Fighter's Fury 6-24-2018 (Donald Cerrone's future, State of Bellator, GSP vs Floyd, Joshua vs Wilder negotiations)

Fighter's Fury
Sunday, June 24th
Tobin and Cima discuss Donald Cerrone's recent loss at UFC Singapore. What is next for Cowboy? He doesn't looked washed up but with 4 out 5 losses at 170lbs is he close to being a contender at welterweight or should he consider dropping to 155lbs? Why are fans so quick to want fighters to retire? Michael Chandler may be leaving the Bellator for the UFC. How would "Iron Mike" do in the top MMA promotion? Lyoto Machida has jumped ship to Bellator. What do we make of Scott Coker's Bellator and what can be done to improve it? Georges St-Pierre's coach wants GSP to box Floyd Mayweather. Does that get any mainstream attention? Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder continues their negotiation dance. Tobin and Cima discuss why these two can play the waiting game like Manny Pacquaio and Floyd Mayweather did. Who do they think would win the unification bout? Why does Oscar De La Hoya want so much credit for Canelo vs GGG 2? 

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Mixed martial arts and it's time for fighters feeling each side. Here's viewing. Everybody fighters Kerry here on seven that the tickets over there with you as you dive all over the world of mixed martial arts and boxing for the next hour. Our. Yesterday was they have aged and by day as you had right in early bright eyed and -- tell he had Yossi Singapore. Fight night Donald's eroded Taylor Leon Edwards sir Ronnie for the second time in a row is. Oh seconds and a three is on you have seized by pass and the ends up on the short and he loses the unanimous decision 44 set on all cards to Leon Edwards got two real fast start. Cowboy ride a little bit. Both fought a very very closely contested fifth round and we end up where we are today. Where is cal was lost four to five now well it's a way. Said afterwards that. The almost others because he's ever been a pulling out of a fight but he felt very though thrown out. And that took a lot from to Muster up get through and and then get through five rounds there's not surprising his. That was Rooney is an absolute absolute bad ass. But the results are they are so. We are at a point now with cowboy a 170 pounds or do you think we asked the question. Is he much longer for this division. Because you know he it was actually gets there at the end of that fight there heart Ellison talked about album he's got Leon there he's got. Sorry there and answer don't even at the last fifteen seconds of the fight it was. You know do the thing where the point to middle campus in one and actually slug it out and I did did not really. But. After words part one talked to me you know sorry just let no leak it it was that's him over to retire anytime soon and he's not loves what he does. And he's gonna continue on and I think Asia at a I don't think I was at a point where should retire yet but I do think that his career needs a little bit re calibration. Don't read you know. Discredit live Howard's great that it has that went on his on his resonant now you being absent warrior an absolute legend. And it's excellency what is next step is but. I think the issue story here is is where we go with cowboy beaches. You know his his fights or are not being. Put in the best place I think you know for a guy of his star caliber he's fighting at. 8 o'clock in the morning eastern time. These international cards and at a Phillies are to be used as they as the as a gateway for other guys. And so. I look at his division he just wonder with welterweight. Not if he's not talented enough to be in there you know you if you really look back gat. Personally started off a while its way to looked incredibly immune want forestry fights there. And you know what this drama being near the cowboy or cowboy if I were to be docile Mara. Looked amazing burst magic coach Derek story had an absolute absolute war with map brown. Or ended up head kicking a Mortal Kombat style. And that's that's really that was to me a big turning point for because it was the it was a huge slugfest and then right after that took. A slightly more animosity at all in his hometown like three weeks notice. And got cleaned up by by by game read real quick. That he had a fight with Robbie Lawler which was super close. People could argue that cowboy when that's why I I lean towards probably would have fled but it was a razor thin it was a very very closely contested bout. So. Right right out of the gate with those two laws and you look at cowboy and you say well. There's some disadvantaged in circumstances there you know we took the the mosque nullify. All of an absolute war. On short notice. That's tablet style wasn't the smartest decision in the world per share. That's that's also why we love them. The Robbie Lawler fight super close to done about a four champion one of the best in the world blows my the most violent man in the USC. One of those terrifying fighters out there. And and you fight him back close so it's not a guy who was champion if I was not close is he counts enough for the vision share. You get there until I was cowboy. And you don't tell is just. It looked like here's try to guide. Three weight class above into a class above just. Didn't seem fair. You know tells the famous claims should be illegal enemy even in this division you know eat in a barely makes that division if he does make the division when he gets on the scales. So. You know. The record I think does look a lot worse. Over the last. Year plus eighteen months. That it actually is you know the old bastard Parcells saying you are what your record says you are I guess but but if you look at the news. You look back. Leon Edwards Robbie Lawler super close. Obviously credential wise those fighters are close but. There are close let's get a get an absolute big when every instrument there's Berman I thought all the senior fight of the year candidate and apps movie was it was two met it was a tremendous doubt. Whether those guys were or thrown everything they had each other and tabloids has got to. Come tablet brotherhood got into his style and and and put an absolute killing performance. A one that really rest last the entire around so. We had that. Two was obviously way too big form it was a terrible style matchup Foreman in the mosque and all fight. It must don't you could argue about a strike in and dolls Roney and his probably more natural for the week husband dolls Roni is and he also verified super short so. I think each one of those you can go back and say this this this this was an ideal. You know and and and the ones were even just don't have much of an argument for the were super close fights. The question though has to be our what word does generally cowboy Joseph for me because if we ought to look at welterweight if we ought to look at. What's left for him there because he's fought a lot of guys now in this division. If we look at the top ten. What is actually some of that makes sense because. You lost to tell. He's obviously not close to a title shot right now lose in four out of five. Does populous owners want a rematch of Mimi bludgeon him pretty badly at a 105 pounds. Steve what do what Thomson. I could see and I just don't know word goes to skylights here to excellent guys with the with the with the great striking what you see how that ends up. Feels to me like Steve what do what Thompson would would even make cowboy boring so I don't know really into that fight. Tomorrow's event. Com. I'd feel like that's just too much take gone for cowboy right now I don't I don't love that not to form. And I think you would be. Grave fur who's been to have that name on his resume. But the economy comes to the Damien my thing whereas like one guy beads of Kobe Covington beast AB in my okay. But out everybody's been dating in my how great of a gatekeeper does that become how much of a notch and on your belt does that does that become for you. So. You'll get that top ten and. I just don't think there's a lot of exciting. Options Morton. And plus you have questions on whether or not the divisions too big form. Or if it's if he's got if he's really close to getting in title contention. Or do you really Celek cowboys fight at any of those. Matchups. I go to a lightweight if we do talk about. A place where this guy was at the absolute peak use the number one contender he wasn't title contender. They look like he was on his way to battle seventy but the train is as seemingly stop there. So it does go back. 2155. A lot of guys that were there in the beginning. Not too many rumors are still contend Tuesday in a hot deals moved on to 170. And really the only other guys in the top ten of these water Eddie Alvarez and Edson Barbosa. And so if we're to look at that and say all right. Would you be into a tablet vs turnovers by Abigail woods. Now again you still talk about title contenders you probably need something to build himself up but. Cowboys Roy reverses just engaging in ally quintet in the autumn like Endesa in the rematch for Nate Diaz in for that Kevin leak. Cowboy Evers Kevin Lee. Seems they huge money matchup for me too I mean I just think that you can at least look at for higher profile fight. If he it edit in of tabloid wins I think he's right back into the talks of of being in. If not title contention real contender ship if he's able to beat Kevin lane so I just look at audit of the five pounds. It feels like there's just a lot more options for guy 35 years all in Donaldson Ronnie if he's really looking to get to gold. And has. More chance. And has quite so excite the fans more just big ones that he five his words that. You know a lot of these guys aren't. Necessary look at a fight each other but they're looking to make big statements so I think they'd be in the fight jobless Roni and of tablets are there would be any of these two is under the five pounds. I feel like the reputation almost be restored a little bit. And you know I know there was this big talk of well 17 he's great doesn't have to cut wave for. But it just feels like that led journey almost coated and sold less tablets Roni is able to be. Let's say. In late replacement for somebody let's say he's able to be a late replacement. In. A top three fight. Unless that happens I don't really see with a with a road is for him to get back up to the top because let's say he was even ago. If he was able to go be a wonder boy Thompson or inducement. You know. He's lost until. Decidedly any loss hobby of massages decidedly going really really bad losses by the two worst losses of his career so rule. Then what do we go to we have two different fight Covington. I just think that that road is there's almost come to an ad for him a 170 so I don't think. That his career is over I'll think that we should see cowboy hang it up anytime soon. Because. The record I did I do believe looks a lot worse than it is but I do think it is time for the Korea to recalibrate. And I think did best recalibrate and his old weight class and 155 pounds back after this. While back guys putters Jerry here on set and I'd be the ticket. You text just 67974. Or 83 I mean at Brendan underscore Tobin that we're chimes in with cal was my favorite. But he's bottom wafers chuck Rashad north regularly moment I don't wanna see him go out like that up again mentally blog know all secede they're fighters. Go down poorly but well but I do fully believe as I I think we are always too quick to retire fighters. You know because we feel basket. You know that's when the dollar if you guys are tuning in last week and you you heard our talk with that would Harold Calderon is to remain advancing at the hard rock. On July 60 issue take its suit to go see that. We we have discussion about how guys are so quick to jump off the bailing on us and Mike called or three in a better way number but. It's like we feel bad. Seeing the pain they go through we don't but we don't we but we were so quick. Two or not we were so quick to his bare the career. We never realized the work that they put in what they're trying to get themselves better how much that trying to improve themselves whether it's boxing or whether it's in the may. And the kind of fire that. These fighters put themselves through. Is. It is just incredibly difficult and the self belief that they have. So yet there is an element where they're probably the last to see when it is over like Rashad Evans who. Is still putting in so much work every single every single week to make himself. Edited it to try and get that last taste of victory. If ever shot has what's about a few still if his coach is still believe that. He is he's healthy and he's able to take. These kinds of fights. I have a hard time telling guys to hang it out today edges do whether it's. Were shot or whether it's it's. You know it Tony it's harbors in the Shannon Briggs in the world war war 4546 and still chasing the dream is still trying to work their asses off. To provide for their families. The fight game takes takes so much out of these guys and a lot of it is guys taking from them. You know it it's like you throw these bodies. Out there and and and the promoters have their hands and give them the trainers have their hands and he never quite know who has the best interest of them at heart and a lot of times they're providing for just. A wife in multiple kids and those ones who really essar deal with the repercussions and you know as a man a lot of the times you identify about how you can provide for your family now says right not saying it's wrong just ease it is what it is that those at that standpoint and and you and you only feel whole when you are able to provide and so. This is where they feel complete this is where they feel they are able to provide an old cowboy thing is is that expecting his first child on the way and so. You look you look at that you look at those things that make him him bomb. Who aren't until we got to hang it up and I also bought it and we guard to go past that the sentiment of at all. I don't think he's there yet I don't think he's got the that chuck were shot level were of feels like we're just waited for the ticking time on the we're just waiting to see. The absolute. The absolute devastation that's gonna come to that ring I don't think I don't think we're there yet I think for him that. Maybe he is he's reached the end of the road win this journey at welterweight. Because he fights so often you know it's crazy it feels like the welterweight movement for him was. Pretty reset these at ten fights that want to win that's pretty wild in there about a guy who is a contender. A 155. Pounds he's poured in hand with flights. Ten fights in just over two years. At that weight class that's wild you know people code these weight classes and they got. What's depart told in the water let's see this year we'll do three fights here then go back. You know if this doesn't like ala did or dale let's go back. And an analyst let's see if you re cowards against a new thing not a cowboys put in the work at welterweight he has been. He has seen this experiment through this isn't something new key key unlike a lot of guys. He's not stated that he is one of the most active fighters on the roster. Which is why it which is why did he get he gets as many wins he does which is why the fans love them. He's put he's put it almost 888 beginning of a career is worth. Welterweight it just feels like that Ron has come to an end just because. The opponent badgers don't make a whole lot of sense he should be fighting guys that are unranked teams cowboys around he's a certified legend so he should be don't you should go somewhere else. Speaking of legends though. Speaking of guys. Who have maybe gone a little bit too long or. Far. Have been around the sport while bella tore so that in a press conference. On Tuesday. Where they're going to announce. The date. Beg god to announce in just walked in the billions and the second. Ballots it was announced we get this this eight landmark. Distribution deal landmark. And expect that the press got its. Rampage Jackson. Bentley is still. Before. They're going to announce for September 29 card. Middle and by the way of big mouth he blew the secret are ready for the fight between him and Rampage. Two to open up his new distribution deal whatever it may be. But there could be the go to a new TV partner whether it's they're gonna get a new streaming platform I don't know landmark. To just wait force semen this government. Kubel. And boom the morning welcome back meant good morning. Good to be back into Syria where you guys been hand just hang. It's hanging the hanging about. We Osce have and that's common that's come in via the the the fourth fight between Rampage and and mentally Silva. Now I think we're gonna get big government sauce it was a Roy McDonald I think that's a great for that is a gripped by. I think the first by. There should be some. Since I think that they should be allowed to go back Cohen to your T agreed for six months leading into the yet what that is what they have to make it to train were killed at least let's let's get big old man. About it this week they had that this is gonna get announced. They had the report came out from ESPN that. Lyoto Machida is jumping ship yet his win over V two hours contract is up he's going over about sort of why are also they're getting now they get themselves and other allegedly get the themselves and other UFC champion. And I think the big opposite the biggest is that came out about a with a sweet. Apparently Michael channel this project is up. What I believe the reports that immediately. And they're they're talking resigning. But he's also open to go to UC and I got to say. If there's one guy from the belt to Ross are really wanna see make that jump over the UC wants you'll Michael. At a 155 pounds against the best light weights in the world. I would agree although he's looked vulnerable over late yet so warm. I would've liked to seen that three years ago Evelyn. Deborah but both you have to but I still that he is he's he's he's still good enough. That there's a lot of good matchup there the CME ought to sue C members is that he over about a plan times I don't know about the match or go it's right away but I just think that. He's such a bad ass he's so tough he's got he's got it all. I just would rather see that in seem played the pit bull Brothers. You know firm though gazillion of time and who knows what he's gonna get despite the title fight it out. I'd let what about a because Oprah produces. Does it hurt he's pull out of fights. You know as any he's big he's done better there he's been to the top of the mountain appellate torso wanna see what the guy of his caliber can do in the best in the best promotion out that are. I I agree I think that would be great. De LA tour also announced with the signing of all these legends they also announced that you'll be replacing equipment with nurses really yes its with oxygen. Man how do you round rounds that's been given fluids potassium. We do admit that that's the big that's one of the big and also the total costs that are in their present in the corners that I give united a policy they're gonna have like that divider in the hospital room. The break up there. Rush correct the privacy yes that's always a bouncer when you're in a hospital in just like men ideas that for the betterment. And the nurses and though they'll check polls temperature and blood pressure in between rounds it's a Tuesday in the whole physical. Yes and the Britain the bricks will be eight minutes. Even a break seek to do is get. In the whole roundabout way it was going a full dose of oxygen. May be a breathing treatment in between vitamin supplements. Yes B twelve injection. All we call the work's. Main. This is getting interesting bill then and woodie thinking that this does bring them sit back and think like. Okay great have my leftovers. Or do you think that he's really concerned. About. The name recognition of these guys impacting the US. I'll say the inconsistency. Of bella tour is what concerns me. It has been a consistent I think they've had a lot of good ideas like I didn't like the a the heavyweight tournament I thought that was cool haven't. You know fade or channel that material Rampage. Put that he really look at this the like while this this turning can be won it's it's I think it's it's fate overs jail. Matt Mitch real vs Bader. So there's very real possibility that voters heavyweight champion. Could be a light heavyweight. So. What are we to do that there was this whole thing for not is just show how terrible. In genuine skill set and heavyweights are where I don't really know where to go to is it was a really fun idea and I liked I liked that Scott Coker was thinking outside the box were. Go back to an old box really yes two it's it to do to route to I guess recent injury to it. But that that's that's beds in this thing they do it all right public watched the legends they do have some really young guys that I enjoy watching him while watching their Peco. I loved watching agent McKee and I love watching I really have been enjoying watching kemba son. And watch and a career blossomed. I don't know them you don't like Mike Mickael went impeach mud by the page is fun to watch that he's hit or miss though yet he has yet leg of the page on a today we're used to clowning. And it to be really going to be really rough. Mug about a page is exciting. Mom. So they got a handful of guys I just don't know for a for the schedule they keep up. I don't know if they got an album. And I don't know how many more of these they can they can throw up there to keep getting view the kind of look inside and see the real talent that the guy or that the prime tell they got. I think also they. The abandon the original tournament format they're pure rip me created debt. And I think they did it with. Just that an eagle that OK we Bjorn Dow. Were a 100%. Captains of the ship. Now let's change this format it I don't know if that was such a good thing for the organization because I believed. What the tournament format data were twelve or sixteen week period of time was created consistency. In. For the view worded to name and get to know these guys and get to follow this organization. And they've completely gone away from that. Which now. You know sometimes I don't even know when a bella towards on. How myths about it towards someone will say it is good as he was on ballots were on Friday elect I don't know now to tune in on Friday to our tune in on Saturday and they would answer and then. What day is it. Going to be from about tours for I like it should be fine and they put some of their big business bella tour has put some of their big big cards on Saturday is now. Sometimes it voted against the FC adding that the big missed by them because you know they think that side is the big fight night. I think that you have an established night and it is Friday and that's okay if if your fight anyone away it was a for the weekend. You still know the boat was Friday I've gone many weeks where I'm like oh that's. That's Saturday and that's the same night as a Europe's the paper view where each it is that's the big thing for me. You know I think I think back to a couple weeks ago where we had the was July 9 or whose June 9 and we had. Test Crawford vs a form we had UFC. And we and the bit about their cars welcomes a hand. Be nice with that the one where there is like fourteen people in the audience I don't know I'm a human right. But it's like all these promoters. Know you know it was it was it wasn't it was about Torre was to showtime prods and you have seen all the same night music meant. I would I had the nightly last night Mike Levin who nothing going on right it's not like you don't have a week pickled. Chicken and why he killed because why all the same week he might Koreans and the confirm bites. Every weekend yeah. As that. Because I think all of it and say oh this is the ideal weekend answered long vacations will not out yet there were thinking it's just like we. OK I know people who were on vacation. If there's bright including rights though there. Where if I'm traveling. And it's a Friday or Saturday night. I'm look at what you fight Nana and go to the go to the local sports bar and Gannett. See if they my hotel room has the channel it was as one there was such a more typical yeah it was a hard night to keep up with do you have like. It USC was going on. Then I'm trying to get Jeff foreign Terrence Crawford on another screen I haven't on my phone line haven't another. And I know a lot of don't have multiple screen I'm doing this because that we talked about in the next day where it's like. If I'm if that was just a casual like I got to choose your bottom over that amp watched deployed on the at corner yet. Well it would get ready and has morbid don't I'm not watching with sports so don't ask me questions who need them to hear about you get heating 11 o'clock yesterday Ottawa to a flight paths notes are. No no didn't even Miller with them don't even know other keep at it I don't understand because they the move and ESP end of the year. ESPN has an apple on top of television. And they tell that we've putted fights do I have to walk hearts if on the UC fans. It's crazy it's nonstop. The rosters big got to keep them active gotta gotta cut him got to keep thirsty. If you you know think about the guys that are making 25500000. Dollars of by. They're making 15100 to fight yet those guys wanna fight every card debt. You know and then you got a guy like Donald's eroding. Who. You know will fight as you stated earlier. Every three weeks that he could on the main event. You know I think Derrick or someone needs to step in and protect him Romans well I think about in that regard he he lost yesterday. Don't Ted looked terrible but here I just think he needs to try to find a way. Took some bone marrow routers something to affect the one if my iron SE on the same page there and and people also need to. To protect him from himself. Like it's cool it's great for us to talk about. O'Donnell's Earl he's taken of fighting three weeks after last fight itself pop star good for his body and is not good for his brain. And this guy. While he is. Making it exciting for the fans. He's also. Prohibiting his career from extending beyond the norm while he's in great shape he's in great condition. All looks good we don't know what's going on a mean body kick the guy need any crumbles yes. You know so I think that someone in his own is he needs to be cognizant of the fact that we got to may we never. Protect him from himself is the word but give him a little better guidance. And steer him in a direction that. I just analysts in become a gatekeeper you know America these and a at all it's the kind of the circle of of life with the UFC but I just feel really good to go to a the pac. It never know I think it's just I think within him he's so popular and everybody is Jimmie for small. I don't know what callous or is fighting a bypass Singapore at that at 8 o'clock in the morning. Mean with what is much is that it's as as much star power as the U of c.'s lack any help you can get. For a bonafide fan favorite he should be fighting on the biggest cards all the time to help. Lift them up as much pop as as possible like tablets around it should be fighting at UC 226 in an image in a couple weeks Jimmy fighting it. 8 o'clock Singapore and you want expend to the to the the Asian market but it. They aren't we can just have putted it counted more people are gonna be like yeah you know I love cowboy I'm gonna spend nine dollars to go watch him. Firstly the morning if you're at ease because if you're West Coast fight in the morning. Think it's. Yeah it's great. It's it's it's it's it's weird to me why they would do that NATO. Well at least it's a Roni goes to bella tour who have known to be able to take advantage of the oxygen tank in between room rental of the full kit when I get to the Earth's. Heat's players feel. Everybody. Nobody seen me here with the fighters funerals on here couple local events coming up and trying to keep Gaza today were that tied FC fifty is going to be an extreme action party began on check that out. Some local becoming fighters that very sad about this we had Harold Calderon and studio last week. He's going to be fighting JD Martinez at the hard rock on July 6 they've in those lessons April. And I was very impressed by this young man seen her healing you brought like half the building with him. The last time these he's from Miami. Nice young fighter US general to a fighters so. I was trying to Baraka a double reasonably in the build a watch that parishioner who uses forward to the schools in the fight back locally and especially the hard rock is get the new events and that was nice. Really ruinous to watch by it. This past week how quick update on this so we had Greg Hardy he got his did you see this they annoy contender series Greg party. The former NFL guy. He was I heard he was or use yeah injured he got suspended by he has suspended by the NFL for domestic rounds incident and the previously. Run Natalie because he kept getting is bad team eight drug problems and so. Reach out as when I am a man he's turning an American top team and it was on the Dana White contender series and before this he'd probably another former. NFL star of the kind on the way back in the daily print job and Matt Richard owned in the former NFL guys. And I mean he he knocked him out what X it was he had a wants it. Look back when you'll Lego like a bottle punching bag came back up and got boom. Diced and apparel and another record is an arena football to hurt his knee. So I don't know if that means for his is next amazed by that really. His career or screw restore her knees and yet still out for a year then by the time you come back. Yeah so that's that's something to look out for. And then another local thing another one who turns out Americans not to kill Harrison on a PR but she was. She was a judo gold medalist as you know Rhonda got her start in judo issues a bronze medalist at the one mixed. It is like Ron has run his credentials in judo but to the nth degree and so she made her debut in the snoopy FL what's missing a new World Series the fighting. And she won via a first round arm bar. So do the same old style so we'll see what what becomes of her source prospects are concerned. So bush for us for Ozzy is on the Joseph Rogan podcast. And he says that he has this grand idea he wants GSP. The boxer Floyd Mayweather. Says re it would be worldwide. Blockbuster fight. Everybody would tune in George saint Pierre boxing Floyd Mayweather. I'm on an interest of shoulder shrug about it on my home city of men and an interest I'm not and other where I don't I don't have just to get bush amended jab. But it'll really. I don't Davidson and what is it going to be like the nicest I promotion ever. Yeah but you know Floyd look you're looking to at La you'll thank you of life for having me fight this is fantastic. You're not nice. But by soaked game last night. More. This is and this is what we has a history of money. I don't and put money grab let's I'm a much more suited in seeing that CB and eventually get the con McGregor George saint Pierre fight. Then that would be seen GSP box proceeds slow OG SP for boxing. When we all know it just is calling card is symbolic ground in home yeah it's not that it could even ground and pound it's late payment look. You managed I don't know what you did the concept odd when you do with Freddie Roach. But yeah anyway. Seen in other religious Joschka should Dallas there uses the word uses faces target. It is but I'm not at the scene Connor Floyd like we can all sit he would talk and all well. If cholera lands that left him bomb on the sweet spot maybe he puts Florida Q2 thirds though with Conner to meet. It was more a borrowed. The drama that came along with a Alito to the idea what that even so much about the plight you can talk about the fight know what ifs and everything. We knew it was going to be this show that led up to it yet and analysts see Floyd Mayweather ago. Is that hates Floyd some analysts see he'd be number one lead talker in the world. Just nice and megaphone I that it can't read megaphone and his tax problems. Upon him and his crew all the make it fun of his when he went to jail he deserves his big moments at two Jersey and he was wondered it to open. His big backpack. That only had ten grand and has all of trolling is amazing. George APS has been fantastic the CU Floyd I love it thank you thank uses is fantastic I love it. I'm not into that net interest not no sale no self for cause I'm out. I'm out on the island man. So we got back on the stuff that decision while it's about an associate the negotiations on between. Anthony Joshua beyond their water or where you're gonna talk about Camilla hello again we've done that to her but this is this is gone back and forth. Bomb it unity you know my show when it comes to know what goes on the business of fights. I understand. Why is the big hole of these guys they keep thinking like there's going to be this this hockey out Mayweather. Build with a continued into more popular we meet the 51 and only. You guys are that big to do that out of things that we can also see now in Europe Joshua is. Did not hear. True and I don't think they're Dionte wilder is that big here and to push like a factor of me were right and not only that. Here's the problem. Those guys with with Floyd Florida loses such a master he always. He always. Matchup with the guys or perfectly pinpoint form and it it felt like you know flows the master of least least risk biggest reward. Would have anyway. Is gonna be a risky especially if a lot of the guys who can punch at this weight class a dangerous game their plan. I think is a dangerous game and I don't. I'm kind of if I had to pick a winner right now today. I would probably pick Josh really I would because it's. Wilder shows himself to be susceptible to take two to. Oh like leaving his defense opened my intake and shipped. And I think. You've Joshua. Connects with one of his clean shots. Those upper cuts are vicious when the wind is guard throws is punches and I'm not sure how many people are really familiar with them in the US now and watching him. They've seen that the Klitschko right but all his other fights. He continues to evolve his trajectory. Is that a much. Steeper incline then what. Do you see anything bad that that he's still got more room to grow I do and I think he's still growing and he's young and he's fast and he's got a lot of how were buying it yet and I think that one thing that wire older possesses is because of its height. And because the the level at which he throws punches he's more effective when he's punching down and and both these guys are pretty big. Very bad he's not gonna be punching down it's all been he's he's become accustomed to. Fighting guys that are 6263 which Joshua 656565. And a modest 66 is averse he's he's a slender six cents correct. And I think that. While there is gonna leave himself open. Or. He's gonna go into the party. With his guard up and leave dead body opened. And Joshua goes to the button. So I believe that if I had to pick today. I'd pick Joshua. And I don't think they'd wilder. Is all too thrilled and excited. About making the fight. He wants to make it look like he's making the fight positive result window window I think to a certain degree are they get the money is just you know. Enormous. Then it's kind of like a political fight the bad. A calculated the odds like I feel like water really wants a I don't know really what's out there are a lot of but I think what you said because Josh was such as star. In Europe he's always gonna have a nest that what he's he's more guys draws 70000 because once he's more on the power seat that water is you know so I I think why haven't they're. That's the rumor the rumor is that it's closer in agreed upon that it's at two fight deal and the first are we gonna be in the UK. With the next one being in Vegas I mean I don't know if there's an out clause like if let's say Josh will not amount and around. And Italy will listen misses and this is it worth doing a rematch for. Then I don't know packets dropped to a barge Versa yeah for the for the for the for the fans they it apparently is it to buy a deal first immunity case second we're going to be in Vegas. I don't know that timing or all that and how that works out but that's that's what are the reports are but there's still there's still somehow England going on between Ambrose. But. To me I just look around I thought. You know the odds say I didn't give him a lot of that criticism before and that man he is used being protected by Al Heyman Newsday you know these. Bum fights against guys from my hole and in France and like. When he fought Luis Ortiz after Luis Ortiz popped protest. Came back and a firefighter was lose in an ended and I thought I thought it melted away a lot of the criticism because. That's the dangerous fighter South Pole fighter nobody really knows how old Luis Ortiz is. Dangerous knockout artist put him on the canvass came back was able to stop them in a fight that he didn't look great against but. The one thing with a lot of that that that I have to always account when these fights. Is his power I I feel it's me even at another level than Joshua knows. Is he's got imperfect power it's like he hit you would have to shot in your your on the floor. And we dot. Two wilder well. When Joshua Joshua is he's more the he's as pro does have a fighters you're ever wanna see like the body site. The the kind of striking heat is almost looking in it's crazy to think this diseases -- human but I feel like he's almost become the next. The next version of Lennox Lewis may be a little bit stronger but he's almost becoming so pristine as a boxer. That I don't nobody's going to be able if anybody's gonna really be able to break that shell ornaments all Lewis if somebody hits you legacy rock my hits you the right way there were. Maybe nine times at its annual freedom but I still think there's that window where he can get chip so you think that. Well there's awkwardness yes gives him as an advantage yes OK I think I get that I understand I think he goes into a lot of these fights and you'll think oh. Due before it's too much Ali ever gonna look like the best boxer on the planet are these ever gonna look like a guy who. It is. Tailor made for the boxing purist because he's gonna look goofy at some point he's. But I only I always what it really doesn't matter because he's able makeup that mistakes so much with his with his right in its stupid power. It is but it's also at the level at which he throws it. If it's stupid power especially if you're sure that you share and I think that told you get and the more that you even guys. The less power that punch has own. So what do you think about the other can LO to budget negotiations when I was young I was interest did that it. I dug into my own pockets to make canoe logo aloft and Illinois whether you like did. Did he get past like that the larger rate anywhere in order to dig deeper into those apartment I don't know. He's like Ito. I I thought it was fine for a lot yet to be upset and imagine that visually like your your in the conference room and like. Did getaways is okay I'm gonna reach deep down inside my pocket to get this money out any pulled Dixon is Spartan big this market either reaching a rarity pulls out a little. Black ball. And any pulls out you see as a selection here's this dark things. And then he pulls out what was the other thing that the that the kitchen spoon he pulled out the kitchen spoons. And many digs at all here's my money I believe was the specialists is bachelor of dessert bachelor's match. Roush. Demand some people just want I'll just have for him maybe it's comforting itself he he feels and those. More relaxed scrambled eggs at all I think about a mismatch at. But yet he is big news of audiences that he had to save the fight. Thank you they know me and Q Oscar thank you must have really hero we all we all need and deserve you really you really stepped up the missile man we thank you. Now you happen I mean it's not absurd I'm sure to know how does a ton of options besides you know the law in that you're excited about especially off a positive. Dirty meat test. Thirty me I say were two hybrid disagrees like people still love him more for the for the drug test on light are. And how many is how how many of those degrees or Dover hit it on the have a different maybe a deal over there. Probably so. Great great what about the people who are listed him as a symbol of the wanna go to Vegas to watch him fight. And he didn't know what kind of burger he was getting. You know. Turn understand that like. Had a we know leg who's saying that his brain reserve more. Now he's more support he's got the pole these he's got a pulse of the people. Just took on the laundromat and get a better feel for things you know I mean. But emigrate we'd talk to sit down simply is next Sunday.