Fighter's Fury 11-19-2017 (RIP Ferdie Pacheco and Rafael Garcia, Tyron Woodley vs Nate Diaz, Werdum wins, who is top heavyweight contender, Tyson Fury poll)

Fighter's Fury
Sunday, November 19th

Tobin starts the program paying respects to the boxing world losing Ferdie Pacheco and Rafael Garcia. Two men that were key in the preperation and care of around two icons in Muhammad Ali and Floyd Mayweather respectively. Quick recap of the long night of action in Sydney on Saturday. Fabricio Werdum notches another win on his belt. Is that enough to get him another crack at the heavyweight belt? Who will get the next bout against Stipe Miocic. Plus did Colby Covington ruin his gimmick with snitching on Werdum? There has been a lot of talk around UFC 219 this week. The UFC acted like Conor McGregor vs Tony Ferguson was in play as the main event and took it away due to the actions of Conor in Ireland, at the Bellator fight. There was rumors of a Nate Diaz vs Tyron Woodley bout. Woodley says Diaz has yet to agree to the match up. There is a major reason why Nate should take this fight with Woodley. All roads to this match up lead to Conor McGregor and then Georges St-Pierre. Tyson Fury puts up Twitter poll of who fans want to see him fight next and it came back with Shannon  "The Cannon" Briggs. This match up needs to happen! Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua's media dance continues. Plus who wins between Kelvin Gastelum and Michael Bisping? 


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Mixed martial arts and it's time for fighters feeling each side hill. Here's fueling. Have a son that morning everybody welcome on and its fighters periods nobody airway if you. Fly solo today semen Tommy guns out this week. We'll reconvene in another time. Would those two. So we got a lot to get into all over the world mixed martial arts and boxing. I want to start here. We do lose a couple of people in the boxing world this past week. One of the with a local side. Over to reject go you know Molly's famed doctor. He passed away this week at 89 Miami native relative of yours if Florida does medical degree. The University of Miami a practice down here. In Overtown for many years before burned down but was you know joined up. With would Angelo Dundee at the history gem in Ali's camp for a lot of his career. You probably see him in basically every Mohammed Ali documentary you know does a lot of do a lot of retrospective on him. And so if you watched any you know Mohammed Ali. A documentary you promise in Jericho and in those in those documentaries. You know is always is very inside was amazing stories about it. Had the the other the famous quote that goes with Ali that cash is I was born movable Mohamed Ali was born in Miami. And so I just encouraging guys anytime if you guys there's actually one of said the available on CBS. And amid arm peep from PBS that I mentioned before. You see the whole thing ever won when Ollie passed away just guts on his way into and I'll leave. Deep dive on the every document that could be made there's a great one which is Mohammed Ali made in Miami. PBS documentary in and pretty project I was. Is prevalent in that documentary CIA should check that out I recommend that was known via main cog in that in that camp but also you know give Ollie the advice to you to stop fighting after the Ernie shavers site. And just you know just dog that he had taken too much in Hollywood to fight on. I have four more times didn't have a lot of success. There's there's another thirty for thirty actually where. It's it's him and get ready for the Larry Holmes fight and you just see. In Ali's. In a different campaign and it's it's it's kind of it's it's it's pretty sad to watch received outside of the career from Ali. But but won the Q. Tutu do very respects his family recipes sued to further protect go for. A great life in boxing and and they recommend you guys Zito gone back to you want to. C any any Ali documentaries he's pretty prevalent in you guys can see. All those ties and this gives rate. Stories and insight into Ali and also. America man feel Garcia passed away this week the news recently diagnosed leukemia. And he was just inducted into boxing hall of fame for those who don't know you probably will see him and any Floyd Mayweather camp. He was the cut man who had the the hat with all the pins on it. And meg I was responsible for protecting the most expensive hands in the sport furlong time mean. You know Floyd's hand problems are are well documented and you know off those was was or Basel over he did those those those who have received four. Their ability to produce all the money that they did and so it's great that he got the honor that he did. But said the we lost these two guys who were you know now the guys in the ring themselves but but certainly help the guys. You know 22 icons. You know in their preparation to be in the ring or their recovery outside the ring so. 22. Very very. Toot toot too big names in the sport and to set losses so. President of family and then respects to their loss and and thank you them for for everything they did for the sport of boxing. So will seamlessly shift over we just want to mention those things. And there's a grid obituary is on offered Jericho in the Miami Herald. As they did a great great job one of one of the locals. Recommended a second that out as well. So. We have last night we did you have seats in the fight night from ratio over doom back in the octagon this Tuesday a must seem to ever they went to a decision every car on the on every fight on the main card went to decision it was crazy because we thought we probably have for those wild nights there were a lot of wicked finishes. And crazy fights on the prelim is played it started out you had you know c'mon shivers of brown it was like these guys were last in the each other in the face. That last round whether this million out. And so like whoa we're gonna be if one of these these crazy business but dictates that this that was a was the longest you've Secord. On record time was as every one of them going the distance. It was wild man it was it was crazy that we went from such extremes. To where we ended up. Odd to me provides a bad there was there was there's plenty irritating and have a breach of Purdue dig dug took a lot ahead gates he was he was walking through a lot of stuff. And it was one of those things or maybe like Ty Burr was I don't know if you knew to make that. That next move up overdue gets another win and so I think this rule inevitably put him back in talks to be. Yell in the title picture but I do think that Steve is next match up is probably going to be. It's probably going to be whoever wins between over even got new in a few weeks that's going to be a UC. To a team that's about I can't wait for. Doubled in of that is that you know with over team even though he also as a loss Q steep. You know if you get the win over the young gun I think that'll. Did it a little bit of Lou an opportunity for you'll forget mean it was over a year ago at that point. So. You kid I make the argument as they would for breach you know. You know he's been on the top so long and it's the one thing that's tough with the heavyweight division is. You know you have all these these old guards who just in there for ever. And you know that that title which is getting a little bit plan it's like you look at that and say oh who's the guy you're really excited to see Steve gave me those suits again against. And I think everybody looks at this day it probably wanna serious threats and got to know me in the top five right now. Is over amber doomed cable as is obviously like the lost unicorn that you'd love deceit. But you never know he's gonna be healthy so. I don't know if you can really count on that you know Derek Lewis has been up and down. He's got the big health problems you'd love to see Derek lives and television just because. You know not only is he entertaining can stop by its of one shot but. It's mean that is one of the most hilarious. Social media accounts islands to Graham. Great on the Mike so you'd love to see Derek Lewis atop in the picture but. It's tough with him because you never know. With that back first of all it cost him his last buddy was able to go out there. And for Doumit due to take on the Walt Harris last minute. And that was a problem his last bout to anyone who's hinting towards retirement so. Ito you look at that top that top six nearly you know. Harley guys have been there forever France's out as the new name I'll get a bowl coverage just kind of getting that shine. You beats Devonshire in his last nudge of some may be hill. Take that jump. But those pretty new division of expressing others got a lot of backing with the UFC he's he's almost like. He's goals like USC Drago. Where he's been at the UC to cellular he's training there and you know Dana White slate drooling whenever they talk referencing on new. So he's got his big showing coming up at a Diaz a big win over ouster over him is currently. Against ranked is as number one. If in god do goes out into wins I think for sure he's gonna end up getting the title shot he doesn't if he does it. And ends up being in the ovary with the way they've over to me sensational. I think he's certainly gonna say aren't over it beat top four. Where else do you go from there at that point. And fervor doom his last two winds are coming up against guys soup. Yeah he's getting wins but it's not like you're looking at and saying RA EB Walt Harrison Marcy Jamar is that the is that the path to. The title. So that's tough I think I think that's a tough argument as far as reduced import. I tell you what though he had a hell of a week with with what went down in Australia in the Hinkle recovered to with a boomerang. That the lake. Is donated to the boomerang but if you do call the entire country. Filthy animals if your Kobe Covington is probably expect some repercussions. And giving you with a book raises a funny visual ID it's. Don't do that it's not it's not okay they had people outside the octagon when not contractually. Agreed upon to fight this is kind of the thing with Purdue now he's got into it. With with the with Tony Ferguson and Kobe Covington and he's got a big with with regular guys who were three weight classes below him. Is the visual hitting some of the boomerang it's funny I just as it's the for some reason I have looney tunes stuck in my head. That that was gone down but apparently Covington is. So George cup presidents for dooms it was not gonna mega state on this is hitting it did with the blue ring. By. The royals wanna see what the vigilant than ever saw the video there's a pity him with the boomerang like throw it. Because the meat if he hit with a Blu-ray throwing it was a message has been given props. For the idea it's that you did you imagine Purdue Jews a boomerang very much that's and that's that's heavy. In two. Some serious training and distill the boomerang awards you know exposed ago and it's supposed to hit your target and fly back to you. It didn't have ever make sense to me like did you ever as a kid of the crappy plastic boomerang. My daughter just got this home she went to go to Joseph is up back for a for birthday party pretty recently. And got her a plastic boomer and nothing sucked. It's if flu like two feet it hit a fly back to you. So imagine the old school what boomerang. That you'd have to use an actual battle when you had your. Your I don't know if they had the singing dog leg whenever I go to the Palm Beach zoo. And they had the Australian exhibit which kind of sucks because the call is always sleeping. And the singing dogs. Day I wish they were kind adult occasional bit better but I do get your singing dog maybe that would go out and and go and find your game if they were domesticated. And the boomerang. Was used. You know. The into weapon treat. Me out of the figure that out and do you have to craft the red boomerang to have the right weight to it. I've silly questions regard in this. But I think in this case he's his whacked him with the boomerang there was no there was no back side too with dolby Covington though he was like. He was running back can easily do you know. Drop in news. Gay slurs and for Reche overdue which payment. Not looking for mixed martial artists to. Be the most sensitive with their language. What if you go to its program or face a blood I'm not sure which one was. Probably pretty stupid to be doing that. Especially. You know you got all eyeballs on you now all of a sudden you're supposed to you you basically. Stealing shall sons gimmick of pissing off Brazil. And you know what's the first resilience that sub Tia even if he is fifty pounds bigger than yet. You know you brought him back words and use it. You called him the F word and you at a press charges like and that's. Kind of go against what you were expecting a what did you expect. You've got those ought to be ignored like oh it's gonna be like WW we're gonna turn off the cameras and it's all good. Knowledge you have to go all stem cell now won it once once that once the dull it's been laid down on. Calling. In the entire country filthy animals. You're up to eat the repercussions with that. You know late normal and chill sudden would would do this with him with though with Brazil. Like. She gently Bentley Silva chases them down pat and diet nutrition conventions are all tied to big my dad to get into it on. Beyond the Ultimate Fighter whether brawling off off spot on camera. It takes a loss of that now at least that's a little bit closer with less what instill it in from British overdose was gonna be the defender of his country. You're gonna have to dig got to do what you're gonna have probably have to go to council it will now one not running backwards with a camera and also. You know should probably watch the words little bit more now on. So. As much as dolby Covington was. Getting people behind him on beat excited to see him or possibly get a welterweight title shot but feel like that's Steve's going to be let off a little bit with this one as. He didn't go all in with a and as regarding the welterweight title we get an instinct was that happened this week in Taiwan is possible next opponent and we'll talk about next Arafat is here. It's miners feel. But is very here seven I did so again. So this week there is a lot of news and notes about regarding your seats united team that ended the year guard. Still need. A main event and we started off existing because we have a whole fallout from the Contra thing that went down in the Ireland's. And it was on the MA hour arrow on the show. And he had the ABC president. And he was talking about that the Europe's he reached out of that instant that went down the ballots. Allows me for those. Who loses the show and have somehow been under a rock cotta Macgregor he hops into the cage you celebrate with his teammate. The referee mark Goddard got in news phase speak as he had timely not stop the fight. And Connor and him have had a pass before cargoes he shoves him in the meanwhile also slaps. Using their production. Crew member or is it was summit part of the commission would permit of aggressively implement they'll tour. Slaps them. Bad bad stuff from Conor and so. This commission comes out he says DOC was in touch and that they were scheduled to have him. And the USC to nineteen guard to defend his billions to rivers and so they said that there are suspending him they're going to pull them from the card now. Is that a play by the USC to make it seem like they're punishing him maybe. But it also was it a sense of the year she's probably try to UConn are solidly like hey. We're gonna at least make it seem like we're doing something here. And commerce site give us though that's not true never scheduled soon to be on that car in the first place because they wanna make it seem like they're in charge which. Sorry but this point you wanna make it seem like you're sorry. And that something's actually happening here because. If you say nothing's happening here. Now suddenly still there's still had some repercussions for what went down and Ireland we talk about the difficulty of this last week I don't know who really disciplines in here. Does it fall in the U of C it's not gonna fall belt or they promoted the hell out of it. Is it gonna be the commission. Again as. He doesn't fight in that jurisdiction very much so. I don't really know where they stand as far as punishment concerned that he called Vegas today call New York. Bomb or does it work with the USC to come to some sort of resolution. And so it seemed like users try to do that. What. Doesn't seem like Connors side wanted to. Cooperate with that because they want me assuming you do you know simple to do that would rate. But you've kind of got to see what the play was there and it felt like the didn't. Or they didn't want to be part of that I don't know. You know it's still remains undetermined. The way. They threw out there that it was supposed to be DOC 290 main event converse to rivers and which would have been awesome. But also. Probably unlikely that that was gonna happen I mean that's not very long that's. You know five weeks away six weeks away it's it's it's close and and so. Then these are restored to about this week. Tyrant Woodley vs Nate Diaz. And don't make a lot of sense contenders ship lies in the rankings. Because. You know you look at the the the pat that's right there and he got one a boy at one there's no shot to do wonder boy vs Tom with the rather dollars up there he's right off field massages and Dana has said whoever wins that is in get it going to be a line of the title shot. The governments and Kobe Covington is third. Which. You go his way over data in my impressive. It's it's a big jump ball but he but but that like we said Kobe guards and was. Was. Very very red hot after that with all the comments I got made people be in this team by time with the there's also passed there. You look at is say I Wear his ideas bald all of us the ideas is ranked in. The light reconsideration is going other's roles with the USC they. If it's if it's worth the payday. If it's if it's on the feds a B into. Build bypass all the stuff we just saw which he has PM Michael Bisping and you know GSP came out on top. Now. I don't have a huge issue with time we'll be getting this you know Tara has been trying to get that. Out of the rankings payday for awhile of either be against Iran or whether it be against USP. And times to get on the more content is now he's been in fights would Damien Mya Steven Thompson twice knocked out Robbie Lawler. You know he's been he's been a champion heads held up that they gave for awhile so. If he wants to color outside the lines a little bit here and how Willie wants to get the title shot or give a title shot in the Diaz. I really don't have an issue with that I mean I think every champions. Q what do these every once in awhile. Chested to go Lofton and do a little bit what they wanna do and if it makes for fun match I think the fans buy in. You know Connors got that opportunity. Rod got that up that rod got provide such a way album was not near contender who basically. Was starting fights with there with their friends and that's why they gave her the title shot. You know I just I would have a huge issue with. With tyrant get in this opportunities defended his belt now three times. So I wouldn't have a big issue with me that make it in the title shot his knee worthy of a title shot. Probably not he lost his last fight against kind of McGregor but. He's he's obviously a huge star. He's been gone for awhile so there's a comeback element to it. So from his standpoint it probably doesn't deserve the title shot nowhere near. What. You know it it is what it is about point as far as the match of concern but it's a fun matchup and and really be into it. And right now. If he would tell me I have the opportunity seat time will be fighter Robbie Lawler again. I think that is. I don't know it is if you're tired and how much worse could you beat Robby Lawler and how much better to the shot value being with the Robbie Lawler fight. He knocked about cold when he was looked upon as. But most violent guy in this sport the guy who would just go in there go to war with you for five rounds. I I don't I don't I don't know if you can get. Out of good top. Your Robbie Lawler win the queue already had and you knew you guessed that a five round another. Five round knockout classic with a with Robbie Lawler but if you're if your if your worldly and understand and be a little bit Luke warm on that flight. Half killed us on Joe's. No just due to the division. It's it's not like he's got a lot of under his belt that welterweight he's a former champion award 55. You know how to. That'd pretty short rain would you defended twice. So. No I don't either way and that I'm not I'm not crazy Daryn tells got a new to the game he obviously I think he's a couple more wins before. He really skyrocket into the title picture. But his went over cowboy thing has a lot of people buzz in on him so. Yep from my standpoint. You look at the top ten and we polls got it's gonna make it come back in and is obvious that that their fight ended in controversy has. You know kind of neat kind of blew up on a takedown from from tee woods so. Agassi out but he's basically was retired and and so. I don't know I think a big that he needs some more time as well also. Look a little mass there's a real clear cut contender. So I don't really don't have a big issue with that now will that get agreed upon that's the instinct thing you know what these up they have Sam fox in the sand he signed his part of the contract. You donates. Needs reached out to long but the hasn't signed the paperwork yet so. I don't know if you're Nate Diaz. And you are tired of waiting you know you've been waived for the content by who knows what comes gonna come back you know John Cavanaugh came up this week. And he says that. It could be. At least until April before Connor returns. To develop a wait and you Nate Diaz. Nate Diaz is is Ty Evans and legal mess with his former management does he need. The payday from the Connor fights. Well. So. What do you are Nate Diaz and you're gonna come back. And you end up winning the welterweight title. Mean that's that's a pretty good leverage play for you when you gives these these talks with third Connor flighty and you wanna puts them some new emphasis. On the Connor fight that you feel like Niigata three. It always have a little summit because it's a rubber match and and those are always a big deal the fans. But people really do policy converse Tony Ferguson. So Nate I do think needs a win. To put him back in the forefront of fans' minds of saying not enough you don't want us he kind of face. Tony Ferguson you wanna see Connor reverse name now you wanna see that then you have a champion or champion discussion there. The other duo that's. Kind of with TJ and and and Demetrius Johnson of will that buy take place Jim Weaver champion. Wanna fight that would be. But disagreed on the other levels champion or champion but would be you know. Tolliver is Nate trilogy fight they both have gold around that was out of that tells bella gets to be on the line for that he has that goes in the negotiations. Hum I guess it would depend on what Connor wants. But then again you do with the Diaz so. Who knows AA today keep it could be Camille swallowed up by whatever shenanigans you possible in his negotiations as well. But I do think that. Nate should agree to this fight the do things that it would get people thing and call. Nate Diaz yelling we do policy is that a wrist it's a risk like. You know that's he's don't in there and he's going to be fighting pure 17 year he's not going to be fight kind of a greater up in weight. It's like neat small so I don't feel like it's gonna be looked upon where. He's. He's going to be super outsized but you know that time if Tom blossom and he wants to if you wants you to take him down rag doll like you know. Would lead. Was able to get one of boy down the Bundesliga match supplies and water boy I think gives you a little bit more hesitant with fish writing because. Does he look of those devastating had kicks. You know. Neat one to keep that fight standing. You know that to them you you're going to millions probably the more skilled boxers too the more dynamic striker. Look at ended one shot by the I think I think will be to also take him down and and and deftly do some damage there could make about the we its admission and a point to maybe. But there's a bit that the matchup intrigues me. But you see why would be wants to do it. And it giving nature wanna do it think that it can be a big benefit to him to getting this win under his belt. And getting people remembering ideas in my. The fight fan's mind is very fickle and taken Wayne very much and I think. And I think for right now you know we've seen from what everyone takes from holes. Comments on social media. The fight people want to see Connor. Do right now is embers Tony. To unify the belts. But. If they were to come back and usage nineteen impedes our worldly. Then he's back on front line for Connor fight and does that mess up the. What we division it could but earlier this one out. Okay. If Nate wins the 170 belt. And Connor was the dude that fight that's that's the fight UC wants to do. If god wanted to he could vacate. The 155 title. And then go try and win the 170 bell from. Nate via its. And Sophia ends up beating Diaz in three division champions something that's never been done. And if Connor wanted to. Then all of a sudden you got did you receive Pierre fight up that room because it's this talk of Jersey B ago wanted to putts crazy. But. If Nate beat Styron. Wins the 170 bell card drops the want 55 belt. Tony's good to do whatever that he wants to do they go to the money fight Nate verse Connor for the 17 about it Conrad's beating him. Then he was deployed GSP for of the 170 title and even of Nate wins. You got the background of GSP. Vs Nick Diaz from the past and I got a little in the storyline there he'd go fight GS even 17 belt so. It is so prevalent on them beating tower there which is no easy feat either. Play. Out of lake I would like to see the dominos ball from that fight very much. You know and then look if tyra goes out and he blasts and beats me Diaz. Then. He's been a very popular fighter that Libya heavily boss fight. And I think tyrant and had his stage the call GSP not just from the sidelines the and say this is what you want to come back fight cumin and and when the belt and the division I he would say. If you don't. You're relinquishing your right to colors of the Griswold legitimate I don't know what the way he goes but. You know it's very important time he's talked about legacy of being regarded as the best well to win of all time. And I think that high profile one for him would also benefit. But I do think the adjusting. Dynamic would be made beats. T would winds of 170 ones on seven to strap. Conor dropped the wanted to five bell Tony becomes undisputed champion goes to fight for or seven about sees few wins it. They have congress Chia as he possibly on the line for that dogs he beats me. That's a big bucks right there. Crazed speak get a big bucks heavyweight division we get some updates in the boxing heavyweight division shenanigans going on. In that place is there always is next. Ticket. W would view as totally up to around 10 o'clock at the top or pregame show coming up after us. Greg like pins DJ Williams they'll get to all set for dolphins and Buffy here's. You know if you wanna be set for that. Put your vote go on Sunday. Fifty for Scotland. Down at the rock. Doesn't quite like it's gonna have the atmosphere in the last two games but. We'll see we'll see. Itself. You go to watch this February division we always you've been very we'd keep our eye on and what's going down a lot of good job let's go all the time we division feels like there has been for. A lot of years you know the resurgence of the heavyweight division especially especially in London. Has been Hughes the UK fans are crazy there's. You know they could Phillips soccer Arenas to go watch their fighters to some that's really cool to see I think it's also been awesome to see. This dance that's been going on between. Dionte Waller and Anthony Joshua in and put forth just a mauling. Of Berman stove burned and his last fight but he did you know he was gold for. I don't what used over what it was bad intentions what was it would TI there while I was trying to do just Vernon that fight and really trying to make his mark. And he did it was a it was great to see and I thought that it was good for her preferred the out and get that because. He had certainly BA in losing. That battle for a long time you know. Evan B Joshua had the real signature win he'd be Wladimir Klitschko is an all time classic fight. Every judge is a huge fan base behind him. The British fans just embrace their guys a little bit better. And so. It was tough to argue that Dion they should really be in that picture. With Anthony Joshua but I do feel like it's dried up a little bit for Anthony. You know his last fight against caused to come no disrespect the calls to come who put off and put for the real gutsy effort against them. And that he wasn't. Very impressive I guess you could say that he dominated the wind. But I think you'll probably look and have to see him go author tells calls to come blast him and it'll be able rise Pete and the fight got stopped in the tenth round. But did just that the justification for wasn't great so. It's it's funny like you're almost as good as your last fight and now a lot of fans there on the side of a look. But what the other adjusted to a guy who he went the distance with initially but. Clearly was not the best shape and he blasts them what his last minute opponent. There were also parallel tracks because. The odds puzzles by Luis Ortiz. Who. Got caught up in testing is clear now and are going to be suspended. But he was supposed to take him on. And instead. He had stayed out last an opponent yeah I didn't wanna fight the beat them in as dominant fashion as you can't. And in Italy Josh has gays ages case he beat a guy. So. It was tough to knock out those tough flight trajectory wise because used by the guy was way bigger than. And that was cleaning him up but. Could it be more look at to see him put him on the campus of the more put on the campus wants. And I don't ignore how do to stop that. And these two are the are gonna fight but I do think it's gonna be put off I think the promoters want put heat on this a little bit more all. Troubled U verse canal I think they wanna see these guys in there. One more time get people Jones a little bit about it more people talking about the chase little bit more. And so I think you're gonna see Dion there while an Imus this week. That he wants to fight Luis Ortiz again. Our item he wants to fight them he doesn't want a fun and again he wants to try and fight him again you what's the by the resorts he's again. And I love to see that by adding we all want to see that they were bomb that did get to happen. Deputy Joshua. I think he's gonna and the fight Drew Miller next I feel like his promoters talked about a mile a little bit more a lot. And those of you are talking about Joseph Parker I think Joseph Parker is gonna be weighed on the line. I don't feel like that's going to be the warmup fight for error. Or quo grow warm up fight for in any Joshua I think Jerome Miller. Great personality. Got a win under adherence promotions. This past week on HBO. I think that's going to be did and to be in the play for AJ he's unified drug Miller. And Dionte is got a couple of options out there he could go fund Luis Ortiz if you wanna call that'll put that stuff fight. So. That can really and I think a lot of naysayers on beyoncé if he goes on he beats Luis Ortiz. And if not it could it have been Dylan whites who are on who. Eddie Hearn has. Links before says that once you fight this guy first of many get to AJ fight. Could it be that that fight's going to be in London Ian issues fiance or do you do Deion savers Luis Ortiz. On showtime card. And maybe do AJ minutes later co feature they do want broadcast from London warmed up broadcast from America who knows. But I do that we're gonna get one more fight before those guys eventually do face off but I do think that fight is gonna happen. We saw edged anyway enough this week. Tyson fury is back in the in the gym. There was videos of him admits it noodles. As the former lineal heavyweight champion of the world who beat. Wladimir Klitschko. Is back training. He is still suspended him in this this also can be forgotten solid doesn't Jerry. He's just gone and he can't fight. Or Horry to choose not where he can't. Quite yet he is he is he is. Route map you stripped of a license so he needs to get reinstated. Before he's allowed to be back in action. So is doing enough. Locally tying the send. He put a portable this past week. And ties it fury passed on Twitter who should be my next victim. Because before Tyson you're really jumps into this whole love triangle of Dion there while there and they Joshua and Tyson here the former champion. And both of them out of a bit of a passing out Tyson is as a Don and AJ for a long time. AJ and Gionta had an awesome awesome ring ring interaction after a fight. Where. Deion today aren't you at the useless if your who stormed the cage on the out today that some wicked storm the ring on beyoncé. And there are really good interaction I thought that that if I was gonna end up happening so. No president wants him back in this picture but he hasn't fought this time when he fifteen. A long time may have to wait fifty was when. Was when he last fought it's been a war that's been a long time for for Tyson fury so. This idea that. He's gonna hop back in there with the absolute lead guys who have been. In action who who have stayed very active. It's tough to believe you wanna even do the you'd imagine that presenter wants to himself what he thinks is a warm up fight so. He put in for his return flight but has been brewing for awhile. Who should be my next victim and there was some match of on top of the winner of for the WBA vacant title. There was David Price who's a who's. A long time local rival of ties and juries there's odds in a move that Kim. Who is at his own issues with drug testing he was also spoke by the supposed to by Dion there while there. And an ocean in the cannon Briggs and those guys have had back and fourths on social media. And negotiate and just got clear this week. Suspension from his testosterone. Elevation because he was opposed to fight for as it can go at the hard rock last may. Andy pops four having testosterone I think it was at a Ford 1821 ratio. But but but but but but but but but apple popped on the test so he was suspended for six months that's suspensions up. And so ties that Jerry Kelly said he 5000. Votes on this Twitter poll of who should be his next victim. You know and the fans give Agnes and wanna if they wanna see him fight Shannon Briggs jittery and wildly popular in London. He is the ease the most dynamic out of any of these personalities. You notify promotion between him is going to be amazing. If your ties in fury you look at that match and you say you don't here's a guy who he is built for at the most four rounds. And so huge and imagine things are like you dance around this got a little bit and and general tire she had a problem looks at that matchup and he says. Look at that saw fast body mood that late if your Shannon Briggs and you see Tyson fury trying to trim down from his 400 pound sort of an Alley is. And you see that big ol' belly. And you're the body puncher that Briggs says. That's like a dog and a pork chop man that that is got to be enticing so the fun fight I eat that dipping tonight out of the four matches of those guys. You know what I know Dave price got a lot of support from. Though the local fans over the across the pond but. You know that this is multiple polls now where we've seen breeze come on top of boxing sites you know. Good social media townspeople to see this fight this is this this fight has legs people wanna see Craig's inferior mean there there. There almost so crazy they're meant for each other you know and I mean. It's so much crazy being put into a ring and a fight promotion how did not turn out to be awesome. So does this year one couple other notes before get out of here. Oscar De La Hoya. He says that he's not gonna chase comes McGregor. There was news this week that he is. Wanted to come out he's been secretly training for Ghana McGregor fight. And then he tailed into right. Now mind you. This guy got in his last fight pieced up by many hockey out who's up his size and was beaten four rounds. Plays its eagerly trading. And he says that he'd be gone earned two rounds. It does say that he could have begun McGregor a decision. But two rounds. I mean I would have all I got a hard time believe in Austin lawyer is gonna throw all his style to these is it about hey make an uncommon McGregor. Either way he's not gonna go on some chase for this fight. That he is going to easy lay the job out there is what it is he also says that the troubled you can go a match up is deathly gonna happen. Looks like may of 48 team. Finally before I get out of here. Next week Shanghai got Michael Bay is being he has returned to the ring just a few weeks time eased they are dealt a gas slump. I'm a little worried about the match up because it's such a short turnaround from Michael biz bidding but. Let's not forget. The biggest win of Michael biz brings career. Came on the very short notice knocking out Lou Brock called now to little different because he wasn't just coming out of the cage he was off shooting to xxx whenever. So it's it's got a different tweet there he says he's healthy. I do think that there's a side issue there with Kelly Kelly's a lot bigger than Kelvin. I guess you'd call Dylan almost a poor man's GSP. You know is that deadly super talented won the Ultimate Fighter but that would deserve the accolades but has had some discipline issues so. He's. Not quite in that range but it's it's almost a similar matchup we cannot yet change a lot there good striker good wrestler great party though. But I got up I mean I had a hard time believing he's gonna have a quick to turn around then did you majesty your an apparent. You know a little visiting I think misery easier when that fight I had some of the southern about he's so sure of it almost a Fella get up poor performance against USP. I'm really owe him over Kelvin. To get the win in Shanghai we'll talk about that fight next week everybody a lovely Thanksgiving and have a great a great week.