Gus Frerotte Interview w ZRA 8-11-17

Friday, August 11th

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Just brought blood is court record dolphins back in 05 a long career in the NFL he joins us here on the Ryan fuels and announcers convenience stores gas line truly steps beyond convenience. Does good morning we appreciate you joining us here firstly we got as we know you're in Saint Louis for a couple years the same time as our value Brett Romberg. Did did he block well for you in the games you appeared. Our team that threw me and he was good news Lou although there. You read that line like nobody else about this room but it was a great teammate and you know even a lot of fun to play with them it's good times and Saint Louis. How about the snaps okay what you're back in shotgun and he had a right where you want. We actually grow wanted to. Until there was a point shotgun snaps on the slammer. It was perfect you'd beat the mean government so. That was our point you can ask me that thing that most David Bell probably. And out there you go on and let me gets let's get some thoughts here on on what's going on we know he got some important stuff going on that they Yuri you're involved in custom pool gets that the second year by you know you form a club here the dolphins. You want your better years in your long at poker came as its order for the Miami Dolphins here but. They got quarterback situation where it handled goes down. Jay Cutler he's gonna be the new quarterback the team probably gonna debut next week pre season week number two. I'll tell us out of that hole you think about Jay Cutler's someone who likely still Bausley you know it's about quarterbacks obviously. Give us some thoughts here on on what you think the dolphins and get a Jacob. Well we're gonna get it got to controlling it obviously. And I think that he said he would have to be in great shape critically. He put the quarterback position which was kind of finding here. You know he's gonna he's going to be we know on the model he's got to commend the leadership about their. And you know he's gonna make some place it's just you know he going to be able to go back through look at his career and say. In my got to make the correct play at the correct time and not make or play as little political play that happened. That topic that's the issue that Jake deals with he has all the tools load and cancel the one of them and so quarterback as we've seen over his career. And I would just love for him to go out. And prove that is that he can do the right things on their plate and not make the big mistakes bomb that took it apart from times. Yeah definitely I got a question about right tales situation with his neat deal like that obviously the first time around go and do the stem cell thing and do the intense this deal therapy. Vs electing for surgery but again this time around same situation. It seems like he's like he's hesitant and didn't get Disney opened up a little bit do you. Do you know offensive depth might be the case and if he might be scared of surgery or what might be the reasoning behind going the same route once again. And I want to also might also take you back on on breads question like did you ever have a scenario like that where you were deciding between surgery or rehab. Yeah I I didn't have a situation in my career or a place to vikings' first time worked against Shaq landed on my knee. If you had a bone bruise on my little fever they simply wouldn't do micro fracture surgery. I just wasn't into that and I ended up just getting it cleaned out at in this season and haven't dealt some pain. Oh year. From me I had some friends who went through that surgery it was kind of new. End. I didn't really wanna put myself you know I didn't know where that was gonna lead me so on has improved it some infections from it. So he may be gone that route now is it you know I'm sure we'll get a lot of doctors to say whether. If he has a full surgery that's gonna get him back fester peace and rehabilitation with the impact semester. I don't know maybe maybe you should look here there's this he did the same thing and it is that the same neither the hurt that's right. Yeah maybe if they do this themselves in work release them so NATO would be good for. When you retire in January Google. The show up for adult court a gust front joining us here you know dolphins kind of a bomber last night their second round pick Greek one McMillan used likely going to be they're starting middle linebacker this year. Highly touted out of Ohio State and very first play that he's on the field punt coverage. The very first time the offense is on the field for the dolphins they punt he comes out there for punt coverage key he hurt his knee we don't have an official word buddy. It it's not a good situation and people think he could be ACL that's obviously bad. But some fans gusts are upset that he was even on the field for a special teams situation. Considering it's going to be a starting linebacker or what do you make of that situation there because. I I gotta tell you like I never played football right but I certainly know. It guy can get hurt on any single play it's such a violent sport. Well that just doesn't make any sense to me because you're you're right guys get hurt any play. Torre became director all the time and practice and nobody even around them. They'll be you know futuristic game everybody's got to play you wanna be on the field rupture of acute what is excited he wanted to be on the field and help the team anyway candidacy and approach could do it and there on the football field because there's always somebody waiting in the wings so that doesn't make any sense to be BK what could be part of the team he wanted to be. The leader ensure that he can play at all positions and usually the rookies and young guys and young defense orders are the ones are most special teams. So we have Boomer Esiason a little while to come out menu being a veteran quarterback and I imagine you might have the same. Scenarios boomer talking about if if if they opened up just about every former football players brain they were fine signs of CD EBB shot if if if if there wasn't signs of CT in his own so I know right now you got a big campaign going on and to put a lot of time and effort. Into into an app that actually monitors. Eat your mental health right. Yeah we created or company is a cold RC twenty when blacks were named after the Greek political many we're fortunate to have a supporter of his family. And his foundation though the komen foundation and stroke each day to live up to his legacy. On the political Manning had a great quote sitting target of opportunity to make a difference in this world and you don't then you're wasting your time on our. And that's what we cannot live up to with Tara we wanna help people we wanna people you know the brain is the greatest system ever developed in the world anything else than it's ever been made. Created is was created by somebody's brain the brain the most misunderstood organ in the body. And we wanted to create an app that you couldn't help you understand and monitor your brain. And with our rapper Perot. Takes about six minutes to play the game. And that you want in you'll be able to them marcher and keep your brain performance profile. As you play the game and I would say it's like that in your baseline and your pocket. And it's it's it's. You know we've taken fifty years of clinically validated verified through protest and we partnered with. University of Texas at Arlington. And we. Wrap all around human performance because human performance. Is it is kind of what we all strive to be we wanna beat Pete performers no matter what we do well on the radio provided desk if we're playing professional football. For driving the train before flying the plane whatever it is we wanna be at our peak. And so we created this cool to be at your peak that you could monitor yourself some of the things you're doing in your life who can help you make better decisions. Now what's the commenting connections act as your front Pennsylvania. Well yeah we're in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania where will tell Coke corner copilot. And we are friends was the vertical many junior he's one of our ambassadors. And you know we've we've kind of partnered with the Kremlin. Below where recover from Lenovo what they've been about you know proposals like nickel are likely to. Deliver aid to two of the devastated country and when his plane crashed and and that's what we will we want you know. The number one cause of death and disability globally as is brain injury. And go over a hundred million people every year in the United States alone. Have some type of a brain incident whether it's a GP each stroke you name it concussion just the list goes on and on. And art tools what you Marty you're burning. You know if you look back to when they're but it was sort of sit Fedora. A watch it told you how many steps cheap Tokyo. Britain break remember this super bright side you're crazy to put their quality of water my steps and calories almost think well now we look at the same way as this with for the first time an app that come out that you could monitor your brain performance and keep track where you are and it what you're going. In your life we got a gust for audio us former dolphin quarterback if I remember correctly you miss some time of the dolphins because of a concussion he suffered tourney game. Do you do you know how many concussion he suffered drug greater. Well. Written down complete in about three. But the other than that playing football for 25 years straight and true or. Quite it's quite a bit more than that. But really into it my current political thought would change very soon and you know is something that your orchard. Here are my dog and in the room. And has. Know that the players I enjoy it became acutely everything. My family went through with me and amongst honest. Clinically Mary and I make him take our our chest and since you know it's it's a great way to be proactive in March yourself lucrative because when you take a lot of the other. Single point has she taken before the season starts you never take it into laughter. With our test we going to be its self assessment tool what you'd be able monitoring your great performance anytime you want. Wherever you wherever you war and you can put on any mobile device you can just go to. For burlap dot com and download it. Doesn't I imagine you've done so much reassurance probably a lot more than the average football players ever done in. And when you see these numbers come out is it shocking to you and is it shocking to you when you hear about the players that are at the rookie symposium where the combo lines and they're asking them you know regardless. Of all this information that's out basically 99.9 percent of these kids are still electing to play football and on how they get the jets who set. Yeah like I you know every year is about a million. Plus people you know that have some type of brain injury and the football small part of that or 16100 people at play here you know so. People get her own time and actually it's the greatest. Group you know for you you know people make a big deal but you football knowledge encampment while you talk like so time that the number one for you. You know you can follow spike in the play bicycle helmets are so important. You know but it happens ever but it across what people love the game of football people while playing the game Opel to create game I believe that the it was a very different. And I think I've spent my whole life playing it in and there are things that go with it in you have to be Smart about it and you know. Britain you know I've seen lots of friends to who have taken big hits and given big hit it and it ended that's what makes agreement came on on Iowa from the standpoint that. You know when I played the game. I've played quarterback and I got to do what I understand what you're doing and some perceived character and what everybody an opportunity to critical plays at the Rome also and so the general period and you to do something that nobody ought to. Not many people in the world you to do so it was very durable and I would like to record. Or what went smarts are concerned to wit winners. What is how Brett here rank as far as guys who. You know world we're snap in the football so you were it would definitely not a physical space. So I had to be relatively intelligent and was seamless and water centers that you lined up they play behind their. You either play it too Smart senators and I would. In no let it spread but it played with met for all alone in the business and a daddy he's a Harvard separate note sent to Miami. But. Yep Brett was right up there you know what you what you complain of the setter and you'll have to worry about protection calls and all that junk you can just concentrate on what the secondary do and those the kind of you have to play with. And they control that line of scrimmage and and they understand there almost in your head before this meant the cold with change protection and could and a bird to exactly right to make it in the league. You can't just be physical spokesman. You have to understand every every what school little bit decency that you can make the right calls that you put your team in the right position. Then you know that sort towards the buyout is limited resource you can you limited resource. When he won a success every day and make it better and that's what we try to do peoples but you understand where you're limited resources. And improve on that and what make you better person per day. Harbor it is not a whole lot to do about Harvard and how about. Snap in the full blown shot or wrong Burke. There. Go Robert Rowe way neat I think member who agree with me ego. Today go back and look doesn't have Gus iPod person. That was slaughtered birds birds before or implement a dart through our yeah well. Alley out Brett if you quick start was bred. These principles I have requirement that nine out of ten. It sounds excellent. Does give that give out the give up the EU president Edward burlap dot com yes. Yeah I guess every go to Roberta wept dot com download and play the games. And you know read it simply that you can understand here you break formats like like never before in you know it's something that we wanna start. Everybody can understand what the hearts Dylan well you know what the blood pressure is all those types of things. Now wanna give a look into the brain and little you understand where you lord your life could security unique profile. And we don't compare you to anybody else and so just couldn't burlap dot com. Sort of playing games in and understand where you are you're. Great job guys keep up the good work we we enjoyed talking and then. An and I really appreciate you guys have me on enjoyed Brett he's been in school. The great got a Peabody. Natalie and I saw here tonight us thanks ma'am that's former dolphins quarterback they're Gus brought who's a who's who good work there is an excellent job thanks to go see an act of find out what level of idiot I am there you go.