Fighter's Fury 7-16-2017 (May-Mac World Tour Recap, Jarrell Miller Interview)

Fighter's Fury
Monday, July 17th

Tobin recaps all the chaos and fun from the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather world tour. Did both sides go too far? Does it matter when we're discussing fighting? Is Conor McGregor going racial to get under Floyd's skin or are we seeing a side that we did know was there. Has this always been there in his previous fights? This world tour does make it seem like it will be bigger than the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight? Heavyweight boxer Jarrell "Big Baby" Miller joins the show. He discusses his rise in the ranks. His upcoming fight on July 29th. He also calls out Deontay Wilder, Anthony Joshua and the heavyweights with twitter fingers. 


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Mixed martial arts and boxing fans it's time for fighters feeling. Inside the. It's time for fighters viewing on eight and seven. Other additional fighters theory here on seven I did take a Tobin here with you I you'll take you up until around 11 o'clock today. Very excited we will get to Connor McGregor Floyd Mayweather all the ins and outs and happened this week as they launched their world tore. Also speak. We have Brooklyn heavyweight he's going to be fighting. In a week he's fighting on the showtime card July when two realm Miller draw big baby Miller touch of that to a division his career he's fine Joseph Washington. And and Jerrells those inching guy. To follow social media is offers up to get a chance to speak with them. I got to roll back man and he's he does little bags not afraid to say what he's been on about his WA constituents. So without ex items have been a week of trash talk. We talked to find trash talker in himself and drill Miller later on in the show. But let's start off with a whatever it wants you would discuss that is the is one of those times where. Boxing. Mixed martial arts that collided but this is one of those times where. We have it on the mainstream everybody's involved with that. And it is a it is a crazy crazy store so the press conference launched on Tuesday in Los Angeles. And we're trying we're gonna get the first chance to see these two guys together and it was a show man it was a spectacle and that's and that. Is that what we are waiting for we are hoping that this is gonna be larger than life it's gonna be crazy and I can't do this. But the thing I want to see out of this week was the demand of the people how much attention as this thing going to get because. I know it's gonna be huge. And I think it's going dutrow I thought it was gonna do tremendous business thought it was going to be. You know I was thinking three million buys I was thinking something that is in any crazy levels of box office success but. Think I was wondering about is because audible look at this fight as a farce that looking at it as no contest not even going to be closed. Is it really got to do with what. Mayweather hockey I did because. Of they fight in that in that regard which is five year build up. You had two guys to the older. Two of the best pound for pound fighters over the last fifteen years everybody want to see that matchup for the longest time they called each other all kinds of names there was all kind of drama. In the background behind it. Just had a hard time grasping that this fight was actually go to match that business. And I am ready to change that opinion this week after seeing. The kind of reception these guys are getting. The kind of passion that's behind this the kind of demand that's behind this the views on the Internet that people are going. And in droves to go see these guys hawk and a microphone. I I think this is gonna past Pacquiao and Mayweather now I do think this is gonna break the all time record in the day. I think you're doing a good enough job to convince people. To fork over the money for this fight now I've been doing a lot different methods has been a lot of different. Things that I think have been drummed up this week. It started out very playful I thought the first the first first day of it. We figured it was right after the sort Brooke of Floyd Mayweather taxes. Being that he owes taxes. And you know put us social media immediately like that's gonna be great in detail for con Macgregor he should walk out as Uncle Sam that's that that should be his move. And sure enough he goes there the first time here Wallace. The. And as soon. Even though I do any moment. The 2012. So. He is. There's no what I went belly is the blue eggs his Lil home is little hand. I'm gonna knock him out inside more rounds my my. Awards. Why is to when he won a number of. At a local yet to be at the the stable prediction there from lotteries is gonna finish from inside four rounds. Pretty standard stuff but I thought I thought Connor came off great source of awkward bow at the fact that. You know he didn't know that he had to go out there and kind of rip off the top of his head boss and pressed congress is a really weird people don't notice you know when we're coming into this week. Like men sometimes not gonna go at this. The way they normally a lot this thing that I have a go at this thinking. Steve espouses a talked in the guy from the MGM gonna talk and the promoted talking promoted in talking imagine talking the man is gonna talk and then the fighters talk. That's how are we were often Vegas for Kovalev ward is that really it says his press conference there was a lot of bleed talking amongst these guys. Bullet that you've got to go through your mark talking in and Kathy do over talking. And he got to go through the trainers talk in the manager's targets is a bunch really just don't want to Bob Bennett's got to talk. Who's that the head of the commission talked. Does a lot of really don't wanna hear from its a waste of time and you know they think these things are necessary. To thank sponsors and what that's like. You know but but those are so meaningless I think the sponsor will be happy if he could actually drum up entertainment with the fight. And they go out disperse and is just like that man that they had the same old set up the same people talking. And it's whose weird Honda wasn't used to it now. People are gonna go out this each day who won the press conference who. You. Who really got the best of ruby that's got to go off of right now that's what that's origin all right these guys are fighting for another. The for another 45 days or so so we have we have. Two guys lead talking. We won out who's where and about that these things matter you know you don't think they do but these guys that they're going for headlines they're overpaid days ago for relevance. And you know that's one of the things I think bothers Floyd you know he said. After Wednesday's press conference. And it was after this has evolved into a big a much bigger race battle against that is the second but he. He pointed out how you know Conner has just taken my gimmick but because he's a white guy he's he's being from the success. And he's not getting criticized which daughter is getting criticized this week but I. I understand of what its point is that this is something that. He was he was criticized for right now catalog success to people that love me acts like everybody is is is dating him now. I think that it raises you know Floyd. As evolved as the as the years have gone on in through the bad guy and I got the new hot thing. And yet there is a race element there that that that's certainly exist that can't be denied. This the gimmick of flash in the money and and the Rolls Royce and all that stuff you know. That that brought a lot of success to people want to see the lavish lifestyle. In 24/7 and hang with the dissent use the money the money telephone calls so. The one thing though with Floyd and all that gimmick is. As the fights have gone on you get told that the promotion of the fight after that point four sevens really subsided and he broke off with HBO. It's the same you know Floyd's has got to show company was on his name and he wasn't he wasn't really in doing gauging with his opponents. And that changed that was the big thing in the first press conference he changed and was really involved and he was excellent. I don't doable and if that wearing a doable and that is the guy. And an amateur and I backed down when normally the body. And I knocked them down like bullet. The story fits almanac is. Just seem Floyd back involved that was just fantastic and I thought he looked really in his element we haven't seen that from him in awhile. And so you got these two guys Floyd's engaged Condit brought the best out of them and they square off in the first day it was fantastic you know. It was and a theological thought if you're gonna pick a winner of the press conference while you give a deployed. You know it's excited about it that this was I think they are both pretty even. But I think the fact that we saw this side of Floyd got people really really excited that this guy. Is this gonna be engaged in this and this is gonna be fun. And we're gonna be really excited as they move on to Toronto I dates it. And this was the craziest atmosphere as far as. Kind of McGregor fans that go to Canada. And the people party chairman Floyd blocks of the or taxes. To pay your taxes. And Todd McGregor so it'd end. He's he's super excited. But it does get more personal. Decides he's gonna go with the old the old jab was reading ability. Yeah right now it's coming up weapon out. He it's. Yeah it's. It's day one it was still I. Okay it's pretty. Hey. So it goes and then he does the he does feel Floyd can't read things this process yet. You can't read you can't read. And so woods out is got to come back out floods floods got a couple things here those are kinda like as fast balls are. How much more money he makes than you he's been gone a Condo with a tap out joked he's been gone with Dana what's actually your boss though the kind of in his three prongs as far as verbal. That's been cool with Floyd and I got to give this to him. Is his visual his visual. Going on the stages and getting people. To. Look at what he's doing it's not so much of what is saying even though he's been more engaged but if you really are gonna get to a war with words of common McGregor. It's it's like getting into a problem about a with a rock like you're not the whenever somebody tried out talk the rock in in wrestling it ended up poorly. And so Floyd is all he decides sees somebody in the crowd and Irish flag. And looks he's. I get a flight and in the flight takes the Irish flag content area parks up. And you look at this and he's like you're doing things of that flag if you. This is in the actual word but. You know so Floyd's just kind of it's kind of just messing with that I think Connor goes display ads is back I guess he's heard the clip at his back legs at the back before money we've seen that. And Connor goes and does the backpack. And he's like. You have Wallace is bagging this cache again but I do that flag you do in the development of fuel up. And eventually Floyd gives and gives the flag kind of throws in his face and it was really good match I think off that press conference. Everybody was it. I think everybody was end to that fight. What it was gonna be and people were very very excited for what was gonna happen. And we have another we another two days and as these guys just get better and better that's how it's going to be the edge so it had them but excited. That would its New York. And you know I wasn't I wasn't available to a WB they'll watch it live because. It was scheduled for like I think is scheduled for like six severity. And I wasn't available to watch it and saw look at my phone try to get the updates of what's going on. And enough. Worlds of commas lay Floyd's late. Not surprising that that that these guys been traveling but. That they're getting super early now it's like 730. Still no press conference. We'll start hour ago it's 8 o'clock still no press conference. Finally get to 815 they say that the guys are in the building and the right to walk out. And Conner comes out he's in this Pinkett these pink pants you know he's he's shirtless but he has this she giant. White. Ric Flair ask meaning coat. And as I got blue last dragon on it and eight is struck his studies done and all the style it was a fantastic out. And employed comes in Floyd comes in and he is draped in the Irish flag. And. You'd be if they aren't these guys get the entire setup. Everybody's finally fired up and got a lot of anticipation that's got the building where ran for this and start. And it was. Awful. It was just a big mess now the big the big thing that's been going around this as the week has gone on. Aside from the trust him as it was a really fun moments and he had Floyd Mayweather senior Connor getting into at a press conference that was great. You know they've they've just been taken everything well like the bill has been great but the also the follow up that you could tell the very excited what's happening. But there has been controversy that has been going around this fight as well and that has been comic writers. Comments. That have been pretty they've done from pretty iffy to adjust Lleyton. And you know the raise issues of that was brought up with this fight you. You know wide Irish spider. Floyd all time red box there probably. He said how black men this week and there was a point in both of the first to press conferences were Condit goes he says you know of the first round what was dancing. And says death that's from a boy. And it right and I was immune to watch as. I remember this because I got into it with would this guy Shawn King on Twitter is a reporter for the dead in his but he came out this column. Before all this started he said. I Connor Ayers a bigot and he doesn't have suffer any repercussions for. Those are really like that like this is what we're gonna get from people on the watch McGregor is career they're gonna get beat called. I he's gonna get called a big get. And so that have been the first day and sought out it it's went civil you know so I would LeRoy about this in the on the mid day says he's a slight. It's possible not be offended by something but it just like young like that that's not what you wanna hear. So you wonder like in this NAZ gonna be apologetic for how is coming McGregor would act about this as an extent doubles down says it again. Says the and the flow. Yeah well I. You know Floyd's advantage there Leonard LB doesn't make a big deal out at Floyd like is what it is you know I'm not called Conn McGregor races but people can feel how they feel. And it is what it is. Now in the midst of the press conference on Thursday. Or after rather he's on Jimmy Kimmel. And he's got his little comedy guy Guillermo who goes and does the funny enemies of the image files of funny bit that Kimmel does. And he gets McGregor and asked about who way and you Iraqi theory. And and Connors has run rocky three which one is that that's. A sort the other celebrity gem. But with the with the deaths in monkeys is. Abu. And so again this is the third time this week it comes out with Conner just having. Blatant. Not delayed by. Just just shot the guy does make you wince is our men and and so. This is the thing now. He feels it has to be addressed at the press conference. On on Thursday night in new York and he goes about it and it's just does not come off well. I'm again. It's good newly. And given us. It's. And that it. I I'm just to did you explodes. The president. But my beautiful. So the crowd did not they didn't take it didn't go out of the things that went on to annihilate the sound was a great apparently but that. That didn't go off well this'll stick on Thursday getting go well in new York and now this that that hip acknowledging it. It officially became a story. You know. It was something that's on the bridges in the media was talking about it but when he's out there and he's parading in the fur coat. And he's addressing it is trying to make it light hearted I get McConnell was trying to do. But. The crowded like in the stroke not a crowd walk in and and they turned on them they turned on him. And you know influenced by those hours ago abut. This is the thing now and it's gonna be it's idiocy through the rest of the promotion how this is going to play out how. How are they going to. Gil about its Ali music it's going to be a big talking point out. Before is like this thing we all realize what's happening here lack diverse white guy anime but rivers boxer. Worlds collide. Those things are certainly going to be there there's so you BYU they're eager for colleges because he's white there's going to be black whoever forgot that for Floyd just because he's black. That's it that's bad did nothing in boxing that that's done that thing in boxing. But how the fighters going to handle this now that this is going to be. The Unita have the outside noise now you're gonna have people that. That are in a box out some mainstream this is just a boxing match. So mainstream event everybody's into that means you get mainstream media coverage and not everybody. He's into the gimmick or the stick and knows that this is on the boxing traffic's. So how will these guys handle we're back after this. It's fighters Peoria. Well back fighters there here on seven the ticket so we're here with few semen Tommy guns will be back next week as organ to USC to fourteen very excited that that's for sure as did John Malone Jones say on Daniel Cormier about we're very focused very heavy icon McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather this week. We're gonna speak with two realm Miller derail big baby killer next segment he'll join the show as he is got to fight coming up at the end of the month. I showed Tommy and show Washington. Guys on de Jerome LOB a fun guy to get to learn a little bit about he is he's is held the character and held a fighter. Panel will very very much enjoy getting a chance to dispute with them. Now we're kind of a segment we were talking about how things devolved in New York they got the they got. Personal they got they got along racial lines it was kind of there was some of the goals like a little bit McLeod that was hovering over and when I got to New York it. Full blown burst like it was it was the thunderstorm in the rainstorm port on it was some that can be ignored and so services. Floyd Mayweather and either not take well to a Connor was saying when when he told people that he was half black. And he was doing a dance firfer for the black with his black female fans. He totally disrespect in my dorm. He disrespected. The mother of my daughter to disrespect the black women and he called black people want. Monkeys know what I wanna say is this. I'm proud to be a black man. I'm proud to be an American. And I love everybody avid divers to cross the line and alternate toll. Aggressive before you can't do that. Kind immigrant you can. Disagree. State where when indicators that black people period. You know we've been to align. We've been to a line. Those flow with reporters on Thursday night and so Eric Juan needed is a great job governed and does a great job government's Marshall ultimate fighting dot com was business showtime and Dana ban them which sucks and it's it's that's up here and it would one of the one of the real good guys covers the sport does a good job govern the sport but you want to kind of McGregor asked him what he made a. All the fallout. Advising all of that kind of scores doesn't have a lot of fun I was a playful Seagram and included that the adult and how to live in and it is up it's also on my on my part. If he is in that mindset love and that's his business I am I gonna. I don't care she had I don't care I know who I am people who are watching now. In remains so if he's upset. And angry will then great. Can you clear up those you do every year the dancing and things like that. Is that what you're trying to insinuate what are you trying to stay where you insinuate that if people are saying O'Connor McGregor is racist disgusting sense and that's how without makes him I don't know I I honestly don't know that's that's what that's. That's what's annoying me I mean that's what I wanted to bring it up to Griffin today in in in there in a way in a playful way. I mean how could you say that when you look at these shake them and Cornell rapidly be. I'm sure our cameras and on them coming gauge in the attack applaud Jay z.'s album and ultimately to say. So look I'm just have a hobby trying to. They are now. Of the goes up in army and elegant city at the moment playlist is a much listen there was wrath. You know remain so. I'm just out there harmful if he's out of culminating in from the suspect and he's angry so walk lightly. And so Chicago Kansas insight into what Connors thinking there and and and how he's going about it. And here's my take away with a I. Connor is saying that if Floyd is that he's not racists and that he doesn't have anything against black people. What he has to know that what he's saying does not only does bother flooded does bother black people. And if he's saying so why Floyd can deal with a he's got to also got to realize like. Right but it pluggable take get. Anywhere they want to they wanna be offended by what he's saying how he saying it how he acts. Be really surprised the media's cover it that way men and it'll. He taught says so what do I yes he's he's going about canoes. I can't or or call Floyd had a deal with this for what is what is used to you know Floyd coming out with us to realize in the sombrero and you know chopping block Gallo with some rice those have been things that he's said before. So Floyd Qaeda knows the game that this is up that out there. Connor can't be. Doll calling. Our shocks I can't believe people are offended by this if he knows that there's a chance woods offended by it or can be bothered by it and he kind of wants him to be bothered by. You know like he knows what he's doing. And maybe these surprised by the reaction because he appeals and I he's not American. Did you want to go that route the first time that you hear publicly or the second time US at count on the guest. Bloody no note that people are going to be pissed off influence you because often he doesn't seem to mind all that much and the tough thing about it for Connor. As it's a tough thing about it but the thing about it for Connor is. Connor has gotten here by doing this maybe not to this degree. Why it's not anything he hasn't done before you worries called Nate Diaz is group of friends about to crack NSA that's it's coming he has this long and before. To route to get people. Either agitated. Or bothered. Or try to things sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. But then the idea that. You know he does what he painted with the the code word I he's not a racist. Or he's Ito this is that. He knows if you don't want to be labeled a racist or is you know the daily news columnist referred to as as a big. If you don't wanna be cold those things this is probably at the category should be going in the thing with con that I will say. I think that he's he's he's so good enough to get under Floyd skin. You know his best work was when he kept the stuff about what's a good shot to play not being Hillary. That's fully you'll take the shot the shots at Floyd being unable to pay his taxes it's a news story in L. And he says I don't wanna make fun of it but it is fair game. Once you start getting into the idea of of of of Floyd and his people. Well. You can't eat can't. Be shocked when the blow back is. Like you are to be upset by that each entity. I don't even know if you really use you know he said that he's not he says that you know I'm so you know. You don't that was saying I love big in my whole list is play is is hip hop it's it's almost on the level of say a black friend it's. You know that that's trying to that they can't be your safety net is that you listen the big. And he came out rapidly which is a as the you know gravity on there's and I thought that's kind of where you went wrong initially thought you didn't exactly Spittler expect great honor. But. I will say yes man if Condit gonna go down this road he's gonna have to deal with that label he's gonna have to Wear that he can't he can't. Come everybody with. Are shocked you know it was just I'm not and not be if you're going to do that if you're gonna play those cards. Don't be surprised about going to be pissed off you. Don't be surprised that Floyd Mayweather the government to take offense to like you said vis A vis bothered by Dubai deal with that. But Cotter is gonna have to deal wit. The fact that people are going to label him as this man does well maybe it doesn't I don't well I mean who can who can be inside the young man's had. Com. But. I wish that I. I always I'm not I'm not naive to acted to not realize that. This awesome boxing's all time I mean. Christ. Since since since the since the days at Joseph Louis man I mean back in the day. You know Al Ali got some of those fly back wrote mean the way the way he talked about Joseph Frazier back in the day and don't joke never forgave about that stuff. To stop that that that boxing is trapped in for a long time Tyson fury. You know has has had really controversial statement many hockey guys really congress ill. Boxes sometimes the most open minded room you know liberal people in the world say they are. Said no way is and they have thoughts and makes fuel comfortable blot. There are not sanctioned by a league not sanctioned by anything other than a commission that. Mean if they're fit to fight they're gonna fight so. This was something brought to light this week that I think I think it I think it did bother a lot of people. I'm surprised that it Kate it Ted devolved this fast is it was as does it did. I didn't think I would tackle it on had to tackle it head on like he did. And do it in such report fashion. Because. Obviously they like the the best way with the stuff that was out there to handle it was probably just this just to ignore it. And if it in in regard to pay somebody asks you ought what do you view as answer but. When you're gonna come out there and you're trying to make a joke and it's gonna fall flat face. That's out there then you can edit what. Whatever way you handle it you can't then say how well that's silently you know people are bothered by it because you're try to attack in had a and doesn't bother does not all the I don't know. I don't that's a hard question to answer how he really feels about it but he certainly is saying. Things this week. That are gonna make are making people wince. And especially if you are McGregor fan. Legislate. And in late. Which you have to to take to go there with that. And yet well. And that's the thing with that with a guy like Floyd Mayweather is all c'mon man you you talk about Floyd Mayweather that that dude beats women. You know that I got sitters of our it. I understand that I'm not trying to make you out like Floyd is a saint he's not a saint. But that's a problem for for right now. That's not hear that that stuff that's in the past that's stuff that has has had its own. Odd time of coverage and yet fluids up permit to me howling when. Has popped up I was going on his band and now Rachel Nichols and Michelle beetle from covering hammers publicist team was. The of the old mess about understand what is not a sympathetic figure. But that does it take away from the people. Who can be offended by what Connor is doing. An adult thinking needs to go down that route I think he he's good enough he was good enough selling it. We did what he did Los Angeles we'll Floyd in Los and is what they did in Canada. And they don't need to go down the rout of New York. The adult I think they were that people or so on high about this fight after the first two press conferences. It showed you you did need to go down that route. And yet that's up was set this for the the dancer me comments were made at this depressed comes as. But nobody know nobody reacted to it that way at that time knew that. Nobody had the the overwhelming crowd reaction you went studies. I don't hear that. But that'd be interesting thing a thing and then it boiled over. And now. It's gonna be a talking point the rest of the lead up to the fight that's it and it's kind of Obama that that's gonna be a huge talking point. Because I do think there's enough intrigue around this fight between house come ago that gonna go about this did begin to Floyd's head. Did he. You know did did he do enough here as far as approved view that he has a chance in this fight there's there's so much intrigue around this fight meant. And the racial divide. Was. Was something that you're hoping. But he didn't want it to be one of the main talking points and it's kind of impossible that's not gonna be one of the top two talking points now to possible that's not going to. Like you think about all the coverage that's been around this when they're gonna lead up to fight week how it's not gonna be brought up at every turn. It's going to be mean these guys are gonna go off there's that they're training camps after. After this week there there that they're off in the beautiful shape I won't see that in front reporters again I don't know mayoral do. And a Monday that raw or Letterman or whatever. But once that fight becomes again has that especially since the American you'll get a crack at Connor again until then. How is it not gonna be one of the big talking points in this fight kind of sucks that it's got to that point even if if you're not that surprised that this was going to be an element of it. The fact that union now one of the top story lines of the fight is as kind of a bummer come Obama that a devolved into that. Don't up next you'll talk to you big baby Joseph Rel Miller heavyweight contender he's got to fight coming up at the end of the month this the man is. Not scared to call out his contemporaries in the heavyweight division he's got big plans big goals we'll hear from him next beats fighters feeling. Look back but you're here. Ticket switch gears we go it's toggle heavyweight boxing. With a top heavyweight intended to realm Miller trying to make his way up the ranks get himself a shot at the bell he's going to be back in I. Action. At the end of this month July 29 on Showtime's broader against Mikey Garcia card. Let's go watch Iran feels announces to restore his guest on truth says Bianca in the afoul of the hottest heavyweight contenders out that drill big baby Miller. He's fine Joseph Washington went up in Brooklyn at the end of the month. At the Barclays says drug may give me a sense of how excited you gotta be for to be fighting in front of Brooklyn that's got to be a big deal for you. Almost certainly you don't know what you buy your respect by you in any broker. So you know there when you Martin missile mullah Umar careers wouldn't know when you are broken record book would be so. Can we got we got is we're cool bar. Now Joseph watched it last I was against the odds that water. Bobbie Williams and prosper and I can remember before it took a good stating devastating knock out what would you make of that performance from him. And and the final deal that. On the other important. You know he was the good where you are aware of mine who you'd create so much again are there extra. Knowing he ether like you do and he has the knew who Kool. To beat me because you got Malcolm prescribing what we can't we'll back him and one. When I've been what the K eight Congo basically told him. They get we can get you an example right there who is they're gonna become a foot in 083. You'd mostly always rain and more it's quite. But he told me he's gonna write you this gonna bring a great to meet. I'd probably you know mere months or our exports. Are gorgeous when he comes back tomorrow Eddie chambers. Five foot eleven. What do it's what we come back tomorrow I'll stick poor. 280 we had a party in a bag yeah okay we're gonna see what their. De Jerome Miller. I mean you're you're you have such extensive background boxing kick boxing and you've also mean small with the likes the Klesko and you've also been there was some of the USC's best. Come public officially by the minute seems like you're just you know you almost go to the buffet line as far as. What trainee can't go and pick and knowledge from everywhere is that's by design and you don't wanna sit too stagnant. We always travel around he is still no acting as a man we're not at this and the one spot and I mean remember what mr. Kind of like adventure and and in very different being in on it and bring him back. And it you know you can pick what you care from your. All in the works from you know what are hated gym and has torturing me in. Or one guys you know traders are now they're on the other chain and and its order guys and then we're around you know so. But I'd be on vacation this image in training and they're picking up the check would be reported some guys you know so it's pretty it's pretty funny to me you know well. Not that analyzed in all sports. And I know would agree to pay. Well were down there Miami in my guys Shannon Briggs lotion and I saw I saw you late that's got like a first I got a chance to get sentimental look at this guy he's going to is don't of the have you effect that's kind of cool. And read it then you seem like you're you were getting into you gods are with with believe mr. Bryant and and that remains to garlic you're. It has afraid of making your presence known that. Our sources are awarded it in a major article and I hope you know arms agree upon. All (%expletive) brings might be on whom almost quote I can provide appropriate. But he even being ordered that the number of them are beat people don't know me is. Called my name be ready for war men that simple Norah meet those this whole thing Amare went unanswered. I'm a far better you're a fighter but I had an aggregate and the best man and we are very human Mark Martin yeah. How do you feel like it is these days men because you receive accurate your man is about the action you'll you'll you'll definitely it's a clinical drug social media. You're going to suit to go about because it's so it is government easier these days to to probable fight as far as you know Twitter be users agree ambiance but you don't. I think a lot of fun by the does not gonna be repercussions for that view you find that that you know. Guys will be easy about talking the trash but not exactly be willed a back it up. Yeah most definitely. Amir a Twitter turn your garnered. Mean there are great. And it will look obviously ghost we talk a program to tutor he was quick to put the credit boom will be looked at guard and this partnership. Now we Barbara are as Colin in my league have been every little greedy you know it'd be firm in horrible murder spirit. You can please governor and and positions. So be patient or body appeared meaning he will trigger and you league expanding our speech being remain as a we're trying to do right now. More we get to that point you know everybody you know. Was yeah that's one thing I've found Prussia a note we get a talked to Shannon brings a lot down knew though that when. He puts what's behind fighting David hang on social media and and chase them down and in London then when time came to fight you wasn't there. You know same thing to say they would Dionte wild and and it's I find it frustrating as a fan watching guys because. Melvin get so excited behind these things that kind of feels like either it's a promoter or the fighter somebody if it gets taken away from us because. Men if you do get this this hype behind it but that all the sudden all the work is is is for not. BAA. It's hard Matt our little box in. Beauty really you know people compliments of state you better have a good team behind you and what you've gotten got to keep pushing Turkey work him in January or more back. So what do you think what what do you think that was a long term plan future well you got. This big fight color from Brooklyn on a big car the broader Mikey Garcia card I'm get this win what was the term you that you talk and if I'm talking you win in another. Six months what are you wanna be if I'm talking another twelve months what do you wanna be. As you know to mark if we get this more tomorrow when I get this word and don't look at it from the prior October November in Europe you are part and you know. And then hopefully looking approach early next year you know went on these big title deserved you know will be here in the past three part two in you know we may Garrett. Who would think is going to be the first editorialists as far as getting a title do you think you can and that would. We market. And you'd think you'd at at as far as the odds like he says it's state position airs this coming off the the injury. By. In the midst of that time Anthony Joshua really blew up because of the Klitschko fight. Tyson appears kind of been been missed him because although the mental stuff the drug stuff. What do you make it the odds economy in this have you attention do you think he belongs up at -- do you think you see a lot of holes there. A man holes are me back there are people he was thirty bombs and and and you know. You know he beat Brennan who are still burn this will do all fortunate night. What do you know the bird problem bush you know until the rams who really got the pro start maggot can't see who all bear put me at all he put the needle. Right at your own truth you know he heard what licenses now because Earl Washington is in my humble hearts are you didn't have for Paterson. The best idea how the group heroic fight. It's a parish are you don't we were regular topic in any district in a biting and breeding eight Ortiz before you gradual Washington. I'll put a cardinals beat the BBC put him in a partner Rick art football man I. It's gonna be as broke but I got several forego it if you got here and there were murdered longer and what simulators. Will give pardons. Do you are tired you know Mark Richt you know everybody's idea. Before the court. Was our drove it minimally guys catch him he's going to be until odds when he nods at the Barclays and his take on Joseph Washington as he's margin target that heavyweight title. On YouTube back on the box. About the transition to box did you find it easier. Odd that it you know having to deal with you know four points of attack rather than just the two hands. How is that the the great difference in in the two sports. Our main mode certainly you don't won't be eager to transit okay bark in the box and a balky transmission kick butt. You know. 888. It. I always look I'd. Boxes are now because. Is only harder to dodge you know eight and secured you need these kicking and punching some harper backed the rebels. So dark and backed the previews to it. Rick Hendrick is a different level and local. They don't know what I'm prepared provocative or are those who are more regard rather. You know above the week so we're here. So we know it is now our urban solo. Oh my radios more government will be hard. You've violate when you go to to these straight sessions did you satellite you know the word spreads fast. When you initially go to new gather up odds the kick boxer. To the boxes take you seriously and how long does it take them to realize they got their hands full. I would pick me pick some serious repercussions within easy mark. And if anything pull up my equipment and couldn't you know if he noted noted aren't up. There are cracked of them all this and are there are no look no wanna be yours or you know they don't know they don't trust you know you know me. Dora drama as they got Joseph watched in July 29. Let me answer your opinion of the heavyweight division right now and had been a very good you know. Year especially like it looks elegant at fifteen there was really skyrocketed to 116 that really flattened out but it's. It's it's on the way back so what are you seeing now jaws as the end of the opportunity. Of what this to really be do you think that. If the heavyweight division really does come back somebody like you was atop the division do you think your really can truly bring boxing back to that next level. Remote that army artwork and all of our starts what they bark. Note they don't put so much money will be. From behind and you part of it and got it in a ripple of excitement that. No we have not seen what you he's got into it it over the more more. What all America votes out anywhere else but say. Jumble with. Ease back. You. Know what that I don't want to start where all the eggs are well known and trusted them back. What are they about the situation at present period that you become his back he's going to be the same guy. And an or do you think this is too much too long a layoff for him actually have success. When Leo are these so you ought not you know. You know and he has not a meg bit broke which has no resources you know to me if you ever year repeating old here and you know. You know increase your current thing you do you do we expect there are no are suitable completely went to go when you are mostly sixty. You know it a little while ago where are you know you're currently. Be back you know I've been at their peak there because I don't know it's been great division eat and appeal before. And it's a grab your immune metal lot of of the who's who you know Tyson Mayweather Holyfield. Riddick Bowe. Who is somebody you you got to meet in the sport maybe somebody wants. Grown up and idolize or maybe somebody that you know you you multi use of rubber and you're you're just blown away with the experience it. It is top what you expect to begin the meat that individual. Are on the who simply be type in all there pretty well you know legally. And long chat room at the garden Michael Moore hated vessel walls or you. I don't spar veto it and commitment and cheered and cracking jokes it's this is this one you know life. What you guys who you know and try actually go to your cricket so you know it right right here I'm never happy you know is that it is they don't know is this. Remarkable how many you know experience go to see here so you guys are joking. You know you know they're so well there there. Are big book books. Was there any peace and knowledge took for many of those guys that won the just particularly stood out. Are wrong I think Britain socialism. How to turn a bunch more because we use these seem artist are you look at our example broad market. I mean you know who embrace the tumor oh. I don't mind you know I would reduce. We can't you know also go missing buttons in Britain are popular broke so. You know he worked out very very many people were you record industry are so so yeah. You know what age everybody probably knows that lurk in the budget and these girls are so well Michael Moore you know what those are the. Job us like man coming up at the end of July will be watching for sheriff you sound pretty certain you gonna get this one of the bush ever back down south lot of stuff by the studio right. Symbolic. He's derail big bed Moehler check out and the mud on showtime very much enjoy the conversation we will talk to you guys same time same place next week. But his theory here on seven on the ticket.