Joaquin Gonzalez Interview 11-13-17

Monday, November 13th

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OK let's go to the right fuels and downs as it means or is gasoline truly sets. Beyond convenient how is university Miami hall of Famer Joaquin Gonzales. Looking and as I urges a dominate and then they went out they did senator and our. Blum who don't know whose great kid to watch it happen and they're well. I've been a lot of fun out better and I've a lot less stressful but it are ordered the air chocolate girl are great I. In all seriousness. How proud. Of your school or you right now. Are extremely I mean I'll I'll always are out of that are matter what. Or just let all try. Utopian at all but from Lima although we usually critical look at the Gator or eight balls and court. I don't we thought that our culture Robert Bork a little probably volley that he all around the golf or does it all year long. Not just what he regards they'll pick up the cops were much. It was just our. Probable appropriate picture early coach who aren't open that a little. Game. I don't all of the witty or shall order a watch. If you if you pump to the truth serum okay going to Saturday night's. All what what what would you have said who has been winning in. I everybody made a big deal of beer run game or that's the spotlight I ought to. I treat you you'll ought. Oh went and it would it would which I you don't go wouldn't really market while there's that period. And of course Peter receivers on March and I thought that there was a chopper cougar or. And it Rupert so early on but gave up. Op as we become that we got to recruit you or your long to capitalize turn over. Key indicator of political or Rick. Back to give their property so. Quarter to again which sir I threw that we were aware that it the that's because. Global market outside actually earlier all the. So sitting there watching it not being as arrogant as we are and confident as we are. What do you think about going against his defensive ends are we got right now in terms of their speed their ability how young they are how good they are put their hands arms you saw them going against stomach clinch either their their top ten possibly pick in the NFL draft together they've been blown smoke up for a long time note watching our defense events and their techniques what do you think about. Well first so I look I love this quote you're going to be an article or. They kicked our our dot that would strip down to is great to eat that are are more or shatter the and as I don't consider when you look at guys like that you know. We just gain confidence every single patch it beat this game was your indoor carpet spirit guide how the Albert dot. Repeat. Ought to turn the corner. So once if you work against inaugural premiere opera like you're in an area either all or are or aren't out well. So that we could build a lot of competent sort of I would feel bad. Junior trader. Or are they are the all specifically those particular. Because it's a performer that's break. Up the week. The start noticing that spewed out here and you know that way in two year old and a little. Bit. Can we all know that we've been relatively humble as the blaming other coach richt. Put together a nice little highlight video of all the naysayers that are in this country you know golden dated a different way in terms of not hearing from the outside or hearing the noise of putting the walls. But Mark Richt is it on a little bit of a subtle nature where he brought to team together. And collected a video of the majority of the country and all of the Talking Heads. But do have an opinion that duke influenced a lot of other people in this country and basically allow the players to watch a pregame what drove you more crazy. Seeing Chip Kelly in the middle of football field. Talking about we want the damn ring has opposes some stupid chain 'cause some of those players. Or the fact that mark Rick possibly could be one of the coolest mothers crunchers you ever heard of the terms of subtleties by Guinness team rent out. No doubt approach are I mean everybody. And it paid out McCain or not you guys gave it to auto insurer. You know you either love us more prone things that are going on it's the eternal air ordered or urged to report. Both of those fired. So you don't torture and we bring if you don't collector or. All we're guy's open he's hurt her back. And he has that speaks to eat your where. You know working even recorders. Or very well. But I street directing that there's an undertow there at. Its way years ago. I get I get the double B you know what actually hear how they. All credit to approach or break your big game a lot of you don't get in these big games the keynote speaker at all. I think that's what happened. Eight Adobe. The game they'd be where we approached the Miami what it features wonderful open it was ready to race. That open it and take care of business. Our story look like a year ago Carter where it would collect. It was so bad where you can tell topic it was a lot directly historical epic yet arch there. Live up to that offered and expect that light show or write a paper or they just bigger ball well like border if there. Are put to block guys Eric who are and hopefully we need to keep this market. You know this game at their church idiot or give detailed their. I'll probably come back up just like outlook outlook or your state. And I beat you guys are you ready to play. Yeah no there there probably seal themselves feel a little bit more confident right now than they were a couple weeks ago. What do you think is having a better time of their college corner now being Smart being tapped by iron narrow. In a ball out wide receiver at the University of Miami do you think bricks and bears is having a better time to Joaquin Gonzales Specter 2000. Well I don't know her social expire when how they have while we grow op. To become our big I dig it JRL wide receiver Freddie or let your. I think racked it it I had an opportunity to hang out with a little bitty EU. And eight and our entire all the guys that built up a bit right way. Deal. And I beat everybody what you look at where you're like. Are gently dispute started doing lit up our season won't play well you know won't. So. Brighton bears as a socialist pretty strong quite. And Susie he's a Campbell and I can't easily and that we and about Lehman goes to the kicker and number one and you know me I don't love kickers too much put. But the vastly fellow rock it like that straight up Mullen or the American Psycho haircut from Christian Bale back in the day as clean and clean and it's. All of Spain is that often provided there are measured by a different ticket to go to accurate and you know that actually score at particular big. It's six point two walked up here you have a fixed so. Check and really really blow it off beat her I saw Apollo. As a color of our lines that out of us we are. Walking in the askew you know because you that your Cain seems are playing for national championship spot. You know yea you play huge game you get a win and in the next week do you play in temple or whoever okay how do you do you make sure or they you don't have the big let down like it's canes team. With Virginia and then it. But to finish the season. Well that they're really bought back on the leaders. If the Dalai. Aching shoulder rests mostly follow you don't during the week you practiced with. You know there's a lot chips some people right now sort of speak because. We don't understand you know the first what was the holes while they got after it. Now is that a lot higher and the following properties typical back and letting them so you. Along in. You know an eight figure our country at Rio. That export. To quickly turn and with former cadets retreat you know. We you don't win now you know be sure all your boot up all auto. Don't arbitrary Torre brilliant coach that that we. Are really focused on themselves if you hit it up respect her. Or would be a big game or me or they. Connoisseur picker it hyperactive. Export gains got to look so. A big pocket aren't yet another at each particular. It's pathetic and a coach go. But the leaders and it ritual Ruth. Or mark are at sector standard that are prepared if you're. You know get better individually could battled to hear. Oh. Aboard raced through five writer die what was your favorite. ESPN. Gained any sports talk the me here is among them are more momentum could have been the number of fat head or courier to bin. The uncle owned being yeah the entry error and upon. Did you call your heroes in the country getting away with a posts are basically that asked for meat sandwich minus the sandwich bread and put the Notre Dame logo beside it and it. Yet Whitaker are there is believed. Our ability. It is a concurrent prison where I got hurt. They're cute they're trying to represent the men. Well not all that Pope was built into it at all because yeah what are. Creepy or every hour. Eric that we scored their own ball and got the eco tour I don't know very. No doubt of course Canada communities so little represented. I and they were saying that basically game they was the best game they've ever had. I would they've got to be appropriately is. There after one tried to paint I'll credit quality. At all. Off and it actually it became Israel is lawyer. Unless there was here with thirteen famine but can't really gains go every. Salute. I absolutely don't really just a great tiger and a good. Overall. That. I think a lot all it. Well we play Florida State is not a better walk that people write about it in order to duck. Or that'll. Go. The car. I expect I had a record your backpack that old ball. All the fact that. Pretty cool pretty great weekend pretty great weekend. Joaquin an excellent job manga talking again. Like where I hope you're audio book from your up like that lets. But I. Well and my ads and I got the ads onto her and don't forget c'mon you know it. Look I'll look at Seoul. Eric Gartner nights Ian Leo. That's looking Gonzales U mall of Famer.