Fighter's Fury 7-15-2018 (Manny Pacquiao TKOs Matthyse, UFC Boise Recap, Yoel vs DC, Tyson Fury's next fight)

Fighter's Fury with Tobin
Sunday, July 15th
Manny Pacquiao defeats Lucas Matthyse by 7th round TKO. His first stoppage victory since 2009. Manny shows that the all time greats can still summon their powers to put forth great performances. Boxing needs to treat its legends better. Who should Pacquiao fight next? Lomachenko or Terence Crawford. UFC Boise had a lackluster main event but the stuff around it was exicting. Sage Northcutt may have the goods after all. Chad Mendes returns from his two year suspension with a bang! Why was the UFC calling some Russian guy Khabib's cousin when he wasn't his cousin? Yoel Romero throws his hat in the ring for a title fight at 205lbs with Daniel Cormier. Will DC bite or wait it out until Brock Lesnar? Plus Tyson Fury's second comeback fight isn't met with much fanfare.

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Mixed martial arts and it's time for players feel. Seven. Invited Gary here on seven kind of day again over the airwaves be the next hour we'll dial all over the war mixed martial arts and boxing. Last night. We got C a legend get himself back in the win column Manny Pacquiao Perry have his sixtieth career win a seventh round knock out. Moody's Moody's is starting him. In the midst the rabbit T say what suited to give me. And Saudi wanna know more of the pack ran as a third time it cuts the cameras are that fight. And many populism that he hasn't done nearly a decade that is stop his opponent. Would they tko or KO last time I did it was against. Miguel Cotto is really calls the very nice moment for Manny Pacquiao who went to this fight you know people or question whether or not he should be taken despite there's drama surrounding this fight. A weather and I was gonna happen financially. You know read the key he broke away from top rank he was self promoting this fight. It was a Malaysia. B it was. Not selling well. And a lot of new warning or what what is this for as it is this going to be. And this sad ending where vicious. Attacker and that is the T say gallows up many hockey out and were received the sad ending we all expect happens to everybody or. Do we see a man who is amongst the elite. Who on a given night. When. Everything lines up right can still be. One of the best on the planet in the sweet science and that's what we saw may blocked out classed movies and T say it looked like he was a cut above him. And a 39 years old to see him still be able to turn back the clock like that still be that devastating and still be. In their with a guy who mayoral don't like to be in the ring with. And many knock you out flip the script Donovan and made it seem like no I'm gonna be the bully tonight. And we haven't seen many bike yeah a long long time about Augen. It's been before the Marquez fight on a talk about Mayweather time of dog and it's been a long time since we've seen many pot yeah I'll be the bully. In a fight that is what made demand so great that is what made him go to the top of the pound for pound list that is what made him one of the best fighters on the planet. He made it. His opponents. Want to quit. Not be in there with them they didn't understand what they were in there with the punch were coming at all angles they're coming in bunches they're coming at a high volume. And would make you. Questioned why you ever take a fight with the guy and that's always sell us now from the expertise and not try to sit here and said oh that is meant to say is some. World champion some top contender but. You know see a lot of yesterday a social media missed the one thing that is one of the things in boxing that can bother me with the pundits and that is that. As a fan of the sport as somebody who covers sport I don't feel like we treat our our legends well I don't feel like the sport treats its. All time greats well I feel like. As soon as we see them show any type of humanity and Tim vulnerability. We don't let them go out there and try and find new ways to win if you know join your prime you're nothing. And you know I was seeing is just there was failure all this is all too this is all too predictable what's ahead Abu Manny it's all due boxing it's like. Oakley got stores to go out there and he still wants to put on the show we still if this does the drive for the sport if he still has. This desire to go out there and be great. Gold why oh why we go out there and act like you know the guys are hesitating time Bobby how long ago. The mark has knocked out was. I mean for goodness say this happens and in USC got to take your head kicks like that they're in there. You know the six months later he you know you guys actually all many bike is as grand vulnerability he has his blood not his chin that makes him go flat line no. That hasn't been the case. And in all honesty you know seven a four since the last time we had a knock out. Well let's not act like two of those fights war against. Jeff warden Tim Bradley to just atrocious atrocious decisions. And the fight in against Mayweather didn't take any damage to the plate and in what what's. We also at their fell rob because they had they had pretty much. Eight a a an amateur fight where were nobody was getting touched. So it's like may pock yeah out though the record looks terrible or does it look impressive view. It does it's solid that guy's been in these all Time Warner's. Is just getting bludgeoned every time out there. And the other thing that may be crazy yesterday. Watching this broadcast. Was. This. Spin. On what the Jeff porn fight was it's going into this you know everybody looked to that in a while. Jeff Horne has made him not look for saying he emailed him he made a guy hit me may have looked meek he bullied him. It's that you would have thought ray park you know has beaten in the submission but let's not forget. When the referee had to go to on the stool and says. Hey Jeff porn you get the snot kicked out of view I'll just stop this fight. Bull but obviously the biggest opponent that a stock may hockey out after all this time. And look. I don't I don't. Tended not to protect them not a huge red rock yeah event I do and I do suing homer side for when it comes to. Yo explaining what I think I've seen in his career but. You know he went through this this revolution and personally where he became very religious who became very kind. The temperament of him changed you know all things are coming out of them you know that he was. Gambling womanizing. Run an hour around all hours of the night. Wall. It's like his while Gordon mills that he gets tamed. And so ascetic going in these fights and he's bludgeoning his opponents. You saw this level many pot yeah out where he would get in there with guys. And he would feel like once. He proved his point he would let up. When he got there with the Chris Algeria and he knocked him down six times they that the poised for a wanted to blood in this guy I'm gonna take years off too late now. We get to nice. Really. Did it it's like this guy came in there and he's he's so sweet so kind and what's he proved his point. And so I looked at it Jeff ward try to save more of the same that guy got an arrogance that guy. And personal support is elated like 50% of his punches I mean. Yo you guys got duped and tricked by guy you know break and a guy up against the ropes and and whipping terribly the entire time. So aside from the numbers though they'd like yeah I'll put that guy on the brink of losing a guy half his size. And maybe he'll up. But alas they did let out. It was absolutely aggressive. You have for the jugular and that was great that's what it was great to see because look you did you get debug Lucas and T say need to say Iowa. He's a C minus fighter he's he's no always a shot fighters and lower look. There's a lot of people amused diss today go to war terribly in this war he is a dangerous dangerous man when he gets in that rank. But he is not an all timer and that's of any pot yeah Alice is an all timer. Izzy Izzy what he was at 39. To what he was a deck you know why should he be without you figure cracking some egg there were like well. This is all too predictable many pot yeah out pushing forty is not what he was when he was in his prime don't. Of course he's not. You well I can't believe they pay the big bucks for this and houses while. Groundbreaking earth shattering stuff there but what should be impressive to you is that 39. It gives still telemann. They rating. Go there beat him to the point of saying and not gonna be here would this dude too much from. That should be the story not debugging what many pot yeah I always go up there against. Betty whose daddies take that some absolute ball would she was not. Was they really that really know. But. He was funny very very dangerous man who decided this man's too dangerous for me I don't want no more. And that's usually impressive to you. And you know I I quit a lot to Dwyane Wade. You know Dwyane Wade. For all you need is out here one of the things that I think drives a lot of heat fans boxes. Joseph third years. Basically seems like. Since 2009. Maybe 2011. Is like the last year or two people sub do this by feel even than they were. People with total war vintage around all the time and anybody you know vintage vintage did you all men as vintage wave they wave that was incredible to you Iran where it was the greatest. Basketball player on the planet and like we never sought again. If I keep hearing this term we brought up within these vintage Vince is vintage. And it's lake Nona had just all time great. Izzy what it was when he was 26 at maybe not. But. He never really stopped being dead in what this noted being terrible. And you and you and you go there and you I'd like Dwyane Wade. Putting on an all time performance. Borrowing and steal the soul of your team should be some got a surprise deal. And so many. I know they'll watch him and and people are like well. That was a bit his performance like no it was it. That's that's that's who he's bitten. You are how are you feeling. Differently. Where. The guy is this is seven and four at his last thirteen to close fights are stolen by him for incompetent judges. What are the biggest plagues of the sport. And you wanna go out there because those of those scorecards. And you bury it guys career and say something. That's finished. That your your your almost ashamed to watch it I don't wanna watch this if you do. Here's the thing that drive me crazy about it. Everybody out here who actually gets some crime to watch Manny pod Delgado perform his sport. And say that well I just wanna see this and don't watch but yeah that's funny about that. Yeah watching the guys sort of the prime either. You know the local shows you're not out there watching these guys put in their blood sweat and tears. I mean who is a guy right now in the sport where they bankable paid review star. In their prime. Is it Terrance Crawford. Is at Loma checked no. They're not. That's why they're fighting a streaming services like Manny is now but they're so called in their Bryant the other of supporting them the way you are pot yeah out. And so I just find it weird that everybody's in this. This place's more than I I can't I can't watch the old and fight a lot of seemed a six year career win. It. You don't. Because. I'd like to I'd like to go out there about awarded pulled ES PM plus numbers I guarantee you whatever he did last night. Dwarfs. Anything that Terrence Crawford. Or what would you go put forth. He's the big star. Don't aggregate I'll watch it. The dogleg ear dole out it's some great shame that he wants to go out there it blocks. It's not. He's amazing out. Busy but I got the planet no he's forty dummies. What should be. That sort 26. Through 3132. Bit during those should be the best fighters on the planet right now. That's science. But it doesn't mean that a guy who's 39404142. Point 344. Can't go out there and relevant performance. How all you guys out here are licking the boots of Anthony Joshua. You almost got don't truck by a 44 year old it is all nation. The old guys to report every now and then they're all time greats for a reason. In May showed that yesterday were backed up to this. Beats miners feel. Anyway everybody is here for all time. Got a box just before I move on the question is now what does he do next. Upon who won the fight amendment does the league has said they used the gruesome laissez when there's not a lot of fuel or bankable. Marketable guys and boxer who are a sure thing and so you face many pock yeah you know you're going to get ratings. Or buys or however they wanna do that. That was a little bit of a breakaway from top right I mean not completely because there was still American broadcast. On ESPN's top ranked platform. So even though he wasn't quite tied to Bob Arum here the other relationships still runs deep and so. Does the end of fighting and Terrence Crawford and I know that's what they were and I know that's what. Bob would probably like that that that Terrence can have that on his resume and just like Jeff Horne did. Bomb. Maybe. The fun and really legacy. They've ordered it read achieve the meat of fantasy. Many pocket against one of the top. Guys compound the planet had to launch angle for award to be. To ask Robert and rather. See him fight. Loma Genco. Couple reasons. I do think that there's about a chance that many wins I don't think there's a great chance that he beat stance Crawford right now I think has covers of us I don't know. And I think that's I think it's a bad match for Manny. ID bet Terrence can negate a lot of stuff there and it just seems like got to be overwhelming for what's articles they absolutely would be moments ago. The reason though to see that fight is because. Loma reminds me so much of what many was. As far as when he first burst onto the scene. That. When we watch any hockey out start raw shot and people and just completely cleaning out the best guys on the planet. Really we didn't even at a similar watching. And I feel like we're starting to use to get that with with wood Loma checked that he would. Dear me is the new hockey he is the guy who goes from all ankle all angles. And all angles with the way he puts this forward. Bomb. Hence it may I just think that match it would be really cool. And it's. I don't really know how that breaks down it's so it's such an odd match. For those two guys because. That always have the upper hand on view that they're always. Upon to step behind but ahead of everybody when it comes to footwork. When it comes to angles be it comes to volume. And so on a Pallet to see those two to clash that lets him it would be legal out of immediate to either one but I had to have had to pick one. I'd rather be. What were checked overstep its cover. So you know that there are couple obstacles because Manny has some tax issues and wanna come to America because he has a lot of money from the Mayweather fight. There's him abroad yesterday is somewhere around twenty million. And to me. Good if you could do this slightly you did yesterday. 889. PM start broadcast. And that's not an issue locally whoever they are. You give Terrance Crawford. Or you give Belichick Roy plane ticket to Malaysia and you say go enjoy yourself. Or whoever they wanna have it on this site on the on the outside the planet is this idea has to be in Vegas our best known. For right now. Your banking. On those two guys being able to go and beat Manny Pacquiao. All one evercore the plan he decides. If he decides that Vegas and getting stripped of all money not for me. Even though we're probably take a blow on the gate because of how much money you can get from MGM Mandalay bay arrow or a fighter that night to prod via T-Mobile. Yeah you're gonna take you're going to take a hit there but. Inured to supplant that with doing it at a huge arena so what do it in London I don't know so somewhere somewhere the national. Where may pocket is not gonna get bit by the tax man. You gotta tell those two guys to get on the plane ago. That's it did that this can't be they all know though the though you know I don't Wally it's now. May god yeah holds the cards in that regard in both those doesn't look and take that huge leap into super stardom. It's war fit for them to go wherever it is to go fight any part yet it's that it's that big of an opportunity for them. So if hockey doesn't want to come over this side of the world anymore. At 39 years old. And the at these kind of earned his stripes there and he knows I imagine he knows that he holds those cards. And I would not hesitate from all if on top ranked December lacrosse league look. Here's why in Malaysia is its values fighting in the Philippines even though that that was a very pro pot yeah a crowd. So. Let's not act what you can't tilt it with. The with an even out of judges Kenny Bayless was the rest last night so solid there was some. Huge. Nefarious refereed I was angle of Saddam and Kamal. Don't. I don't wanna hear that there's some hang out on this fight Saturday because it has to be in Las Vegas have a Terrance Crawford fights are happening in Omaha. Big star locally for himself and all the Genco. It was if some grand title is Vegas is all so just. If I would their promoter. I would tell them you go you we got this this is the operative ago we make this happen. We've made his Abington is that import field by the sky if you really think he's vulnerable. The other thing about that before move on to senior receiver last night. It was odd for a lot of of Jessie Mae or Freddie Roach last night. Boo what Fernandez though. He seemed I don't know what it was only give. You know I don't wanna do. I don't wanna be in this position where you have to discredit Freddie to live doubled boy. But no way he looked the way many had that aggressiveness back. The way that Freddie. Would coach Manny to fight. In a blue boy it was right by Freddie side for all those training camps. And they look like he looked like he was it that tweet me any away to get the aggressive part yeah I look it's possible. Because. Friday. Has that take care for Manny knows what he's meant to his career. It's possible that they dig into a style where he did it wanted to get hurt too badly. Especially after the Marquez defeat. Pope ooh boy could be a different way. You know they come from the same place they know it artist. That's what they were many Ito you can just say. The honor that it means for him to box and what it means for his people and what it political platform he has to beyond. It's a different level and other athletes. Because most athletes especially boxers. You know they have their little tight knit group that to fight for. Their family and provide. It truly does feel like he's carried the weight of a nation on him in a different way that I guess kind of McGregor does because. Ditto. Connor. Doesn't have political interest that we know of right now and in I had the a minute bargain actually senator. You know I don't over the failure as a surely it does genuinely mean a lot like he is praising. Politics the president the prime minister all that is very very important. In his post victory totals what you want him to be more selfish and that it me a lot to him but he can't help themselves. And anyway. But we did and that's the Freddie Roach thing it was a bummer not to see Freddie there because those guys are. The tandem in boxing all time you know the figure of which you don't trainer boxer relationships and those guys go up with anybody. A big deal that really bugs me out about it though is that they haven't spoken. At the rose should hasn't been what it was. It did not react to not hear that many reached out to Freddie especially apparently after mom died I was gonna vomiting here. But. It's not crazy that thing. That the relationship after twenty years ran its course that's about wild thing. So many kid maybe pick up some new tricks trolls a new voice even though it's it's a familiar voice but it's a different setting. So I just think that was insisting it was a bomber on the scene any there with Freddie Roach. And it it I don't love here in MA did reach out to home but. I thought the result bared out some some pretty impressive stuff last night but they really really did. Today the USC Boise last night scope of things to get to. Main event Jim a side to us. He you out there AB blood boy evil off by unanimous decision. All time fled there from won't be idiot. Not a great fight this oil vintage Ito I think the last couple weeks of showed new. It may have to fight him and in happens in mixed martial arts and it does and they goes passed around. Probably don't need to be that great and exciting fight to watch. Always there's exceptions. But a lot of times. When. The big boys go long aimed at exciting. I almost think that there should be some kind of a stipulation you died of it that you see as this rule that made it reds a five round fight. It's heavyweight keep the realists for the title please. Because this was so inevitable to watch as it was going on not exciting about. Jude also does get the way the good for him Delis amuse some stuff this year got railroaded by the little bit suffrage to decide those. And it's good to see him get that win. Top to get it amounts to issue a title shot next. Because of these close they just lost in the champ in pretty decisive fashion. So. BO will seagate JS back in there but we do when Abraham I think the big wins big winners from yesterday. In your C Boise. You sage north cut. And 66 a lot of crap. He's super positive. And these tremendous everybody loved everybody I love you skip he's got to make Tim Tebow. They give you wanna know sage north that in a nutshell that is and he is the Tim Tebow. Of US super positive never say a bad thing about anybody. He's like as well as soon asked about wing is today that. Words are powerful we should be careful I would say a words and civic mavs are about levee break Bubba. Go saves beset. He thought Zach out of this day took a big crack in the first round went down in the heat. Bad save definitely it was teetering you know to eat on this level of he's twenty years old so this clearly and very very bright future there. The guys as athletic is now. He's got body of a Greek god he definitely has the look gifts you want him to be star. Hadn't. He's got Dallas but. David really threw it into the shark tank immediately. So. I think with a six shortcut. Guess that's what SA go through some adversity. Seems like he's finally found a home team alpha male you know whose water he's kind of community here still in college wasn't real Kyle wants put it won't put out. Tests in the was everywhere at a really close pleasure was his dad. And they don't know where that center now but it was good that. If BS finally been handed over to where you're you rise Faber at team alpha male. Could that be great for more buildings one he's a tremendous striker he really is he's got he's got he's got electric stuff when it comes to his hands. Reza have been suspect you know we get state and down. Team Al Mal. What is Deborah about it wrestle. That is where everything is built that is where things crafted that is where everything is made great and so if if he's going to be camp that is going to make him. That kind of dangerous. In either avoiding take down or knowing what to do when he's on his back. I really there is a bright future proceed north I really do I know he's he's an hate on super goofy. But he's also a super young he's he's the young dude came into the same thing in nineteen was his first fight. So pay about 938 UFC fights under his belt six into a 22 years old. It was Tuesday policies in north that do well I think that I think you need you need a guy like that young. Marvelous thing that all the qualities there for why he would be a star are still there. He just need to find the right. Bag of tricks to get him going in the right direction. The other big fight is this really really sick knock on Niko price to beat Randy Brown he had this knock out. Whose time has packed any hammer fisted the hell out of Randy Brown until he knocked him unconscious don't see that a son. It was a really cool knock out I would bridges and knocked out of the week. And the other big story yesterday. Was chat about this chat Mendez got himself a win over miles Jerry tko victory. And really cool to see government for money Mendez he's been out of the sport. He's one of those guys. EO Chad Mendez he took this hit from Masada. And there was a lot of. Sure being but it was a lot. Excuse making. He didn't say it was for some type of play. It had some type of skin disorder and that's what popped him but. Didn't really fight you know he said that he came from the substance. That he drug does is his body firfer skin disorder. But he didn't of this big steak he just got eight is two years and Chad Mendez who has a perennial. Featherweight contender. Just gone to is his kind of gone and we didn't we haven't Herbert mum didn't hear about a case just ate his suspension and came on back. You don't see got a lot do you Sonera and so. A big chatter will kind of go in this next. Chapter of his career. On skid you know provided that he does not pop again. Just because. You know it was one of these guys as they got tainted supplement this all that our system is again as it is the it is is mentioned. Went away and came back and and came back and kicked ass and seven is a bad bad. Man do he is a he is a really really good fighter disguise it perennial featherweight contender. And you're talking about a dude who. You know as does his losses or did Jose Aldo comma Gregor Frankie Edgar. Mean bull does that mean that that is. The featherweight mount Rushmore right there basically. Bush yet another element that whatever you don't say. And those as losses. And we lawsuit that we noted that the governor fight happened on short notice had tolerance of bad spots in that fight. So. This is a really really good fighter and featherweight division could use it and I think that's it's gonna be no time at all as. As well is he does he get pop for any else. And examine as we write back fit in there it would that was intended ship. But it was awesome to see what I think Natalie you see Boise is before daybreak. So that is due to incorrect Cassie if affiliate kicked off the pre lends site eaten a mugger made out. He was quite justice gog. And they come in leather light yet he is the cousin of how to beat the monumental. You have to lightweight champion. Way to could be like he is he's one of the well known guys right now or the studs of USC. But I gays cousins. Turco all societies over this guy's the cousin the luck. It is ugly up. Locking into the First Lady UC Boise Idaho look me they did it they tricked me bass said he's the cousin that could be. But he's not because that could be key is a kind of friend cousin. What's weird to me silly isn't it probably is that Russian Gracie leg just like it has by the grace is all over the place. They'll they'll come out the warlord there's like dudes are Gracie are. It's accelerated do now out of Russia is just lately as he is he is because of the Kirby and he is ultimately it is unpalatable. Convict him like Otto he's the cousin which makes if you look at the blood related. There's a relationship at this conflict. Really skylight friend of the family. Sort of but they have the same Los I don't know do doomed to Russian us and war differently. It was very confused by the way Scott and should be at the idea hose and now and the market Madoff cousin and a cousin he definitely got the friendly nod there and he moves on with a win anyway we're back after this. It's miners feel. It's hearing back here on seven on the tickets nobody knew where you are fast and furious is next opponent this is exciting August 18. He stayed on it prevents us go all the end that. Nasr it. Francisco B into the second buy back for the Gypsy king who. Let's inspired performance against separate separate. Development kind. Here's the other thing that that blew me away with the present period thing. President Gary is a bit of he's a bit of an IG model expert. And I don't know I mean. These IG models got tricks Moya they're great with the filters. You know what those are sick some about love about arsenic. Lifts them up. Makes a little more plump them LR. And this Tyson Fiore. Anyway a girdle. Don't tread again but here's what a girl learned training camp good that was look at super slim on the Graham really really slam but he was looking good. Etc. separate fight. Same guys on mr. Graham after Ellis lied to wanna tender date. But keep what is best profile picture lowered. And wasn't the same guy that stepped foot into that and that rate of failing on I realized it along to advertise in here just saying. Be careful what you fall for it comes to presenters in Zagreb who has a lot of close those on the cubs of those videos. So. He wed December separate who's not a real person he is a fake duty was an actor there hugging each other they're in the fight it was a weird. And laws does it Jerry get back to prominence I think that this heavyweight division could use it. Especially. Since you've come to this and this crossroads with wilder. And Anthony Joshua. Where it seem like you're getting very very close to get this fight happen. And boxing does boxing promoter is getting away. Politics get the way the fans get in the fight that once so. What can help but getting warmer rate I feel like this heavyweight division. If it's tearing you know I get to these shows and sometimes that feel like the heavyweight division. Is as it is that a real real. Pete part of its powers it's been a really good spot between Adam. Anthony Joshua and and Dion there ought to be where they are with Luis Ortiz. Put on a great fight against. Dionte while there. Between Joseph Parker being as good as he's been. I'll larger L Miller I think he's a hell of a candidate I think that. A guy of his size who throws the amount of punches that he does feel he is a tough day at the office for anybody I don't really to be bullied. Bomb but do you feel like the return. Of Tyson fury. The V on and be in the lineal champion Julia has built strip. I do feel like him getting. Back into the fold is a big big deal. And Ivan Sanders along time. That he should get in the ocean embrace. He should do that by. Because a couple of reasons one you're actually take you on a former world champion I don't know who these dudes you're in your flight. A separate set of very and and and Francisco. Is it like it's all great for. Rosetta Stone or all. Get our languages diversify that's fantastic experience very worldly of these ties in period. But. I mean somebody who can really be an antagonist for this guy who can really push for the can really bring out Tyson fury you know like it doesn't Geary. So. Popular. Was. Not just the fact that fighter is not. He's overwhelmingly looks like you're crazy with ties in theory have suffered yet his went over Wladimir Klitschko. One little boring it to a total budget received none exciting analog you'll left that fight more confused. Than they did. Raising the president your bit like the value of this character had the belts. But also. It was as weird. Blood adequately we'd get the Wladimir Klitschko that we did against Anthony Joshua and I don't know what to put that do you put forth that president Jerry. Made that impossible and let Klitschko sure I'm not gonna take all the credit away from guys and Gary. But also the aggressiveness. That Klitschko fought with in the Joshua fight he did not have that in the Waller fight. In the India ties entered by excuse me. But the legendary status now. Here in any he's he's got a cookie and and he's he's taking on these days I don't want to get rounds under him but. There's just so whole homily I can't get. I can't get excited for late I wanna see ties in theory a wanna see all of Tyson appear wanna see him. We brought to the forefront of boxing again. And I do think that. A fight with Shannon Briggs would do that because (%expletive) that is so tremendous that by promotion he's really such a great antagonists. He'll go look literally fly across the world to chase junior Jim he is he crazy person. And on top of that. I think it would really really present some challenges for Tyson period. One that fluffy asked body of his that these lines you all about it mr. Graham. Is a big big target but the bodies action that is Shannon Briggs so I do think it's a compelling match of in that regard as well. However peasant fury also is 69. Has a huge reach I could present problems for Shannon who since he's an arm surgery. Has always had the greatest. Bomb. Tracker when it comes to his head shots so I think presenter as a lot of Basra just did a very compelling matchup. And it just feels like we're sitting here wasting time and they Hillary's I could wasting time is I think it does appear really to get himself back into the forefront. Of fans want to see him over. Some of the guys who are atop the division right now at a pizza sitting here idly by. Wall. The other guys get a chance to make headlines as it's a bad move. Who went with what they're mashed and a mob where I get it you know you ought to bring him along slowly. And it's been a long time but. You know. Salt Lake notes that sport to sport but it's such administer two years off and is just demolished is it a very very dangers do in my ouster. The most. And I don't know if if Tyson really needs all of this cup kicking one fight fine. I'm cool with that two flights that bill there David talking about. Four fights to get it ready at hand how much does he need to get ready was the legal heavyweight champion of the world. You should be in shape. He's not lacking confidence we know that. Farm. And they'll go get round slate. Man I gotta figure get better rounds in the gym of some of these dude you don't end there guessing just getting used to the walking just getting used to the fight they routine. What is the point of all this just strange to me. Gained zero C television notes that. Happens this week US you Solder has confirmed the Brock Lesnar has entered their drug testing pool. And will be clear to fight an early 2019. Introduce you to this point in day away. You ruined it big dummy music and everybody was wondering what has brought closing your meals but the fight. Dale what it was they rate of pals and their mixed. November among the believers. And really I would use not a all of that came up at that one can't believe that. Head to head they remember. What you guys are journalists or something that you guys you guys have Dirk or the fact of it is that the journalists. Some some artifacts. Down the road muffled man. Abroad lives there's officially into the drug testing pool. What are we are staying. Is did you Korea. Because. Now we know Broadway Zanardi fighting until January. Yes I talk to absorb it last week. It's not crazy for data just sit idly by. And waited out wait until January. Bigelow really could happen. Bomb. The only thing that Billy Dale would miss out on. I guess this is a concern. Gil Dana gonna miss out on if he risks or wait until January is Brock Lesnar pops. And now dale misses out of a huge payday but also didn't get any other pay it is as he set this horrid. Date of march 29 he is as a retired. So. Is goodness out of but. Don't. The guys. Who we could fight. At 205. Here's what's coming up. Next week. Yet Shogun fight. Against Anthony Leinart Smith. Right. But. Children. It went away from being legitimate. Light heavyweight. Contender crazy you know. The guy. Who lost his belt and John Jones years ago when Johnson became the youngest champion of all time. Had a chance to really be entitled to that possibility. Does it says Gary fighting. Pulled it who's Damir. I imagine if Gustafson wins. He's deadly Avaya Avaya a clean. Up the throne. This was just this week. Yellow or Mara. Posted on mr. Graham that he is interested in fighting Dana Korea. For the light heavyweight championship. Now. Who almost had since the heroes. I think that. Gustafson and definitely had the claim. Because. He's legit light heavyweight. The guy who. Don't judge goes. Further than anybody else has as far as putting mundane to lose. Long time ago. Fought to a growing at a very close fight but Korea did when. Did clearly when I would get a good fight. Does draw flies. The other day but it goes right now. And we gotta admit they were done that. Shogun. I'd be just didn't show regularly and it's a really cool story. You know I know that sugar levels exciting dude in the world. Crises been around forever. But the goal story. Even acknowledging that although I got to Tivoli Shogun has a chance we have to obviously. That's not the grisly DOC. But they realize like categories forty knees but to division champions and not exactly a sport of the use. So that it cool and look we shoot a hole or for you'll marrow so if you own. And you're television we got a shot to get your marrow and a title fight with did you Cormier Barbie if the media to put two on that I would be announcing you'll Merrill fight. DC all day is as deserving of the other guys. Probably not a mean look yeah gotten a lot of shots recently. Also. Has missed way. So. Not great when you try to stay eight days ago shot. He's a world class so any time you'll Romero is in a title fight discussion. Unaudited mad because I do the does chance to win on any given night he's that good. I don't know if he has the best claim to play DC. Does century one now would DC all of that play. So. I don't think so man. In fact out of those three and I think even set this thing DC said the son hell lot of show this week. He said that he was in certain portions showed that he was Augustus and because justice and wasn't a draw for him of those guys didn't do great numbers. And here's the other thing they didn't degrade numbers back then what it was. Yes it was a little bit more fruitful. With a bit of revised. This that this the bit that Cormier steep grade did. Rule for around afforded dozen maybe a little more than maybe a little less. Great man it's not great for offer for everything they've put in that fight for them called they called it the super fight. This is the first legitimate super fight that was on the title of the poster. And a sewer and and legitimately. AA AA AP and. All time. Two guys who move by the USC hall of famers fighting each other. Cross it over. In divisions. Fight for the heavyweight title. Couldn't do half of them unfavorably. I'd look. Ditto weird thing go up every now as far as. I don't you have to I I think you have to be. Over the moon base star. These days. For her the mainstream people wanna for over 64 dollars to achieve. You know there's so many choices out there it's is. Especially for fight fans you know the one thing is vote the the fight. Inventory out Perry now it's so bad I can't even keep public the minute we come over this we we we watch everything. Yesterday. It got US CU Boise ES PM plus there's an article on ESPN. You know there's there's there's there's fights all around streaming services galore. I just think that it's people are gonna be in this this weird spot whether legislate you know it's a cool fight but it's not it's not. World stopping. It's not got to see it everyone's gonna be talking about it was always taught it was are we talking about data Korea that is amazing thing. No other country about Brock Lesnar. And and the state other than talk about the great accomplishment that that Cormier put forth so. So we are spot but. Because he oil not a lot I will I'll always be at that all of Israel watching your Merrill fight I don't know if he's got a better claim and show got to do is next week. For a better claiming Gustafson if he wins and a cowboy COC 227. But it is intriguing tonight's it's it's a cool new name to add them expressed he's not stick around at middleweight. And a dangerous matchup. So that's a show this week everybody I would back full full ride him all morning show one of three with the boys LeRoy MB so. Back from vacation ready to roll everybody have a great rest of your week we'll talk to same time same place but is Jerry's son it's at 10 AM right here on seven and at the ticket.