Fighter's Fury 8-12-2018 (Dyah Davis In Studio, GSP wants winner of Conor vs Khabib, Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder close, TJ Dillashaw vs Gervonta Davis)

Fighter's Fury with Tobin
Sunday, August 12th
The show kicks off with Dyah "Ali" Davis joining the show in studio. He and Tobin discuss his return to the ring on September 1st at the Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek. Dyah reflects on his boxing career and assesses his goals after an 18 month layoff. How do fighters deal with getting avoided when they're labeled as too risky for other fighters? Dyah explains his unique philosophy of studying all time great boxers. He also dives into his coaching career at American Top Team. What is it like coaching the likes of Dustin Poirier, Amanda Nunes, Hector Lombard, Joanna Jędrzejczyk and more. What does he think of the upcoming match up at UFC 230 between Dustin Poirier and Nate Diaz? To get tickets to his bout on September 1 go to his Instagram Page. Tobin also discusses Georges St-Pierre's desire to fight the winner of Conor vs Khabib and what's wrong with that plan from GSP. Tyson Fury turns 30 today and it seems like we're closing in on a fight with Fury against Deontay Wilder. What would this fight do to Anthony Joshua's standing in the heavyweight division. Post Show segment: TJ Dillashaw vs Gervonta Davis is a genius move for both sides and that fight needs to happen and Colby Covington with sound thoughts on why the UFC was too quick to bail on his fight with Tyron Woodley.

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Mixed martial arts and it's time for our players feel. Here's fueling. Yeah seven. It's on good morning everybody welcome on his father's fury here on seven on the tickets over here with you. Where to start things off today we are going to have our favorites and Syria diet Davis Diana Ali Davis AK dangerous Diana Davis he is make his return to the boxing ring. On September 1 he is fighting at the seminal casino in Coconut Creek. And he hasn't really your tickets go to social media pages that diet DY a H underscore Ali NAL wide Diana underscore Ali. Or you can now find among Twitter at Diana Ali Davis. And he would take it that way and measure out their support local boxing supporting local mixed martial arts. You know I know a lot of our fans here always pine for the big showed there's a lot of great shows that you put on. Otherwise and in the meantime. Wall or all open for those hit the island so. You know been fond dive for a long time down here has been on the show multiple times but it's been awhile so we're happy to have him back on. And now for those you don't know. Died Davis is a super middleweight. He fights on 68 pounds and his father was Howard Davis junior. Who was the Olympic gold medalist and amazing trainer and American top team. And die and now is taken the reins there are American top team retrain some of the best fighters on the planet dostum pour a amid new and as Hector Lombard. You want and so he has a lot of experience on both fields. And so we're gonna talk to about not only his journey back into the ring as he looks to get his boxing career. Resumed. And September but also. Working with. Some of the top mixed martial on some planet and that balance of being a fighter and coach so hope you'll join the conversation. Very excited we're in right into things here on the top of the day's show. Guy I've been look at boy to have on the show for a for a while it's been awhile. Now lead Davis Jonas and suited thanks for the comment much appreciated. Thank you very much by the glad to be back man's been a while what you said is good to have you back is good to see this unity back in the ring September 1 at the Seminole Coconut Creek casino. You can see you back in action. I guess we'll start here so is its ability wants is a good run. It was 163 and obeying main bank and it's been a minute why why why the layoff of wind now be in the come back. You know what unfortunately Aaron and boxing. If two people won't fight and it they don't want top bites you see a lot of guys who are the top ten who you know basically have a good shot at by for the title. They're trying to get the easiest way. To that position. So a lot of times I'm avoided. You know unfortunately and that's just not how to game it yet so on you know it's what sixteen I had a string of wins to open net I would get that phone call in 2017. And unfortunately didn't happen you know I got calls to fight. Until now love on short notice that. Called by acute acumen on to a notice Indies at bison accepted yet but and go back to the other side in and out about a guy signal so. Armed but it's just a busy straws in the gym. And you know this way when I do get that call I'm always ready. It is doesn't work out though it's so so. You do get the call for this one and and and you have to be back in and the few weeks here is is the hope that this is gone now Roland who very busy time in and we'll get another one and before the end of the year would be what are you looking to. I guess dove over the next like six months or so. I'm open so I mean obviously that that is the goal is to you know you -- and once they busy you don't want any in the ring rust so an event that you do get that call. That you ready you know they the machine is well. New located in and you ready to go to step it up to full whoever it is that they put funny. Com what do you ultimately that is the goal. You know elected to this one in what's that in the first to admit the Coconut Creek casino. And hopefully bigger things in the future. Young suited to boxing ways but 0122 yet again of your assessment of of yourself. At this point acrylic. Do you still find yourself with with as many years in the image apparently can you find yourself improving and learning new things Def today can you spend so much time and engineer. You know one of the top coaches down here as well and and you're around the minds of fighting a lot so. Do you do you find yourself a lot of times gone back to the the roots of what you learned or do you find yourself. Are always a ball. Obama so always evolving. You know being in the gym. Whether it's training fighting units to actually training myself. A home always evolving you know it and I'm constantly reminding myself as I'm teaching other fighters of some of the basics that I need to stay the course with. It's is great is just a constant reminder of everything that I need to do. And you know mine's always tuned into the sport so I never deviate. Away from what you know what needs to be done. What can you say. Young died Davis the thing that you focused on the most and and how does that shifted it to to where you are today. As far as trains concerned. Willie Young guys Davis. I didn't know much you know like I learned everything. From my father stunning and alleviates. And you don't mind my mindset was study study study more you study the more you get better. What I would do was so I would train I'd be in a dimple couple dollars a month and I would head home and I would just watched countless video. And video that I watch which is of great fighters like I didn't wanna watch any. You know source who's sort of speak like. Okay fighting so I only watched a great I watched. Evander Holyfield and watch Brno would come on sugary Lennon Obama although of course I would watch El Salvador sentence so. I'm just constantly reminded of the things that need to be done and watching Friday's fight through adversity. And just basically hand picked. Guys apart. And it gradually get a monitor. So you were you almost like. You're you're trying to see what the best were of the grace and see where you kind of mimic her or steel plate you with the figures China emulator like who. Or something they like yeah I I gotta I gotta try to make that work has. That's pretty that's pretty unique thing. Indeed arm like ray Leonard for example was a great finisher. Great boxing ability boat once read you are you going you in trouble. So that was one thing that I I try to emulate you know all I can out I see something none I would like on people it's. One VHS uses back like oh Fortson is when up but when opera star had a enemy fire remain unnamed us and Dennis who gave me you want to. Collection of VHS tapes and if you look at the earliest in classics Orbison classic. Solid I would just watch how this video but social but I like it bullets. We're going to you know tried and Amir go back to the tape hit play again. And just does always studying you're always learning and evolving. Did you find yourself like when you're worried you're trying to excuse those things in the gym language coach with a beer batter you trends within like. It'll without the they do what did you learn that lake is they want maybe go what they were teaching you or or where they kinda have to your way is a. Of learning I think it would definitely hit some Indian and I started so late you know I had to had to grow and excel quickly. Then have a lot of time you know that no amateur career it's so. A home. You know my my time span. With and my learning curve had to be quick. You know didn't have content to fool around so. On the idea which is that gain as much knowledge as possible whether it be videos or if you running from. Whether it was on a from a father or even on the other trends in the gym I mean he was he was open to whatever. Die you started late you're I think you're in the story that the story was you who watch on a Klitschko fight and that's why you decided you want to contend about saying is that the is that. A new watch in the last by between metallic with goat and Lennox Lewis. And I was itself cement almost 228 now. And I just felt like at the top of that the school with a short notice replacement. Open against Lennox Lewis given given it's meant and I say you know what a computed a can be heavyweight champion and world. So I stood up by shadow by it's not a shadow box not known how to even throw points. The next day Oklahoma then that's a problem wanna buck with the buck what. Oranges and grapes of the no ma'am wanna bucks off my. So his desire listen if you wanna bucks you got to lose some weight is that there's no way you're going to be February that you six were these heavyweights now or. Behemoth. Usage you're gonna have to get down to about light heavyweight which is under seven but now with that when he was crazy. That's right into what he wanted to do Heath is Janie died star runner. Don't form once an adult tone it but now to use. So. Bella did he sorted out with serious and that the majority on the self floater from New York. My car broke down is littered literally Suze I got to Florida and that's that's it that was destiny. Was on a diet Davis you guys can catch him September 1 is going to be at the symbol casino Coconut Creek he's is. Back and it's battled the creek and you guys can gay era take as best way to go as soon. But it does social media it's DY a H underscore Ali de L I on minster Ramey has been fond of merit Diana Ali Davis on on Twitter you talk about the frustrations of people like. Not one to fight you. Is it is it most refreshing because you're you're seeing this stuff from a certain place whether it's watching people on TV. Or you're amongst the elite of the elite because of the people you train with from the people you coached. Is that is the frustration because you know you're at that level and it's just a very hard thing for people to be willing to give the opportunity. It's very fortunate. Special the last. The last few years it's a home. I you know what's funny is that. Munich it'll actually senate today would we had a little bit we test on a conversation and at the end of the day if it didn't get to where I expected to be annoyed and their way with some of the best and I know why it is that guys don't wanna fight me. So it not been ranked as high as number three in a world you know probably one fight away from on fighting for the world title. You know with Debian says you not achieve a lot in my career you know no amateur career that started at the age of 23. In the span of eight months at turn pro. So I've done more than what's expected anyway so total walk away from the game and didn't ultimately achieve what I wanna. It took a yard with that. We're you've been vPro self a nice career for yourself but do you do you still have but it grand aspirations and where were you were do you find yourself. You know on those and those moments alone late do you still think about. He knows still still fighting nose so the public fight the fight to keep going into the career can you still want to get to those top levels were. Is it something that you just do because you have a passion for aware or do you what do you see is the main drive for yourself right now. I definitely have a passion for at home. You know the goal is to get back into title contention. I'm still hungry owns the new gym with the same months at the same focus. Sun is gonna keep pushing man until until a bed that door opens up for me. Now you're also coach your coach at American top team new here one of the the the top boxing coach is there it's and you work with the likes of Dustin four one of the thus limits on the planet. Amended newness women's champion on Jay chick one of about Islam on the planet. What was that transition might for you in in in in getting people propped do you do you train people. So. You would wanna be trained do you do you get to know your fighters and see what works for them or how does the mindset of a coach worked for yourself. Definitely I mean every every fighter has. Defense style. A different make up you know it was is built differently you do need to get to know the fight of firsts. And then train accordingly. Foam. But Simien would Dustin he's a hard worker he's gonna is gonna push it a limit. So each time you know what will we have world opponents scheduled we were once on their weaknesses on how we can capitalize on the that we. It's getting into some of the so it's gone currently with your god does some Korea I was just announced last week that he's going to be fighting Nate Diaz masses were mentioned it did show up because he had a little spat. On on on Twitter that he was not at the USC is they announced the comes McGregor thing bomb but it's and is on the show for awhile now. It does it was and any other way classy probably have three title shot at no issue with how good he's been. And how dominant he's been for a man for years and since going of 155. So when you look at the Nate Diaz fight. Do you do you look at this says it's it's so let's notoriety and that's and that's to show that dust and is above maybe the people who are just better known right now. Or is it just you gotta keep them busy and you gotta keep them hungry because of the circumstances at hand. And this is the guy who liked to stay busy on it down a gauntlet to sit and wait so. Whereas there are a lot of great things going on with the lightweight division right now especially at the top. On he wants to stay busy and he wants the best talent it's Nate Diaz is in front of right now. And obviously a tough challenge you know he's beaten the likes of concern. Who's who of the lightweight division. So he was just and so I mean regardless he's not gonna sit on on the shelf or. Eight months to a ten months to a year waiting for this whole. Lightweight yet how well let's say you're on. Old is taking crazy challenges too in doing is not an it's not been one of these things are sitting on the sidelines the keys where is the craziest thing out there. Don't because they knew that at a five he was he was rocked on talk about the first one right and with reserves as is that had I can understand send I think I've proven myself. Against Eddie and he really want to put an exclamation point. Yes no definitely it was a lot of bad blood on that one. As you can he doesn't got a little hot headed towards the end of the fight the year really finished Eddie was Bogle and athletic coaches like you know you guys are role would do as. My. God just is guilty ya gotta go out to a place dude it's over yet got it wanted to do was new pocket now. I wonder from not simply because you hear from both sides of that lake. It's it's a lot of team that goes in the fighting because you need a lot to reverse of the men it's an individual sport and at the end of the day it is just use so. Would it what do you find a bounce like from from your standpoint of being the guy who supports the guy and then being in the guy who's in the ring with what does that balance flake. So little different I mean it you know obviously when you got your guys that you working with and that you coaching on a regular basis and they win it's rewarding. Bomb especially when they execute the game plan that you know you've got worked on in the gym you know at. Phone conversations. When all of that gets said and done it's just as a warning if not as satisfying. You know will you don't personally really it its yes that is that if. That's Anderson but late. Because because boxing him to do with a lot of BS and a lot of frustration that stuff that's out of your hands when everything is supposed to be in your hand you know I mean like. You're in the sport where you have to take care of everything yourself. In our on fight night and there's a lot of BS that's around that's not. Able to be in your control ecologists. Yeah I'll let things you know be other charges do the best job as possible. Well when you put all that stuff aside what are the most rewarding things on on fight night and winning and and when you see that. Those things come to fruition he works so hard on. You know when. When you've got a fighter who's dedicated especially like you know doesn't or nepalese. Very family oriented. All knew everything that he does it is for the building though it's the Stanley it's been only three to you always got a daughter now also. Com. Is shot to make sure that she's got everything that she needs grown up. So I mean this is is definitely rewarding when. A guy puts in all I'll work all that hard effort. And he comes out on top you know he does you wanna see you wanna see that well golly that's. The aggressively works extremely hard. And everything he does it's. On a on tobacco is filming. Will board up for you I mean person when you're when you're on fight night late what are the moments I you I guess savor the moments that are on a successful fight night. Successful fight night is satisfaction. You know you definitely put in on work. You're you're the home you're watching video your opponent you train in unit gym every day working hard you know early mornings that role work. Com. You know this is so many different scenario that that plane to mine you know that that too when you're getting ready we'll fight. You know unfortunately you have. It may enter your mind a scenario you lose it but you try to eliminate that right away it's like gotten to that that might not and who you gonna win. You see in your hand raise. You're victorious come fight night. There's nobody in a world don't be too. You beat of everybody in the gym you beat of I've you know you've done everything that you don't add that you needed to do to get prepared. Whether it was bar and you roll work the trend hard training in the gym. You know the Sauna sit sometimes you gotta cut weight so you know that you've got to come out victorious in the end. It's mine of them and so it. It's our died in his ya gotta go simplified September 1 he's fighting the seminal casino. It color creed ballot decree does atom bomb on social media best way to get. You're your take us there at dial underscore Ali and of course willow close this out once the interview post so well at seven I had taken an afternoon under sports over and he has been able to find it there really appreciate the time man it's much appreciated and route forward. Thank you by the man's always a pleasure thank you for having me. He died Davis talk about September 1 when we come back we'll get into the news and notes of the week in you have CN boxing. We're back right after this on father's fury. It's fighters feel. By the studio. Go to grace of a casino go down September reverse. Very jobs a month social media here is you take its go watch him. Return to the ring fascinating conversation bass in dude. And Yemen very much excited seeing his guy doesn't pour it back mirroring as well when he takes on. Nate Diaz in November of Madison Square Garden should they Diaz decided show up I guess he told TMZ. This week he's still unsure if he's if he's gonna show that fighting was. Upset for getting upstaged by the announcement of con McGregor for and can be demise of Madoff. On the same breast gun as I get that from Davis that's kind of the the beat them march the the beat that need marches to. But as your biggest fight is having it's a tremendous fight it's a really good fight for dostum with the situation that he's in because he has been steam rolling guys. And that television and a weird spot actually was I want to get to this this point with a because. You know what to. And over what it is events just the size the mix of guys. To have a mix between being able to really excuse everything in the game. A mix of guys you know have knocked out power speed. Loose in this. It's is I don't know is it it just seems like one of those divisions in in in MMA. Where guys mesh the best and so for that it right now is the best division. Going in your city. But there were conversations this week's a Jersey here comes out in the media and he was talking about how he wants to buy at the winner of can be versed Connor. And you know I get George won that fight. And wanted to fight the winner that I ask especially that you lost the fight cholera I mean that's been a thing has been bandied about left and right. There's a double things that are missed of this with Maine. Won. All respect to Jersey appear all time great. Arguably the best of all time. I just don't understand and he made this point this week worried his debut soon let him fight the title was that he five because they don't want him winning and I believe in division. I just. There's something about guys going down that's a miss for me when it comes to. Wanting to go down to fight smaller guys to go get belts. It was the whole thing with a new TJ do Alicia and might amount starts with him wanted to go down to launch into one about pounds. They get about. Doesn't it doesn't jive the same way with me as the chalice say as they Daniel Cormier. Where he's going up and wait Horry kind of McGregor where he was a 145 pound champ and wanna go 205 pounds. The other thing that is. Let's say it's day. Connor vs George saint Pierre fight. I think the big thing that's going to. Dear mr. this fight is it's really hard around George saint Pierre as harsh trash talk is concerned late. It's been tried it before with the Nick Diaz and Josh Tosh check where. They've talked a lot of junk. I think part of that is did the return fire of the so you know I guess via con McGregor making fun of Georgia's error. And you know how much he's been more successful as a draw and all that. But I don't think it's going to be one of those things were a good will be disappointed with the build up more so than it will be. Remember. And the other thing is with with Todd earned and and this time the match Richard and George doesn't have the most exciting style of the world. It's never been the most crowd pleasing style the world so he's almost come to a point where he can take in the best away from everybody. In any fight that goes into that almost makes the fight a little bootable. And so. I don't know there's something about this this this challenge and George wants to take. That is amiss with me I don't think guys I'd wanna see it as much as other matchup it's not that I'm not gonna pay to see it as not that. I would have fork over my money on paper view to watch it. But what I look at this what did you do five pound division and all the guys that are coming up. You know Conner has been. A guy who always looks for the big challenge it always looks for. The myth the next buzz thing and so I think he'd be at the tape in the dressing appear fight to. It says for me I. I really wanna see paid time were Connor almost defends the belt a little bit and just establishes. His great rain because levels do think that's the last thing that people put up put up against it that you know he had this this this crazy rise to the top. Where you clean out under 45 pounds he meant to go on to be five pounds they got derailed because top to the senators got hurt. That admit that they Diaz but I realize that's not going down that eventually. Wed to the Eddie Alvarez by which you know about your watch at the other day we did it would have been one of the easiest fight to Connors career it's crazy how much he went. The Randy how how how he. The figure out what about a said he our residents and we talked about that a little boot died Davis. Where are the big risk for dostum warrior to go in and and really run that fight back to make a point that he was the better man. Video Dustin as much as he had success them by there were back in force that. Like bank colored it it it was like he didn't even sweat to beat Eddie Alvarez. Just like he did against Jose Aldo and you know had a little bit of a book a dust up with Chad Mendez but. Whether really that much danger. Especially for guys that he took on you know a week's notice basically. So. You look at. You know Connors career and really the only back and forth that he's had his bid with an idea as. And so I guess that that's some of the appeal with be with the majority appear matchup. But I don't know I just feel like George is at this point is career where. It's of another time. And he is an all time great and he is the best especially of his era. I don't know I just like this cross era. Movement that they wanna do with him. To me I'd rather see Connor fight Tony Ferguson or seen him fight DP. Or Kevin Lee or any of these up and comers because I wanna see what it's like when contrast to defend the throw. Can he go on a George saint Pierre like Ron where he's just the chance or Demetrius truck or John Jones rog do we see color McGregor dude that. Instead of taking these huge. Monster super fights because really he's the super fight that's what it all comes down to beat George saint Pierre you Bob Michael Bay is being. You thought it was going to be a monster Wallace's it was a it was a good bye especially for woods been lately the USC but what's it like what he used to be. You know for me I just wanna see. Cotter in there and let's see him if he if he's able to get his belt back from can be. Kenny go out there then and defend against Tony can defend against Dustin can defend against Kevin Lee. Can I need is there a rematch against can be done the plight something like that that that's that's holes the next thing. I would like to see Colorado I guess depending on how long he's going to be by. Meant he's thirty years old that's a lot of time left for fighter. He is a lot of money to make. If he still wants to do this and for me with George saint Pierre. If he does go out there and he beats kind of McGregor. Whether Connors the champ or can be in the Chevy goes out he needs to be what's that can be beats Connor. And he says auto dealers who do well if if if that I have George saint Pierre dude this. He is he's gonna have to do for the belt does that make sense that. If you have your cheer about there and he's gonna fight GSP. Feeling about has to be on line. Otherwise what do we do what do the real consequences of the other guys I'm just biding your savior for the for the probe leads and giggles. And so you do this fight if he doesn't win and what to defied his left in this vacant weird area where then you have to have. A new belt thrown out there it's great yet George Shapiro has this feather in his cap that he's the greatest of all time but. You go for his legacy and all that I don't I don't really feel like it proves anything. We seed George savior be the most dominant what's winnable time where a terrible welterweight probably was once it's what 12. We've seen him do that we've seen him go up and do the the 185 pound thing you know the really the only intelligent we haven't seen George saint Pierre. Go through with the is beating Anderson Silva it's the fight we've always wanted it's the fight we always want to see I know it's been kicked around abated about. I think that. This idea that he's gonna go down. George was a third out great but. Then defended he went beat a smaller guy beat a smaller champion. Naturally smaller. But there what other. What do what would we go from here than that he's got a ride off into the sunset see negative and won all three about how hot. Great all awesome George what does that do for the sport. How how does it lift up your Jos a business say well you see whatever dude doesn't do it as a 1 off am I gonna sit here and defend the throne. Well what do what does that what does that lift up you know the minute somebody got close. And Johnny had a stuck close to beating you. You up that left him and and ticked about it one about drug testing. And you could argue that the world to a division got more exciting with him gone. And so then he comes back and he fights Michael Vick is being in. All right. At least you knew that 84 I was gonna be in good hands did you had a killer like rob would agree that had the interim belt bridge had no intention of fighting and the other that that annoys me about it was. You know George may have seen the ads. Our time light on the other line good to fight and defend my about the that would do fight in the mood to fight revel in them and even we know the whole time that you were going to do that. And so. All right great if my cutter Gregor that's ultimately what you want to leave that you want a fight could be so. It's almost like this. Late if caught it doesn't beat you leave and go do the George savior for it to what is a one off do it as a super fight. And you know that's gonna do huge numbers no matter what. But if Connors the champ. I don't want George saint Pierre skipping this murderer's row that's at a 155 pounds right now. It just doesn't seem right and again that's narrower and they're just skipping lines that make up their own rules and that's what they've been doing but. You could you can have that move in a lot of divisions. We can we can break the rules and have TC fighter Brock Lesnar because. You know it's now lake Steven Mears is is that far away you know the next fight he's gonna get for the title shot. But a 155 pounds light. You know we're talking about guys who work clawing to get to the top. Who are our our our Ivan to have their careers put on hold in any movement up top because it's so. Stacked. I just don't think that should be held up by gimmick fight I really don't. And especially one where. I don't find that the guy is committed to it I feel like he's at his least. Buzz worthy I think George C appears star power has only declines. And it's really the draw here is part of McGregor. Car's gonna fight it's going to be a big fight no matter what. So why not just haven't in the situation where it's done right no matter what. This in all honesty with this bill that's probably the public to be. Verses. Connor we sure that QB numbers though we should act Connor restore saviors gonna do more think about numbers give me I'm not sure. We know there's a natural bitter rivalry here we know that sells we have the bus incident. That was on Good Morning America today show all over national news. We sure. That. Connor immersed GSP even realizing what George C appears star power used to be we sure that the bigger fight than this. I don't think so. I think that's definitely questionable. Especially the natural hatred these guys have the back and forth that the lab. The natural robbery the thought Georgia get some of that driver who anybody. Is this week is now on the planet. How is he going to play the Connors gains. Growing at a know. How he's gonna feed the beast. Probably gonna get people want to four over the sixty bucks. Here's the people that road with Scott a McGregor. And so what's New York seat. Or as good view of C watching him but at the same guys that what she received here a lot to turn over the fan base. So. I get it. There there's definitely appeal there. But I don't know if it's worth it doing that fight when you have a fight that major war business coming up here. And if Condit gets his belt back. After the Mayweather stuff he's gonna be as hot as ever and I think any fight that you what they're put him in there with is going to be a monster. I think it's almost better off for the sport. If he sits there and starts showing. But have to fight that he can defend his belt that he is one of the all time greats that he was a cherry picker all those labels that you put on him. They don't really go away if you went to George saint Pierre. And beat George saint Pierre. What does Jennifer Garner. He has a lot of ResMed. But dead people to be like I followed depleted George saint Pierre had the storms dumped you don't have to do five pounds. Washed up George Xavier old. That is good for Protestant but like it's great for GSP. There's a lot of good for him. But big for Protestant point Gillick say. In the old timer good for you. Rate. We we ever gonna get back to normalcy ever gonna demand has dealt. So. Cigna George it's just like our men we get it you're great you're one of the old timers. I don't need to go win a 155 pound belt to prove anything else just a UD under the radar. Negatives that they know what John Howard pulled well back up to this. Miners feel. However that doesn't series thirty years old today he's by next week newspaper and just go. And that his second comeback by. His last it was a disaster this by the separate separate fellow well what a terrible flight. But. This is a vegan for Tyson's story because. Maybe doesn't screw this up and I imagine he's not going to mean Christ who live there have you. Jamie in the world. He he apparently has a fight lined up with Deion tea Waller that is the hotly reported thing. But the fight is close to be done close to being finalized supposedly. The odds are wat is gonna be over across the pond to watch this fight happen in Scotland so Woolsey. Always got double with the stub you never know what's gonna quite fallout but. If this fight does go down huge huge room by both guys. Tyson's fury. Our resident does slow comeback slocum back. The nub of the slocum backs there's not that does little to win advertise in jury in the slow comeback again that he has to erase some of the ring rust. Which get to with a pot 222 with a mark that's it you gotta go specially if what you're doing. In these bytes is doing what you did the last one against ever separate it was a disaster. Kiss and each other than hugging each other the miss the flight. They're stopping in the notified to watch a brawl in the crowd noises it was a good bleep bleep show plus the guy and he's carrying on like a baby at the way and get to do without the opponent. Kick cradled in your arms. Just not. And it was cool to see him back. Eventually wanna see if you Linear champ anyone really make the way back let's go already. And the odds are a lot of the deferred dance partner. Obviously because of what went down that he Joshua not. Not coming to fruition but most importantly why Dionte a lot of ties in fury is a big deal. It really gives them both the upper hand. In taking. The credibility large raise from if any Joshua. You know Josh was great and he's tremendous and he's he's he's really really talented but. Hit ridiculous I would prevent skin instead of finalizing a while their fight. I think was a big blow to a lot of people thought this guy was gonna be heir apparent to the heavyweight division. For a long time this thing was the debt the death grip of the Klitschko Brothers. It was held over in Europe 5 o'clock flights kids do you never heard of lot of concerts that are low in their name. And I think that we division suffered because of it. What type of it was able to beat. Wladimir Klitschko it opened up this whole new wave of people this opportunity. For guys to really step up. And get new flights because that I went by the wayside the next night we didn't see again was Wladimir Klitschko vs. Anthony Joshua. And Joshua before the AA great play an all time heavyweight fight to great. But since then. It's been it's been. Not the most exciting race. And part of the reason is because. One at a replacement flight there. And the other is because we've been bridge closing for the deal to a lot of idea about in the meantime the other waters bought Luis Ortiz very very challenging fight. He's been the more fan friendly fighter. And it's been frustrating about this entire thing has been I can't for the life of me understand. Why there's all these sanctioning bodies. And they would watch if any Joshua. To fight anybody but Dionte while there if you want those belts to mean anything. And so for me. The only guy out there right now whose body a true number one contender. There were a true guy who has the state to the throne is the odds and Waller. Tyson jury is the last lineal heavyweight champion he beat the man beat the man before anybody beat demand while he had the belts. Every judge ready very very. Great performance against Letterman Klitschko a way more exciting fight against Wladimir Klitschko showed more vulnerability. That it did against Wladimir Klitschko it was a north fan pleasing fight. But could you darted to be. We are going to be a ver a long long reign of not losing. It had been a long time is using Klitschko. Get put on the campus. He beat and it was thrilling. RD just lost that ties in theory. So it look if it does it's not that it loses some thing. But if we're gonna go head to head matchup Tyson Jerry verses in the new Joshua it has the means something. When your belts what it when you're looking the lineage of late belts any championship. Pass it means something. That if any Joshua. Beat Klitschko. Had a thriller. But without their loss does in theory that doesn't Geary took himself out of things so. When Tyson jury's going to make his return. And get a fight Dionte wilder. We can't forget the last time we saw it does appear in a ring a sudden that's up for suffered by less some resolve the competitive fight. Used beating the reigning heavyweight champion of the world. And so would the odds at while there he goes out here he's able to beat Tyson Jerry. Give a lot of people ordered I hate that's a man right now. And you know that's not going to be an easy thing for people in England do accept because. You know it'd just gonna fight in front of 70000. Regardless. He's beloved over there and he's an icon over there for whatever reason. Our. Fighters here in America they don't get that same kind of rub why the other lot ratify a lot of fights UAB. Is he's a sell locally by. Todd do it's it was hard to to get that the ball rolling along the nobody fights he has yet to voice the fight this thing Joshua has. And a third of the star power. Crazy stable long time. But do you think that after being protected for a long time he's out there he's taken the big packs. And look these guys go back and forth in the media all we want if this spike goes down between Tyson period Dionte while there. Actions speak a lot out of in the word czar is there's a lot of children box and there's a lot of awards that you kicked around promoted like to play games of the media. Media likes to go back and forth and and and get headlines and collects. But it would just a look at the actions of the fighter. The ought to want is actions of spoke a lot louder than if any Joshua us. You know. He's got up there and he's fought Luis Ortiz but didn't have to resort to deal drug tests. What ever reason to pull out of fight fight a guy who maybe has 43 whatever they claim. In and likely it'd probably older than that and by the way he cracks goals you got maybe some of the nasty is power in the division. The only guy who's got more power the Luis Ortiz in the division is the dog at wilder. Don't of that flight 216. Pounds. And is getting a boarded in the midst of it probably lose the fight on points. And coming back and finds a way to win. What's an actress you must take Tyson's fury. A guy who who is bid out of the fight game. 5050 to show up. But the last time it was in a ring. Against legitimate fighter was beaten the reigning heavyweight champion of the world get a really awkward style. Spite of duties equally. As tall as him. Not an easy fight. And so what you're asking me. Heavyweight champion of the world is. If delta water gets his or raised about this I don't get how many belting at any Joshua Adams. Yeah heart the heart gonna have a hard time arguing to meet. That. The odds are a lot of doesn't have a more legitimate piece of the crown. That type of fury is able to go out there needs to be Dionte wilder. You have a hard time argued to me that the guy has beaten the more legitimate heavyweight champs the last two times but he's been in the ring. To have a hard time argue enemy that it's not Tyson's fury over if any Joshua. Until it's great book. Giving judges the cashed out. He should for popular New England everybody loves him he's the golden boy the golden bony. But. Even though is what love that he may have more fans. A lot of people especially hard core box in pants pundits media people coaches. Patty must look at this and say hey it's great and all board if they just would do it stinks. Stinks now. It was a thriller to get to the top but since he's been at the top. Bit a little bit lackluster. The spike it up against of that didn't. Committed dude and Danny style man they know what I wanna see a bite out you have about it. I mean this better be if Reggie and I get to the morning to watch if any Joshua the boards that look like Lennox Lewis has been a guy is exactly looking for the knocked out. That's fine not not saying you gotta go out there and and clean everybody's clock. But reported arms race to decide who is V guy at heavyweight and they won't fight each other. What else do we go wrong. What are what are what are the things we're argue about. Add martyrs and amongst friends at meals are the Barbara jobs with a hell will we go on who's the man. It's tough haven't these arguments. If they're not gonna go up because each other to that would just got to draw parallel performances. Who looked better against whom who had a better outing the last time. Used it's hard to settle last night that bit out there who's thrilled you're more Dion there while other than just didn't close. Not even close poster com. Against every Joshua. Are surely you would stop shooting of the distance. The last buddy Joseph Parker. Look. At Ohio little box that was going on there but. No got a call an all time classic what's up silly. Not. Lust of the eye to what has been out there. He's fight through a lot of adversity to be that dangerous guy and Luis Ortiz. Got nobody want to face. Peta guy in permits to burn. Yet shall be as well he was knotted fight shape of that fight but he turned it into a debt Internet meat nugget about three dollars and ninety seconds. On the electric slide afterwards a Taliban he beat his brains and so. We're just at this point right now what these guys where if they're not gonna fight each other we're going off what they gotta do in their upcoming performances decided to menace. But. As far as opponent picking his gun. At the next dance Waterford Dionte wilder is Tyson fury. But he what is it industrial be able to do to trump that again Lennox Lewis out of retirement. Deity or get an all time great off the shelf. Because this is what you wanna see you wanna see the best fight the best they wanna see the last with a heavyweight champion Tyson period. Fight a legitimate champion Dionte a lot of I don't wanna see if he Joshua fight out of American. Who. You know is to do that do to make the ring if we get through all the drug tests don't see that does not amber anybody. So. Just got to mine were will work or get down because of very happy thirtieth birthday back in action next week against Francesca. Don't screw this up doesn't Jerry the last performance was. Less than stellar. And so you know just get through this by. Let's get that the other while a fight in December should be tremendous urban have a great rested bank and adjusters and doctor last week. The bad news. Reduce potion on the bullpen for those it and know this thing rolls of the Mike sounds a little different. That be why a man if you guys are curious of such radio type tactics so. Let's get into. Some of the things that we were and who gets on the show. A lot of a lot of chirping about this rig were at a very slow time mixed martial arts and boxing. Things of pickup in the fall again. But yeah for the most part it's pretty slow right now and there's UC until like. I think August 25 or some ballots or come up it's about sort of some shine coming up but it's it's a little bit slow man slow a slow as far as boxing is concerned there was a lot of service going into this story. With TJ do a show. Couple things around in the street obvious is the chances against the road this week. Tito shot a theory he resigned below the ballot Brenda job India fears that the UC love coated our brand and one of them to win. And that he felt this respected and that he spoke to leave a tow lot in the and the entire title reign title run. You know as far as he had to go back and get. Had to go back and he had to get. Himself you know some wins before Indian title shot again and that you know the FC wanted to run back to codify it right away even though he won that fight. But here's the thing with the with TJ this is what doesn't jibe with me with that complete. Or that thing that he's pointing out. I get that he's saying that the UC wants Cody Garber had to be a star. Because they want stars and the securities I think he's got the package. Really quite know why everybody jumped on Cody thinking he could be V guy. He's not the greatest personality in the world he's got a cool personality. Obviously those those tweets that came out those who have a bummer deceit. Fly out with Cody but you know it's not like I don't I hadn't watched regard brand. And thank almighty god the skies unity that's coming. His performance against Dominick Cruz was very impressive I mean he beat the breaks off of Dominick Cruz in a way that TJ hatton. And so I when he was he was part of Lockett in the midst of the fight. So maybe that's what. People solid but it did feel like Cody got this monumental backing. That had been seen by other fighters like zoos the the the face of body armor before going into it. Maybe the first clinic it's your what you just talking about. That that Cody was get more than shine and other bull put an Ultimate Fighter they've both got that platform. I think TJ actually given that we can better than Kerry did quite frankly. And here's the big here's the big change I think in TJ east theory. You know. They were. Basically shaming to teachers Johnson. In the fighting TJ delusional. Not putting Barbara. You know for the longest time Dana was out here there's threats that they're gonna shut down the division if he did take the fight against heated Alicia. Basically. In tune nervously making a quote unquote super fight for TJ do Alicia. Like he did to the show he's an exciting fighter he may be. One of those well rounded fighters on the roster with with his abilities. With with how he strikes people Yi Yi is really really tremendous. Put. That's about Ito and for him he's he's he's got all the stuff inner ring. A little bit they'll outside the ring it's starting to come out a little bit more what he's doing this week queries called much about the Davis. Amounted Davis has been hard calling him out. He's doing great stuff now that's a book a time you know late. People always look at at the rise some guys have you as some of people like a rocket ship like Connor McGregor and it comes up in about. Eighteen months time and in other than the than the next coming both for the most part but there's a lot of guzzle a while before their looked upon as the stars that they are. And peel it just didn't jibe with be with TJ was hey man there are turning to the mighty mouse fight like crazy there are trying to. Do you view this opportunity to become a multi division champion. They would do an effort Cody. And you know maybe kodi would've being given that opportunity had he won that fight against you initially. But there weren't due the first plan. Was to go they give it to you it's just that what might announces the begin surgery and they had looked as we know with tire will be right now. They are desperate to probe the title fights so. I can see where TJ is coming from. Where they say oh you they want code to be the guy. News younger. Skip the next cat's neck that's a huge. Now if your neck that you are you're the you're the thing obviously but who's in seriousness. I get or what you just got to vote it says it's not a 100% sell for me. I can't I can't I can't ignore the fact that the UFC was out here. Trying to make the Demetrius Johnson title fight for you. There let you skip the line. Had a 125 pounds to fight mighty mouse. So. I don't know the other thing is. You know he doesn't think Dominic cruises are those does Tom and XP has it been out since. He lost to co regard Brent. And RA. That's fine I mean you know maybe maybe dobbs should go get one more fight. Improve himself you know he is. Look deposit on the topic it's which champions of all time bloody big disaster like go to Garber and we make no mistake about that. It's just it's weird to me that. TJ has become this weird guardian of the championships and and why. Such as he's got he's got a reasoning for everybody you know. It's a little Tyrell was the S and I think that is always a dangerous place to go with fans. When Euro is explaining why I deserve this and such as such doesn't deserve that. Is it becomes very caddie and I am I don't think it's that thing that makes you very very personable fans. No he's George about it Davis started Davis who don't know you're the next motionless on the things up boxing. Tank Davis. Is. I would say the most talented guy that Floyd Mayweather has promoted. Floyd Mayweather has not been the greatest promoter in the world. But people look at Joseph wanted their businesses that guy. It is a 135 pound Mike Tyson he's he is a very very dangerous man for that size also is neck that's. And people thought that he has the chance to be one of the really young stars and box. Dovonte had a little bit of a heck of what he thought of the Mayweather McGregor under Carty fought really really lackluster. Style and his win. Came out just like a fur beat. And it doesn't said he got to win against it there's been a lot of turmoil between him and Floyd Mayweather. Has become BFF with Adrian Broder. And young guy comes from from from the hardship to Baltimore. But. Put a really really devastating body body attacker he is. He is really really talented and and and really can be something. But he said after the Cody TJ if I that he wants about the got to talk Cody advantages of bringing on more of the believer. So they're going for the that I can cure it's. To just as last around. And eventually got the two just saying go go go go call your daddy Floyd Mayweather and I am really issue and let you do despite the FC. I gotta say. You know it's finishing because this has been very tumultuous relationship between two Vontae Davis and put there with a foot mail those out there saying. They want to below what you go fight. And this thing goes agency about that with Javon thing is it about his very young. The moments ago has been just make you be able quit left to right in the ring. And that just goes all harder than 10% against. The Floyd Mayweather career boxing playbook. Floyd Mayweather was always. Fight the easiest guy. For the biggest paycheck. And Lumet Shiancoe is. The hardest guy for an equal pay chip most likely. And so I just sounded very surprising. Now. The thing that would be huge huge amount and if he does go there and fight TJ and there are a lot of fight in in mixed martial arts. You'll have a little below which acreage Iran today crossover. There's not a lot for Javon to lose in this regards if he was to do it. Because he is gonna lose. We always gonna lose but that's the thing we know he's gonna lose if he shows the balls to separate to a cage. He didn't do what Floyd did he didn't take him MA fighter bring him over. To the sport to it to the sweet science. He has the guts to step into an octagon. With one of the data smell a planted TJ bill shock. I think his credit goes Google. The roof the roof even if he gets martz. Even if he does get put down quickly. I think it's a big time career move for about Dave Davis I think it's a Smart Smart maneuver. And I think that'll have lead up for the Loma check go by because TJ and Lamar are are are tight they trained together. Before before matches. I know what people are market Jerod today because they think he's getting disaster warped and he probably will get disaster warped. But I think it's a good career move I really do. I really do I think that him do in this fight if he does though if he does the it was it was ray Mercer or the James Toney excuse me if he does that. I think that's a big time transferred to qualitative it's pretty comes great reward nobody's taken that Spencer ricks and we've Siegel we've seen now every all these they guys who wanna go to boxing but we haven't seen the reverse. Gonna be adjusted. In CN if deal why would be into making this happen to you be cool if Floyd Mayweather back. As a face for with UFC again so that we talked of Floyd ever doing that when he's a pro microphones. And then ultimately wins amounted does go back to boxing. Because he's had the fight with TJ. Then there's a little bit of natural he with him and Loma Genco. I think it's a good movement at Mikey. I know what people are just think it's it's 200 top thumbs and maybe it is what I think I think for. Everybody involved I think it's a really really good fight. I don't know how great will be in the cage but I think as far as lead at this concern. You know if TJ is that for some of that wall you know he finds each fruit corporate true number one contender. Ward who allow mighty mouse to come back and see of that fight comes to fruition soon doesn't pseudo. Trilogy. I think this is followed men I like this a lot I think they should do it. Other news that happened this week up. What it was just Trevor Brian. Is train locally that to a factor of four it was Stacey McKinley. He got himself a win over BJ floors for round tko. He was the interim WBA. Championship so that's cool he's gets a piece that title. He's. He's you know really really may see a lot of work that's been put into that so as William shot to a guy haven't followed that down here. And a one image in this so. Vote 21 votes a lot of mentioned Greg Hardy because of wind did which is a contender series 172 knock out. All they I guess they would with a Greg Hardy is. Look. This is very controversial a lot of people don't want Greg Hardy in the UC and it's gonna it's gonna blow up even more. What he's actually fighting in the UFC. But. You got to get ready for his Dana White is salivating every time this guy goes and destroy somebody. In this Tuesday that contender series so. Just be ready for it. You know fighting so a lot of bad dudes and do the and that's another thing is we've we've got to throw out there like we can't. We Candace fight fans UFC or boxing. Look at business say it's anything new it's not. There's a lot of rough characters. That have been in this sport. And I don't think we watched boxers because they're good guys that they we watch because we want. To watch two men in a ring Horry cage each other's brains and which is about the most primal thing. There is left in sports. So who. You know. I'm not saying if you don't wanna watch don't want to that's fine that's on you I'm not going to be one of these guys that protest studio city. Because Greg parties fighting unit. Because. Of course a lot of guys spend the USC or bella tour or boxing. That have bad pass whether it's. Domestic violence shootings deaths arrests. Gambling womanizing. A lot of bad stuff and not say that domestic violence is an on another level I'm not saying what he did wasn't disgusting. It's suggests. What he did what when you go to the law. You know I don't know whether we get to the point where you're not allowed to work anymore especially. In something like this you're an independent contractor. You're not in a league. He got kicked out of believe it cost him his career he's now fighting for pennies on the dollar what he was making or would have made. In his NFL career so. Analysts say that our party suffered. But he certainly has faced really big consequences. For what he did. And I think were kind of the point where if you wanted to disagree guarding you wanna maker good deed batting Greg Hardy. But little thing where the pole with a guy can't make a living in some kind of professional athletics that's what he does. So just just some food for thought there. His counterpart at American top team is Colby Covington. I thought Cody I thought we made a really really sound point this week. When it comes to his title match with. Tyrone would. And you don't throw a lot of fights that news and CNN news inch to an end. Pledges to the final their product to be fighting Nick Diaz. Or fighting the winner Darren till verses. Tire will only. But Cody. Made a sound point amidst all the the BS does everybody always looks and haven't. You know losing the cloud shows that you sounds vague although the number that we've heard but. Either way I got a gay guy got an entire arena booing him he got people feel feelings. And that's pretty impressive for just having. One flight were people are paying attention and even if you were paying attention of the Damien by people pay attention to what he said. After the Damien by a flight so per Colby. The fight against RD day it was really the first fight people or paying attention to Colby Covington. From the start of finally getting announced. Through. Results and here's the other thing. Everybody thought is gonna in his that's walked in the Saudi if there were not a lot of people picking him. He dominated ardea he really. I didn't think it was a close play innocent to a vote close by a 32 meadows for one that'd be used very close at all. But that being said. He makes a fair point. And this week radios. You know I just noticed at all we had to rush to attire will be fine it's very short sided by the USC. To have distilled version with a fight. Which is they're just doing because they need a title fight. And why we would build up will be verses myself I mean that is they've. Big time fight in need some build up and I think he's right I think I think that that neither a lot of media. I think you need to get people started rooting for your champion entirely. There's obviously. There is obviously a big racial element to it you know always the white due to conservative loves trump. Is that the white house with a belt. And attire will be has been out there saying that black champions are not treated. The same as as white champions by the USC they're not treated on the same level he thinks that's plays the part of why is not a bigger star than he is. I just think that this is this fight. Good to have a lot of build up and gotten us to know these two individuals on a different level. I really think for the most part. Would have made to Iowa in the popular. In a lot of people's eyes for the first time because he has that foil it'll be Covington. An and of polygamy do wins this fight mean he becomes. Bonafide as the biggest villain in the USC on the planet most hated. Maybe more aid in the collar Gregor because covers a lot of little love and hopefully cut Kobe has a lot of evil. Who love him even though you got to realize that this is all just a work. I don't think there's a lot of people who are riding with Colby although book. There's one thing that is always lost the most are our country. That there are a lot of people on the other side of the planet Blake. You know Donald Trump wasn't voted president because nobody voted for him. So disaster be kept in mind I just think that. As good as the smaller fighter figures WC Politico by the way is set I really do I don't think that many natural rivalries but don't think that they have. Many things that. Can play on emotions just naturally. I think this could have been the next John Jones vs Dennis Cormier. Who is doing a toy and play dead to let Willie fled their until and not just his would have that you would have been better off canceling the paper view. And making it a fight night then you would have doing this. Olson. And do it that's pushover and everybody thank you for tuning in things he ended died Davis for joining the show. Go watch his fight September 1 at the seminal casino Coconut Creek levee guys we'll talk to next week.