Harold Calderon Interview w/ Tobin 6-17-2018

Sunday, June 17th
Local welterweight sensation Hardold Calderon joins Tobin to dicuss his upcoming main event fight on July 6th at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The Miami native describes his blossoming career in the sweet science. How close is he to getting atop the toughest division in boxing? He discusses how much the city of Miami means to him and why he wants boxing to flourish in this city. King Calderon also gives us the roots to his nickname, his love for Dwyane Wade and Floyd Mayweather. Plus what he's doing in the closing weeks of preparation for his fight against J.D. Martinez.

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I look at -- back everybody fighters fury here on seven I did it take you very sad to be joined by our next guest we are very excited the hard rock to be thrown around another car July 6 and we got the headliner in studio with us Harold counter on. He's joining us in studio this big tough few man he and the headline hard rock several hog rocked new events senator. Big time im not surprised that they gather that put you in the main event after the way your little pact but in the last Sunday when there's so. What's this got to means you menu you're getting ahead to headline a conflict that's you know bet. Mean means a lot me. You know. In regular feature fight on the NASCAR and it in my power can. You know what I bring to the table notice it feels great you know than moving out moving me on not to the to them to be the main event and it just goes very. Well it was very noticeable there was ever being married as a first time they've put boxing him in a while the hard rock after mean all the constructions on there one on it was good to see the the break kind of than. I see everybody in there at the age sees shirts who owns that made him. What is it what is going on in a senior on social media one now buddy was to seal all come to fruition that was crazy and so. Some of the building. Huge pop for you biggest pop of the night in my opinion. And after that was they would you like midway through the card and it took its toll when fuel is illustrate is a cease cell. I guess what what what goes into all that that that. Our crowd he saw was based via. Omar friends and and family that has seen seen me. Get to this point they follow me. Is it's amazing I. Everybody that was then I'm building I promise you have a personal connection with Barack Obama know me personally they've seen me struggle on. Being an amateur boxer at 2 am Aaron now and it's just amazing to have them come out like that. And so when you get the or near the the call that they want to miss cue the main guy for this one were we taken aback by I was in not surprising after what the turnout was the last time what was your reaction to. It's a little bit of both there was a bit it did take me back who have been around a while you know. There's always those good to be noticed and Benicio our pay off. So that's a good but I don't know like. I know I know him best in the B and I know. Thank is gonna happen in my time is now so everything is just bombing in the base and that's as part of it. I'm Iona or so bucks and I wasn't too good it really yeah Mina. I would final you know there is that is not the same training and fighting. You know I got better as time got went on. And I tried to my own worst thing was economy weight and it always tried to get smaller than what I what I can actually get so. Total is lower price because I would eat too tired or. It has been. So strong so once I moved. And actually plants. I was just who I want on the street pilot who two years though and and everything in Miami. On regional tournament. It's. I want hand. In amateurs. Woes Ibekwe they realized that there had to be a switch they're like dude was in a suggestion from somebody was at lake self. Self taught science on yourself clear your realize an analyst let's treat this here assume that they just ended up feeling better. Yeah definitely and the Cayman experience liked. You know time goes by you realize more about it by the end just bits or Z take blue notes though. You know from where I'm Matt now where I was before like I know my body the way to the tee and I'm not Cutley nine. You know what needs to be done it before I would only rely on my talents have been out gas it's on a manager at the spot on the bottom and and though is so well. What sort of the first I've for the sport come like who did you did you love it as a kid did was there a family member involved a friend did somebody suggest this is a good way to burn off energy your a great hobby how did you. Alliger I kisses the other sweet science. And so basically in high school are now ice of bio and there was blow troublemakers. I Tony as you know out to those couples up. This guy had type two vases UC Fata says what oil would have ma'am were you could mature emotionally fuses that all the same. Assay development it's all gravitating it doesn't really matter. And so to yet deafening so we found each other this photo like that got a side they're wrestling to Bernsen Manzi and that that's the news try and I loved it. You know there's the two years and then. I had a friend. I did box and high school and I met him one time. In I don't know where we without a bogey Tommy box and like I would like to try to you know aggressive about a be done and wanna keep. Active and do some top comments put. I like it then and then it took me to zen and non been nearest tenth. We dug America out Iran does catch him out at you at the hard rock July us. Main event in this time rightly so so give me in the outlook on where you see yourself so you know what I wanna talk to fighters like to know what kind of only a job and really what is short term goals belonged to goes so that we took out the rest of Tony eighteen. Would you wanna see yourself by the end its when he too you know where do you see yourself maybe twelve months from there would have what is it what is the game plan for you and then your career. Yeah definitely. In team that we worked in an get. In the top fifteen ranking and that's it that's one of our goals which are a number of both. Mean they do a fact we've managed all of us. Putting in all the power needs to be put in. Take that I see that it seems so far away B you know talent wise you're very very close. Yes. Our boat that and all the time I. Like I'd deserve and I belong there with those guys but my opportunity hasn't came and so it just keeping focus and motivated to keep. Oh and I'm going to get there as we look at. I think you never know how fast can come you know it is sometimes it's only takes. A highlight reel that goes and goes out or just a grim performance that test is the right I have somebody you know these things it's things can happen very very fast. You never know when that right that right set of lies is going to focus upon you and you can take that next track so. I imagine that Europe point right now where you see in the stated the fruits of labor started to progress it's got to be feeling like the right things are common. Yes there is is that. Who is right. I I see it and I I'm very patient and I just leave everything guys' hands and I know he's not leaning no right way in not that attempt pro along time ago but something did happen it has been worked out and I'm I'm happy with the way Mike is all right now you know. Is just falling into place like more smooth and I couldn't even imagine. I'm dampen our is also cut sometime by there's no circus that is like I've been put in our work. Says they want. You know I'm guys think they could just come and wake up via boxer. Known or know someone other than men but it's not likely there's no shortcuts in the game you really have an hour. And it'll pay off. Dharma her collar on guys catch in July 6080 Martinez taking a mind gates say it's all we're really it'd take it was mostly isn't like a the pigs I know some time as far as tickets only to the go to your social media yeah I doubt there yeah as I bet you wouldn't tournaments on you. They go I'm in obviously Graham Harrell Calderon underscore. Our FaceBook because I mean that one Harold Calderon. And Twitter. One Harrell color own just reach out not I hit back. Absolutely your bags to puzzles me agree with the men and all actual parcel post this the guys can. And watch Sheldon and check amount of hard rock it's it's I'm telling you the show you put on the last time I'm sure it's gonna be just is dynamic this time around. Bomb put him back on your career was there ever a time where. You thought this was gonna work out or did you need a certain kind of motivation may you from somewhere unexpected or. That came out of nowhere. Every time the jammed there's always a bad has been ahead of me already and not just get overlooked so they're more for more focused on that god has dated and that panic could be there have been released so that's been a lot. Of I say you know slow me down sometimes in amazement while wire while my get ignored but. I don't at best I'm because I believe in myself and I believe in myself more than anybody ever has ever world now that that motivate me and a donut. Is a lot of politics the box and I even learned that an amateur days you know so quit or. I'm pro so the story I told you earlier grow like almost wrote earlier than. I should've because it was a it was a amateur by it and I know I beat this guy. But they went ahead and gave it to him and I just made the biggest seemed like I expect screaming and it's made a big scene and I got suspended. Won't limited or at least out of it because I knew my talents will resist him on us this is adorned on the ring. Yeah right that if I really and they raise another guy's hand and I'm I'm suspect that I was it really well. And I just went off thousands tied it it. And then I suspended and then me in my coat at the time to talk in early two choices it you know I'm pro quit. Boy it is. You know go back and apologize. And that the right thing I apologize. Because. Or I don't want them to see went that'd be the last and they saw me you know with. I'll have my emotions my testosterone pumping analysis in my felons. I stayed and I gained so much more experience than amateurs that helped me get ready for the pros and has one thing at a I'm so happy that I spoke to it and I didn't rush and everything is its coast and started low light. Is his right am I don't chart all rush don't worry even about Newton and Newton. I was out to be Russia and as the finalists. And and we are surely average every talk show that we do and there's a controversial decision loosely. There's got to be away there's got to be a way they do this batter in the than you think you're the man boxing is a hundred. Plus years old they've been pretty much don't have the same way may be pseudo shave rounds in there. And elected its these three people and they at the hands there at its its got to be. It it's it's this feeling of of helplessness. From people who are just watching you. And your person and individual sport who handles everything themselves. It's a very weird dynamic. You have to that you have to bounce I imagine it's a very it's a very hard mental game to deal with. There's so much so goes the box and outside of training. You know I'm glad I have a great team around me amendment you can't listen. You know this. They help me. And I put in all the works out when I'm wondering every time I'm just confident that I do what I had to do so. I'm gonna get the win because always organs are now. I can promise you that. Abby sort tired you know bush is always better than today. Talk about some of the frustrations about symbols of us feeling. You bet you that the feeling that it's the rush you I guess you you you you'd chase obviously wants his success on talk about. Just moments moments in your career like what is the thing that they gives you the most joys and the walked out as a victory is it just. Seeing somebody you work very hard that and security of for the first time what are the what is the thing that brings you the most joy from the sport. This in my favorite part is. Fight night the whole of that might weakness you know. Cancer effect back NCA a and put them on the were. I'm confident. Let's have fun now though is is locked in now see in my whole crowd there my friends my family. Thankful that I have minimum outside and I know that with them and my our epic like there's no way to stop no no time never we just worked too hard there's no way. Was there was the king give account from would you would you Kamal from let's it's. That's that's a very episodes and it's a tie on the school gimmick everybody I'm really loves the king how did you magic moment that. Was like this. I to have my first professional. I. And Miami in my twelve by. As a team as my homecoming that is my first fight. And Miami and has been long waited like. Twelve buys out until he is in a yeah about two and a half years and has already and I by anxious to see me so we just try to go big and we went that in everybody loves this so. It was like you to king of Miami and I rep my city and I love my city like everywhere I go and let everybody know. Miami's imminently like on the social media you love the heat stuff the dolphins shove nonstop bureau you all about the UU. All fourteens and hurricanes is that we roll it is or what was what is the the loyalties lie and the team sports pretty much. Yes. I don't Iowa. On the teams I love you know all every with Ciba I have. More look like I'm looked to the players. Elect I was kind of map Wendy Lee last night and I was too much but I followed him I went to Chicago and a lot to say. More Chicago. Cleveland broke my heart. The Cleveland thing I was a slick. And he did it bulls look like to re. It's like use a mostly in the Big Three league like he was it was. Doesn't look right what is his number not just a number nine yes and no blog yes those if a guy he would date it then immigrants the will animate I say yeah yes I had done about it. You should negate the way he was there of course you know he had at the more wave period and ingenuity. And this is Isiah Thomas. On the other web yet a member of my apartment my idea. So who's a who's the favorite athlete. Opera at me about time also I'm more or current album both. I gotta go blow anyone really eloquent than what is a what is the thing is is it is it his game. And style in the ring is that what he's been able to turn himself into his at all of that what you would you can deliver a bullet for. It's a little better everything might. Let a game plan for everybody. In the beside the other you know cocky Nancy and money stuff. Have a game plan of how to be successful and what boxing. 'cause the boxing is a really tough sport and a select you got to take care you said the got to be able to go home I got my kids and I got to get home to every day and if you let box into you deputy. So I did a select. Bush so yeah you have to do this or don't at this what do you because what should done you're done those fans don't care of Buchanan. Type in a pay of those book. None of that you know means the kind of take care. So in the first time I don't look good they wanted to stop blazes as if as if they're the ones give her that the ones who didn't put in markets it's and it's a tough it's tough game and they go beyond. They'll be they'll jump on the bandwagon very quick but no vote get off way faster. That madness 01 man's sports those like everything's on you and they don't see the hours that. But in all of our work sacrifice going the way the immediate family and it's it's it's really tough so. You know. To see Floyd Billy boot you know he he he's a defensive Biden. Elect. I try to be a Smartphone Biden and and a lot of checks up than watching them and just. You know that's. The science behind behind it like I believe in boxing is he signed is not about who hit the hardest who has. The most. Testosterone learn who's toughest guys who could outsmart the other guys see box in. Even the business side to it as a game sets you have to make the right move at the right time. Society. Have a bit favorite local I think it was of those deal wherein. Yes you those they. Reminds easy I was whose 2009. I was coming into this vision. Double overtime stills from the bulls it was due to re losing game John busy without court heave. Buzzer beater this is my house game as well that's yeah love when he does that is. When he you know back in. Tell us through all the time these young Webber's numbers that's elements are you as you guys all their fallen over a Celeste or this guy was Russell whispered before before that these steps are sundown. I say again happy when I see that guy like winning the highlights net. You know you see when he doesn't mean you know why he's the ability. Now so you fight July 6 hard rock. The man senator beautiful place to to fight now lives as they. Give the audio shots of the hard rock it's good to see boxing's Don come back it's cool million do this headline hometown please you care about very very much. What is the the thing is broken down here couple weeks now from. From from fight. The best thing that you just wanna keep focus on within yourself as we as we head into the spinal Judy Martinez. Yeah as just gonna do we always is doing that's put him on our and to stay focused and he's a bigger picture you know yeah we are focused on this by now we gonna do everything they need to be done to get over this fight and his continue to move forward and he questioned these goals and you know. Start title chase and keep in. An absolute man. Does is there is a nothing I love to see more than seeing a guy from Miami. First on the scene and then a guy who really cares about. People down here that he's tied to an and his city and so not the but the nothing but the best in Manitoba all of all comes to fruition and level befallen their career from from here on out punished here. Thank you I appreciate you guys haven't MEI your own bank. I'm manager Ricardo loose in. Responses. An actress' own got to make him wait factories. The director at that we are in and you both so. A promoter Chris Lawrence. Since our Russian thing out there so that none of that to do with. Ivan to check goes I was named Ollie all my god he does do the right hand he looked like he got taste it was a we had delayed reaction was crazy on you you brought were basked in your win I think it was after your fight. Yeah I did have heard about it but I see them by can be fun card and highly my a month before that. And the casino and he did the same thing pizzas that big boy yes. Piece 69 I believe this so called veteran factor for an awful. At the elbow Saddam. Best of luck go to his social media will blossom out here once Maria wants to put the interview out on ratios period tickets go to his threw him. And until I build a man who loves to sort of build up that events and it's condemn boxing down here and and the city needs to prove that they can support for sure. Yet -- a boost the you've got a book spoke with city mayor of Miami the bill by you guys aren't you know knows all about. There's a comment really appreciate it my bank he got all ladies and gentlemen.