Fighter's Fury 2-25-2018 (UFC Orlando Recap, MMA Rules Need Fixing,UFC 222 Preview, Wilder vs Ortiz Preview, Joanna Jedrzejczyk Interview)

Fighter's Fury
Sunday, February 25th

Tobin, Cima and Tommie Gunz discuss the UFC Orlando card. The crew goes over the controversy with Jeremy Stephens win over Josh Emmett. What can be done to limit the margin for error? They preview UFC 222. Did Conor McGregor really want to save this card? Is Frankie Edgar going to mess up another young contender? Does Cris Cyborg have the "it" factor? Can Hector Lombard get back in the win column. The trio dicusses Yoel Romero's push to get the UFC in Miami. How can we make this happen? Tobin speaks with former UFC women's strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk about her rematch against Rose Namajunas. She explains how she went from living/training in Poland to right here in South Florida. Why was ATT the team she selected to make her UFC Career better and why she doesn't blame them at all for suffering her first career loss. Is the UFC getting a big bounce back of stars for the second half of 2018? Conor, Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar could all be in the fold. Will a vicious KO win over Luis Ortiz finally be the launching point for Deontay Wilder into superstardom?


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Mixed martial arts and it's time for our players feel. Here's fueling. Seven. He's done everybody welcome I had fighters jury here on seven I didn't tickets over the airwaves you. Yellow live in extended version today. And called back to do a little bit longer because we McCain's baseball coming up after us today itself. We will go until around 1145. Today. And. I would promoted the hell I want after eleven Russia talked to. USC former USC straw weight champion you on NJ sick she is going to be fighting it UFC 223 in April. So get a thoughts on the former champ Rasheed summer first loss. To Rosemary Eunice back in November. And she is looking to get very backer belt when she takes on again in Brooklyn. So vision to get some thoughts from the former champ she trains down here at American top team she's been very. Blowing and loves the fact that she trains and American top team after Lehman Poland's to come to America to train. Take the next step and obviously due to go away the last times abusing to hear from. You'll wanna and where she stands with things and so willow how that about around 11 o'clock for you but. We have a lot to get to a lot of the next week is going to be one of the busiest. Weeks of the year as far stakes are concerned as far as all the action we have. We USC favor view we have showtime boxing car driven HBO boxing card it's it's a very very busy week. You know alas I was busy every we had that we know what we had you know HBO card we had. Fox or let USC on fox Orlando which USC on fox are always my favorite of the number ten. I just love it it just feels like it always goes well feeling the actions always hide the paces back as fast and furious. Billy I could do without is the real McEntire colonel commercials but that's another talk for another day. But last night. You have to Orlando we were alive by Jeremy Stephens they are just admit it was a vicious vicious fight these guys came in. And we are promised a very violent fight and they delivered. Today a withdrawn hay makers left and right each one of these guys who don't and this by as soon as possible. And a one point Jeremy Stephens was knocked down in the first round. So it looked like he uses a real trouble after getting a nice street together. But he was it a rally in round two. And these guys I mean there were Gordon they were going before. Late a stand poured back home run that's that's what was going on between these two in this fight. And eventually Jeremy Stephens he hit some with a left hand dropped Josh Emmitt and Stevens pass is a and he has thrown just vicious elbow he really really vicious. But it was it was with reckless abandon he was not really control where they were going it was in it wasn't. Looking offers opponents well being he is going to end their fight as he should he's a fighter referee was right on top of it. Two of these elbows and I've even noticed this as the story alive so. It's tough for me to criticize the official too much on that. Because you understand it's in the frantic vicious. Pace of a flight at a guy's going to finish things a lot of things that a question can sometimes happen. So I didn't notice the illegal levels right away. But Joba did hit just a behind had he kept scrambling he kept don't move does have a little bit more then Jeremy Stephens there was an eight. The knee missed since. And try to put some back on the way doubt that was very clear everybody saw. The crowd David Starr aboard a little bit as it was going on. Nothing's called fights not stopped no timeout keeps go to the very very crazy frantic scramble. Josh have its ball away. And that Jeremy Stephens has them with two would just elbows from now. Flat lined them fights over. Those are both legal shots right on the. Right on the the face. Of Josh Emmitt and it was over. So. Very very impressive win for Jeremy Stephens a very violent fight as was. Talked about and previewed going into it we are expecting a lot of action we're expecting a frantic pace that's who we got. What do we do with what went down this past week. We're with visit with this past fight do we go. And are you supposed to take away. The fight from Jeremy Stevens. Because illegal shots that were thrown now were not called within the fight is this a case where the commission is supposed to go back we don't have instant replay are they supposed to go back and fix what is happens. To mean. This. Really circles back to. The rules. Are it unified. Everywhere and that's a big problem you never know with. Where things stand now in this case with the needs it should it matter Josh it was down. Points of three point stance four points it doesn't matter EST knees down so throw the knee. Which whipped all the way up clipped all the way down I don't know the significance of it was. Was a great. Boy I do think weather up the rules matter here or not is that the referees don't know I think that you're sure. I think they're I think the two confused. You know Denver Liotta. Who's regarded as one of the best in the sport. And I end Alexander agree that I don't I don't look at a lot of very well finds that while this guy doesn't know what he's doing. He hasn't been in these controversies before within these are Robert de Armas Aussie Chris Weidman. Stopped at a weird time. And you know almost where he called time out and then that was stopped it was called tko loss for Wideman. But though the knees were one of whom was probably legal that one it was illegal but you know he used to show gone you don't eat. They're they're they're cute Fuzzy all the rules were special weather go from commission the commission what's the rules here what's the rules there. Is this a state he'd I don't. I don't know if these referees. Are putting themselves in that. Mindset of follow on in Florida he's the rules here follow on a New York here's the rules here it's just been. What are all set everywhere. Especially. The fact that something like pfc. I got it on their own damn rules whether weather go from state to state or commission the commission would pay. Yeah yeah yeah of the horse when the card here it's not the other way around. If if you are telling people these are adopted rules. Well that's what they should be in this in the commission thing. If the US does you are now you have to have. Four points down for the need to be illegal. And that's what the U of C decides that's a view of you decides. Annie and otherwise there will bring their bare their fights to your state. So it is somebody has to be. Agreed upon here with officials. Sony just get a clear cut case so in a case like Jeremy Stephens. Whether he throws it or not look he would tell that he was to do bad things. It what is its value through let me out there to distract Puerto make judge he was trying to hit with that needs has missed. So. Talk about a thing like in the NBA. All related whether the fight in the NBA. And guys to our shots. If I throws a shot of the day. If he lands. But I really should be the case if your intention is to hurt a person with the closed fist. That really should be punishment enough you meant to do it you just suck it throw bunches that's all of the fact that your bad pledged thrower. Is. Saving your ass from four games. Will this case. If Jeremy Stephens does hit that knee and push Josh Emmitt out. There's no question that he's probably get disqualified. And southern has to be done about that he got lucky. So. The Everett performance yet he get a grip reports Jim receives category performance should punish him in the rankings no. I should be aborted that there. Maybe if he's not he's on the doorstep. He's getting as close as you can possibly get but that probably start to go to the winner Frankie Edgar Brian Ortega next week. Something has to be done. Whip the USC. To fix this. With their officials. Because though they're not officially USC employees. Though not officially. Under their umbrella or under their jurisdiction. It's the same people every single week they might as well be it's the same cast of characters. They're involved with your support enough. And tied to enough junior events. That they have to be giving into a singular set of rules to follow. And that she be led by Dana White. And the USC and the powers that be and they should go to every commission. Total put the rules are and that (%expletive) if you don't adopt him we did try it. That's it. Because this is happening too many times. With a referee's. Either don't know the rules don't have forced the rules dead show up are too confused. It's a good that's gonna happen. So. Let's stop. Leave him back and decided. Missouri commission do what you want Florida commission do what you want New York commission do what you want no. You're the show here everybody wants the USC to come to their state. So so make something happen don't put us on the Florida commission. Don't put the sun. Other states commissions make that decision for yourself. So a dimmer Liotta is do what they a fight in Vegas or he's doing it Orlando or if he's doing it in Kansas City. He's got. One rule set that he has to know. Follow and dictate the rules and that's it there can be no questions about this. Could he was right there yet a great view for everything what he doesn't know what to enforce. Does he deserve blame there sure that's what he's therefore he should know. But can understand why he doesn't why he's hesitant why he why he questions himself to enforce these things. Because. Ultimately. Then there to protect fighters that's good that's rule number one. But also there to know what situation because if they stop by it's really people are pissed if he lets fight goes too long people are pest. So get it. These referees don't wanna be the guy who upset who upset the audience or get food they're humans. So let's take the variables out of this let's make it is easiest possible. For this. Because. I think the result should be what it was last night just haven't lost that fight he was tko. Was a question of things that went on a fight yes. We do need to recognize. That a bullet was dodged last night. That. We almost had disaster. And it could have been worse. And so let's fix it before it the disaster. Next time would back up to this. It's miners Fiore. I look back fighters here here on seven on the ticket. Siemens together in the building. Good morning guys. Happy fed day happy Sunday removed Plame Wilson hippies. Do not sleep Jesus formal letter yet but so is going on there who would with the gals have been that excited. To discuss and the break a little bit about the illegal knees and elbows BC a little more loose on this Sima I AM. Let me know we'll Brooks what are you what are you feeling good ot a model you're I can tell you how are bothered we yulia. So with the elbows. The first. Will call them quote unquote illegal oil boom Soka so the first quote on quote illegal elbow hits him in the year my ears not illegal. You can hit somebody in the year on the side ahead. That's what's so that the first one is illegal oil moved noble to me. The second one while it did hit the back of the head. Josh and it turned his head if you watched that tape he turns his head he rolls his head over. To avoid the shot obviously. But. Stevens is already engaged in already throw in that second album any hits him on the back of the head hardly got a standing there. Right on top of the action just look at that exactly right and I think dimmer Liotta felt the same way. And he got all like a that you told. Cormier afterwards too that's one that it was in the midst of the fight. Internet zone and he was rolling to defend himself. Guys get hit with those kind elbows in ground and pound every single. Fight them so to me. That's like collateral damage you know Josh and the debt that shot right here did not end the fight for judge and judge Emmet with down. I don't care what anybody says from the time it would correct. I figured it was a matter of time and everybody agrees with that I have not heard anybody say that debt noble. Steady hit him behind the head with is what caused the fight to be finishing no. Knew that knee. While I understand. He shouldn't have thrown that mean then that mean missed. Any cause no damage whatsoever. With regards to your analogy I appreciate the MBA analogy yet but. A non despite sport analogy to a fight sport analogy I think because he threw the name. You can't stop the fight and say oh you know disqualification. Because you you threw an air knee. And there was the potential for it to be a foul right but I do think that we see all the time thousand fights that can be war. You shouldn't be could've been warned could have been more I don't I think it therefore at that point in the fight. He could've been warned I don't think it result would result in a stop of action. I think it would have been a verbal warning while engaged what we normally see pay keep your punches. They don't get behind ahead. It's it's that type warning which would not have stopped the fight over which the action would have continued right into the fight would've been stopped. Josh and it might be still asleep after those two elbows that he took when he was laying on the campus. And I don't think this in any way shape or form should be allowed to be protests that should be overturned should be ruled a no contest there should be no blemish no Astrid known enough. I think that. Jeremy Stephens won this fight fair and square and if we're gonna sit here and we're going to go into replay action and in all of the you're gonna have to do that every single fight. And the fight sport will be ruined from this point forward tomato would you just like to what went down. I believe that the fight is there in the keys to play in there and they have that momentum. Yes there in terms of rules there are some inconsistencies. When they are applied in when they're not apply. But the ref is standing right there and it's just. He's watching it in with dealer Italy yes I think so he could've stopped it a little sooner. I've it was a fair mighty wind. Guess we'll look I don't have a problem with the result. Aaron probably Jeremy Stevens. Did in that cage it's a fight. We all watch every single Wii remote and I doubt from couple weeks horrible that horrible no no no. Penalty no point deduction in nothing but a much bigger problem is with the with the rules. We don't have any rules that are agree there are very few rules and mixed martial arts. They should be agreed upon and they should be the same whoever walks into a cage with four ounce gloves on. Each should be the same and the fact that yes to go to germs uses it everywhere Florida so keep in mind. If it's all in one hand cool. Or if it's this cool but her New York not cool for kids not cool and luckily that didn't really got us to think about that is he's been a multiple things before. So I would just like. All want to be agreed upon and so we I believe it and we got to do a little bit it's August or before bubble for the segment started. I didn't need the USC to step up here. Strong on these commissions at the same. These are that there are rules we want and if we don't we can't see that you're gonna get the FBI involved in in MMA. That it has strong or would you say she wrong on the Michael what's going on down there. Are we gotta we gotta phone tapped we got a phone to have these guys are you read it and what's going on we need to dictate they're talking about not go into a state because of the rules. But let's investigate. Idea of those seem like a figure it I think that that they need to take the lead if Italy. But they had their drug testing they employees are they could just estate commissions yes they got their own drug test may decide on payroll and a sport they wrote to but they did it. So I think that the UFC contract through I don't know man not soon enough he asked me John Jones here in the suite four let's go. Let's don't lenient. I just think that they need I think there needs to be a lead here from the top mixed martial arts promotion to say hey. You need to adopt this war we income. And I think that would get everybody on board. Enough to say our while we need them to come here we want them to come here. Especially states like this where they don't come very often. I agree I agree with you there now legally. The organization came dictator be involved in the process with the commission of setting the rules. But I'm sure. There with a little bit of influence. And seeing where they will fight based on what they air requirements are. To have the UFC sits there requirements for rules that look we're only going to go to states. That have adopted these unified rules. Then. I think that you would see. A call for action and states actually adopt those rule right. And in this situation it mattered because he he had two knees on so it should have been illegal no matter what. When I say in the referees are sold and confused. They don't know what the pull the trigger on to throw warning out. Or to stop a fight or an adult what they I don't feel like they're confident enough in their own had some refs are too. Lenient with Clinton damaged go near the sake so homer to quit to stop iturbide. So some some don't know what gets it flights eat it and so I figured if you got it as a promoter. Do everything you can. That to have your fighters in the best position to just have the cleanest results. So would it have mattered here you're right probably not general Steven should have that windows resonate we should be changed to a no contest. And that's what people are calling for good morning I think that's it's ridiculous people are called for all we hit it within the legal noble the fight should be ruled a no contest. Really now it should have been again you have to go back and look at every fight yeah guys hit with the illegal elbows in. In the midst of the action yet nobles are coming down one every two to three seconds and and a guy turns his head he's trying to defend himself and he happens to. He didn't do it intentionally ride bear down on the back of his head and that's what the rules are for it it's like it's like Jim Stephens. Was doing it because he easily had to cheat you know a guy on the end of a fight. That's all of this to meet as though there's about all of gonna punish Jeremy Stephens I that you should. How does what does resonate and he should either be fighting for the title match or beat a fight away from fighting for the title next he'd he deserves that when it. What it should be noted. Hey guys this is still out here that our rafts. IC with what what to enforce went to enforce like you said there's I judges from week to week. There's an ease when you don't know what they're supposed to stop and not stop. I do feel like they're asked to be a coming together of the mine's a slick looking up well and if those rules commission every single year on what's the what are the rules what the rules. These refs need to be up to date up to speed and I think it would help if the rules worse with the same everywhere. Just take up the margin for error as that will be a better spot as a sport as fans of the sport. And for the fighters. I really do so. That's a big result from last night Ed yet it was a good car and go to. Who's our daughter was great fights is great fights and just the closed that segment out. If the UFC there's a way to approach it in a very diplomatic way. Where it doesn't seem like four have the the perception of them. Influencing. The state commissions because that'll be the first thing that people say is that oh because in the big organization there influencing state commissions. They could they could clearly come out and say that in in the best interest of our fighters. In the best interest of the referees. Controlling these fights. And in the rain or in the cage engaged in action. We have instituted a process. By which we're mandating. In that in the best interest of our fighters in protecting them that. We are only going to fight in states that debt it here to X rules right. They would if they did then I bet you would see. Conformity across the board everybody would say you know what we're gonna adapt those bug up those rules because. We want the USC coming down it's that I'd say it correctly but they have the position it has force fighter safety net and ending the essence of creating continuity for all of the refs and the judges. Who in most cases it's the don't understand what's going on in the cage anyway. Which is why fighters. Are so focused on finishing fights because they don't want to go to the judges yet. So that would be that would be. My recommendation what did you think of. Of the rest the coal and what's that's the other of that that standing guillotine was a that was classic that is unbelievable Jose Alonso took in about refs did. Look they a lot of credit to the other side the guys happen on the other rights act and he's been on the left side is gonna like what's gone on here yeah. And it did it's let's say is like Haley third it's obviously been hit it really doesn't it did you just feel that as the really that weighs arm dropped a felt that to happen but it. It's gonna stop it is that way the armistice dangling big tree fall hard of its it was a big boy Tinto. He added that didn't feel like it worked in the laws of physics however if you made that happen. Let him be strong as well. Yeah he's beats his man who mocks little Lou we're call a lot of I'm my highlight this fight. To members Aurilia I liked their fight to assure you it's too short stocky wrestlers going to war. I think that the that wrestling is neutralized at that point. They could and they just stand and bang I think that's interest in that I did indeed be some some new blood of the top 205. And I don't know I out of the Gorman is gonna fight up to this Steven fight one way or another. I don't think soon he doesn't want to get beat by Jones again Alicea I think a less obvious always funnel golfer but obviously it's huge money formula. I'd be a big. Good retirement plan yet he's a great retirement plan. You'd you versed on deals with a heavyweight title the other there yeah I'd say it's. I think that's definitely that's definitely big big time dough for them. Yeah so there was that nice given defeating Mike parry by the city and he beat beat him up Mike parry. I know they have high hopes of my Perry because he's you know he's he's the old cement you know go out and brawl in these. I think he's in a way that they hope he's kind of a new count will fight and by any anybody anytime anywhere blah. At least lessen shortcomings for. That scenario I was reading the coup recovered and post a moment caught on codes and went who'd do Richard kogan creek and look Kobe is trying to lift the shell sodden. Gimmick as as high as as resentment at the towel from the same stiff from the same stage out watched watched Joseph grownup light TE's. He's tried suits you go to you know by your Brazil called Brazil to to fill the annals. But it he waited for the GO regular here. I don't mind. And eighty degree you have this and you. Past appeared to rehearse hey Mike Perry Justin report. Maybe having your ratchet horse race gophers head trainer isn't the smartest idea and the plan on planet earth. But hey when your product of cousin bleeping in Ocala Florida house to argue decision making skills being. Yeah. That's rough. That's rough that is do you know the question is as my period the even respond to that. Culture is like right number three right now so I think a fight between eight probably a lot of fight. Not only to get revenge on that but also because. Yeah that'd be huge when we get him up in the rankings mean my Perry needs these two loss in a row for now so if he does need. Something to really bounced back from a I don't know of going Covington really wants the fight of my parity does. You know he's probably a finally appeared at a title shot himself Mike they're really good in the third round though he did. He did he came back pretty good you did he base was wide open is he's he was newsworthy yet the cut on the side is I don't he defeated serial Italy and I was eyes were kind of really about as well. Savage she is easy easy he's a complete that pass. So all suitable. We'll see evidence of that as if if if Colby loses the fight coming out that yet you'll be you'll definitely get that at some point between these two. That does dimmed its fighting words. You can't you can't tweet that I did not expect that an old fight. You can't put that like a street fight quote like late. There's not even like in the key state though no that's like your bags the UN we growth each of his pants at the liberals that gets. I'm sorry I don't adds that it's like crossing. Especially because as involved as well but his his girlfriend is his coach. Seoul. I didn't like the fact that she was extreme in that break his leg break at play like. Mars. That's what let's go back to that and the group round if it. I would like to belly. Is elegant thing where he like he lakes here in the voice is that something that works that way for him to that is the Jewish day. That he hasn't there. Imagine after the lights going on it and listen to me then at then coach you know that's tough. Most of that I think heroin mixed tape that they used to do that they are together Malia and more of these I don't believe you reached its world champion. Measure that did well I don't really remember what she looks but let's see if that dude hits on her. Like out of the cumbersome and my owner who run. Geez in the back. Just those that vicious elbow right in some of these growth just knocks an uncle of stuff. But I don't like a reality TV issue here it's your I I I I think it should be. Mike Perry vs Kobe Covington in the Ultimate Fighter. Imagine that causes have a reality show the together. That's the great tell that is great television. It's cable you know it's talking about that its cable TV there's a lot of fights coming up this next week voted to index. Each miners feel. On your back by this jury here 79 hits that did. Go longer today because. James -- thoughts coming up Seattle here for me on NJ ticket the top of the hour. Mentioned speak with the former champ she's go over there she poses. To you hear that interview she she loves to South Florida. Love South Florida loves American top team which surprising a lot of time after a fighter loses. You know the media blamed osu Newt can't you what are you guys doing there could be for the from the from from. From that with her she is she is not that camp for or she's not a Matt. Feeling with her camp that's that's pressure when school here. Some real a busy week of the next week really busy. It's amazing that between all the fights and really set about the heavyweight fight a street Gionta Wada Luis Ortiz. Finally get that because. There was some weird stuff Luis Ortiz is a drug test the last and so got scrapped. That they got into the Hialeah racetrack he's doing and I would John. I don't know man I don't know I don't know what is I around with a hole but assault and clean thus far look I wanna see this fight. That if Dionte when this. And if it Joshua winds maybe we'll finally get the governor's biggest fight ever for DB for the out there Waller read. And if you look we don't all all Louise sort teases. Question Willy Kabila told that he says he is. But he still is still a dangerous knockout artist. And I think it's one of the toughest test that the of this fought the other got that wild style where it's like it's it's it's leaves himself open. But he's also very vicious and there's not a lot of ways you can defend to succeed guy with a as long as telephone poles come and preach and it's it's. The tough stuff to prepare for. So I don't know but I but it. Meanwhile there because younger feel like he's on he's hit that that stride in his career finally where. He's just going for absolute absolute blood every time he goes in there. Where at times before he was lead him back maybe let guys have a little bit too much you'll wind up. But he really a step at a Macau additionally a little to make awful oh win over remains to America's. And yet to beat him once and beat the breaks off on this last house to Vernon really wasn't active self. Australia have a great grass of the out there while there after that it's just it was a very impressive highlight reel member he had trouble against some guy there was an owning. Yes he had Joseph Washington Joseph wants it was given trouble and then he ended up finishing them but but yeah I was really given the business for a lot of the so you got the power. He does give you opportunity yes so that'll be interest and Louise says that you know. That that Cuban style amateur style where he can make himself tough to hit. And so this Q1 of those things where does though is. While there. Maybe if he goes in there he's having trouble as miss a lot. Is there one where where where Lou is reduced it hit one right down the pipe. And really put him down now look while as a really big dude. Dug himself a balance sewed it could be one of those things or maybe he doesn't hurt them. Devastatingly even though lose his love WW put of the canvas because maybe while as the bad position. That's a realistic fight to watch since we've wheels got UC to Tony to. Which is. Annette. Is it. To carve out a schedule paper view. Yeah at the who's gonna go from people who sit to locate garlic but there are scrambling to loses policy Max hollers Frankie Edgar which I can we see that fight. I don't know that's a great fight but again I don't think it's a huge paper view out of that have a lot of huge interviews right now yeah I think I think that. The Holloway. Vs Edgar fight it's great for anime fans but rather than have mass public appeal Devlin. Devlin but you know look frank he credits a braver stand on this fight this fight card of fight Brian Ortega. I gotta feel afraid he's gonna just chopped the room because the effort that's offer he does for you just he you've given the young dogs who look like they're ready for the next step. And he just he rips through like a buzz saw. And so Ortega is gonna go there and yet he's gonna look that submission or Frankie Edgar but. Cottages feels like Fred yager he's just gonna he's gonna take you you know rag body's gonna put a public on you just can't. You Max hollow is a big a big challenge for for sheer. You know every time you think you're right Frankie Edgar off he just he he he shows you know. I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm a different level from a different levels of the game and he really is he's just he's just a little beast that's all he is it's it's unbelievable what's in his career. Really impressive. The owes Gibson though some kind of McGregor came out this week. And he said. Put this on Easter day. And I had spotted Seagram. And says I'm fighting against period of the best of this. I put my name forward a step in for UC to 22 face Frankie Edgar when Max Holland pulled up and I was told there was enough time to generate the money. That the USC would need to pay him to pay him miss obviously more. And excited about the last minute and take you the final for the way. Without all the rest of the dust up click on the game please respect the insane amount of work outs that McCain that I put in. Among the top of fighting I'm here it is only time it's on them to come get me because I'm here yours and soon the chip chip. And trademark trade gesture. That religion. The program. The services of this opportunity. Greg Edgar is manager. Ali Abdul Aziz that things that is. He says that's bull bleep it in he didn't do that that's that your. You think are actually put his name of the ring or kinda did it did you pay me. They may have done to the USC I don't think the USC consults with Frankie Edgar's manager about people that volunteer for the fight that's sure you know he's. The possibility now Dana came out and said. That's bull what you call it pull people believe Mobley a bull bleep got to be careful here got it. So if Dana came out today I would believe it more so than Frankie Edgar's men actor think who is he. The room. Other at at at but I think. I think Connor may have done it but asked where some astronomical amount that he knew he would receive but he putted out there. Yet of people are always so that Frankie Edgar filing O'Connor isn't always try to dump Frankie Edgar finally got to ducks anybody in the in the guy goes. Mean yeah invite him getting ten million it's it's hard it's hard to argue that he's a darker I mean you can say daddy's sat on the sidelines now law. You know can be even Tony there are slowly now but looking at a Floyd Mayweather fight those gonna pay him a hundred million dollars and you know it. But I think if you told Tony hey Tony you take a break from from you receive will be a fight. You know Floyd Mayweather bitch get a hundred mil. To be the same thing they've LTQ and what was their fighter on the Ross of the doesn't take that where aid they talk now like gore you're good rule of Moody's who were to warn poured. Right. We Dario who really are their prize fighters. So the key get near 75000. Dollars and foot. So. But yes what we got this we go afraid Gallagher is a brighter tea Oliver yeah Edgar and Alan Diaz feel the same way that Ortega. Young dog he's to unload him. I have not been let me just clarify this code. I have not been that impressed with Brian Ortega. And seeing them buy thus far. And that thing that Frankie Edgar is too skilled. Has too much cage experience. Has faced. More adversity didn't brain or take you could probably imagine at this point in the cage. That I believe. Frankie Edgar will find a way to pull it out yeah if not I will be shocked. And I will be sorry. For Frankie Edgar for taking the fight because now he would have to justifying climbed back. Into title contention to get that shot against Max out. Yeah they will but that's it I got to respect the guy got ideas that he doesn't want to drop out even though. That opportunity is their form you know with a lot of guys that are on the doorstep and waited out the he's not doing. Said you have to give credit there what do you think Tommy guns and definitely get thank you and I think the more experience yet sheriff. A you have that it all the scene and cyborg fight this week against a group Scott yeah no no. Not at all now was that. Two dozen of them the edges. It's almost like it's it's like watching. Went to the slaughter. He is just like watching none. Like an unfair fight death. You know it it was almost like watching last night on Drudge. Writing teacher Torres. Like I feel bad for teaching tourists. Does digit Torres was there to fight she was putting on a great by issues are making connection. Would have liked. A Bulldog frighten them mosquito. Right. And I was like really she's she didn't punch in the face and and drug users come reportedly you know here take this to. But give him that sinister wash and cyborg finally aliens. She's not do it the thing where. Just finals like Jeremy Stephens says where it's like just bull rush Gina she is take your time being a part of our opponents and then obviously it has. Davis said Dayna said to her hey we relaxed so we can get some people defied tunes like make it look like you're slowing down a dozen lawyers get a weaker. But she's she's extending the fights well they announced Michigan looked more competitive you know this this week that amended is gonna find at 224. So that ID fighting too far parts of maybe you'll get that fight. I guess we'd I want Amanda knew you Nunez to. Do I when she could take it to. That it seems so if they're both fighting if we march. And Tony force probably in May. So. Both play in the fall maybe they can get that fight that to happen. Liked the mechanical. The mechanical pet despite this week. Years on the freelance. Is on the gorillas as the end I was looking back of the because taxes fights you know there's always a moment where he's he's got it. An edited slipping away form but he hasn't gotten a win in the USC. He 12050 million daily news and he popped. So he really has ever went on record since Tony fourteen would you do opt. But you're rumored to bring peace. To break. He took Kubrick yeah. Eyes take a CB dollars on how to interpret that'd first whose Sega CB Dow away who's lost three of four. And also is in a lawsuit that obviously because he had that incident in Brazil. With we're like yep her by an elevator. And so he's he's fighting his playing CB dollar. Yeah it was it was and he was doing media in UC Brazil and they got some in some of this but this elevator that broke me hurt. In this the USC's ball well he's dug its colleague I guess take a Workman pumping what I don't know but that's that that's going on right now. But he's of what he's hurt. Is that it's neat that wherever they word that that's their fault. Well maybe not the US he's bald well he's Ella with its posted check the elevators or the buildings that they have interviews and yes. Really only days ago that you kids a sentiment is that what he would be to have one of those old school elevators to cage you go to Brazil. C'mon relax and inflexible and division is all you needed to Brazil now. Take a trip to question all matters. In some locations. What is the very mission is nervous about and elevators and sounds as it shakes. I think it's the he would be sounds yeah the electric. Young. And. Is it or hesitation you know when it kind of eye gets at who I go to the worst element in South Florida where that parking garage city place. Worst elements off on most parking garage is anywhere pardon that are over fifteen years old partner is city place. You can't get to a flow that a group of doom. Every time. Every time it'll it'll be a test of presidency bill if you'd like your you like your own space mountain or something. It's ridiculous at how the guy who's at the elevator doesn't believe that you talked about. But I'll wait at the mall the bugs lit but I need to touch too. Because I think that Richards company okay hey tig Willard for if the lights on the other discovered that that it is that the or you look at you like. This you don't do the hard rock every week. It's got a giant blood on this as casino. You know you don't mess. So everybody is what is who's in the parking garage of gold of the the fourth floor on the parking garage will go to the casino. Yeah that's how. The giant red light is lit up that says casino. Edits it is indeed risk for the slots yeah oh yeah dignity and that. The more he hits the button to is his wrist ready thank you sir graduated to be you're my touch wasn't good enough. The big picked up some touches what's vague ago. Not not not the one that I had you you elements there. Some people feel like the profits of the elevator is determined by the accumulation of people that push the button that it it's not. The more people push at the pastor is gonna go it's not it's no. Then itsy of the leaders know when these two I think UBC be done away hopes if he does. Then. Here's broke. Deal begin Natalie I think. That's probably. Whether the US sees that this idea. They're probably like okay workman's comp you won't work with Scott we don't put you in the against Lombard. And we're gonna give you work with company after the fight. Itself started to you wanna settle witness after that. You yes they do you think about it I just found with the weather we have that would Dan Henderson had an innocent so hurt enough by then there. Did succumb to that a lot of nowhere near Neil Manny fight he had him pummeled down. Neill Maggie vols out of sight dance. Then ultimately to have these inhibitors in Henderson went on to get a title shot after that death and say think like man he's been he's been late. On the three yard line and some of these fights and it's. So now slipped away from them. As though he's got to get this just act. Turned out. And totally over the moon with EA you know our marriage story coming to Miami I have two who lets go already let's you let's get his daughter ready Tommy has been to dozens threes has got to fight Miami where he is the program. Your marrow is this is pushing it despite his title fight against Robert Whitaker down here. That would be great if people in Miami would actually show up to the flight. I think and Italy we get to be a real test those Siva what they always give those bogus. You know B level cards which give his game you know Miami it's an event they'll go. So if you give a championship fight longer than that this same weekend is ultra. Don't do that can be stupid that's got to be we can really opened here. Put it right in the middle marlins' season. VOL says Cuba would go crazy Miami would go crazy. Many people in the world would go would be so happy. What would you have your everybody at American top team's out of Arafat went off to travel and a state tax we beat everybody would be down to do that they did do it what is it to combat club vs ATT to regain share. Share whatever that is big names yet. Let's go. I'd be all four man though American Airlines Arena. Well negative no other could and political art in New York for the one who doesn't want account of Florida fortnight yeah did do it in the winter. So like on November yet. And close enough. And nice and warm. Have. This is justice really stupid does every B to put on it makes me calm and view is it. Brock Lesnar vs John general rule. Yeah. It's auction. I just saw your face like like your neighbors. God. You tell me Brock Lesnar is a John Jones noted that wouldn't fill the rafters and at the triple that on what do you do boo but that's what Miami who need to go to doing in Vegas. That's where we're at where we would need here Vegas megas well. The difference with the Vegas. Is the whales. That come in to see the fights. So those casino properties. The they patron. What are your nerves though that you're not sell in the 25000 dollar seat. Cage side. He heard American or. The casino will pay that. Politics involved there like Egon and GM and a delay curriculum above though I'm so this. Try to give as they are a speaker on it and other heavily breadth and that's the financials secure wit behind the scenes that your take your realistic date details elsewhere if you notice it at I don't care for them. Well it that fantasy element public drive on like a pie in the sky mentality dream on dreamer that's how I'm like it. Well what about I would love that fight here what what about it it can do it again bush really can't get the cards. Australia because you know why human thing. Yeah I would actually. Because Austria travel and tourism pays them to do. Really yes indeed be brutal who is the biggest sponsor. On the match. Austria this. Yep that's a fact we need to do they pay the money. They pay the money. That's why they do all these fly overs during the breaks you know these are talking about and welcome to the U of C in the in the these shall lead cliff divers and things like that they're promoting travel and tourism to Australia didn't see that debt. The money that Australia is putting out they did a Super Bowl ad. What Moscow we had a there was it was that your well at the hard rock yes how did that do that do amazing and so. Slowly movement who there was Machida written yet and yet the building was jam packed and was doing again. In my. Why don't let me get a card with a guy like three guards or window. With a cousin leader and that's going on. Kobe gonna do we're not mud not mud. When he was talking about Ocala not Orlando Florida yes. There are enough heat here who do you want to inflame the Mickey Mouse down after you. Our along with the guys for a little bit after. For the next hour you ought to JJ got just dispute the former champ she's fighting your seat. True to what a three we'll hear from her next. It's got to drive Joseph announces to his story is just like Juli says Bianchi being vilified audited six he has taken on. Rose WS for these straw weight title coming up DOC 223 ought to thanks Reagan cut first really appreciate it. Thank you some hot day cricket boxing the bag and I think it's very very not well. And even Gordon agreed that ducks reminded by the Miami. Yeah we're very important also nature and undergone how did you decide that you want to come to South Florida to train and know you've been down there for a little bit now but what what. Alleged grown from from your homeland to come here. You know I think he didn't talk forking it over again murderer wondering how could go like I looked a bit faith. I look at China beyond that historically gone for two years and eight I interpret it looked good as they would if she goes. Go door that he'd be they're called for and is being read this trend. And that kind of the same time. Because there I want my bag that they meant component there might be trying to get back there that we did we displaced Pete Bach. Let Betty I had to make these this Internet nice but so far the best. This vision in my frightened Korea. I don't think he Guillen is in deep scenic go to our I've grown to more recovery coupled to. I can the end of quite frightening courteous. And I think they've been hacked our third. Then utility on the right and who yeah. In cocoa not create it and making people look great coaches and this group sparring partners on. Lou warcraft and that thanks. And it's important and I have been angry actually you know might how many they're wiping out there right at my and it grew very broad I can't dole. Move here because I didn't have been. And mentor couples so what I hit here or Mikey brought and it got me the former H handgun and I were quick cup they're called he's. And other great gotten so they've got a great field before I'm not talk and professional not quite there. Where there are a lot of places you wrote you're looking at when you decide you want to move to America what have you read I don't Evan amazing reputation and and a lot of the government simplified is what made you want to land down here. You don't want and looking at aren't clearly gunmen and I caught off guard I look the great pick I know they're keying in and that ain't cutting or has the great. Think because I want that aggravation thinking that they are but I'd be. I'm this I'm imputed to make PP and like that so far because the event. This season ending right I think probably an end he'd come to be an all marked the wee bit better for the older than not better. Don't forget he's been lobbed back and we've seen that happen and I'm a couple happy. Bit of atheist Bettman said the Barclays Irina. Yet the it's going to be an amazing midnight divides between you and Tony cars and to believe fighting for the ballads it's going to be an amazing night for fight fans that. I'll fundraiser. I can't I can't wait for us a social media my guide diet Davis working out get ready her for rose for a rematch. How how you fell in this Campillo on is is it different you know you know it is the first lawsuit coming up your career do you feel different motivation is at the say some other what is the feeling like I guess like profit for the one. Are you know what I'd more phone calls and they grow throughout my idol and I. And it's I think I'm I'm on the focal on its own but. You know former and people are mean if I were going to work the government can't vote seamen and and culture I think yeah because. We didn't do anything but we were more than happy we got fight broke my younger. I'm not there aren't that many people who. Talking about my excuses but I don't look for a is that. And all the guys being in business for many years and it would be complete if I was looking for excuses I thought I gave you don't use that check out I had so much it hurts. But thought I I couldn't complete article looking for because of the way her life. I I had I only beat cop I mean I had to iron and I learn how to be patient. Golf I don't know about the state cropping you know and and I guess what they've got bank would be looked at me and it's always good. What's it like. You wanna when you're on top like that so much and you have to go in I guess camp after camp and and and figure out I guess new ways to better yourself is is it harder. Do you find it harder against. Being in the position beyond toppers there's it harder going at this point trying to go get it back. And that's the part of question you know every time garner who defended the better you I'm glad that they think that. Of course people thought he'd be protected at all look at that try to shorten that bad box he didn't Mardy people to keep on defending it but a and yeah even hundreds popular keep your I. Bull Clinton even more than before. And you can you not expect from people moral law and expect more from their bad. And yeah I'd be needed to. And this I want all my friends to be patient. Says. And deployed forces toward the I don't think we're buried in there and I'll. But I I agree aren't quite the bag are your car and it's good good decade. The chilly about. What is your fair part about living in South Florida besides getting did awesome Camden and terminated C what are you like outside of Kevin South Florida. People people who are well not I don't might home ground and I would Borger and very incoherent and might feel they have been like I'm eating and Trent. And then. I imagine there. They're I would be done I think so I genuinely good routine month in Florida that I try to console booking mug. But I don't really at all. The no I'm not as people are or not. There whether any great and I actually call now I feel like comments that include people who are making that they and become a an amazing people I feel like home in Florida and I know that whenever I don't know they're. What are your guys they see you all Romero he's you try to get the most momentum behind haven't had a championship fight down here would you be down to that defending belts. Down in Miami. Why not why not up. Why not like I met my second home don't expect that one home and I don't think that the I would like to or their bodies can be huge in this they blow it up. Sure my front cute worried that can they don't like the. They're pretty awesome dog thank you for take him some time what does best of luck the rest away in Tampa will be watching. I statutory rate. I hope we gonna talk after the by me on my application app that every fight in Miami. I would speech. Miami amazing beautiful oh I don't know that that good but fortunately there as well. I wouldn't streamed by and talk the economy that. Joey the only way. I don't want what's up I thought I'd love to see you wrapped around her waist again Greg is so much. I. That's your alleged sick she is fight in for the strong way about China negroes and Communists in the rematch April 7 live on pay per view that's a hell of a card to be in the Boggan made off. He's taken on Tony version which is supposed to be now for the on this you want to do five bout went all the content McGregor drama settles. It's about as good carded you can get very much looking forward to that and appreciate you want a sob and by enjoy the show now okay. The feeling excessive desperate call for. And I realized I guess there's about the history and note to self. I'd admit though that's a look real pieces. Doug do you console cain's baseball. Which a good job around 1145 an abbreviated show first which is that news from. Alex Rodriguez park mark like fields. And they got an engine Marlys Jim Morse lessening and you have you have something to write. Achievable plan what did you Morse is a bigger deal of that. He got a room. Pitching mound. I get everybody welcomed event all Manila from our platoon house Rodriguez Clark and has taken the divorce battle scenarios that are in the bottom box thirds of its. Blood. Anyway so will go for about another half hour here do it gives more fights stuff because is. You know cause us to be a fraction off hours with a ruler of the Helen Walton that's a funeral plus we all he takes tomorrow against and every one to three. With we're going to be similar Cheryl Bob been on the morning shows as rob and amber as well. But yet we had a big week coming up next week I do think this is inching though from the standpoint of the USC the had a good week. From. This perspective because they got. Coming up next week you have two to 22 and thanks ideology to pursue as a time of us. On the show and talk about her fight a lot of debris that's legit I think one of the best cars of the year when they have pearl the guardians rose known Eunice Tony Ferguson they are commuter arm enough probably to best. What you do fibers active right now on the planet of course come McGregor it is in that mix as well. But the fact that you know reports surfaced this week. That. Condit McGregor and you have sea they're in negotiations. Dave Meltzer from the wrestling is there observer heels of those were for MMA fighting dot com. Here report those negotiations are going well for to fight to fight stress they're gonna bigger issue of the two fights. And that you for this year. So that's great to hear if the U of C gets him they also are gonna probably thought about John jones' streaky as his hearing per his U solid tests. Where he popped her. They low dosage of steroid. After his day Cormier fight but. You know it seems like he's got a lot of momentum behind that now being too serious as well because Dana White said that he had his first talks to John Jones since that fight this week. And I imagine. If that's the case you know danys has got no influence over. But if that's the case of Davis talking to John Jones. And we've heard from no Jeff Nowitzki when he was on Joseph Rogan podcast and he says that he doesn't believe John Jones anything intentionally. If they awarded yours so they like our John you have a year suspension. Which would clear him by July because it would be retroactive. I think doubt probably satisfy all parties involved. And now and also take him up to Daniel Cormier is next fight he's fight Steve peck but it ultimately there's two ways they can go here. Because the I think that the USC got from this week I was adjusting. Paul news around Brock was out of these legitimately has measure but he played his manager. Noon WW world. And he said that he believes Bruck was as ready for UC putt and any time. And he also some shady stuff last me four with the with the mark conflict. But either way if the USC had a wish list this year. And you could tell him hey we're needed to kind of McGregor fights. Another John Jones returned fight and a rock was their fight. I mean they would they would be dying for that you know we're talking about a Siemens Orleans last hour that the other spiked up this week. At UC toads to Torre to its good start it's it's it's an okay card but the paper view where the and even what what what they had originally. Max Holloway immerses you all rarer it's not what they would call a pay review home run that you think that that market has to be. Adjusted for what people are really willing to pay seventy dollars for anymore I do think that does have to be a market adjustment for that just because of how much contents. Were allowed to get now ala carte for so little how many fights are available to us for free. That you could say realistically match up to this. You know if you were to go to the UFC also cart last week last Sunday. Mean other then. The fact that there's a title for cyborg which is not a talented too and you give. A great deal of thought to. Comparable card so a lot of the times did you have sikh guards in our paper view. Let the fighters are great as out of the it's not that they're not put their best foot forward it's just that there's so much content to fill. That you have to give some of the cards on television some grub. And then you're left with the interviews where it's like animals that really what my sixty dollars or is that really what a 65 or seven dollars. Either you do a lot of justifying it as the regards the look. And such as you have seat boxing event in that same boat if you were to look at this year. This may be a year weather's realistically want to big paper view. You know Oro and that's true believers cabello go an automatic. Photo really look at the rest of it. What else is gonna be on there may be the odd to you while other verses if it Josh Rubin happens. You sit that's certainly worthy of a talent wise. But. Is that really what's go to get the most fans to watch it or is it putting it on CBS is it putting it on showtime visit. Putting it on an HBO or even these days and ESPN's. What is really to get those titles just four which could you really do too. Generate the most eyeballs generate the most revenue so. I think this image in time for the fight game as far as. What that market dictates anymore is it gonna be a point where you have to look at this new deal where. They're trying to get all the money they can from fox. And those negotiations that report that a deal would slow. You know what fox tells them hey. We want all your cards if you really want to get all the revenue Canada this we want all your cards may be outside of the McGregor fights. If that some of the UUSCQB could negotiate. Just because it feels like it's the there's not a great deal of difference between what I watched last night. Which is a good part in Orlando on fox to what I Edwards to be forced to pay 65 dollars for next week. So if you have seeking comment he would say hey you know we got coming up. To come McGregor pars one John Jones return flight and a Brock Lesnar. Plus we got the steep neighbors data Cormier. Monster showed up at heavyweight title. I think that be a really good year for the UC to bounce back paper view wise in the old terms of the market but do they have to look at where things stand. And how people are consuming their sport. And what you're not paying for it relates to what you have to pay for and what the differences there because. I don't think it's great I don't think it's it's great in terms of pay a love watching Max Holloway fight. And I love watching him Cris Cyborg fight. But Cris Cyborg verses redwood 45 or is that worth 65 dollars anymore is that in comparison to. I get to watch dogs are only fight yet to be there assume you know both he's got to give bull fight of the year. If it's interesting conundrum for fight fans you know look Huckabee will need to consume everything that's just how we that's how it goes about firfer for most guys. But. Is that old model working anymore is a fascinating thing. That has to be. He watched. For the coming days and in sports like that everywhere you know where we're where. It's looked upon right now as the one place where people are still. Going to their television and can draw ratings and I would say for the most part it is but even that is changing you know. Barrett Jackson had these these numbers when Dwyane Wade made his return. Where it was the highest rated. He games since Tony sixteenth his return against the bucks. What it was also the highest streamed on fox woods ago through villages consuming sports differently. There's so it platforms to do with the silly ways to go about it at so. In five years. Is important to think. Hey I'm gonna pay. Seventy dollars to watch. Tyrant will be against Colby Covington. Isn't. It is that it's not a slap in the face of those guys it's just. Is it is it realistic to expect the fans to go there for every single USC. Because like the old days where it was. Six you have sees a year for U of c.'s a year now that that's all you're getting. And the Ultimate Fighter now it's like every week we got you have ceased to watch a boxing or there's so much come exports to consume. I don't know it's it's acceptable. To think that people are going to pay. And they may just be that time now where the only pay review where the thing is day developers topology or economy McGregor flight. Because box in the Deanna right now to save him it. Irregular really convince people that have to watch Terrance Crawford verses moments ago. As. Probably the best buy you can put together right now out propounded. Could you humans. Haven't really be able about a debut I don't know that's realistic. And over it is and that's not a slight of those guys that's not a slight on the health of the sport. How's it right now boxing. For the guys I enjoy following. I think is the healthy is has been a long time. Her people wanna watch and stars I wanna watch and guides them very huge there watching every single fight they go about it go in the ring. But. Is that a point where. Just because there's a lot of those young guys other enough crossover guys. To where you give it fuel for over seventy dollars to watch Terrence crop reversed assume check I don't know whether it's. Now this eventually won but there or give up this week and he said Manny Pacquiao. He did choose between his next opponent they can be the between Lubchenco. War Terrance Crawford. Now they're talking and OK may I give one of the few. Widget crossover stars left. Could we put that on ESP had a neighbor view. Yet they definitely could. Many hockey no events are gonna get a million buys it will be just under. Because he's a bona fide superstar and those two guys to give the rub off him and that they talking about. All right World War I of those guys get the canal type rub where. They'll be the next star after that that's a double because. Terrence Crawford I don't know if he's got the controversial. Polarizing style. That people are gonna root against him like they do with Floyd and Floyd is really. Maybe he's he's he's like the last he's he's like the last of the American stars Ricans say minister does he doesn't really have a nationalistic sense behind him he is American but nobody nobody. Buys Floyd Mayweather fight because of American pride blog you'll buy it would pledge to watch him lose. Where as cabello a lot of parallels marketability house do the fact that. He has a huge fan base that has national pride behind him now pay to watch him. And we're it's we're gonna send around to weekends. Mexican independence we get that sick at a bio. And it's an event kanell fights Mexican pride in it and it just it's old school. But it's a thing boxing does it it's a thing the habitable past and it does work it remarkably it does work. Poet Terrence okay Terrence why guy from number Nebraska vicious killer. He is in a boxing since he is. He goes out he destroys people with bad intentions. Is that enough to cross over and say. Every American fan every boxing America's pension wanna watch this guy he gave the best American fighter we got right now. Say they don't know what the odds while other you know. Forty you know what are one and number forty in 06 in American boxer. Knock out artist. Charismatic. Very good at the microphone. Willis LA and stuff like he's better than Tyson 86 where is better than Mohammed Ali. Think that upset boxing fan but hey he's willing to go out of limits say. Why why does he connect. The way Anthony Joshua does in Great Britain. Joshua is one of the biggest stars in Great Britain right now he's heavyweight champ of the world. That that was. The title all titles back in the day. And Charlie that you know did it while there he is not only. Get a piece of the heavyweight crown. But he's he's a bronze medalist so he's got Olympic background and you don't that what that would mean back in the day. That you read. It NA AA in Olympic medalist forty you know. Peace at heavyweight title. What the ultimatum would have been in the nineties what he would have been in the eighties and seventies. It's not a one of the biggest it's what we've been as good. Then. 68 Beckham knocked out power yet in Apple's policy in the world. But if you departed give you all of his credentials. What they could sell that on back in the day just fellow Olympian. Medalist. Forty you know. Heavyweight champ piece that to a championship. Charismatic. And need to be a monster star but these days not so much. I don't know what the recipe is if you have the secret sauce the recipe to success. What does and I do understand there's mitigating factors like. His promoter I'll hated he had am. Fighting a bunch of bombs what he was on national television could a lot bigger listener. Those are those about arguments. But even still with today's day and age social media with what he did this divert even though it was against. Apartments divert. Too bad that flurry that highlight reel that he put together was viral went everywhere everybody saw. But I don't personally know it's gonna it's going to equate it to people buying his by now he bites at that Joshua. If he was given enough time could be a bit of success in America. I think so. Odd because it feels like that tide is turning pretty out there while there. But even still it for a guy his age she's 32. For it to be taking this long is weird. It's weird. Because of where where where where the B Joshua was. Gosh it was gold medalist in the Olympics. Got it he's the heavyweight title there was a superstar in London like Matt. Just just carried it it clicked that stuff still means open 90000 people will go and watch him no matter what. He's fight Joseph Parker great fight. But. It could be against Joe Schmo he's got a flight 70000 in front of 7000 people what's so hard to get over here. And yet sick thing is it our but it looks as well. You haven't you know really make it until you make it in America. So well. That the case anymore. Were much smaller world and what I mean by that is. Even though he's fighting in London I can watch it. It's I got access to it it's gonna be in my showtime account of volatile watch it. It's gonna be yet there at my fingertips sort of put it on my television. And back in the day where. And there was some guy London it was great I could find out about it now. You know last night watch and go to Mexico. Those watch it a boy tyrants ball jumped ahead knock out victory in the in the fifth round goes to 110. So shove tyrant. Terrell. But. Evident Mexico. Got to feed. On FaceBook. From their from their promoters. It's available to everybody for broadcast everybody saw it and it's available to. The whole world. You know so even in the smallest corners of the fight game. You're able to have access to a decent broadcast to watch these guys fight that small that it ever has been the world a smaller. For some reason our country. With the fight support isn't quite the same it's a weird day yet Scott McGregor. He becomes the biggest on the planet. Because it part he's got the Irish families behind them. But. Well take the best of anything. America will take the best of anything and dilemma do they'll become. Huge caught McGregor fans huge every Joshua bans huge many pocket up its huge kettle Alvarez to it. It doesn't necessarily have to be an American. For us to browse the Lovett excuse me. That's not the case SI how it used to be eight you know you would you back your guide you back your nation your back. The the fighter that represented you. And today's day and age will rip. Dionte a lot of from upbeat as good as any just against the update doesn't have. The letter Klitschko photos resonant. And if he Joshua does. Even though letting this go probably would never would've fought a deal to Monica's commercially just that it makes cents so I think it's a distinct thing where. In today's day and age. What is the benefit. To. Having that nation behind you having another country behind you in the USC you know successful guys. Of all time all really Ed agent on the other that rock buzzer we can even say had. The WW nation if you will behind him. So if it's kind of weird but you look cut McGregor George saint Pierre Canada Anderson Silva Brazil. You know Brazilian damage has been rabid and that always is that has helped build guys at a mile to Brock was the F Jewish star by. Also had a Debbie to be passed that a crossover effect the judge Jones. He does good numbers ways fight Daniel Cormier. But a leak numbers like those guys have done not quite. He he he I think could get there of men really think that if this stupid tested and happened and that he would have had the Brock Lesnar fight. I really do think that would have been eight Tripoli for John Jones I think you would have gone superstar next level. It's an opportunity make up but I do think it was due rail the little bit because. He had the comeback story he had the vicious win. He beat his rival he did and sensational style of medical Brock Lesnar everybody was behind that Rockland or John Jones let's do it I think that would in the launching pad for. With but I think that takes a lot more steps that it took Connor. Colony and the wins and colony in the bleep talking but Conner entirely behind it he felt big he felt like a superstar ever logic of beggars. Offers headline on a bypass in Ireland remember talking to before it happened it was different for him and it's. You just like wow this guy does he does talk the talk he does feel different but he also had. A small arena in Ireland behind him when I got the knock out blow that we take the next. Always felt like he was moved forward with the superstars just behind him but the atmosphere. The people the fans behind him. All held to that. And I don't know if if these days. The I don't know if these days will get that again with just. Pay will support our guy because he's from here and that's enough. With the with the with us we just want supporters ever whoever is awesome. And so do you think that would be out there a lot of fights this week. Against Luis Ortiz. It does need to be sensational. It does need to have a viral effect to it he needs to keep going. In this. Scope of the the next Tyson. Being the most vicious guy possible he needs to have. He's out of violent knock out because what he means is two. To really. Build this nest of he's the most beard guy that's what needs to happen. He can't just go out there. And I think when a decision to chew up the demand event. Are there any to win a decision and be impressive and I think a lot of boxing fans will give him credit and a lot of boxing pundits will give him credit but I figure. If we're talking and Gionta ought to really wants to get the arms race. Being as biggest stars Anthony Joshua or being on par within the gosh if Joshua. It needs to be something memorable. Against the resources that dangerous his Luis Ortiz is a really really good fighter. He's very dangerous. He he could put the lights out on them and we've seen beyoncé. Wary gets of those wild slugfest. Where it can be. Sensational but also to leave them open. I think he's gonna win this fight but I I got says my my instinct is the odds is gonna have that moment. But it's not without a little bit of pause on my part. To think. That Luis Ortiz can get this went on all right Luis Ortiz hospital a pic is the odds that Waller. But I don't feel I don't feel 100% confident I don't know about 80% confident. There's just something to me feel like were reaches. The pinnacle it's almost too perfect to get Joshua adversity outdoor what the biggest heavyweight fights that we've had in. Fifteen years twenty years. So I'm hoping it doesn't get bureau. Everybody of fantastic rest the year Sunday. Got a little canes baseball come up for you here and new home pertains baseball seven and that they get out of 2 guys in the morning showed two mother of course want a three wood beast and LeRoy. Everybody of fantastic rest your day. And levee.