Fighter's Fury 3-4-2018 (Wilder KOs Ortiz, UFC 222 recap)

Fighter's Fury
Sunday, March 4th

Tobin recaps a great night of fights in Boxing and the UFC. Deontay Wilder knocks out Luis Ortiz and gets the credit her deserves. No more games! If Anthony Joshua wins his next fight, these two need to match up! Does it matter if Deontay Wilder doesn't have the cleanest style when he has power like that? How does he stack up against the rest of the heavyweight contenders? UFC 222 featured another dominant win by Cris Cyborg. She is now open to a fight with Amanda Nunes. Brian Ortega becomes the first man to stop Frankie Edgar in a fight. He solidifies himself as the number 1 contender against Max Holloway. There is a lot of young talent emerging in the UFC. Sean O'Malley had the viral moment of the night, winning on one leg and doing his Joe Rogan interview laying down. Adalaide Byrd gets roasted on the UFC broadcast by Rogan and Daniel Cormier. Can the commission really have her do this anymore?


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It. Mixed martial arts and it's time for players if you were. Here's viewing. Good Sunday morning everybody welcome on and fighters there here on 790 the ticket. WEB over the next hours we will dive all over the world of mixed martial arts and boxing. What a show was last night for the Barclays senator. The odds at while there with the tenth round knockout of Luis Ortiz. Continues his undefeated rains sets up the heavyweight fight everybody wants to see when he the potential him day and on Anthony Joshua. But. Last night. Wasn't just why you love boxing last that is why you love sports it was so fantastic had it. Moments of drama had everything had the right characters and it put. It reminds you why we tune into watch these things not just to watch guys. Combat in the squared circle and deceive who the better man is but it. To think about what the stories are behind them you know a guy like Luis Ortiz. Getting out of Cuba because he needed to get better care for his daughter didn't have a lot of options this is this is the life that he shows Dion there Waller. Had aspirations of being a professional athlete. You know couldn't. Really get into college with degrades that he had had to turn to a life of boxing while delivering. It being on a delivery truck. Also you know dealing with. Stanley needs at home with a with his child and to see that these guys filled arena. How the world watching and are at a point where. It they're putting on such a great show and walk you through sort five putting so much on the line because. You know whoever wins this fight. Is. Going to take a big step into really being the guy. In heavyweight boxing. And more so the package it was probably gonna be for Dion there while there but there were a lot of questions going into this why did he wanted to take this fight. Could he deal with the awkwardness of Luis Ortiz. You know is this the biggest houses are taking taking on the south bother a lot of questions. About why he would take this fight. What would make you wanna take this fight. And the reasons. Came to fruition they were true. Luis Ortiz was the best idea too while never faced. Luis Ortiz was awkward he made things difficult he'd hurt Dionte while there he was probably winning the flight. And yet. Yet there while I was able to win two to get through at all. And that that magical. Right hand those two telephone poles able to do their work. It's not the prettiest thing in the world he's never going to be the slick is boxer in the world these guys are six say none of Omar and he is he's just able to touch you with the death. When he gets his hands on you it was amazing to watch but to see him have his moment. When we've been talking nonstop about Anthony Joshua. Knowing how he had the signature moment he had the political fight against Wladimir Klitschko got up off the campus. And was able to stop. The view long reigning. Name of the heavyweight division he but it was all they awful awful loss. The odds say needed his own signature moment and I think for the longest time the biggest criticism he could put on him was that. You know it was that we just didn't have that yet it wasn't too. Bleed on his skills disease is the Christmas box ever know what does he have some of those vicious power in the division beam those visions are division I say probably so. I mean. When he touches you pay raises you go down when he touches you flush you don't get up. And it was so impressive to watch that yesterday. It was a great show about both of those guys and what can he said what what what can be what what else. Can be put on them as far as raises concern you it really pretty out there rather it's great to see. When the guys are hunting so much for that moment they're hunting so much for that recognition. Those accolades that phrase that they deserve. And it comes through for them. It's why you exports it's why we like fighting it's why it's why we we tune in week and we got to watch these guys that was so fantastic. And such a great show. And I thought Dion today had himself an awesome week where. You know I think he did the right things with the call lots of but he turned. Up the furnace burning on a little bit more I thought that he did. It's that thing where he is in the lead this fight. Attacking the past because he had the opponent here and Luis Ortiz. That was gonna say much there's a language barrier that and so. Other than hey we wanna see these two guys fight and it's a very dangerous by for both of them and both guys can be knocked out. Where else can we go for the drama what else can feel that fit feed headlines what else can he get through the storyline that relate controversy. And I thought the other did a fantastic thing where he started attacking the past saying that he is more fear than that a prime Mike Tyson. Saying that he can beat any of the guys the past get in the guys the past brought up like Tyson Lennox Lewis. And even if there wasn't. Inability to make. They've verbal sparring out of the opponent that he had. He was still being able to be in the headlines with his mouth with what he was saying maybe making some people upset because. A lot of boxing fans don't like you attack in the past and alike saying it better than the guys that came before you. And I like it because. Even if it is. The crazy claim. At least of the claim at least something he believes at least have some nerves got to get a reaction. And I think that there is something effective there that you're building yourself up in do something that. Maybe people don't believe but if you believe that it's gonna be effective. I think that's what it was yesterday we saw him be so flustered. With what Ortiz whose brain into him with the awkward style. The south Boston's not easy to hit Ortiz much crisper. Much slicker. And really worth it wasn't able to find a hole for that for that right hand for a bunch around. And that what he did you like. Man I just thought I saw. For five rounds of the sky just look at a fool and this was gonna be really really terrible for him and even still he has that great equalizer. Andy may be the best equalizer in the sport right now it is. It is so tremendous. And he we we saw yesterday. He's in such great shape this is the one of those things where you restrain in there most unbelievable volume was very low yesterday as far as job puts concern. That could still cut he come in round 15789101112. It's always there. And I think that is that was an edge sting thing to learn about the on to this day. After the you know the last time that it was out there of remains divert it was it was lived in the slaughter resist up there to be. A showcase Ortiz was able to make that fight because the test. And you're a guy you've got a lot of credit for giving this opportunity to Luis Ortiz he understand that what. The importance of getting this victory would be. Nobody wants the fight Luis Ortiz. And he can see why he makes you terrible he's dangerous and he ovals PT onto audio was knocked him out it'll stop that fight. But Dionte was able to weather the storm. Use it to get through it. And eventually was able to have his moment visions ever cut and the fight. And now we just wait no wait till the end of the month. We see if Evan Joshua beats Joseph Parker. Not a gimme fight same way not a fight that they allowed you wanna say right now but if he just wants to collect belts. And this is gonna do big business for them over there. Does he come through. He rubbed his end of the bargain I will say this look the out there while there's hotter than ever right now after last night have been. To knock outs in a row now that are going to be re played over and over and over and over again. If Anthony Joshua takes care of business. At the end of this month. There can be no waiting around anymore that they're camped. This idea where. We're gonna let it simmer a little more now I get it you have several e-book we're gonna have high profile matchups. Early on in the year same month timeline keeps going and keep people going in any edge in about it. But. We need this by by the end of the year. I don't mean to be looked in headed Joseph partner. And hoping. Beyond hope that in the judgment does come through with the win. But. We need this thing now have a via the month this is this is the fight. You ought to have a sport right now that. Look. If you turn it in the show we get a week out you love the sport your hard core. I imagine that you you are tuning into mostly everything. And you're going to be sold about a war. That doesn't mean that. The sport isn't without its need to have those mainstream fights. That gets that everybody adjusted and gets everybody. Coming into the circus tent and watching what the hell's happening and so. This fight needs to happen in these Abbott at the at the end of this year and there really shouldn't be any good excuse outside of somebody getting hurt that it doesn't happen. These guys are both of the peak of their powers. The both undefeated. They both identified at any time there's a clash of styles there the both olympians as a cross country thing here. It has to happen. That there's an there's no. Wiggle room left here for the fans it's this is set up so perfectly. All the boxing to drop the ball that's. So let's hope that it comes to fruition let's hope we get the fight that we policy delta while it was fantastic yesterday. And I think earned himself a lot of fans yesterday I think a lot of people are gonna start getting on to this train of Dionte while there and that was the big question all. Why. Is a guy who's forty you know now 39 knock outs. Why is not a bigger deal here what what is that divide here as a country. That we wouldn't be as behind. This. In an individual sport. Then anything else you know people still tune into the Olympics people are still team that national pride in figure skaters. Curlers. America or in the growing it was huge. You know Michael Phelps did is still there's still there's still a thing there where. We get behind our guys. At the right time well this is the time I think that as a country. We should get behind legality out there while there. In this little arms race with the UK in the UK's ticket RS is far passion for the sport box and they really are. But I do think that the other day. Has done there has as take it the right steps to earn. As many fans as possible doesn't work I don't know I mean maybe this is where the point in this in this country where. Being a heavyweight champions is never going to be that big a deal anymore. It used to be. The most distinguished honor in sports. Now. Here I don't know but not anymore. But it's it's nothing that he's not doing anymore. He's got the mouth at the size of the book that the knocked out power. Now is at the signature win. There's there's there's nothing. From the odd days side I think that can be. Added or heaped upon him. To make him any bigger issues I guess the question of will that be the same anymore what will it be case. If people care about that. I don't know I don't have the answer to that I don't know be meeting Anthony Joshua is gonna be a parent of and they Joshua. Goes out and beats the out there while there is going to be bigger than Queen Elizabeth over that. Here. The odds at while there. Beats. Anthony Joshua. Allen David Obi still the biggest thing in Alabama I don't know if he's bigger the next statement he should be but I don't know via its. It's it's it's good it sting thing to watch. His. The Joshua fights unfold if he gets his win and we actually get a promotion this fight if the fans here are finally go to embrace. What it's going to be like to having a big heavyweight fight again in the battle Lyle. It's been awhile and you further excuses I've been held hostage by Klitschko. Now you never know the fights are on and there are all legit though that not say that people who make those complaints aren't making fair points. But. Here's the opportunity for you to get back into is the opportunity for you to say. Okay I'll I'll watch this guy okay damaged in a good until storyline does a great story line. And it has it all and I hope that we're gonna get the match but we all see by years and really really great show last night. Fantastic job idea to Waller unbelievable. Five by Luis Ortiz really really great show about those guys. Well I mean. The 200 by so we've got now. In twelve months. With Josh rumors Klitschko. And now this. Unbelievable time to be a box and that would back up to this. Beats the miners feel. I ought to back. But just hearing here on seven I had the tickets over the airwaves view. It's X shows 67974. Texts are it says that a gay respect for while alas that was as heart and utilities still needs to sharpen his Boston Joe's not be too reliant on the power looked off bounds. When throwing power shots he needs to work on that overall Ortiz whose control the flight. While espouse the neutralize or. If I was going that way as suggests it would Coleman's back in a while ago that couldn't stand. I would I looked. What he says it is valid. The Texas board while others boxing if you wanna call them I guess skills or his polished. It's never going to be with what some of the best in the sport arts not gonna be. As crisp as Luis Ortiz did not going to be as. I guess it was elusive and be at Tyson fury is or I guess is picture perfect as an anti Joshua would be bought. The question is does it matter. Does does he have to be you know you can. Go out there we can we can talk till we're blue in the face. That Dionte a lot of doesn't have. The the clean boxing that he's not as pristine we could talk about that if you want to. But. If you're doing that I think you're ignored in. That this guy has some of the most devastating one punch knocked out power. That we've seen and the fact that it doesn't matter it doesn't seem to matter because. You probably went in there with the most technical. Heavyweight out there right now. In Luis Ortiz hundreds. Of amateur fights. He's. Allegedly 39. He maybe 49. But that doesn't take away that he's strong as well he's hard to hand and that he may should pay for your mistakes. He was getting peppered all over the place. Round and round out was really really heard in the seventh. After putting him on the canvas once. And it didn't matter he's still. Just needs to touch it once and it's rigged game changer shelf. If you're telling me that the odds are a lot of doesn't have. As Pristina boxing as Tyson fury. Anthony Joshua or even Luis Ortiz. That's fine you're right Willie get that now at 33 years old. Well. But the question really should peak. Does it matter does it matter that he's not on the same plant as those guys are skill wise in bees got. That web in in his back pocket to all load. At any time and my answer. After watching them fight year in and year out I have to say no it really doesn't matter. Then he goes no fight with Tyson Furrey who we've seen had a questionable chin before. It doesn't carry dance at around him he's picking him pop and he's given the whole. Lot of it Klitschko treatment. And activity and and and and the odds are a lot of down. By four rounds are down by three rounds peace deal got a chance to and that by. Does he swing a missile yeah. When he does it in its tour. When he barely graze you don't like canvas. So. We keep talking in about what he's not good at. What is best asset is that everybody else's. So. I'd got to give them props in that regard. In my ever gonna seed the other want to throw the most beautiful combinations in the world. Probably not keep rat's ass. What's not yet bike night. It's the campus that's what happens. Just show. Good against the guy. Who's got as good. A background. And style that clash with this as you can get it was working. He. The odds in losing that fight I'd be a day hurt may Dionte papers mistakes the onto other. Took shots got to his corner got up. And flight. Without having. In equal skill set without having the equal background without being as clean so the critics. They're about. They have good points. And that that points are incorrect. But the question has to be brought up in this weight class. This weight class. Heavyweight. Does it matter. If he touched he wants. Is a good chance you arrest is hit the floor if he had to flush. It's over. All over. So. Tyson Jerry can sit there elated batted says that all of dance around you all night I'll give you the 12 and I'm gonna hurt yet. Yeah okay and I would save dies of Jerry he's got a good opportunity to win that fight. He's also got a good opportunity to lose that fight and if any Joshua. He may look a whole lot prettier. And he may have the pedigree of knock it off will Wladimir Klitschko. Which he would that should dance we've seen ads vulnerable. I'll say this. One thing I think has to be. Looked upon with this by Anthony Joshua verses while there. Waller David this by news stunning that he was that the 216 anyway didn't. So the very very light for a man of his stature he's 68. And it others say not as some flu stuff there are so maybe it was immigration still had that his pocket in round ten. Were Anthony Joshua. We've seen. Has the adrenaline dump where he gets in there which on the canvas. And it doesn't quite have you out. And you get up off that campus. There's some that is the needs of recuperation. And the one thing about had it with with. That guys like a shark he is all over you so. The question really is as great as that win was over Wladimir Klitschko for Anthony Joshua. At that time that fight. Where. He is all arms in the side so tired. That he can't move that he'd take it hits from. The odd to it rather like he did from Wladimir Klitschko which goes government known as. Back kind of puncher. So can he survive. Tiger shark. Swarming him if you would that tired ever in a fight. Yeah I'd say. Yeah pretty they've made up these. The cleanest thing in the world to look at putt. The goal for days. About got a route one knocked out around ten. And I think we get Tiffany Joshua. The question has to be asked. We're look at these guys we're gonna talk about a race that may go longer than a few rounds. What really who's really haven't they used to. I don't know that's Q Anthony Josh and about a way that fight is if it's in London or wherever. So. I just think that after yesterday. And see what he was able to do against that style. How you can think. That he can't Lotto win or lose yet that's the one thing about the odd to. I do think that there are nights. Against the elites he's gonna give them windows to win. That's clear we've seen that against guys who aren't nearly as good as the guys now that he's fighting. But. Even with those windows his margin for error is so much greater that a lot of guys in this sport because. All of his power and because of the weight class that he fights and. A lot of the times. You over talk it well two wayward Duggan middleweight. And guys get that real kill shot let's let's Sergey global global level one last night tko in the seventh round. Fight in. Andre Ward. And rubber he put Andre on the camp is really really early lobbying the Bob anyone that first by I thought it was a draw that they actually have the first fight right. And in the second fight. Other war game network. And the question is. Is the power. In the low weight classes. Can you have that kind of margin for error like you do at heavyweight. Usually the boxing skill sets a little bit crisper in the low weight classes usually it's a little bit better guys a little bit more skilled. So and smaller target. So I think that margin for error. Though. Delta one's gonna leave. Some opportunities opened fours oppose because he may be not the Crist is boxer he may be off balance a lot email goofy after he. With Soledad a couple times. Blakey stolen. He keeps bringing in those those those huge huge trees. Coming out ship with fury. A passenger. And it just takes one and it's game changer to game changer so. I don't know how you take a medal last night again. You know what he can beat Anthony Joshua. Maybe still together and Josh was the favorite. Maybe you still think that. Every Josh who's the better boxer may be beginning Josh who's the more complete package. But for me. At this weight class. See what he was able duel last night. I was a boy with a lot of you say I think give me Joshua. Is gonna give the answer while network. But I have to watch it last night. I'm really really question in the I think this guy. Is is God's on the real real special right now. And we'll see out there Joshua looks in a couple weeks. Maybe all of our opinions will change because they'll look even more present against Joseph Parker. Right now. The odds are Waller there's definitely I think turned a lot of heads. He is. Impressed a lot of fans he silenced a lot of doubters and I think that's all it was laborious and other than getting another win and get a big fat check. I think he wants a damn credit. Go in there Buddy Guy nobody want to fight. Fight a guy who is gonna make you look ugly a guy who's got a just a terrible style. That nobody wants to console with fake you know Dick John Ortiz it is got a bad ass club. And nobody once again that this guy. So what's mystery around them. Don't know if he's clean don't know how old he is. Hundreds of amateur fights in Cuba. Knocked out power. Sick nominations for guy that size. Wants to buy that who choose to fight that. Yeah there ought to dead after failed drug test. After Ortiz though drug test still want to buy. Not about. W William grad today a man. Even the haters of the haters pass he'd today I would think but then he got to realize as a whole lot of trolls. Will back up the list. It's miners feel. Are ahead welcome back putters Jerry here seven the ticket thank you all who are Texan. 67 Assam for. Somebody says this on the posters being number my closet I can assure you would be alive today my friends. I know I have made that admission before that I have taped but this year in my closet big is. Just to make it in for whatever reason the next morning and so I'd send and then but I can assure you I'm here live on watching sports center right now watching the replay of the Johnson while there. In Texas a gentleman back to one of the text machines open doesn't tape showed at the hell out of here but Carol you people think. So no or is that. Attest to also president George Foreman is boxing skills progressed to madly but is Howard hit his lack of skills let me get away with a heavyweight title. While there is no different it is a great equalizer you really does he has that. That just amazing amazing weapon that he's able to hold and I can't wait to watch in any Joshua by the end as well. The lottery Hedwig by the it is my beverage division right now I really is. I think there's just there's so much drama around it I think there's a legitimate chance these guys are actually in a fight. Plan. I don't know I could say that would welterweight while to way to Philly everybody is being separated a little bit. The BBC guys are aware of the top ranked guys throw away from each other there's networks. Keep everybody apart. And so even though that how it may be better. Out of all those I think that. I think from my standpoint it is who lacks a little bit because it can't. What there's there's a real separation there. With the heavyweight division. You know personalities of the person the personalities are amazing FE DR did get a grip personality I think I think Tyson fury obviously he brings a lot of edginess to it and I biggest comeback stories and say yeah I'm looking forward to seeing that even though you shouldn't fight shed a bridge you honk if you set up budget time. Alive. We do not only. Little boy in him and everybody bet they we told them to share raises multiple balls that you brought up there who'd like to divide and we said Shannon Briggs. There are thousands of votes. And we came back and that's that's who we wanted to fight and yet know fight so I don't die there. Either way. Does it is an exciting personality. And entity Joshua now like. But most charismatic dude in the world but also not a dud so there's that I just think that this is it in everybody's got a good gimmick. In this division and it it's just it's really fun to be a boxing fan and have that division. Means something right now I think I think it's it's it it's as. It is healthy is has been a long time and I think there's a lot of people that Cuba others want to look at brown and it white led to realm Miller. Big baby milk presided that guy's got. Adjusting to that dude he's pushed in three LBs. As he gets of that ring he's he's like go a massive body builder. I don't know how that guy's got assailant to do anybody audience and he would shoot. Would these like little like T Rex arms that are savagely powerful. It was a kick boxer before hand that wickedly bad ass is most people from Brooklyn bar. Did you stuff I'd I just think to meet but to the person now is the depth. Via the the cross country robbery that I think has brought a little bit between America and the UK. Just got it all right now I don't know how you can't be into that watching right now it's it's it's great fun. But let's start over let's let's sell let's get into let's get into USC a little bit from yesterday you have seat to 22. You had. Cris Cyborg she defended Italians you gotta put it's guy yacht that came out she give out tough tried to. Put side or Eric Wedge I think that's a couple things a couple fighters in a row now. Now we've seen cyborg and they've they've try to tire big advocates see big attire a little bit civic a worker a little bit maybe they see someone of weakness there. Think it's a mortal and losses and more time. So maybe that's that's the idea there and young local issues to being a little bit what really report holly got Chris there. She really know what to do with issuable surprised by her strength that she was able to. Rough house so I would Pepsi really doing they were young didn't try to. She tried by a yet now then. What's he gonna do it's Cris Cyborg in and she butchered and she bush and what she got those hands loosened and she got arrange a little bit. Mean it was bad there it was it was it was a slaughter so she retains. If you're coming out of that here's the positive thing that we got out of Cris Cyborg. Winning last night she seems down to fight amid a noon as that I gave Chris a hard time because. You know she was talking about this stuff about all you know I want to defend. The featherweight. Belt that I want I got a responsibility to a division like hey. You sat here for years and years. Yellow that Ron arouse the aid to not give the fans the fight the fans wanna see. And that she was hiding under the guise that she had to defend their belt. And now all of a sudden she was on the other foot. Whether hell's our fight that we wanna see we wanna see take on a minute newness. Now it seems like she's down for it. Also Mike Cris Cyborg. Oz of Miami and it has won this fight Dana White seemed like he wants to make this happen so that's great. The big star idol last night. Which was cool about yesterday. This team what was great about Europe's. And maybe you know. I'd wanna put retirement a little bit on why is this a pay per view card the guards are with they are right now there's a huge depth of them. They have to fill them out and it is what it is that's that's. That's how you proceed decides do their business model right now and other too many yes. But does that mean on the table view cart on a car that's maybe not portable paper view worthy there can't be fantastic fights or great fighters that emerged from it. No that's now that means at all and less than we had that first of all. The show O'Malley. This this kid who BO made is there on the the contender series and Snoop Dogg. You call us by its yesterday. Wins his by on one leg his foot is busted up really Donnelly. Thankfully it's not broken bowl wins is by. Does the post fight interview laying flat on his back. With Joseph rodeo leaned up Le lay it over and go. And it was it was just it was it was so awesome it was equal violent made sports center this morning good of that young man to get that big win. And may be able talk about it very very unique haven't seen that. In a lot of CB Latin leaders sitting down he's flatly on his back getting put into a pass to get taken out of the the octagon. And is getting interviewed by Joseph wrote an after the biggest one in his career some very cool Sean O'Malley yesterday again his win and that's we need you need. A little bit a little bit of a unique touch. Guerrillas heaviest thing now getting even getting interviews flat on his back but it was cool school was it Ryan Ortega. Ryan Ortega. Knocking out Frankie Edgar hits above the elbow. Gets that would that nasty upper cut couple hammer fist fight has stopped. So that we haven't seen before break yet your stop and a flight to lose we've seen them almost get payload. We never seen Frankie Edgar stopped. And bright Ortega. Did admissions fashion not a guy thought I was gonna get knocked out maybe that's why it happened you know Frankie is such a good striker and I would tell you lake. If you may be previewed this fight a hundred times. I would written. Never picked Ryan Ortega what do by knockout never. Never never never. How could you how can you a personal is that good. With is jujitsu moves that goes submission artists. You feel like that's always. How he's gonna go and find its path to victory when you have backers still set. Buy it. He would break it was a while just an almost makes you feel like maybe Frankie was ample maybe Brian is rapidly grow and maybe that's the case. And we don't he's getting a lot better. With the striking. And he has been in there with a with a much better guys believed but maybe frank just took him so lightly never thought that I was getting caught with some of the wilds of that he did. You know this this to its. Tough to say who had a better upper governments that Brian Ortega or. The other one I guess I'd give it to water title fight was probably losing this is round one but. To do something. That. Nobody's done before. I was as it was really really awesome and this is also the part of the fight game that sucks because. Of there's a fight it alive who doesn't like Frankie Edgar. He's one of the most beloved. Fighters by fans he really is that the say he's the biggest star ever. But just one of these guys everybody respects Frankie Edgar was a 155 pound champion he probably. In a different age of their world weight classes what he boasted and would have broken maybe 135 hour. Like he. He is. He's not supposed to fight these dudes that are that size yet he's had so much success and you look at the guys who have beaten before the what's the list. Jose elbow Ben Henderson. Barely. Barely. I mean has raised it and you can get agreement late. Other than Mac. These these have been this is one of the most fantastic at an and he. What's yours these young dogs like it's not that and so yesterday for Brian Ortega. To put his stamp on the night like he did. Solidifying himself as a contender. Really tremendous. Really Joseph Madison now sets up. A fight win at Max Holloway. Which. I'll look Mort said that what that I am the Frankie Edgar fight I gotta say and an in this said a little bit to do with. The stars things we what's debut worthy and what's not what gives you a buzz and looked. Frankie Edgar is an all timer he's a hall of Famer. And he's also bid in the game for ever been there forever. And so. See here Fred yager back on top of the mountain. Though it be an amazing story and nobody who don't does alexion and does a lacy in the Michael biz being you know guy who's been a career contender. Getting to have a last few years being a champion that's awesome. Who doesn't lysine and GSP after that long layoff getting some gold wrapped around his waist awesome. But. Such as the circle of life with fighting you like to see yet the guys you've always heard of foreign have been fantastic. You wanna keep brig for them and you want it to. Still be subject that we care and have an attachment to and find. That meant they give us a lot of joy let's let's continue to see his putt. There is something poetic about being in the the all time great the hall of Famer and and getting heat. By the young contender. It's it's it says it's is crisp a cycle as there really isn't sports. And so bright it would take about that signature win of beating the all time on the laughable Frankie Edgar. Guys guys it's it's likely that piece of steel. That's how adorable he has. That's a tough field. And he's able to get that went in going into Max Collins got the longest winning streak in the USC. Reigning champion. And now we got. Two title fights now this year with. Tony Ferguson taken on could be. Two young guys. Looking to make their name for that negative name for themselves we're gonna get that fight. Now probably gonna get. Rhino its neighbors is Max Holloway. That's on talking about and that's what. Look. We can sit here and talk to a blue in the face about. What's debut war that was up there you were the is that star powers does that look eventually. You need new names and new fighters to step forward and take the mantle. And these two young gentleman brighter take your resume Max Holloway that's taking the mantle babe got in there. Fight in. Fight out getting wins racking up wins it's so hard to get a win streak to go in mixed martial arts you think about. Priority if he's not six. Marcelo is at eleven. That's crazy about stuff doesn't happen. That doesn't happen in this sport or anything go wrong were so thin. Where a rule can be broken and it messes on the now. Somebody give ms. way. You gotta go of some weird circumstance you got to be like Frankie Edgar and you you figure beef radio tiger should have been fighting for the belt last night. Instead. He did the honorable thing of fighting a guy. Very dangerous. Young hungry and had the opportunity of a lifetime that if he won that fight he was gonna get a chance at the bell Friday should have been fighting for. If you can't root for that. I don't know why you like fighting. That Frankie Edgar. I had on the doorstep it would be the easiest thing in the world. And Ed Greg he's got the clout Craig he's got the credit. Greg he's got so much cash today. Will fight fan would. Batted an ally at regular save up yet I'll wait out to about Solyndra he did it. You went in decades last night. When he fought a young guy who said he weighed 262. Pounds. Last night. So it's about a featherweight fight. This guy's ball loaded up seventeen pounds Frankie Edgar does he have to cut to get the world 45 barely. With the five pounds over. Huge weight difference. You know what it is it's like also at that point it's like what you watch. Well the old school guards in the NBA taking on the honest it's crazy like it's just that next. At that point you're getting into a next level evolution assignments like Darren tell blew up over 200 pounds to fight. Donald's eroding who's probably barely a while to wait never constant plea to eat well play it with a play with a different toolbox when they go in there. But without either case even with that being in the case with Brian tea never thought that he was gonna be the guy who outs struck Frankie Edgar. Tricky here. The best boxer. In the USC. Mean that guy is so slick and SP. He's so well put together. Yet to see what he did the idea Rodriguez who everybody was. Touting as the next great thing at featherweight and see what he busted his eyes to the point where he could continue. Aman. Unbelievable. Got a McGregor last night he tweeted. Because if you guys are familiar with the story Cotter. Came I think this was. Before last week if he would discuss this on Russert show. You get out he said that he offered to fight on the 222 card data confirmed yesterday. He said that Iraq was a realistic. Because it was he did like 44 days before the fight. You know Connors on though were recorded in non weight class anymore. So it did it make a whole lot of sense in the Arctic if I was supposed minority side. But putted it right this. Brady's career deserved for that to be against me and I respect Frankie love and respect always a troop fighter's fighter. So called out from kind of McGregor. No frank his side came out this whole thing and I said that is all BS. Accounted and one of the part of Frankie Edgar that is just put stuff out there for a line that believed to honor I think got a did. All over the place and he probably Albert exorbitant amount of money but I think those are the type of things where. You know Conner is never gonna guy who is not a doctor but that's the one thing you know when you're away this much. People like to put the label guys Duckett he's done. Covered as duck mentally last week and oppose it take. But that's not his thing. You know continents I think that's why kind of probably give us a much props to frank he doesn't care who the fighters that I got to fight did I got a fight on March 3 I got a fight on March 3. Said whoever you got out there. Sometimes the results are you get choked up by Nate Diaz sometimes the results are. You get beat by Brian Ortega. But the results of the results. And so. That's why they afraid he's got so much respect from everybody in the back really really cool really really cool congratulations Brian. Very very impressive showing as they would've had that a million years was dead wrong about the flight. Dead wrong would back up to this. Welcome back letters Gerri we're gonna roll on for now. But I'm more minutes then gets McCain's baseball and his take on Maine today where your home for games baseball's. Felons of TV preemption of known for you. Talk at last night's fight action gives you 222 Dionte wad of this tail win. Overlook is that he's crazy fight man olds knocked each other out of one point. Bills knocked each other auto puzzles they rocky. Rocky around fifteen sedan Iraqi two or boom knock them both the nice to each other out it was crazy what a phone vice that was last night HBO action I did to me GB evil evil. Do you will be the Sullivan Barrera. Todd twelve round stoppage. New equipment new aquae dominant win over cell number returns on here and dollar. Millions do a great job getting ready edges in league as it has you'll find a few times now. Once embers and neither he looks like the real deal you please. Very very very impressive so the knobs and to hang your hat on official member or that guy is. A monster. Also locally S and this is a weird thing that happened. Dairy in the tree limbs. There's outlets that's it and see this live and actually all gaga wasn't notification on my phone was you have seat fighter cart out of for getting hit by the bell. And I David C destroyed got in today can that wasn't on Twitter wasn't really on wasn't really dazzled Jameer or anything last night. Much should be told us out so. Had everything DVR. And watch everything very very late in the night last in the turn off my phone turn government taxed. Two of attacks from the people I know would spoil it and it turned off my notifications and so. You know like month must Daly was ably induction into the don't want boxing but it but in new watch boxing it turned off and of occasions. So anyway. I get this notification in my phone's fighter carted out of Reading had by the horn. And so like after you know wash all the mean stuff less under the theory talk about and I totally forgot about the do your carted out it's Oman and the bloody elbow this morning and they find out how one of those web sites and knows actor actor was the guy who had the guy after the horn hit CB Dallek. And I heard actors explanation. Where you say you know he got hit. And he was in the midst. Of a combination and why. The reverie. Prison law horn goes off. Hits him with two shots he had some of the ones you had to with a 12. Yellow at the second shot knocks him now. And you can clearly the ref say stop notion the rev debt in the line of fire a little bit more. If he sees an actor is already thrown one. Get in there. That's you decided you look pool among Bosnian by Hector Lombard Bob nobody. Why. It was after the horn. So I'd do you think they've made the right called the squabbling now and CB doll away milking up a little bit. You know. That remains to be seen. But Hector did break the rules so as much as I love them and I want to get in the damn win column because he's had some hard luck. Gay did break the rules there. It was is that the bomber deceit beak is. You know. He obviously thinks that. He's finishes on the Arab League seasoning they Hector is legit out of the act is a dirty fighter. I don't think that he is trying to do something dirty I do think there are these times where fighters. In in the line of fire. Today don't realize what's going on or they're trying to find an opening. And so. Idol is sit here and instantly go actors should be suspended for such an act now I gotta I was Indians while by from the flight broke rule the bomber. And hopefully they'll bounce. But yet it was. I watched the replay probably Tony Dunn only in school I heard the PO is the thing I saw actors explanation first. Before I watched what happened I was like all right well gravitate toward a group of guys who had studio. Dozen times you know I get measures explanations on things. But. Objectively watching it the rules were broken there so I can't. Can't really spin it any other way he is one of his there. So that's is a thing that happened last time it gets there and also everybody is really in this MacKenzie Dern who people are kind of touting his next run arouse the they want to see if she's an ex phenom 24 year old wizard of BJ day. She gets a win split decision Adelaide Byrd. Shot of Natalee merge is back in the fold since can eligible gee we haven't seen a girl out away in action. Jude Daschle last night in real questionable. Whatsoever decisions. As salad here's the thing now. I know a pile on somebody such an easy target but I got to got to. If you have the broadcasters. Openly mocking how terrible job you do. Did you Cormier Joseph Rogan a both their jobs. Given that business about Natalee bird is. Fighters some other role than than than judging my fights anymore whether it's in dare I say this teaching judging. BA consultant sitting on the board somewhere. Indeed got people any time now she's so infamous. Any time Adelaide Byrd is gonna be out there judging. For the near future. People look at me look at out of the current you're going to be even if you look real with her and you question yourself. What if you had. To get you don't lose that fight is a privately what's wrong with me I agree that early bird. That's that's that's got a situation weren't there when she's out judging these fights. Now also all of us late here's the other thing they can't however do this trilogy development for small I got to imagine the promoters got to block governor. But I hope this isn't some slow rehab up to our she's ready to do dribbled you can LO again none of them. No that can't be expect that cannot happen. I cannot be the case so. IA. Look I don't wanna sabres should work again. For. Screwing up the decisions so badly. Chewed its crew of the decision. You know she just had the most lopsided. Hard on the but. The fact that you how did that lopsided. Which is crazy. Idiotic close of the canal. God we gotta talk. We we we can have a conversation you sit down to Seattle with Orson espresso let's talk this one over. But however it. Where is what in nearly every round I can't talk T I can't even have coffee with yet because out of just get a a bit and take my coffee leave it discussed. So. She's out there yesterday. And questionable again and Joseph Rogan data Korea openly mocking her on the broadcast. What can you say about. But the flood at a fights really really fun. Lot of action. Big swings star Megan neighborhoods young stars making names for themselves that's the soul about it that's always gets you more sad Ida I don't always. I like when the mega stars continue to do great things those are always fun. But I love. Double things big upsets are always fun. But young. Stars when they start to really really come into their become an age and make names for themselves. That's we get very very excited as a fighter and that's all we had to say I USC until. But not a degree of young because Dionte is not young he's been on the scene for awhile but to see him get his credit last night. To see him degas opponent nobody want to face. To see them. Be up against it being a real pinch. Where he used probably losing that fight. He needed a they win. Q keep his dream going of unify the titles. And to see him do that yesterday was unbelievably. Unbelievably impressive and out I can do even it's even beyond today's biggest critics. Are giving him huge credit for yesterday's when it was so impressive so fun to watch cell. Obie did you see how this all goes about in the coming weeks everybody have a great Sunday enjoy yourself some chains baseball as they take on main.