Freezing Cold Takes Interview 11-13-17

Monday, November 13th

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One pops them. You know the earth is much. How many times have you turned out of Miami game Syrian and it's just empty seats create news. Where her they're like other donuts in the electorate so much more keeping them. It's these patriots. Tell. Tell over and eat you can't fix all to. Hawaii on our show. Everything it's going on the NFL. John Clayton knows sponsor lands on the mean accidents Terry's been an accident call 807473. At 807473733. Mr. freeze freezing cold takes is what does the arrive duels and dancers convenience stores gas on truly steps beyond convenes a special edition here. Of freezing cold takes because we deal that it's probably in order. I have the hurricanes big wins Saturday this priest morning. There that are wounds. I know. You're making a special guest appearance here with a us. And my guess is that it was a very big weekend in regards some backpedaling. And some wrong opinions based on the hurricanes and Notre Dame right about that. Yet not a Turkey they're able to spew. Her name. Are they around Halloween. Okay panics and arm. Because. Europe by two people who believe they were used to Ricky he hacked cracked and Notre Dame grass and will work and or how I wanted to do it okay we only see us as and that's of the vessel earlier ergo there's not acres being. I required a yacht they won't in okay. We he transferred it if Nowak we run all Erica he would play. And the camera crew back in the day the couple it. Couple years ago well someone wrote to the regular person where the you know back to regular cops are here you'll start eating real TV OK. And yet they won't like it. All come on man. It's weak as we gazelle. That right now rover will really make that says it is so weak credit to the navy if you're an idiot if you deserve to played an implant a freshman Blake afresh and play on this keynesian or give you deserve to play. Not only that but I was a Marshall remember a couple of guys who kicked off the team and a couple of guys left the team like the wide receiver Marshall is Brady former wide receiver UN and then also the middle linebacker join James what I mean JaJuan younger women are kicked off the team so as we can Zell and they were there you've been so recognized all right. Well again I didn't remember news probably that there are any player they get recruited many treat everyone treat. Its premier recruiting them like they're the greatest stadium where when we don't play they feel slighted. All right well Shia and all right Michael junior Saturday a lot of this guy. It has. Oh well and he didn't beat Miami by three touch down look at. Gonna do him much like underline its June room. What are you could prompt Robert Roberts especially agitated while you're going to restart gold medal lose my mind both plumber just the on the one justice are going to be put the old man Sulu as though it into a man and you know her. I just the other one on I will say this going forward that I maintain my position that the two of her chain is actually kind of whacked. Well. Paul and I'm I mean kind Nowak. AKA KC let's try to change is still the best angle on sports right now. Reckless. If it. I'm gonna watch out and it's ruined well the gunners will be the only other change. But that it can change so there's this team came out well I just embarrass embarrassing themselves OK doesn't rule while Miami's got don't know those schools just embarrassing themselves by yeah versions are blitzing us. Game maturation yeah that's right there at the US beat this guy is Gary. On the line it's unbelievable I have. Had a bad. I want you there epic expectant. Miami is so broad it in the very productive present unity in captivity in every game that. And it kept battling down in the US. One of McCain sense just you know went after a technique or see or were rewritten the deck to right. I mean he hit hit really off. I was the candidate noses all responsible. For the release a those who give big pay off the end Bob and I wanted to do what we okay not very cute cat. I I I miss I misunderstood there has to be bigger pay all but OK okay. It goes have you seen the movement that freezes started basically one. Like the hurricanes are doing freezes bit there is taking all of the wrong tweets in just commenting all the team PH doesn't engage the other team pages is going hard on people tell me. It doesn't think about that that means that it's unnecessary. But then there's another part of me it's like you know what that's part of the use the swagger were in the and that's all things OK when I never. I've never had a mandate incurred on uncle Dick. Like it either humanity campaign a couple weeks also you're doing well and up lap right at me. He handed everything. Now do they all know that you like hardcore Gator van meter along as a don't know that it that it. Earlier on nobody can eat their bill but it bailed out we could make an idea I would call it I don't under our market and I don't gators are who we are actual count it's a natural yeah. A freeze what do you feel about 2019 opening day like do you think that's going to be a good thing especially with the fact that you don't yell at. But the number one recruiting class coming next year and we're door. Now BP at the end of the rule or regret in. Yeah I mean this cycle or at all. Really cycle here and we didn't really that I coached the Florida Gators has an eight team will rally in the hands chipping in to him it. Have a camera northern Italy Oregon. And they've really be rich in Miami takes right now to Erica. The dispute got predicted it I mean we were there. Real all tumbled this morning. Iran is certainly not at home. Strong finisher mr. freeze yeah. Oh and wanna keep at a clip of buy now or review that. Think basically Miami trying to prove its worth a flip and even if Miami gets past the Hokies. Yeah Notre Dame actually raise your hand. If you think Miami is going to be undefeated at the end of that two extra. Yeah plus. I no not even I don't think so but not also possible not so the impossible actually to what is the last weak laws. But right. I did not look at it every what you look at it you know meant that quote that great clip that Notre Dame. Lines which are given the prep. Yes yes yeah reiterated some probably goes on Brian Kelly like some you'll Bob knows. Right. Do Burton finished coach who has been a guy but he agreed not say early radio. Defined man it would guarantee that they got. Run around my every. Yeah that was funny like wouldn't ordinarily I'd freezing cold takes up comical to check your podcast on iTunes right as number one yeah. Yet the number one rank record time actually out there are. It would not I'll run candidates at rates that mr. freeze better luck next year. I'd say I'd CF there yelled that's our pal Fred Siegel he runs he counts at old takes exposed.