Joanna Jedrzejczyk Interview w/ Tobin 2-23-2018

Fighter's Fury
Friday, February 23rd

Former UFC strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk joined Tobin to discuss her upcoming rematch against Rose Namajunas. She explains how she went from living/training in Poland to right here in South Florida. Why was ATT the team she selected to make her UFC Career better and why she doesn't blame them at all for suffering her first career loss. Joanna describes the mindset training for this fight as opposed to training as a reigning champion. What does she like about living in South Florida and would she be interested in fighting on a Miami UFC card with Yoel Romero? 


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Welcome back let's got to drive doesn't doubts as to me is our guests lined truly says BI can be they'll find ought to. WS forty straw weight title coming up DOC 223 a lot of thanks Reagan crowd first really appreciate it. Thank you some odd day cricket but they have bank and I think very very not well. I even heard agreed to ducks delighted by the from Miami. Yeah we're very boy it's also made sure that they're not how did you decide that you want to come to South Florida to train and know you've been down there for a little bit now but what what. Legend grew up from from your homeland to come here. You know I think he'd be thankful for your early dinner wondering how could go like a little bit safe. I want a charred beyond that historically gone for two years and eight I think trumpeting it looked good that they include the fecal. Go door beneath the political friend is being read this trend. And that kind of the same time. Because there I won't lie about it between men component and I befriended bud that we that we did we displaying speed up. Let that I had to make these this Internet and I but so far but the bears. This vision in my frightened Korea. I don't think he Guillen isn't deep scenic go are at gunpoint robbery coupled in. I can the end of quite frightening courteous. And I do pray that I had our third. Then utility on the scene who yeah in Coconut Creek. It at making people look great coaches and this group buying partners on. Lou war draft and then thanks. And it's important and I had Andrew actually you know might how many they're wiping out there right at my and it grew very broad I can't go. Moved here because I didn't have been Iraq. And the important thought for so what I have here I work Mikey. And it got me before marriage handgun and I were quick cup they're called these. And other great gotten so they've got a great field before I'm not talks and professional not quite there. Where there are a lot of places you wrote you're looking at when you decide you want to move to America and what had joy that I don't have an amazing reputation and and a lot of the government say the fighters what made you want to land down here. You don't want everything you unclear leadoff men and I off guard I looked the great pick Ohio. It's keying in the leg cutting or has the great. Nick because I want that elevation thinking then they but I'd be. I'm businesses I am imputed to make PP and like that so far because they're bent. This evening right I think probably an end he'd gone to be an all mark wee bit better for the whole noted that not better. Don't forget these Inaba and we've seen that happen and comic book the hot seat. And it all they do that at the Barclays Irina. Yet the it's going to be an amazing night of slides between you and Tony cars and can be fighting for the ballads it's going to be an amazing night for fight fans that. I'll fundraiser. I can't I can't wait for a seat on social media my guide diet Davis working out getting ready her for rose for a rematch. How how you felt this Campillo on is it is it different you know you know it is the first loss coming up your career do you feel different motivation is at the saying some other what is the feeling like I guess like profit for the one. Are you know what I'd more focal then. Big group drama high in an idol and I. And it I think I'm I'm on the focal on its own but. You know Palmer and people are mean if I were going to work in government can't vote seamen and and culture I think yeah because. We didn't do anything but we will Marvin Hannity who we got our profile my younger. I know there are so many people who. Talking about excuse it but I don't look for a is the you and all the guys being in business for many years and it would be complete if I was looking for excuses I thought I'd say is don't use that check out I had so much it hurts. But I thought my I couldn't compete well that go with the Soviet go to QA how life correct. But. I I had I only beat cop I mean I had to rent and I need to learn how to be patient. Because I know about the state cropping you know and and I guess what that got bank would be shocked me and it's always good. What's it like. You wanna when you're on top like that so much in you have to go in I guess camp after camp and and and figure out against new ways about yourself is is it harder. Do you find it harder against. Being in the position beyond toppers there's it harder going at this point trying to go get it back. And that's a good question you know every parent time who defended the current plan that they get and that's. Of course people thought he'd need to get to the pop kept it try to shorten that bad but he didn't Mardy people to keep on defending the third. And say it even have been talking and keep your eyes. Open even more than before. And you can do not expect from people moral law and expect more from their bad. And I'd be needed. And their I want all my friends to be patient. And then and deployed forces toward the I don't know what they couldn't and I'll. But I would agree talked quite debate I want car and it's good good decade. That Chile about. What is your fair part about Livan in South Florida besides getting did awesome Camden and terminated C what do you like outside of Kevin South Florida. People people who are not I don't my home armed and I would Borger great influence and might feel they don't like Armey and Trent. And CNN. I imagine there. They're I would be done I think. I knew he had fourteen month in Florida that I try to call for booking mug. But I don't really at all. The so I'm. People are or not. There whether any great and I actually I call now I feel like comments that include people who are making that they and become a bit. An amendment people I feel like content really glad I love it whenever I don't know whether it. What are your guys they see you all Romero he's you try to get the most momentum behind evidence of that championship fight down here would you be doubted that defending belts. Down in Miami. Oh why not why not up. Why not recognize my second home only they expect more home and I don't think that the I would like that or their bodies can be huge in this patent blow it up. Uruguay in front face cute aren't that couldn't they don't like. They're pretty awesome dog take a particular some time what does best of luck the rest away camp there will be Watson. I statutory rate from. I hope we gonna talk after the by me on my. The patient out there every fight in Miami. I would speech. Miami and they are being beautiful oh I don't accept that good but occasionally there as well. I wouldn't read body and doctor yet we're probably that delayed the only way. I don't want what's up audio and I'd love to see you wrapped around her waist again Greg so much. I. That's yardage it sick she is fight and for the is always about trying to negroes and Communists in the rematch April 7 live on pay per view that's a hell of a card to be the Boggan made off. He's taken on Tony Ferguson which is supposed to be now for the undisputed world 55 belt when all the kind of McGregor drama sells. It's about as good carded you can get very much sort of part of that and appreciate you wanna softened by enjoy the show.