Fighter's Fury 12-17-2017 (RDA beats Lawler, Brooklyn vs Britain, Kick Rocks Jeff Horn, Floyd to MMA, Teddy Atlas taken off ESPN)

Fighter's Fury
Sunday, December 17th

Tobin recaps Rafael Dos Anjos' win over Robbie Lawler. Even with him beating a wounded Robbie Lawler, RDA should be in line for the next crack at the welterweight title. How long with Dos Anjos wait if Tyron Woodley has surgery? Will a fight against Colby Covington in Brazil suffice as a in-between as the champ heals up? Billie Joe Saunders beats the hell out of David Lemieux. He wants Triple-G next but Golovkin-Canelo 2 seems to be on the horizon. Here is what he should do next. Brooklyn vs Britain. His stablemate Tyson Fury has been cleared to fight. Fury wants to fight Shannon Briggs in his comeback fight. Let's do: Fury vs Briggs an Saunders vs Daniel Jacobs. It's a money making monster! Jeff Horn's promoter spits some bullcrap on Terence Crawford that needs to be addressed. Conor McGregor wants his next fight to be in MMA. Floyd Mayweather claims the UFC offered him a $1 Billion multi-fight deal. It's possible that offer is actually from Chechnya. 


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Mixed martial arts and it's time for fighters feeling inside the here's viewing. Jerry you win you're on seven I did so again. Don't anyway because they'll take you across the next hour with a woman mixed martial arts and boxing lot of news notes to get to a lot of results from last night in the fight game that we have to get to. In both the sweet science. And the free form fighting style of mixed martial arts budget on start in the USC USC Winnipeg fight night on fox yesterday. First of all shot out to USC on fox and the reason as. Watch any part of its eight to ten I mean eight to ten. Window of fighting is fantastic. Job that is as he always says on this on this traditionally has canyon every morning 5:3 and and I am. About the heat starts and he'd start at 7 o'clock. We love to make sweet love to 7 o'clock starts but I gotta say I echo those sentiments for the eight to ten card. For USC not don't and a 1 AM eastern time for you have C because this fantastic. Don't buy it to add maybe a fifteen minute overrun and you're done it's fantastic. We average speed to get to afterwards so I was still a pretty late last night even though is. Little more as we bore bested that. It wasn't compellent what Billy Joseph Saunders beat the hell out of data Romeo it is was it was decided upon by. The route the fourth round to mean that David LeMieux wasn't going to be anywhere in that football get to that play in a minute because. Last night's main event Robbie Lawler vs off field us on Joe's was a may need to be somewhat of a of a number one contender should date a white had come out earlier this year and said winner that fight is gonna get Tyrone will leave next. And there's been some weird things with our Willie regarding his health. Whether or not he's gonna have shoulder surgery whether he'd put off shoulder surgery you don't bushel but he only not have. So shoulder surgery it was a fight against USP or Diaz brother. We know that I will Lee's been. He's been he's been in a hard chase after big money fighting marquee fight and copy of Assange is definitely wouldn't. These on to that billing it would just you know it's just it doesn't have the grimy costs of fighting a GSP or they need Diaz does but. He definitely does have the merit now that can't be denied. I have to say going into this fight I didn't think copy of those Hondas had a chance in hell. At beating Robby Lawler a couple things went into my logic for this. The last time he fought a guy I would say of of Robbie style would be Eddie Alvarez and that was at a 155 pounds. You know at the is it a great great striker brawler coffers Hal brings it right into the kitchen have you and. He'd be he'd beat the. The hell out of populace on just took his belt away. Parlay that into a fight with Scott a McGregor. And just that vicious style I just didn't think coffee L. Had a striking to stick with them. So the value open away Clausen yet may be it does on just was a little bit healthier and and feel of a better says gassed it will be a little bit better. I don't 170 pounds. But I just didn't think Debbie but it Tate Robby down I didn't think that he would be able to put the heat have anything. For Robbie Lawler that would really put Robbie Lawler in danger. This is a strange flight I was totally wrong he ended up putting up a shut out decision. They did seem and these had a big confirmed but I think anybody with where it would eyeballs who watched this it did seem like Robbie Lawler. Definitely it was it was some kind of a lower body injury. And he didn't he would sit down any time on the during. Breaks in the fight you stand about. So audit of those days where he didn't want Q he didn't want. What looked at appear like a knee injury he don't want any further damage of it or aggravating it he wanted cottages be in the moment numb it. I don't know what caused an idol became in the camp with a I don't know this happened in the midst of a fight you and talk afterwards. Two. To John annex. Populace as was very very. Successful with these lower leg kicks don't make around his legs club but at one point in the middle of the in the fight. You can hear him say it was the other leg was even the lead leg that he was getting hit with a that was bothering him but there are strange moments ago the point where. You know does our does have Robbie Lawler up against the cage. And it and a cult that he was knocked down by a by an elbow but it really wasn't you know he was he was he he rolled off the elbow. Did I get it clean with it feels got shoved down basically by populist John Jones and it wasn't like a very impact full show of either. So there was clearly some that messed up with a Riley Robbie Lawler. Don't know if it happened in the midst of the fight I don't know what can happen. Before the flight. Or what but he got edited out. He was he was a bit of a sitting duck at times you can just tell that gas tank for Robbie Lawler. Where he's able to put full throttle and go brawl that that was about one of those in this fight. And the I don't think he was truly worried about populace on his help there was a point in the second round what do son does has Robin all of against the cage. And I think UC broadcast said that he had and it's point 32 on answered combination on Robbie Lawler. And was hitting him clean with most of it. Couple body shots got him rob Lowe's roll off that late like the pros pro with the striking Massa but he was smiling or boy adults on those. Thought that the czar does may be. Way and emptied his gas tank in effort to finish Robin -- of the had a Mac kind of trouble. But. What you expected Robbie Lawler a camera answered back and I'm gonna commit GO. Just wasn't there that next year that we're used to Robbie Lawler wasn't there not out of chalk it up to health I don't think it was a case where. He. He wasn't. In would be in great condition of the site we know Robbie Lawler is in superb condition maybe the best fifth round fighter in the US city. So he can't he can't go there they go Roddy colleges to get a shape that's just not a style. But populace are just gets the way and what can you do that's that those big men who were in the cage and the stakes of that fight war. Whoever whoever gets there are raises probably gonna get a title shot next Andy got to respect Robin all have to make it a walk or if he did get hurt in the fight. Finishing off the flight and and not not pulling out he wanted to do everything that he could he wasn't gonna quit. And much respects much victory the Robbie Lawler and bigger respects to Bob villa's artists who not only put forth a great effort. It was very diversity striking. Kept the pressure on Robbie the entire time. Was was risking it. Even when you probably had Robbie Lawler soundly beat by rounds was and his commission nonstop was trying to finish that fight. Com. You know so he gets he gets the spoils what can you do this is this is this is the fight game that we follow so. Popular site does is in line now to fight tie Aaron Woodley he is I imagine going to vaults. In Q. The number two status and right now your top three looks like this television champion wonder boys number one contender he's never gonna fight tile will be on the faces when it again. Hop to decide as I imagine is gonna drop is going to rise to number two and he got Kobe coming to that number three. Oh we got into an interesting wildcard in all of this in that he. Has the Mal for this. He is tried to play the apps boot heel of the division so I think interest wise he's going to be able to make a grudge match against anybody. And the other wildcard this does what about how will be self what is he going to do now that he gets the surgery. Could be ops to miss a lot of time does not feel the sun just wait this out. He's got a pervert record in welterweight he certainly up there he could use the recovery. So does he wait until July August to actually. Faced Tyre will be for the welterweight title. Or. Do we have another number one contender ship and we have cold we don't intend fight off field assigned to us now there's a couple of things of this. I think. Kobe Covington could use another fight just to be in the spotlight. This new bad guy image of him this this this shell Sonnen. Protege if you will from the same same part of the country. May give the Brazilians upset. I think. From my standpoint I'd like to see him still on the scene. But then you ask you sellable what does he really face if you're if your position. Three. What really gets him what really gets in that that that that next bomb for people really be Jones in the see him fight for the title. And the only way to really say well. Should fight until the sudden that's obvious he's eased by a Brazilian in Brazil again but this time you have either in a more content to ship on the line. All are you O title on the line. Now. I think the Covington card if you will. With goes on has to be played either way if you waited out. I think if you do it in Brazil for the title. Eventually down the road I think that that to be monster mean you're almost trying to recreate. Summers Anderson won again. And then be fantastic for you to do it in line to go get the title because it got it to goes out and he beats. Danny in my whose five and he beats populace on just who will be I imagine too pretty undeniable to give him his title shot at that point. But from my standpoint is new on the scene so I can understand why you want to put that in the toaster a little bit let it let it simmer let him. Well in my continued to just go talk about everybody you know at this point he is. Trying. To it to just bother everyone how he got to Reche overdue and to whom the boomerang which you find 600 dollars woman who. You know. What an exit with a boomerang is assault but it also is a funny visual because it's almost cartoonish bloomer with the help of the boomer and other or Australia but good god. Either way. At some point the public standard vs those on those matchup you wanna see that so I guess the question remains. Do you guys do we do that. In. A number one contender status do we do it right away I think we did and the reason is this. An album confident hop goes on is goes to a title fight beats tyrant Woodley I really not and I just look at this from the standpoint of our way. What does bill Saunders do better than tyrant. -- take him down. Probably not mean Damien my could get close to we're gonna say who's about a submission artist goes on dose were Damien Mya. That. Stephen what do what Thompson at Michigan and knock. He did be Robbie Lawler wooded how well the due to Robbie Lawler flat lined up so. I don't know what what goes on does has for now Willie that would make you think he's going to win that fight. You know same board you still wanna make the gas take argument for would lead but it both of these guys you look at their body types and say. Yeah if it gets to a slug fest you can question how much they're two ago but. Men I think I think will these really answer that question to the fullest as far as his casting me he's been five ratifies a fellow at the output has not been. Superb from from what they mean. To give the fewest strike stone and a welterweight title fight in that and that matchup against Damien my ass so. Knowledge he's really present fourth the offense on at the that we also know that is his shoulder was in it enough. I I think the move right now is. Look. I think what you would lead for right now because. What les buzz right now as a little bit down as far as a champion is concerned I think him always being on the shelf would be helpful for him. He's obviously not gonna be out of the limelight. He is on the coverage for basically every you'll see major fight what's love I I don't love the fact that you have the champion up there. For a welterweight title fight but I've been on this for awhile I don't love it for double reason I don't like the fact that he can spin the bomb. What you just saw I don't like that he can shoot down whatever it is isn't just a time this is just shot attire I just don't like the idea what is the champion. Suppose to build up opponents or is it a shoot down and then do you want the champion to say he's got a shot against me he's not gonna say that so. I just think it's awkward I think in those moments where you have number one contender ships on the line. If you will. Don't have them on the desk that night I would swap it out had his being on the dust and or whomever. And the same thing goes for. You don't there's a light heavyweight aboard damage don't have DC on the call. And if there's 85 in Bisbee wasn't it don't have this thing chemical and I don't like that I don't they do because they like to have that footage immediately oh. We're gonna have them talk and there's going to be tension it's just does nothing for me doesn't it's it feels forced. You know one guy just bought one guy's been in the suit the whole time what it would he want you want these guys to come to blows really afterwards I just that it's a good build up for these things. So. I think the move should be right now coming to end the sun just coming to and still getting new one of the scene. He has is his the face of it up his sleeve of fighting in Brazil has Brazil pissed at him have him fight goes on Joe's. And have those guys fight to Richard Hamilton township let's how would he be on ice for a little bit get help the and I think. That would do everybody good I think people I think either way the sun disease they're gonna come out that thing undeniable. For probably didn't get a win that fight. And people are going to be even more. Joseph losing to see him fight. They're gonna be there of you they're going to be red hot as he got an invite the pod in another scenario where. He's embers Europeans that get in the win I'm sure will go wild on people. And then then then then it becomes about the the the ops Lou weighed up period for when tiring itself the and you do a lot of bleed documenting the build up for those two guys will be will be pretty bad does get in my. His they have you know for backer of the B they have a bit of a a personal past as it is anyway. So I figure would be pretty great I think I think those guys would be will be fantastic pinned against each other. Being a USC matchup so that was big headline out of last night decide to get semester Robbie Lawler Lola looks like he was banged up in the fight. But Neil props and they're getting through it. Props to populace on dose for solidified himself he certainly is deserving of a title shot but. I don't know if you do it right now as Sebastien leave tyrant is going to be out for a little bit I don't think that time to put anything off health wise. Recovery wise the final populace on just so in the meanwhile. Have the sun goes by Covington in Brazil let's go I think I think it speaks for itself. We'll come back we have made major major. Twist and come back in the heavyweight division finally official. A certain someone is cleared to fight. Puzzle recap a little bit what went down each PO box was like Billy just on Tuesday on David LeMieux that's that's up by mr. right after this heat's players feel. Backfires Perry shot seven I didn't take get so last night gadgets PO box saying village outside his stay on David LeMieux. For bees the middleweight crown Billy Joseph Saunders making easy work of data will be really I mean data via nothing forming quite frankly. How. Anybody who had a around form either they should be questioned immediately likes of the of these things when their lopsided decisions. You you don't get as outrage to release the result is what it should be religious honors with a lot sides is not mad that I could stay shut out yesterday. And anybody who has anything different to say. Those judges who gave him three rounds are given to rounds. I don't know what pity you were trying to bestow upon him or I don't know what influence the crowd had I knew. That was an embarrassing performed by Dave alluded yesterday he got worked so badly by Billy Joseph Saunders. It was really really Brazzaville just sought as. I thought my favorite move that he had put that David LeMieux misses the a left hook. And Billy does son is is a look at in the crowd as it as if you just hit a monster tee shot just his. Flying 400 yards away it was fantastic. He looked great he he probably. I think he probably could have finished if you support the guy Sullivan more but he was hurting gave LeMieux that was the case at impure or governance this in the ads to repent about it could be boring. I'd invited up boy I thought it was very compelling he was very. Exciting with this the way he was negative that you miss. And he was bringing him with some serious serious count work that was very impressive is one to. Was was really really bothering did LeMieux and I thought I don't really had a double operatives were probably could have finished a fight. But I think it also made his point. That. Not hear a knock David LeMieux out. And it was just him bears did the mile an assay LeMieux afterwards. Where just like well. Fought that fight running I hate that I don't don't come I mean if your. David LeMieux and say oh god there on guild that deployed all the time all Floyd he's up there he's running not end just because you can't hit a guy that's your fault. They for guys in there and there's nothing you can do to put gloves on them make them adjust. Did that that that's that's a you problem always out there you he's out there running you know lead these eighties it chick he's not a real men look. This is this is this is not his problem. Now other people who are out there they're not engaging. Those those are different people Billy Billy just on his he's out there is don't punch his man this is in the case of he's going out there and he's. Stig and every now and then put the jab on you none of them that's not what happened yesterday. I mean he was he was using your face for target practice and it wasn't. Even give parable mean you're out there and a near your big question out there with your punches so I don't know what they've of the news out there spewed off. You know you're 022. Tool Angel arguments when it came to two boxers. Goes like to use my left hand the way I wanted to. Subtleties moon to that is and was injured although I don't know what it would have gotten injured on. Because all he was doing was hidden areas today. And that goes for my opponent was running when he once I saw a lot of times that in his right new kitchen and you could touch him so. The bottles and to me for David the meal and from my standpoint can be out of the title picture for a little bit now. Now is David LeMieux do now on what is Billy Joseph Saunders do now you know he called icann adding a lot get afterwards. That it happened and soon getting a lot Ginn canal they seem like they're finalize instead go to while weekend and really it's gonna bio. Is it anything but. Tell lovers are you troubled G somebody needs to be slapped across the face with a fish. Other serious I would go to public right now. I've got myself Hogg snapper and I will cut that thing analysts slap Oscar De La Hoya and whoever the hell get adding a lot controller is for not making this thing happened. There's nothing more that needs to be said you have a disputed result. Between can mellow and should OJ. Yet the biggest boxing we get of the year it's always give yellows weekend. You put it well Alvarez against a well gee that anybody else somebody should be fired that's it. So Billy Joseph Saunders. All due respect no sir we won't get huge apology adding another time not this year maybe at the end of the air if you so please. If he does want one in the meanwhile other talk about Daniel Jacobs last night now give me on this. Still may Billy Joseph Saunders is Tyson fury Tyson's fury this week was cleared finally by the British boxing commission to go fight again. His suspension or his band was back did two years hasn't fought two years so he's clear to fight we know that the Tyson Jerry come back. It is. In the midst you guys to see him on its program he is trying to lose weight. Get himself and a fighting should ultimately. The goal for him is to go fight. Anthony Joshua or ultimately he wants to heal by Dionte water or reback a top heavyweight picture but. He has said many times that you want to come back fight you want somebody to. Just get back into the flow boxes guy had a bit of rain for two years and probably by the time he gets into a rain again. Might be pushing three years are the better part of two and a half so. He needs an opponent and he was he was in Montreal this week for Billy Joe's plight. And I will give credits you many Montreal you just evolve on YouTube or added to its many and TL on Twitter. But he caught up with ties in very anticipate we wanted to come back by menu wanted to be. David Price you're you're longtime rival you want to be doing white. You know who's always kind of clicked upon would. Guy who's in second run of these of the main have you its war. Widows do a lot of between your Shannon Briggs. And to my surprise. The about a lot as was BS. Tyson very comes out flatly he says it by my way Shannon Briggs Shannon the cannon Briggs I think you'd be fun. I think you'd be an epic build up and I think to be a great comeback fight how about that. How about that the Gypsy king wants to take on the Canon eyeball for a man we've been talked about this really it should be a surprise. You know what this stuff was was coming out and guys appears to about all the people that he wants to take down. What I came to come back but what do they wanna see next he had his own Twitter account put out apple got 77000. Votes. And the results came back they wanna see inflation in the can embrace. You had all the website other entities newspapers in Britain. Cut back tens of thousands of votes shed the can't embrace you have Twitter accounts are Robles tens of thousands of results Shannon the cannon Briggs. The people spoke it they know how to build a that's gonna be maybe one of the festival time. I mean come on two guys who ought to promote a fight both look good for our comeback both have. Almost the same. They come from different parts of the world but a lot of what they battled as the saint Tyson's fury talks about. You know the depression that he fell after what in the heavyweight title not realizing that boxing chewed up spit him out. Didn't get all but he thought he would from holding those titles she embraced same deal you know boxing chewed up spit about you was not a boxing for three years. And both of the guys suffered some of the same vices. And both of them are trying to do the same thing so I just distort your face speaks for itself I think the timing is fantastic. And here's what I would do. Here's what I would do. I would go Brooklyn birds Britain this is what I would go and I ago. Tyson fury for Shannon Briggs Billy Joseph Saunders vs Danny Jacobs on the same card that's the way I would go. I think you put those two guys two guys from Brooklyn two guys from Britain on the same card against each other. Monster cart monster card. What I mean I don't what you do it do you do in America or do you do it across the Bonn who gives a rat's ass I mean it it speaks. For itself it sells itself. Those two guys. Billy Joseph Saunders. And Tyson fury goes goes those guys got hit by hit. Yet America midday Jacobs won the best stores all time in boxing be it be then and then Shannon brings its present during. It dog and you Doug inspiration you talking comedy it's got all the parts of the movie that you want and these guys are gonna sell the hell out of fight. You ought you're gonna have obviously. Monster believed talking from both the travelers. And I just think at I think it be a fantastic notion Brooke members Britain let's go. That that that in itself I think will make for a fantastic compelling matchup but I put on it. Three out of four guys who were just monster promoters. Danny Jacobs you know that their try to do everything they tend to put his story on the line even more if he's got one of the best all time in boxing. From from what he came back from. Meet all the comebacks they talk about fury Briggs Danny Jacobs. And then he put on top of the Billy Joseph and all the things that he's been through and what he can do to billable fight. Come on man that's speaks for itself you admits those four onto a court of one another I think you've got yourself a hole. Raun boxing promoters. Not only a great fight with them with some compelling matchups but just the promotional tour for whom it's speaks for itself it'll be fantastic. Briggs verse fury chickens for Billy Joseph Saunders bowl let's do it written burst Brooklyn. Right in stone I will take my commission check wherever you please and TK Eddie turn. You guys can set it down here seven I the ticket you can find the address on the Internet. You may got the cash you want to because that is that's a home run idea right there. Market up and what a double had a that would be. It be awesome I'll get where you do I'd like it to be in America. So I don't have to travel to London but if I have to travel London bill. We don't. It needed this fight is avenue you make that they haven't idea. But that match. And will always show up was. Law won't we when we go Hubble shows so boring as the match from first ships we global ground how does likes. Or yeah old age don't just deal or no pony six or Eagles. Middle wore throwback jade died there's into the dolphins have a bat it's already a throwback. But did I offered to Jersey went up in value back to a 200 yard games that Jersey they have like. Or. Is all to do what the story they would do. As the reverend Miami down here to what David what about held radio row they got across the pond over there with their fog in the Big Ben and whatever the hell they got going on over there. Would go and I don't I don't get we gotta have the broadcast and in and the lawn at Buckingham Palace next to one of those dogs the Fuzzy hats. Would do all. That's that's happening. So I'll just say man. Billy Joseph Saunders vs Danny Jacobs Tyson Jerry says that his comeback by you wash integrate we know Shannon Briggs wants a fight Tyson Thierry let's. Goal war. We're ready we're ready wit that looks like this happen now. Make it happen now let's make it happen fast that's a fantastic matchup right there good got me to could be any easier. Now anyway. Which took a fight promotions that are so easy put up. And are getting screwed up so this this week so is Jeff porn is becoming the most annoying person a box in his I mean. So this guy fights in Australia right Jeff point everybody knows he he he he walked away with a with a win over many pocket with a ski mask yen seen anything that outrageous incessant Tim Bradley walked away with a no decision over. Many by Keogh. And he's at 630 in the more in this past week. Is Australia their flipped on the head with a time zones. And he Stubbs is Jagger Koren. Retained his WB a title to Bob says home here's what we're gonna do Terrance Crawford Jeff Warren Vegas April you're welcome. And it's great by the terrorist Robert unify as division Jeff born dutchess dolby it's the real monster in tennis covered by the way. This is the rub you don't hear a lot. What they were this junior comes up this week we got some news on the next segment regarding his future. Comes up this this week and just a fight I'd dot com these custom that your out Floyd who is the number one pound for pound fighter and much. These attempts Crawford that's a road that you want you want Floyd Mayweather if you're gonna get as of those cool of Floyd is he's got no ties to him you know top ranked guy. But just respects the game everybody respects to ask governor buddy. Really be the guy because right now one of the most feared in boxing. And this Jeff ward comes out. And he's got he's got. The the the holdings to say ask. You know why is that I think it might stay here and notified some less Anthony mom Dina Australia. Knob and guess what that thing the W in front of it does haven't an eight sub Australian championship of the world it's an up with fight in Australia. All right. Alicia going to be in there and you actually going to be quite a koala bears I don't give a rat's ass about you fighting anymore Australians Geoff porn. You got that that stupid belts. Because there was a kicks in Colorado who was paid off. It did beat Manny Pacquiao did god gifted belt app to get ya ya ya face caved in by Pacquiao or bad. Does the thing that he's Dudley in his career when he knows he's got a guy beat takes that takes the foot off the pedal which is very frustrated by many. But to beat anyway I mean like you you like 50% of your shots so you deserve to win that fight. You got some bulk in the to fight at 6:30. Eastern time in America. And so all you are Jeff ward you're offered the opportunity to be one of the best on the planet to prove yourself and you're like man. I'm ratified some other dude from Australia was a hundred years old. Die hell out of here scratched it up that they'll put in at plus an asterisk. Does not only would that don't gifted to him because it was it was his decision but he just wants the fight fight to Australia. Get the hell out of here man. I mean put you on ESPN twice and Bob Arum. And I'm no fan of his. I mean I'll I'll collapse the line Ted did to help Bob Arum empty trips if he trips in a bottle. But he knew the opportunity to play at one of the best pound for pound fighters on the planet. I say no thanks. And you'll promoter is being. What sells and lot of gay and to salvage a bad guy. And he says. This is one of the best pound for pound fighters in the plant with a Tavis but. It's really tough to get big money and the reason is because he's absolutely poor with media he's not a great communicators. He's no comment McGregor is what man. It's kind of McGregor nobody. These people on the USC was trying to beat John McGregor they can't become McGregor does what you got to McGregor there's not going to be another kind of McGregor you look at how. Have a common McGregor. And you could find them and boxing. And the light you know you know first prizes that comes to be in a box office draw either. This guy when he's up there with Teddy atlas and Teddy atlas is theirs and I guess what did it really win that fight. And he's like oh. What is that that's some bad I just wanted to McGregor playbook Jeff points use me. When you nicknames the hornet that and you actually talk with a Florida. I get the hell I hear you act like you're supporter. What what does that you had to fight turns property did you like his interviews. Skewers me I didn't know where we're up they're getting into a debate. And secondly if you make that claim you fight about it become a Macgregor when it comes to be a mouthpiece. Get the hell out of here. You don't quite subdued at Neiman deem studio but missed any of his post game interviews. I've given a rat's ass about any of his fights. But your body and you're gonna say. It doesn't deserve the full. Because. You should be happy to adds probably even consider you for a fight what a fraud champion you walk. Gifted by a bunch of judges and you get a hold it hostage in Australia. Wallabies in Dingell's for the rest your life. Lot of CEO Jeff ward by up to you right now if you applied to ads Crawford. Next. Good look at me talk about any of fights for the rest of the time. If all you guys. You're lucky I was up in the morning show what though it wouldn't tune into that fight but unless you're all. They abstracted Don watch him boxing too and into that nonsense but making yourself a stock look fine in the next out of McGregor. Job boards like. The same W comes and says all we haven't offer withdrawn McGregor don't. Can't get a fight jab or are you bleeping mind you got many bleeping hockey I'll calling him out. You have sold for Nickels with a paper view when your life. I do every we got some news on the future governor put me over the give me that next. Heat's players feel. I've got north pregame show coming up after us they'll get you set for dolphins and bills. Still want those dolphins who love boys. Please don't blow a game in and buffalo its acute thing. Bigby unity addicts you get it on its regularly of the majors have been like yeah I can all over on the bills when that I. It's about that aren't that bad it's is garbage you still be in it. Anyway. That does it seem to me this week. So Floyd Mayweather is in the news. And congress in the news these guys those in to make news in the same week. So Floyd comes out audits to Graham is on its Ingraham live. SP on some nonsense. You know just just check it out saying a lot of things but most interesting thing that he said was this he comes out and use talking about his comeback. And he apparently says. Europe's is offered him a deal Beckett you earn more money than he's ever earned. All right. So floods gone back to the UFC. And very confused about this first I don't believe it because. First of all I just the idea that they were off from a multi fight deal as funny it's not even that they just offered him a one off deal pay. Fight McGregor in the octagon and let's see where this goes not out. Florida new multi fight deal and he can make a billion dollars. And it's a sounds crazy degrees auto resist spewing nonsense I I I lean towards he is. It comes back this week and he says that he wants is next fight to be in a true flight he wants to be an am a Mac. So all this talk about fighting many hockey on extra boxing match next. Now he says he wants an exploit to be in mixed martial laws of the me that it will I don't know obviously they are or to negotiations had about a failed round of negotiations. What I had my diet my choice I'd like to see him fight Tony Ferguson and unify. The one to 25 title and I'd like to see that lexicon defend his belt but Woolsey who knows if he does by I don't think it's going to be until. Probably the end of the first quarter beginning in the second quarter of this year. The idea of that Floyd Mayweather in the government and fight in the octagon I mean personal. Does he fight anybody but Tom McGregor that's obviously the story their right if he would if he does come back he's got like out of McGregor in congress is going to take him right in the stomach and this is. This is not going to be of anything compelling. So that snub isn't it to understand so. Do you people know about the the the Chechnya president. Roms and could era he's if you don't know him. He's the guy who thinks we should still fight to the death he's the president chests via. He's been crazy that's right that's what he wants to buy to the death the thing that's been that should be things to. Bomb you know it because there's there's an HBO luxury guys could find it on YouTube or somewhere in the unit it is it is an HBO real. Sports piece about him because his big thing is. His parents what's which muscle arts interestingly enough there's what been travel on the wall I don't know this was this week but he did posted this week. Where he is without it there off. In person. And he's disliked you know shots in my guy can veer off you know lawful. And I don't think Floyd knows vivid between USC or anime I think he thinks it's all USC. Self. What do I think he means is. I think this kid there of offered him a billion dollars to fight three times in Chechnya that's what I think. That's I think I don't think Dana White called him and offered him that money. I think he's fight in Jesse and Russian money. To fight mixed martial arts and outdoor boxing in Chechnya not that I think at least. Because the beer I mean the piece was on mixed martial arts minister ideally want to bullet to throw tried it to themselves he's crazy. We don't always got we view money wherever it comes from probably nowhere on the level. I think Floyd was offered by the stretch in dude to fight. Multiple times for a billion dollars. Possibly the death. That's I think I'd do it knows the difference between mixed martial arts. Am a Mac and you have seek out of the he knows I think he thinks everything and octagon I think even volumes. As I get shot at Floyd I just a generally don't think keen O it's like why would he you'll flood barely barely knew who anybody is in the sport. I do think that I think that's how he rolls and. I just think the idea of it that the US he's got a public Floyd Mayweather did what typically deployed Millen say. Hey Floyd. How about a multi fight. Deal in the USC not. One off not one flight. Multiple flights. And not only. We're all via a billion dollar deal which means they would have to guarantee him 250. Million dollars a foot eight. Which. Is core raising money not saying the Floyd Miller isn't worth raising money but that is great easy. But leap you money and the other thing is you got to give foil coated. To match that would be you gotta fight against not a McGregor. When did you cut McGregor the clips putted 250 million dollars to pay the fighters 500 million dollars. What could be thirty seconds of work. And as I hate it doesn't it does. Doesn't compute with me I don't buy it doesn't smell right now all that's so important was it offered a billion dollars to fight mixed martial arts. I just told it was Dana what are the other the phone I think it was the president of Chechnya. That's what I think. That's I think. I think he was off of that money to play mixed martial arts and just don't think it was by the biggest mixed martial arts promotion. I think it was by a guy who wants to have fighters die in the ring. Just just food for thought. This what bothered me this does this in other than about a lot of things that bothered me this week. So there's a store in the LA times. About Teddy atlas. Because it does notice on the the Guillermo Reagan Dow which I don't fight Teddy atlas. Was on the card. And ESPN. They famously now have a new deal with top ranked that is their new partner if you will. And Eddie Ellis wasn't on the cards. And they had Mark Kriegel and Tim Bradley. With that would Joseph to store. It's fine it was a great big Tim Bradley he's very good on the car on the on the on the broadcast. But it's what it's sort upon a good rocks and broadcaster. You guys would get done well I think Hopkins is really good Roy Jones has got really good to element obviously good lately is good. Paula mound I was probably the bounce of the ball analyzed by the best known he's gotten better and better every year. Now I think he's probably I think a big of the boxing guys. Paula down Ozzie is is the tops and I think more I think I think really the showtime card is the best art. The best the best proof you well. But outlets he is a staple of ESPN whenever there is today. Whatever there is a boxing card. Having Teddy Ellis Island is fantastic. And so. Day there's a story really tired they took him off the broadcast. For a couple of incidents and he said. He's the he apparently they got upset with. Him ripping the judging in the horn hockey a fight which is obvious to anybody give any credibility as a broadcaster you have to do. So the fact that he's doing it on the broadcast as it goes. I mean I was Italian I know was it an overly honest exchange where he's talent appointed you do when that fight you gotta wrote for the judges may have said Jeff Gordon but. Hey man that's the truth and that's what you wanna do you broadcasters. And I'll think. I don't think anybody. Tuning in wants to be sold Billick goods that Jeff Gordon truly won that fight to Teddy just doing his job there. Bad there's apparently another incident that happened in the in and a Fresno card with the by Jose Ramirez by. And Teddy atlas was arguing with Mark Kriegel that was crushing his credentials. And somebody tells them on the off the record says Teddy was given a bunch of chances. The Fresno shows terrible used terrible to mark real and I was distraught brought him back I don't watch that broadcasts I don't know how hard she wants to Mark Kriegel. Bomb. I don't walker feels very good I mean we've had him I've had a Mon on my 123 show before. Talking about the that he did use a producer in the document a five rounds to freedom which is a good documentary. I think it's an I think it's on as I'm sure of because of showtime you guys can log and see if there neither here and there but what point is. He is the new guy and let's get the questions of peoples credentials he openly honest and the fact that. You got to you've got to bend because he's make your Mark Kriegel upset are right but if he isn't it Teddy atlas for ESPN. He is the face of their boxing. Analysis. Use their for the entire Floyd Mayweather card use their 40 for the political McGregor parties there for every big fight. And talk about viral. The most talked about thing after the Pacquiao Jeff porn fight. Was not just. The screw job but it was Teddy atlas and Stephen A rant it's like this past guard they've had Teddy atlas on sports that are afterwards are being with Stephen A Smith. Even know what the hell they were talking about. But the point being. Alice should be on the broadcasts. And it's a bombers see that top ranked or whoever the hell getting upset witnessed that Teddy should be on the broadcast I really do I do believe that. You know he is he's the incumbent he's been there forever he is the staple of of their of their boxing. Expertise. And look you don't cherry tree tree your coworkers good views NASA marker though that's a bomber. But you know it also is the first time that they're working together so also let it. Let it led general little bit let it let it but the get a chance to work itself out it's up the first on the tab at a boxing broadcast for we're guys have done little tons of one other. There's always that that. Trainer reporter fighter tension that happens and I think that the Alice have been given more chance there. I know he's crazy I know he's I know he's a little bit of a loose cannon when it comes to what he can say. One and he'll say it. That's did you like about these compelling. And from my standpoint on the broadcast. Look ultimately the fight's going to sell whether or not you tune in. But for those fringe guards. Having a good broadcasting does help and I do like I haven't had the outlets there and haven't and just be there to be the circus clown. That argues with Stephen A Smith afterwards was the basement doesn't know what the hell he's talking about a comes to boxing. And Teddy Alice is being forced that'd be a sideshow abuzz got a little bit because they do enjoys hearing his expertise. Especially when he's at another fighter. And from my standpoint I think he adds more of the broadcast that marker guerrillas and it's not a shot a marker eagle he does a good job. But I just think Teddy Alice from time my standpoint is more entertaining when it comes of this stuff so that's his bum me out to read up the street that. He apparently is now permanently off the SES PN cards. It should be and that's it's too that's that's that's too rough from my standpoint. But they would need to look about the from what I read I think that's that's a that's quick trigger on the decision anyway ever have fantastic weekend.