Fighter's Fury 8-19-2018 (Wilder vs Fury set, Problem with being a McGregor training partner, Usman backup for Till vs Woodley)

Fighter's Fury with Tobin
Sunday, August 19th
Tobin discusses Tyson Fury's win over Francesco Pianeta and setting up a superfight matchup against Deontay Wilder. Is the winner of this fight a more legitamate heavyweight champion than Anthony Joshua? Is Tyson Fury nearly as sharp as Wilder for this match up? Will Anthony Joshua start losing supporters if his upcoming fight stinks? Why is the GGG-Canelo rematch lacking buzz, three weeks out from the fight? Conor McGregor's young training partner James Gallagher suffers a rough loss in Bellator after trying to show up his opponent. Is Justin Gaethje facing a must win fight against James Vick? The UFC plays it safe with Darren Till vs Tyron Woodley. They tag Kamaru Usman as a back up opponent for the bout. When will Colby Covington get back into the fold. Donald Cerrone almost dies cave diving.

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Mixed martial arts and it's time for fighters feeling each side will. Here's fueling. Had a good Sunday morning everybody welcome on end of fighters theory here on seven ID the tickets nobody here with you as for the next hour you'll die of all over the world of mixed martial arts. And boxing and we will start off today with the sweet science as yesterday. In Belfast. They had themselves the showdown the Gypsy came making his second fight returned against Francisco. And looking at. Better and shape I think that's the best thing you come out of this fight with would Tyson's fury. You know. All the rumors started to leak out all of the reports from start to come out in the in the lead up to this fight. He and the other law there aren't a crash course. Set for. What seems like Las Vegas later on this year the that he BCJ. Image above the world it was a big big deal for both of them because. It seemed like in the Joshua has put a bit of put up a bit of a blockade right now and is just mandatory hunting as far as belts are concerned. I would that be in the case. Heavyweight division needed something that was going to spark dangerously all respect to the fight that's coming up. In October between anti Joshua and Alexander of that and it just now be wanna see right now. But ties of yours return has been exciting for the heavyweight division it degrades in a former lineal champion. Back in the ring back in shape having his life together you know that it was very sad like eight getting the getting to see him dethrone Wladimir Klitschko. Something that. I really thought bogged down heavyweight division for a long time and Klitschko I think his reign will be more respected as time goes on but for the most part in ills Philip rebels held hostage for the longest time. They were doing budget for the afternoon but don't put bytes of for the afternoon didn't have the same passion. Obviously. You know. We despite kids in America. Klitschko is not exactly you know spark it up the microphone didn't have that charisma the thing about a lot of us were looking for from our heavyweight champions. And at least with the belt shifting hands over to Tyson's fury. You knew that you had a charismatic champion you got a guy who could self fights a guy that was gonna make whoever he fought. For the most part interest staying and we were aged and watching him fight just with Klitschko got to borrower. We weren't interest in watching him fight and he did exactly have the personality to back that up either. Know a lot of it was jabbed grab hold. And did didn't captivate the imagination. And Tyson's fury while it doesn't exactly have. The most exciting Faisal in regards to a knockout artist and what you'd probably look for from a giant 69 heavyweight. You know the thing is his unorthodox ways of did it and stick it in movement for that size and the way he looks also is interesting in itself. You know yes day and try new recreate the old famous Ali robe. Rolled duck and dive missing. I didn't do the Shimmy like Dolly did afterwards but it was still it was still fought a flood moment in an otherwise pretty uneventful flight. You know we got his rounds and got ten rounds and and we're start to see that okay. He looks like he is in boxing shape you'd probably not quite where it was before Klitschko but he's getting there and so. This fight at the odds that while there. I think does get to shift a little bit from everybody clamoring for it that he Joshua versed Dion Tay Waller that that being the only heavyweight fight. This is a good fight as the fight that's gonna have a hell of a lead up. These guys both. Despise it and Joshua and so can urinate on have a little bit in the lead up to both missed. And whoever comes out on top of the UB undeniable that point that they are deserving of the Anthony Joshua fight. And every Joshua doesn't answer the bell. Whenever the the the smoke clears from the next to match ups. I think I think the news the turning point for Josh was gonna be really really bad. It's a really good move by the onto it while there too because. Look at you talk about what the prime. Bullets to go get Tyson Jerry I would say now is the time. You know I think people look at this match up. Probably two years ago I think that ties if you're it was gonna box. Got a lot of space saw that while there. Has been in there with the caliber of opponent. Has admitted there with a guy who can really school him in the ring and has a really didn't do us chiles and should relations of the heavyweight champion yet. And he's got a lot of that in the time that ties appears to try to get himself back in shape to despite that has not only become more captivating. In Tyson Jerry's absence I think it's also probably sort a lot of people's opinions on where the spyware of god I think if you make despite 2015. A lot of the pundits are look at and say this too much for the odds that water remember these guys. I have themselves well in ring running in the a couple of years ago after believed the other Wallace fight still got. Terrible flight. And it got people excited for this this this guy people really really inclined to really. Be. Excited about has now. Conceded that kind of rekindled this almost. What I like about it is this. It doesn't just seem like they're doing it. For. The fame and glory though that also goes with it I liked it there have been put forth that this is. For the honor boxing Greg this is to have two guys. We wanna see the look of the biggest challenge. Certainly but president Jerry you can say this is the biggest challenge out there. I mean right now yup there water is the most dangerous men walking the planet. Even when he loses or is losing he had the chance to knock your face off and would fight like we just so who's Ortiz. He was losing that fight. He was a danger that fight. It didn't matter still found a way to win that's how good his powers. And for Dionte wilder. You know he is now because being in any way. After what seemed like it very protected career. And a guy that may be old took too long to get in there with a who's who because of I don't know who was the the PBC blueprint or if it was. Just say a lack of belief from his people that he wasn't ready. But instead of fighting all these anonymous guys like did you apply and and she peeled guy and all that he's now gone in there with guys who. Feel like taking get remain very very tough fight and so. This buddy of president Jerry. There's a tremendous match up it is a styles clash. It has two very charismatic. Individuals. What they can sell the hell out of a fight. As that's what showtime was put on paper view. It doesn't say. For a while we are we are excited for a paper you out that's gonna does it evolved to now allow whereas the doesn't involve Floyd Mayweather. That in involves. The heavy which image of the world I don't know the last time you could say that that meant there was a paper view worthy heavyweight championship this certainly is that. This is definitely be your money's worth for the lead up four. The styles clash. For the guys involved and what's the lie you know. It's got a lot of loses this fight. It's hard to imagine. Him getting back. Into the FB Joshua discussions without a huge huge career rally. He's older. He's got a lot of fights. Talked a lot oblique. And he's rolled the dice here. What if he's able to beat Tyson fury is specially if it's in spectacular fashion how any fashion. It's going to be pretty undeniable for a lot of people. That he's got. The more legitimate claim to the heavyweight throne. I don't care alleged jewelry if we Joshua is walking around without any belts that he has or how many section embodies siesta please. If you tell me that. The other wilder. Was able to beat Tyson fury the last guy to beat the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. How old you can't say that he's got the big claim. To being milkman. Then Joshua does is a pretty art argument for me look. I'm not deny that if he just was fantastic. He's also. Bought. He got to be Ted drives me when he beat Wladimir Klitschko. Did you meet more motivated Klitschko. DDB a more aggressive bladder Klitschko yes it was a way got to fight that would Tyson's fury be flattered let's go absolutely. What even still he get a Klitschko who is a couple lost anti security whatever the reason whether the rematch didn't happen. When you look at that lineage of belts. That can't be forgotten. And so Tyson's fury. Getting into his first. Real clash. Since this hiatus. It's gonna be against the odds are a lot of the other a lot of beats him. The last man to beat demand. It's hard to deny worries that it be really hard. If you're gonna make an argument Joshua averse wilder. Mortgages doorknob paper where a gorgeous sit around the bar are good who is the man. I don't care what adults that if we just rather OK that'd be Joseph barker I don't care what he collected from Charles Moore and I don't care. What it comes down to who beaten another guy. The until it gets is what we have Tyson Jerry he beat the guy. And it doesn't fury with the spy. Yet about what the best British clashes that we're gonna see a long long time should get that shut out in me Joshua golden boy against the Gypsy king. The guy who's outcasts by everybody doesn't look like a heavyweight champion a guy who. It is outcast. In his own society. Resist the Joshua Olympic champion. Gold medalist. World champion. This this clash with a lot of line. And a very very excited about it a biggest fight fans we have to be very very excited about this. It but he Joshua. Can sit on the sidelines right now. And he can dig up about can fight about say that's a walk over. But as far as cheers is concerned. Mean just Josh rumors back in just doesn't have it. An addict addict can't be thought of as anything else of art or any of CF he Joshua gathering by himself doing his thing but. Look the last that he's been out of that ring. Hasn't been the most relieved by the what he had an all timer gets Latimer Klitschko there's no denying that it'll never be taken away from Anthony Joshua. That was an all time clash. But. What were the arms race of key get people interested. From from from every boxing fan because very fleeting when your fight and call us to come. And it seems like you got the ref waved off to even have that and inside the distance but Joseph Parker fight good flight on paper snooze or the ring. And not say that if it just Rose Bowl but it is what it is just wasn't as thrilling so. As the as the months go by as the fights Dubai. It's easy to have that argument on your side when the out of water if you what do got a flood dominant Brazil. Or somebody like that. Where you just like our he's got to do what he's got to do he's got a visit mandatory no. If he. Is fighting Tyson fury. A fight that everybody in your country wants to see you fight. A fight that had a lot of meaning over in England if the other wild as the guy who takes away that oh. He's not only. Winning the more important fight. He's taking away one of your big meal tickets over there. And I'm sure that doesn't make a good living for a long time because he is very very popular across the pond. But even still taken this fight away. From Anthony Joshua is a win in itself for Dion there Waller. Because. It really really feels like he was played. That this was something that was meant to keep every Joshua and headlines because what he has been doing in the ring has not been sufficient. As far as. He be keeping people excited about seeing. So right now all ports getting into it October when he fights Beckett is to see anti Joshua would not lose. Or to see him make a big statement that he is the man. But as far as the match up and by the American now know that loses bugs. That loses does a let's not forget the things that that does suck about this. You know the other one it was gonna go fight but Beckett in Russia. He was getting goal. Over to Moscow to fight this man that if you Joshua just Joshua gets does get to hold town match against this guy. And the reason that Mike didn't happen is because. American Pete hot. And so. Somebody tried to cheat to Friday on that Waller. This is a look at it for those of you who was of the show you know I'm not the biggest. A podium a performance enhancing drugs. But. The frustration they have met that Dion there a lot of must've felt. To know that despite steep fall by the wayside because guys can't stop. Getting pop for tests. Had to be enormously frustrated. And see that guy get the reward of fighting for the head UH image of the world unified heavyweight championship of the world. And the other water had to scrapped clawed coma this kind of solution that sucks man that in itself is showing new. What people all have had a problem with the boxer. That a guy like Alexander Ovechkin after what he did get this kind of reward. And got a lot of do what he's been doing quite Luis Ortiz after he pops protests. Coming out of a fight that he was losing and knocking him down. He can get the Joshua by just showed you in a nutshell what has been hurting the sport for awhile. It's great that these fights are happening. Very very excited to see both match obscure down. What if you wanna talk about which what you Europe has been more it's not even close. While their fury is way more side than anything Anthony Joshua can draw on the table for the near future we're back after this. Each finder's feeling. It feels like anybody. This gun control and make a big play with the eventual I think we don't know who told him about the biggest. Inside ball players who wrote I've read these and whatnot and since I'm. They told. My guns five cents in Munich contract they signed a contract. Hindsight yes now he gets he's shown us to point lineal heavyweight champion love. I promise. I don't mean losing. Tonight ten runs one thing I promise legal the last Vegas this nothing you don't. They're having essay in the ring Kersey BT sports. But failure tickers on their solid showtime Manny got to keep it clean up of dollars smears it was important so we don't got loose in London. Well that's on the case. You gotta have yourself basically he quickly that says they don't care man. You gotta gotta you gotta keep it you gotta keep elusive is that. It's interesting fight it's period signified though I will say. If your watches last to come back fights against Tyson Peary. Sever separate up I was a joke it's terrible but doubling of baby at the weigh ins. Then literally stop the fight the mill the fight to want to fight in the crowd. You know the plasma against reds escapee and at a you mean you got to see some elusive mr. dies and Gary. Bad and that's that's great to see it looks like. He's ever looks like either way that are shade that when he was out of the ring army were talk about league I was pushing reported pounds now as satellite to fifty. So let's say this fight happens in December. In Las Vegas to get on another. She you know another four months to get ready for this thing. Eight I I don't know I would InBev would be a better party or should you would say. And the odds at water. He is shorter than ties appear which is gonna be odd for him. He came in last remedy very very light I think used to sixteen. For the Luis Ortiz fight so. Given very very small. It obviously to see what kind of the yards there water body we get for this one but. No matter what size he is we know that he could put you to sleep. This is at stake there're couple things. As far as guys have their opinions on it Tony bell you. These starve creed. He came out and he's got to be what does appear for a while David talked about possibly on a fight. At heavyweight and he thought that. Jas organ and it within three rounds chip of the cannon Briggs who has also been chairman back and forth but Tyson period. He's also being kind of cut off by this. Agreement. Because it looked like liberation it was gonna be the next one to fight fury in the come back. And he also things of this guy and and ended three he says those are big bill appliances. That does appears that with. Bad diablo can crack I believe I believe it was two should embrace your has coined the phrase that he has. Pitcher with their clothes on and leave you butt naked power. Which is a tremendous sang and Shannon should make that a teacher. He did it would this offer to Tyson period. General ray says all spoil you on live television or Internet for free we can do in New York or your home gym in Manchester. All come alone no trainer nobody I scared to know do you. Cancer that lowered its detection of the Kent AK lords of the intent of champ Chester. As to what's urgent because of course. Like to see that just for the spectacle of it I think it be awesome also pursue and get some buzz on this as well. Is that we have around a flight it'll definitely draw some promotion. ID and I think. The one thing you would say if you were present fury with this match of of of how you're going to take at a guy like shed any notion and has. Really really devastating national power mean the guy has more first round knock outs that we were division and anybody. The audio say with that you know he is more he's more of a body snatch election and will take your soul when it comes and hits the body. The other Waller he goes he goes for the had a mean it's head shots down so. And I don't know matchup wise if it's you Def video with a strong individual powerful individual. You know 64 as opposed to 66. But. I just the quality of opponent you give a guy who was. The last Leo champion from America. Very very equality I don't know if it will happen by the beautifully cool to see it. In the lead up to me that B be pretty awesome. Either way. Tex is right in 67974. I want to seek it LO without agent be registered algae as well as a fight policy. It does feel like that's sneak up on us and we are three weeks away from that. And it felt like that fight was hotter than ever. What they got remade all around the stuff that was happening with that and it's it it's really I believe 24/7 premieres this week. Was it it's nice to know I think it's I think it's in ten days and your careers. I think that'll help but it does feel like that can eligible G buzz has died down a little bit and I gotta be also the after all the lead up that happened with a preview with all that the drug testing the tainted meat. And everything around that it felt like that fight. It had the extra kick that it didn't have for the first matchup. So I really really a make excited to see. What they can do to turn up the Jews but I'm Obama got a with a Dexter as far as I wanna see that matchup and see what can only gonna be like. But I also wanna see how tripled he's gonna use that in the five Russian beer and it's been very very high style. With how these guys have spoken to each other. And that was definitely lacking the last time they fall blossom they thought it was more day. Let's just do the best is that's also a mall Ford not everything needs trash talk that everything needs bitterness but. What you're gonna do it again the fact that it ended in controversy the fact that there's been a a dirty PED test. All that stuff like on triple G side a lot of ammo for guys usually just buddy big that I on the show is and testing. There's a bulges and had a lot of hostility naturally built up at him but now. Feels like he does. He has something to actually go I canal Alvarez with so very very much looking forward to that flight when it can happen. The world guy also says that were a reliable sources told to be out there Waller is bought and paid for you'll take a dive the hell ribbons are behind it. And he can ever he can ever come up Al ravens. Of those who don't know is is David Beckham's Bob group which I suspect. Burned down those golf carts. I know the gators that weirdo who apparently was the arsonist behind the golf carts and apparently a water park. Which is as real as an arsonist you gonna go to our data want a part this is. Cool but what kind of messes you singer than your bleed to kid Summers. Or burned down the water parks so that you could burn. Golf carts. That was Dexter though ballclub talked eligible to golf carts in the midst of political debate while people try to get soccer here. That that that is picking your spots that is that is bringing some drama is as an arsonist. Them but they got a water park that's the jerk move I gotta be honest with you manager moves so. What does it do whatever they a little bit. This we get ballots or this is a mole that man so James Gallagher. Is it's 11 year old irishman so submission artist he trains have got to McGregor. Not a lot of you guys saw this and saw about a especially but he made his return he had a you're very very impressive debut but it was about. Sure I would say a year and a half ago tore his knee had some cuts and a lot of injuries. But. It's. It's eight it's a shameless. Look what to try to do it make you gallery there come McGregor also lot of lead young brash undefeated. Not a knock out artist he goes to show what the bleachers out. But try to cut a record as BJ. Here's why in the argument today when they house. And the 21 year old got heat he comes to the ring and Ricky he's screens right there was states. Right news' face it was I don't even have to comedy that a team got to flip open guided bothering. I've never seen a walk into the cage before and shows scream at a news days. Before going to his quarter. But here's the problem when you try to be Trotta McGregor. You'd better come with the winds. And OJ is dollar was. Packet himself a big time record. And a lot of buzz. You can't get sidekick to the fix. And he did he did a monster right hander from Ricky. Who then decided to. Wonder boy tossed him right in the grill. And he got dropped and ended badly. So. He's got your back to the drawing board but that is it that is managed in big lake. When you come from cotta McGregor is jet. There's a lot that comes with the weight of trying to beat him you know Dylan Dennis is doing this is well he just made his professional debut. The bullpen and James are both submission artist middle public that thick monster. Left hand that puts people make night's sleep sleep. You know they go out there at look you can see that dollars a very aggressive style. At least tried to impose his will to get his his his arms around your neck and submit your. It's just it it's hard evident brash brash style when you have to go have that was somebody's engages Connor a lot of times if you must. If he wants to engage you like he's got to find his way there's not there's not this. There's not this this action set that he has to get to the do it. Can do from a distance. It to a from. Places in range. I would change it has to be argued to deal with Doug that is just beyond me to do it both of them are are really really great on the microphone. But let's say the ball to the microphone either that they are very good and I do think they bring. Precious and charisma. But there is going to be a lot of pressure out of anybody who comes from that Jim. If they Cobb would that back. To back it up. And if they don't. A lot of we're gonna get labeled as phonies. That there that there Connor wannabes. Look if you did gallery you to watch that come McGregor rise he's 21 years old so you know watch this rises you about. Seventeen. When dollars in mainstream. And even earlier than that I imagine they've known each other so. It's it's understandable why you want to use that pass the BC guy from your country. Taught that mess and they get that kind of success. It's understandable why you wanna use that blueprint. But. It is imperative and always shown why. The results account McGregor are not often spoken about enough. And are respected enough. But they matter. They matter you know that you can only have that run for so long to remember remember what jail. Just on an all time trash talker. And we remember when the stuff worked. And it worked for awhile and it worked when he beat the holy Helen Anderson Silva for four and a half rounds. But eventually if you don't continue to put on board for impressive performances. They give it to wait it can wait up people buying new. As an acceptable opponent who can actually beat people. So. James had a lot of time to get his career back on track what people lose in mixed martial arts is busy military look no torque. They're not necessarily putting their guys up against the best competition. But they are putting about a big stage. Make no mistake about that you know lot of guys when they are that's of that port their career. Six fights and the double flights and if you're aired Peco one fight and if your peak of health. You know MP go is. Making his pro debut would ballots or at Madison square garden and lost. And he's got a really nice rally since but it does come with some. Some risks that you don't get that. You don't get opportunities as do this that the local gym or convention senator. Or somewhere. Where a lot of these guys get their starts a lot of the great fighters that we watch your local they're getting their starts but they're also doing a lot of learning that their heavenly experience of fight for the first time. There walked into the ring for the first time to get hoosiers out. And also there's not millions of people watching on television. So. There's a lot actually Beckham's whether. But that was that was rough like when you when you scream it at its base before a fight. And he mortal combat you with a sidekick to the grill. I was so. Kris. Crazy Impreza watch though janitor upended and they just the thing is I say. That was a very impressive went very very impressive we come back there's existing. Backed a plan going for USC to 28 with Tom what Lee and Darren until what I about that next. Beats miners feel. Back guys about this theory here on seven I do that ticket. Stolen away deal. I wanted to be does some of the local rundown of what's happening near load because there was some fight action coming up a week from today. At the. Mary I Coral Springs hotel commend senator is access than 21. This is going down next Sunday. And edit a cool thing if you look at for some local mixed martial arts they're raising money for the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas wrestling team. I guess gave it to you that access and fights dot com via as much or some action there. If you're a boxing fan there's a few cards that are coming up. Anti promotions. They're having brawl at the beach. At the Palm Beach convention center on August 31. And I'm excited for Al because Tyrone spong is going to be back in the ring as he looks to extend is have you record to twelve and hope. And then of course you know September 1 that next day ballot the creek has gone down and I Alli Davis or boy he is going to fight at the komen event. At the several casino and Coconut Creek which is right next to where he also trains of the spotters on the planet at American top team. So that is that's what's coming up. Pretty soon down the pipe there's also. A lot of buzz on social media that September Tony if there is supposed to be another boxing card at the hard rock and put on by the heavyweight factory so. That's also governor of the Bible get more of that is that close them but in August 26 next Sunday exit from fights at the merry ought. Calls for and so it's not to mention senator and they are raising money for the martyrs -- Douglas wrestling team orders that first yup brawl to be stone spawned. Is gonna make in his ring debuts boxing. I'm not debuts Boxee return as it posted a twelve though at the Palm Beach County convention senator. And then battle of the creek diet Davis is in the komen event at the seminal casino. In Coconut Creek but a quiet time for USC as we haven't had a lot of actions that a few weeks off next week. There will be back in action I believe it's in Lincoln Nebraska with a fight night. Good man event just engage she against James Vick this tradition for a couple of reasons. Odds is Vick is on winning streak. Big big lightweight a big hundreds of fiber. A 63. These guys got very very personal what that little. Dais. Press covers that went down and for just engage see it comes down to this slight if he doesn't win this fight. His his cross over into. The USC. Is. Is going to be pretty flat lined after this I would think and it's not just because. He goes in there and he's having trouble coming out with a win it's just that. It feels like the jig is kind of up with him as far as the style to beat him. You know he has had. Some success is solid he hasn't gotten of these fights and he hasn't been able to. Put a lot of damage on guys but just feels like he's got he's got one card to play it while everybody else has three. And so with this I would James Vick. It was it just in to CJ's Vick gets so emotional lead up to this. As in I think that's kind of the worst way to go out this you wanna be calculating wanna take your time you wanna pick apart just engage you so. If James Vick wants to come forward even though he's got the size advantage even though he's got. A good win streak Tony's feel confident with themselves. He's got also realized. That. The bluebird has been laid out there to be just engage. You know you avoid him break you down with those nasty nasty leg kicks. You don't go when their desperate tried to get into a firefight with them. It is tough lake look. He's been a dozen boy Eddie Alvarez and that has happened but those guys have gotten the better of them that come out of it and they've they've they've taken their licks. It didn't feel like either one hole was really really. Close to losing those bites me maybe you can look at sale like the the leg kicks got pretty brutal for Dustin but. Lick it up. And so this fight which is Vick will be huge and watched also Michael Johns is back pastries by an under Philly good fight there to Gallup murder Brian barber Rina Jumbo raga. That's it's it's a river that I scarred for a side and I fighters will be about your seat back their lives. Starting next week and men. Two weeks out we got ourselves you'll see 228. And that's could retire with a against Darren tell. Which will be initially quite a music it's a it's a crazy matchup in size as there until has a huge. Huge size advantage. Two entirely but also. This is a bit of a different matchup for Darren tell he's going in there with a guy who's a tremendous wrestler. Who has been in there who has. More chevys or browns that a lot of guys on the roster right now he's been out for awhile so WW Susie how Tyrell the looks as far as ring rust is concerned how does the ad is the deal with the the size and the reach advantage but here's the thing we have seen. Tirelessly against Stephen what do what Thompson. If you want Google anime math here doesn't always translate but it eventually look at. We just saw there until the fight against Stephen Thomson. Where. TV it was very calculated these guys not engaging a lot. He they both duel as on the line fighting at tech crazy distance that there are fighting at. It took Derrick until until very late that fight to really put it on Stephen Johnson which probably got him but not in that fight. But we saw a tyrant he also fought very calculated. Against. What do what Thompson. And eventually got to that point where when he got to him he put a big damage so. Yes he's funny guy Darren tell who is a huge huge size image the double things that got to worry about if you're there until fair. First opposes the wake you in the guy's huge he is is an absolute monster. And you know he's got up they said it you know it should be illegal for me to fight welterweight. And I agree it should be illegal for him to fight it while too especially when he does it make welterweight which is about what happens 50% of the time when he tries to get the welterweight. The second is what you what what are the effects going to be of that you know he's got that these these last couple fights and you know I would say there haven't been the most stress inducing fights. You know the deal the date dolls are only fight. He was able to beat dollar around and did really seem judge of those waters with the with the wonder boy fight. Bill was five rounds. It was not a it was not a stressful five rounds as far as the grind of wrestling getting put up against the cage. Get taken down left to right it wasn't that. And so. If he has a very poor weight cut and it takes a lot out of him. What is gonna habit of Ty will these able to get him down grind on him a little bit. Put a little little beating up on him Wally has somebody on top vote. It's that that that peaks my interest when it comes to this matchup. The power. I don't know it'll be like when tyra what Lee hits Darren tell how he'll take that. We haven't seen there until. Been tested that shouldn't allow. And what tyrant. It tyra has been able to take some some big shots. And it's. A lot of people underestimate him because levels popular champion of the world a lot of you'll. I don't like the fact that you know he seems like you whining and every interview and say we get a town near your amazing view are you are the best. But we have seen how well they look. Darn well you'll always have my respect for the win that he hasn't Robbie Lawler it'll it'll because Robbie Lawler of at that point I thought was. Unbreakable as far as fighters are concerned he will added that the fights that he is putting forth. The issue really appease admired the way he went in there whether it was the Condit fight whether it was the Hendricks fights when there was the Roy McDonald by. I understand how Robbie Lawler was walk him through everybody and tie with a dispersant in very very easily. Was that fallout from the fights maybe but those other guys are pretty great puncher still and they weren't able to the lights on a Robbie Lawler like that. So I know that this is a very very dangerous man who's going into the ring against Darren tell no matter how big Darren tell us. The things you do have to Wear a vote tyrant. Coming off of this layoff having shoulder surgery. Doesn't seem Becky don't want to fight this early late if he had as weighs about a probably fighting Coley Covington. Later on in the year. So. He is he's getting a matchup here against the dude. Who wasn't planned today was that what he was really getting ready for was kind of coaxed into by the U of C I actually didn't take despite that might have stripped him like that's. That to me is the only reason why he would have taken this fight you know. Towns that out for allows been out since last July. And if he didn't take this fight against Darren tell what the next to move bin all right we're taking your title I don't know I don't know the decision is there. What I do know that if he if he had his choices about him. He's made this clear you rather do the Covington fight later on in the year then dared tell because let's be honest. Derek tells coming up a fight where. He won by slim margin over. Wonder what Thompson and he did it out of a fight badly badly missed weight and set after the fight I don't deserve to be two to get this title fight. So. There's a lot of drama for me these next couple weeks of of the lead up to it what it'll be like but also. If Derek took gonna make the fight net so this is missing piece of music and up this week tomorrow's minute trains down here. Is reportedly. Training to be the backup plan on his cart should there until fallout. There having him ready to go. If there until I assume I'm assuming there until it is what it is central make you wait there until doesn't make weight and then we would get. Dared tell verses are we reduced unit whose one verses. Tom what would you be agreed by two. And would be a good path for. Cabrera who's not because. He is. Dangerous as though he is really really dangerous but. I guess we're gonna put it in this category his fights have been the most eye pleasing of late so I do it out of all the people in welterweight who are. The viable title contenders we're we're gonna put it in the blood Covington whose men and Darren tell. I would say restraint is probably. Third out of those three guys as far as what fight would you want me to draw the most dies. I would say he's probably there. Coveted one. You know but that it wanted to fight with his sinus thing in. I assume is gonna be back later on in the year Woolsey I don't know it's been it's been. It's been very murky with the Covington situation because all we've really gotten is he had to get a sinus thing which is. Unsettled may look we got a spot you know I don't understand why half Q. Pass the fighting in September. Body without being the case you think that a sound weird about it is. You know that afterwards is doing the whole thing with dontrelle about the white house with Dana White. It is strange to me. Why you made that decision and then still want to put forth. The guy having a lot of buzz behind him we know that people get an emotional and watch come Kobe Covington fight. In the people hate him they really really mad when he gets an entering he makes them feel things. And I think that seeing. You. Burn that opportunity to have the champion or champion fight. In in the cause for. Making just a welterweight title fight is weird to me I still don't quite get it. But we beat that argument to the ground a couple times so I don't want to rehash too much I guess we'll get there depending on despite suck or not. Despite his terrible bill I Errol was it worth it. But our our our thoughts are out there will be you guys know that I think in this fight between two worldly kind of dough to do right now. I think that if anything. He should of done Kobe verse Woodley. Silver Susan on the same card now owed an amazing. Out of the way to go and then. If something were to fall through then you'd actually have somebody who just to live there but. What line we just do little readership here on seven and the ticket. I'm just got out and out the other smaller more about the guy tonight dead Dana White apparently he's gonna be on some feature on Fox News objective flowers get him interviewed by the TMZ got. We learn about Dana what's dealings and helping roll. So there's gotta say I like yet did have a newsmen on tabbed as a replacement fight for silver's worldly. And I think it is a good move. I've heard they've been doing this to with like Kevin Lee Kevin Lee has posted back to plan. Four could be verses. Connor if anybody falls out there. Most likely to be than it would be as soon Connor vs Kevin Lee for an interim title. Which is kind of weird because you would have come McGregor fighting for an interim title even though he never. Legitimately lost the belt he lost the belt based on in activity become a weird but booted stink. I finally staff by a will leave you this you guys. Doubles or is that he nearly died indicated that. He said he put a impose these photos. Himself and caved and he says today I does Sam have to be alive we had a catastrophic war scenario. On our dive total silt out. Lost at the cave line lost a body concede my own hands. It was the scariest moment. To this day in my life I remember kissing danger and Lillian saying about seals in Dora does terminal until the grim reaper not today among the believer. I'll figure in this leaked out and come at all. And so there and that we're glad that they're tablets running is. Is his home with his with his wife or did but also. You're crazy. You crazy and you know this is late. I don't know what the it is going to be for Donald ceremony but. This guy he just seems to be flirting with a going down the blaze of glory no matter what it's crazy to me. Is that a sane person George tell George Foreman bomb it's wild. He's he's insane person but that's why I guess he gets new case for living and fights. And why he takes fights on two weeks' notice in three weeks notice and like it's a thing. But they've got to not into now Politico ever could dive. To the notion that get to play somebody be able to get up. The door to Steve. Hogan indicate. To what do you look for treasure all the sugar has been found trust me that that's. Surface sea serpents. Cave diving. The dumbest dangerous thing to do. I did a jet ski could go faster in. Biggest is a thrill there are skydiving. Feel like you're flying. We didn't get the sensation of scuba diving. And at the foot the Google ice diving all the I'd go to some ice. You idiot. Ice. I hope you see the ball as animals they have in the Arctic Ocean sucked man. Nothing brightly colored usually some gray shark on the person out yet so depressing you know that it's like it's like the super charges were in a denture. Noon and pure. Graham Bashar what is that Arctic shark the worse shark of overseen. Ice diving idiots. Now about a man anyway glad to answer is okay we'll talk to guys next week.