Fighter's Fury 6-17-2018 (Wilder-Joshua agreed to, Canelo-GGG 2 is on, Harold Calderon Interview)

Fighter's Fury with Tobin
Sunday, June 17th
This week Tobin discusses the upcoming rematch between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin. The two sides finally came to an agreement on a second match. What will business be like for this bout after all the drama and fallout from the first fight ending in a draw and the initial rematch getting scrapped. It seems we are heading towards Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder actually fighting. Who has the upperhand after watching their recent performances. Greg Hardy is getting a UFC contract. Is the promotion rolling the dice on a controversial signing because of it's lack of star power? The last UFC PPV reportedly did less than 150,000 buys. The CM Punk signing turns into a total flop, since they didn't even get the business bost. What happened to the UFC's hardcore fan base? Tobin is joined in studio by local welterweight sensation "King" Harold Calderon. He discusses his upcoming main event fight at the Seminole Hard Rock Event Center. How closes is he to fighting the top guys at 147lbs. Plus why does it mean so much to him to bring boxing back to Miami.

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Good Sunday morning everybody welcome on hand fighters fury here on seven I knew the ticket to open here where if you wanna pack when this was men this was a wild long week with fight skin made. With news going down now all that and we had we had Greg hardy's debut Edna and Dana White to is that contenders here's. That's an if thing I went when Greg Hardy comes back. To the US seal whenever he starts making this thing. In the cameras are gonna follow. But it his way over Ross and laid it was sensational look at sensational knocked out it looks like whatever they're doing an American top team for him is working strongly. I knew a tremendous Dana White I mean he was he was giddy he was giddy over Greg hardy's. Knock out of Austin and talked about twice as crazy. It's curious to see what the fallout from that is public. Let's talk about his earlier this week on we just don't know what she'd do if you're the USC because. Greg Hardy who has a very checkered past and is going to probably be if Greg Carr becomes a star is going to be the biggest villain in UFC history. Most likely. Bomb. But you know that you talked about a guy who not only got bell got punished. For what he did. From the from his league but the league let him bat back enemy in the reason he's out of the and the NFL after that was because he was you know beatle crazy and you know got to some drugs and alcohol stuff and that's why he finds himself where he is now not necessarily because of the domestic violence paso. You know I can under sell the statements that come with video mixed martial arts and how to a bad signal with domestic violence in the past two but. Just an overview if DOC is looking around like will the NFL was allowed to bring him back and that's about as pristine. A Brandon sports is there is me in the NFL as. Head injuries. Coverups cheating. And still draws monster ratings every single Sunday from America knowing that you are plug in into each other. Breaking. Physical bodies. On on their fields every single weekend. And they're still drawn monster numbers. It seems to us that yeah we're gonna try and and take one bad dude and see if people are gonna be in the watch and in and so that a realistic thing to see and know deftly got me to watch. And he looked good he looked good and it clicked and admittedly I guess he got Austen Lane who actually knew from the Jack Gore's. I was I remember possibly in those the year with a judge and all these dues from the small school but I digress. And they went in and it was a burner they related somebody's going down there where it was somebody's impress Dana White here. And that's all went down so will be follow that story for sure. Especially since Greg trains down here. Also this week though we had. Two flights that what seems like it's it's it's done the other is gone once you like it was again to get down. First we have Dion take a lot of verses if they Joshua. This finally seems like it's on the right track to getting done here is verbally agreed upon. They they came to DI abdicated term dispose get a contract this weekend. And sure we're gonna get an announcement. And the first let's get to be in the UK rematch clause brings it out over here so. All that drama the fifty million. Anthony Joshua. One in the fight the UK and on the US. Those hurdles are all done that. Obviously got to give mullah most of the props to Dionte a lot of Megan has happened this guy wants this fight very very very badly. And I believe that it's been obviously he wants the riches and once you recognized. He's ever going to be I think the star that Anthony is in England right now they just haven't thirst for boxing that we don't have. Right over here with an ever support for their guys that we don't have over here but. Dion today knew the importance of making this fight happen you know. You know Dion today I think was able to eradicate a lot of the they haters after the the loose or t.'s performance because one. He follows Ortiz out to looser tees popped on a drug test and I'll give back is as they. What's it called. Came back his way to medication whatnot but very easily could have been Lego look that the the Cuban as Jews the the Cuban who we don't know how all the uses Jews to the gills surprising and not gonna fight that guy he gave megaphone right away for a danger despite bought a fight. Where he is probably losing on the scorecards came back knocked him out. And that is what's going to make him dangers against NC Joshua and they just as deathly more pristine boxer. And I don't mean to make this comparison because the both in the same place. But Anthony has really been embracing his Lennox Lewis. The side of that career because he came into this thing and and and rose to super stardom in one of the greatest heavyweight fight to city. And that was a barn burner where he's fighting Wladimir Klitschko looks like he hasn't done everybody knows the story gassed himself out. Put your conduct puts anything other cameras he gets back punts and at the hands of finishing Klitschko. He came he rose to start and won the most thrilling fights his lack of let's about the thrilling poster com where he fought with a broken nose and follow late replacement. Not that thrilling and didn't really go for broke there and cause of the fire really should have been stopped and just lastly it's still Parker public break. Beat Joseph Parker but nothing to fight so. Now the throwing a fight. But for May yards there water he's throwing every time he goes into their because. He's not the most fundamentally sound guy otherworldly really doesn't have to be it doesn't really matter because. He has no still is from Shannon Briggs. He has. Kitchen with their clothes on and leave you butt naked kinda power. That's that's the kind of power talking about Dionte a lot of it is. Leaving you nude in the streets do you word you are suited and booted it she onetime boom you're undressed like a loony tune. That's that's what that's what he possesses he can crack command. And so because of that he's got a shot against the odds are Waller got a party scene on the canvas by Wladimir Klitschko was never known as the biggest puncher in the world. So I think if any vulnerable despite and that's what makes it's so thrilling is Anthony's. Seemingly sound shell but he goes in their way if is that going to be what dictates it above about the same size. We saw that the odds is very vulnerable to. Being hit by good boxer like last time he gets Luis Ortiz put. In the end it just means he really he just needs one and he really just need like half one. So. It's it's very exciting I can't wait for the set to a fight to happen. And prestige to watch it here I wonder what they're gonna do time once we get regular kids in the America. Apparently candidly to him and it's a fight every have been pretty sweet if we do we don't pay for Alan. On the other foot they came to fruition this week. Was the tell Alvarez getting a lot can fight. And there's a lot of you get that he was pissed because of the positive test from can allow breast rightfully so in my opinion and want a little bit more love and on the money side for. Seemingly they were at his breaking point of 5050 unity really want to go 5050 on it. And Oscar was firm that he was in ago they'd start taking dollars and Billy Joseph Saunders or Daniel Jacobs or one of the Chara those. And days. Alternately. We're able to come to an agreement I think the ending need it was like. 52. Four he was like fifty to 47 or something like that or media Heather version it was like 4357. Somethings that are gonna do now is the numbered and European. So they come to our agreement. Tip the stupidest thing was out of his odds today lawyers say the middle of the week is deadline and you like county is like actually counting on social media. Say OK so I give you really couldn't find an eagle off and disease and has extent our god knows where you were gonna make this happen. Because look. Oscar's can talk about. Kanell BBA's side it's true he is he's probably the only bonafide paper view guy left but. But canals not Floyd he's not many pot you know let's not get it twisted he's not that point yet. He still needs a viable dance partner and that's and daddy. And the other thing that these guys are missing. Whiff. All that the the the chirp and they've had all the drama that's come with the drug test they actually have hoped for drama here with this show. You know doubled the first one. Think it did quite as well as it could have I know they put a lot of blame on the fact that they got. Sandbagged by McGregor Mayweather. That a lot of people spent a hundred bucks on that and there were willing to spend the next month on this fight I don't think that's the case. I think that would this fight lacked whose Jews. Yes it was the two best guys in the world. I don't think that necessarily draws anymore. To getting a lot of eyeballs you need hope you need some kind of give it to get the mainstream it's unfortunate. That is not just good enough to have the best guys but. You know we'll talk about this a little bit later like this past week we had Robert Whitaker your marrow on your seat to best middleweight in the world. And fight of the year candidate and it ended up being because of it too great match ups doesn't draw. Doesn't draw. Doesn't matter. I think the talent right now boxing tremendous meant really really really great what we have going on in this sport. Between Terrence Crawford I assume a checked Errol spends. It it it it's unbelievable we have in the sport from the well towards the head with I think it is deep has probably been. Christ in a long long time. In light fuel our box office. Guaranteed hits than ever. And that's because the list right now is one it's kanell opera as will the underwater at the Joshua become that maybe they don't see but. Not they're not confident enough in it to bring it over here and just hope that it's gonna draw a million plus I think you will. I think you will be into watching a dispute which image of the world. But I don't think the promoters are. That gung ho and guarantee it it's too sketchy. You know I always go to this funny is that it was a year to this day. It was here this week excuse me we were on biggest her. Sergey Goebel of verses. Can vs under war excuse me. To the baton Souter robbery. Controversial ending just like this is to the best pound for pound on the planet. Neither guy quite the starboard Canelo is but even still had all the right makings for what should be eight rates. Popular fight. And what happens. Nobody watched nobody bought it. So would this fight with canal over his triple. They didn't have anything but the great matchup last time added being single Dem mile or that it being Mexican independence weekend. They have that same weekend it's gonna be a year since these guys both bought controversial ending. Controversial and between. Controversy is what's gonna sell this you know he's actually got a bone to bite on here. With Gil and after canal Alvarez he can't just be that great sweet a big bit on the show I love you buddy. Lonely and watches box analog in and give knitting laughed you look at me the validity its main. Can't just be that he's got to go at the jugular. With canal Alvarez called a fraud called a cheat. Coma calling guys been to even the fans the entire time the fate of the guy who let down the fans he really got to go for the kill here he does. It if he does and has to be his trainer and history and they gotta go Oscar De La Hoya. And they can't have canal hide behind I don't speak English don't know that they need to him they need to embrace the hate. They need to. For for the for the commercial success of this fight and for a deterrent to a it to turn into a trilogy for a box that that that's what they need to hope for musica often draw so. The next let's go they can do to third time but they need to do to third time what people really really giving Denny impression these guys don't like each other. At a fighting for that kind of honor but it's good to see the game new terms on. We got back Ricky boxing go in for couple segments we have a great guest coming in studio that's herald Calderon king Harald Calderon is coming in studio with us. He is a local welterweight for all of last hard rock car the heart rocks come back to our boxing's going back to the hard rock on July 6. And helicopter on he is the main event is taking on JD Martinez yesterday tickets now it's available. Harold the last time bodies undefeated undefeated welterweight yet the biggest pop of the night in the building he had to build the most fit and fought in the middle of the part it was so impressive to see. And he's from Miami he wraps Miami. He is he is a guy who cares about his city and his dogged fight in his city is the kind of story like you're on the show. And I think you're gonna really enjoyed our conversation with them taking out Calderon he joins us next. I look at all back everybody fighters jury here on seven I did it take you very sad to be joined by our next guest we are. Yes definitely means a lot me. You know. In regular feature fight on the last card and it in my power and you know. What I bring to the table notice it feels great you know than moving out moving me on up to the to them to be the main event and it just feels very. Well it was very noticeable lose I ever being married as a first time they've put boxing Obama in a while the hard rock after being all the constructions on there one on it was good to see the the break kind of than. I see everybody in there at the HC shirts norms that made him. What is it what is going on here and a senior on social media one now buddy was to seal all come to fruition that was crazy and so. You come to the building. Huge pop for you biggest pop of the night in my opinion. And after that was they would you like midway through the card and it took its toll went viewers it was trays a city so. I guess what what what goes into all that that that. Marketing and and the thought process to get that kind of follow arguments and so impressive to super young guy like yourself. I mean believe and I we don't do too much marketing. I cried he saw was based via. Omar friends and and family that has seen seeing me get to this why they follow me I. Amazing to have them come out like that. And so when you get the when you leave the call that they wanna miss cue the main guy for this one where were we taken aback by I was in not surprising after what the turnout was the last time what was your reaction to. It's a little bit of both there were a bit it did take me back who have been around a while you know. There's always those good to be noticed and Benicio our day off so that's a good but I don't know like. I know I know I don't does in the B and I know that is gonna happen in my Tom mounts so everything's just bombing the Mason that's just part of it. They are there are other times so when when you saw what what it was the first time out Calderon realized I'm really good as I'm good at being a fighter. And when did you wanna take that step to to make this something that you make a living with. I'm blown up or is that a box and I wasn't too good it really yeah I mean. I would final you know there is that is not the same training and fighting. You know. I got better as time got. Went on and then I tried to my own worst thing was trying to meet weight and it always tried to get smaller than what I what I can actually get so out always low price because I would be too tired or. As has been. So strong so once I moved out. There is an excellent class. I was just about who I want on the street pilot who two years though and and everything in Miami and on regional tournament. This. I wanna hand. And amateurs woes are back clicked they realized. That there had dubious which rarely do you do was in a suggestion from somebody was it like self. Self taught science on yourself for your realize an analyst let's treat this here assume that then just ended up feeling better. You know time goes by you realize more about it by the end just paid ten Z take a little notes though. No more ramat now where I was before like I know my body too late to the tee and I'm not a Cutley nine. You know what needs to be done it before I would only rely on my talents have been out gas out this on a manager at the spot on the bottom and and though it is so. What. Word of the first I've for the sport come like who did you did you love it as a kid did was their family member involved a friend did somebody suggest this is a good way to burn off energy or agree hobby how did you. Alliger I kisses the other sweet science. And so basically in high school on. Ice of bio and does blow troublemakers. As Tony as you know got to those couples that. This guy had type two vases UC Fata says what or it would have meant we were you would have a child bushel accuses them all the same. Assay development it's Alter that gravitating it doesn't really matter. SO two yet definitely so we found each other in this photo like that got a aside they're wrestling it burns my eyes the enemy that does the news try and I loved it. You know there's the two years and then. I had a friend. I did box and high school and I met him one time. In I don't know where who has thought and by he Tommy box and like I would like to try to you know Breslin about a be done and wanna keep. I there's been through some tough comments where. I like it then and then and it is him and not been nearly cents. Main events in this time roughly sell so give me is the outlook on where you see yourself so you know when islets are to fighters like to know what kind of only a job and really what is short term goals to be long term goals so if we took out the rest of Tony eighteen. Would you wanna see yourself by the end Tony Tim and where do you see yourself maybe twelve months from there wouldn't what is it what is the game plan for you and in your career. Yeah definitely. In team that we worked in get. In the top fifteen ranking by an attitude that's one of our goals which are a number of both. And our long term goal is to become a world champion you know. I sort of take it in just bring boxing back to Miami yes we are trying to do. Just to bring boxing back to man. I impose a man Ayman I love the the campaign that thing gets the combat sports. Imus to dump down near a mall for and it's good to see a little guy like yourself onto to burst onto the scene. When you when you look at guess of the outlook when you. A watch and I guess the top guys that while two or nine of the guys who assume recognizable and again the TV fights. Is about to say. You take that I see that it seems so far away B you know talent wise you're very very close. Yet. Our boat that went all the time like I like I'd deserve an I'm belong there with those guys by my opportunity hasn't came and so. It just keeping focus and motivated to keep going I'm going to get it as we look at it. I think you never know how fast can come you know it is sometimes it's only takes. A highlight reel that goes. I goes out or just a grim performance that catches the right I have somebody you know these things it's things can happen very very fast. You never know when that right that right set of eyes is going to focus upon you and you can take that next track so. I imagine that you're a point right now where you see in the stated the fruits of labor started to progress it's got to be feel might the right things are common. Yes there is is that. And is like. I see it and I I'm very patient and I just leave everything guys' hands and I know he's gonna leave me the right way. Not that attempt pro along time ago but something did happen is gonna work out and I'm I'm. Happy with the way Mike is all right now you know. I've been open. Is also cut sometime by there's no circus that is like I've been put in our work is they want you know and guys think they could just come and we've got via boxers. In or know someone other than men but it's not likely there's no such cuts in this game you really have an hour. And in a pale. We'll talk to her collar on guys catch in July 6080 Martinez taking a mind gave it to his homework community it was mostly isn't like a I think is an awesome time as far as it is silly to the go to your social media and yeah I doubt there yeah as death and what are the fond du. I'm in I see Graham Harrell Calderon underscore. Our FaceBook big army that one Harold count their own. And Twitter. Looking back on your career was there ever a time where. You thought this wasn't gonna work out or did you need to serve and kind of motivation may you from somewhere unexpected or diabetic came out of nowhere and you thought well that's the thing that's the sign that I need to keep gallon. My whole career have been over the right where. Every time the jammed there's always a bad has been ahead of me already and not just get overlooked so they're more for more focused on the died as did then that panic could be there have been released so that's been a lot. When I say you know slow me down sometimes in amazement while wire while my get ignored but. I don't oppress them because I believe in myself and I believe in myself more than anybody ever has ever world now that that motivate me and a donut. Is a lot of politics the box and I even learned at an amateur days you know so quit or. Time pro so the story I told you earlier grow like almost wrote earlier than I should've. Because it was a it was a amateur fight and I know I beat this guy. But they went ahead and gave it to him and I just made the biggest seemed like I started screaming and it's made a big scene and I got suspended. Won't limited or at least out of it because I knew my talents will resist him on us this is adorned on the ring yeah right that if I really and they raise that a guy's hand and I'm I'm suspect that I was really. And I just went off 'cause houses tied the and then I suspended and then. Me in my coat at the time talk and oh yeah two choices it. Or is I don't want them to see. Went that'd be the last and they saw me you know with. Our my emotions my testosterone pumping and how it is some off villains. Let. I apologize and and I you know my career actually got better because. I stayed and I gained so much more experience than amateurs that helped me get ready Rosen has one thing at a I'm so happy and it's up to it and I didn't rights and everything is its host and started low light. Is his right in my own chart on rice don't worry we've gotten them in and. I was out to be Russia and as as a fighter that's an and we are emotionally every every talk show that we do and that is a controversial decision honestly. There's got to be away there's got to be a way they do this matter and these these things like man boxing is a hundred plus years old they've been pretty much donut. The same way may be pseudo shave rounds in there. And they at the hands there at its its got to be. It's it's this feeling of of helplessness. From people who are just watching you. And your person and individual sport. Who handles everything themselves. There's so much so goes the box and outside of training. You know I'm glad I have a big team Romney amendment there listen. You know whose help me. Our were off on me in on my they try to keep me focused in the gym. And I put in auto works out when I'm wondering every time I'm just confident that I do what I had to do so. I'm gonna get the win because always organize our is now. I can promise you that. Abby sort tired you know bush is always better than today. Nosed aground near for a secondly it's a quick program you know producer we come back and a little bit more of an ounce career in Carol elder is through spot as it gets so we will. Again to a bit of love for Miami connects into the city. And and some years you'd ties of the selfless sports teams down as well king Harald Calderon he's fighting July 6 at the several hard rock hotel and casino. Gave it take its form built bomb. At herald Calderon underscore on instant Grammy guys gave tickets there. Or minimized or real dot com Ticketmaster all those ways to Nazis soft that fight night and and show off four a great local fighter. We'll be right back with the young welterweight sensation right after this. Welcome back welcome back we'll go back to father's fury here on 790 the ticket Tobin here with you joined in studio by king Harald cal the wrong you guys can watch him at the Seminole hard rock event senator July 6 boxing come back to the hard rock. He is notified and JD Martinez. In the main event very exciting and put on the television at last I was at the hard rock. This past spring. And gets a chance to showcase for talk about some of the frustrations about symbols of us feeling. Seeing somebody you work. This is my favorite part is. Fight night a whole the whole night I Wii is you know. Cancer effect back in Syria or put them on the were. I'm confident. Let's have fun now though is locked in now see in my whole crowd there my friends my family is his knees and indeed that is unbelievable and I just. Thankful that I have minimum outside in. I know that with them. We just worked too hard there's no way. Was there was the king give account for would you would you Kamal from let's Etsy Watson the Watson the to the ring with the crown on that's that's a very episodes and it's a tie on the school Munich everybody I'm really loves the king. How did you magic mobile. Was like this. I to have my first professional. By and Miami in my twelve by. We know bag high school and have a homecoming game they that they were Kron news homecoming king of them to come around with that. As a team as my homecoming that is my first fight in Miami and has been long waited like twelve buys out until he is in the yeah about two and a half years and has already and by anxious to see me so we decided to a big and we know with that in my love this so. It was like you to king a Miami. And you are going let everybody know. Miami's zero until I got the social media you love the heat stuff the dolphins shove nonstop bureau you all about later you. All fourteens and hurricanes is that we roll it is and what was what is the the loyalties lie and the team sports pretty much. Yes. I don't Iowa. On the teams I love. More look like I'm looked to the players. Elect I was kind of map Wendy Lee last night and I almost enough but I follows him I went to Chicago and a lot to. More Chicago. Cleveland broke my heart you know is really medically I was Matt Riley that he had to appeal to Chicago. The Cleveland thing I was asleep. Bulls look like to re. Is like use almost like in the Big Three league like it was it was. Doesn't look right what is his number not just a number nine yes and no plot yes those to a guy he would it hit an immigrant the will animate I say yeah yes I had done about it. You should negate the way he was there of course you know he had to eat more weigh period and end and we wouldn't this is Isiah Thomas. On the other web yet a number of Hartman India. So who's a who's the favorite athlete. I gotta go Floyd Mayweather really eloquent than what is what is the thing is is it is it his game. And style in the ring is that what he's been able to turn himself into his at all of that what do you what you can deliver a bullet for it's a little better. You let a game plan for everybody. In the size of you know documents in mind you spoke. Let the game plan of how to be successful and what boxing. 'cause the boxing is a really tough sport. A select you got to take care you said the got to be able to go home I got my kids. And I gotta get home to every day and if you let box into you deputy. Bush so you are you have to do this or gonna this what do you because what should done you're done. Those fans don't care Buchanan. I you know pay of those. None of that you know means the kind of take care you. Some the first time we don't look good they wanted to stop blazes as if as if they're the ones give her that the ones who didn't put in markets it's and it's tough it's tough game man might go beyond. I'll be they'll jump on the bandwagon very quick with no vote get off away faster. That goodness 01 man's ports those like everything's on you when they don't see the hours that. Sacrifice going the way the immediate family and it's it's it's really tough so you know. To see Floyd doing you do you know he he he's a defense of Biden. Elect I try to be outsmart the front Biden and and a lot of checks out than watching them and just. You know that's. The science behind behind it like I'm believing that boxing is seesawing is not about who we hit the hardest who has. The most. Testosterone learn who's toughest guys who could outsmart the other guys see box in. Even the business side to it as a game sets you have to make the right move at the right time. Since I see above but favorite local I think it was of those deal wherein. Yes you doesn't the reminds he's the I was is 2009. I was coming into the station. Double overtime steals from doubles presume to re losing game shot at a busy without court heave. Buzzer beater this is my house game as well that's yeah love when he does that and when he you know bag and he should be able to control a game in just set it down Yemen. I tell us here all the time these young Webber's numbers that's elements are you as you guys all their fallen over Russell west or this guy was Russell whispered before before that these steps are sundown. I slogan happened when I see that guys like winning the highlights net. You know you see when he doesn't painting and why he's their ability to know so you fight July 6 hard rock. Events senator beautiful list to fight now I deserve. Give the audio shots of our rockets could see boxing on command it's cool million do this headline hometown please you care about very very much what is the the thing has broken down here couple weeks now from. From from fight. The best thing that you just wanna keep focus on within yourself as we as we head into the spine with a. Yeah as. There's gonna do we always do and that's put him on our hands as they focus and she's a bigger picture you know yeah we are focused on this by now we gonna do everything they need to be done to get over the plate and his continue to move forward and he questioned these goals and you know. Start title chase it and he you know and I salute the men. Is is there is a note that a legacy more than seeing a guy from Miami. Burst on the scene and then a guy who really cares about. People down here that he's tied to an and his city and so on nothing but the nothing but the best in Manitoba all of all comes to fruition and level befallen your career from from here on out punished here. Thank you I appreciate you guys have and have me out here own bank. I'm manager Ricardo loose in. Sponsors. Gotta thank heavily bag beef. The right there at every day and you both so. The promoter Chris Lawrence. Things are Russian thing out there so that night or that the two. Ivan to check goes I was named Ollie all my god he did this do with a right hand he looked like he got Hayes it was a we had delayed reaction was crazy on you you brought were basked in your win I think it was after your fight. Yeah I did have heard about it but I see them by can be fun on the card in Hialeah like a month of oil that. And the casino in either at the same name Edith had big boy yes peace 69 I believe this I don't call that were effective enough to. I held a song. Best of luck go to his social media will blossom out here once Maria wants to put the interview out on make she does get your tickets go to mr. him. And and fill that bill amend the love that photo above a bit of nonsense about boxing down here and and the city needs to prove that they can support for sure. Yet deafening boos when you dial a book spoke with city mayor of Miami to go by you guys heard you know knows all about as a comment really appreciate it thank you. Got a raw ladies and gentlemen July 6 hard rock band senator. Coded tickets now packed up placements there is about that I only areas one that I hear from all the fans who root of foods of news of them it. This boy yeah this is also an up forests are gone out there are rocks beautiful place to go watch fights and and how they're put on how to show for you. The candidate that's think you know heralds as is it shown himself he's he's got these nightly and those humble about it but. The hostility has to to put himself out there like that to get people excited watching the fighting. Whether it's is his friends his family his community. It's very very impressive as those carrying himself while it's gonna see. A young man like that start to hit that that prime window of his career. And and knows. Has designed apprised of the big things ahead of them so you guys deathly checked it out hard rock it's it's going down July 6. Boy got their guys so speaking of up pack in the plays this really stung me and I was. Yes they should be that stunned because it's. It's a dorm monster stars of the so there's this war by the LA times they came out this week. Let's put admire Pug my pre buyer he does a good job it's lands plugs something on Twitter. He does a good job cover and boxing and mixed martial arts recommend fallen and and he had to hit a number reported number for the paper view buys UC 225. That it was under a 150000. Buys. And how's Florida man I was I was like wow. It really did that portly. And to keep in mind. You know that used to be for the USC. I would say the bottom wrong with weaned. It's hard core fans. And just probably bars that have USC television deals. Yeah always given at least on the Hundley and now coming up back to back cards where. You know Amanda Newt has very good Brazilian card that they had. Reportedly did almost 85000 buys. That was the lowest in the decade. This one does a 150. Maybe less. Paper view buys. I'm just a little at it it's a little sight to see just the base. Number of fights that the USC's dealing with right now and that's why I was a little shocked. Where if the new TV deal that came out. With ESPN that the you have C was still planning on doing twelve cards on paper view a year and other debt outstanding at that Dana said that. The dia a record event number four non basketball the united senator's self. Locally it clearly sold. And maybe that had some that do that CM blog on the card although they just had a monster card. Standing on its own but. Ultimately you have although it was like Chicago you're probably is so it's a great sports town you ultimately and sell UC cart probably pretty well even without him. And I think what it does show witness. Binary is that now the C above it was a complete flop let's put let's put aside. That. He was terrible in both both performances. But. The whole thing was amiss from the time Siobhan took so long to do his first fight. When they first did it say about was the hottest thing in professional wrestler who's just coming off his monster year 2014 and a rocket to his back. Was one of the major major stars of the W Debbie. And who's got the hardcore fan the underground fan's guide to see him get that top level was a big deal. And because it took so long the thunder kind of rolled off and Allen put that paper view by the first Hadley news it's a car that at 400000 buys. And there have been some common factors with discarded at Alastair over him and a card he wasn't on the papers for the start but he did he was the feature. Relive lead in. Com and so. You just look at that he saw woes so for the first time. That people really didn't have a desire to see him do it again that was one missed. And the other thing is we just got too far away from his wrestling career and the thing is. With Brock Lesnar. You know when that'll happen economy embraced having the Debbie Debbie fans the ones they would see applaud that I think was amiss here is. I think his is hard repent of pissed at him I think there were tired of hearing in. His attitude towards the business the winding the the bitterness. The almost shunning what he used to do almost dumbing it down and you know you are those of the fans that really major who you war I mean obviously he worked hard and needs is Andy Andy deserves. Having nobody will care about heaven and obviously having a gimmick to. To hold them. But ultimately they're the people were paying to see you. And that was shown so evident tigris martial arts fan base that was annoyed at him and and didn't want him there to begin with newbie was terrible. You have. A professional wrestling fan base that is very far removed from him episode George saint Pierre you know George saint Peter's last fight with Michael Bisping. That time away is they kill you need to stay relevant need to stay in headlines. What Floyd is always doing it teasing presidential fights to be getting that care about him. And it just too long. They're a couple things that just didn't match up well 11 match it was a walk was a disaster that put him it was somebody who was way way better than him. And he just never picked it up too old for. Didn't really have. The physical assets to get good at it and a lot of injuries that popped up it just took too long to even get to the first fight. That's got to the second fight after taking an ass kicking in the first bout. It's no wonder why didn't do well so. It's a shame. That they had to resort to having him. Because that's all he was really care for was to get embarrassed but hopefully to get embarrassed in front of a lot of people when he wasn't and I imagine they paid him a boatload of money. And there is. I would say mostly most any champion on the roster could probably draw that at least. Com. If not that in the ballpark that. So look like out of David obit if you can credit C a bargain sale all its upon wasn't there will they have done. 2.4 numbers like 85000. Gosh I hold on demand I thought it was a really fun part of stacked card. And until we no longer forces and it was it was so bombers see. All these great fighters I think were were a crop right now where. The talent is so damn good. There's not that superstar X-Factor in there's no really Connors the only guy is a bonafide star right now. He had I think we have really go to look you know we talked about this earlier in the show. There's really. One bought a five day review star in a box program that can allow congress. And and pay and you have Cyrano there's really want it Connor and nobody else right now I think you have secret turn to when you think they're gonna get. 400000 buys I don't think so I knew we have this corridor and up in July of that man steep neighbors DC that's going to be a monster pica. Then I mean you got to have the expectation that this is probably do the you'd be thrilled to 300000. I've seen that did 150 reportedly. It was it was a bummer about Hillary that. So we'll talk more the same time same place next week fighters Gerri thanks again to herald counteroffer sobbing and don't watch him fight July 6 at some hard rock. Hotel and casino will be in the building for dollar per share have a great oysters and everybody.