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Fighter's Fury
Sunday, December 10th

Tobin recaps the massive fight between Vasyl Lomachenko and Guillermo Rigondeaux. He has dubbed himself NoMasChenko. What is "Hi-Tech" doing to break opponents mentally? Does this make Loma the number one fighter pound-for-pound in the world? Tobin discusses Luis Ortiz's comeback at Hialeah Park this Friday. It lead to an in-ring showdown with Deontay Wilder. These two fighting should make boxing fans excited. We're not getting Wilder vs Anthony Joshua until later in 2018 so at least their lead up fights will be interesting too. Brian Ortega submits Cub Swanson. How far away is "T-City" from a title shot? Will Cub Swanson ever get another opportunity to put gold around his waste? Did Marlon Moraes deliver the 2018 knockout of the year? Dana White threatens to sue Manny Pacquiao and Bob Arum if they are talking to Conor McGregor about a potential fight. Would a Conor McGregor fight with "Pac-Man" end badly for Conor? 


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Mixed martial arts and inside the here's fueling. And spiders scary here on seven that ticket. WEB for the next hour as year or dive all over the world events martial arts and boxing subatomic guns out this week. They'll return next. Week. And we had a really really exciting weekend for the sweet science lot of action down here we'll get to the drama that went down at Hialeah racetrack. This past Friday night but we got to start off with a boxing match that was heavily hyped. Going into last night everybody excited to see that cute top technicians in the sweet science. Step into the ring together and see what kind of magic they could put forth. And what we saw was a pure domination once again from a silly now dubbed itself Dodd know must Shiancoe. This too much anchor yes today making Guillermo Oregon now. Quit on the stool in the six round or after the sixth round. And claim there was a hand injury a lot liberal super. Skeptical of that claim from gamma Reagan now. They think that he uses dot class at that point. Do your best argument you can make firm was was 51 at the game the first round it was probably six Sony just a down attending rounded on the Emory endowment to the guy. Who we just went up to wake classify and thought he had any chance of winning that fight. So want to save your brain a little bit but I will say this this is the impressive thing about mature ago. The Nolan reward says this day and envoy discrediting the first place we always go in boxing. Especially for the people who are people in behind. Publicized on ESPN. In a you know. They want to discredit Guillermo Reagan doubt and say. This guy's no good he wasn't a big enough test for missing element checked oh look there was some give it to this fight there's no doubt about that give Oregon does go to. Very very in a big way. You know he was outweighed by eight pounds going into last night significant difference. At those weight classes right there. But. He can't discredit how good that guy is how foolish he makes a lot of people look. Adjusting the details were turned on him the way they work where he couldn't deal with a speed he couldn't do the angles he couldn't deal with. His tricks now working. Against Zuma checked you know you all the all the tactics that limit checked no one in their all those things are broken down as an instinct thing where. Yesterday. Watching in the lead up to the fight will watch ESP undercard and him and his father both have. All the tricks that Reagan now brings to the table to try to make his opponent uncomfortable to try and put them in awkward spots. And they had at all brought up by the refereeing in the rep re probably did a fantastic job yesterday. You know he was he did eventually take a point away form. Guillermo four. For holding too much to report from them that I think was. Really the the the straw that broke the camel's back if you will for redeemed us chances and that's probably why he didn't come off the seventh round but. It's crazy this is now have been he's retired fighters in the four straight fights. Really broken the will of the fighters are. Say it into the last horrified to think back to that Nicholas Walters fight where it's not really case and Nicholas Walters who's getting. Paul holds to the point where you know he's he's staggering. And he can't get out there and he and he can't go forth the next handful around saying they would Reagan now. You know hand injury or no hand injury. He wasn't beaten to the point where. He staggering he does that is wits about him he's barely he's barely conscious. It's not that kind of a beating what you have here is in in the Salem witch AGCO is a guy. Who is bringing such a systematic breakdown. Of you. It it's like nothing has seen in the in the ring it's nothing you're you're training for the takes all of your best moves. And dispose of them in about two rounds and it's. That is what is so demoralizing. To a lot of the guys is going in there it's not just that. He's. Eating you. And and hurting you it's not so much that hurt it's the mental. Warfare that he puts on you that all the all the things you figure gonna work all the things that a war against other opponents. They're not working with him. He's going in there they say all you wanted you wanna you wanna ducked down real low and and you make you basically impossible for people hit GO. Eventually I'll hit you. Or you wanna try these moves where you turn your back to me. All completely move around June lately gets liggett's musical chairs and I'll be slipped right behind you when you won't know what they. That's the thing that makes him great is it it's all the little intricacies. Of the fight game. He that you think you have figured out he is taking. From you. And ends in flipping it it's flipping it on its head. And make it worse for you that's really what the the national artists so most exciting fight last night certainly not. All out war that was made publicized. To the main issue Ryan's not really. But do we do we come out of last night noted the best. Technician was in the sport of boxing right now definitely self. The suit of a Genco right now. There is there's not a better person walking the planet as far as. Has the mastery of the sweet science perfected then him he comes in the ring seemingly gets better every single time that he's out there. And may Reagan now moved very foolish says he wants Mikey Garcia next I'm all for that flight soundly great match up. Let's get that one go and what are the challenges out biffle would trigger here's the thing you know this is another thing. And so she Rios get a bunch last night. Hey he needs a real opponent. He needs to he needs he needs a real challenge. Make no mistake the guys writing is a real challenge written Dow was a giant committee is lost. So it's Alec used quite some bomb was a gimmicky because used by the guy coming up the way certain that that that is that definitely has to be affected a start up there. But I don't think any of us look at last night and say. The fact that Regan now who does and I gotta tell the guys. Know probably didn't have anywhere ball to stop. Massoud moment Genco. This still set. Clearly shoot showed a guy. In gallery it out all school. A lot of old school traditional Cuban boxing tactics. You know things that have gotten a lot of success and checked it seems like. He is he is morphing into a hybrid every single time he gets in there. You've seen. If not something new something even better from him that we saw the last time that the did that just getting that much slicker. So you would think going and and you're gonna fight a guy who's to weight classes below you naturally. Maybe should be a little bit hard and hit maybe should be a little bit faster it was none of that it was it was use these days use easy to find. And if he wasn't really if it at all honesty Avery now. Wasn't cheating. He wasn't really having much success. Outside of if you accommodations here and there. There was it was a systematic breakdown load Genco. Really staked his claim yesterday. Is one of the best pound for pound on the planet is he knew he messed up about on the planet. I think the argument gets tougher with each win I think that certainly is the case. The not only. It is getting better every kind of goes out there but. Guys we just we don't see Vince you don't seat. Fighters. Fig about all the things yet Reagan now has been. Through in his life Olympic champion defecting Cuba. Having to it to sell gold medals to feed his family back at home. You know. Basically. We're doing this board he's not crazy about so we did half doing hard labor in Cuba this is a hard. Purses. And he's had a lot of success in the sweet science and the opponent just faced mated so difficult on a beach asleep then there's no point in doing this. That is what makes moment take a great when he fought Nicholas Walters champion. He. Wasn't beating. Him in body he was beating him in mind. And that is what moment Jake has bring into the table that other guys just don't have right now you are mentally broken against him. It's crushing guys that they can't figure him out they can't even come close they don't even have. Any kind of way to solve this riddle right now that's the kind of peaked at ease it. So that early loss that he took in his career at this Lido is getting far in the rearview mirror people don't care about it it's not a big thing in people's mind. And he is a lot of fun to watch that's another thing last I probably. You know either badges Klestil fights where he's peel put him by the back. Do in doing the incurred would commit laissez. Did get a lot of I think was very frustrated by a lot of things we're at now is trying and and was huge finding any way to make contact with his face. By you know eventually they were gonna do the thing where he's ducked him below the waist line and he still. He's still figured out how to hit that in a three straight upper cuts and you know if demoralizing. Completely demoralizing to Guillermo Reagan now so really really great show last night from the sue over Genco not the most exciting fight in the world certainly. Didn't live up I think to the billing for the expectations to a lot of people but that's a specific right now to. No question ago. Which I love it's a fantastic nickname it's a fantastic marketing ploy normal Shiancoe. It just speaks to right now how Grady is. And sometimes. That just has to be appreciated. Rather than debunking and and discrediting that's always were we wanna go first is. Reagan as you'll. Oh million dollars to small. Those are factors. That aren't true. But. They're not sure enough to take away all what you're seeing. And so yet eventually will take us probably gonna have to go open way. Confide more challenging opponents and take some more risks to really subsidized because that's what spot that's what boxing is. You know. You can eat you can be chasing and fighting off doubted your entire career. A lot of the times you will just go and they try to find the discredit right now I'm telling you. You should just in Georgia watches the ring to that guy is is very very entertaining. He's bringing a very very unique skill set to the ring. And yet for for from my standpoint is deathly one of the best pound for pound fighters on the planet right now if you wanna know. Knock him down some nods his kid is in the weight class that he fights that are you wanna knock him down it is haven't seen it up that's fine. But to say that he's not for real or that he's he's anything. But fantastic. And I figured just I think that point in your view does lead that limit and pay your bill or you just can't. Grasped. What you're watching and and tell you like I'm Obama version watches a lot of fights. And yet you see fights stopped all the time you see sometimes you don't fight should be stopped. Probably. Earlier a lot of the times and they are and they let guys go out there and and they let them take a beating too where there's no point. But. This is different. Noon and I aegis in fighters say there's no point to this I. I did not train for this idea that get ready for this I'm nowhere. Capable. Of figuring this out in the next handful rounds to have any shot of winning the fight and that it says that standpoint. What did he say about a guy in moments ago he's making his opponents that. Helpless. It's very very impressive. Crazy antics going on at Hialeah racetrack this past Friday for the premiere boxing champion's guard. We'll get a little that a USC from last night a lot of things happening in the fight world. News wise Dana White. Upset with a possible Manny Pacquiao kind of McGregor matchup will hear those old will discuss those quotes in response to Dana White last night and do we have and to. Number one contender under 45 pounds that's next upon his theory. It's miners feel. Fighters area here on seven I didn't think I did stay up until around 10 o'clock so Friday night. We're out of Hialeah park for warriors boxing. Premier boxing champions on fox sports one you you had jumped Pascal and his retirement fight he got himself a win. I was who I was we were really into that though I was most into watching the late edition Luis Ortiz and make his return. You know he was supposed to fight. Dionte while there last month third or maybe six weeks ago. And he he popped out of before it's enhancing drug tests on the to do with with a condition that he had or so reclaim and that's and that's why he. Wasn't able to go and that's why the test came up the way it did. So but he did another test in this past so there wasn't a big benefit of the doubt given to Luis Ortiz. And sought by a scrapped and we know what happened the underwater in about in the highlights first round against Harman stove burned. Not condemned knocking him down three times eventually stopped the fight in the in the span of about ninety seconds that's when he really brought the onslaught. But. Yeah that's got everybody on on the road of all right let's finally get go with this Dion there while there is any Joshua thing. You know when at least you actually get into the ring with one another. And it seems like momentum starting to go that way however. It doesn't seem like these guys are going to fight each other next will we get it later on in the year. Maybe it it definitely seems like they're willing to fight each other that they want a fight each other but he got a lot of comments from Eddie Hearn. Anthony Joshua was promoter. He seems. More like him this thing needs a little bit more build up. And I'm genuinely. Upset when promoters try to do this does it seem like they're trying to drag got the cash cow. But I can see I can see the point more with this one because. Bad heavyweight division it was a little bit unsettled with Tyson fury and all the stuff that went out with him. Every Josh are really came on to the frame of people's minds just this past year. Dion take awhile there he was out with injury he started to really is really finally get back grip on people today and serious as I a eight part of the heavyweight championship. So I can understand is neither a little bit more simmer now. It's it really is pointing into the direction of Anthony Josh was next fight is going to be has just Parker. If that's the case. The odd thing means a dance partner he needs somebody. To keep himself fresh jewels mind because he got a couple things you got to compete against here one. Is mean if if if Evan Joshua is gonna fight you. You need to continue to be in the race and being more impressive you know everything doesn't lust but wasn't very presently has cost the company can protocols. Calls to come late. Switch opponent. And because of that. No it is a little bit hesitant he did get his nose broken by head but early in that fight. But and even the stoppage at that you could question it being. Premature at almost like if delicate bail outs they can keep stopped street gallon for Anthony Joshua. So the odds at wilder. For the first time I think a lot of rules mine Eddie Eddie Eddie run where his performance he has remains divert even though it was a rematch even though his was a late opponent. It was more impressive he did do a late opponent replacement. What people thought Joshua should've done. But also wanna see that Luis Ortiz by that was a that was that was really supposed to be. Ache coming coming out party if you will even with almost forty pro fights. The odds that water has a lot of proving to do you know like we talked about last segment with a woman checked or people want to discredit you. People wanna take away. People are always quick. You want discredit you and people are are. Slow to put the crown on the that's especially true heavyweight heavyweights men age division for a long time more so than others were people. People and arms distance the heavyweight championship means more to people in a way that other things don't in boxing. And so. This Luis Ortiz fight undefeated. Awkward. Dangerous. This was the opponent where people looked at Gionta water after. What is bin. Seemed as as they run with BBC that he's being protected a little bit that he's taken on a lot of tomato cans and an old guys and past the primes and who is Ortiz is old but he's dangerous he's undefeated he's got power he's awkward. Not a lot of guys wanna get in the ring with an admitted there's not a lot of star power there. But getting through Friday night. We were I was an attack ads all of my father Alabi who's with us and what to Hialeah racetrack. And it's about. Second fight into the to the main card yes or dead at about 945. Year I would say if my timeline is correct. And all of a sudden you look down we were in the we were in the tier right above. In the aux media. Set seating so basically they were just in the stands. And you know we looked down and NEC as she died Jai gentleman down there and he he looks months she looks he's going to be. You know 66667. He's just towering over everybody had to say I noticed the profile like man. That that she and looks a lot like the odd that while there adjusted you know you can see the frame it just comes in my you watch we all watch a lot of fights what it was in the show. And it looked like the odds are watered. Take a lot of pictures you want his time and are trying to it's to get either sell fees or whatnot with the with the with a gentleman. Sits down and image but the can Rodham boom there's the odds are water at all. And it took a second for to a two to get together literally an opinion only Louise are teases Clayton. By next he's not just in Miami for no reason. He's easier to set something up sound tellem my most volatile until beast like this is what's gonna happen here. He's he's going. I thought from the standpoint of the odd days there is he's gonna call out Louise it is one way or another. But here's what ends up happening so. Luis Ortiz and the by this giant 67 due Daniel martz. It didn't you know not a big challenge for dice Durham and about in is in just over around. You know put him on the cameras with a body shot. In the first round might have been low I and an agreement its point of it. But either way puts on the campus ones of the body shot the first round second round. I hits them with a monster a monster shot puts and asleep right away. And we cities jumps out of the rip jobs it puts his head through the loop through the ropes Stotts John that Dionte while there. The person that each other. They didn't really intense. And the odds at this point mister deeds of the ought to head down around the ring and he would join BBC on the broadcast or jukebox which one on the broadcast of the flight. And so. Luis Ortiz as it is just a brilliant masterful set a bit about fox sports one you know I don't know. If this is Dionte is idea I don't know to a spot which one's idea whoever was made for great television and we can all we were watching this all develop as it was happening. You know Dion there was ringside for one fight snuck his way over there in the third fight. Q but to get to you know after the fight to get that did an interview they want to death of the rockets are innocent of the broadcast and he's right there. And so we sorties. Knocks out his opponent. Puts its head through the ropes starts calling out the odd there while there. The one the one big fail out over this is on I don't know this is on the facility I don't know who is on fox sports one out of the zone BBC I don't know this is on the promoter. But no no huddle house because we couldn't hear if you're in the audience. We couldn't hear what the odd today. And we sorties were set. So all we always see right now is. Yet Dionte throws off the headset gets into the ring and all it's about to go down right here these guys are set up. Fantastic job promotion. And TI today and Luis Ortiz and others. The crowd very pro Ortiz obviously you know Cuban native. Fights out of Miami cumulus cool cool cool. Seeing dog gained a game down. You know he wanted to get the on the ropes to do with the King Kong. Pounded his chest you know that the crowds fired up the Arctic gets to the ring. There stare at each other down. And Luis Ortiz said and our unified community to fight me. Dionte says he's gonna fight him apparently this is why we can't hear this is what you know I went back outdoors that watched the I watched the tape. I can the IDB art it on fox sports one. But. For the time to see these guys stared at each other and that his chew on each of the entire time in the crowd pro Ortiz pro Ortiz the cheered foreign. And just a really cool setup read Odyssey we really got that we got it's not so that we get much down here a lot of the times. You know the big fights are avoided down there in and it was cool that we had a fight that was on national TV. That. Had a big contender Luis Ortiz make it is. His return to the ring a little bit of a tune up fight for sure wasn't a dangerous opponent. But. Even though. It wasn't a fantastic fight he got a little dessert with that you got a little guy goes chicanery you know shenanigans down the crowd's going crazy. Got yourself a fight setup and I was at its. You know I think the odds today. Can be Luis Ortiz the way he's going right now. You get a great look at the resort to you obviously he's by a really tall guy to try and set that I see how he get his range on that. We have seen the odds they get hit before. But that right hand it's the talk to death right now in boxing I mean he really really hurts people he's done. Say what you want about the to a wild tactics. Not the not that not the pretty not what you ago but remember six. To different. Breed of animal which he is not the little welterweight. Who is going to be above Bob Papa super quick tactics. He is he is. Huge telephone poles coming back to what hits you you go to night night that's that's how he rolls. Luis Ortiz super awkward can stop people not easy to hit. Makes guys very uncomfortable again has that yo sideways face in. Traditional. Cuban style. Not easy to hit very good defensive tactics makes for a fun matchup and so that we not getting the odds are wilder against Anthony Joshua right away. I won't give credit to both of those guys they're not just taking tune ups they are taking on credible opponents next to hopefully. Build up the hype for their fight even more. And that was a reunion really fun night man that was that was a who event that went down and highly apart. Props to all parties involved for putting on a good show it was really really fun to watch and I can't wait seat. Those two again on accident and then see Joshua take a barker and and hopefully if all things go the way they want with the mega fight down the road. Josh rumors Dionte while there and that should make for really really fun heavyweight title matchup. Pending also we have the Tyson fury. Return whatever the hell that's gonna happen he was Evan call us this week of the political bones were called him out geyser try if Davis off his name. And we'll see what avatars and periods at CC's. Trading you see that he's trying to get into shape. What will he do first in his return look we've been over this many times on this show. There's been many popular vote the fans in London there was him by Shannon Briggs and as a return five before he gets back into the mix in this. So will beat occasionally by Tony bell you next book value is is tied up because he's got to fight Dave today in May. Does he find David Price next. Those two seem pretty chummy lately associates I don't know I don't know what's gonna advertise in fury and oh policy and what the fans down here wanna see you know the fans in London have voted to seek. Will he make Abbott I don't know. But for right now we do have clarity on is looks like. While there Joshua later on it Tony eighteen but both of them are gonna have pretty good. Free flights to their about. So that's very very excited and we'll get a little Euro see a lot of things going down Dana White having a lot of interest in things to say about what's don't know has promotion. His biggest star will we see come McGregor. Anytime a Tony eighteen what is gonna McGregor saying about. His next opponent his next fight and what we're doing what boarding but with the the next title shot at Max Holloway. Regulators are less that we had. I guess you'd call aboard contender ship fight but maybe up the result we were expecting a site about next beats miners feel. Very odd that. They get. Over there with you so last that would at USC fight night in Fresno. Goebel the highlights. Were in the last three fights. Although shots Alexis Davis her -- win and verify have a list comers with with a Quasimodo add that that is very Impreza ya gonna see is up to the south. Would want her face looked like at the end of that match was he in the scene and it was. Very very gruesome but last night the the main event was brighter day they are cubs want to go slots on the last vitamin Gypsy deal. Was. Roll the dice a little bit pub that he get it would override or take committee set himself up there for a rematch with Max Holloway this time for the featherweight title. And instead. Was it was getting the better brighter take up on the feet which you expect. Got very very likely at the end of the first round because he got put in a nasty nasty joke that if there was. I'd say in action ten seconds that fight is probably over. So there in the midst of the second round. Ortega. He goes for CEOs who depend on cubs losses on the on the on the cage. And there in the pledge and puts in a nasty guillotine uses cub Swanson alls is leverage on self and and slots and as the tat so Brian OK major winner there. Number six featherweight in the world is it crazy and gets title shot next. I think with him winning and still being very fresh in people's minds he's super young he's undefeated. I think with him. He's probably the need another win to solidify a chance he's got one thing I really don't forum and that's said he hasn't thought Max Holloway yet. That's the problem you look at Max Holloway right now he is is cleaned up an entire division. So you are looking for new blood that's always an instinct thing we have a guy who's had as much dominance over division. As Max Holloway has who has any thought who could present a new challenge you could do new things. A brighter day is certainly in that class that big. You're looking at a guy who's not good Tryon Andy and exchange. With Max tolley and and that has been one thing that Max has benefited from that he's got in there and a lot of guys that want to stand and bang with him. And he's a much he's a very big. By the way and he's got the betterment he's got he's got extremely. Long reach he's got instead he's got inching angle that it comes at you with. And a lot of the times he finds a place for those fists and puts his opponents down. Right Ortega. This the one thing that you don't sobriety is all some a bigger featherweight it's a massive dome on him and he's got a pretty fresh chin. So what you watch in this fight with cub Swanson yesterday new cubs Watson's put a lot on five on his head as far shots a concern but. Yeah I think that that massive edit his leg he gives his take shots and absorb elegant town and you Brazilians they dole money him. And he is able to eat the shots pretty well kept go forward enough so that he was well and risk trying to put comes wants on the KG charge out of a little bit. Did it feel like he was in danger. And his his digits do is extremely. Dangerous. So that is an edge to new challenge for Max Holloway that's certainly presents an interest staying. Style. Whenever he gets his way to the bell. It sounds like after yesterday's comments. Dale west has no shot that Ortega leap frogs Frankie Edgar that's the fight they wanted to next give Frankie Edgar's title shot against Max Holloway. I'd respect it Frankie Edgar earn that shot and just got hurt. And Max Howard just thoughts over the minor thing union to have Fred yager back soon. I'm all for having those guys how to those guys score often maybe and Brandon Brian or take awhile more fight. Does he butter Carlyle has Ricardo Lamas is fight next week on the Lawler Huff bill designed to scarred he's number three right now on the world. And you gotta Matt is probably be some reshuffling of that top five because Jose alto is up there is number one. Freight he's number one right now. And comes also was for the night that. You gotta Matt Wright and is probably going to be in the top 30 he's not far away from getting a title shot. And you never know as far as just wants is concerned. You feel for vetoes wife is in his newborn daughter were worked cage side and he was obvious year old dies Dana White says that he wants him. You like seven cubs want to goes once is one of those guys may he brings it every time. It's a fair he's never a boring fight. And Willie ever get to that gold I don't know you know they setup that they said that about Michael Bay is big for the longest time and Michael ms. being one day got a call could you replace. In a title fight against Lou Brock called. You dead he won and we never thought Michael visiting was ever gonna be the bride you always thought he's going to be second fiddle deep keeper. And he eventually got that moment and that opportunity to win titles so. I think comes once it's certainly good enough. And talented enough to go in there against the Max Holloway. And maybe find a way to beat them you know lost the first time they fought off but. And cub Swanson vicious man he is he is really really good and you'll pointed to get a seven fight win streak. He's is extremely talented. But he does go to the back a lot of little bit here after losing to young gun. And it may take days late replacement take out and you can you step in here. That may be the door that he needs to get the title right now becoming appeared aboard contenders Jimmie Briard form. But a great showing last never try to take a very very impressive. As far as laissez deal the big. Highlights Vietnam all MRIs had to leave him may be knocked out of the Higgins Algerian certainly does he go to my Twitter account aberrant and underscore Tobin. I post a link up there if you guys wanna check that out you know out of it was delivered takedown thought he had it. And just got. Whom do with this is a Muslim high neat but it is behind me because he was he was head was low is coming in but more eyes just. As album due out those coming in just hit some right in the side of the head with his vicious knee he based plans. And while I saw lobbying work said that the fox was one didn't. Stay without Joseph didn't really give an update out to main sterling I don't know who's in charge there are not Smart enough to know who's in charge there but I do you know. Very vicious knockout he's apparently okay. And three up afterwards given an explanation what happening gives bread to rise but really really impressive knock out there. Knockout of the year candidate I have a hard time right now this is just for me. I think there's been knocked doubts that have come in more fantastic style. But from my standpoint not get the right now has to be friends sing on new over Alastair over him and I tell you why. I think it port forensic gone new. On the map as far as being one of the USC's marquee guys. You know there was a lot of hype go into that for him. Yeah a lot of line people wondering. Easy for real. And just the way. That knocked out happens. Howell ovary reacted to the knock out that he was put out it is like to put out. From my standpoint. Right now and there's still a little bit time left and that's knocked out of the year just because of the stakes on it you know I'm always get a lien in favor of what was as the title fight. Was this. Oh what was on the line here for me those a lot of 'cause when there's close things that the tiebreaker for me so. Verizon vs out of his sterling yet super impressive knockout. But. It's not gonna be remembered I think life for depressing gone and that's gonna be that Camille logo remember when Dan Andersen had Michael Bay is being. When he knocked him out UC 100000 logo. Back to be present on whose logo. For her his career that's that's the kind of imprint now has in my mind. And from my standpoint that the top one. To displace either I and I know what happened recently made in my mind's a little bit foggy but it is what it is you know I think busy USC and had a for a tough. First reporters of the year. And it's it's had a really good run I think it would the last couple months. But nothing. Tops what forensic got to do from my mind as far as a moment is concerned. Because that big it gave us a big match up. No kind of McGregor Noll always run arousing none of that nonsense it resisting another moment we were super excited to see. And I think it's not get of the year for me that that those are those are my reasons for putting it there. As far as come McGregor is concerned there are some interesting things out there. With Don. And this week airport came out that made hockey out. He comes out and says that they have had talks about a potential fight with Tom McGregor. And Todd McGregor is an an inch expire right now because. We don't know when he's coming back there's a report this week from which reports Jeremy Bonner that. Connor and the USC had failed. Negotiations. For a return about. And because of that. We don't know we're gonna see me and we don't know if we're gonna see him again. Will he go to boxing if if he does he get all that he wants from the USC will he try and go off and step into the ring against the octagon. That Dana White yesterday. He came out after the fight card. And he says that if it's true that many Roger show negotiate with Alan McGregor he's gonna soon and whoever represents him. PS irreverent and about Bob terms. I can understand why. Dale wants to do that those guys got no love lost between them. However. The instinct thing here in this is where we don't know really where things stand. Since Scott a McGregor. Since got a McGregor is. Technically a license boxer now. Does he have any protection of the Ali act. Is he able to break off with the FC would no legal consequences. Don't know you know this is have been before recently with with a Rampage Jackson where rivers thought his contract was up. And he windfall for ballots or. And he was able to put off the legal. Decision enough that he was able to make that five remotes or that eventually had to go back and by over the USC and fight off this project ever afford to return to ballot tore. Now. This is obviously different because. Now there's a lot more at stake. For a guy fighting that Rampage Jackson at the end of his career this is the hottest commodity in combat sports today kind of McGregor. And I don't know why this is gonna turn out really Connor says he has every intention of fighting in Tony eighteen. Says that fight is not the lobby to fight hand. And even to weed out last night as it was insisting. Newton not mentioning horrifying really video. If Condit of yo on NJ chick cutting away from 2015. And Connor puts on the common in the video. As if as if in quotes when's the next one sham what about the next one champ. He says every fat fool was never taken a clatter off their mock for a millisecond after your last fight. Be Smart fight nation with a praying him OG. And just say like the all Russian mob come back what I wanna come back. And he also follow that up whiff. The one the only the champions so regularly than some of the double champ. So. I policy come McGregor back in the USC. I don't have a ton of interest in watching him box again. It does in the couple reasons that. One. I think we saw the difference and skill set. You know there are cons again on this rig were Floyd's the guy carried a carried Connor carried Connor and anime look good for you guys. And does SA without Floyd Mayweather. Floyd. Good to come out there in the first couple rounds and put weight on McGregor and of them power doesn't have that skill set would it was. He waited Conner out electronic punch himself out and then hit him enough where I was so tired but he could put his hands up and there have had to stop that. It's not like he beat Conner into a bloody submission that's not what happened in that fight. But it did show. The difference in skill set it did show how far Connor has to go to beat the elite boxers. And he was very very notable so. This matchup against many pops you out. One and the dangers matchup for come McGregor. Because his skill set that it brings the ring is he goes his seat they destroys your face after all those you wanna say many rock yet has not power. Yet he doesn't sound devices 2009. But he's broken orbital bones is put a lot of guys on the canvas he's heard a lot of guys go look at the faces afterwards. And Amanda be in worse than you get put down one shot. So this cables be like get Antonio Margarito rebirth if you have. Manny Pacquiao and come McGregor get into a ring with one another the sky is is is many more notable. Sure I guess if you want to boy what's gonna bring into the table we've seen is punching power in boxing in it what it is in the USC. So I know you are expected him to dish out to Manny Pacquiao. And well made watch notre turn him back to be bad news for got a McGregor and his talent that's not a match by the and he wants. And from my standpoint. I wanna see him being great at what he's great policy got a McGregor and another sport he's not a great boxer. It was fun. But this take a step back. I got out of. All the money train I wanted to see the fight I want to see the spectacle I wanted to see the show there's nothing wrong with wanted to see the show but I've seen it. RA there's no going back here this is say this is a bomb level sequel. And it's not that I don't love you talk about metabolic yup my favorite boxer who watchable time I love Manny Pacquiao. I don't wanna seems like kind of McGregor policy and by Terrence Crawford I wanna see him fight a boxer or see that matchup. And it's good for those guys understand you wanna see those guys get rich get your money there's nobody there. But this is me talking as the fan and I'm allowed to complain about and be happy with whatever I see fit. And from my standpoint see income McGregor. Fight Manny Pacquiao does not conforming. Seeing kind of rare for a Tony first and that's all that. You seem by George saint Pierre that's something tower will be on in CM by Max Holloway on in our wants economy McGregor. Be great at being a mixed martial artist is that's what he is one of the best mixed martial artists. On the planet now or those boxes on the planet teller the second best box is on the planet to a top ten box on the planet for a top fifty box on the planet. So go be good which are good that that's what I wanna see. Our guys bonus segment here fighters teary eye and get a chance you get any thoughts on George saint Pierre. Vacating. His middleweight championship. I think everybody who follows the sport. Where reactions not surprised not not surprised and George sent here that he is vacating the middleweight title. And I'm I'm glad that he did it's so Quaker by the isn't something where George had a fake like he was. Take I use my new struggling over to the decision on whether or not you want to. Defend the middleweight title as not a thing man he wasn't gonna do that this is this who is. Play new symbol come back yet to come back moment. When the middleweight title. And then see what happens we'll see if you. Let's see if he can have that that magic still after four years in bed yet has yet is great moment n.'s Michael visiting a guy of his Ara. But it easier to sit there and he's gonna try enjoying the and scrap and all these young dudes like Robert Whitaker no comment that's not that's just not the that's not the. That's that's saudis therefore he's not he's not gonna go in there and start and start starting over defending all these dudes so. I don't land I from my standpoint. It was a it was a cool stores for GSP I got no problem with them get in that moment. Because I think a lot of fuel in that middleweight division did really look Michael Bay is being as a huge. True champion anyway so I have a problem we move on we got Lou Brock called vs Robert Whitaker I like that matchup with a fun fight. Ands. We we we can just roll along with the that we don't have to have this big song and dance it's good that we don't have to guess games that we do with Connor in the lightweight division. And all the drama that's gonna break up there. And have we seen the last of George. It's a rise of George come back either I would be surprised if we see. GST return in and fight town when the earth. In the big rumors that he wants you at the Connor fight and we see those guys that want somebody that's definitely possible but I. That to have the same song and dance of oh is he gonna go back and fight at 185 now man forget that. Hialeah Brad no must check goes deep cover bottom of one. It's harder it's it's getting harder and harder to argue I mean what he's doing man he is out there and he is he is going out there. And he is breaking people's minds slate that is the thing that is impressive about him. He is. We don't see anything like that usually guys get beaten into submission. And the route there and they can't physically go on anymore that these guys are saying there's no point I can figure this guy out. He's way better than anything I've ever trained for and so. When it Abreu he say oh what the hell have been known. I just want to use readily see guys who as hundreds of flights on his resume he's never dealt with anything like that before. And that's why that's why he quits that's why he says in the stool Omon snow I can't go on anymore because. What's the point yet a point taken away from him. Ands. We don't really. Do there's no there's no reason to go on anymore. Is it the warrior way to go is it the the knocked out so that's ennui is no Reagan now got to remember he's fighting he's going up and wave bye bye to weight classes. So because of that. He's not knocked in the time out so you get knocked him out and he can't beat a mom points. What's the point. And and that's what I think happened I think he's realized is no point my LA my dog. Can we get some way to fight deadbeat seats. I hope so man around the time. Less there was rough yes I was offered for two reasons would Derek Jeter and around do most of fights of their but I will say this. This. This this deadbeat seats it's not only that he trades into the Yankees which is just a bad look in general. It feels like Major League Baseball use. The Marlins to make a super team. That's what sucks the other that's such is my whole family's Yankee fans I'm tired here in the bull crap yesterday it was awful man I really really hated that. My we'll get plenty of that into this this week as far as tonight you as far as the middleweight divisions concern. Excited for the rock called against the against against. Ronyell Whitaker that's a fun fight and every at steep difference in got a that was made official for this week. So that's last segment of fighters fearing if anybody else's I think do you think jeetz planned this whole trade. Now that don't think he's that Smart. I don't wanna give their attitude that much credit. But. It doesn't look good outside of that for for who haven't been following yesterday. Here's the thing if you haven't been following the Derek Jeter Marlins thing this entire time it's a really bad look. But that's on sale wanted licked stands no dummy. You wanna go to the if he's gonna leave Vizio and not be awesome in Miami. He's gonna go out and he's gonna go live in a city you live in a big city in dilemmas in a team that's close to winning really close to winning. As you collect your your 300 million dollars in new little one of the greatest cities in the world. Which you're 300 with your three million dollar penthouse you ladies. What is the four so. Not man idol I don't I don't think Derek Jeter play in this whole thing I can't give Derek Jeter that much credit he's adultery it's terrible. And so yet while that I mean that it. I sort of got I don't know how many time my doubt make the joke to me when I whenever I mention the good mode to a cure were to lose impinge troops. That's not really supposed to happen and that's what happened it's. It's it's so front that's what's so frustrating about it man. That's not supposed to happen not really suppose you're of the Yankees and deadbeat seats. What do we do. We go on we go on with life as we do. Everybody have a great Sunday and we'll talk to you guys. Morning show one a through the whole shebang of you guys stay warm and one via.