Fighter's Fury 2-4-2018 (Machida vs Anders, Bad ref, UFC 221 Romero vs Rockhold Picks, TJ turns down Cody rematch, Floyd in an octagon, Fury sends Briggs a contract)

Fighter's Fury
Sunday, February 4th

Tobin, Cima and Tommie Gunz recap the night of fights in UFC. Dana White says he never wants Mario Yamasaki to referee in the octagon again. What goes into picking a ref? Did Eryk Anders corner screw him before the fifth round? How should coaches advise close fights? Max Holloway is out for his title fight against Frankie Edgar. The UFC wanted to do a T.J. Dillashaw vs Cody Garbrandt rematch. T.J. turned it down. His reasons are shoddy. Can he win a rematch against Cody? Why do people think going down to flyweight to beat Demetrious Johnson a big deal? The champion vs champion category has been taken for the year: Stipe vs Cormier. Floyd Mayweather spent the week releasing teaser videos and social media posts of him making his MMA debut. Does this have a legit chance of happening. The crew discusses who they'd like Conor McGregor fight next, business be damned. Plus they discuss the interim title fight between Luke Rockhold and Yoel Romero. Plus Tyson Fury says he is sending Shannon Briggs a contract. Does he really want to fight him?


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Mixed martial arts and boxing. It's time for our players feel. On N fighters Jerry here on seven I detail we'll go to next hour we'll dive all over the world of mixed martial arts and boxing. A lot to get into results from last night news from the week's big breaking news over the weekend regards them pay reviews in the UFC. Well last night in Brazil. BOJ of this split decision over air Gant is a bit of a coming out for Eric Cantor is big headline her hand you know Yossi wants big things for him former Alabama guy. I used to put the ball for the Crimson Tide and they're hoping that. TB before I was yens and stay is step up against sale legendary name before champion Lyoto Machida. Guys that are really closely contested by good fight between them I Jett and his winning they came up with with Leo Machida get a split decision. You have to think got to Brazil. Who's gonna get the nod their armies it's going to be Lyoto. Some question of things going on yesterday Amber's and all kinds of stuff. Refereeing being one of them as did Mario sake he was. The he was. He was ref to the komen event and it was really rough it was really rough. You had the auditioned Jake if they are pursue that you had a and that's uses port an honor just just brutal. Absolutely. Devastating performance it really shouldn't stop multiple times and by Amazon uses leather and go and let it go let it go and you know eventually got to a point where she got to be really good show can she taps out still loses top of by eight. And eventually. A second time was enough for mark to seven decide okay this is good we're finding here. At issue the ire of Dana White he was not happy about it he went out there and blast there on social media says he hopes he never steps foot and octagon again. So. This is tough you know what you do with a situation if you're obviously. I find it hard to believe the lives he doesn't have the power it is your day is in there and he says. Priscilla that you that I you should show Mozart so much heart and toughness in the fight. Ahmard heavy fighting the UC unfortunately the ref is that a protect you and Mario did not do that caps. This is this first discussed imports from the shotgun the other fortunate thing that I can't do anything over. All the Brazilian commission can then over the after the scary Providence showing you file never step foot in the octagon again the strikes when they were 230. 23 ISO is 217 to one on some comedy box and engine goes after one round. It was it was really it was really really rough. But yeah. If you wore the situation if you do things on is this egregious. In tomorrow's everyone the most recognizable referees out there. But. A lot of times these things is done by ten you know it's so hard the almost in the public who knows even how to become a a mixed martial arts referee is one of those things where it's disliked. And we've been nose and become. A boxing judge or boxing or mixed martial arts refereed the the circle is so small there. So how do you get new people into the game how do you know who the good analyst at the same good for people for years been herb the John McCarthy's the dude got busted for weed and Marianna sake. Those the fourth of all my name. Those who I assume are the four most qualified because it seemed like there in the loss as. Or he got that other guy who's got a huge data had been marred Liotta you see him there too and got John McCarthy's bella broadcast about talk to that seemingly is like we lost what. As most of the good referees are you and I'll bring the guy back figured busted for week he's back I think he's officially off the bone that I think he served his time. But he thought he was going to be received little kids. So what do these referees even if he didn't put more work repeats. I'm Italian this was crazy Fridays and Saturdays load it was like Barak Obama's sake was was was it was out there watch it an episode of street fighter do you look at fur. For the year the wobbly finishing upper cut into what bill. He's named it does and if it's. True because he's been he's been criticized before. Right for stopping by it's too early that was the others have to believe Mike and yes the fight you and he he. But that's probably because he's probably gunshot because of both forehand. And he got a note Joseph Rogan at one point gives you disqualified Erick Silva. And Joseph real reasonable. If you don't don't don't doubt their Mario. But I assume he's one of the past because he's always big fights in the court. But things are good. It's always good especially at this moment looted this week it's true that Lemond. So I don't know and a data says Hisham what you were very upset. Is about our resume largely geez. Well. What does this guy won her and her corner should have diluted talent that's true that's really what let's not put it all let's not put it all on. Mario Mario Mario something in boxing and a mixed martial arts and it's not really know what it's. But that's what a corner is is their four total not just to giving correct instructions. What to also protect the best interest of their fighter. And if you see that your fighters taken over 230. Shots. Most of them I would say about eighty or 90% of them vicious shot to. Then it's on you guys that's on your K I mean you're supposedly Protestants sisters and family and so tight. But you can sit in the cage and watch this girl take a beating like that right and not step up and maybe be the first corner to throw the towel in. Because your buyer was just getting. To demolish that yeah and the rep was not doing what they should've been been doing I mean I I hold the quarter accountable as well. A group that it's it's a funny thing is there this respondents like it's like the old rocky four. You know he yet apologized motorized it stopped by his diet died in the ring. She stopped. I get it done that and now. That's when the you know that's it Duchscherer out rocky why didn't do have a towel all the rock get a towel. Only one guy has the Dow only one guy in the coordinate the chief food everybody should have a towel. That it via the wrong guy maybe he's got more of a menacing mind. You know that will tell how about ten of them. Excellent. Yeah she's so you can't sue if this is the mindset. No towels no tap I'm going to sleep I'm not gonna tap. The guy can't win. Buddy bush isn't it. I just think that the these these things should be the situation room look his ultimate job as a nation nobody gets severely hurt him there and I think it's both of a job is to make sure that no one's breaks the rules troop but. The chemically Meyer doesn't think it was better for him to be a situation where he pulled the trigger early. That it is. A guy absolutely hurt. That's ultimately better is that a guy is is is erring on the side of caution that they are. You don't let a guy completely destroyed and I understand look it's us it's hard job because. You know are there different rules virtue image of fight on the different. Feelings out there because it was a woman out there taken such a beating other different ways we are. Taking the lens because of how that picture goes for people I don't know probably. By. I think ultimately. If those jobs are so few and far between of who actually gets the the big anime shows who gets to be in the UFC commission the commission trust. That's data reports that a lot of scrutiny you know it's it is it is a job that is probably thankless. But if you're gonna be given those few great positions. That's bad that comes with the territory I think. That you're not gonna have a lot of people having with you really shouldn't should have you should be pandering to have people have a review should just do what's right. And I think too much of the time referees. To get influenced and it's natural because it's human behavior but can be influenced by. Whether or not it's go right for the murdered or or the crowd is it more hostile over the hometown fighter orbits for a belt or content to support the guys never lost before. You know what is leeway. Stuff that stuff but and did not get to have with the heart guy. Yes it was hard for him be I kind of as watching it. Thinking are you going to stop energy going the staff bit and it gets to the point of him thinking. He's myself it's easier and are they going to say I packaged. She was. She was it'd be it was obvious what his thought process had to be and my step in stopping it because she's beaten. I think it definitely is an Italian and I think it has to that you look at these that will look at intermittent through different prism. Because. Because we are watching a woman get beat and octagon but. You know if they're gonna do it you gotta do it properly. Near an end and I think that we've seen plenty of you know. For example it when they do things on fox memo Fox News who started out there like two looks. We gotta we gotta national audience now we got to have a quick trigger on this stuff so you see it get too bloody. That thought process was the rest is you step and then you stop it. Even back to what it was CBS and believe exe the biggest heroes and there. He stopped because we got a different audience it would all lead to wanna be anger is audited too gruesome. I don't know of that is the best way they can go about their jobs are one of the circumstances here tonight. OK get 225 pound women beating on each other what do I have two heavyweights fight for a belt. Don't die each other do I get more leeway there how does that give up. Out of though goes through their process but I know that it's. It's a thankless job but also. I'd like to see them err on the side of caution of a guy like this does have. A lot of red flags. That's unfortunate but also I feel like man we've done I think we do this or that every is not John McCarthy. I heard dean's got a lot of flak for how he stops fights. You know all these the weak guy has a lot of sure a lot of flags in his in his past why it was go the greenhouse into the back of plans. I think you summed it up perfectly by saying air on the side of Koch. Probably that make sure everybody's. Well speaking of air side of caution is some big changes coming into some UFC pay refusal to say about that next. Being these miners feel. On seven the tickets over the Siemens Tommy gun still Whitfield. We're just talking about the Machida in this fight during the break. And it was very close but I thought and his pulled out. But not surprised he got the nod and also is your sense in me thought you let some opportunity slip by two really. Put his stamp on it. I do I think you have to split manhood and forehead open in the third round. I think that even when he had him tied up in the clinch. Against the cage in the fourth and the fifth round. He didn't really do anything to try to open it caught up anymore. He also winning for the clinch I don't think he needed to go for the clinch I think he just needed to adjusted distance and stay a little closer he he wasn't. He was not a good judge of distance and everything that he threw was just one part. The biggest move you know the most substantial thing he landed obviously with the kick. We never went back it didn't try to grind hated it when he's got glanced up against the cage and dirty him up a little bit. You know Machida was able to control distance I do believe. That it. In my opinion it was probably three to 24. Anders I don't know what Tony weeks his watch and I could see going three to either way but deafening. 41 nod and goes for any there. Isley has said they get a debt that it was in Brazil so crowd influence anything Machida does is the other. Move somebody me use you pointed out it was the you know the American Joshua had reforms so so privately which is a little bit weird but. You know it it's not surprisingly good fight it was a defied a two minute edit the young waste transfer. For Eric Anderson you know there are obviously very high on has the you know Alabama background so they they think that it's a good marketing behind them. Did well but but Leo it's tough got to fight you know it's it's not it's not easy don't there because. I feel laden will go there's only there and think man if I make a mistake a movie humiliated. When I get knocked out because of how he can how we can explode in the things he can do his kicks a phenomenal. I there are a lot of great kickers in the sport but. Leodis. Just amazing and that we were very concerned about the number of kicks that. Eric was taking to India to the body yeah. But I think also goes who has corners corner wasn't that inspiring to go out in and go get them. Right the fifth round in between the fourth their paper I don't know if you heard the corner. The quarters said we got this. Don't push it. What does that mean rut you figure in the bag. That's obviously what the quarter for oh I can imagine. In their right mind being in which she has hometown. In Brazil. We seem very interesting things happen in Brazil very interesting site you're site changes slightly when you when you're down there. And I just don't. Believe that was good advice on behalf of the corner for them to believe that he he had it and go negotiate. I think they had to tellem. The exact opposite like oh this could go either way you need to go to put pressure on them back them up into the cage. Push and push him too close to where he really can't get that back leg off if he wants the throat here. Comfortably it's. Funny mentally unity with corn although Wahid score cards we see in this sport like I would never. Give the advice of a fighter Ali okay tell to be careful if you want to but never feel like to have anything about first of all. The boxing you have twelve rounds where you should definitely have an idea one bit of its that being lopsided it's five rounds. And we've seen plenty of school because orders at war. How how. So with the mark affair be that small between it being 3122. Mean unless you've completely shut them out. I don't know how you could really ever given thought to that kind of advice because is you just never know what they're seated you never know. Never leave it to the judge it it is status being that. Eat breathe actually that never leave it you have to give it your idea where your mom think. My mom Italian public notices to this. My fighters for four different the three dumbest people on earth. Think that's great strategy they tell like that that's that's how it should date because you Susan. Who knows what it was music is a crowd is that opposes and are they influenced by blood and influenced by tick down to they know. How did they field goal percentage you just are no. The biggest question are they actually watching the fight yes. You know that's the that's the biggest concern with the judges are actually watching the fight. And if you don't know the judges really watch in the fight. Then you could be in for a long night but I think it was inexperience quarter enough familiar with despite camper and other out of Alabama. But I just felt like they did not give him very good sound advice. We're going into the final round if he wins this by. He's. You know realistically. Now he's ranked parties that are ranked fighter now. So now he's at least thirteen twelve or thirteen you would have to. And on him he's in the top fifteen zones that even though he's already he's an effort share certain you think you have so much at stake here. All this hype before you. You got your undefeated record to be a legend you've got the story you beat the legend and there was no. Push to go for that and that's that would Dana wants to see regardless of the story. And Alabama football player and nick Stephens process into preparing for what you've got to go out there by wind beginning yeah. And he didn't do that and I don't think that. He possessed that in his corner didn't possess that and I have to believe based on that. To me it shows your quarters and believe in you. If they tell you if they don't tell you go out there and take its buy from this guy he's old he's tired he that has been go take it to a. I'm with you man I'm with you there so then you have rock and the big news this week we got a voices in news just going into the weekend Max Holloway. Is out of his out of Frankie Edgar this. Second time has gone down first it was Frankie now it's Max and packs a mean. And is a direct never gets her never Lanka. It is he's got to really be heard yet easy it's got these other incidents in the USC they wanna put of course there are a lot of put Frankie has brown or tea. In the meantime they also won a new title fight. And the first ways they went to his TJ no shock Cody Garber at rematch. Echoed the accord to him except to run away. TJ. He had this long statement to you get SPN or he's just like. Code he's got to go on a rematch I had to wait two years for my rematch he doesn't deserve it plus side just my wife just had a baby. And I'll focus on getting the mighty mouse fight in July. So. You Nowak. Because he knows a little fluke win. I am I. First of all I think I still Cody annihilate him in the rematch what is a couple things first of all. Have a debate. Among the white to Saturday after him. Do not do anything after a month you useless. To that behavior if it. That's sit the only thing you therefore is the gov for your wife or significant other and as far as but the baby is nothing deal. Go to go Brit edged enough his wife is due fight week that they were wanna do this cell. I think the baby thing economically Cody got his priorities straight save the coding thing the baby thing I've sort out the window late. Also did these two yeah congratulations on being a father. Why. That's not that's not met again at verify you have support this cute right that's a viable to me. Now. The rematch thing distorting deserve a rematch. If you tell me. This Tony deserve a rematch as opposed to you deserve to go caught wait. To go fight mighty mouse awake lets you never been to a fun I'm not interested in a lesson deejay going up. I'd I'd guess and on this for awhile. I don't understand the appeal of the bigger guy say it on the other caught way. And I'm gonna go fight a 125. Pound man I could do easily. I'm like OK so suited to you to beat of a smaller guys. Or eight big deal that state they say. Allred go to the to a five and I'm gonna be DC well the appeal is he's going up that way. The appeal of the man and has vs or she wants to go to fights I've I wanna see people go down in weight the fight. I don't care what DJ or whatever and how he's decided a billion title the feds is in a row is enough and he decides I wanna go to what birdie putts on missile. That's the appeal. All right that's the foliage is the thing we did with with mighty mouse. But it certainly is it pay. Let's see if he did a shocking kill himself get dehydrated. To go fight a guy who's five foot one and a 125 anybody lose. Lose but. Why can't beat the scale and mighty mouse not appealing to me. What 35 might just oil but god has been the perennial wants what it by champion and he tries to go get a belt another wake us that it just mile before reason. The guy who just won a 135 able to the second time you go to collect the one point five belt. Is open for me it hasn't done anything for me. And it especially does nothing for me if you tell me it's getting on the same card. As the light heavyweight champion don't have to fight the heavyweight champion it's less appealing it's not as cool and it doesn't have the same. Ill when did TJ do is show earned the right to select his by. You I don't know that this is a guy who's lost many title opportunities don't. And and now he. He gets the title in. He gets depicting Jews when he wants to defended the USC doesn't make that decision I don't get it and it's really did just see that's a good example for an appropriate. In term title for room. All the champ doesn't wanna. Defender Isabel picture okay well we're gonna have two guys right for your belt that we're gonna take the belt from. I think they have the right to do that he'd eight PP eight the Alicia off has done. No disrespect. But in the scheme of things. Hasn't done anything for the UFC. Has he brought a tremendous amount amount of viewers to the USC this he had the ability. Too I guess take the Connor McGregor position and say hey I've you know I've been on this run I'm gonna take some time off the deck I deserves it. If anybody share. With TJ daily show. Mark I don't know man it's as does I only are keeping them. And when you sing really wanna you know he needed more original of the system we are the only guys ram it down packed and really never Q now I think you definitely. And hope. Has it well. I'm gonna go down a little bit the little guys. Great in an awesome. Well tremendous for UT did Alicia great so first of all we don't know if you can make the weight class you never fought there in your life. We're gonna see you everybody all the do it has been hours about weight cutting every reporter who covers the sport all hear about his bitch about weight weight cutting weight cutting weight cutting. So I wanna see a guy go down to weight class he's never thought that. To fight and had to fight it'll weight class he's never fought out against the guy who's been the perennial champion there for what he deserves that I don't know. And yours and like I mentioned the matchup to open a mission to a better circumstances than this. Animals so. Other options if you accompany you if they look if this is huge negotiating ploy by TJ to get more dote to do it could elaborate fight. That I guess props to you but. I think he's the series has total garbage doesn't deserve a title shot. That it was very close. You know. Tito shows a lot of danger go to that first round on line I mean let's not act like you blew them out you re a quick then it fast. What is a very competitive fight. There's also because they get. It turned into like just the backyard brawl. At a certain port right Cody garb Rangers let his hands fly and and their flight was going to be. Okay in this little exchange first personal land wins that's really what it came down to. I believe that Garber at when he comes back and he's going to be much more technical. He's going to to take his emotions added it because now they've gotten through the whole emotional side have been fighting each other. And the defense of alpha male. And and now he approaches it with that completely different mindset. And I think the outcome is going Garber and I don't think that deep down inside TJ Dylan showed no. Maybe it's it's there it well UCLA BD OC's out of I mean I don't know what options they go at eleven of those houses go over my head. Might as a guest can defend his belt I don't know against who you want to do it he's been everybody twice over. So I don't know they go of that and obviously the is that there's a huge golden. Upon goal at the into the rental for damages Johnson crossed title fight. More good vibes that no max's injured wanted to buzz booked for UC to Tony three. Tired woman's apparently injured so he can't go 180 fives cabinet next week 205 his book first heavyweight. So I don't know. And I can't I don't really think any of them women's fighters right now. You certainly care about the flyweight women should be in development or name. 135 men and and as I guess they did do that I have amended despite somebody. Although she just did Valdez of Genco I think that was the lowest interview the air. So I don't know what they do it may be one of these things were everything that happened last year with a handle like. I think Purdue and ended up that they just put the very real free TV. Because there's had no options those Purdue immerse. Pollution if I may move maybe it was mark hug give up fighting on free TV. And things do they can't they easily turn on erode normally title options we will really have to get in are my options. So we don't do this well and all of a good solution is there but. That was kind of a bummer to hear and I didn't think any of the reasons that sound by seeded Alicia. I get it and called unity to those are scared and just figure reasons are flawed very flawed. And the bomb that when I say America's entry into notably the British and see the two top bits of wits by each other or remorse in seeing T did go shock cut way. To go by mighty mouse. A panel of the grudge match again this is me. That's immigrants. Where it's rule here. Yeah moves I'm I'm disputed that and just waited more into it that I am this. This pie in the sky idea of you know great to do a show he can diet great good for him. An awesome. Is he gonna be out there with Cahill shakes in the middle rounds is a Zelikow at which it's owned or if and would oppose what amounts will minimize shake spent testing. Here's Shannon brains beat geez that's right. Beet juice at Tommy guns. She initiated in the kitchen. Would have a big guys to begin at cutting weight would about the guy forget it is is mainly for green. Last night waiting in a 155 contract weight weeding the 180 pounds and greens still fought. Yeah it was easier it would I guess what happened was this happened in the Dodson by views of most of bite somebody tells the guys fight it. And the country and had a hot waters are putting that way in his hotel room. So that's. That's what that's why he missed way and so and so we wouldn't that be like ten pounds over and dobbs is a no thanks. But dobbs is you know from 135. So you sinister a little bit more and now. But in the real hot water agreeing to 80% of the parents 4040. You got to negotiate hot for that who familial 525. Pounds yeah. Don't read any survived against. Reverberate in the negatives and yet they that was this a slam of we got UC to Tony one coming up next week plus. More shenanigans of Floyd Mayweather got McGregor next. Each miners feel. Do if you. He says sir Yossi tutorial mr. Tommy Jones and excited for Lou Brock told you all were marrow. I am I and that's a. Inning but. Pretty good consolation rise in the rock over your relative one fight for the Verifone fight I think family that. Right now leader Leo well on the annual Alberto reasons I think is competition's been a little bit better. Luke has been knocked out in the past and so that worries me that that that he's a little bit Cheney. And you know euros euros just in a very very close fight against Robert Whitaker. Who. Mean if we talked about strikers who's better Robert Whitaker or the Broncos very close but I almost go I think Whitaker is a little bit more devastating right now. Don't know exactly were Luke's had that. And so I I leave Giorgio well pulled it out this diamond and get in the near term in Cambodia as thing. I definitely get the he'll have the yes team it's like a waiting. At at at. OK now I can pick Boca. No I I was gonna see you well as well if it was about a year and a half two years ago. I would have said Luke. Because there was not convinced that you well could go full throttle for five rounds. I feel a little more comfortable with that after his last few fights. And I believe that he's a he's going to be a better wrestler. And he's a more powerful strike them so what is loop to loops gonna have to try to stay on the outside. And pick him apart from. And I believe that the explosiveness of you well you wells older now yet so he's up there in age I think he's 3938. 39 he is he is I did I wasn't president last fight against Robert Whitaker his ability to. Keep going I think everybody was questioned Joe's party because of his physique. He's so muscled up everybody wonders you know Izzy and be able to be able blue you know I had the oxygen for those most of the entire five rounds. He's got more experience of that recently. And whereas you know. Luke's is now have been an active but not a guy who grows the business though on a question in this cardiologists think that. I would have put venison is a check mark again she'll while it is cell will lose this fight goes along the death would think it benefits loop I only goes either way I think. You know I think I think we've seen the explosion we've seen the ability of of you well suited to deal with all kinds very very dangers upon spin there with a lot of the top top guys. You know he's he's you know in a very close vote jock correct devastating went over Chris Weidman. You know we did he blood lust and redundant awesome how do you see down here he blasted Lyoto Machida. And was and it was super closing as Robert Whitaker so does like the fact he's been a little more active he's been there with the cream of the crop. And I think he's more. Ready for this than Lucas and I just don't I think loops are little more wild card right now. I agree that duo. A 100%. And so we've if he has not lost any of that explosiveness. As he continues to get older. Then I believe that he will prevail. I do believe that if it goes into the fourth or fifth round though Lou candidate Chia. I do believe that. You know as that would that lactic acid builds up I believe that he's not as. Quick and explosive with the power shots. Meaning you have. In the fourth and fifth rounds but if he can rounds 123 I think he's he's the he's a problem for a loop. The thing obvious in a watch video while does he go into this fight thinking about. Don't have the five runs to nick clearly look like account several when he fought Robert Wood for the last time he was in the title fight. Or does he really sprint at Luke because I think we have seen with Luke where it it's their branch. Mu seems like he's most vulnerable early in a fight. You know anything about the lost of his being early in the fight. Even get ahead to ten held by -- she used up the gills Vito Belfour. I I just think that. If you look at the broccoli is. SE a little bit slow all the stars likes to feel things out so maybe those ought is the best opportunity for you although in this fight is it just go straight out on. Try to take it early or is it to try and keep your energy and and be conscious for the long haul how does he go about that. Because most dangerous. Your managers or the guy with the about is gonna explode on a guy. And and and and try and pummel him not assess the guys who go out there and trying to win a decision that's not really his style which you do sub than. Super athletic something that he just pulls out of his bag of tricks. So I don't know I I don't understand and want to fight smarter especially at this age. But is that the best path to victory or is it blasts non Luken and try and to take that risk of getting him out of there early but then maybe you run the risk of of emptying your gas tank. And needing time to recover. That it's interesting matchup it's a fun matchup. I do I agree I think first round he should feel about new explode on him in the second round. Because I believe that their point Luke will feel like okay he's gonna kinda take it easy and go the distance. And be prepared to go the distance. And I think it also lets him peel off the range of Luke Bryan and I think he goes in for the kill in the second round. What do you guys think about this McGregor Mayweather at noon knew who blocked another streak Floyd comes means dance in an octagon his. Sam Floyd Mayweather and amazed do like some commercial for an Irish book recently that that he is an octagon and these photo shopping himself to be a make gloves on and Stephen Espinoza of Showtime's say it's possible you never know meet with this week it's possible he great I think you'd be crazy to step into the cage. I don't think you'd be barely Connor. When has millions Connor Writely to not do this. As a sub you'll say well on T you do a show this hat that was certainly a sailor goes he can just go there it's somebody just admit it Floyd's debut. In mixed martial ought to be don't think that he's doing against other big dude doing. Even though late the he got a amended count is gonna go there had to get look and it just kick his hat off. Mean. What I get to deploy go first but he is. I guess that's the latest. Financially and would you look what would use what Floyd is in this for. Losing mixed martial arts. Everybody else is he put boots for losing mixed martial arts doesn't do it into his boxing legacy in. No risk no risk. Want to reward big money what there is risk and you had to get kicked off. It but you know he'll probably Tokyo Friday but I've had Europe. You bigs and I would hope I have less interest in it. I think most would have less interest in that they do is protect I think it's it if we did it. It's some sort of compromise on the rules like I camped on the ground along. I don't know ovitz can't be on the ground that long maybe it's maybe it is the big kicks it's almost like that in a certain certain. Organizations they don't let the ovals you know that run our straight down elbows. I could see them making some sort of compromises or as the rules go for this particular fight. Which he's got a fighting and rightly do you think Floyd's absolutely done doesn't have to fight to keep his life I don't know I would think that doing. The two biggest debate reviews than ever. I would hope that be enough to I know we had all the light as Mike who Tyson a moment Esther. Yeah you never know who's got there and in the pod. World goes but many would think that. To. Suppose hundred million dollar via its would be enough to. Hundred and by. Late half a billion almost Mosley is as. We don't know. But where's the money don't I don't know. Don't think that that would just be enough discipline the YOK. I get the idea wanna fight an amateur in boxing there's no risk you're probably not gonna get hurt. What we took we took one upper cut where. You know be more free to down in the first round but really not that much damage to add to Connor this. Is a situation where you're going in there and it's not just that you go to there into a new sport you go to two new sport with a more variables. And more danger. Right at the cute. I think there's well anyway I don't think. Realistically. Lloyd can win an MMA fight. A real. That's why there's going to have to be. Some sort of concessions and compromise as it relates to the rules that would only make sense for it to be. Perceived in the public I run legitimate by. With that being said. I still believe he has nothing to lose. In doing it's because it's like Carter had nothing to lose. Oh he's going in the you know against Floyd it's interesting. Let's watch it let's all pay Ford and tune in because we wanna see the spectacle. But while while most were were hopeful. And optimistic. That Connor would. With some damage on forward. I think the reality. If we're logical about it. Was very very slim chances of him to actually win run it right when you look at it from a from a a logical perspective. But I I think it's the exact opposite so void steps in the cage. Any gets pummeled he gets his way at lake swept Connor jumps on top of them ground impound fights over is anybody gonna say. Oh Floyd golf Floyd's a joke he's no good he's not the best the greatest ever in boxing. No I know it Conrad and silicon was asked about this week and he said. If he doesn't do it it's gonna follow him for the rest of the time because I stepped in his game he should step in the mind. Bomb. I don't as Connor get news hit good college try added to play the narrative in his way. I get what he's saying he O'Connor wants another hundred mil to. Oh absolutely I think if the fight happens you never see co owner. In the inning irregular you have the fight again well let me ask you what do you think guys they give I'm just from pure let's that let's go to over the business model. For pure fan's perspective okay. Who would you want kind of fight. Floyd but put it Floyd Tony Nate Diaz a can be Floyd Floyd is that that's not even a question that's what you wanna sit nutty. And a question because. It's it's not even just the fight night. It's the hoopla that leads up to the father who lives as a spectacle the circus that's around the fight that. It's entertaining because at the end of the day. The flight actually happens most likely it's going to be anti climactic yes. So it's all of this circus that goes around before he fights Nick Diaz okay. New ideas is touched in a very special way. Pub he and Tony Ferguson. I don't know of Connor can win those fights. So as a Connor fan. And I think from the entertainment we're looking at a for Emmitt entertainment perspective we're lucky we're not looking at it for. You know. From the dignified. And they may perspective of what's. Right for the sport I guess is what ever make sure tabulate you go for entertainment I want Florian con what do value to our guns do you go from little purist aspect of you wanna see the circus again. The circus was fun kid the circuses on the circus. But I guess there's also Pisa Italy went to give back to normal. You know to me how that is normally I don't. Define normal well Ito not having to have everybody be champion British champion again not everybody had to do these. These cockamamie equal good super fights are money fights like. We just have contenders by champion and just get back to where it was. Eric poets he wouldn't book a ticket but about trying to say that a war and watch and it would. But. It is it is is all the crazy place right now which you have to do if you're gonna do you have to do in don't you. You can't do it five years you knew it going. To do the crazy I personally would like to see it go back to. What it is bad champions fighting champions. Or being eliminated as a champion having Tony Ferguson I don't see. Connor winning Matt but I think Ferguson deserves that opportunity if Biden. Me personally I'm over at. Shenanigans of the freak shows that had. It doesn't do anything. Like. I blew it because there's a thing I really do wanna see codified Tony and to be I wanna see one of those matchups and I do think that he could when those bites. I really did just because he's been out of the octagon big toe Tony's very notable. I silly there's a love to be we don't know but yes he looks very devastating. And it panelists CRA. Crude could these guys take the crown and then maybe we have a whole new set a fun of OK guys who actually runs a pal. McGregor that. I'm not a big I don't enjoy watching can be by. Like I'm not into the oh he troops some taken to the ground stays on top of them and throws a bullet and nobody but it tastes like. Like that's not. That's not a fight Timmy and entertaining fight. And there's a lot of people out there they're like you. And they're extremely excited about that whether it's because these two guys are rolled around on the ground together in the like that part of it. I'm not quite sure what is not does not make for entertaining fighting to me I think the more entertaining fight. Is. Tony Ferguson from a title perspective Tony Ferguson. Verses. Carter because that to me there's a lot of less predictable elements it's like a toss up in many regards flip corn. The did the F spite. Is interesting because it's a trilogy either one and one. But if you talk about from a money perspective an entertainer perspective and what that might brings to. The world and the hoopla that gets their circulated around it it's deployed by I don't necessarily think it will happen. Because. To me Floyd and is it peace thinking logical. He I don't think he's feels like you would have a shot. And MMA fighter in the inner ring I think has a better shot than a boxer in a cage. Oh I agree and I think there's a lot lot less war. A lot more for him to have to overcome. Obstacle and challenge wise. Then then he can now he may say okay let's have a boxing match but it will be in the cage. That's the only the only way I see Floyd it. Re just hands a bit earlier due to enemy gloves MMA gloves in a cage and Angel flight cakes and take downs it's on Al. Syringes are used do the optics and that it has. Go with jesus' four ounce gloves from ultimately negotiates every so it was so he would think that was gonna go to Dana White and say are it will dedicated a web forums clubs no kicks. No submissions no ground game that's it. Would you via. Nano. They might because because he's. In the cage this is a different optics here at this is this is like flood of people and donated and wrestle mania with three that's who's gonna be like with Seattle played that once done your own government. Hope this year I hope this year this as they get in any ruling. No I think in this stretch particularly candidate literally supposed to come this month they'd they'd the latest in this month. But people are people seem optimistic that he's gonna be let back this year we knew it was going to be a long. Oil for him and was already been out since July so whatever rule in the two let's say let's say that put a year suspension to it he could come back in July. You know. Because it would be ready just in time to save the USC. Maybe I mean look I thought it was the best of all with the UFC had this year was Johns of beating DC the wave portals and excellent fight. That those 21 on a great show I thought DC got more out of that loss than he had at and any other fight of his career. John Jones have a demo and then he called up rock pleasantly and the right exact mow all. Those who wouldn't do it but now he has a plan afterwards we never had that would John Jones those garlic. Believe whom. Thanks everybody like the fake humble mobile kind of act that he was putting out oil giant Monday. You you'd you'd do lines in the bathroom and and and driving your car real fast you don't have to put on a show for us anymore on people like. You'll like knowing your bit of a mess up they like seem that the stars all out there for you. Thought it would be a serious us coach demands. About DC vs Jon Mills we were titled the end of the year and he was in yeah. Who does in DC have the winter offers yesterday and tougher show you think he can beat me 02 yesterday in that if and he can sing mute uses the harder puncher than him. Deadliest Steffi is deathly dangerous but I thought I'd always thought the one thing with John with John matchup are. John's kicks Johns range of those kicks it's a horrid thing to get under if you DC. Steven doesn't have as much of that. Wow factor with the moves that John does less reach. Let's reach less less it's less less razzle dazzle with the with the moves in the cage. I think you're without a fight they really do and and and me a note we know DC strong itself. The way he's gonna ride dug some of the guys in the sport he's going to be Evan came to train for the fight. I think he's got a lot of thinks you're playing gets hurt talking gets hurt yes it until that. Everybody had a fantastic week it's Super Bowl send your normal Sunday we get Eagles. Eagles do. We definitely. And I like their parents are I don't know I was so disappointed for you when all the talk about the okay hurts too much it hurts. Hurts too much to target letter of the would give you a few weeks that you take your pursuit that. Welcome back fighters fear wanna get a segments of boxer very USC having. On the live show. Last night in adjoining costs he defeated Israel Gonzales tenth round KO he was very impressive you know another the big pitch just was on next time next Manny Pacquiao he's in pain my podcast promotions from simply has been like that. It was very adds any fighter that knocked I was hoped that would mean I was very very devastating when he came through in the tenth round street left. It'll run on the forehead to two to finish the job after already on down and around third. Second time that fight he was he was very impressive give what are Ramirez he also. How they and very impressive showing hints of even mad in the sixth round he stopped him so atop regularly get serious props to them. Very very exciting show. As far as the top headlines this week. We found out that can LO triple G their rematch is agreed upon then the rock come out the rock had a big old. No lake. He would back to resolve the read only days from the rematch. And got the all say it's not set yet for a location we don't know that's going to be in Vegas or New York it was some time that. We are recording minutes. Ban. I'm kind of burning for it to be in New York on late sooner that's like a big fight week in Madison Square Garden for those two. I don't know if that's a tougher sell you nova star African elephants to get to New York. Although didn't net he's done very good business in New York so you little bit of a switch of the hometowns and these guys are probably gonna fight. Again anyway. So I'd like to see the Madison Square Garden like to see the new. Location in the new terrain to it all up. Maybe you don't really even notice it on fight night I just think you'd be cool to have a bit of a different atmosphere to it I imagine we're gonna go down there usually we go for all the HBO fights for a trial for that show so hopefully. That's the case of Lira and I get out there. And a ensco about the actions so there's also part of me that. You know who went to Vegas multiple times this past year. When twice here's post a three times the hurricane hits or never got to go for Kennedy the Lufkin vs Canelo the the first fight. So ambient of that policy in New York they would be kind of cool. But of its Vegas no slight on my part. There was some big news as far as a future five. With the silly moment Shiancoe. Bob Arum says that negotiations having on for him and Horry Linares. Who just won a couple of weeks ago he looked pretty good and his win. I figure a much bigger still does work against them that's not one where I think Hornaday. Though he has a great skill set is an up he's a really really good skill set. Don't know if it's our Belichick does that right now it's tough to feel like anybody's going to be low check go right now on a reasonable basis that doesn't have. Just a real just something really teams changing in the midst of fight that wounded. Hurt him and make you have to fight differently he just looks. Skill wise of the different level. And just the way that he's as mentally breaking folks is so impressive. So into that fire eight we should give hopefully we'll get operation that down the road soon. And then heavyweights we haven't talked about heavyweights in awhile. So this Tyson's fury. Who. You know. I'm tired of him coming out. And it's it's always know it is we got to step in the miss gimme fans which wouldn't be fought their love it's like him and we've told use the fans have told you what we want. So he comes out this week and they says that he's sending out a contract for Shannon Briggs. Okay. Great well basket for that for months finally. He got his license back he got his ring magazine title stripped. Oh we won the ties inferior vs Shannon Briggs fight for awhile. So now he says though that Shannon is not going to be as comeback fight and then in the meantime. Also says that he's just. The contract out to Antonio Tarver. Who we love. You know Toniu Tarver. Good friend of from and of our show in the afternoons always comes and and does a great breakdown of it but. Hasn't fought a very long time. I didn't even know really was at heavyweight. You know I thought that Antonio's going to more into the realm of let Tarver should be working on a broad consensus flat out say like some of the ball that they have. Do the broadcasts of this. Antonio Tarver is way more entertaining than the way better than them. More charismatic like. So people they have working late ESP like Tim Bradley. Does not informing. Who they have they had to do with the the PVC or fox all they had to have reportable Guerrero like they just throw these guys one PVC contracts they just throw them on the broadcast. This terrible. You know were part of rows of Robert Guerrero was terrible. I just think it's an attire is fantastic so he should be on a broadcast somewhere. That's just decide no but as far as spite Tyson's fury I did not so that actually it's assembly no idea why it you know Antonio let's do that's it should be a decent payday form. I'd imagine. I don't wanna see it more than him find them move them more than C engine bracelet has apparently decided to close. And I says they knew they can both get it but neither one of them is gonna his comeback fight to what is gonna because it ties appears comeback fight. Won't he fight claw there league what will it what the hell is gonna be is comeback fight I don't understand this you know all this talk of a rule nickel back full lately awards to be some discussion full funds. It looked so. Already Tyson. You become oddity got nothing but statements time and time again about all the comeback public and win the coveted. What are you decide what Lilja picked. Enough already with all of the guests were that we have to do is fans. It's it's infuriating. You know the all seems like PS at this point. So hopefully this year at a Briggs fight happens. You don't wanna see the chance to that Friday he seem like he's in a good place right now. One way or another by a man like you envious on the contrary and I don't want to the commitment he's just did it just seemed like all BS to me. I don't know. We'll see what happens but. We got the the Dionte Waterloo sorties like coming down the putt martz can be a monster mile that you it's very very it to be a lot of fun to watch so. That's fun fear as we guys ever have a great we love full recap all the action coming up. Next week UC 211 and who knows that shows you a lot of follow up there always is thanks to that it will talk to next time.