Jennifer Nealon (Miami New Times) Interview w/ TLB 6-20-18

Wednesday, June 20th

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Get a video from deep Miami new times joins us yeah via tough their publication pairings and citations. Highest honor code cigar Dave. Are you. Greens is the latest answer to remember that is Oliver it'd Jennifer thanks for come. Well as you know them I mean times and been around thirty when years you may be familiar with last year as well where I am winner during her thirty anniversary best radio personality. He and I didn't get a chance to CU and I had your awards so I thought I'd give you EU warns that. Yeah we're definitely check that out and outer office home. But I I'll Hasan practice say that this year the 31 issue best radio personality. Goes to that beasts so I figured we would come and we Woodbridge and I'm just for me yeah. I don't. Or one before I had the issues you guys can we all about quality analyst right there in true you know let's say. It. Early today we're gonna put our turnover chain on him said. I see. Which it last year. Under the sea can yeah. Details are better and better you with your wife that's waiting get a mermaid tail off. He write your level. So the Shuster at theme is turn overture and you know this theme is see stars so what we're doing is. We he had an art Arnold our the skyline of Miami on eighteen and so we decided to make some bullying. And I had a little funnel didn't have interests so its size and Richie. So honoring our winners we decided to make some beings for them to where exit pictures and everything else and we'll have a that the party tomorrow which will be an ex Miami at 8 PM. And this way people can get their pictures taken with several. Photo opportunities will have ethnic and where they dare our version of the journal and fortune I can't make into the party tomorrow we discussed. Life's little bit under the weather however I will be happy to take photos with anyone else and ups among tons places resilience into your boots made of liberty city's resident. I don't know and it you know also of the blue into the Molly date pictures that may well traditional peer funds are. And I know I could win back to back awards as per the the guidelines of new mining disaster and I know that's a cardinal rule I think I. Has not ruled that. We'll script for his ideas are so it is nice that you give it to me now we we're due for what is called the Triple Crown we were regular sub as we go to the Miami times we don't like the next is award to be to be had to lead right. Okay said he hears and a year so. How silly isn't it for that to happen. Come April 9 will be taking nominations. Rang and that's when everything really starts to roll so we deathly what you nominate. Radio personalities. Just listen listen listen I disembodied try to match that we've got. Yeah well we had editorial winners that they choose and we have readers' choice winners. And so we might as well have as many readers possible to write in and say you gotta vote for you gotta vote for you you become one of the five finalists in the and we of the voting and then as a readers' choice winner UN as well sell. This guy and I mean it is LeRoy you can't win the editorial one. Hit on a year and it's everybody's saying that he is not good enough. Editorial. Can do you ever editorial wants us Christian church and state your familiar with how that worked yeah. Your business. But the mining times editorials fantastic you know our iron you know our friends over there and ask. You know the hundreds of millions of the eight regal look today that you agree to ration our eldest status fantastic job I'd sell. It's really today and so making different sing and you know make it differently rut and and be Smart and so humble and we'll see an African Miami new times. And. So tomorrow's the party is there anyway people can attend to to go to the saying is it just to buy in by the the award people or another dual times. Derek tickets can be purchased at new times best of my Amy dot com part of the proceeds will go to you with the Miami. Lighthouse foundation for the blind and visually impaired says there are finally see three charities that we actually are doing something for the community it's is not a party it. At her station of putting on it party I've seen by many times no I don't that's a smooth some swanky pictures of you and your wife last year was under a shark tank. Man it was is that since it's about my Wheeler as my with us it's a party in an aquarium as it's not pretty as traders are pretty nice that I betrayed me to aquarium in Vegas yeah. I love shark tanks if you love he loves all animals and their septa didn't want you teach a wife witnessed a lot man. Frozen that was frozen next award next year hop a wanna capture that could be it I think you can't make a blue angels. He doesn't catches catch. Can't catch road kill that's not considered expect to have that was evident today and I appreciate. It thanks for a ball and I. Really from the bottom my heart you couldn't of chosen somebody that was some less worthy of the sort of thing. I will certainly pass on the sentiment that's out.