential and fighting Anthony Joshua. Eddie turns very high on him as far as a person out his concern he is very very charismatic we've had him on the show before. Miller's is all who who funny. He's very talented. He's great on social media. He detox talks great great believe about his opponents. Not gonna backed off of an anti Josh is an exciting fighter he stays in your kitchen. Throws a lot of punches for his size evened it with him getting his heavy as he is a lot of shots on volume puncher. Maybe not necessarily one punch knocked out when he when he gets in there with guys huge size but. You know we attacks the body. Like a lot of guys don't here's the thing you know. Huge thing about a matchup with I would Joseph Miller and Nancy Joshua you know Anthony's carrion has been broad test and you look at the two of them and you would think Anthony Joshua. That stuff with a guy who's got the better motor just athletically was the way he looks but. Hell I mean drove noted throws Tom plunges. Does that that that body type made a silly need. The oxygen going to use it to muscles that is in the Joshua brings the table so I I think residency match I mean. I would favor Anthony just as if he's gonna he's been on the bigger stages so would that get to. Would that get to big baby at all I don't know we know receive a guy could hone that in. But I do like that match and you know for everybody who's upset as they follow. While we get in the onto Waller play. Already idea I think we're gonna get the Gionta a lot of play it seems like look Dionte obviously wants the fight it's a huge pay today. He's not getting any younger he wants that as soon as possible. But a listen to this interview that he heard this week with with Chris man next and who move the Yahoo! Yahoo!'s Christmas for the Yahoo! Yahoo!. Boxing Vargas is a great job I recommend it I donated Alec against us in the other stuff. Recommend Christmas does give interviews very inside boxing gets a lot of promoters and writers and one not. But any mentioned that he mentioned drove and it was a possibility and he also. You know they were going to negotiations is a couple things here you know Eddie heard thinks that. In the fight gets a little bit more publicity will be bigger and I'm normally. All aside and head let's give the fight. Fans the fight we wanted to give us this fight in March awesome honor to be all about it but if you give it. A little bit more attention a little bit more attention as far as. The weeks and you could get up until let's say July. You know they both let's let's say Deion today. Gets a fight he fights still wide right that's been thrown that's been kicked up by Eddie by still light. You know gets that he gets that marketability up beats another name opponent. And did Tim another platform to call on Anthony Joshua beat the beat the American who is you know. The American who's calling out the scared British champion won't fight him. How to fight as promoters scraps due to get to that fight. I feel as makes it would make Dion today. More favorable with the American audience that he does have to even chase you know that that help would man whose popularity a lot. With the with a pocket with the Mayweather fight. And that and this and that but did does it take too long inhabited that it does waning interest to these guys deftly how they window twelve months they need to make it happen this year. But wouldn't be killed if it if it did go an extra. Six what I don't think so I don't think you would so. That's a possibility that let's say got drought Miller. Fighting Italy Joshua. You got to Dante while there fighting doing what now if there's a wildcard. While our guns the next Tyson fury. Is gonna come back this year hopefully I must say that he has. Tyson's fury in the midst of all of us. Needs a fight. Stolen back he hasn't fought in two years two plus years. And he's a jump right into the fire. And not only that you have everybody hot on this. If he Joshua did Dionte wanna fight. Tyson though he is the rightful champion. Is out of people's minds right now he is he is not fresh on anybody's head on anybody's on anybody's mind so. What about this. Somebody that we now it is all systems in this week he's for it. Let's say she and McCain. Two time heavyweight champion of the world what it. What do we do this. You give Thyssen theory a fight is opposed tune out need to pay what you want against their. It's that Gypsy king. But he gets into it instead of jumping right into the fire and knowing that you've put that in there with an opponent who's going to promote the hell out of the fight is not a better promoter social media than Shannon Briggs. And get people's mind fresh and unique about it is a shin chasing Tyson fury. Doing all kinds hijinks with Tyson fury in people's mind on Tyson period. Ito he goes and there was some shoe lover of the mills and we are great present series back. And fight nobody cared about and and a fight nobody at feeling about you put to get (%expletive) in the Canon rigs. Well what what do matchup that would be as far as those two wit for wit going up against each other. Not quite needs to happen so you set yourself up almost a round Robin best tournament of Sheehan embrace vs Tyson fury. Personality a personality. Come back verses come back you have got a lot of Dylan white. Gil and almost Deion today against the man how to fight Dylan why Eddie turns guy is B list guy to gets a level got. And they Josh who's going to be there were two Ralph Miller who. Is a great personality. Team opponent talked to knock out. Brings a little bit a danger to it it could go to England talk a lot of belief I think at that point. Whatever happened that much more a sport. Guys by the time we get the summer people it even more hyped up for it. So that's the way I go man I go you'll does that to a division crank it up you'll you'll Karen about it you want it take it to the next level. Image Russia he fudged drug Miller Gionta while there he finds still white. Tyson fury share in the cannon Briggs have all three at those guys go out at best man that comes out of it. Low figure out most impressive who people are hungering craving for more most. Make that happen and that that that is what boxing needs he got some compelling matchups you have compelling personalities. Great storyline. I I I think it's things it's it's a home run for all parties involved you know. That's the way I go I think I think is a funnier in the coming up February division. And I can only see what happens though Russia a boy look Shannon Briggs and has come back. Can away Amanda apparently since she's in some big announcement this week Monday. We look forward to it we will we'll see which in the past to bring hope when you move more social media and and and we did we get those videos back again. Very very much of the phone to forward to come back we'll talk to you guys next week same time senseless fun is Gerri love yell.