Greg Hanks w/ TLB 2-22-18

Thursday, February 22nd

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Iran does not system is to as guests lined truly steps beyond convenient they'll file money held reporter Doug Hanks a valuable to us I've been really appreciate it. It your coverage in the huddle and the the the standoff between the county and Jeffrey Loria and the Marlins. On the pavement. After the sale this thing how was port set up today he does it. Is it like three thing is is it yeah it was the most houses down. It was actually. Pretty awkward being chaos. You have like UK Australia and so there's a cameo on one side. And on the other side is the laureate lawyers. And the judge says. Where that you slaughtered at the sky above Barack raised in Miami that I let me. She doesn't want to appear your defendant. And he says well without part of we don't want to participate. It's am kind of odd. What we did feel part of its about the city. There because they're the Marlon that you and I love. Hey guess what you've bought a liability. Ultimately. You. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Whole awful awful. So so where does is still like where are we right now in this in these proceedings and where where where are we what's going on right this moment where does that go from here. Well basically what could judge it is. Hey Jeffrey Loria you're lawyers didn't give enough information to the county can't just claim a 140 million dollar law. On a one point two billion dollars fail we're gonna need to be your bureau walk. So the county concur filing a request for documents to be the real play. On the he would admit they didn't get into the right in out. Thumb and that could be the big question is is essentially get into the fundamentals of the profit sharing deal what Laurie is allowed to deduct it bought. You know look at your schedule while the county could remain with should all become public so we could start being unified and to report. How much you're rewarded himself got paid also suspect that could be really interest them. Well I mean. Is it possible they could get to a point where the ball you're just pay it because he don't wanna have to show any documentation. And second of all the only bought the team for like a hundred what 145 million. Yeah. A you sell Opel one point two billion U gotta have a hard time proven yet no profits. You that we'll work well I think it is that the county expects this is built that'll rather than you'll want to put closure. What it was Oreo folks say it likely an incident like simple math it. This agreement basically. Allowed the buildup upon the thing from profit including. The value of the of the franchise before you the government until this all pork amount substantial I think it started 250 million dollars and they let it go up. 8% here. They can deduct all sorts of things that you look legit I mean that they don't just say I'm up our agreement doesn't just date ticket sales price minus what you bought it bought it from. Four or do you go and do an apple probably get that much more complicated. Okay now eat we we we just alluded to it but I'm guessing just to reiterate our the one thing that Jeffrey Loria does not wanna do this show anyone the book. Credit actor and that's been the deal since he got the team day one. Correct but it is real money I mean. There's a financial firm actually owned by his whole bowl vice chairman of tomorrow and that got thirty million dollars out of a sale. And that being adopted. From the county. From the profits of the county health care of and that the disclosure I think this firm Paul associate. Had it all leave profit sharing deal with the title the odd percent of the protein just what the county and city Cyprus but Cyprus that looks. Under the cap calculations on the equity into the county contract warriors claimed a 140 million dollar law. He paid thirty million dollars to poll. Which would have been like 600 million dollar profit. They could be real real money and it. Soria jotted down what I is there any chance we're gonna average you're Loria speak in court or is he ever after the swear under Obasanjo I got about how he thought this went down there may be sensitive and they are. Our old friends. I don't think I don't think it was definitely Middle East in and that they'll pull out all of arbitration. So this could happen outside the courtroom anyway well. I doubt it I don't think they've allowed that they get that dramatic. It gives settled soon as we get to see documents. That that. I get a good grade I can do address that but hopefully you know the mean. If it is real money. Numbers at the time Douglas rob well the season. Oh yeah thank remnant.