Fighter's Fury 2-18-2018 (UFC Austin Preview, UFC to Miami, Peter Kahn in Studio - Garcia vs Rios, future of Boxing PPV)

Fighter's Fury
Sunday, February 18th

Tobin previews UFC Austin: This is a crossroads fight for Donald Cerrone. Is he still a contender at 170lbs? Derrick Lewis has a chance to make noise at heavyweight. How is his health? Yoel Romero's team is pushing for a title fight in Miami. It's about damn time! Peter Kahn joins Tobin in studio to talk boxing. They recap the weekend's action. What is going to happen with the welterweight division? How long until we get to see Keith Thurman take on top contenders again? Is Danny Garcia back in the mix after his TKO over Brandon Rios. What is happening with Manny Pacquiao and his next fight? Is he going to fight Terence Crawford in the near future? Tobin and Peter discuss the future of PPV in boxing and if it is a sustainable model. What changes are coming for the sport? Early thoughts on Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz.


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Mixed martial arts and it's time for players if you were inside the here's viewing. On and fighters Jerry here on seven I didn't tell you they will go until eleven diving all over the world of mixed martial arts and boxing got to sell the rare sun and I've mixed martial arts cards and I USC live moss is excellent standard card to the adults are only at him there's going up against each other. It's cool to see these guys. Very friendly at the way and they are ready to throw down for this you have two guys will absolutely bring amid heiress. Arguably in the fight of the year this and in his last time now and Tuesday and on other Kalb fake cowboy. Those guys council of errands and yet to miss threw down for an all time Bosnia and young adults are only a bit of a crossroads fight he is going at this. Width the need of a win I think to really consider him. Back in any light of okay is dancer and they really contender anymore is dolls are Roni. Is easy actually at the cream the cream of the crop is he still in that upper Echelon of fighters ores in the Bakken mystery out of of this guy. The way he went about fighting his career help take. Any fight anywhere at any time. Is what made him so popular amongst fans it it would it's what makes him tough line with fans with a loss is really don't matter. As long as cowboys and there we know it's gonna be a good show we know it's going to be a good fight. But eventually. The records do matter on whether or not you're going to be in title contention. And if you're gonna make that climb again with cowboy. You know did this in the last time he was out there against Darren tell who's. Way too big for him dared tell who's who's a borderline welterweight is probably going to be a middleweight sometime in his career. Don sorority is a borderline while two in the other. Area of the Spanish somewhere. Probably. His best most optimal place is lightweight if he's gonna could cause the most notably he has been has had success at Waltz away when he first made the move there so. It's interesting it's inching crossroads fight for him. I really don't have a great feel for it because you really don't know with cowboy who you are gonna get are you gonna get just the absolute monster is gonna go out there is he gonna bully his opponent. Is he going to be able to. Really impact with his kicks and and caused damage early. Or is this is this a case where you are yet to mid heirs can can put some pressure on them not back down that first. Time where where you know cowboy tries to influence him was so with some off ads of his own self. I'm very encouraged in this by tonight also got Derrek Lewis they are Maris and Tamara. On also boosting fight Derrek Lewis is I think is one of the best personalities. In the heavyweight division I really love to see him at that elite level where he can and he can get to the title picture and he's an awesome personality. And in great story especially with the when he was doing with the with the the Houston hurricane. And all the help that he was doing going out this truck and helping members in this community. He's also amazing on the microphone we all know wanna run around the fun as that. Classic line job by by Derrek Lewis I guess the question with him really is health you know how healthy is the how is the back. You in the you've seen in the last couple times out it's like he's he's frozen off of there. And we talked about retirement at one point. To really don't know Derrek Lewis would howl. How healthy is the how how how effective is gonna be if he is we know that he's dead devastating enough striker where he can cause damage he can put the lights out. And can be effective but. There are question Marshall then he's editor of a crossroads these tea on a very very tough opponent martian tomorrow. And and and so that's QBs image thinks up that we have to look out for tonight. I USC Austin. This past week we had ballots or action on Friday night. Matt vitriol moves on the semifinals. In the heavyweight Grand Prix. The beads Roy Nelson in a 21 fashion majority decision. He. You don't deathly it looked like he got the better of it on the feet in the first two rounds center out Roy got the got the takedown of it. And got all those rounds from everybody want one judge had it at a at a 108. So he added ended up it is going to be the majority decision to not judge patted the draw Tony Tony it the sick thing that I didn't notice. Bomb. Until the fight started and even think about this until. And even think about this until. If the cards came out but. Because there at a tournament. If you if it did turn out if you have multiple judge in judges give him the top 128 scorecard. Although that situation and you'd have to go to a sudden death round you can't just leave its heart of it at a draw a draw a tournament has to have a winner. So isn't really the case where a title fight where David's a drop. Champion gets to keep the belt he wasn't defeated. He is he is still a top so. That's the situation we were looking out with this through if if if Roy Nelson would have gotten multiple. Ten seats from judges and what a bit of majority draw. They would have had to go to an extra rounds pretty crazy that's a crazy situation. Where we're looking at where. We're not just in this point where oh. It's if it's cool that was that was a very closely it doesn't quite know we can't be left. With no decision here in a tournament that's to be a winner they can't both advance. To out of it pretty crazy thing to say I almost wanna see that play out now. In what these scores where. Worth the tournament. And I think probably that Ouattara or by the other Gibson finishes we've had and now we've had two decisions as far as the Grand Prix is concerned but. It does intrigue me that there can't be a draw that there has to be an absolute winner for these flights and so. I'll also had to vote that's an area if we can get it it would be very very cool to see that happen. But it did it right now we're at the point where Matt that your own. Is. Moving on. And suddenly the fights we have let him fade or vs Frank Mir and we have king Mo. Take it on Ryan Bader who by the way showed up nude added there's only game this week he has dug to a belt wrapped around his waist to mess it. And and read through double pick and choose if you guys want to if you guys want to that I it's a fantastic video. Light heavyweight champion. Right debater shown up to the Arizona game where enough but it's championship belt. And run there's a big choose who would have thought. Pretty crazy there on his part so that's the other of the rundown a wall Dow mixed martial arts this week as far as the actions concerning an action tonight. You have belt to a 194. Which went down on Friday. On not the best or not the best of guards. But that was the the biggest stakes out you had the advancement in that to a division the other big thing that went down this week and wanted to go to this before before at the break. Your Merrill's management team is pushing the USC to host the middleweight title fight. That he'll have against Robert Whitaker down here in Miami. And we're really pushing for those who would talk about this on the mid day show with beast and LeRoy. And I can't stress enough how much I want this happened we haven't had a title fight. Down there we were really how do you see in Miami. In Miami who haven't had since 2003 and that itself Florida about a couple things the hard rock we had wanna be B and T where they give us like you know noted flyweight. And the crowds of stock and that's why we're almost ultimately black list that we we can't get any cards down here but. Miami always does things big so I think they actually gave them a legitimate title fight down here. I think has really changed the curve down here everybody fights PM sat Sony guys down here who train down here. The atmosphere in the love for the sport has grown so much. I really like to see. This go down and I hope it will because typically you have. Champions beat the guys who had to dictate where the fights are not necessarily contenders which is what you well is in this case. So it's probably more likely. That Adobe yeah well if he beats Robert Whitaker that he gets to decide wears next title will be. But it's interesting idea look good on the Australian by 2000 times than I understand that's. You like to have the the mr. by the young champion Robert Whitaker but at the Australian thing. And I think it'd pretty cool to see them do little or something different. And you could be I think you'd be really really adjusting to see what the dynamics would be down here. But the CEO while the Cuban community behind him. Actually having a down here in South Florida all the people train ID be fantastic so that's a bit look out for. Would come back at some boxing Peter conference the show he's been on a couple weeks ago three weeks ago maybe it was. He's gonna join us in studio talks about sweet science of that would back right after this. Each miners feel. I think it's going to be joined by yes city appeared we had Peter you your only two or three weeks ago your fantastic talks of boxing with you. Peters local boxing manager very tied into the sport knows the business aspect of has been around the sport. For many many many many many many years and has a good pulse on things you say committee here and and and and shoot on what's been going all of the sport we had some Al lot of action this past this past weekend. Last night we had Danny Garcia against Brandon Rios. Danny Garcia puts him out of there I've around right hand down the pipe Brenner Rios. Stop by Kenny Bayless. Can't get going. It was a layoff for Danny Garcia buddies is now it seems gets that win under his belt which unfortunate for burial sees. Almost in the gatekeeper role now it's it's he's he feels like he's. Ritter is like the debt then they get right guy you know like if I want I know it's going to be an exciting fight Rios is gonna bring it. But. Ultimately the guy with a bit with a more towel for validating Garcia did that he looks great and now I guess you could talk about him back in the picture of the welterweight division were resistant. Purse Lowe's do is exactly as you'd describe especially for Danny Garcia after having not fought since last march. When he fought key Thurmond which was still good fight I mean Q Thurman is probably. The top welterweight right now in the division although Carroll spends junior and and Terrence Crawford in my opinion. I'm could be right there spends hasn't. Had the competition at the thermostat Thurmond had his fight with Porter. He's had his fight with Garcia Nia and he's been able to prove himself and you're right. Greenery doses is not a war. I mean he he's made some money he's had his opportunities he's been in big fights. That means a great team behind him I love what Bayless did. Com I love how he knew you know these referees uttered the veteran referees know when guys trying to solemn did not there'll. He Teddy made it was like easily you know and he made him come again I knew he knew and a guy like that too late. It was I mean it was it was a lazy jab by Rios didn't bring it back. And Garcia just stood right there. Through that straight right hand. And when you watch a replay I mean. Realists to stop back most guys would just be out for the count. Rios knew he was hurt news stunned he. But the Bayless to see where it was in the count and he slowly tried to get up and tried to play it off because he's he's a warrior. From Allah to different things. Like Robert Garcia jump in the ring ran right to Rios news hurt brought him back to the quarter to sit down and and and you know it is what it is. Ring rust is real especially at that level yet and so. That's the biggest concern as a manager and though is how for fighters that I work with is that if we have a fight scheduled and it falls out. And then another one comes in at balls out that all of a sudden someone is inactive for. Six months eight months nine months it plays just as much of a psychological role. As it does on a physical world something that people don't understand. Moment insight into the difference between training in the gym. And fighting is the timing. And getting that timing back is just a different thing in a real fight compared to you you know being in the gym. Well I think that same thing now we are the situation with Keith everywhere stormed back from you know pretty bad injuries and some some reconstruction on his I think as a as an elbow to elbow. And you know he's in this bar and our he's got a lot of guys hunger they wanna come for that top spot. But he's been very open that he wants. They beat tuneup fight or maybe two opted to test his elbow to make sure that he's in a good spot. What do you think of the whole situation right now and walks away with with key powers time should he be given. Too I guess and get right before he's from back in the lion's den with all these hungry guys that want a piece of them. I think it's definitely the right way to go and everybody in boxing knows that's okay because no one would do the opposite. Everyone would do the same thing at first. It is such a bigger question because one of the things I want to talk about is really the mass at the welterweight division is becoming. Because it's just becoming re cycle Al Hayman PVC fighter's death and the whole. He's ridiculous this which Sean Porter in the ring after the fire a eroded here it is well. You know. I work with these guys uncertain things I don't know what stays I don't know what's not staged at talked Leonard Ellerbe weekly. Hum I don't should agree was in auditor he was genuinely annoyed. Right but they're just trying to sell the the beef to the audience bright and if they get enough traction on social media are we judge everything on social media says if there's enough traction. Hey maybe we can make Garcia Porter because originally it. People sort of forgotten. Porter beat Bartow to become the mandatory and he is key Thurmond's mandatory. But the WBZ understandably so. Is giving special exceptions to Thurman because of injury legitimate injury and this is not a this is a bad boxing entry. Elbows not a good injury note you gotta go in there gives us that's it's almost like. You're going to construction site they don't have your hammer you're not quite sure how to be functioning so originally. The rumblings behind the scenes. War we all knew that Jesse Vargas was having issues with top ranked as far back as last year and and eventually he is now departed from top rank he's with Al team in the and of recently heard that was going to be key Thurmond Jesse Vargas. Which would have been a really good bye to see Vargas is no slouch former world champion and and I just think that Keith Berman it's in his right wanna tune up. Hey he can fight a guy like. Brandon Rios like that type but you know caliber sellable flies I mean some doubles lies you know Gregory house has enough on themselves. It's going to be entertainment it's not going to be something where he's going to always a war and long walk on the market in that it took Garcia nine rounds to find that shot. And an along the way Rios was game the whole way and he was losing but he was what he was fighting. So there are other some other components are going to this right you can say while a guy like Rios would be one of his old nemesis Mike Alvarado. Right now and a good guy reps with their front is chemical war out of it. But he's with top ranked and they're trying to feed him to Pacquiao nip who's now trying to say he'd rather fight would he say so it's like you know it's all a lot of gamesmanship. A lot of bomb Mandy doesn't want to. Be on the undercard of Crawford Warren I mean how do you do that or any packet terrorism that he try to sell that but so many is not not with that decide. Know from inside sources that he doesn't. Necessarily. Hasn't been on the undercard and over twenty years well I. I can understand a talked yet because you look at the numbers that he drew. For his horn fight and what that meant for a launch for top ranked it's tough to tell that guy hey you're gonna have to dig a step aside defied the law and hopefully beat horn rightly it's it's a weird it's it's so we're dynamic and understaffed forgot. There's so few guys that his level of super stardom that's a that's a that's a weird pill to swallow for him you know and it's may be silly we see more mixed martial arts like you'll see the legends they'll eventually have to go that's just how the torch goes eventually. You know the the innocent souls will have to fight on the undercard of a fight that's how it goes otherwise where we gonna put you at a and it adds value that they're there. But in boxing it's a little bit different you know bid that the being. Being the V co main event its comes with with humble more bitter stigma I think. Then maybe it does and I'm a Mac yet and in this particular case. I think it's a little bit more stinging because it's on the Jeff Warren right under part. And this highlights a porn I have a personal relationship with him I like gum at it was a close fight I don't take sides I was there. I you know the judges make the decision you live with it because no matter what you think it doesn't matter. Jeff Ward's WB a champ and Hulu like me to. I mean these guys a legend we need guys won a world title and half of the existing weight classes it's never going to be done again no one's ever going to be be able to win the weight classes. You know guys come in done six. Eight's it's nearly impossible. Freedom to do that is just what makes him one of the greats cereals and they would him what he had the landing spot will be I know I mean I mean I know they're trying to do. By Mike Alvarado get the ring rust off beat Colorado Warren. I'll loses to Crawford and now you have two top ranked guys Crawford and Manny and you keep it away from payments game this is going to be Spence Garcia Thurman. Porter Vargas all being recycled fighting each other it's like they're doing a round Robin. Yes the thing that's the thing that is the thing intimacy with the the Crawford pock yeah a dynamic it it does feel a little bit like. With the Manny that's going to be. Him walking into. This is. Crawford's launching point in ought to mean it may be look many argue is amazing and he's awesome now what he was. And for years he's not the the killer that he was in the ring you know like. You can tell many hockey there was a certain point where he hit in his career where it was. You what's it like a fight now and when he feels he has the guy beat Andy has proven his point he lays back it's it's it's it's not that guy who will go and try and break. Into our Mario's oral bone or crush. Me Yoko Ono until he can't walk anymore it's just that that's not the same personality that's in that ring anymore I mean many. Hackett hasn't had. A legitimate KO since Ricky Hatton via people say oh coda what I'm talking about one punch knockout. Out for the count and that was were he had not must have been like 07. Something like that. And with Manny I don't think minis under any he's not under any illusions right in the end its so called prize fighting. And he wants the money as long as he currently boxing there's the one sport. Where guys hang on wait too long do they always Roy Jones junior level where Jones junior so when asked me recently were your three favorite fighters of all time. And when I really sat back and fought about it where Jones junior was my the most dominant fighter of his era. You know because he was before the Mayweather Pacquiao but his level competition was also in my opinion. Greater. So with Manny I think he knows what he's up for well look if he he only has to be great. One time then one night against Crawford role the dice make some good money. What were already writing off worn right were or are already pretty much assuming that that's yeah you know just. That I think to a lot of people. I think from the fan's perspective we're all looking emulate. We don't a lot of them don't think that he won the fight that got him here and we look at Terrance Crawford relate this guy's one of the most devastating. Punches in their right now only he goes and had intentions. Yeah. It's just he he goes in there he's one of those rare guys now where he's looked into actually hurt you and it's not just like he's going up there to win. And I just look at that as it is the guy and deported rough and tumble and and he's not he's he's going to try to make it dirty in there. I don't know man I don't I don't think you can bully a guy like Terrence Crawford Alvin now works you. So Jeff Warren style isn't as much dirty because I I've been involved in two fights where I've been on the other side it's not so much dirty as it is physical. Right people forget he's an Olympian. Mean represented Australia for what that's worth in the London Olympics he can box he he's not he's he has a a pretty good boxing I Q. But he's rock and he strong. I went to Australia a couple of years ago with. Fighter that I managed Randall Bailey former three time to division champions then. And we underestimated Jeff Warren and his strength and his ability to man handle. And Randle who has 85% KO percentage through his career. Landed a big punch in and Jeff. What like Manny like against many of the nine he wobbled. He could have been out on SP. But he was able to bounce back and then really get in the driver seat so. I. I have an I have no doubt in my mind that Crawford's going to be a big favorite and that is going to be tough warned. On you might even stop them and might even stop on that seventh eighth ninth round and because I think that just hasn't fought someone technically. As gifted and in the pro in his prime. Such as Terrance Crawford so that's how I see that gone. Take it a step back I'm happy for ray Beltran. One of the really. Good guys in the sport Nieves who had he finally won his world title maybe he gets his green card gets a stay in the US that are pretty go he's he's a good guy. It's so easy to once used to cheer for him and root for him I'm I'm really happy for him and his team and he'd never be easy either a or B pop that fight but it was very close by he won. I'm here in the victory but I he certainly did it the hard way which I think also makes it that much more sweeter for him. And then we have. March 3 something that you are talking about when I walked in here on during the break. Was some that I talked about a few weeks ago when it came on which was just me about why does it take so long for fights to get. Made yeah you know there's always like a web of things that it is it is a refresher as fans that don't realize they. Now it is timing of opponents there's network thing that is that is why why can we do more cross promotion sides seems like guys trying to. He each other and you know again it you know promoters want to be able to put on the best buy it's without having juice split the pie. And a lot of the times there are. There are speed bombs and there are hurdles in making these fights the fans over there ought to hear these things that is old religious want the fights that happen. But. I think it's adjusting to understand why it. Don't what we talked about it and you know distribution. Dictates. The dates of fights and in this landscape it's primarily. Showtime and HBO. So on March 3 we have a perfect example where these two networks they have to go head to head believe me they don't want to. And in my opinion showtime has the better fights we felt from a fan from the perspective. You have Dionte wilder Taylor I didn't it was a tease for the heavyweight title. In Brooklyn at the Barclays senator. And then our you know across town a little more uptown you have at the theater at Madison Square Garden you have Coble of fighting Sergey something. Or is it even Sergey and I don't know Igor I'm sorry if that and then you have. You have to meet should be able fighting sold Embraer it would for me should be the main event. OK because after it's going to be one heck of a fight. And there's a lot going on behind the scenes on that fight to eat a lot of people don't know be evil. He's definitely the fighter in the light heavyweight division that has the least amount of fights. He is a world champion. But he very well might be the best fighter and he has the loads in very he looks like the real deal the way the way he's been going through a princely yet what you you know unfortunately we've all seen the replay of the first round pale against my fighter turned brought Hearst in Monaco. Which cut there was little controversy leading into that fight so we're we're in Monaco. Others know commission in Monaco. First of all so there was I don't even know commission in apiece and I think we're just dealing with the WPA and and the officials we get to the rules meeting. And we are doing the glove selection Boca and so the gloves come out. And we look at both sets of gloves and immediately immediately. We're like this BS. And so grant had made a custom pair of gloves for Bebo so here's the deal. In a world championship fight unless it's in the contract. You can Wear whatever club she won aware of songs you wearing ten ounce gloves Coca. While these were custom made grand clubs I don't know if they were ten ounce gloves and we try to we can even get one trends hand really so we ended up having to use a backup pair of the gloves that. The heavyweights were using. That Derek to soar was going to be using because that's the only one that trying to get his hands in the and the evil glove was clearly an altered club. It was it was made for his answer that I sort of testing some Wallace and Indians known as. Grand old selves a some taxing Elvis he's getting defensive with me. And the the Russian promoter than roller are the brain so that Charlie album we've heard this before with with Mayweather with. Triple AG is as another person with the same issue that people how would be wearing gloves and in addition to. Andre Ward and look I'm I like Elvis I like wearing gloves up issue right the issue is that there could have been a competitive advantage. And when I saw the way that trip was knocked out. I really don't know because I've also heard from guys that I pats or people that hits really hot and so it could just be that but anyway brewers team reach out to me. Tasked me about the Lauper gloves and so they kind of got ahead of it with a New York commission but sob but anyway. The puzzling and so at that their message regarding you have people Embraer which I think is going to be great fight you have. Ortiz trying to. Is going to be taking on wilder that's gonna be a good fight. I think that out of all of the opponents that. While there has fought thus far Ortiz is clearly. Yes twice more this one is. And and you know I give Lotta Lotta credit because is he has been lumped in with all you've had your guys cherry picked by Al Heyman. Who are these dual layer fighting on and broadcast television we've never heard of them before. He is being going out of his way he's going to find it very tough fighter who have been very easy this week despite away and say the guy popped he has a past. It's what else needs he says he doesn't deserve the shot. Let's also look at that and and I agree with you and when it comes to wild ride I think they gets unfair criticism. Because we've people forget American failed drug test Ortiz failed drug test it wasn't because wilder doesn't wanna fight these guys. I I'm telling you that each sincerely believes he's going to be Ortiz. And he's just chomping at the bit to fight the winner of Joshua Parker death which I kind of thing we think is gonna be Joshua. But Joshua. Wilder fight will be a very entertaining fight if wilder gets passed Ortiz. We'll background to this. Beats miners feel. You will feel. The same time again throughout this we we got Peter Caan. We'll Boxee managers rated really tied into the sport always look talk in this resize and Peter and he's kind of to join us in studio today. See I want to get your thoughts on this because there because talking about crossover with with over promotion and and and and and dates that get they can overlap so there's a situation going on with Lola check of restoring Linares stuff I wants to. They wanna make that fight happen for thing was made twelve or April 20 but. HBO's is. Mega hub about it with a golden boy because. It's right and the it's it's kind of like I'm the sellers it's it's on the bread parts of kanell triple. They wanna do that week for promotion leading into the interview them of course they got the replay of the they wanna show. The week after they already have a fight picked out so. That was some issues to make this fight happen. From your from here and look now what's going on between top ranked golden boy and HBO what you try to see being the best solution for this fight to happen. I agree with a golden boy a 100%. The draw. And the pay per view money is clearly. We've tripled in canal and their rematch. Why would she would cannibalize. Any of that rate and and I eight. I can't imagine that moment Shiancoe it's paper feel that's not a paper here right now to justify it goes again is via at some point right so. I understand that they're thinking that. That this could be some issue leading in the by. Cheaply I mean if it's just a regular H you're not gonna lose fans if if it's part of the HBO subscriptions. I am. They're gonna put law which are colonias there HBO. They Obama ESPN OK so so so what is the what's issued Bob haven't. So there's no issue there's no issue we watch woman Shiancoe fight Linares. Which would be a great fight yet. Entertaining. What why is why is there an idea that he's tied to those dates as he wants to be around the triple you can Delphi I don't understand it affected I don't understand the appeal of why. A UV's upset about the not having the fight on those dates why. Not just pick another day they and to me is the only diet so wanna be around because boxing fans are to be very. All will not only is there canal coming up so here is take all around here's a different perspective. So I had a conversation yesterday with top ranked about. Would they be willing to sign a fighter. Not saying you know that. Was with them and laughed. And we went somewhere else wants to go back. And would they want him back. The answer is yes. Could day. Effectively. Fight him and keep good to the promotional agreement. Due to the stable they have in the dates they have in the fighters they need to fight in order to keep them active probably not right. So sometimes it has nothing to do. With the value of the fighter unless he's in that top 1%. Right that's gonna make them a trillion dollars. It's a matter of can he keep them busy. And so this just might fall into one of those scenarios where. It's not just the main event tickets messed up. It could be at a nine other fights and an undercard that he needs. To keep those guys busy on those states because those states lead off. To a future date but they already have mapped out. Rather things and excellence and other than that it could just be that at this. Time Bob just you know he just seems to have New Orleans feels like has a polity HBO now. Yet as is big deal with ESPN. Susilo promoters were they just start going to cause a spat and the media just 'cause they get it is it makes promotions a grabs headlines for people. Makes it seem like. There's a bad guy good guy element to it so let's just say. I know with like Eddie Hearn. Saying that a wallet needs to be more realistic with his thing is he really just put that up because he's genuinely upset about it or. Does he just want headlines and that is peaceful talking about the fight. That was always a thing with with with pock yeah Mayweather while the negotiations roses snagged fans were picked sides stand to get upset your you'll be emotionally invested two itself. Is there a play element to promoters were all look there's there's still have in a negotiation issues with this happening we can't pick. The pot size the purse size of the split or they have a thing like this. You know I feel like it it is it just a move by broader they generally trying to let the fans know why things aren't happening. So and Eddie turns case would Joshua he clearly has the leverage. And he clearly wants to maintain that leverage because so far. Anti Joshua has proven weakens sell over 90000 tickets at Wembley. And that he could sell for two fights in a row now over 70000 tickets at its. The stadium in Cardiff. Which he's you know now going to be fighting beacons Joseph Parker road. And Arabs case it's simply might be that we all know that moment Shiancoe is a great fighter right. But no one really knows this isn't so this kind of just keeps his name as someone that's important. In the landscape of maybe the public. And for that matter kind of maybe helps me and in the end they're called promoters death of who's so in the end in that sense it's not really a money thing because. You know Loma Shiancoe is great as he has. Just hasn't really connected. With with the average person. Right the average person walked on the street they know who many pack you know as the new Floyd Mayweather. We have this conversation again before they might not even know who Anthony Joshua and younger wilder our now. But they certainly don't know who the so much Nicolaus wrote and his lack of English doesn't help bomb. Which are bulging income LO. Because I find fight finally took place. Last year and because it ended the way it did in because everyone wants in a rematch I mean obviously it's a huge draw. That's a paper view. We'll see here's the other thing. Do we know if this is it if there if Topper in trying to do when he is in paper before that. A verdict kicked around later red eye to be the only thing. Well you mentioned in this permission from your perspective on paper reviews because I'll get that. From a fan's perspective outlook and I don't see many of them down the road anymore and I think. We could do this we talk about the last time with the cola of more than where they meant it seems like you have an all the elements there are two of the best fighters are actually fighting each other. Russian American Olympian and it guy is devastating killing I've from Tom bunch of them like you got all be the story lines there but it just didn't click. Isn't assisted dying. Elements of the sport like fans maybe just I mean I can tell you promote and you have seen numbers elicits a McGregor fight. There are all not where they used to be so is this just it is it is an de an old. Time way of of of selling fights anymore do do fans want a fork over money for. With how television's going people are. Connected less there's wire cutting all over the place I mean it is it realistic to say this is a thing boxing promoter should go after anymore. Brandon I'm so happy that you ask that question. And I promise you that this was not a set up and you have no idea that him and tell you that. Number one your right number two there's going to be a market correction. Number three tomorrow impressions is gonna go out I created to deal with CBS sports digital. No doubt will. Be the first OTT over the top boxing. Distribution. That they will have ever done. And put that deal together for real deal sports entertainment which is a mineral built company. So now what's gonna happen. Is starting march 10 in Brooklyn kings here we are going to solve produce. The real deal show it is going to be on the CBS sports suck com sports live platform. Among the family of networks and about 85 million unique visitors per month. If a great audience between CBS sports. Between CBS which are competent when he was seven sports for a between the sports lives but sportsline fantasy. To be able to promote this. And what's gonna happen is right now or make it free today and user worldwide. Tune in the go on your phone on your laptop or your topic on your Smart TV stream and watch it it's totally free. We're gonna what the sponsors and advertisers. Pay for everything because we are going to bring them. Like I said no merit entry more viewers worldwide got you then. We'll experiments gonna take place. And the way that I've been explaining it is it's it's sort of going to be like the Hollywood model. So now you go lets us say for instance you noted yup they wilder since and you see you know what look your fight. With showtime is not a paper which means that's even Espinosa is assigning rights. And out of that rights be that's what we have to pay you would Ortiz and the rest of the show and that's how works so let's say he's getting two and a half three million dollars. Let's say you don't forget that we're gonna give you would guarantee. Of a million dollars. But you're gonna get points on the back end. And we're going offered this now to the streaming audience for 1999. Not for 7999 or a hundred dollars and we don't need for showtime or HBO. We don't need. A cable operator that we give 18% off the top. And then split with the network 5050 aftermarket expenses are taken out which they determine the marketing expenses. Now it's gonna happen is we can go to CBS and say OK well you know this is the split that we're gonna have on this. On this on this paper view but really we're doing all the heavy lifting yes they're gonna promote they're gonna where were offering it to. The the customer the viewer the fan for far less in some instances 80% off of what the Isa pang. And in in this scenario. We're really gonna understand. The fighters market value via. Well I'm always Father's Day late because for years is fell one of the kings of a review as it's a command of the that'd be in the you know of what probably years ago raises I'm taking away all pay reviews. You know you guys can still do them but I'll give you the ball for 999 a month. And you just stream Oman my platform and I always has found a very silly you know of its demand usually ahead of the curve on these things and sometimes. It's harder for for the other sports to get out of there antiquated ways of how they've done things but I do think it is and staying late. What. Anymore is going to make a fan for over 65 dollars 75 dollars. You know and in a Mayweather is a hundred dollars to watch him fight. You know it's it's very rare men and I think I think other fighters can look at that and why want to get in the something wrong with that but it's. Hard to get to amend the level and it takes a lot of time to get to a Mayweather level and also takes the right cocktail to say well it's it's also a Mayweather. Pacquiao or Mayweather freak show with McGregor that will make you pay for that. Let's think about it the fighters right now everything's arbitrary. Look I have showtime. And I've HBO is I have to then I. How would watch a fight I have to put that means I have to subscribe. To both networks as part of my. My my my DirecTV package right. Look I also like the original programming some are complaining so there's plenty that I can watch an HBO and showtime but imagine if there was no boxing and HBO showtime. I'm not so sure that I wouldn't I mean it's it's added value to the others but I I don't know if I would have both networks. If by didn't have to have them for boxing and if you're telling me dollar per paper view. I can go pay twenty dollars to see this fight and not have to pay an annual subscription. And I can just pick and choose the fights I want it to be five dollars right in the end what I'm saying is that we'd leave the door open or far more viewers. And having to split less money as a promoter. With fewer people yet. Bit help it if it really benefits the fans and the fighters warm though there market value. Yeah well it it seemed they would be a lot more. I guess direct in that regard you know what is the thing that won't get you. You know get the fans in the door so. That's that's that's give me a passive and wants incidents saying that's a distinct and they got to go on the sale. So march 10 it's going to be free I'll remind you it's going to be on CBS sports are com forward slash sports lives and you'll be able to watch the events. And he also opens up to so many new avenues for the broadcast I might be common stating that might be part of commons hitting him on that. And we will be able in Iraq in real time with the fans via Twitter feed right there on the viewer. So it just adds all these different components we also. Alone the entire. Broadcasts inside that viewers so. From a partner standpoint weekend. Really do some unique things that you don't get to see on subscription based premium networks as far as advertising marketing. You know you know interaction with with with with the viewership. Well you're chatting here. Lawyers are prefer while livers sorties or anything cynic amounts of about one. I think youth is going to use and activity. I like who sorties. I need I know him my nose team I know a penalty ease. Worked in his tail off and always going to be there is community has to go through. He's such as a good fighter. I trained that the negatives on his side. Are there age and the lack of activity. I think that while there's used. And the fact that I don't think Ortiz has faced anyone like while there. It's gonna be the difference but might so my pick is going to be wilder and I'm gone with wilder. But nothing would surprise me if Lou if Lewis Ortiz could find not one shot suite spot to be defined it anyone can go. You have that's and they were while I you know he's so good because of how it goes in and throws those wild punches you can't prepare for but it does leave him open. And so there is opportunity there muted that girl rescued you gotta go through those telephone poles but then Ortiz is big men death. You know big thump not a not a little heavyweight and he's a big men. Michigan and I really enjoy this thanks for stopping by and those critical break any of us on the and the patriots a canyon same thing to watch for the as a as a fan thanks for having me I love being here and looking for a million everybody a fantastic. Rest here a week Greg like you really common and and it tenure for the rest of the afternoon and we will talk to each same time same place next week for moon and jagr like in the next.