HEAT Opening Night Montage 17-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, October 18th

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I don't know for a number felt this way about obtained before our homefront who wanted. Something more for a team. When any one of us. One kid into team sports it was to be around team like this. The weather a block from behind by whites. Back for the trying to chips and a quick roulette KJ have levied on the floor and god is transition basketball out of spite of the students. The opportunity because there's. There isn't a gold stayed in our conference. Doesn't just block the shot he could have found the he catches it. Right. Drive it drive adversely up at. Dragon three battleground marathon it's adds up to eight years doesn't it the wind tunnel where you're playing the as they've had their tank. The general yes the hottest G. Yea reside just down in Miami is different now we don't know who busted boat. The new Douglas. That's our moderator tickets they talk to free by the way. And put up a long shot. Traders put 600. It's really shine my spirit hollow bar. It. Yeah now.