James Johnson w/ TLB 4-13-18

Friday, April 13th

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You have ever discuss Iran feels now system is stores guests lined truly stepped CI communities the biggest bad ass on the Miami Heat one of the heat captains James Johnson joins jays they've just been really appreciated. Are you excited man this was this is a huge shoes driving guys made lasted gets the post season we know how to did you guys have an incredible second half. I'm shows the the goal going into this was to get to the second season now you guys are here how does that feel. Mount until the announcement part of our guys. You know you're sticking with the from the top of the all they bring Lou back and believe in and out. You know into the play out there and not better but I'm happy so I had important right and we were meant to they've. How did you feel for yourself coming into this is is a new situation for you. Where yeah you got this ability how the organization believing you'd how did you feel you settled into that role as the season progressed. On super confident you know comfort they. Wait we code without that cap that they. You know as you for a lot of guys who. You know. I was sure don't out of the caps don't. You know at the time when but we start in little bit more calm when. I think I'm going to expect marked a little bit more. But there with the leadership UT out if you can pop. Let us do with the way you played on the court too because at times early in the year you remove. You know has been you know window of make you move wanted to charge when it takes shots or whatever. In his seems like as the season's gone on you've taken more charges that it's kind of been more aggressive with the basketball. Tours indices. Right right right expect cock that thumb we got beat you know I go a long way from our. There's no way of wind. To be aggressive and only the played this played a game you know land and you know Cote spoke with an unbelievable and where we get this shot. And we had guys that was really really there wouldn't give him that he just a lot of pull back a little bit humiliated. That that came to me to be that that the company that the prided in my though the numbers note that though. On and I think he'll work output and then we got them but injuries and I think look. You know kind of telco immunity of being a little bit more sort of more on the ought to advance and and I don't speak into their. Just take you take me back to the the last game of the regular season you know the fans that we work. We're debate in like ala are these teams taken guys that we see how the box lost us for like they intentionally do that the last time of people jog your resistant. How did you guys are all about because as a lot has lot of ways this thing could've played out with you guys and then up against Philly. On the that we really we really were playing the way you know every time we go out there a step on the court thrown in my immediate reform we have a culture and we got to happen. Knowing and whoever so. We have enough and we we truly believe. No we knew that we wanted to win and we wanted to keep our confidence the right way going into the player that do we Clinton's you know count it Phil Condit typical. To keep that they mentality but the win that game at Toronto I think kinda that was where Wal-Mart that look. James a lot of people are talking about. You guys at least somewhat having some experience in the playoffs and obviously you got. You're doing and you'd either have a ton of experience but all the U most of you've been through some sort of battles in the playoffs Greenwald a Philadelphia. Have not. Does that mean anything going into the series do you use that to the advantage it also will kind of advantage do you think it has. That's Bo has been through the battles and to make those adjustments in game an in between games. Right you know up into the carpet bombs were the raptors let me and it certainly is a different animal and it's about the different players that you might not expect but might not have marked the scout report. But you know you never know arm sometimes the lack of experience. And not being bit. They pounded it kind of let you played who played three because. Not you don't have that here we don't have them butterfly that people who have been very you know it'd make the you know so. You know it is at the debate the tempo kind of how to market them guy's guy and what they're so bored. Was are gonna James Johnson here take on the sixers tomorrow it's game one. The coach and on the sixes he says that Jolo and beat has not played. Is not gonna play tomorrow night he may it may be comes back in the series how do you guys prepare for that do you game plan as if he is going to be there that's that's a weird situation or one of the best guys. I might not quite know who you don't believe me you don't believe it as quiet. Yeah. The Rio or believe it we're we're so Opel the owner though. And opera were great in that quote what we're what Africa is either so. If not we were the perhaps the state but that and employ the same way on that people. Just one ask you about Wayne Ellington mean he had such incredible points and that finale breaks that he record. And he is he's also kind of been in that group and you guys re finally found a home what do you say about as season that he was able to even do that on the regular season finale which is crazy to go break it. How he's really just found his role. Armed you know. Should elect win over it and it's better we think duke duke along with bit that that analogue this don't be outward that day. All the pairing come and off at issue. Are coming off flat become an awful way he. Tremendous tremendous order there you don't they're big game rhythm so. The repair bitter look that you area that book. It it looks crazy book throughout the it hit the ball though we preparation every day. Even include the day after we got down we a little. We ain't over their rudder full full court politically how big old boat G node. And our spoke a little wage is. You can't put it to crash. When you shoot your crafting or Matt or that that wanted to doubtful but I'm cute but well. Retired as James Johnson. Jonas on the guest Larry NASA. And there was a lot of debate with the all star game and in Ben's Simmons I'm making it. And so Benson is from Australia and he got this dude who goes up Australian parliament and he says there's an answer Ozzie conspiracy in America. And he completely uzis down on drag it's the same Benson should be over so every shot this guy as that we got to have a Batman because I haven't anybody disrespect on dryers and a bad Simmons this fantastic. But like I gotta believe as this one as he gets he doesn't get the respect it is pennsylvanians champion. And the other thing is pushed around one drivers as I know you. About us on the court plus he don't like you you you YouTube gore targets fights and it's like he's got dozens of people realize how how tough one has to do give me the the the impression that maybe you don't see if gore on that he's got that that's silent KGB's problem. I yeah I think people people mistake his baby baby started here it's quieter they're split but. That we've got the date and hit. You know Greg we call them practical and that we go they stick skillet over and that's what those guys are not scared of anything and not afraid to capture a moment that the time that that he figured he needed you know could take a country of what so many people in it and win a championship. Without that that'll be held might allow hair and if approaching. James. You know obviously live and a lot of focus on. Everyone's team but the the young guys and Josh Richardson and just as Winslow. NBA and justice you know we've got a little follow them but his offenses come on. Just talk about those two guys their development this season and and do what you seen from them. On condoms and as they're they're going you know this. Committed to rearm before practice and the only guy out there are truly being a this you know ready to work nor all that crap. On to rid the same thing we've got guys who wouldn't want to work the on that he wanted to ending you want to learn. And and there are Trotter on the right I'm so unlike me and the NATO he thought he understood or outweighed but it is under attack wouldn't how to play made. And if the guy who played one spot like that to. And somebody who. As you read the label. We'll. And one of the best to do it in the league right now I truly believe. I'd be rich is want about the only player in the league right now. Deserving of all defense is you think you should get some of the apparatus. Abu. I'm tiger's the man he's been fantastic you've been fantastic as has been it's been fun man it was a great. Grew to three guys and that's season and we're very much sort of for the series JJ thanks for joining us now sit there. Are as Jane Johnson bad ass. That's bad ass right there.