Fighter's Fury 12-3-2017 (UFC 218 Recap, Holloway's star power, Ngannou vs Stipe, GSP sick)

Fighter's Fury
Monday, December 4th

Last Night UFC 218was a star making night for the promotion. They've has had a great run the last couple of months after rough start to 2017. Tobin explains why Max Holloway and Francis Ngannou took big steps to stardom by meeting and exceeding expectations. Surprises and underdog stories are always fun one-offs but stars are made by doing what is expected of you. Did Max Holloway get himself in the Conor McGregor sweepstakes?Francis Ngannou vs Stipe Miocic may be the biggest heavyweight fight since Brock Lesnar was a true active heavyweight. Eddie Alvarez vs Justin Gaethje lived up the billing as a fight of the year candidate. The wins by Eddie Alvarez and Holloway speak to Conor McGregor's greatness. Georges St-Pierre is out indefinitely with coloitis. The UFC should make him vacate the 185lbs title. When does Conor have to vacate the lightweight belt. Dana White says Demetrious Johnson vs T.J. Dillashaw is '100% happening' Tobin explains why it's better for everyone if it's Mighty Mouse going up in weight rather than T.J. going down to flyweight. Plus picks for Vasyl Lomachenko vs Guillermo Rigondeaux.


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Mixed martial arts and it's time for players feel inside the here's viewing. Had a good Sunday morning everybody welcome on hand fighters theory here. Seven I didn't tickets over there would be the next hour and bill lots to get into action packed night. Last night from Detroit UNC to eighteen was fantastic. It was awesome what a card. Felix momentum role now for the big units because as many as matter of a tough year for UFC. As far as a lot of them made events of fought injuries. Empty promises but it really is start around out to a good at. 2017. I mean the last few cards have been already damn fantastic. And last night was no exception really really great. And I think what was exciting about last night was a meeting of expectations that was what was great about last night so. Those surprises are good at the surprise. It is is always fun we we saw this this year with the hurricanes this you know you know fortunate ended last night. Where. You know you EEE got thumped a little bit but what made McCain seasons especially as you can expect it to come this fast. But. A lot of the times. The stars are made when expectations are met that's when you know you truly have. Greatness that you truly have a next level starship. And last night it was about expectations getting mad Max Holloway steps it. And does to Jose Al though what he did the first time. Does it worse does them more impressive fashion does it more dominant fashion does it and and an exciting style. Meeting expectations. And showing you that he's for real. This is a kid who really the USC at that should should do everything they can to. Make that next star give him every opportunity to be a star for them you know it was adjusting to me that. When we were leading up to coated orbit vs TJ bill Shaw. They were talking about Cody go are Bret in being the next face of the USC. And putting dog bred to that point at really giving you one. Great performance he was undefeated and he had some sensational knockout. But I think what caught everybody by surprise the code is oh he may be next level that was an unexpected performance that he had against Dominique ritual abuse ready for that yet. And sometimes. When things unexpected. It may be it may be Horford and to stay consistent. And we saw that with withdrawing our bread that we had a good showing against TJ Diller shop. He still is raw he still has a lot of work to do. But with Max Holloway who's now on a twelve flight Windstream. Who hasn't lost since he was 21 years old to a young superstar. Then just really introducing the you have seen on this kind of McGregor. This guy has stormed through. The featherweight division he's now given Jose Aldo to beatings worse and even Carter could give Jose. I know that Connor did it more sensational style. But a more systematic breakdown. Of one of the greatest feather weights of all time may be the greatest by the way an all time. Maybe Matt Salo you'll take that mantle from him. But the fact that he was able to walk into an octagon. So calm so collected. Jose Aldo you can even argue even with the short camp had more of his toolbox with them because. Emit his party wasn't there. But you could argue that party it was because the damage Max is putting on and put that leg kick those devastating like it's those were there. Tool that you can't really have in the first fight because. With the singer injuries. And that was getting at least a Max Hall you could tell was affecting him a little bit weather that storm may be around you could argue for Jose out of in the second round. And he just keeps coming forward he comes he eat dogs in and now he's ease ease. Looking at his opponent. He's still open Jose held open down not intimidated not worried about the repercussions. And just continues to lead to shine and and gauge of aloe wars beating that he did the first time. Shined and another level seem round yes but it a different style definitely. Indicated a more vicious style definitely showmanship to it absolutely. You know at one point. After the first round he goes over to Joseph wrote into over the he just told me that to levels high the man's tired. That's crazy that is showmanship though that's that's some that's some Floyd Mayweather. Crap where you go to Tom in the broadcasters. In the midst of a fight. That's Maxwell that's a week seemingly have our hands and Max Holloway so. To me the idea this guy's gonna turn 26 years old. And you haven't been crowned Denny beating by. The promotion yet you haven't been given this idea that. You more than next superstar that your the next he's really done a lot this on his own this is who is has been keeping his mouth shut. Racking up wins being the most vicious guys in eight innings super dangerous division. And yet if you wanna hold over his head that hey four years ago yet you lost to the only person ever. Ever hold two titles at once in the promotions history. If you're old battle over his head forever all right. But this dude is pretty fantastic for sport that forgives a lot of losses. And treats guys like their Teflon. This guy's a tough one as it gets you amazing. I really do come away every single fight is being more more impressed with the Max Holloway he was fantastic yesterday. And the idea that he is he is now. Be in Jose Aldo to a pulp twice movies. Unbelievable what does he go from there I don't know. You know that that's such a lean by it is the end of don't know wanted to five eventually does he rate over the is a still wanna see the Frankie Edgar matchup that's for sure. I would love to see what comes of that. But this guy. EG. He just continues to amaze that was a great report just say yes it was a meeting expectations you why this is also meeting expectations. If you have a question. Of whether or not Max Holloway should be the next USC superstar. There should be no doubt that friends and god is the next UFC superstar and why is that. Expectations. Expectations were met. And exceeded. With friends sing on this wasn't a surprise. He who has built up. I've been called them all week USC Drago. This guy's been training at the U of C facilities this guy has been dubbed number one punching power in the world. And so what you have to do if you're built up as a monster if you're built up as the guy who has all the advantages. The guy as the superhero body the guy who has the super. Genetic freak physique. Against the guy who redeem all marine. Formerly of who marine when he was souped up where other stuff. Friends and Don do. It is almost like. It's like he's created. Seems like he's created a lab but that's so Kaye in late if he's gonna beat that guy. He needs to be the guy that goes out there and it's team rules folks at what he did last night to Alastair old breed. Vote how war behind that upper got he if for those students seated because it has to do this for a recap. You got to see what the supper it was one of the most salacious upper cuts you'll ever see one punch. Something out of a video game something out of street fighter something out of mortal combat something out of a movie that's how. Cartoonish. This how or was from print sing god. It left you as a fight fan in all all my god this guy is the real deal he just did that. Keep in mind. Alastair overeat. Is one of the most. Decorated. Strikers of all time. Multiple sports multiple titles in multiple promotions this guy. Has seen it all is the little bit more Cheney needs to be sure is he lit it passes prime. Definitely but. This guy's been in there. Width every kind of striker from all around the world from every corner of the year. And we ever seen and overseen them flat line like that. Raised up off the ground. Head it's the Candace. And my genuine reaction with these debt. Is that I would almost it was also there was there's a mix between shock excitement and fear. For how we got hit. Rinsing got to win in there. Against one of the best strikers we've ever seen. And it but he told of a Joseph eczema like it is to just a point of Michael I'd get really serious about this. He's he's not movement. And the fact that red thing around and all week called immunity Drago all week. Talking about the predator built in the U of C lab most punching power goes out. He meets expectations. He does what he was billed to do and that is when you have superstars made. Surprises nice surprises are fun. On the unexpected is always always a great storyline but a lot of the times surprises aren't sustainable. When. You fighters bill to do a certain thing and they go out and they do. Time after time and time. Time after time after time. That is when you start having superstars may broader browsing. One wishy. Tape when did you take that level from novelty to superstar. Which you went in there every single flight. She took opponent's arm and she tap the mountain around she went in there and she started doing it. Quicker. Faster in different ways more devastating every single time you turn into a run around and bite you knew that you don't win there. She was going to take or bullets arm you gonna maker submit weathered meant breaking that opponents on May either weather meant. You know doing an inverted or Bart a different way whether doing it in fourteen seconds. And so how can you not get to the super high level that she ended up doing what people thought to be men. That's Rhonda did Rondo went in there every single time. Met expectations. Exceeded expectations but it was up to the level that she was built to common McGregor. You know you think to kind of McGregor career and it's interest in watching this time with Max Holloway and at first Max Holloway fight. Ill people knew honor it was in Boston and it was it was crazy scene undercard fighter get back at a response. But he wasn't built to what he was you know we started getting started getting fights in Ireland and Ireland goes up first round knock. Get the card. Worries had lineup during an affiliate first round knockout. Goes in there against Chad Mendez can't beat the wrestler. You know last minute opponent. Second round knockout. Cottages caps. Meeting expectations he was billed as a certain thing you'd build himself up and he would deliver that's what made the star yet the trash talking fantastic. The trash talking is. Unbelievable and we to win for the press conferences as much we do but the fights. Or make sure that superstar. Is telling the audience this is what you're gonna get in and you deliver that. They won last night. We were promised. Fight of the year we were promised an unbelievable violent showcase between two byters. Eddie Alvarez just engaging. Surprises nice meeting expectations for your audience is better. And we were promised an all out brawl will mold violence by Chelsea. Two guys are gonna walk away out of that ring width what he faces busted bones. And so we got one of the best fight she'll see all year. So. Surprised a cool it's always will be a surprise the underdog story is always great. But a lot of the times. Underdogs. Aren't always sustainable as being stars. Look at times it's a one hit wonder it's a one off. But when you have. Guys like Max Holloway. Or prancing down and doing what they were billed to do. That's when you can start really building somebody as being a base of a company they were awesome last night you have security was awesome last night. Rue that emerged Joost are about to watch in the card it was really fantastic we'll dive in the Mormon on the other side will get to a bit Eddie Alvarez was just engage you want to you know white. Had to say a lot of juicy things of adolescents press comes right after this. Eats miners feel. Backed by the spirit here. We'll get more do you have stitches and I wanna I wanna was set up this go on to Mars December 4. That is a bush. And the cameras. 46 birthday is so we wanted to send a quick hybrid they shot to the chant let's go chant let's go chant so. Shannon camp Briggs south Lotus people's chance. Although our own rocky story she and McCain embraced it and it's been a tough year for Shannon with was stuck with the deal with the test of and the suspension but man I mean the amount of the amount of entertainment he delivers on a day to day basis on social media. On the positive vibes that he puts out the grace up and he's duel for the heavyweight division boxer and tell you this this. Revitalization of the heavyweight division started with a is dude Jason Wladimir Klitschko it was what made Klitschko any kind of adjusting. Over the last half decade. And a lot of so we're Shannon Briggs I'm wishing him nothing but a great. Tony eighteen as he turns 46 years young I hope that he gets his fight Tyson Thierry that he gets back into. The need be folded the heavyweight division because. I know that Edward divisions a lot more attenuation amber examined so. Wishing you a very happy what is it birth patient and will be evident you have a great week into it with your family and looking forward to a great Tony team man I can't wait to QE2 watch the story. And seeing unfold. So last night at USC to eighteen Max Holloway the he stops Jose Aldo in three rounds yet again tko. Analog one note what is next for. Max Holloway surety. T get to play with frank Jaeger I think that's probably more likely what's gonna happen next but a lot of people. Think that if hunter is gonna fight somebody. From just a fan a fight fan's standpoint if we could take the bull bleep out of you know fight bowling Allan on Jeter. Fight in many hockey out if we could talk about not fighting Nate Diaz for three seconds. The deserving guy. In everybody's mind was Tony Ferguson is the Ener1 55 champion the really should be a debate about it but if we were gonna talk about it from day. Just a fight fan's perspective who we're gonna go to purist a more purist aspect to this argument. I do think Max Holloway has lit of a little bit claim to getting a Connor fight. On Jesse I lost to them already that was four years ago. They're both the bow of the different parts of their career count is obviously blood to the biggest stored star and combat sports. Max always got one of the longest win streaks in UFC history. He he's. He's really blossoming every time he goes out there he's more comfortable in his own skin he's doing very very entertaining things in the octagon. I do think. There is an argument he may have of of seeing that fight happen again I was really never defended I want 45 belt will the ever go to 145 again. I think he could make it. I don't know if he wants to. But if he if he really had to make 145 I think he could in a big doubt be pretty fantastic of Connor ever made that return there Orkut still up in weight woody got to want to be five wood to translate. Have you worked Connor if you were true if you were to look at both of those matchups. Yes we haven't seen the Toney fight before. But if you want to talk about stylistically. What makes for a better fight for Connor. I think is a little bit less of a risk of takedown Max Holloway you're not really gonna see him do that a fight he's gonna stand and bang first. So. Well that interest me it oranges or deceit congress Max again. But I will say this you know ever for Caribbean out of the limelight from for him being. Away for as long as he did. How you come out of yesterday's car and not be even more impressed with Connor and the work that he's done a lot of people look at kind of McGregor. And you know that thing out ease ease ease opportunistic. He's ease ease. Pounced on on and on and not only a little bit luck but great timing. Styles of opponents. And you saw yesterday. Why Eddie Alvarez. Did adjusting gauge sheet you know just to gauge she unstoppable force guy never stops coming forward he's all violence it's like fighting a buzz saw. And Eddie Alvarez so slick. You don't a lot of people get to the heights of the Albers of this. Eddie Alvarez. Bella torture at the UFC champion Oleg I'd ever do that. In both promotions absolute hall of Famer. Guys been an all time flights Michael Chandler. Who wins the belt here from from populace on Joe's. It's never a boring fight. He gets in there with kind of McGregor and common Gregor just picks him apart crazy you never see Eddie Alvarez like that improvement that was just so. It's weird thing gives do you look cutter McGregor is is like Eddie Alvarez wasn't hit hard yesterday as. Cheeks well and up he's taken a lot of damage like he wasn't hurt. And cottages. Disposes of amid a couple rounds and puts them on the campus multiple times. It it's wild that they would back I can do in the ring Max Holloway. And neither one of the same fighters. Personal kind of fought that fight with a torn ACL so that that that itself. Makes you wanna see who the heck is he eating really you eating gets hotter full strength. And you didn't get Max at a right page yup Max at 21 years old so it is that enough. Intrigues me. Enough to see. That fighting and I really would like to see those two and octagon one day with each other. But. Either way it's full strength not right. Carter was it will be decked out with a one way and that itself as the president's the last and I got lost so high you how you come out of last night not be more impressed. With Connor. I don't know I guess you just you're just hater you just to doubt her I don't know what to what category to puts you in. But last night was a very very good showing for two guys who have lost 22 Connor. Either way a Dana had to say afterwards you know because you were asking will we ever get this McGregor hollowing matchup and he says. I don't know William gonna fight again I am really operating like he's not and they picking up this week. In regards to come McGregor. And he said that. That he really doesn't know comes gonna fight and he's got a hundred million dollars in the bank. That's more that'll how to be able to Europe's you'll ever make him a lifetime really. Narrow view could make half of that UC career for most guys. Node GS he's never sit that help rocks never sniff that rob has never sniffed that. So. It doesn't have to fight again. Does Tyler feel some sense of obligation is there's still a chance to make even more money at his age yes. That probably is what's going to keep him back not even Floyd. Was able to get to this level at this age you owe it to Floyd a long time before he was able to get a monster monster pays its. What would these these astronomical nine figure pay days and he had to be. Yet to be you know in his forties to do that. And a vibrant colors doing in his in his twenties is amazing. So. That window is still there for comment which makes me feel like he is gonna come back even with all the money that he has. He likes to spend it. What's a little bit wild for Connor McGregor right now including a blow with the Irish mafia allegedly. So let's pretty crazy for got a McGregor and I just think that he's a guy who's gonna try to strike while the giants hot he's still trying to one more big fight but you have a lot of these killers out there and look. Connors spent a lot of time out of the octagon now this is this is over a year that we haven't seen him train for mixed martial arts. So while he's out. Actually he's young and he's only get better Tony very sinking he's winning it seemed like he only he is getting better. You know he's the only seed matchup right now for count is probably another fight with a Nate Diaz and how he got choked up by ones and had a razor thin decision over in the second time. So that one's a little bit dies from there are easy fights for comforter when he comes back to your state which is why. Way and many vodka comes out he says he wants to fight kind of McGregor even though Bob there and shoot it down. I take it seriously is the delegate count and say aren't what's gonna make the most doubt he's he's a guy who fights now did different price tag. She knew that when they were gonna do the Floyd Mayweather fight. The problem is you have to make that fight it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. For your promotion for your fighter for him. And I think if you didn't let him do that. There would have been more I think validity to the years he tries to keep their fighters down a little bit so. Also it's. You know that that I think would have gotten drag in the courts I think that would have been. Then had to be challenged on on on different acts that don't protect UFC fighters the way they do boxers. And because of that. I think they wanted to avoid all that will make a lot of money and electronic go do it. But you do have a lot of guys here who stands there may and they are Joseph losing to see him. Get in there and audience but I don't know I don't know open well I don't know who will for awhile you know the Dina says that they're looking to make a new deal with them. And. Because of that. I think you have to look at this and and big bodies probably he probably is going to be up for awhile. Ed and Andy could save the whole you know suspension for the for the ring jumpin. Two other side that there's clearly nothing gonna happen is is gonna happen from that. There's nobody really aligned discipline in the USC's not gonna do it bella to a promoted and the commission he's not licensed and so. If it's not the local authorities I really don't know who gets after come McGregor that the gets sued by the person who we slapped may be. But it doesn't seem like kind of gonna face any repercussions from that. The other thing that had to say yesterday. Regarding. Pressing Ghana who I mean. What it once what do star that was the last I never really but that. There are so exciting night some of moments from last night they were so many exciting moments from last night but but. But France and Yahoo!'s upper cut from hell on Alastair over name. It it HU I wanted to be aired everywhere. For B policy I think got to be just. For the USC. Get this guy out there however you can you know I don't wanna make too much of this but it does help the bag referencing god do. Who mostly is as spoken French in all these and in all these promote promotions. He not only gets up there with Joseph Rogan but he's up there any espionage or he doesn't need a translator he's he's clearly like well we can heal this guy's saying this monster. Is out there he's reckoned shop and now he's promote himself he says I'm not only do that to Steve peck on the Internet and everybody that's. Mean you you have this just. Unbelievable prototype. Of a heavyweight. Puzzle champion now let's talk about that matchup Steve pavers that bird bird bird sprints and gone and all my god I mean. First of all. The it's interesting because it's almost like the champion. Is the underdog here and that's crazy did that to pick up the people that. Steve NGOs should has beaten in his career basically everybody who's not team Alaska's these came in and out via. Back injury. But you know blue collar guy undersized heavyweight. Still fireman. He's still volunteer bleeding by many heavyweight champion of the world and rescue and Katz added trees. And never leaves his hometown to Jimmy still trains in Cleveland. It's almost like he's got all the underdog elements still at France and got to know. Is being. Molded. Basically by the company. And given every advantage given every. Benefit that they can give him to make him even more diabolical to make him even more dynamic. And I think that those two organic whole lash. For a championship by it's the most used up you bid for a championship by. In the heavyweight division meant I don't know some Brock Lesnar. That's not a suspect that the Steve pays rain and that's no slight on that McCain vs junior DOS on toast trilogy. Which were all fantastic. But. I don't remember feeling this. Just. Absolutely excited. To see Edward you know that or divisions like a couple of things. Steve Beck. Not the biggest personality he he's yet that really cool moment when he knocked out for doom in Brazil and he won the championship. When we're talk of four expected or is on expect that was a little unexpected. The way he did. And that was cool and he's still able to maintain but he hasn't really hit that's star. Absolute star power level yet but people said C empire again there's really only guys you'll judge wanna see putter Cain panning on it. And how to deliver last night you know also the one we were seen ouster over him again verses steep pay. Probably debate has to be ousted as could be for British you know there were bored doing that's. Heavyweight cycle again but now that you got this new blood the superstar in the making. Men and it and it steep pay him ten. Blackstone Group and they can have a hell fight promotion for this and a steep pay ten can slice through him. Then I think you have a launching pad proceed immune system next level next level kind of status really really you know if it about would back up to this. Heat's players feel. We think it's a big news outside. USC to eighteen this past week in the UFC. We was and well wishes out to George saint Pierre he is going to be out indefinitely he has colitis. So that is you be he released a statement. And here's what he had to say is is I now understand how this is that I had in my last training camp. I held my condition would improve after the five don't foresee it got worse said you're sure it's a hostile Burkle las can be. When I came home from vacation last Wednesday the diagnosis. Was. All sort of collide this and then now taking medication though hopefully appease the symptoms my helmsman aboard priority right now. And so very happy man and I thank you for your support but Dana White came on the said that GSP is going to be out for a minute he also via quotes earlier in the week before this news came out. That's set if he didn't defend his belt of 185 the dinner was gonna be very upset about it. I don't think. I don't want to put the accusation out there that this is conveniently out there for GSP. Because. Doubt maybe some of the real tool to say that he's doing this. On purpose because he doesn't wanna go fight anybody in the 45 division but. I don't think. There was never planned. On GSP side for him to ever fight anybody in the 185 division so. The fact that he's stepping away. I do think that here's here's should be the case. He probably shouldn't have done the 185 double shot in the first place. He got his awesome moment he's now two division champion. He clearly. Doesn't have. Grand plans to defend at 185. Just having vacate the title. He's not he's not gonna fight Robert Whitaker. And there's there's not really a superstar match up that GSP is looking for at 185. Let's let's get this over with and let's make Robert Whitaker the undisputed champion won 85 and that division can move on. You know this is an idol the visit to be something that's really really dragged out by you they say. Just he's gonna be out for awhile because there's a thing. Pilots say gist is taking medication to recover he's not going to be in trying to get I assume while this is going on. How long is is Robert Wood you're supposed to go to sit there and then as you visit the acoustic thing to me. You know interim belts just he's been in this too easy re yet to recover from a knee injury era bells are supposed to be there way and you have no plans of the actual champion. Being able to fight NC needs somebody to defend in the champion isn't maybe it's not a healthy maybe it's not a not a situation like hotter usually where the champion is being taken up time by boxing usually the inner champion is out there because of injury. And I think the actual case would just be asked me I'd just be let's say you're war are gonna be out six months. Are you gonna go back indefinitely I think you need a straight up answer from you speak are you gonna come back and need to defend the title against Robert Whitaker. Or not. If he says no he should be cute if he says yes OK then give Robert Whitaker. A fight at or offer him a fight and see if he'll defend against a Calvin got some again salute chronicled. But in my mind. I think myself and I think many fight fans now she is he's got no plans on defending that belt or being a reigning 185 champion. So why don't we just get it over with and make Robert Whitaker the undisputed heavyweight the undisputed middleweight champion and that we can move on. To get in that division freed up. Ellen GSP comes back whatever that is leading the fight whoever the hell he wants but doesn't have to be this. Long song and dance that hand in the a immigrant pulled by eight 185 looming on the primary PP time in my over the violence heavenly. Not that does not do this long. Act like he is really show the decision. Make it easy on him just he had his moment that if he never fight again that's the you know amazing career and it was an amazing way to go out on top. But. I don't think. The division can be held up by. A guy who just walked in there when all these guys. Have been scrapping and fighting and waiting and been go through murderer's row at 185. And they have already been on mice. This year because of the GS Tebow has been fight getting pushed back it was those mean July. Then have a November it was an awesome place it was great that it happened that was a great cater for the UFC. But I all the gets there for these guys to be blocked up. By. This. And so I think he has he's an answer quick on GSP I think got to answer probably is going to be. That he drops about and that Robert Whitaker is now the middleweight champion. And that division can go on freely. As far as Connor is concerned you know this idea that he is pulling of that division. You know. I don't think Tony should go and fight a QB or anybody else Tilly has absolute certainty because I just think there's. I think there's a different level right now stock power wise to Connor and GSP so. I and the other thing is. Tony just fought. Robert's been out a little bit. So I can understand. And Joseph losing to get back in action a little bit more than Tony if Torre doesn't fight to the summer I don't think that's a huge weight the last that is my Sprague was eleven months. So. And an and then the only I think you can really argue for Tony defy you. In the wanted to buy division right now is to be in a mugger made off. And even he. I think has is own issues that he has to prove BS to show it to nineteen he has to make weight and he has to be impressive. There you'll want to see him fight Tony Ferguson for that to be any kind of argument and then we can talk about the whole RA is kind of America but I also I look Cotter is getting to a level of being out long enough where you can make. They case that he shouldn't have the belt anymore. It stinks and yet he does have different rules you'll buddy has been out for all he has been off for a long time enough for a year and usually that's. That's usually the magic number. The year if you haven't defended you haven't fought for your belt. Then you lose it. And I know car operates in a different set of rules but the thing is I also think he loses a lot by. Time in the bell stayed away if anything I think it almost adds to legacy because you never really lost the one though what 45 bell. And he never would have lost the wanted to go about whatever defend either one which kind of stinks. But he never would've lost them so he could still show up there with his two belts and and complain about it I think marketing wise it still works for him. So. Doubt it stink but I think that I think the GSP situation. I hope that gets resolved quicker idol I don't think that that fight is I don't think that. The Ronyell Whitaker GSP fight was ever reality so let's not pretend like it has any chance of happening in China Dayne is probably gonna have his his and public. As public calling out of GS before it. But we know that those are just things that he does so as to what he really feels on the move on. But what instinct in the last Cindy McCain off from dale last night in and after going into. Next week's big boxing match. By. The the NC gimmick you know last night somebody was asked about. Pedersen Bhutto taking and TJ take on the creatures might invest Johnson again most of fought before and DJB a pretty bad and I thought that last night it was one of those cases where. All they really one guy could have been number one contender coming out last night and I thought O Sergio palace which is which was the want but I went done pick wise from last week. On the other ones we were we were good work. But. You know. Assume it'll put it on and they looked better I mean his striking was really really impressive was really crisp. Very strong. Didn't get fazed by a lot of sort of palaces tactics beat a mob took him down user views vicious and Samardo. You know he got that fight with with my guess very very young too. He got up I would very little experience but that divisions then they're always look for new contenders have a story if he's a he's Olympic gold medalist so. There's good marketing behind it. However I do think we did just see that fight recently and the idea that. Muddy doesn't get a serious that some who'd over heated Alicia off. I don't know dean is elect that's why didn't sound like it now here's the etched in part from last night it was asked about. He was asked by ESPN. Whether or not he was gonna be centers pseudo back in there or is it gonna be the TJ DJ thing and he says. Dele Shaw verses to meet his body just up and 100% happening. He's like we haven't announced the impetus 100% happening. So more. Being specified is is TJ go not as he did go down is mighty mouse don't up. I've told you my my thoughts on that I would rather be mighty mouse goes up he's got the record now. And I think it's okay for her. 125 to have a little bit of a break from him and to fight it out and to have some new guys kind of reshuffle and fight there and and and their beat all rules would be like in new weight class to be honest review. If if you had mighty mouse leave one point five. He's been so dominant he's beaten the hell out of everybody in that division and every kind of fashion. That it almost would be like to re creating the flyweight division. And him going up to fight TJ Diller shop it should such a more interest in sort if you're tell me right now. That this story is mighty mouse is going up to fight for the 135 title. It just me show much more then TJ dilution are going down to fight for the 125 title. Going up to get a title is always get a trump. In story line for me more than. Guy sucks is way down to go get belts. It is the whole time TJ Cody wanted to go chase mighty mouse. I get it they can't say Harry Kamal Marta rose to appeared promote open fight us. That's always like that's like fighters code they don't do that. Deal comes out of my terms even though you know boxing you out of time between not a big deal but it elevates even more taboo to do that severely Dominick wait. And I'm gonna come down and gets yeah to me that's like it did it's. It loses some of meat amiss with me. But if it ends up being in the. DJ is gonna go up in what 35 to try to win that bell. To really solidified himself. As one of the greatest of all time if not the greatest of all time. That to me is. What a bigger then him. Defending his belt against the 135 champion at his weight class I don't know what it is I don't why the optics are so much more different to me. I think going to be stressed the entire family is date is too did those are really gonna make if you really and I don't Detroit above is never done his life never. Not non wrestling not any double vision never been a 125. So we're gonna be a deal this entire week with always actually going to be the scale. And 'cause of the I think the first Douglas fight fell apart I think it's because he could be the scale. But I'm telling you it would have been different. Excitement for me if I knew Demetrius my announced Johnson. Was gonna throw caution of the when he was gonna go up two weight plus any negative light heated it was shot on his ground more so than the other way just what. And I don't know that the deal breaker the way to do want to go and collect belts. But you know there's also a difference to me in in. The smaller weight classes like the idea of don't wanna go on to be the ones who deemed champion in the 125 to. Okay you wanna belts or when Nunez want to be the one voted by Tim of the one point about right. By it's a little bit to say for me for flyweight bantamweight. Especially going to group going down to get the bell go up to get the belt that's special no doubt get about. It's is it feels weird to me I just I don't. I don't I don't. I don't put it to the click with me. Next thing you got here Oregon now vs the suit Lola Genco. Live from the theater amounts square garden amazing funniest Janet recommend highly that everybody wants is what Hillary Devin this next week. Good oval which they go being Reagan Dow. Move it. Of the case it is that the magic goes more the prime. He's looked unstoppable every time he goes in there are rated how blessed I was super weird ever being there in person when you read to you Flores. Turkey Flores they called Jesus would wolves fans are problem. Being chuck you Flores by no confidence in him after the bell crazy scenario I'm glad this fight is happening it's great that we haven't across. Promotional flight. It's gonna get national TV love I recommend you guys highly watched that fight familial moments ago win that fight by decision. But can we don't want to Ira I recommend all of our listeners to tune into our next week it's going to be fantastic. Everybody appreciate guys to an end. Who talked to next week.