Fighter's Fury 3-19-2017 (GGG vs Jacobs, Conor vs Floyd Latest)

Fighter's Fury
Sunday, March 19th

Tobin recaps Saturday's boxing action from Madison Square Garden. The judges got both decisions wrong in his mind, in the co-main and main event. Daniel Jacobs has nothing to hang his head about. He went toe to toe with the most dangerous fighter in boxing, took his best shot and came back stronger than ever. Chocolatito Gonzalez is no longer undefeated after the refs confused a headbutt cut for a punch cut. He will have an easier time bouncing back than Jacobs will. That's the tough lesson in boxing. Losses shouldn't hurt you this much in a subjective sport. Conor McGregor says the Floyd Mayweather fight is happening and Dana White says he won't stand in their way. Why this was the biggest week in the making of the mega-fight. Shouldn't the UFC get a fight on that card? An MMA fight to promote their sport. Jimi Manuwa has a bizarre call out of Jon Jones steroid use after his KO win in London. What is next after Rumble Johnson and Daniel Cormier rematch?


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Mixed martial arts and it's time for fighters feeling each side will. Here's fueling. You can pick who we thought you. Whoever won the wealth that the fight was up for grabs in the final round you did not feel that way. I mean when you know you've we were doing to fight you don't really. Can't really keep pace would of but I did like I was ahead of cars definitely got his win the national defense under seal the deal. Com but this is boxing out the season bigger draw than beat anyone and against the Mets it would have a canal today at Jacobs probably got expelled but I understand that I'm the bigger. On the champion in his right. I want this file when that decision I'll talk that you would be gracious in defeat in big races in mind oh victory in you know obviously. That's senator Jay gov started Max Kellerman after last night's fight with triple G comes up short. Loses a unanimous decision to get adding a lot canoe ends up. Extending his record date of Jacobs tough loss or him men. I don't want that I thought Dennis Jacobs and a win that fight. And I did enough. I thought after there after getting knocked down. Take in this tremendous shots. But did you does have a thing man I just thought that we didn't see unity. Be active enough I thought the DOJ of who was landing shots or just as strong just as clean. And so from my standpoint you know just and I thought the authority of the short end the last night and it's especially since some of the cards like you know CO 115. To 1124. Triple gee I honestly. All right but I feel like if you're if you're doing that I feel like you really were giving a lot of nod to. You know that that beep beep beep its hand me you know to be the champion beat the champ nonsense you think that was. A lot of what was going on yesterday. Is it true to what David Jacobs is saying about. Shouldn't you get in the not confuse the bigger draw you know that crowd was certainly approachable G last night. Early on it got really. It knocked quietly got very even as the fight was going on and I thought I'd damaging it's got to got the short in the last night now. Is he gonna get a rematch anytime soon I don't think so I you know the you know did it seem like true geez. Has already gotten on the two other things start finally Billy Joseph Saunders obviously the canal fight looks like that's coming down the pipe. Hopefully in September. You know so good that we are gonna get that. And I think it's just unfortunate that at the expense of Daniel Jacobs making. Two objection to acumen for once. That's probably what's new leads in the fight happening you know we had we a lot of we have a lot of guys from HBO on this week Roy Jones Michael Buffer. And Max Kellerman. And you know is asking a lot of them. If they thought. Eight close by a triple G. If they. Fight where he looks more vulnerable will actually be better for his career. Then if you were steamrolled Daniel Jacobs and you know at the asking was it certainly is the case you know he had his pad a moment in the fourth round where you know he put damaging of down looks like he really hurt them but. Jigs and he's just over the command I mean in that and that's that's. That's story that he has coming back from bone cancer and tumor on his spine. To be at the point where. I think there's a good about a be rooting you want that fight last night to think that he's got back kind of toughness and heart and fortitude to overcome those times things in life to to really. Shine like he did in his home state. It's it's a tough one it's atop wanna swallowed your data jig is for sure man and I think he's got every right to be upset. And we've seen. You know receive playing this in the sport. You know Judy do you wanna go as far as to call a robbery I don't think it's a robbery. You know. And it's not Tim Bradley over Manny Pacquiao it's not of that ilk but. IA you know I just I came LSI thinking I'd impeachable you wanna fight I thought Dynegy it's. I thought DOJ does have the better of the so. Will come of this you know. I think that because he did look more more what they because shall G did show some chinks in the armor didn't look as unstoppable. Against a guy like Dan Jacobs. I do to rid an obscene that that can they'll fight now says there in my what does have with troubled U verses. Chavez junior. Don't know of months ago at a mile. I got a hard time believing in. Shot is going to be given that fight the only way I think that happens is if the as a real size advantage. That's the size advantage of being in shape you know that's not that's not Julio Cesar Chavez junior to an end. Bigger but also didn't didn't train and stick to his regiment you know hasn't always been the easiest guy to work with for trainers so. At figures and I think it Ellis should handle that fight just fun and I think one of seeing these two fight in the fall. But a tough night tough night for danger of but for decisions may have thought. But none. At such a good did you also got the short end of it less I think I think if you were to look to it if I had to. Say what's what I thought was more egregious. I'd buy the chocolate tea toe. Decision was a little bit more on a lack I thought he clearly won that fight. And it was a great fight but you're not gonna get many. Many points better than that one. But I thought chocolates you don't thought it was just. The study I thought after she he also suffered his own knockdown thought that he came. He came back to win it but. You know I I just thought that he had these moments in every single round word he uses it was kind of what it was like a wow moment. And really just got the betterment and it is again that that was that was free for me enough to win the round. And these guys are so active and sort of BC was. Humorous he was Preston follower and he was strong. And he was. You know he was great to put it and just thought that. Watching it you're is a lot of soaring BC being very active. And you know he wasn't some but I thought I thought. At such a good Tito was. Active but also just really putting hasn't damaging blows I thought he was he was really heard of now there was a couple things that really affect that fight. As far as Joba Tito. Haven't a nasty had but I have of those nasty gash is making his face looked like look like a butcher shop so. That's suing the judges be you know did some punches look worse than they maybe should have from soaring receive maybe I don't know. But just to think that John would Zito who you know is is moving up in ways is that is that. You know is is taken on a guy who's bigger than him to think that he was precedent for the entire time. And it was just put forth these combinations that were just sick man. I thought that the I thought he clearly came back and won that fight. In spite of the knock down 02 which ended up getting negated by a by ahead but penalty. By solar BC but those two put on held a shows up great fights in. In Madison Square Garden last night. Really really good action or just up the judges got. I dug it up so early but got both of those. Both of those fights wrong I thought about David Jacobs should had a sand rays last night. And Ito at a his point of you know I understand what's happening here on the bigger draw. It's it's hard to. It's hard as a fight fan to not think that's up happens sometimes. That the guy is. Is is getting the short end because. I think a lot of those those rounds when there isn't a lot of action. I do David Champion of the guy who is the bigger name I think you have to do less. To get those to get those points. And this idea of all you got to beat the champion you gotta. Saddam and you should just. You should straight out rader who wins though who wins the round when the round. And I just think that a little that was suffering last night in the main event at that. These judges. Word we're given nods to do and Eddie where. I I don't mean necessarily deserve them. Excuse me and so that's that's a that's that's a bad the tough one for Dana Jacob's well I will say this I hope after last night. That neither one of those guys who ended up losing Jacobs or. Talk with Tito. Lose anything in the fan's mind and I would have hoped that the case to if there was trouble gee you ended up loses. Because. I've got all four of those guys in the meaning komen event put on a hell of a show for everybody. Neither one of them. None of them deserve to have their careers. Hindered or looked at. Any less because they had that close of a fight and put up put it on the line that much and one of the things that sucks about boxing. A lot of the time uses. This idea where a guy as an undefeated record like you chart with Tito. And he's 46 you know. And people think god he's probably has never been pushed. And he puts forth that kind of effort. Where he's come back from a knockdown in the first round and he's putting on the line every single around and just going forward on doing it against a bigger guy and and really being effective in doing with gases oversized. He shouldn't go down. One iota in anybody's mind. Now. Is he gonna end up easier and of losing that status of easier to be regarded as the top pound for pound fighter in the world. He probably will. But it should be much botched here it it it it it really shouldn't be by much he was fantastic yesterday. And yet body out but thought he got but he got hosed at the end of that I thought you know. I'll understand I guess the eventual G thing. A little bit more I mean if you wanted to say that you Liu was a little bit cleaner. The news and those shots that you were just wildly more effective RA. I'll hear your argument but I thought chuck wood to tell really. I think like outside it's your round after the second he really had a thing in the back. He'd meet you know so. That that about what now for me was the top one to swallow but. I think I think for him it's easier in his case talk with you just saw as a brand name. People are still gonna wanna watch him and especially when you're in a fight like that where you got blood streaming down your face. I need to be easier for him. To get back in this title picture and to get a rematch I think sort of BC would love to buy two to buy term with Tito and I think that B. A big fight firm whereas for Daniel. The tough part of this is. All right you lose to triple Jeannie kind of get the hose job. I think to be tougher to get back into that picture and and that's top you know because is. Is it viewing your heart of hearts that you won that fight but now you're kind of out of the loop with the super fights. You know what are what are his next options all I know for Daniel Jacobs is. You have to get notes. You know follow in the story and and follow room what it ended up being last night. He he should be tremendously proud any fan of him should reach reticent proudest city and Brooklyn should be tremendously proud of him. That was held a show. And whether you think he won or he didn't win. Throw from my standpoint. You know Nolan Mitchell Julie that. In their careers in me kell brook having had a whisper of it first round but eventually had his face caved it. This guy took it took they get ready alive and shot. Put them on the canvas. Got up and in my opinion on the fight so. There's there's nothing that did a good should be doubt about other than the the three judges in the result that put forth. Now we had a lot of big news about this week regarding the Floyd Mayweather Connor McGregor fight we finally hear from coming McGregor we finally hear from Dana White. Regardless by yesterday last week it was all Floyd Floyd Floyd was chirping a lot. And you know. It's it was kind of an old typical Floyd fashion with a guy he really. Really wanted to hear from and where you stand in this fight in Hawaii because he's got. Kind of the keys to economist contract to me in the snow Jiabao we hear from him. And we are fortunate to hear from Cabrera who haven't heard from in awhile. As they both commented we gave some juicy details. What to expect between Floyd Mayweather try to McGregor the potential that fight happening but as drew back right after this. It's miners feel. We'll get a look back W if you find his murals on here. So we got we got to hear for. We got there from the other parties with the Floyd Mayweather come McGregor thing this week. And I bigamy and this and if you're if you're in the care of you wanna see this fight happen which which I certainly am. All good things. Because. I was kind of I was at you know last week I you know broke out on on Floyd Mayweather a little bit because I was. It just reminding you give me all too much of they a memory the negotiations with Floyd. And Manny Pacquiao and his slate man as Germany years of BS the flow just spit at us about. You know signing contracts that were contracts and just you know. Her splits of a pig you zillion dollars and spewing again and so I'm so tired of hearing this. And we all know Floyd wants despite they act I don't think. The thing about if you are flew a minute why wouldn't she want despite you're going to get. A ton of money to fight a box who's not a boxer. You know unity of the fighting your sport. He's gonna too easy to take you on something that you claim to be the best stat for. One years. And some due to give you. More money than you did for the many talked to a fight league why would why wouldn't you want that fight other than taking on one of these these young. Hungry guys who. Do you would make there their lives to be Qiyue. And so. If your flood mirror all the I do have Floyd Mayweather wants this fight to have been. Is not surprised. You know there was hang up for years. With Floyd verse pock yeah because. I think there was a legit I think there was a legit. And warrior from flooding has got to be mean anyone to send defeated. I think there was there was an element of ducking the Floyd and and then when many. Stop knocking people out and he got flat lie about one mil Marquez and with a little bit vulnerable. Now all of a sudden became a little bit more open to negotiations. I think you'll see out kanell oversee triple. You know kanell is the big star there he's the big money guy and why would you go face the bigger guy who is knocking everybody silly. They if you know you can get good money fighting other people. No now we can now he's fighting Alec who this is a shot his junior. It's kind of gimmicky fight to be to be honest with you on cigarette in my out. And you know maybe that wild ride and drive a little bit for canal but he's you were just having used and it's a good days of bigamy Dynegy was make him look. Tripled you look real vulnerable. I think we will see. Marvel willingness from golden boy and from from canal at 22 wanna make that fight happen. You know people are clamoring for you don't want to be the next Floyd verse. Many pock yeah award drags on for five years where. You know could yet remember trilogy is not is not young mean he's he's in his mid thirties is not a guy who has many years to to do this chase. So. From that standpoint. Yeah I think I think those diggers as we about it from from. The car Floyd aspect is no surprise that Floyd wants the fight. Connor. I don't think there's a great surprise that he wants the fight he's never been he's never been hotter commodity. He's got to strike while the giants hot and let's be honest key fight city much more. Dangerous sport. Where. There's a lot less protection going on. There's more these days but does a lot more there's a lot less protection going on you see there ever was in boxing that I don't think and ever read enough it. So the idea that that that Connor was to make this fight happen I don't think that's a present from his standpoint. Biggest bite you could ever make biggest money he could ever make bomb. And whether ramifications he's gonna lose a sport that he's does aboard spade in Andy's gonna make a boatload of money. So. Who would want this fight to happen. The US city. And there's a couple things why they would want them to have middle there got to lose. You know he looks remarkable right now as your first two division champion even though he shipped his belt for like you know no reason. But as your first two division champion simultaneous. He's your biggest draw. You don't really have another draw beside him right now. And so any kind of loss will it will lose something too. To Condit are Greg your expose him to a new audience. And that new audience may now prevent themselves from by news seek to various auto loans lose in Boxee what's the what's the point of seeing him now. So I can get vegetation premiere of C but I think that. The exposure for Connor. And just the idea of cutter does go the distance with Floyd Mayweather. What that should do for his Stockton never box and appeal to go the distance with. One of the best boxers of all time. Yeah a fig C the risks out way though the reward out raised the the risk there I think I think it does. But we finally heard from Dana White history you don't he's been very quiet. And has been very negative on this you know he wants the seem like he's in charge. You know the only real substantive thing that we've heard from noon was. You know when he was on Colin Cowherd show and he he offered. Floyd and Connor both point five million dollars like that was gonna get it done. But that's all we really hurt from it but. Do the rubble with the street's views on Conan O'Brien. And he was asked about whether or not this fund was gonna happen and here's what it aside do you think that's gonna happen. I do. I I do think it's gonna I think it's going to be a tough deal Google obviously a lot of egos involved and in this deal. And and a lot of people so it's about always makes it tougher but on the flip side there's so much money involved. I just don't see how it doesn't happen and you know everybody always does and it would be box. It wouldn't be too that's the thing is through the rules would be the prickly boxing Connor can't. Use any of I mean you have C obviously right you can use all of your body. There do you guys oil closed or just straight up boxing in a boxing ring with with gloves in the whole deal. Beyond it in a 10 a lot of things make this quite intriguing but. The reality exists. If anybody's ever seen Floyd Mayweather you've seen a bright yet he is with Rick Perry that call our. Yeah that's not really tripped. It's not veiled doll that's really now here that's the size of a small refrigerator you're describing. Parent anyway SER McGregor is huge. And you know. He's 27 years old he's in the prime of his career Floyd it's forty. Floyd always have problems with cell pause Connor the south paw and Connor hits hard when he hit people they go. On Floyd stuff we're not knocking them out that's for sure so it's and I'm not saying that Connor wood when this boxing match British are making interest. So yeah I mean and you have the first little old old the first little positive window there from me and says yet that it's gonna happen. And he's throwing out there there's a lot of money to remain. Which is switched I think the USC and their new company wants to be cut it out everything about this video city. This I think is basically your options. Did you go let him do it or it's gonna be in legal battle and I don't think Connor fights for the UFC. So if you want Connor and fight for the USC again. I think you're allowed to make despite happen. I had just economists tremendous leverage here. Okay what we you know the downside is he then not fight for a year and you're going to be stuck in legal battle and I just it and it and then you have these these these cases of the aisle reacted he's Guinness argue that on the boxer trying to get. You know to get a new a new contract in. No boxes or more are federally Puerto protected and comics martial arts aren't something that you know ready to toward his Cooper tried to change. That is the case you know that is that is the way to think Connor will end up going at UC does a lot of little videos he does want them to be Europe's he wants to be. In a position where they're in a legal battle with their biggest star he's too valuable to them. So if your options are OK okay Connors are gonna fight this year. But if he does fight this year he's gonna fight boxing. Petty fights boxing we can either be on the cover we can be illegal borrow so if you the UC which is so perform billion dollars. You've got to make you gotta make all the money you can you wanna be in legal battle comes McGregor. Wood or make money off content McGregor. And they don't make money off kind of McGregor. More and and they would be the biggest selling got a verifiable time and yet you'd have to give a big chunk of that to Floyd Mayweather. But you also make money. So here is Dana who also got caught up with TMZ. Who pressed him on that a little bit on the economy McGregor. Fight and whether he's gonna stand in the way and is it's a surprising. I know you well know time you know fluid under the what about you know Connor back yeah. I don't know you know he obviously not a lot of opportunities right now but Tony Ferguson and is out there. You know the Floyd Mayweather. We'll see how this big plays out deployment when things don't want. Now I view that there's there's. It doesn't make a lot of sense for my business but I would never keep cars from making that kind of money right. Interesting. And sting that be the tuna started change Sunday and a and I I ain't got imagine that. News is that the buzz in the usability of slate. PW that the need be notes I'll give you can't beat them join them I think that's kind of where the UCs that right now you know since that since they can't. They can't fight the inevitable. Why not just be part of it which is morphing you know I think it's it's got a cool leader Dana talk about this this week an and a willingness to do this now. How to McGregor was in New York this you've been heard from con McGregor a lot. You know he's been he's been home in Ireland. Power in LA is his fiancee is gonna give birth and a couple months. You know he said he said from the debt that he was going to. He was going to after window lightweight title he's guaranteed a break. Scopes and things out check his options and that he wanted to real talk even talking about when he ownership and usage. So. He was in New York this week for Michael Conlon the ire Irish Olympian he was making his pro debut he fought. He fought amass the square garden on Friday night before. They had and then in the in the small in the small arena at Madison Square Garden. And he had come to Gregor walkabout come McGregor was there. Place was filled with the Irish fans perceive Patrick's day guy comes out a little leprechaun outfit. And Conrad behind him in the mink coat. And glasses and carry in the Irish flag and you know really really put the rub on his on his guys there is not on Mickey become one itself. Connor was he was asked by the media afterwards you shout at fans I am boxing there boxing in during the fights. But mean on the report because some of them and can't chastise a little bit that he's gonna call out. That day that they're gonna be ease ease in all they're saying he's gonna shock the world they don't know he has thrown. And was also caught up by a an Irish television station and was asked. Where things considering now and says things are close. I don't know Cuomo when you do you know and off you. Yes we'll play trust me it's all Baltimore don't notice it around in here. I'm unpredictable nobody knows what who and what the simple everybody's time mile an. You know we're going to be shock and make no mistake about it so comedy outlook for the next item on prepared when very close to inking it. But Jim like he could not win this is a markets now when we're pretty close that's. He did also leak Conrad did slip out to the LA times. Apparently that September's the target date so. You know this looks like it's going to be a very real thing or two. If I were him I would anticipate that. If Dana White sound like he's on board this week if congress telling you they're close to think in the deal. Floyd say the things he was saying last week. We can now we can ready ourselves we're gonna to get Floyd Mayweather vs come McGregor I think take all the hurdles all the red bodies are saying all the right things. Seems very harmonious right now. And so. Yeah it seems I mean I would say the only the only other thing that finish probably. A commission agreeing to a boxer. Box Floyd Mayweather get a boxing lessons in the lot of the whole thing needs to be cleared out. An and to allow him to. To fight Clement weather but they have. Very little belief that that the Las Vegas athletic commissions going to stand in the way of this thing happening is they know all the money that it'll bring in itself. Ages sting is seeing breakdown this week of all the the news that went on with the Mayweather. Hockey the Mayweather McGregor dynamic and Dana what being on board. We'll discuss more of that coming up also some some Yossi results for this week. We get the next. It's miners feel. I welcome back. So what it would be on father's fury. Plus that we had. Well I guess afternoon via London thing is weird but yet UC bypass guard Jameer Manilow. Knock it out Korea's and one punch knocked out. Right on the top of his dome put put Corey Anderson down down real real hard. It does seem though it was a medal afterwards saying that he's not soon facing John jones' quote Madison praising John John John Jones take steroids and has been banned for steroids is big fan Jones who things he's done the doctor army's been suspended for a year or something. He verified there are really respect him in Memphis steroids maintains everything he's done. Some really managed it when he comes back to fight I'll fight him no problem right now folks on the belt let's go for the winner of DC. Verses rumble Johnson. At speeds are staying but it did sting it's amusing thing to throughout that should not interest in facing John Jones who think for Jamie. Odd that be the big spiders courier will be whether that was. Whether that was four. The belt or not you know I'd see him warning to make that happen to speak it is. You know. Is that a case where he has wanna face music in the him he doesn't like is chances against them or deceit. Is he just hoping that that kind of narrative is out there is John isn't gonna get the the bell. With a shot at about just getting showed up well we make no mistake about it 20 fives in a really really tough spot as. They have been in this. Kind of McGregor this Daniel Cormier. John Jones danced. Curve three years now. Two years 23 years mean it's been going on forever since those guys brawl since their first fight since the suspensions since the injuries. Pulled out. It it's big in the same batch of guys so you know Jimmie gets the win yesterday. And you look at the other people in contention there. And I guess and its not John Jones and be Jimmy meant a lot. But the idea that. Is it gonna be John Jones or Jimmy Miller you tell me John Jones comes off suspension. And we got DC verse rumble coming up next month. Give TCU wins there for sure gonna do that fight with John Jones. And the reason being is because there's too much money at stake is one of the few I think real money fights the UFC. Has in his pocket that doesn't involve Macgregor because those two hate each other you got the infamous footage there's a deep history there's a deep he. Of I think you're being good seller for them. Same being rumble Johnson. You wanna know the bigger name is between Jimmy jet Gmail or Anthony rumble Johnson has cited in close so from Owens of put that fight people want to see. A guy like Anthony Johnson. If you were to fight a guy like John Jones could he got to be could that that that monster monster right hey could that be the equalizer. In the no room exude that is facing John Jones so. I dig either way Jimmy manulife. Is. On the outside looking in if John jones' cleared to come back for particularly July. And I can't imagine. DC or rumble. Fighting in April. Either wore a homecoming back to fight in July before July so. I don't really know Gmail was doing there because. RA let's say John Jones. You don't wanna fight and John Jones does get the title shot next. And any of them winning the title back. As long as Joseph Jones doesn't get suspended again which is the gift. He doesn't have been suspended again. You're on record saying you don't wanna fight him because he's big he's a cheat. And I just wonder how willing John Jones is gonna be. Truthfully. Jimmy Mandel if that would ever if that would ever be. A possibility so. Interesting interesting. Choice I think genuine there yesterday I figure who's trying to. Put his case out there that he maybe deserves the house chuck disease clean and he hasn't doesn't anything has passed. But I just think if you look at the landscape. USC's not about merit right now video while we're marrow. You are Mara has done. Everything. He showed to get a publisher doesn't matter. It's don't of the bigger name and so Michael Bisping is funny guy. In George saint Pierre for the bell even though GSP is a welterweight. So the usage not do with stuff that makes sense right now. And a distinctive washes over the neck trying to corner. A Jimmy's doing and I just figured it was the wrong play by him. You know maybe that's your play he thought he had was just say hey he doesn't deserve the title shot disease just oral suspension. If you were in another division. If you was in. Middleweight if he was in heavyweight if he was somewhere else welterweight if you were in her in the division where there were more options. And it wasn't just held up by this kind of three had a monster of DC rumble John Jones. I can understand that play more but because of where he is in that light heavyweight division where it's cottages in the same three. Guys for the last three years for if you wanna thrown just. Although buses mean dusty is you know. But got you know dust is already he's lost to John real close he lost to DC real close I don't know. What is it to to kind of get him back and pictures just. You know for from the standpoint of wanting to really be into and outages and we're kind of skirted around that amendment really feels that way we'll see other plays out for. Yeah it was good seeing hearing yesterday that the whole Connors thing and then Texas forensics evidence of four. I don't see how this isn't good for your C stock I don't see out his and neither committed the gonna beyond. The billing. Then. Just do I know the ripping also Jimmy hey Jim malice in that he also played David hey. Who has one leg right now I don't know if you've seen the photos of David his Achilles that didn't come back for at least a year plus he's old. You know plus. He doesn't like danger so I can't imagine he's gonna take that fight. But this you know until like it's turning into we talk to Roy Jones's suite on the. On the show with with LeRoy. In the bill the week. And Roy denied that he was at UC headquarters. For the innocent so fight even though they've you know been redeemed. Fight wanna I wanna forever but. He Israel PC on that. I don't want it to be the entire card be you receivers boxing as a don't want that's the case because. Did you think you put in a mixed martial laws against the boxer. The box is gonna win man in the box it'll win you know four or five times so I don't want this being an entire card. And the mega Iverson the box or to the enemy guys are confident there in the striking skills. You know what I want is I think if you have seized in the if they're in on the promotion. I think there should be USC cage in there I figured should be UFC cage and a boxing ring. On the scene in the same building on the same night duke boat. That's what should happen if the USC. Is gonna be part of that they're given their got. What should happen is this year and put it put a KG in there. They should put on. The blues some of the best young fighters they can put up put out Tony Ferguson vs can be you put Medicaid and you put it on the four. Connor verses purses Floyd is Andy Jack Connors potential perched future USC opponents. Right before he goes on you're exposed in boxing fans to USC. You're exposing your C fans to boxing. Even though most juicy pins are boxing fans it's usually just a weird token of boxing digital accuracy. When you're expose you here expose yourself I think that's a petition be I wanna see all circus. Enough circuits of the main event. Jack potter vs Floyd there's a weird dynamic pair of size. A guy's got two rounds. Of power potential that knocked out Floyd Mayweather or get a trying to the distance with them didn't he stuff. Bad and that's really what we're with kind of thing that's how I think it's gonna go I think he's got to round. And I'd imagine that first rounds probably going to be feeling EE you know view of things out but it's beyond a stimulus. More color. Is mostly two rounds anyway most of his damage is done within two rounds he's got more of that than he does. A grueling five rounder will need DL doesn't have a lot of that in his career so. From looking at this fight in how you actually break down how Connor would win. You know. People may look at that window of two rounds and say yeah well that's a really short window cutter used to that window that that that's how he goes and wins this fight. Dubbed the rather shorter the gloves are bigger so he's got more stuff going up against him to finish that window. As fast is usually does. But I don't I don't think this idea that he has to. Win that fight quick I don't think it's that crazy because he's used to that he does that anyway is normal sport. It if you're gonna do this to be the USC. Don't throw that meal but at Anderson verses rajat I'm not into that fight anyway. You know if they're gonna do it. I only want to be in the home event. Either give me a real good boxing match is the co main event if it's gonna be all boxing gimme USC fight that's the way it should go man. If you're gonna do this crazy night the craziest adding combat sports. The two best from each sport. We've both sports. That's what I wanna see. Give me a little bit and and if you want to do with with guys you you figure are gonna be don't put it a guy they're using skin. Who's gonna neutralized someone in men and put him on the ground him for the crowd to death not. You don't win there gimme gimme a cowboy verse Robbie Lawler that night. You know guarantee action guaranteed it's going to be great. And you or I think lifting up the sport I think you're giving USC is different kind of platform that's the way they should do it. I don't know that's the way they're gonna do it but that is what their demands should be. Aside from getting their cut we get a fight that night. We get it we get a USC fight that night put the cage up put it right next to it. And it'll be fantastic I think you'd be just an awesome awesome night to watch everything in the way it unfolds so. We'll see but this is has been a fun dynamic to watch play out and it's great to see that it's getting. More positive news from Dana White. And from Connor because. Because Floyd it was a senate more the my you know just it's always the same line with flow so to hear. You know. I guess different voices on it. And more fresh takes on it. Was was it was good to hear from people who wanna see this thing happened. Everybody aid thank you Richard and then missing the show you go to Miami dot com you download the podcast. It's miners feel. Our guys welcome back over here with few dual podcast bonus. Section because I don't believe it's do everything in the one hour and a lot of you clamor for. I was getting more time and there's station religious reasons Italy and utilize that doesn't happen but. Either way. To feel like because of the view of our website in the beauty of the podcasts and we can give you. I've just dismiss the next time. But. Here's his is a couple things just wanna get to which we weren't able to during the show today. So we have we got news this week that Calvin gas slim is gonna and a taken on Anderson Silva. UC 212 in Rio I like the fight. You know there was calls this week for you'll marrow he won an intern Telus audience Anderson. Anderson wanted to fight Nick Diaz that you see 212 I liked it's much better. I think he got a good thing on with Kelvin who had some negative press around him surround the weight cutting thing. And affect these kind of found a home here he had such he had such a vicious went over detour and Tim Kennedy. And Alec too little nod to shut to chill silent. He's Connolly chills protege. From Nielsen fighter so like the idea that yeah it kind of how Blake is. Sensitive leave the young. Grasshopper. Two. Beating Anderson Solis on the chose never able to do in two tries. Never got to fight him Kennedy and MB LE detours so I think it's cool twist to it I liked the liked the match Alison in like the idea of you all have and a fight for a middleweight. In terms title hunt relieving and get the logic that at all even though. The others have pointed this logic with the inner and titles lately. But you oil is going to. I hate this is if it Fabio well what I am I hope he does. Is he just stated he just stays ready because you never know with these. With these darn in terms titles are with these title shots the of people missing way. You know guys getting hurt. If you you'll Romero just stay ready to stay close and active to the title don't fight jock Corey again because you've already beat them. You maybe they do because there's controversy with the result of the so maybe they Paula Damien mime who argue all they make him fight shocker again who knows but. You know for me while I waited out menus you hear you're in your late thirties. Is the biggest opportunity you're gonna get. And had no thorough lot a lot of better options. Out there for me don't really haven't heard much from Luke rock told. You know Luke and Mike obviously each other so flu trade to come back. I still think he needs a win but then you know who knows just he didn't need any fights in this division and get the title shot. So it's tough thing for you all right now I understand wonders just link yourself to any kind of belts just so you kind of have that. Seoul's lead money in the bank and every series is seeking passion and and get that title shot. You know about from from my standpoint. I he's just so close he's beaten Wideman he's beaten jock her day. I just. For him not to get the fight next. Would be crazy but I guess you've seen crazier things you have seen. You a little bonus ran wanted to get into do you have time had and the show. That's how radio format works. So they servitude and then went back next week's intensive placed levee guys.