Fighter's Fury 5-20-2018 (Jack vs Stevenson, Usman beat Maia, UFC welterweight title picture, Tyson Fury's fake opponent, UFC Liverpool-Bellator 200 picks)

Fighter's Fury
Sunday, May 20th
Badou Jack gets the short end of another draw. Did he get shafted in Adonis Stevenson's hometown? UFC Chile: Kamaru Usman dominates Demien Maia in a decision. Where does the Nigerian Nightmare stand among the welterweight contenders? Will things shift again next week when Darren Till fights Stephen Thompson. Tyson Fury isn't fighting Shannon Briggs in his comeback fight. He's fighting some guy who sounds like his name was made up by witness protection. Does Amanda Nunes keep getting snubbed on love after her wins? Picks for UFC Liverpool and Bellator 200. Tyron Woodley claims he's fighting Floyd Mayweather in MMA very soon. Is Floyd really going to do this and does it need to be against Conor McGregor if he does. ICYMI: Colby Covington joined Tobin Friday afternoon to discuss his upcoming interim title shot in Chicago. Plus some speedbag - Is the UFC really considering an interim flyweight title with two guys Mighty Mouse has beaten a combined 3 times? 

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What do you beautiful people. It's as fun as Jerry podcasts coming up for you thank you all for coming up for march for cancer on Saturday as draws them. Can't thank you enough of that support for semen Tommy guns for their foundation in March for cancer. Always always blown away CNET yearly very very blown away by cnet's thank you for that. All's gonna bring as podcasts in case you guys missed it Colby cutting ten. Stopped by my show my afternoon show with LeRoy and beastie stop by the several hard rock poker armies are frequent there. Is there a lot sync is as a way to blow off steam he's getting ready for a monster monster fight against half filled Assange send. Schooled you gotta get in the mind right now of by the biggest villain in the USC. Outside economy greater McConnell hurdles borrowers so loved but he's not really ability more so. Kobe is and and and an instinct time right now where all the attention and a lot of it is people hitting on him but. That's kind of cool to see media the minds of the young men so. You get an opportunity to learn a little more about Colby if you having gotten to hear much from goalie other than the other sound bites and the that nonsense in the in the shenanigans so. Willow bring that she guys and yeah so checked out on out and Obey guys enjoy the show. Mixed martial arts and it's time for fighters feeling. We'll be staying dry out there. Is voted in from the parking lot. Fighters Jerry here on seven and take its W with the the next hour we'll dive all over the world and mixed martial arts and boxing a lot to get to lot of action last night. Has been action on showtime we had some you have CEO in late into the night. And these fights fights along amend his fights and as far as what into the distance though. We had the that we had yeah I have the action shot of espresso the Stella was was rather hot the Tobin household to get through this fight card as other wasn't good action is out of the box in the box it was really really fun yesterday. On showtime. Put on a great guard Gary Russell junior he defeated Jo-Jo Diaz by unanimous decision get to see him back in the ring. And was really really compelling fight for about five rounds these guys are gone back and forth high action high octane. A lot of blogs being thrown to both guys Garros is just proved to be too much users able to go to that gas tank more than Jo-Jo was. You know he you know ideas as walking down walking him down he was really really tried to impose his size. On Gary Russell but it just was for not impede that. It for every for every four. That just goes dogs he was it was like he was slouch in in the in the bought an apartment. Terrorists used over these eight punch combinations right in his grill and you know I don't there was ever a point where. We thought Joseph goes really really be finished. But it was it was a it was a hell of performance we saw some some extreme party over that fight. And just great output by both guys the main event though super compelling. And that was bothered Jack Taylor on a dynasty to some of the light heavyweight championship of the world good to Saddam is Stevenson back in the ring as we don't see that enough. And body Jack was coming off a a vicious wind over Nathan cleverly cleverly ended up retiring. Omnia about a jacked out nice main event put around him he was on the biggest fight card of the year on the Mayweather McGregor undercard. And you know I was sorry about body Jack last lemurs. I feel like this guy has just days still said ferocity but doesn't get talked about it enough you know he's always kind of and an addition to a car or is a part of a card. But I really do genuine thing this guy has the talent to be a big a big star in boxing and just. I like his style I think it's very crowd pleasing but he and fortunately yesterday and the for the fourth time in his career on the side of the draw. And you hope this this fight was very interesting. Because. The though I gave body Jack the nod and that's you noted and and I felt like. My scorecard O 15113. Was pretty fair as far as it went one judge had it that way for body jacked. I can see where the draw comes from but I do come out of that fight thinking these the types of fights where the box. Sings scoring system tied to sticks. Because. It does seem missing goes out there. And you could say he's edging these early rounds I came out of those those first six rounds saying I had about I had a 42. Big showtime had a 51. Farm. But from my standpoint it's just like in his in his sport to. All. Too it was just so much different the body Jack's would you ought to mean so let's just say you have these guys come out of it. And bar admit this for yesterday it so these guys both about this fight is say it was six rounds at peace. The butter Jack six rounds weren't the same as Adonis Stevenson's six rounds. Except you know save for. The one round after he got that big body shot I think it was in the tenth round. Where he really took the wind out of spotted Jack where the though the memento this fight look Liu was ending completely. And he may have ended up finishing a Donna Stephenson. Derek you know the fury first ninety seconds of that round. Really told it really took down one and it was a very important around if he was going to stay in the scorecards for Stephenson but the candidates fight like. Is Stevenson like he's Holden on the body judge for dear life. But like you that toppled over with a stiff breeze at any point he uses teases he's in clutch go to that point he's using. Body John just hold up his way. And the reason I just feel bad for Jack after this fight is because it's in Canada. You know that's a hard decision to get in any in any fashion anyway so to the cards. They'll look at and they get a draws seeing no that they got that you got the whole nod for any which way you could get the home not. The other thing is the up as refereeing in there who's. You know he's let his button and honesty doesn't go out there and basically use. Body jacket as an arm rests. Her the entire match but apart jacket anywhere close to one he's breaking the mold immediately he's given warnings immediately. And she tomes for because at one point oh is okay well body Jack in the in the twelve rounds as. On leases a shot he's in trying to get in the midst of a break of the ref takes a punch right in the face. Red faced so potential not that I don't know but I can understand that was one of the frustrating for buddy Jack. With with what would diss him but. I thought it won that fight. Showtime's to a bowl 70% of the viewers thought he won that fight mom. It's just it's unfortunate break because these draws when he got his point of a career can really be held against you now. Could you go out there and say if that's the case go out there being even more aggressive. In the the early rounds I guess you can. But. To me it's it's allegation you should. We should be better about score in these fights even if it is 7575. To swing it's it to two rounds swing and I you know I think sometimes were world limited to. Easy and swayed in these bouts on. Grating on a curve of a guy at a comeback fight just degrading schism in boxing stakes there it does as much as grab is as mixed martial woods gets. For judging and it's no it's no picnic nor first prize. You know the trying to make steps towards that. I wish everybody would unify we get a better. Understanding of these rules and an ever you don't have to guess every time we don't do well they've taken the new unified rules but. Well what do you do with a system that's been around for for a century and I don't know what to make it better I think boxing's always going to be in this place where. Judging is not perfect it's not going to ever be perfect. It just. Unfortunate that. This guy falls victim to that last night where he is putting on a grave before it's he's definitely putting in. The more devastating performance he looks like he's got his got more finished. But because it to book. So much longer in other guys' eyes for him to really come on and about. His work which seemed harder and worth more. Is counted the saint. And that to me is what's unfortunate for bodied excel. Hopefully they come forth and and they and they do a rematch for there's a big it's good that it on a Stevenson has a an opponent who he probably thinks can't. To finish him because he's so much naturally bigger than him. Bomb. But I Don suits and now has himself an opponent is not Sergey Coble of who has little bridge used to who has a little bit of drama that people can look to I think would be down for. And I think Stevenson would look at that and he would there's not that drama promotional drama that there is between him and Surrey Kovalev as people. And so he doesn't necessarily have to go to that match he can he can run this one back I think it should be run back. Mom I would like you did not being Canada related to be an America that's possible maybe the Barkley senator about a Jack's suggested Vegas. Whenever a big immediate needs at that you need to go let's let's put the owl and on the turf over here. And see how that goes just because it. It wasn't those Lleyton. Homer ism that I saw yesterday but it was noticeable. Was noticeable especially with the wrath the rep as soon as. Spotted Jack was doing the same thing that Stevenson was doing the entire violently an ailment they appoint a way of evil of them hole. Hey hey he's been using him as a team in higher second after this fight a dusty was in my his. All put tennis balls on the bottom Abbas rejects completely the grandpa. Easily hold up with the boy legs. These applicable Spalding just pulled out so as to not scuff up his lawyers that's how he's role in this entire flight. And it's sort of butter Jack. Hold on for a whisper I'm Don Stephenson. And rep was not happy about it so that was the big take away from yesterday good fight. Feel bad for her body Jack not get that nod. Mom. But I would exceed a one run back let's see elicited. Let's see it happen again I hope that's. Well that's potential match you can see a lot of news no CO2 with with mixed martial arts. A lot of happenings this week in in the news brought new fights happening big announcements. And we had ourselves issued welterweight fight last night as well to it fit this while to a picture. Is. Not murky. What there's a lot of arguments to be made about where it stands and why it stands there won't get to that next. Each miners feel. I'll look on and everybody. So what do it you focus your rolls on here how they are buddy who came out yesterday for march for cancer. Thank you for doing that favour coming out huge huge support in the rain born down really really windy. But the sport strong Simmons coming amenities and a great job. When that event on Evers are here to help those are doing cancer right now. Need help financially to. Get through their bills get treatment all that stuff that you know is is as the day today. Struggle of people who have this horrible disease and just to see the community come around like that. The groundswell of support the positives the people uplift one another. On who loses it would otherwise be. Class Fuzzy miserable day weather wise. It was tremendous to see in every single year mom blown away by the job they do put that event together and blow it by. The community coming together in in that fashion so really really huge hats off to everybody who came out. Before we get to the USC actually my last night and Camara Guzman being Damien Mya. Couple things. This ever really happens but news is broken in the middle of our show. That never really that that there's a rarity on us Sunday morning just typically we are reacting to. Stuff that has happened the night before Bly. We have gotten wind thanks to steer for the alert on this that Tyson's fury is has been now announced. Who is June 9 come back component will be. We've been every on this Tyson Jared things for awhile because I want to be sure and that can embrace would mean let's go already communion yeah has been teasing each other burned. There in the the media for enough. And I just think. And I was that he would be the best buy promotion of our time both of them. The best of America and the best to Britain leading up in the in the bill to a fight. And so. We get to. This news that ties in fury is taken sever. Suffer. Suffer. Sever bella. Notes come back fight and he hasn't fought two years. Tyson fury is in this arms race of the heavyweight division and get people to watch him again. Although this Evers a very isn't made that bad ignorance on my part. You know follow the sport a charge you double that as much as possible Aquila govern the nitty gritty of a lot of these guys said it was a very. Now on flies over my head from me first of all sounds like a fake name. Seven is not a common name the fact did you name is severance every Asia last name sounds fishy to me. In the words of Robby got to throw for halibut at that. Don't figure real person I think you probably witness protection and your undercover job is to Medicare and boxer that's why you fight dies in theory. So I don't really severance of Barry. Said you have 23 and one that your record good at data by the FBI or whatever how he version about FBI is over in London and Scotland Yard though still have over there. I'm not even sure what is the undercover realm of British. Law enforcement however what I don't know is. Policy doesn't purified separate separate it that's not a real person that's a fake person who is using an alias. I wanna see him fight. Shin in the can't embrace a bit not the strain now Bert. I would say six months because these do need each other it is the fight that needs to happen. Civilly for the press conferences sibling for the fight lead up. I need this in my life we make this happen in the fall would ties of Jerry is done dancing with sever separate just asking. Just asking if we can make that have been could be tremendous. Text are also rights and the board move audio C. That. We both like buddy Jack. Gave way to fight in the early rounds Adobe clearly won the fight game itself too much to map out. I don't know about it would reports of popularity countess. I was that I agree he he did have he didn't go to a off too late to a slow start in the early rounds. An adult you make a fair point. My point is just. His six rounds of call this a draw. His six rounds. I'm not. Nearly as bad as what he was doing to Donna Steve Zahn is that an exit not the sport and understand you know it is what it is that's how we score. On May be sick pay you got to get more aggressive he can't be too comfortable special and you know you're an enemy territory like that submitted by deduction to more aware. To me though I just look at this that I say are. Mean how how we look at this and say OK Don Stephenson throwing. More punches. But not really do it in about a Jack is the same as what my object was doing where. Steve as it was holding him holding on for dear life to me I had just that that's were that's where I. That's why look at this and and then find my ratio but look. Not a robbery. It's not. The worst decision ever I want to do what thirteen says 75 believes it easily 660 people but yet you can buy an argument for aperture. Well nor the last night Damien Mya he was taken on tomorrow's month. In a and in tomorrow's month's first. Fight against a ranked opponent. Who's supposed to fight sent there applause and he BO. He fell out with an injury. So there's ground and they go to Damien Mya. And it was it was a really lopsided fight it was not an exciting fight. David in my does not really make for exciting fights not his thing he's not. You go and I would dating Amaya New Zealand first of all your first dollars and Apollo as as an opponent minimizes I don't wanna get submitted. Because he's just the next level. When it comes that stuff. So whose odds in there and you think about not getting submitted to drive and to not get finished. And keep this fight off the ground is a begets the ground that's bad news for your. So. And I've been doing this instinct thing and I think it's it's been fascinating to watch you have a slight whiff tile will be. They were talking to fight back now offered for Damian Mya then he fights Colby Covington. Who's going to be fighting for the interim title coming up next month. And a strike and more with Kobe he's thrown more Colby. So. That was weird he didn't think. You're gonna see every day in my is a pretty go back to despite before time will lead where his fight or animosity at all. You want no part of my hospital strike in and understandably must at all is next level when we're talking and of the it for a great strikers between Guzman. Colby Covington. And boy mosque that Al Basra blows them all out of the water. Sort of understand why their minds maybe a little. More willing to throw down but how was this guy to stop the entire time was go back pack on or must all address that he never did. But it was enough for him to get the decision in that fight. So. He's going into these fights with the mentality now where he's thrown a little bit more on and there's trouble. Things if I can do pop fighter psychologist on this. I think my eyes to in this. From the standpoint of he wants to throw more. Because. He doesn't want it to take seven more fights for him to get back in a title fight. You know that was the crazy thing is Damian mile all this time. Racking up wins racket him wins racking up wins but he was never really he never felt close. To a title shot until the street to stop ridiculous the other guys who don't have the street that good and are getting title shots. So for him to get back an average of feels like he is trying to be more offensive. And that's why he's getting into these exchanges. That's it that's all I can deduce from that why he's he's been more well to throw these guys and also maybe he just feels more comfortable throwing guys who doesn't see it as a huge strength. Now whose money is very well rounded I mean this guy. Is. He is get in the respected everybody for a reason he is very very hard to fight he's he's very well rounded. He's the real Bill Weir Michael Chandler on the show. Month back in the used volume is unsolicited fraud the heats of Boozman and how good this guy is at the gym. And how good he is getting ready. I am a believer and and the congressman as far as this guy is guilty to BA title contender. Easy now I guess is the big question disease various today and he's called out. Tire will only once a shot the belt. He wants to be in that next. So here's here's the thing that performance yesterday by Guzman was dominant it was lopsided. Was it. Pleasing to watch not really got to be honest with you had to go back to espresso machine to get through this one like tomorrow's men. More caballos newsmen yesterday I was I was I was I was getting heavy odds watch enough light as to who's not. The most exciting you know watch the odds that that wasn't good it's not to say that he's not fantastic. You do that today and Mya your bats. But. If I were in a stacked division like welterweight. Where we're talking. Woodley. Wonder boy. Pop bill designed Joe's. Kobe got into as people's interest Robbie Lawler is ranked ahead of you. And some and next we got Darren tell who I mean really really blew up probably more than anybody this year with a knockout of Donald surrounding. I do think that's self matters what we're talking about. Who gets a shot rebel who's gonna make the best fight because. I would Lee has now been in fights with wonder boy. And whiff. Damien Mya. And they haven't been what's the most exciting fights in the world. So if you get there with a guy of tomorrow's men. And he's taken on what the I did see out of fights gonna have a rest before. May be another born standoff. Just. I I get the feeling it could lead to that just because both these guys are very well rounded the both great wrestlers. Could be a lot of could be a big stand out amongst both guys pay maybe it'll lead to them both having a slugfest is neither one of them can take you know I don't know. But as far as the arms race of interest in watching. I don't nope I have tomorrow's been a top my list and look. That can be in my own ignorance that could be the fact that I like watching strikers more or strike guys straightened strike first more. Because I'll tell you watch in this fight next week of parents over to Steve wonder what doesn't I'm due to that by. That's because you got two guys who were going to probably come to this fight. Thrown hay makers look into caused damage of flying we'll kicks or something crazy like that. I will say this. If it was meant you have to be rooting next week for one aborted at the went have to. Because of Darren till gets a win over wonder boy. That's the win over the number one ranked guy in the division. If what a boy when Joseph a couple things don't for one I don't think there's anyway and held Dave Dana White is going to make. What levers wonder boy three. Not unless he is he is forced by guys point guns at his face. He does now wanna make of idea. No way so you gotta be open I want a boy it's the way. Then we have this weird situation. Where. We have. The the the interim championship being decided next month of Kobe Covington verses. Coffee Obasanjo's. And for right now that guy's dead in the title shot. Colby or mafia out and that's that's the goal did so unless we're gonna get to a situation where. Will be gets his dream match about middle way where may be gets the fight George saint Pierre and he's dropping the belt. Or he just is so what I'd do that the years is gonna strip them. Alcee Grossman's next fight is gonna be entitled jot it feels to me like unless. Colby. War art DA wins this fight but they get hurt in the meantime. Mom. I don't feel a bit titles get I don't feel like anybody is losing that belt. Remember this that this did almost taboo with. In middleweight where we had Whitaker. When the bell. And that it was supposed to be. Another intern title when he became middleweight champion. But. You all that made weight because he had defied the Rocco solely Soviets and to keep in about notified of the middleweight title against. They he would need something screw relate that to really get in the mix I really think that. Bush is going to have his time it's not far away. Boy I really think should happen is. If you if he is if he's serious about. Getting to would be getting to the bell. Whoever ends up winning between RD ankle he's going to be fine tyra next what's his use logic on. In interim champ fights the chance you can we can argue whether or not it's wards that those guys you're fighting for an interim title this time. What they are so what's his let's just take for what it is. What has been needs to do. Is he needs to fight the winner of wonder boy vs Darren tell especially if it's Darren Cahill. If he's in dental comes out of this by with a win over wonder boy. It's going to be hard to argue. From who's been standpoint. That hill beat in the number one guy ranked in the division. Does it have more McClain to you. Will be the number five guy that is. You know to raise for what they're worth I know that they have their flaws. But it is what it is about point. I bigots just think it's as the tough or you betray me can sit there to the dust on talk about on nobody wants to fight mean nobody wants is definite fine. No it was a fight you boy. The fans the only go off of who you thought. And where you stand right now that was good report just not the most thrilling. Not I'm not coming out of hitting clamoring. To see who's been fun again. But. Deadly in the mix it's just he's not a top rate now he's not he's not. He's up first that line and reliving his second liner now I think he means. He needs an undeniable win and I don't think Damien my can be the gatekeeper forever. There because that's kind of what echo becoming into the table. But as the losses mount up for Damian Mya. The wind becomes resorts to look less and less impressive. If these guys were fantastic wrestler is continued to be able to grind out wins against Damian Mya. When. Naturally as fans we're gonna look and say well now everybody's don't and pain in my can be the gatekeeper Revver. What needs to happen is. Who has been used either fight he needs to he needs to end up fighting the winner of next week's bye in Liverpool and it would be right on track because they're fighting a week apart. So whenever. Tyrant comes back. Assuming it's going to be against the winner at UC 225. I was down that same card. Put this. Fight between let's say Guzman verses the winner won aboard tale. And that person will be the de facto number one contender and would be undeniable I think at that point would back up to this heat's players feel. We'll back guys but just hearing here on seven out of the ticket so many away if you. Lot of it is nodes out and in this week what they don't want to look holding on to get to as far as the media coverage is concerned this week. There was. We got some follow up on Rocco Pennington. She was doing the rounds this week. What was even on ESPN and what it's ESP and his the second. But. The big the big theme of her tour was. That. She is she she backs are coaches that she were regretted if for coaches didn't let it go out there for the fifth round against Amanda knew and as. And you know there's been a lot more. Support from fighters saying yes yes yes or corners out there. And you know we want them there too mentally. Coach UN to going out there when you think you can as the midget tea went out there and say you know records allotted to lose with honor. And looked fun there was to be able to pull rank on that as far as I know why. They want from an honor standpoint. That the media won't be able to understand. But. I do think that. There is an element to this where. This is become. This became such in its hat on her coaches why it's why. But leaves you is close with you've been training out of Colorado for awhile so. I imagine she has a good relationship with the coaches not something she wants to. She wants to go in and have the world attacked them and imagine even when like run around the handle the stuff going on her and admin term mania where. You know people largest. Roasting him and say Enron arousing for your seat please don't get a different note please please get somebody can actually teach you something. Does it make you think you're you're an all time striker. I think Ron Lewis I want somebody believes that I'm an all time strike that believes all my skill sets you know. When did they need whatever tweaks them in the right manner it's it's a very fragile and and and important relationship. So I do think there's an element of Rocco where. Say what is she supposed to do she's posted tell everybody yet you're right this guy. Really went out there and he screwed me. She's at she's get a backer people. As as a good friend probably should it does it mean. That. She was feeling in that moment that she's done. Wasn't the right feeling to have. And probably shouldn't have been recognized buyer coaches because she done she had no chance against Amanda. The other thing I'd. One dimension is. Sucks for Amanda. Who is getting into the point of why she is becoming one of the all time. Women's fighter. And you know issues start to approach Ron arouses she's halfway around aroused defense mark she's beaten robbed arousing. And it's. There's been some talk about what was the you have to cover her not to give her enough. Coverage. And they promote her enough but yeah there's a lot a lot of players are had an open to promote enough for promoted in the right way and so that's on the fighter. You gotta be willing to go on and put yourself out though that the UFC is such a machine these days. We're simply don't know they only focus on content the only faux police on rob it's just like. You know it's this is a fickle. Business of of sports coverage and now there's only have a certain few who are getting the mainstream coverage on ESPN or. Like Rondo are able to get on Alan or able to get on rip and Lucia with now Seacrest. Those guys so. It's not so much the USC is only voters a few people assist you know it's it's a weird cycle of does the promotion dictate who won't gets the coverage or does the media dictate who they wanna cover. I do think it's box for Amanda who has had the great performances now. It seems like into federal custody fights. You know all this coverage is gone now to the person who was lost. It robbed as I get a little bit more she's Rhonda drowsy but in this pageant performance and now was that that was it that was the cleanup performance. By Amanda on hockey. And all anybody's talking about is the fact that bad and then didn't wanna go out there for the fifth round and then did. At that sucks in my thumb Amanda abs like mean really. Yeah I mean I'd almost rather people not talk about the flight. Then be talking about the person who I beat out more. Really talking about the person who she went out there against you talk about old man we know that she went out there she was getting arrested. But I haven't heard him mention who was kicking harass. The entire time. So. You know I get the stores got to be the story people are adjusted in that because fighting is. You know what the mainstream gets on fighting. You get all these opinions flying from all over the place with people who don't watch it except occasionally. And imploded and put a you know an occasional line onto it. But for. For us. I just think that men Amanda's at this point right now where. She is so good she's basically cleaned out a division. Maybe the only thing left for her is fighting Cris Cyborg. And Cali in my house filing notice dogged about it so does the round about way and to same props to amend the season she's kicking ass. And and at that deserves. A little bit more credit from that performance last week he venomous talking about Rock Hill Pennington. Not winding up for the fifth round and whether or not or coaches right. But it was a fascinating thing to watch this week. Yet we're gonna get a lot more US PN coverage. His business announces it has got a cool. Arial how Lonnie who is. Look he's the biggest is that because news breaker. And out probably say the biggest newsmaker. In all mixed martial arts late. Sig you did 30% of his headlines come out of is anime our show he gets the who's who he's been working at this a long time. He's got a huge platform. Mean he uses. That a man hours six hours sometimes of thirteen guests and he's basket of all the he set up the week of story lines in ovitz if it's a fighter. Has a fight coming up for the fighter just fought. If there the congress have rocked opens anomaly the guy is the guys dynamo in the guy works his ass off. And it was announcing that he is moving to ESPN and he's gonna be doing his Monday podcast but all's we do and show chills on which I think will be pretty cool. Mom. What I mean the big thing that comes out of his knowledge is getting aerial getting his gig that's cool that's awesome brand that he's gonna work that. ESPN that the major platform that it is but it's just awesome that ESPN is porting. This much stock. Into. The USC because they just signed that ES PM plus deal. We know that. They are doing the same thing with boxing ring announced that Dan radio not the biggest fan of he's got himself a weekly. Talk show on this ESPN plus. Is as cool to see. That brand. Be putting so much into combat sports it does seem like is becoming a big big priority for them a specially on that. Digital platforms so that obviously to watch and see. How that turns out and then then how fans respond to that. In the coming weeks by he is he's moving up from the may I guess his last show for those who were fans that show is going to be June. Eleventh on anime fighting dot com. But he will. You'll be continuing his podcast format. On ESP and so he has been checked that out there couple other news and those that wanna get too. Before we get Q before it's a fight picks and the upcoming schedule. Volatile what Lee said yesterday that he is going to be starting to train Floyd Mayweather and and a main next to worksheet. When he's back in the country Floyd was at Peabody ducks fight that's his putted three promotes. But Floyd told fight I. This past week also that he's not going back into all the multiple times op I don't know how much steam is left in this Floyd Mayweather has come back to animate thing. It feels like it's died down a lot. That. May be food but he Floyd is with underestimated how much you would take it seriously want to see him fight mixed martial arts. But it could do it I do hope that they give Floyd as much training is possible that I'd like when we heard these rules coming out. Daddy who's gonna do it is to be with all these. Cockpit mania. He basically hit in the clinch and that's it that's the only level of mixed martial watched him bring. And it's going to be in a cage at its do it do it. Well he should buy it CM punk C a policy fight next next month he should fight him at CM punk it's a win. That point how Hillary and watching Clement weather finally a professional wrestler at you know really I guess you know I know he's been. Been training him. Assuming that it would come off a win but. Didn't have a lunges in that because for the money that you're paying Floyd Mayweather. I don't really understand they can do anything but would verses come McGregor mixed martial arts just for the money you need. To two. Produce to pay him. So. If you don't Mike Connor mixed martial arts that kind of loses luster forming. Really coliseum flight CM punk and that's kind of it's like want to celebrity celebrity boxing about point. Well just. I feel like it's affiliate has died down I don't know and that's and I called time a liar. I think he probably is figure that unified Floyd but ploy just got his world. A war of moved on every. Corner of the earth. Oh jewels the money brotherly. Really a fully. Kind of enjoy life while that's employed by no matter who gets that stretch where wants attention again. I don't know. Before get out of here there's let's get the fight coming up next week. Which you guys USC Liverpool went to fight to across the pond. You'll see Liverpool's Steven gossamer Darren tell. This fight is very very adjusting I'm glad that they are making this fight. And the big step up for Darren tell who. Had a great great. Burst onto the scene win against zones around. Last October when he knocked him out the first round looked to be huge for that. For that weight class in view of the buzz of the week concede there until ever since. He's for is he's five an hour in the UFC. It looks like he's got the potential to be one of those guys to be a big big start for them point five years old knocked out power what. He's dale wonder boy. This is a funny nickname to take a guy who's ten years older than there until I do wonder boys. 3525. Year old either way. Wonder boys now getting in there he's trying to build up his November win over Horry mosque at all. And we know that the others to buy some tyrant. This is a tough place to call to very tough fight to call because you know what Derek tells. Big advantage is when he took on dollar thought was the size me who's very very noticeable. How much that guy. Bullied. Donald surrounding. And in this might go once again against a guy who's the same height. Whose name a bigger. Welterweight. And has. A little bit bigger ever reach that uses half tough matchup and you know dared so with all this popularity with all this. Expectation that's come upon him is gonna probably wanna highlight reel knockout. Deuce on the and attitude Stephen Thompson. That. Mean hasn't been done nobody stops. Stephen dobbs has been stopped in his career. That would be huge huge feather in dental cap and a big should be pretty. But we're talking about it be be tough to keep them out of any title talks if you were to get this win. It's in is. Backyards in Liverpool so he's got back on form if he goes to a decision if this does go the distance which. Steve Jobs and can cause because people can be so cautious going up isn't the half fight to pick men very very tough. I a medium wishing this and resistance to that kind of wanna see the next chapter of this I'm gonna pick Darren to win this fight. It's not and it's not without a lot of hesitation in my point B as a do you think Stephen Townsend makes things very difficult specially on strikers to go out by themselves away to win. But. I think. Derek tells coming up this this this level of our outing got I got one of the big names I got. Now the fight in my backyard or Ottawa pulled him in the breath of Connor Gregor boy if he does get this win it'll start feeling. Like that that path again. Above. You know taken those steps to stardom so we'll see I think budging dent on the pick him to get that fight man. Next week we also bella tort 200. Miracle cro cop listing on Roy Nelson's Amir cro cop is back. Polio Roy Nelson get the win that fight. Although it is overseas so I don't know pro council do. As far as what Siskel preparation for this fight. Promised him a big country get that win the middleweight championship how bill carollo verses. Gay gardeners saucy massage sees bella toward debut. Yup I'm just never been as you do massage event. This is it stands on the news and sassy guy you don't. I'm not I'm not I'm not give him a television does besides he's fighting. Some of the pic of all to retain a sound very very excited about Michael innovators is David Rickles. I think that makes for exciting style for. MVP go out there and get exciting finish and Erica has been about talk for awhile. One of their stable guys Soviets did seem to their stable guys go against each other and I most enjoy that sometimes more than the the USC imports that are coming in. You know I do like seeing both tours guys. Get to get a chance to to shine. MVP he's going to be in his home his own land so long ago that if you get the win and then they'll businesses to invest cell. Auto Phil Davis to get the win there as well. Before get out of here just to note for you guys if you look good for any local action checked out. Here's the here's the counter that's going down. That that they gathered via social media for you guys if you're looking for some local mixed martial arts of boxing action. Yet except van horny which is gonna go down June 9 the same as you have seat to 25 at the war memorial stadium. David doing something to as far as like a watch party outdoors that's of you wanna catch some local action and you see action that's maybe a cool way to go check that out. Tighten FC is gone back to extreme action parked on June 29. I think there welterweight titles going to be on the line there CBS four board this week that July 6 there's going to be another boxing card. At the Seminole hard rock event senator so that'll be excited in the first one that went down it almost goes you're gonna go to. And then underground cage fighting in Palm Beach. The public commend senators dawned on July 20% that some of the actions to around here locally. As far as the fight game is concerned that your but it tuning and lots of fun the bees is coming your way for the next couple hours CR seven I had to take get everybody a fantastic Sunday and stay dry. Here's fueling. Seven. We'll be staying dry out there. Our guys before you out here just want Q. Rattle off some stuff do little speed bag foil before you got here 'cause sometimes. Not able to get to everything. As far as the as far as the other the stores are concerns because I like focusing on them by it's just happened so this gives some speed bag for you. One note from tomorrow newsman verses. Damien Mya has been set after the fight that he broke both his hands. That that he broke one in the second 13. So that is that is concerning if if that's the case and hopefully that's a speeder colored fur. Tomorrow who is definitely don't want to be healthy. And not lose in the arms race this welterweight division it is exciting to see all these names are welterweight. It's a little bit confusing. Seeing where things stand with the with the welterweight title. And tyrants health and we're attacked its cards has been on the state where he wants to get a big fight to get it manic I get the tire wants it's just. And you wanna seat. A huge tire with the fight later we're talking but the guys he's talking about. Like the Diaz Brothers or the George saint Pierre is in the world. Like into under the watch of tar Willie we're defied George saint Pierre. But. I know that of I know that if it was a case relate let's say Jersey were gonna fight. Honor. Does not in club life I feel like. That's gonna get obviously that's gonna get more draw if just you're part of the Diaz Brothers I think obviously that's gonna get more draw. And so what these in this spot or relate yet it be cool to see tirelessly against those guys. But I don't feel like anybody's been clamoring to see T would fight a through whether it's his fault or not I just don't feel like you come out of his fights his Jones in the see his next bout. I think it's been that way since decency since he flat land Robbie Lawler. And you know that's just that's just is what it is you know people like knock outs and and he's clearly got that ability but. We just haven't seen it it's been it's been him like he likes to say against us specialist. Born specialists we got to fight twice. And the other one. He probably took the safest route possible and good for him good for him to even as well but. I do think that if we're talking about the arms race. Know who you are definitely want to see. Those guys of that now. Look Willie may come and argue and say. Well just he's never been the most exciting guy. And sought to Diaz Brothers finished a lot of guys and a stroke they don't but. What they I was in the has Brothers are rarely in a boring fight. Band with woods yesterday. Just as the start from behind I don't think are you really tuning in to see just before. His fight style or you're just tuning in because you know he's one of the greats so. That'll be an instinct thing in and I think for right now I think would be is at a point where his division. Is so rich with contenders I think the fact that few words you just go and dominate these guys. He could easily have the claim of being the better welterweight champion. Of all time then GSP. I think that should be will these focus almost a mighty mouse ask. Focus except he's actually got the contenders. He's got he's got the guys think you know if you look at this this landscape. You know just because there's a lot of contenders doesn't mean. Well we can't beat them every dared tell the tough match farm very very big and an accurate troublesome. But I the could be newsman. I think that he can be Colby I think he'd be ardea. So. I am and I think having those winds are just going to bolster his all time legacy more so but you know I know I know that everybody wants a super fight. But there's so but it does it gets my next story point so this week V. Poster comes out for. Daniel Cormier gets steep pay me dosage. And it's dubbed the super fun. And I can't wait for this fight and I want to go out for Vegas for this fight Ivan. You know my hands and knees. Serve people here to find a way find as a sponsor some way to go out there for fight week. Hasn't happened as a erosion solos as you know enjoyed doing it here. But it's dubbed the super reflect an enormous that's the super fun it's on our amazing fight on in the light. Heavyweight champ against the heavyweight champ. Clashing together. Good DC is said the winner of this is the claim of being in the greatest of all time. IIE. I'm not there but hell. One of it's okay to be one of if not be. And I think the thing that makes is so intriguing is I actually think that DC is a really good shot at winning this fight and it's cool to see that steep day. Has really taken on he's almost done what T you know the reason I think Steve is gonna be regarded as the best into an all time he's taken all comers. Really cares and sit out here and clamor for these super fights just fights. In a utility that he's ever clamored for or pandered for it was an anti Joshua fight. But he is gonna be regarded. As probably the best heavyweight champion of all time and I think. T would you take your pick a page at a steep his book and that are guard. You know and and if he gets this one enemies really Tailhook hours plus is. Then an undefeated heavyweight and data Cormier is. Case because he's never lost that heavyweight DC. So I think that is eventually want to check out other news and knows that happened this week before got ESP a mighty mouse I came in and you know what I sort of got. I am unintentionally Segway perfectly news things. Muddy necessary set Henry pseudo getting into a little bit as. Sit at a weird claim where he said that gets mighty mouse is would he say he's claiming he's played hardball. Overplayed his hand is what he says I've been told DJ overplayed his hand ass in the fight August and he said no. And now he's trying to get on again because he knows he can sell those on paper view. Analysts to make money off of others. Fact hashed I make your money and one more thing that's been discussed the enemy does gets a win the they'll be an interim title fight. There you go aerial Awami. By. Don't understand. Though you could even contemplate. Having an interim flyweight title. With two dudes. Then of lost a combined three times. To Demetrius Johnson. On a understand it. I don't get it. If that is true. This grudge that Dana White has over the flyweight division and and specifically might they must Johnson as John would be the petty is grudge there is. Because look. Is it frustrating. That mighty mouse. Hasn't. Fought. Heated Alicia to some people. I guess. I don't I. Total lets it provides. I don't get that one that one to me has lol Obama had since day one. Mighty mouse against TJ bill Shaw. Gives a rip and especially. Its specially. TJ going down to fly away. I don't get it it doesn't make sense to me. Why do I care if TJ bill shocking cut way and beat a smaller man. Kid all the space. What does that mean to me. Because. To me the appeal. Of Daniel Cormier going to fight steep pay is it's the light. Heavyweight champion. Going. Tough fight the heavyweight champion that's the story. It's awesome in itself it does a really need explanation. The reason content McGregor. Winning his two belts was a big deal. It was the other way champion. Going. In a way to fight a lightweight champion. Going up. Is cool going down is not it's wide George saint Pierre vs Connor at lightweight is a mess for me. Because I don't wanna see George saint Pierre. Struggled to get down of 155. Have to beat the scales and Connor McGregor. So why am I gonna sit here. Clamoring all week. For. TJ Diller Shaw deceived he can make fly away. Tough play mighty mouse these are two of the most. Marketable. Champions in you have seen history. Neither one of them draw flies. And yet I'm supposed to. Be more inclined to watch them watch and let anybody by. But as it comes into the casual fan also so this guy and I've never heard of it's awesome because he's gonna get smaller. Defied a small guy. It's a it's a message they want from me so I don't. Does this grudge that Dana's holdover TJ admittedly amid TJ great friends I don't know about it but it's been a miss from day one for me. So. I think it's true that there haven't in Europe like like all the government and I especially at the like him get him to the to stop by the show. And locals saw reform. I don't really get wide tyrant as an owner of that by the is an Arab titles at welterweight. Title. Let's make ER OK at least the two guys he's never fought and it never did in the title picture at welterweight before. But to me tell Mick get into your own title fight with. A guy who's lost a mighty mouse twice in bed and he says and once. Like that should run and Henry pseudo. Mix sensitive form because I don't get it I I don't know what's in Uzi just honorable. But it does is further so don't get the White House right again our eight. But if they make that fight. Put this thing is lost it's luster as far as it's gone anywhere theater titles on it also boy I don't even think fans care. As we've been dealing Aaron and until that thing now it's just it's it's it's the norm and that's what they do just whenever they want. It's it's it's gotten old boxing like WBA level. It's post did. In Arab title between two guys who have lost to a chimp who's buying. The times looked. I don't get it man don't get it. And see above the key is coming up and he is going to fight UC to Tony five he's gonna be on the they resumed the curtain Jerker on paper view. He said that if he had his way there's a lot who were upset that holly Holm was going to be the was going to be the main feature on the tree limbs and that CM punk is on the paper view. Bush buildings one. Public good ratings draws I think that's I think that's a Smart to have. Holly home as a lead into the paper view I think it's I think it's a Smart idea. She's actually got moved a slow us that young moved to David Ricardo when the story came out. She was. Setting of the uproar there but. Guys I mean it for any avid fans out there who are less into the show. Think that simple and therefore. Thank. You think he's just there to get used to these so interviews and who outside of B was is Joseph blow on. He sealed and he's a huge wrestling star the united how much their view diligent slapped in the face with a stupid stick. When he what are they stupid what he Dylan. CO pump about non paper immunities he dull. What are you what are you wanna lose all your money. Shows you bug would like to be the first by the Fujimori or get up at 6:30 PM Lucille Ball fighting. We forgot. So that's the story that speed bag this week. We come back. Are coming up next goalie Covington enjoy an afternoon show this past week he was awesome. He is fighting populace on just four. The interim title and to get his thoughts on that situation of fighting a guy for the interim title even though attire will lead. Hasn't been out that long he'll make his case for why that fight makes sense and I think you like to get to no Kobe Cummins in little bit so we'll check that out in this. We got some hard rock hotel room as we are each and every Friday as exciting. Yeah and there of the world USC to 25 still enough there's going to be a championship fight between Colby College in populous and just the interim. Welterweight championship and Kobe is kind of to join us here at the table there's just a really appreciate it. I was how is trading gone you is is you feel on the feeling good this couple weeks out. I am afraid to get my belt you know this isn't the answer to how this is undisputed title as a reason. That made this paddock Astaro with a duck so you know I feel is an upgrade of background we're you surprised that he did in. Once you get a fight with you because you know at times been very active and now all of a sudden we haven't seen an action very much. I would say he's been acting you know he's had he's he's his claim as a life four times when here if you look at these resonates four times in the last three and a half years. And that's not that's not fake news equal that out. But I'm surprised we used to train together you know Islam made us so he knows he can't stop me itself. You know he's over at Hollywood gossip about the car dash to easily come back and defend his crown he knows what's time it is my time now that. Go betrays locally head American top team in Coconut Creek. As far as this year has been for you this has been a bit of a rocket on your back people are really. Talking about you more there's been a lot more headlines call becomes. What's it like for human has been a lot more attention have you been enjoying it hasn't been different experience what was this experience been like. You know this is everything I imagine you know as soon as I on this board you know. I knew I was cute one about history with the best guys in the world that American top team and a hero to Coconut Creek so. You know I know my skills and do that I was an avatar in my back short matter of time that's what I do you know that's what I have right now everybody's talking about me everybody wants whether negative or positive. All they're doing talk about the self. You know it is what is it comes with the territory and even okay with the negative stuff because you don't you don't. Seem afraid of rough lip as a split heroic in a Stanley told me. It was originally you were allegedly was ruled that we're going to fight him Brazil. And it's sit like everybody's eyes that that's a break point it's just angered everybody out there what what was the talk that was a chance you were gonna fight there and they pulled back on what was the plan always Chicago. And I was just rumors masses want in the dead and they say they're gonna kill me before I mean it's the octagon itself. Uniting here I want to look myself busy on the king of presume so you know undergo brain chaos back to Brazil. A you did what was your accidentally of this out of this thing with Brazil. There was a there was like an incident at the hotel with the with the USC employees that. Well how did you observe that because inaudible news. Upset with the comments it's Amber's those full of filthy animals but. The view that as soon as they go back there is a bad incident around the hotel. Yeah kind of it kind of reiterates what I was talking about you know they are filthy animals they acted to conduct themselves like Phil at the end it was not a filthy animal in less. You think your filthy animal and you say your filthy animal cell. You know I was everything that I said it and you know I heard David you have the Internet they didn't know I was on the car so they're actually looking for me but they were able to find me so they're like okay we'll just guessing Jesse officials instead. It's beside you could have following this took over like you being in the in this followed this like I was just went to LeRoy like. This guy he's going out there he's he's he's he's he's he's getting people riled up. With the spoilers that that I think you've got thousands of I don't care about Sowers orbited but I don't LeRoy it's LeRoy as stairs is a lot of guys are all Arizona ahead. Would you like your quick so. Adds he's only getting fed the spoilers Idaho's that I host the idea come to bridge you know there's going to anger a lot of people. Yeah I is gone the way beyond the spoilers they come out here in the you know they come out. Still so. I don't Eliza. That's that's that's that's that's a I saw you this up everybody above movies did you have any goofy exactly yeah. They're not even a shot at the opening detained 9 am. It's one pick in the draft assessment it's a bit just ready to. Young I. Curfew now what Robbie. So I told me gold reserve begin to fight in Jews take a hot villas on just how do you see this match of feel do you do you find this to be more Johnson and Tyrone. Or no differ your focus in on yourself. I yet definitely had a bigger challenge is Tyrone he had he has a lot of party on the tank to display a five rounds and Robbie Lawler he'd be up brought you all for five rounds so he showed yes cargo. That's not a joking and I like people thought that to Robbie Lawler self. You know tyra when he doesn't have a light gas and chain with him any quits around ground want or want to Israel explosive as lot of power but act Jefferson secular he slows down. And he's really he's really predictable you know as a right hand so. It's a little tougher matchup but you know it's easy matchup because you know what he's good guys when I'm better action and what he's not good as when I'm the best that self. You know imitate him a deep wires -- drowned in the anime do with the United Center the same place of Michael Jordan plays on cut from the same cloth as Michael Jordan so it's gonna be a dunk competition at the united center on paper view that. A man. As far as as far as training camp this can certainly is there anything you want to bring this new utility your front and just what you do that late how do you how do you do you prepare any differently when it is of a fight of the stakes. Yet it paralyzed difference of five round fight us I have to have a party and its excitement put a lot of action rooms in the badger and now self. You know that's got to keep my card up so you and you don't you don't sides of the deal fighter myth of apps that started fight can't you opposite on the outside not completely opposite man that's a lot of carded a lot of testosterone pumped him when you're in the bedroom itself I gotta make sure I keep that. Go out once he would take on this is that no you billable chatting with John Jones on on Twitter from time to time what do you make of love him and shook the doubts are put down John jones' a new a new viva that's that's stirred up on social media. And Johns being quite disrespectful to the it to the old legend what do you even I even seen this a what do you make of it. Are you got to really make anything of it took those out of the game guys good retired you know he's. He's not come back to front you have Zito before he left do you have season off that a couple times so he is alleged much is that the chocolate velvet. You know John just trying to keep his his name high you know he's he's in hot water and ice that she'd need a line he's been doing steroids didn't. Party itself he's just try to use something to get his name back in the media gave people talking about it and that's what this is doing. We're just I was discussing hazards are a must some of the based off led the gotten popped her for Sarah's from from here's a five's respective how do you look at the whole thing has been an instinct time you had sonic clean up the sport. This is time you know where it was rampant with TRT and it was kind of a wild west of things as a fighter wind when you have to craft your body as efficiently as possible. Do you think some is okay none is okay where do you stand on that line with peavy. So I'm completely against. On the cleanest fighter and again I've never taken anything any my supplements as wire that's all I do so you know it's not fair to people like me you know he's gotten all that big money on the paper view all the big money out of work mass opera that is the hardware built it up the promotional way have been entertainer. In and out of octagon itself. You know it's it's not fair you know he's got paid big bucks and I and I feel like he did the wrong way he cheated. You know heated stairways and justice is not fair. What can you do you know that's that's again how often do you go into a fight. And you look across the cajun like the 'cause gassed out another appearance this thing about it not along with that guy that happens he before that happened a couple of times. I've noticed in the first round where they just feel Michael rock clinical latest on the call I'll kind of feel their shoulders they just feel like. Like a rock pool there. But you know I know that McCarty is better in those guys need me just get them into the high paced fight eventually they're gonna break. What's article because continues going to be fighting for it yet what he's saying is the title fight for the while to a title you see 125 June 9 in Chicago. Really really exciting because I have seen a pump on it he is so that that is good for you it's always been that he is going to bring bring paper view buys the what do you make of a guy like CM punk who is. Getting his second fight is going to be on the paper view you quote that you think he should get a place in the game. How do you do you see that situation. I you know they just they're trying to bring it attention to try to get byes you know self. CM punk you know he's a fake as it is you know he's dog's nose can tell pro wrestling itself then I don't know a lot of people don't know that but that's where you got -- professional wrestling moves look that up Debbie Debbie so laws whose best assets out. CM monkey he's fake he's a Friday he's getting exposed Chicago. We did you come and allowed the some hardware that you do a lot of poker plan is that like you how you've lost steam and not training camp and I'm positive on the face yeah like come the hard rock love to play Texas hold on math and a lot of turned aside cash games you know I just kinda keys mind away from fighting in. And you know I live fighting every studied patient mandatory. Pleaded no permit that is really good time and I know here's here's the problem would you vote. I can't sit for an hour grass and not getting paid so I'll get up early. It's a bit. Apparently goes that you know hopefully poker here at about four hours on the get into it you know a month. Don't let it don't matter how much money won't play and comfortable like the world and asked are you ever played Haynes. She hit it good basic guys could still I can. You obviously out of Fred talk when it comes to upon the do you talk trash and table a lot of you are you in your on how have you how do you work yeah I'm very quiet table of yes in his vocal players and never saying make anything lion guys yelled we wanna be in the hands of them call you up bro and I just. I just about that's why I Wear my music I had my chancellor and I just listen to my music I'm just like pack I got out here you know but guys that. China cuss you out sick days and just stay quiet you know I don't ever same thing if I lose I get up. And a walk let a real man. We'll now with a word of your employee snazzy trend down here locally you come here regularly where every single Friday we're gonna be Rooney on and hopefully you'll have a big Ol strap of of gold around your waist and three weeks' time you come out here and and showed off to us to launch of the room here. Yeah that would be fun meant so best of luck to you against inside the sun does since we watch him for her to go to move Alka. And everything else is because blow for at least watched the whole. Aren't. Let's is the podcast for the sweet ladies and gentlemen. Love yes.