Fighter's Fury 2-11-2018 (UFC 221 Recap, Aussie's dominate, Jon Jones return fight)

Fighter's Fury
Sunday, February 11th

Yoel Romero knocks out Luke Rockhold! He will get his rematch against Robert Whittaker, according to Dana White. He did miss weight, so Yoel misses the honor of being the interim champion. The reason this may come into play is because Romero says he broke his leg. If he's hurt and Whittaker's sick, where does that leave the middleweight division. Is Luke Rockhold's chin shot? The Aussie's dominated on home soil. They are awesome and crazy. Is eye-gouging worth it? Would you drink out of a shoe? Did we witness a lot of new stars emerge last night or it sharks taking on pork chops. Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor continue social media taunting. When is Jon Jones coming back? Would you rather another fight with Daniel Cormier or the teased fight with Brock Lesnar?


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Mixed martial arts and boxing. It's time for fighters feeling. Seven. Here here on tonight the sick kids over the airwaves you way are gonna go the next hour down and all over the world mixed martial arts. And boxing. Lot to get into as we have ourselves a hell of a show yesterday you have seat to Tony wants shout out. The great words John clay shout out let's do it. That was flawed it's a work sometimes madly the once you don't expect an outlook of for the main event. And watch it all and Luke rock gold flight. Even with the situations that went around it and and organs that just a minute I was I was looking forward to that fight. Somewhat all of them the heavyweight fight between you know mark hunt and and Curtis plays because woods doesn't have the most exciting style so I was expecting this. Grand you know classic have you if I added that it went about as expected you know mark hunt got one of those cracks in on them. Ands. It was dangerous and that most certainly ever goes way that he is like believe this I am taking him down a record. Number of times in my career to get my way to victory. Which is out. You know wasn't exciting. An old sages he didn't need to stay down there and it wasn't it was in dry a big season he was taking him down at will he was dark trying to deliver. Very vicious blows and when mark I did get up he had nothing left in the tank so it was effective it's not like. You sit there market was biding his time and we and we had nothing to get to. But an Impreza before as little as mad it was exciting car all the way around from under cards all the way through the main event. Oh a lot of exciting finishes a lot of young guys to get excited about I think that's always my favorite when we get. To come out of these cards. I always find it very important what's next to my excited to see nexus is is it just. Poll on this team is Izzy is it going to be. Status quo those are the ones those got a bum me out where some slayer I know we're go from here. Not this one that at a lot you know you from from from Israel by the Sonja fraud and in the in the undercard. Two. From tied to a bossa and in the in the main in the main card. I thought that this had a lot of young guys that we can be excited about watching the Australians kicked ass. I mean it was wall to power through and through it was it was crazy and I'll string crowd. Was very behind their guys. They got it. Super ravenous during the call made event where Marcos being held that will mean they are Boone Curtis blades like hell it was something. But judge emulate he did not. You do not it is not will to do not feel pressured to throw board or you just went about his game plan. So what I start tomorrow obviously the big the big story that comes out this year or arrow gets knocked out victory over Lou Brock cold in the third round. Turns out that he had a broken leg. While he was not he would brothel out according to him at least that's what he thinks we've got official medical reports or anything. Posted yet from his camp but. You know after the fight he is he's sitting there on the on the octagon canvas. Can't stand up needs is guys to Utah held carrier to the locker room he does the fox and of you sitting down doesn't even do a full. Press conference afterwards. But. As a president the performance was it does stink that it it became whiff. An asterisk next to it and that is that you all missed way and it was weird because a sit there off Friday in my. That where the weight and that's what where where. What do we have results for these. And it was actually after Wade's return and then you start seeing results minerals oh man that's right there and Walsh drill yeah. And it's the next day over there so the way and Greta really weird time. And everything goes according to plan except yell well which shows up three pounds overweight. So he gets a double hours trying to cut he's able to shave off three tenths of a pound. And so they have to go to negotiations that Kerry cancel a fighter they gonna make things happen Lou Brock called. And that gives 30% you wells Ers. And on yo well side of things he's not eligible to win the interim title. He was very impressive in this fight and if you don't remember. He did take this fight on short notice about four weeks notice. You know is getting prepared to fight in Orlando ticked because of a couple weeks it's at the end of the month. So. You're cutting your training camp a little bit short you're not exactly court a plan who knows what weighty was that that things went awry. But. It does it does put looted a cloud over that's for sure. And it's just that he could get the the the token of getting a new page belts around his waist you know. Who cares at this point he's he's gonna get Robert Whitaker. I think you should get robbed when it goes a super close by. Those guys were very competitive. Ands. Because of that you you see your not left of this feeling of you know our worry about again this is gonna happen again now it was. It was it was a very closely contested fight. And every exit to see where both these guys government that the question is right now what are we gonna see that because you can't really to another and Arab title he's. Even with you will not get in the Arab strap he is that a fact though it turned champion you know he is the bonafide. No boy contender you can't do that again with this. Division any I guess the only downfall to that is going to be whether or not. Whether or not you know Robert Wood acres sickness is is serious enough where he can't can be for a long time and now what you do. Because now you have the answer of title was kind of scrapped because of weight issues. And you're their champion is on the shelf with supposed broken leg. And undisputed champion. What's your current champion. It's he's sick so there is little a lot of uncertainty that ressam 185 right now you might have to drag George saint Pierre. Out of out of hiding and and and say you know what you've been hit that title. Let's forget all that we kinda needs to fight this is this is how it goes food you want Rudy wanna fight for the middleweight championship. Hopefully it doesn't get to that and hopefully these guys are healthy enough where we could CEO well. And we can see Robert Whitaker fight again. But. Let's say the situation Robert Whitaker can come back. By let's say summer. You know if he could be ready for UC to 25 or you re ready for August. And you can't. The one thing that sucks for you well with not being able to win the interim title is. Well not new contender can emerge whether it be job today whether it be Chris Weidman again whether it be somebody else somebody can steal that spot now. It's not a case of its automatic for yo up and that's the thing that. Is the biggest let down form again he doesn't get the moment of of getting gold wrapped around his waist and that sucks real well because. He's been so close and a lot of things that popped up. You know he was very closely as Robert Whitaker. The was. He was he was close to a title shot. Then a whole testing issue that came up after I believe was the doctorate fight. Had to go through the whole appeals process to get cleared all that so things have come up with you a while before. That'd that have not allowed and I think we would have gotten the visiting five visiting ended up retiring he got the GSP vice whenever it seemed that match up. You know he's always just been right at the doorstep of getting to the ultimate top. And I'll run the armor for for a couple of reasons you know which ideal world studio forward like you'll room are up mom but I do like the fact I think we cool. You know to have your marrow Cuban background. You know trains down here at ATT so give us another local champion but also guys in the community. I am also that you be the best opportunity probably for our community to get a USC. Title fight down here you know you have seat seems very into. Doing. Title fights in people's hometown they've done a perceived today they're planning on doing it for. Max Holloway. It's just so they like to do so if you're a talk about what's the best opportunity. This community has to get a UFC paper view. It's gonna below or Merrill being a champion and so the fact that he's got a busted up leg now. It puts that question. And who knows when we're going to get to imagine living is Robert Whitaker but. Whatever that magic does Abbott is it is the absolute magic to make. That was a very close by the first or in the first go around. And now they're both coming off injuries. It kind of puts it all at a reset because you don't know how you guys got a response from one guy coming off supposed broken leg. And one guy coming in off a staph infection and singles basically. It's that's a hell of a sickness they run what if there's got to own. So. Is it weird spot but all in all. Was. AA AAA very very exciting finish very exciting night of fights really really enjoyable in Australia. Once seem a bit more Tommy guns howry got its. Good morning how are you. Doing well you know so. Very good Tommy guns are you Italian amazingly great that was a great night the way I was it was a fun night it was the undercard. Everything was all day saga drink beer out of issue. So it helps crazy but the issue that brand brand new and I know Ali is that easy you know lieutenant possessing and Australia. That's what you do over time dog never pulled a move Roger get me out of a lot of stuff but never she do I'll. I feel like you would get absorbed and who knows but in the mean those Australians are hardcore. Are they and they are hard core they blow me away all of that. Extra body. Yeah and they bring it they are Griffey the death Australian Doug earthy that is for sure. I like to move that out of it yet they are proud Jimmy you got to love handle tattoos alleged elect the look. Like how roles. I'm movement the way you I do I do it again within a day and I think it's very impressive. What did you guys make of the main event yellow marrow knock it out Lou Brock pulled. On the performance and then everything that kind of what before it hit or miss in a way and it's now affect that he may be injured and on the shelf for a little bit. I thought it was a great part. And I think it's even a better fight. If from arrows lake effect we were there would be insane that's crazy then he's at and in the first round where. There would be. Pretty remarkable. If he was able to fight with a broken leg and not even sure any impacts or effects of a broken. So pretty cool but I what I wanted to see import and did not think he had it chance after the third round. Really that is going to be you know after the second round yes I thought that but he conserved his energy will be Smart of the spoiler very Smart fight. And I thought that oracle felt its power. Early yes and kind of was you know on the on the defensive tried to be more strategic. But he won't be gets sloppy. He third round he has been. As good of a martial artist says lute has been his hands. Haven't been great I mean he has been getting beat by a Lotta straight men look. All respect to Michael business and hall of Famer. What a bigot visiting doesn't make a lot of them go night night. And the heat yet not yet cleaned up by Michael Bisping on short notice. So maybe that should've been a red flag all of us where it looks chin and that where his career is that. Dominos turned in hard down here and and Morgan on a question his work ethic but just knowing that's a long career he's got a mean he's been he's been in the game for awhile. So maybe this is a time where. Is the wake up bothered him too much where he just to get down and you know he sent terrible after the wake he actually made weight. I don't know coming in what do you make of it. A fellow that looked really good coming in he plays. Bit. He didn't seem that there was much of a struggle to get to that weight class. Aaron. Seeing Romero command. I thought that he was going to struggle because of the weight cut that he wasn't going to be able to last lady gas I believe you're. Review yet he he definitely looks at me that's how he fights he's not he's he's not pound the metal he is relax. And then full throttle come out of nowhere it's sometimes the flying the right near grill sometimes that takedown pound you right in the face. But it's always a question of Kenny get through these rounds and he seems like he's got a strategy that's come before him. Mean of forty years old you kind of are what you are. When it comes to miss is telling you today hey what is the second guessed that but it's effectively because when he hits the gas. Cannot there's nobody can keep off. All of you you know award I don't think he gets enough credit for his beef it's. The guy is pretty extraordinary defensively DC and hit swat and kicks catching punches. He does this like yeah you know we're both his arms are parallel and he's he's giving you difficult angles. I don't think anybody I've ever heard anybody give them credit for his defense. But he's a great defensive fighter creates awkward angles where you see don't have clean shots. He keeps himself from getting too much damage in the first few rounds. Which allows him to conserve. Energy. As well could mutate and punishment it's obviously impacting you from an energy perspective. So he's not only a es not only able to be. Fast and ferocious on the attack in spurts. But he also he he strategic meaning he picks the point where he's going to try to just explode. Where his differences. It's pretty pretty good news really you know he's pretty he's. Either really Anders fighter mean Freddy I love what kind of like I used to I didn't know it was hello bill's personality. I love I love him getting you know and but I mean he's down on the ground as he can stand but just just him being so contrite about miss in the way. Plastic the classic was after the raid after the play when he went over to group low. Everything through and he loves them and then I. And of human head rock. Coat looking away let them grow it. So my guess is I had in my emerges and I'm running around having known that it has suvs get away every class put me because he knocked him down. Did you think that actually shot was necessary convinced as a rep wouldn't do that with the rough was so far this year and man Luka extra night night without that he needed that. Dick in my opinion I would. And I needed that for the exclamation point I do think while Rocco was stunned he was in. Great shape. So I believe that he would've recovered and gotten up. In that they get their lender rest stops that without that shot. Did everybody is like all the rest stop it's too early rock colds like I wasn't out. You everybody's got a complaint did that point so I thought that was like the exclamation points he later. Go get stitches are impressive that was never leave it to the judges yet. Which is Smart cannon house. I'm not not a lot judges knew last night it was yours everything was. Even the decisions that whether they're pretty lopsided deal with these Australians are finishers yen and that it that they really have a chance of mission Tyson Pedro. Guys bloated you only really good and it's 2052. Buddy. I'm just once and for it was a Jon Huntsman anybody. You don't know wants him for a just once in place you go on this conflict on you wanna see a third time and see what he's gotten I. Simply Gustafson again like that. That will be the issue when I mean it the better for me get a break on me again heavyweight. Wherever way that we'd get a vitamin beat him. And in Colin a rap and not test positive for anything Coke arena Viagra whatever it is this time. He just he cannot. Test positive for anything that beat him. Parents squares of Cormier didn't say oh he's being means you know have his list of excuses. You Disney's the put him out. Ended. A beach at three times. And ashtrays or not. Its own so we're back right after this. Each miners feel. Around. Matthews has Giuliani. In in it'd in the submission. And all of a sudden doses than losing Leo all of them but it was getting Jean king using laying the problem. Well yet he gets them in he gets cement into it about to get a submission and to get out. Leak Italy where the easily I doubt genome. It's not trying to touch his brain and it be so they tub they they they they've they break up they get two feet and and Matthews is. Leading from the guys Liggett Lego like a horned frog. Lake it was it was disgusting. Animal has. Minutes of the go to the replay and like he's got he's got to clause in there it was crazy and the reps is like day to do that and the point. At that point it was worth it it was all worth it gig he's there was put me over. But that as this it is our that a dirty move higher for the WB Gator if you get away with it it's every. I thought has done nothing and nothing is done that you caught Esther you Iger that's always a positive to. Our policy. I wasn't happening you know I'm like really big on sportsmanship yeah it's it's a bite out if you're down knuckle knock out the that was one of those moments where. Eight in there are a lot of means after the super bull and while Eckstein did when then there eight through their TV out the window this. So we wanted to put it together when the I wanted to like pull out my six shooter inches just to guide because I you don't do that. As a disappointment you packaged as you can rent when you watch in the UFC east it's right there at me that's. As the gates. To have the isn't if you know there were no way to react to exit so angry right you don't do that's crazy. What it's like the cats and about grab the inside the gloves which is not how you hear very often and you can't make that they're mentioned multiple rounds like. You did committed two or three times when he got into a position to go for submission. But if he didn't Garrett those guys who's going to sleep well definitely and we did that show with in deed. So were his fingers in deep. Just ridiculous I thought he was gonna get I thought he was going to disqualify what happens if he wins that fight. What happens if he comes back because Matthew said. After the second round he couldn't see good. His visual dollar away really visions of this shot just on so wildly was a slight OC rule we can catch you you're trying to hit the guy in the middle. It was it was it was crazy. Matthews was very impressive. Very very impressive I think they said he was going through puberty when he started in the USC yeah. Yeah oh that's right you look at growth spurt they used in 1919 years always thirty goes wild two and a half three inches during his you have secret. That's for knickers and he and Clinton humble humble guy. Really really well that was a fighter that the kids were that the father sued. If he was throwing his kids off of cliffs. Before they could walk extra linesmen he can't he can't do it gives them primed and ready for the fight to the so wild. The every every one of them but he handled it well drinking beer at a boots I would love to see I would love to see you know the atmosphere of this tomorrow this mark on he's such a Dexter man and he just walks and that. You've got one move and silly Syria has announced what are his legacy media you have played there are only. Blades to a fig I think that no laws giving it went those are to go visit home pinpoint which puts you can never count out mark on net and he's got the touch of death. And he hits you once and it looked to light. All my god he's going to do this Big Ten. And man he almost had him he'll is that inventors Leslie. You know configures and like operas plays. The strike is coming in it's coming along miles away on the fees is you know they want and they want Curtis blades is he's getting in better shape they want him to be. I think you to some young blood in the UFC heavyweight division. But he anymore cause on the feet and he knew that very very quickly. And wanted no part of it afterwards and and it needs some earplugs because it was a it was a symphony of. Boos I just wish hunt instead of you know in hindsight. Colin for the Q if you did do is backed up he put himself and a very awkward position wing in those punches. Obviously missing. And then blades being able to care to more growth and taken taken down but I think if you would it's taken a step back in that moment. And just TO forum I think you would have it would of the program. It looked he he he he's very very close I was excited. What are what are roller coaster of emotions I was excited when a cell blades going down and I knew. If he was it would take hunt down. It's gonna be alone boring fight right and that's ultimately when it became I mean he did some groundhog. Already LA he's not he didn't sit there and do nothing really ever any time you maybe thought it was going he went hard with the elbows he was trying to get but he was never a posture up. An and I think we were like whom Lee who is was it like gum for the fight of the Balkan off skew memorable and ask you in the in the on in the undercard yet when he used by jacket he was it was nasty is that Ukraine you really don't view the body was. All you oppose a little bit they accommodated Jimmy Smits had Sele gunshots did you don't hear of first of all pennies on the violate the you'll you're selling that normally if it's like like it can play a part Posey kicked to the to the ribs. This guy's this guy as in eight years of all of the ground and he's so why but him right on the body moves sledgehammers. But blades Ito. To his credit he kept moving yet ten takedown so I mean. Yell Marco never stopped trying to get out. But what that was that one moment where he got up with the use of the third row he's just had nothing much you so exhausted you. Pro slanted by M blade says it. You realized he couldn't win and Nancy's stuff with what he knew and he just kept taking them down. He's got. It means that the wrestling he has that division is going to make a lot of problems for people I just don't know how to I don't know how to do it nor pay seventy dollars to watch him play. You know I've read that's the only video you can normally I wouldn't do that with you heavyweights you wanna see a guy you wanna see a slugfest. And that he's Cohen outing done to. We use it wants the rematch I don't think he wins the rematch eating out habits and it. He's gonna hyper extend his neck. Maybe what's that got to do I do wonder if a bit of the a bit of the mask is unraveled now with what Steve did did on. And if people are aren't even going to entertain. The idea of of striking with them and have crisply aids goes in this situation occurs was dignified he was very early in his career. Very news you seek herself. Maybe. He just does better with the experience. And I want housing on new going to handle. Just the idea of your not the invincible guy anymore you know you're not the Bogeyman we just saw you get beat for five rounds owner how to react to that. I believe after that last played that end Darnell is Smart enough to go back to the teeth secede areas say he needs to improve on. In his his corner. I think they need to more experiencing death and he himself will understand where he'd chopped the ball so to speak. Do that by a it was a perfect site for him to look at. And make improvements to come back I think you'll come back with a fury. This sud Derrek Lewis is by next week and the cowboy card he has. You is personal. He's thirty years old there's no way that guy that guys younger than me the notion he's forty years old Jews to the gills. Certain grade has is that betting go to the sort of. In no way in hell he's younger than me it's forty years old answers to the gills there was such a great line at these big board. But I think anybody in their right mind look at inning gotta fight anybody who thinks that they can stand and trade but that guy would be crazy you've got to try to take him down only. There would. So so you'd you know that his corner and can't knows that. Teach him how to keep. On the feet. That should be until late that should be all they work on they should not spend another minute. In camp. Teaching them how to throw punch. They did not spend another me everything should be about. Getting him to be solid and root and resisted takedown. Yeah. I would via I guess it's probably is a question how much he wants to do that is the although he does through as a wild punches may be if they totem had to throw some straight punches and some clean shots. Dead heat he wouldn't even get to the ground sometimes when you have a tool that that dominant and so do. You do neglects other stuff because you think I'll get my moment because it is the model he needs is very small fight. So giving and okay so what C a wrestler for a little bit I just need one of these dusty day. Once of that fight and Steve and look like cyclops in mean that's that that is how powerfully is why it. You know is it good you have to be champion is it is a good enough as scary as it is is a good enough to go beat the guys that the very very top. Ask Mark Mullen. Thirteen and twelve. So he's got to teach you gotta learn how to can be taught how to how not to be taken down that tell people beat Marcos knew they'd taken down. So in god who can end up having the same story NBC thirteen and twelve just like mark hunt never having the title yet USC and. Lowe is due to god he wants him in to watch. Bill. They'll be a guy that beat Ken it's always exciting everybody loves to see those in punter but. But as he ever going to be good enough to be steep if Izzy you know it is he ever going to be you know if if if Daniel Cormier becomes that Richard could be did Nucor Miette. An orchid Corey ages bragged on the entire time you know that's deep then that it is a big hole. The disadvantage that I believe that Cormier has his his height. Yeah yeah but you hear all the same out of the car you are but it's a little different. When somebody that is your height. Uses their leverage to take you down. Rather than someone like Cormier. Who's gonna turn very underneath you yeah queue up what I salute that's true but I think the one thing in this is always been a promise to Jon fights. Is. It is critics mean John is so devastating with his legs and his legs are so damn long. That's always the buzz saw at that DC is to go through I don't know if we would have to go through that. With with the got a house I don't know fiesta of that was steeper and do you think that that presents an opportunity there for him. When we're talking about if this does become a matchup whether on the ground. You know does. It do steep pay going to be able to. Deter DC enough to keep them off because decent bit of it was about public and Joshua Andy Joshua. At the Johnson rumble Johnson. But just dug dangers sponsors Steve David if it is he's the heavyweight puncher just haven't V fight at 205. And and and DC's gun up from that. But it's it's always been big John big big weapons always been those kicks that's always been where it's been the difference in those two. You know that and Johnson has a wrestler to use where you can push a mall best and please don't let that just can't stop weep and it was a good back. Well as Dana I think the I think the appeal is. And it might be it's if it's not this week it might be the week after I think is that I think his ruling is supposed to come very very soon. And supposedly. And Davis says that he feels good about infighting it's when he tees I think they're going to get a good result but they were they were probably usage on five this year. If they're Smart they're open to make is 80 yeah. Maria whatever takes John this is what you need this to stop saying we gave you the supplement to okay job doughnuts into. Don't say this time that he sort of erect tile dysfunction pills that's stupid. And you can't use that excuse again. And also. Say it was a cooking is that's that we've we've been their two. And also. Make sure you weren't in a hit and run this time. And also. It's that I that you go to all the all season we had a beer with new excuses use different scenarios whatever it takes to get him back in the Arctic whatever it dates. We're back right after this. Heat's players feel. Then again. So when cement Tommy guns there where you. Next you're got up pellets or does he get mad that your own run else in the rematch the heavyweight Graham for you into it. You well. You let the first a matchup of the lead to a Grand Prix of Kelso Emerson Rampage. In and who. It always looks like pro ranked fighting it is late. Bella toward to me is become really watered down really. I don't think that I think the yes whoa Scott Coker has brought some. Notable names into the organization. The credibility to me it's more it's more rest too wrestling cast then ever before. Yet they do that definitely don't the shame in putting whomever and there just to get the eyeballs. They do late. They look they got some might have challenges always just such a products that guys all watch any fight that he's and he's so damn good. The Lima Rory MacDonald like. Those flights. A great. Put it those are the fights that become the primo fights that you know slightly as he wants the main event the last time we have these Pringle fights are like did you know. Like the gimmick fight in Athens it to Frank Mir vs Baylor. It is not exciting. If I have to say that if the fights that we saw last night. Really highlighted a lot of new blood. Yeah I always love that when we gonna pay reviews and it's I wanna see. I wanna see. Tied to classified again I wanna see that who's the dude it was I out of Sonja. It decided he would be some. Really good to see I don't medicine yet that guy that guy Armitage Imus and seeing him fight again. He clearly. He clearly is very exciting on his feet. That poor bastard whoever they put him in there with him resist via news in ministry of pork chop. As soon as this Suze. Is that he was often k.s and it was able lived to clinch about. Who wrote about it he looked like he got his nose busted up. Use this win for the rest to step in. So so ask you this. So they were great fights. And obviously. The Austrians were extremely. Successful. The crowd was exciting. What who did these guys. Would like set ups by another Zurich where they in in the cage against guys that. That we know would make that would make them look good lighten look at look at time yet I was in this exact rule ask her the yes dear that. Home yes we'd be British you look back who we let me as a neutral means. And that new promo he's a movie. That none on up. Now. So that's one mr. Suffer. Against Tyson paid in. Some business might get some business early. Again rolled right into it. And you just said Jeremy Kennedy. The more job. Known on the porch up was it was rob Wilkinson. Oh yes Bogut out ski buddy of Augusta did give Jimmy Kennedy business yeah light. Seeding this is like Brazil silence that has lined a ball these Lacey tip guys they're gonna look good. They look good when they walk in the key odds it was a record would that Israel ago everybody is salivating. Oh of that out of sign on social media afterwards later let's go pour some blood on the and go into the K go through here's allegedly when he hears a lecture to the death. Mean none not even take that guy just like hungry sharks across the other side of the cage yeah. And and I just don't think that. While those it was well matched her. For viewers a banana wilmots for competition and those violent they're like it's a son in need shades of John Jones and his facility sort of on. Anybody could be kicking in his 64. That John Jones there Anderson Silva marketing. Get a build the future got to create some excitement it was pretty good record or my pretty did again that they all could yet. They all were they all had to bail ahead lyrics after the fight Oliver did you get Libya out of the issue the next fight in the octagon. That's who's got to do. Don't don't wait till the walked back to the locker room so to give them a beer that's too much aren't yet give to Lhasa beer. And issue and made that that would be with C heavyweight. Yet they don't via. And then we the I think it was interesting even open if that were the case of big puts imports outs in there for the hungry sharks. I say it was very good the port shots but bad. If you well maybe it was in that the caliber that we've seen. And UNC history. But I that it was good we had in your class last night yet. And we don't see those but no we had pulling into the the glove type of thing. Now while I gouging. Gouging the sneakers streaking added that sneak here broken eggs. You think is legend of the broken. And the lord I couldn't get back as I can thing. I originally thought that may be hurried jumper and upon the size of the cage. That's he said first round. You know you gotta believe what he what he said and you and we all know adrenaline and I think it's. Probably like may be here line for a disaster like with you know is like a lost in translation thing as a put a little sauce on it because I missed the way. Buy it if I set up on a broken leg. On your program accordingly he missed he did miss the weight but he also missed the weighty took the fight short notice EA short notice and he was gone. Regiment to fight what 23 weeks from now these as was Biamila and occurred to get a break. I have a break I tell I think everybody should be removed items this year I think I think it stinks trio because I want you love to be. I know he's got sodium close and it's net it be wanting hippie with point three years old. And you know he got a big fight media made way this guy's forty never missed the weight cut never so something. But it did you have 30% of disbursement of yourself yet as am I imagine how main event there Ted that's why through that extra shot at the end. It appears to 30% go get the results here about muddies what Bob. They're probably right it. Your brother I just how I opened as he amounts of loans that do wanna see the rematch between those and how little his Whitaker we clinched he came out this week and he said that. He came in it he told reporters this week that the word is he expected to be back in the middle of the year so the summer. Which is good does it date data bits in my his career be over. You know so yes you put national sauce on. Eight that it is like he's almost. Numerous guilty guy but he's but Robert winters seem to think that they'll be back in the middle of the year. And then yeah like you said broke this year's pro is probably months two months. Yeah I think it's eight weeks you Beckman beat volume that your style wise you know my opponent brings the table just get back on and there. Plus that sodium for July July as. Allies already booked. Jews and Jews what Chicago. Jim is probably going to be. Used probably going to be CM pong Siobhan is coming back he said that it it's O yet. Yet today. I am am I excited about the important you know I can leave eleven finally I ended up that you can't I get Lou everybody and it's it's though it's they should let him fighting as rob Wilkinson. It's so beneath like I know that he BI calls but he wasn't relics complete circus shows. When we do and what we do it that. Tom Lehman's it's him and Blanton grace it is very confused on it together in June he had with Floyd Floyd and the coming out it's it's obviously officials and it is what puts out on social media certified killer is a certified bitch and he's apparently. And the made gloves on these elbowing Connor that I guess that actually happened I don't know. It daughter responds. On and so should be a real both the real double scenario fully its. And these elbowing new ideas in the grow so obviously the fights. They're gonna fight again. There inbox and the gonna fight. But wait when we talked about John possibly coming back I think that when John in the last byte where is Cormier. He told Dina to give hand. Who isn't that because that. He's I wanted to Brock Lesnar and Dana says dad. He wouldn't be shocked to see brought right in the itsy bitsy. Yeah very nothing is suing the usage numbers Brock. It says John they're all going to be landlord if TCU wins. John DC three. Is DC who loses. We get to see. Pakistan's got to defend his belt doesn't. Outskirts to the when the sooners who have again to a five. Then die and other general wins the fight. Then if you beats and a 205 that we can't see embers run was a osu drops the bomblets Gus is and despite for vacant I don't know Tommy guns. But this seems to be some complications with that it means that the alleged John Jones just says you know what. I did a Cormier and a war that sub. John decision auto fuel goes up and I think from my point here. What item I'd rather put Brock Lesnar. I could see that I could see people be good business that is a debate that. If they fight if he does by Daniel. It will sell its all luck. Yet it would sell more a third fight with DC for a belts Brock or Brock I think Brock would assume I think proxy to sell more. It appreciate it isn't that there was either a tribute to reach ago at. I seems like a king tin Jones. Jews out. But I thought you. Eight of you gotta stipulations of course the other Barack and do it brock's new images to the gills and so did in solitaire. Would have commission allowed it. I don't know maybe they do it over and like some some strange commission. You know we will surely a bigger due to Australia where they allow for ideologies. Yeah Russia has a certain rules but doesn't look like Australia juices and it is it doesn't really anybody's gives a meal there. Russia is not about six backs. So next weekend's going to be great we just proof has UNC on Sunday in a boxing on Saturday. Yeah yeah then Agassi is coming back. He's taken a bad memory dose SPS expects. And and I gigs that cowboy at him to do is fight's going to be really good I'm looking forward to ever. I hopes the rule me issue. Yeah and Donald. Guard your belly. Don't let him Kiki in the belly. Path of destruction every time this guy gets body Q oh do you crumbles. When they say it's because the some surgery Anderson like this out though the last vandalism it was a body like that duty fought Darren tell I don't know what he spoke again the packet cracked him right in the face. But it but he is huge they said he was like 200 pounds when he weighed in that day. When it when he got back indicated that was a welterweight fight. When seven and Johns and and Donald's a small welterweight you're eager for anyone you can find so he was basically fight a guy. Three weight class is up almost. From dose of Fuzzy math there but either way. He's that he fought a very big a very big guy that fight. You know but he fight anybody is the problem he's pretty easy he's crazy person is that there's only love them we diaper. Says let's say you might even violence might have so much competition you didn't see different. The tees if I. None other than those that know the guy that all night the other do with the back the guy at the back fist in 1000 gazette we're eager for media. It wasn't you was he hit with a back forearm. He had with a hold and thing and then and then hello submission he got a bonus for the for. A very very impressive. Ever present in the mighty unions environmentalists. This and let's see weakness and other similar request for it yeah a bigger than done though shelf life. I'm not at that fight at all I got nothing for that heeded those numbers in my new house just yet we also in the money. It may have been an Ambien people will be well it's gonna be on it's they're gonna put it probably on the Cormier. ST big card on another flight yet that you can I think can have won by itself not not a paper view. No way. Noah so what's this guy he beat the still only be mighty basket for an awesome. We'll wait cut. A General Jones so too did show John Jones. Talked to on Roy Jones ol' Roy Jones oh yes shots or Roy Jones also he got he won his farewell fight. Which he claims his farewell fight at an identical this past week. And in a different on the map reform while Roy Jones in one of the clueless interactions about with a fighter. Fragile lands in paternity of that and two you you real secret handshake. We're crazy about his BS added that he really would now but he did that is all about it. I was like Citigroup and Jake you know. I can't show you because seeker. But he knows that because I gave it to on. And he liked it. What he'd do it needed to steal handshake we need you that you shaken hands and you take that one finger and you wrote the poem. Is that that tensions I think that's we reflect the difference the really good where it was of people skulls and only about a at a we'll talk GI's next week sales.