Fighter's Fury 4-15-2018 (Poirier TKOs Gaethje, 'Baby Slice' shines again and wants fight in Miami, Oscar De La Hoya Extortion)

Fighter's Fury
Sunday, April 15th

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What's up guys thanks visions of the podcasts today quick reminder. March for cancer coming up may nineteenth on four Florida beach what a great cause we have. All the funds they go directly to help in. People who are currently doing and battling cancer need more resources. Whether it's is paying the bills travel treatments. Groceries. It you know you don't realize the things if you go through when they're battling cancer you know there was talk about the research. And funny care which is all tremendously important but. Their view or the battle right now so much for cancer may nineteenth Florida beach. Go to march for cancer dot org march for cancer dot org register there Q that donate volunteer. Your sponsor out there if you're one of the sponsors are to restore show and you wanted to support the cause. Would love that as well march for cancer dot org check it out there. Now let's get to the they show. Mixed martial arts and boxing. It's time for players if you were inside the everybody. Happy Sunday to fighters Jerry here on seven the tickets over there Whitfield along with. Sigma. And Tommy guns good morning guys were good morning good seat and did the C good to be bad happen to have here in studio. The missing you guys how is everything. Everything's bad it's good to see you and I would wanna be that he's here that radiate thank you I when you look very classic guys who have been talking to be in this is you guys has been created a law things have been habits have been together what. Things have been turned on the head and mean what is it going buses the break in. And then people get arrested. Awesome fights. All going down fighting cans by canceled three flights because of stakes. I mean it's been wallets all gone now big news speaking and what's fake news before of the PGA takes. Again the canal mistakes you don't buy that now it and I'm buying you rent. And I thought they thought I thought it was going to be all BS though I thought that Vegas. At a live out of commission that I have ordered at a hearing like two weeks before the bottom like OK here avenue here in two weeks before the finally you're really in against the bush and to their credit they they seem like they've they've made it serious enough that can help pulled out of that fights. General Zia of my immune did seem like they're running out of options and I don't know why honor Macgregor I don't. Like doing things. It uses you know be allowed here I don't know what the deal as a governor. It's due. I'd also like it got really quietly use an outrage for 48 hours and then it was like. Buildings use we got on the you know we're gonna meet more in the Manila views on that Dolly video of me and it was our highest embedded video however I think. You may have sold the north converse is can be thank you DMZ and this. We'll look for the losing that is did you see these guys have seen that they have the embedded Akers badly HD. It was a little news theatrical. And now they're a theatrical like it was it was slow motion. Right into your living room comic thrown the Dolly in your face. Go from inside the bus yes this is three. They had every angle there was there was there were Morey goes left than there are an NFL games like this 360 view from the court. Yeah swallows very impressive very very impressive. So last night we had just imported defeating Justin Gage chief for the reds again did you guys would you make of that when I was it was. Crazy back and forth between those two look I love. But gave chief not because he's gonna is standing banged up. And down so someone asked me who anything's gonna win. In a city of just didn't bleach and has learned how to who. Have some sort of defense. You'll probably win the fight because he's a beats. Any didn't he proved that he did what he got hit a 180 times in the head. Yeah his defense is and that take as many shots into the get tired and I get the strategy because with your time were Dustin he was back onto the stool and their ice in a mutt he's clearly banged up in that leg. You know he talked to really really bad I've pokes one I got a point taken away from gates sheet that aura that or pretty bad but. The other but the difference was is he was making gates you miss a lot and move it around and eventually found one that that finally ended it all. GG GG as life and death he had very comfortable with Bruno's leg kicks leg kicks leg kicks. In his corner actually told him he'd go for those leg kicks in I think I think by the end of the fourth round it would have been difficult. For poor we data continue to stand on their legs death the way they shot that he was taken. Would you sell only through their late king didn't drop dead right hand yeah. Lift his chin why you do little little news group report he was used he left on crutches after words that mean he really really put it all out there to get that win. Afterwards called earned. He earned it he would he's been he. You don't. It was funny seeing his record flash up various I think he's now top 45 and four with a no contest is Eddie Alvarez hit him with a knee when he was down and that's tremendous pressures it is the tremendously now import and then you look at the guys that he's lost to. It means we're talking Connor Gregor four years ago. Probably I mean in the absent rise economy rigor of a fight that was a 145. You know dozens of different weight class now. You know Mike I think I think debt. He. That fight was basically be the springboard. For what he has become yet. There's and so much work I mean you Democrats are guide Diana loser loses top boxing guy and American top team. They've they've really put up a lot of work and made him better. The government does it was in studio here. Probably three years ago we came in with a Rashad Evans the the FC brought him along and you know news. Used just off the Macgregor loss that he was it and he was talking with her shot afterwards it's like you know. How it feels like you know you know I get my own had some time but do feel like it's all coming it looks like it's all coming together for him. You know outside of a crazy slugfest of Michael Johnson and you a clip with soap and mean this guys has been a tremendous role on tremendous role and we're seeing a well rounded striker. Who can who can really really do all makes guys miss me he's very very skilled on accounts. Is that really like watching also the end of it ran. The crowd was booing because obviously they want it PT 21 and then that hometown love that he was receiving. Let's just say give it to us because we both support our hearts out ya here and and it is too it was great from beginning to end. It was a pretty by a solid by eight both. Both guys to prodded and and I have to agree with seem that gate she just didn't protect himself at the end. Gifted pollen. And engages outdoors is a five seconds left in his career. I don't movies chain has five liked that he may have five slightly left in his mind Brett. Where he can mean you can paint. Were talking about little gloves. And he was taking some ball and just kept walking forward Walken forward woken for. And I will say a lot of those shots that he took he didn't have his arms up he moves his elbows a lot. But he was still taken some bombs and straight up the middle to move opera connects via you just Q as a human being. Regardless of what your genes made. You came continue to take shots like that. You're gonna end and get haven't scrambled eggs for boring. CA as they think he's I mean this is three fights now on the OC I think. And even the fight that he won against Michael Johnson and he and more tremendous danger that by. And you know that's kind of been Michael Johns like if Michael doesn't get you out in around. Usually it's gonna you're gonna find a place for either trips up that's kind of been the bugaboo of his career that this guys you know got amazing town itself. Many he has been just in three apps whose Slava dockers. And I don't know it B means one thing to do that a World Series of fighting but when you get to this level these guys have been. Through the cut of it all lived in three so I don't know if it I don't know if that's style can hang even if it is something everybody wants to watch. You can't do that against the elite of the world he was able to do what was he seventeen you know winning a World Series of writing so seventeen you know. Your fighting sub par competition. Now you step up and you're against the elite in the world. And you're one and two. Nothing changes unless something changed changes and he's got to change something new you could see. With the Whitman in his corner and so Whitman if you watched the background as he's taken these these final shots. And Whitman discarded there with his chin on the on the edge of the cameras. And he just watch and he's not yellen anything else he's not gravel and try to take him doubt it's almost like he had a look on his face like I told you. Yeah you are they look I'm sure they were gonna stubborn camino public you know your fighter jets and you have to play to their strengths and what they are at their heart but. I'm sure there is of a part of any coach it's going to be like and you that you know this is eventually going to happen and you know it's. And you have to just doesn't poised and a lot of adjusting a lot of growing in his career. And you know move it up in weight classes finding new styles fighting a smarter style. And you can see the growth you can see that it's all their form and that that this may be. Where he really does if he's not gonna get his title shot next which is called for against can be he certainly got to be now on the conversation. Amongst that group. You know it's a really messed up situation right now lightweight because of but Connor verses to be even obviously. Tony Tony all the talk I saw a picture Tony's like this week and I'd look I'm no doctor. That's a lot that there were a lot of staples and that lag or your almighty god it was gross it looked like there about thirty staples on the side of his life fragrance then yeah so I don't know how long it's good to I imagine Tony Ferguson heels probably fade fast food is insane. And have tried it out there quick but I think it's going to be awhile photographers probably he's going to be back any time soon. She would then you get above that. You get it's in Barbosa. Despite next week you get Eddie over its did they ever rematch but it rematch no agreement I think that's a good I think they have a rematch and whoever wins that forget that she. Do that on the old time Connors gonna come back. Real soon. After what happened it'd be it be great. Can imagine we've probably got to find out what happened that is here right because this is innings when June. Gore's lawyers that it is even have to be if I would not probably not so early here in Houston so if one from what I hear. You got to imagine that. They wanted to congress Steve and I can't imagine they're gonna want to risk. Can be because you think they do that in Russia though. And I think you need a lot of security do different Russian I don't know I don't know these big you figured they would go crazy for car there at the bit just. David to be happy to have the fighting is it be different if that if I was on the first. Russian guard as he was supposed to be in saint Peter's yours from the audience was in Moscow mask when they exposed in Moscow on. Gonna bring your better bring your own chef death with it but at the and it's bouncy here. To all the hooligans all all of all want to bring you couldn't bring the country bring all of Dublin with UMB and that and the only. But yeah I don't know Dustin. Look it's the best it's the best division in the US it's not the best division in the SE for enough and it's it's tremendously hard events and beats Kevin we next week. I would say he's in the cars as a policy just lost to can be so that's probably would. Knocks him off right now. Mom. Tony's injury Eddie Alvarez. Yeah if it if given that the dual fight together that would make sense of Kevin Lee wins next week and you Kevin Lee. Vs Dustin and it got me a fantastic fight. You don't think fluid moving at such an Austin is. Nice guys in his last and I just think that you know that he. He's doing everything many caddies is don't out there and he can win. Farm when he's not her go through a Dolly that can be said you know he's he's good receiver respectful. And there's there's great honor that but I don't know forget to to the title fight as fast as you probably want to. So I would say yeah you should probably don't you price but doesn't for a day because whoever you think of the other top contender and put it on to beams. Next card if it is against car. Com what have. Good gauge because we've seen so let's let's remember we've seen. A guy like this. Before. And he did just never make it to the top. What do you think happens with each. And then the guy I am referring to his Diego's engines Oden out of your don't how whether. No I think Diego Sanchez is more like gauge Boca because Diego Sanchez just a whole lot of guts Diego Sanchez pledges himself enough. Score is you know he he he has those DDT characteristics that I. We've seen a guy while it's entertaining and it's exciting and fans love it it's brutal. They never make it to the top. Yeah and that's charisma did she too is the fact that he's got. He clearly. Is some great strategy in the great mind for like he's he's he's breaking down his fighters wrestler as a wrestler yet as. Now they've really does is uses a resolution to keep you from taken him down here and so you figure if you were to. No cowboy had a speak out with a you remember when he had that that kind of revolution when he moved immediately to while when he moved to well to insert taken guys down. And just adding into the kick boxing and he he won an amazing run this race until we lost them hospital I think. And does he get kicked in the bill kicked it won't give an idea and took it on two weeks notice this is the same. Bomb. I I I think that I I don't think for a guy like this the story is over it's done there has to be an adjustment. Past and change and yet you've gotten. All this way doing that there has to be chain that has to be the capacity to step up there has to be it's weak and he's clearly the talent to do it. You know we we re seeing growth in the sport he can definitely do it is just a question of does he want with you say afterwards. And oppose a president is out here for wins and loss that he would entertain. We are well how would you entertain you and attain for. Two warriors that you want you mean you you know an old gentleman you won the attitude of the viewers relate point seven as a result. So that you wanted to give her a couple more years which you refight fights a new one entertained for. You know but of five years and thank you give him probably keep yourself a lot safer. That's it's. Grow outsourced human assist us we to say about that next beats fighters feel. I'll welcome back. But as Jerry here onset the ticket solvency battalions back together again very very exciting. Easy. Of Morgan about sore real much cancer coming up from Israel nineteenth minute he's human embryos and you're ready for it. Merriman training and very ready for very excited for. Going to be timid business and as Madonna's Bertha or get a bright and early. Do not have taken the beach and impart me some cake it. Our enemies and our enemies some some birthday cake that day that I was on those found voters us weekly beautiful onions a beautiful walk run. Right there on four Florida beach he has been doing that for many years and eight. Eight years you eight years as in that. And Dave it's it would troops really great about it is because yes there are a lot of amaze or is this tickets which are all very necessary to get research money but. As you've described in years past what's cool what's tremendous about this. Per this fund raisers because it goes directly to people who are dealing with it right away and and help some of the reasons they need just basically all the data that. Yeah it's it's it's basically money to money money resource is. And support for individuals that are actually going through cancer treatment so. While researches great. And we all want to find a cure for the various cancers that they're all our. There's individuals that are in that fight right now so. We started to march for cancer. Eight years ago when I was battling brain cancer. And we started this with the memorial hospital memorial cancer institute and Joseph DiMaggio Children's Hospital. And the fund is there to support individuals that can't provide for themselves whether whether fighting cancer and so from. Food it's considerate of the treatment that they're going through. Individuals the common provides support for them in their home to make sure they're in a safe and clean and buyer transportation. To and from treatment. Subsidies if they're unable to pay for utility bills so we had a young lady about two years ago who is diagnosed with cancer. Stage four breast cancer. She started treatment immediately. She could not go to work. She was laid off from work because she couldn't couldn't go to work. And DCF was going to come in and take her children because she was not able to paper or utilities to keep the electricity on in her home to keep a safe environment for her children. And through the march for cancer when we were able to provide subsidies. So that she could. Have peace of mind keep the lights on provide for her children her family where she went through this fight and now she's. She's doing great awesome she's put his cancer behind her. And is now able to move on with them and rest of her life without. Being separated from her former children so just being able to be there to support the data they quality of life type items. For cancer patients. Yeah and I can just tell you guys from being you know just go into the event for years now and late. It's such an up but it you know it's such a terrifying topic to talk about people and and that really it scares you. What an uplifting day it is it it's really really powerful to see. The amount of families out there. The the just demonic groups the other people do survivors he's doing it in teams together yes. It's really unifying and really really it's a it's it's it's it's a strange powerful thing that all kind of comes together on that on the beach it's really it's really it's it's. Lots of you you feel commonly when you're talking about spirit obviously this but man you really can see people feel like to have a huge victory in all of the. And the great part about it is we have tremendous corporate sponsors that this support the initiative to put on it's a five K walk run so. If you don't grown in just one walk you don't have a beautiful walk down Fort Lauderdale beach. With an amazing backdrop as the sun comes up we have some beautiful sun rises here. In South Florida. So the five K walk run. Starts just south the last Solis goes north almost to sunrise boulevard. And back. Mean we have a great great event to acknowledge an award all those that are participating. What our corporate sponsors allow us to you to put on the event. And to create demand so every participating when you register as a participant from participate in one. You're dollars are going directly into the march for cancer one. So trust and believe that as one as the first participant on through everyone that's running or walking along the course. You're supporting someone you were providing for someone who's who's in the fight of their life and its immediate impact it's a 100% volunteer we're not an organization that has administrative fees. It's all volunteer base in all of those ones go into the march for cancer fund. Annie's and is. Supported by memorial cancer institute. So if you're interested in sponsoring. You're interested in volunteering. You're interested in participating. Logon to march for cancer dot org. And register. It's on March 19 man beautiful cellmate Maine I'm Sarah. Yet we passed that archer at mid day ninety Saturday may nineteenth. And so registered getting involved. Reach out support follow us on FaceBook. And instead Graham and we loved have you appears supporting. These people that are that are truly in the in the fight of their life. Now do you guys battling to after the show pat Brennan sports over the return that seven and its legacy as you get that we're gonna remind you every week absolutely. Absolutely. So and also out of this last week we had we've ballots on Friday user very selling car those phone Carlo a low what you mentioned the fight. But I was also very rested because is kimbo some was fighting converters in junior AK base lies they gave him a source junior. Don't like a lot and NGOs have been useless the moniker but it's which is when enemies as he doesn't like that monitors I don't know I don't know I never go to college called slice but there and I'll say. But. I can't tell you. I've watched every one of his fights. I've always been very rationing kimbo and you know and one of my favorite interviews that I've ever done was doing kimbo in the studio. Very I was just blown away by the guy because he had such. Weird mystique about him that used marketed around EU members did this guy got on broadcast television round Kimbo Slice. And just gone from this week too soon. And you know from down here Miami Miami born and bred and so nominee more before my bread. And so his son's has signed a one asunder fight now his son is fighting about two. And he's also. And he's not fighting like his father and that's the crazy thing. You know you you've wrestled in high school. He's he's got he's well rounded he's training with actual killers in Long Beach aired Peco people think he's gonna be like the you know the next true. Trains with them eight Jimmy Key who's on I think it would easy twelve a noun down one and mcsame guard trains with him. So he's traded with absolute monsters. You know I remember the first targets interview before his daughter at a music I just atomic as the and you should you should Susan this is he never would have never list do it. And he's incorporated in this I mean the fact that he he goes out there and he's he's just see the well rounded game he's on the ground he's put in submissions and he's got. Bombs in his hand to learn a class. It's it's really really impressive to watch kimbo kemba junior fight he's he's really really talented. And I need only look I Emma Watson is only loss you can win that fight it was just one of those weird rookie slip ups. And you dislike men that's just the sport but even there. It's is it that's the sport and I'm just very very impressed with him as a prospect. And very very happy because they go to on. Hi after he gets his win you know with the fight very very quickly if ailment expert to be in Miami only as I've been down here. And I was greeted out some of the background of what he wants to do because he was called about this before the fight in the is that a lot and and haven't got a 5000 he's his training crew he's got a lot of his guys that chirping at me. I want a fight one of those guys we do the second generation kimbo burst dot net to. Down here in Miami easily at tells likes congresses to guarantee Cella. He guarantee Stella I'm like man what has this kid has on his shoulders to not only think that he's. Got the skills that. That he fights differently from his father more well rounded than his father but still has late the the patented power. But now he's also got a marketing behind in the marketing brain behind him. He's is a very impressive young man I was I'm I'm a huge huge fan. And I want to see them but he upload that either don't for the new arguments that are aborted bid to a 21 card there what's the lines got a couple weeks ago here. It was a great great venue was fun for Arnold that's I don't know if the capacity is quite another if he thinks that this can be some huge seller that's big enough for ballots or. It's not. What you're good at the end the old Bubba wants to send the old bag you know sewers father that his second pro fight Debbie a cool story to. It wasn't I think that be fun I don't Stucco or gets on this you know. He will there and they're marketing guys I'm sure they see the opportunity but I think you would be. I think you'd be great down in Miami I would have you know not not to take anything away from the events center but given sinner and in that configuration is probably worth 2000 seat small hundreds of. Somalia as a and so for smaller shows like I did the what's the box and show what's the realized it was great I mean it was fun to watch. I don't know that's big enough about tore. And it doesn't it's not all circular on it's it's horseshoe where let's although I did I did see the they're grown. They're grown in what was it. Superiors and Hungary last week who depends. We literally there were fourteen people in the court was and that's ultimately yeah. I was a fellow Bay Area. For you you know if you're hungry you're gonna go to hunger you would think that you know it's going to be a huge crowd. No not so much he and somberness of a guy with quite dark and half after. They monetary lest they lifted darken it kept the camera really on 011 angle. Yes so does that and then Michael Chandler. CO speak about all these these light weights I mean this guy is one of the best when it's in the world and it does. I do wandered in Eddie got to make the jump after a lot of embattled and a lot of legal issues of the orange. But it Jewish Margaret Cho was able to make the jump to UC I'm sure they I'm sure he gets taking care of by. I think he's I think he's right in this in this in this crop I mean you talk if this such a deep it's such a deep division in the AFC. But mean knock out power great wrestling great and he has at all he really as at all he has the look. And he's he's he's a fantastic talker. I almost wish that he was able to how that's that you have seen stadium in the Hampshire. You know he is the ballots he is the bottom of the ballots or he's one of the most recognizable fighters of all time by. I would like to see him on that stadium I'm a little bond that we never get to we will I don't think we'll ever get to see it. You've got to believe that fighter. That. You always want to fight the best you wanna prove that you're the best in right now. It is especially as it relates to Michael came there's that argument. Like you know he he he truly care. Say that he's the best because he's not fighting the best I mean let's let's be real about that situation. I would say he's definitely a top ten fighter I have to see the way that he responds and reacts. In the environments that these top five decidedly yes yes in USC because you can do. The other may have map and say it was beaten Eddie before he's had very easy dad unbelievable fight to that he worries lost. But he's been an he's been the chance so mergers and and but you're right. The stage the stage right look at the look at that he's transitioned into USC wasn't let's move though. Slow you know he got he got pummeled in a couple of flights and hell yeah under a welter so we look at that we look at the transition. And it's and it's not just about fighting skills and capabilities that it's about being able to control your emotions. Not in front of 2000 people. Went in front of 20000 people. That are either cheering for you or borrowing for Boeing chief. And just the the pressure that comes with that stage. And what you Wear on your shoulders as the UFC fighter. So little different so I would love to see him make that transition I don't know if Belichick who would ever allow that to happen financially. They would probably pay extra yeah and it ended the day it's it is a business so he asked to do the right thing is best for his family. Which you've got to believe deep down in his heart that he wants a shot to fight the best of the best in the world yes and in order to do that he's gonna have to make that that lead. But I get it lake. There are some that also be said for being the guy on May very well backed financial fight promotion. He's. Always get the main event basically a few fights for them. He's one of their he's one of the rare guys that still he he's one of the rare guys about a will bank on two main event. That's not necessarily a former UC legend right now ray that's kinda how you that's kind of about social and everybody in with these. That the heavyweight Grand Prix like frank mir's fight and fade or a couple weeks which. Into it it's fun whatever absent an election uncalled out of all the on down to watch it and I got I got some I have no qualms about it but. Bomb Michaels one of the guys we like Michael's playing and you just wanna see Michael Chandler fight. Just because of who he is you know uptown to the is and they don't have but they're getting I think those guys like. Peco Mickey and kimbo train together. I think all three of those guys have too rigid boards armored guys who work in the ages got a dozen fights peca has got three. And and and and Kevin's got four stuff well they're very they're they're babies basically we're in the sport. Long road ahead of a long road ahead of them so. I would just I would I would hope that because he's he's get into that area where I think Mike's gonna be thirty soon. You figure he's gonna make the jump he wanted do it soon in his prime right. You'll want to be too pastor prime what do you like you said I don't know I don't know what the if if it. There are many bright he's got fights he's got left on his view as you mention it he's got one let out the UFC. So I wonder how many how many fights. He's locked in for. Tomorrow. Or W setting its I think bigamy you very hard for and believe. I think it's you know it be one of those things that they were Michael ware you'd probably have to leave if he's gonna leave he's got to probably for like when Hector left and actor got that huge. Deal he's gonna do is because the one thing with the UFC can get sponsors. And disguised monster energy he's got easy looks like a damn billboard in the yes in the CME in the cage he worked on a 500 yen. Not only that bush. Part of what took place with the long boards signing. Was. The ferocious in this. Of the way he fought in ballots or coupled. With the fact that. The USC wanted to take some of their star power with Ra and I don't know if the USC feels they need to do that anymore. And do they need to. Maybe pay a little pay a premium. In order to capture those guys and bring them over are they willing to do that do they wanna do did they feel it's necessary at this point. That would determine probably how deep they dig into their. Was he ms. also got to be a thing for her Scott Coker were you know they've put on paid her views now on their due in this highly public certainly. If you're good if you really want to run with you have seen it if not take them over you really wanna be looked upon as some kind of a competitor. I don't know how you can and let a guy like Michael Chandler walk unless he unless you basically demands that because he absolutely wants to fight in the AFC. By. I know they might be sending Cota McGregor and kept at it and I highly doubtful yeah. I think that the fact that bella to exist and exist the way that it does is good that it's there yet is. That everybody wants to be. Under the umbrella of Dina. Troop then USC. And if Chandler is getting paid. Through and simple as supporting his family it's a career writes there absolutely is getting that the payment he's doing what he needs to do he's doing what he wants to do. An AV doesn't bite some of those. Others that are under the umbrella of you have seen then maybe he's shown right with the. It may be is maybe he does need to prevent having to himself he knows that the guys had fun in the years before. Mean people know what about us is they know that he's talented he's plants. That. Talented artists and it's kind of assessed. We come back couple things going on boxing and edit a lot instilled opponent. Mr. Oster a whole story. And the word now. Is Andre is the dress and over again with next. Each finder's feel. Packets monastery here on seven out of the ticket Tobin semen Tommy guns here with the U. All together again so you impressed with the crowd how you say I know this man I am your fan earn and the fans Fisher. She's talented she's very talented she's about us. She is and she's very kind. Precise. Strategic. I love it she's a great fighter and I think she was we convicted these 205 pound him in Victor at the end of those thing Adam way. And then that's who they call Amway yup. And we you know. 105 pound that's crazy while. This issue up the win yesterday Courtney Casey she got the win over her split decision. My vote out of when there are those right. And then also is Israel out of Sonja being Marv inventory. He has puts it I don't know why just thought the Vittorio onto her I think we I think of that. But outside is a fun fighter he's he's he's a fun fighter. He's got he's he's a good believe talker and he doesn't fun stuff in the in the rain buddies. It just came over and kick boxing. Torso only Australia card a little bit back and and hit an impressive win. And so we'll see you'll soon comes and and calls kind of losses for Austria's today. All's those though he needs to know is a bloody fight into the DC and Atlanta for the city as he said he used on. He's he's if he's done in knows I was shocked to see him back in the cart. He disposed of anyway you disposed of by Matt brown. Would you they would have been a better matchup for day I think that would have been a great war yet. Both those guys said they want oh pennants and maybe do best fight. And and who whom can. You know most relevant of excellence I would agree but I don't know if he's going to be would do that right now because what laboratory CO. Entity that was the injury that with you all corn field. It's a long way about a year that's alone about that stuff on. A couple boxing notes. So made America officially part of is a further us this week which bum me out when you know he's he's fine adjustments he says this summer and he officially. Announced via press release and he and Freddie a part of that that Fred Schneider restraint and is gonna go through what Fernandez for the scarred. And that. He's eat you probably see him and every 24/7 he's the he's he's the he's the Filipino guy who's always doing drills with them. And bomb. But he's he's been in this quarter for a lot of these fights. I don't know if you translates for Freddie. Or the C gives phrase instructions to him Filipino also. You know Freddie is is as his health has gotten worse like you can hear in the corner it's gotten much softer the voice is gone softer means a boo was kind of he's been around many scam now for a while. But he's going to be is the head guy. And Freddie said that apparently in the last fight that Manning had. That. He that that may was having some of the things that you saying in the Jeff porn fight and I thought that maybe one that's up more but I thought it was a ridiculous decision. But even so Freddie thought that he you know he had his comments you know many up in the same fighter. You know that that the end is come in there and so. Could see him being a little imminent annoyed at this you know this partly also that I thought. I think there's probably would've. Because many is also also a battle of top rank in their claim that beat the then there's been claimed that. Many is off contract with them and that he's basically do in this next fight on his own. And this part of that is also thought that the relationship with top rank has kept Freddie in the fall probably longer than it would've been because. A man he's not the best guy to go promote fights obviously you know he's he's not the best talker. And and and English isn't his first language. Freddie even though he is it's easy easy great talk her beloved dog or Freddie Roach she sells a fight he's honest. So have a guy like that in the fully fueled him and he got to have Freddie around Freddy's pretty spirit to lead a for the fight you know people give his opinions. You BZ is a media darling basically. Farm so I wonder I wonder if that's if that played into it all. Even even though these guys have been together forever but. I mean. Traders what's happen all the time in sports is just odd the these guys are like peanut butter and jelly and I have many popular Freddie Roach the other is very odd years there and it's very strange. Jerious zero look you know many. You know look you know as he goes in there you. He he looks great for a bunch Iran's problem many he's always been. Not always been that the problem Manning has been in the latter part of his career. He really lets up aghast when he feels he has somebody beat. Where he's not a guy who knows all unheard of he doesn't go for the jugular anymore this is not a style simply I would Jeff Jeff warning had him on the campus fight could argue we have been stopped. Well. But that's that's that's been the big Crocs and why he has been the same guy that it was also you know maybe not as and it's what. Today genuine genuine the mentality I think has changed for Manny Pacquiao as well. So there's that news. Tyson's fury announce that he's come back in June which is Cole Madison that has interior looks great that's Iowa for being a deuce 400 pounds he's looking lean and mean. And I think that's fun to have him back in the have you a picture with Anthony Joshua deal that while there. That's fun they'll be back June 9 against a opponent to be announced while these dvds you're the only popular. And finally. Let's. Oscar Hoya. Is part of an extortion plot by two instant and models. For two million dollars. With the sex tape. Apparently involves kitchen pencils going were kitchen utensils don't go in Oscar De La Hoya. I'll pitch it brings a whole new meaning to spoon in her. Who wants the misuse it did look if I don't even even worse than already the app and is more about ouch com. So yes it's Austria just when he thought that fish nets and then and ever last glove loses Ohio as hard Gore's it was gonna go. Not not so the golden boy. Is. Still rocket. What do Betty shifting gears of boxing kind of scrambled its eggs like that on which gave us. Unloads on Leon's he's he's got a lot of good it's weird soup is Oscars had a mean he's for. Mean well for her for for a good long career boxing Munis had a lot of career success. Mean he's running Golden Boy Promotions is solid he's out of the spotlight. I made this isn't just take the kanell Alvarez snooze very hard. I don't if I ever admit I've got to like everybody other ways to go do I want do I wanna save them into him now when you think everybody has there was decode Sima. He's got to do what you gotta do mean. Yeah link with the buster. If when nugget I guess you. You don't know what's up posture and Crittenton it's bones and I did it extorted others have the pictures is that I wish I feel like you do like. So what does that onto the fire I don't know it all depends on what kind of kitchen utensils he was working with him where they were going to hopefully it was in the speaker. Egg beater. What's wrong with the youth who. So it close they are directly. Drink in his adolescence so his ex is extorting him or the model and a story that day it was or redness. Day. Went to Oscar tried to extort him. And I guess maybe he shot known as it. Listen ladies have you seem efficient at pictures not a big deal awful big deal closed so that socialists sport is somewhere where it's not supposed to be even that is me. And apparently they also into wife the ex wife and says hey. We're gonna lead releases tho you be embarrassing for you and your daughter. So you people who are trying to do this. On what was the wife in the pictures Nevada know that a video of her husband they just over Texas they just went to heard trying to say. You all this stuff about of your your child's father. Extortion is I'm sure she's got a bunch of de La Hoya money in an account somewhere. And so that it ago. The question I have for him is did you know they were filming. I don't know man I would tennis in my major news blurs the lower and what kind of state of mind you have to be and to sit onus bachelor. Respectively. Lot out of a fearless and secondly yeah. If you knew they were filming you had to believe I'll be in this position before. Apparently they lately up pages of his driver's license all there there. I got some bad instantly your Oscar. Oscar it's it's it's it's not good. You mentioned and it he had to have been handed in on missionary I'm sure he's been you know it's not a Sally Oscar president's thoughts about stuff do you remember the finish that picture. Oh yeah and the stock and oh yeah. Oh yeah news pretty humility. I don't look good at that might be his thing we've seen some weird attire to the ring whom I did you catch fish that's might be comforting. In the ring. There would be plans. Well it. I have added I'm surprised that nobody though and during the room did you imagine if comic Oscar the U chancellor. Did you meadow area. You know you can be a wrestler. Can you measure of kind of McGregor yeah of the ovens in the files today or no liking the area that is trying to look at drew would be before he'd be. Tolliver they are just renewable pops the city that suit to the podium muses like fueled us a letter. I brightest whom we. And raise it everybody of fed doesn't get that he has blatant great way to end the show absolutely. A great idea has not much for cancer dot org or marched against the dollar register may nineteenth. For Florida beaches great cause Altria the link afterwards if you guys. If you guys can't type. I'll just put that for me as easy as possible for you go to America Africa and this sort Tobin or at seven identity has kept it there. And oldest xmas we'll Tutsi does that make it greatly. We. Welcome back guys bonus segment here on the show wanna get through a few things before you adhere to a boxing notes. Again medical often still looking for an opponent for May fifth they're trying to move this thing into the stub hub senator in Los Angeles a solo are gonna be in Las Vegas. I really don't know why there is such that there is such a push now to have him. Fight on May fifth I thought the whole point of it was that. If that they were trying to kind of sales for the fans that were there in Las Vegas. Because they've bought tickets they had booked hotel rooms so. I thought it was really a push by the casinos or MGM are somewhat I don't really understand this and understand if you're. Getting a lot in at this point why not just wait till June and you could actually have a marketable finally ends Billy Joseph Saunders. I don't understand the idea to go fight despite O'Sullivan. Or or Deborah Genco. Or any of these guys that the thrown out there as possible polls for you for triple. Just wait until June at this point and fight Billy Joseph I. Because it seemed like a lost cause that may fifth uses they're big trouble geez fighting that's great and ms. question you don't want over trade Missouri wanna be in just one saves a lot of fights that hammered by Canelo Alvarez. May use one about the sport I don't know I just don't understand the point I don't I don't know why. There is such a line in the sand to fight on May fifth. The last report there was data from Dan -- feel that it's going to be may fifth. It's going to be. On HBO so it's no longer on pay review which is good news saw that guaranteed TV money coming his way. And that'll be I imagine a duo is troubled G. You know he he rates while teacher he's always done good TV ratings he just he's is not the most bankable pay review star. So I think general G rule would allow you to tune in watch him play and it still needs some much higher profile boxing matches just on their network they really. You know the that stands out as the business that its trio isn't quite as committed even though they have a good card coming up in a couple weeks with Daniel Jacobs sonet and and Jerome Miller and in Katy Taylor so. They got some stuff work in but it's it says it's note sorts those foolish does not as involved so. I just don't get why. In a canal low I don't even know the dude. They're thrown out there. I don't even know it is due is that that communities fighting. Romance. Morris ties Marta sign on. That's lost on the mend look I follow boxing live I've another guy. Just do it speaks to where that fights that no disrespect and his. Honestly you know from a fans perspective. I don't know who that guy is that he's fighting Domino's been deployed at big push for a big push for. Aren't you wanna see imposed mandatory asserted they're Genco. I don't know why that hasn't come to fruition but can that he's not lynched so. It's a bummer tomorrow that is haven't with a loft in next week on showtime. We had Adrian Brody on Jesse Vargas has a full on fight. They're going to be fighting. Welterweight next week so you checked on search and I'm gonna go Jesse Vargas and then when I catch us did you borrow this point but I love it dreamer owner. But the stimulus when Adrienne. It is you know ever since he went up the way I just don't feel like we've seen the same exploded on the receive the same guy. You know this is the guy at one point people thought that he knows to be Floyd news your foot nobody knocks people out on the rag. And you know you can see and try and mimic. Some of the defensive tactics. He's very popular to like watch concede to see. It in his rises but is interesting in that he grew up in the social media age and people enjoy watching injury and her owner. The character I just don't know dangerous teenager over the fighter anymore so that'll be and stay democracy Adrian out there. Mobs apostrophe is there all that's up. Even. Excuse me. Jamaal Charles up it to mulch although you humid day on. Hugo since ten now. In a watch in the Chara those they define. Think. As the gets an a like the whole gimmick they are gone I think that they the very charismatic. And so very very entertaining I mean. Which are limited to Ericsson Leunen. Who. Himself is a showman and flash she does data them. I'm very very impressive so. A lake lodge in the Charlotte Brothers I think their fund. And showtime has little or showtime you know showtime is the is that I think the boxing fans our right now just because. They're really invests in it I feel that they give these guys a good platform. That does this really knew me you know like the Jerry heard numbers last week against Erickson. There is Linda lower excuse me. The those numbers weren't great fight started super lean on the East Coast intellect and believe I'll leave they were going. In the oil and that really kept to me you know was the fact that Europe's he was going on but I can imagine for fans that are just tuning of boxing. Was really relate to watch Jared aired. So. Maybe keep the super big fights the ones that'll go that late. And not the ones that are with you oppose in Brooklyn to resist who's really to look. And the next week also we got to Vontae Davis Megan has returned billions hey news crew are Quasar. This image they want furcal reasons you know jamaat today a lot of people are down on him right now because he missed weigh in his last fight. On the McGregor. Mayweather card. People think he fights for you is he should for his age. And you know we lost a belt on the scale this is for those be regular junior lightweight title so you another chance to win the belts here. The other seeing thing is there are apparently rumors that him and Floyd are on the greatest terms right now. And I think that is Dovonte that's is adjusting because. Part of the appeal is you know Javon to have that kind of flow Mayweather right now and people look at him as slate. Style Mike Tyson esque style I had a 140 pounds lighter. So. The fact that you know he's you'd be fighting at. Weight classes where is not even make in the way and he doesn't care about winning the scale. The only other thing is you know he comes out of that McGregor Mayweather card he looks like a Fergie. You know just weird outfit. And you know he's all it was all sizzle no steak. You know it wasn't a great performance. So I think about this a lot of proving to do duels eyes. Obviously is way too young regal ride off and I think you get way too quickly that. But he definitely has improving to do to people I think you definitely a super renewed of people in his upcoming performance and it just the 1 thing though I am you know were were Floyd goes they say they wanted to go much I don't fight. I don't even get it I don't even know where you think he's close to ready for that fight I was shooting that he can go out there and he can dead Loma Genco. Or he can physically bully him because you know he's just much bigger than him. But I don't I don't know Valens that was a rough on there for me. As far as a match of right now. You know you talk about two really different styles and OJ goes has got the ultimate. Your footwork word to Vontae is force and power. I don't know I had just it feels like too much to see infirm all of you all for watching the fight I'd be very very excited to see it. Just because we don't get done enough of seeing two high profile young guys go out each other so the fact that we may actually get it would be tremendous. I emerges a little surprise that Floyd wants to do that play. And that's why the viewer in this. Mindset that maybe they're not on the greatest of terms are now because. You know ultimately a Gallic Floyd at the feces Toronto is a meal to give you Lieberman as. Far away for as long way from Lumet Shiancoe and the fact he's even willing to work with top rank to make it happen. Suggesting that it seems to leave so. Topic of the way next week and they got to imagine these so he's so town that I can't imagine that. Maria back to back stinker from him so I'm gonna go with. Early any upsets here we go to voluntarily go Charl and I'm gonna go with. Meego prone are good targets the when the sweet. Let's see Brunner and there weren't America on returns next week two against Phil Greco. On ESP implies you can check that out as well so that's our show for today over everybody has a fantastic rest of their week. And who knows who has the oh we know we didn't talk about them show. I Kim and I can't limit him bring this up seal upon. Mrs. do Williams euphoria newseum bug officially has his second fight feasting on Michael Jackson Mike Jackson the the guy lost to making all he's he's by the guy who lost the guy who beat CM punk that's the that's the timeline. Madness it is used to pros and a quick 'cause. Oh and one under contract. And it's. That's stacked card you have C here's the thing that was good about the C amplify. The swelling. The CM punk by what's great about it is. It is on a monster monster cart yo overs Robert Whitaker yuck Kobe horse is already for a fake but to wait now. You guys. Holly holds they are Meehan Anderson which is awesome and then he'd thrown a little CM punk a mall for lets do it shot let's do it because. You know there's plenty of attitude indicator views on the slate a little lol now you know they just put on a car that they probably knows gonna go long. Or can fill some time. And a ball to put the sea embargo on there I wanna see. What. We got here like you got to remember when they signed CM punk. You know it was a two year lay out before you actually got in the octagon. So. The fact that were fought on fight Q now to sign it's 4014. So on flight two of the men in the span of four years. It was CC employee what the hell he's gonna do let's do it. Does he win. Do I have no idea I and I I I I was the idiot who pixie upon the win the last place. All in my worst calls ever. I just thought they see a bug you don't use used to the stage. He'd been traded for two years I didn't know believe about making all. Other than is amateur fight in the fight against Mike Jackson. So I thought I think I can see C a punk in his armory is ball was not wrong two minutes and I don't know really make that same call you Mike Jackson does have combat background he's he's kicked Boxee box before. And making hosts you know to be pretty damn good months ago beat sage north because he's no bomb the Eagles a good fighter. So I don't know quicken my judge Mike Jackson how much off that loss. Doesn't seem like a shameful loss to me at all. So of a pick for yo get to that a fight week. I will pick next week we have relievers that's embargoes. And I'm gonna go with Kevin we get the win there. No fought. Tony Ferguson any of staph infection. Wasn't his full self he's at some personal suffer losses coaches coached at his own life is at some personal sufferers had to deal with a do you think Kevin Lee is. Very very very entertaining he's a talented fighter. You know we we talk about the poor. It thing. And whether or not will get that title shot. And I think that there's too many I think there's too much of a blockade right now if you idiocy really really is in and out. Protecting. Can be Ramada Madoff because they want. To make that play against kind of McGregor let's be honest. So. You know when dusting comes out yesterday. You know dusting comes out yesterday that he says I'm deserving of the title shot. He's right it's hard to argue it's hard argued is a lightweight right now. That's not net try and try them. That trinity of title holders. Talk to argue that if we were to look at the pure number one contenders that Dustin is not in that mix at the he certainly is. The problem I think for Boston. Is. I don't know if UC is going to risk losing the can be fun I don't know if they are. But look can be may say I wanna fight Connor and that's that wanna fight Dustin and that's that I don't see it likely. Because dozens dangerous fighter. To great striker he gets better seemingly every time I seem in the cage. But let's just say he does I can see the people the FC putting of a big. Ooh that's not do that. So what do you do to Dustin does he stay active Eddie gotta stay I think in this division it's more important in lightweight to stay active. To stay. To stay at a poor people are watching you than any other and it's too deep. It's too talented. I don't lead to sit ideally. And be out of people's minds so I don't think dusting can be in one of these cases where we don't seem by for the rest via the depth list of fight again. I think the movie is if you Dustin Korea to get on the next to be caught probably if you don't yet to be. I think if you can be the co main event. Or on the paper view card. Fighting Kevin Lee it generally wins this week for example Kelly who wins this week either you do Kevin reverses. Dostum Gloria and having that be a fun fight to do. They both be on the same timeline. And I don't think either one of those guys is getting to be you next I think Connor is. But I think it's certainly argue whoever wins that fight should buy count McGregor in delving Tony's gone back and that's and that he looked normally. I'm a doctor I don't know what to and how has come back but that knee looked awful by Tony Ferguson. So what's it Tonys out for awhile. All right. I don't know do you ever really Eddie in the picture Andy's lost Connor he's fought for about he's lost the belt so who. I suppose you do and Eddie vs can be fight. Two. Always there Leo that is that you do is does that he deserved to be back at the dinner table. Kevin he's got his opportunity and rebel he lost yes he was us the other nasty staph infection. But he did with the Anatolian doesn't really the only guy who hasn't gotten as crack that's want the inside. You know at least had the title. Cavaliers lost the shot the title. Just never really had a chance he's lost to Connor at featherweight along time ago exempt for years ago was his host of that poll overs had forever. So. But the dust and definitely deserves to be in the mix I just don't know obvious you'll let him be in the mix you know like Dana this is a case that when one of the guys. But I think Dan knows in the back of his mind what I wanna do first is converse is to be okay if you're in DuPont numbers can be. Which would give let's let dusting isn't shy and let let let him. Have that next contender fight if it is against the Kevin Lee if it is against the Eddie Alvarez a rematch. If it is against Edson Barbosa. Let him. Have that. A bond converse is to be scarred symbol or a ton of fuel watch him. And if you winds Sherlock who will be talking about him definitely deserve the title seven is then it's undeniable at that point. Battle B wood's pinch and watch out for but anyway so. I'm gonna go with. I'm really OK Emily being. It's about Bos next week. We have Frankie Edgar take on cub Swanson. All Leo frank yeah are gonna win that fight in his hometown I think he bounces back and gets himself a win. Chase Sherman against Justin Willis chase coming off a loss. But I really go chase. David prisoners is Tiago Santos that is a barn burner too great strikers right there. To have a sense those men that do do I mean he if you want to. Benson Barbosa Jerry assent does that mean that the Tiago is the only even hawk about being in essence classes though as a as a kicker in the sport. I'm gonna go Tiago when that fight out raised earlier is is Brett John. Too many without Joseph hometown the it's that when Jim Miller's is dead hooker. QB Jim Miller. We go to Milledge in the win there I think it was about decision. So I took that's a card for next week very very fund fund card phone dark it would taught so whatever have a great week we'll talk to next week faceless of the bone segment love you all.