Jon Vilma Interview 4-26-2018

Thursday, April 26th

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Jon Vilma joins us derived fuels and bouncers convenience stores gas line truly steps beyond convenience. John what's what's the schedule looking like Tammy you're at your super busy this evening rights. Our super busy being drafted no. Side stood for Bibby you've done allaying out of him and watching Jack play out yeah. Oh yeah we go oh yeah coverage on ESP. You know none and I'm not very cool I'll know I'll listen dividends are you gonna sit around and watch that pervasively middle week unused paean of the human on earth he that's against thank you get just hang out and watch tonight's. Yes. I got very lucky that I'm not cool enough like it's been around and actually watch it and enjoy it as opposed to talk about it every five minute. Can you remember what it felt like today okay back in was it all for a knew what was at can you remember what today 2004. Was like for you like do you do you get nervous just thinking about it when it was it's exciting with a morning anxious bullet like. Look at age that are really what we've. That because the whole time they did I was number one and you know the good art maybe they doubt you're tired. Well number one inside linebackers so. I figured import from the word I'll be drafted number one number two as far as the Packers linebackers let and then wherever that though so be it. So I was really nervous just anxious to kind of being overweight outlook not MV. That it gave him but there's detest you know little Bambi gathering in. Unfortunately. It went as player that ended up being the first linebacker taken. Ma am I was more excited for me but you know goes straight to the the look on my mom my dad but it is they do. Well because they were so proud of and that will spell part of that feeling I had like a guy draft that got a call from our permit where are we started Terry Bradway but it lacked somewhat spam millionaire like. The other there 82 dogs are probably world meet. You know that was great actually they're a thank you editor Bradley who commute out commute be GM reject. At the time that I can't particularly don't. Pretty cool Jon Vilma EO with us. Quite a different look them in my draft story that's for sure you similar boat though I was. I was projected to be you know top two top three centers going to drafted. And is I think seven around went by and and no call we'll call. This. Sector. And you know we Drew Rose announced today. Somebody here so bad breath I made total value actually made it seems there is viewed their meet tomorrow bet you didn't series he would meet. Predicted to a funeral. Who who did until salty fifteen years later I I don't I don't want overrunning its draft I'd I can't be so a lot of draft even last night. I think that's the way of his ex we got going on tomorrow for the show and as I WGV on talk a little bit about that your often and she's like. On god wills and it's humans I didn't hear again and houses like yet she goes all that was just so 2009. On borrowed at the center of those armored. To. Who's your best bet they would not ad and Robert's correct it. You have you made the team you you're you're doing that the rope more with our running Mara. Yeah yeah that's what the lesson of recent that was drafted except that he knows all there and he's still Johnny knows all their names all the guy out of respect. Article if you can't get at Uga didn't lose him. It was a rough situation but I was looking at that draft class earlier on the show. And I was like trying to compare to the 20032004. Draft so I was looking at that that that team that we played again on the Nebraska team. On the Nebraska game sort of a national championship game. That was considered probably the best of all time in terms of cain's been in terms of possible callers into the country. But I was looking at your draft the 2004 draft as opposed to mine in 2003. And that draft will insane from Kellen Winslow you DJ fed burn. Vince Wilfork. It was ridiculous item and remind you it was like Andre Johnson and Jerome McDougal in the few other cats is just your your travels a lot but in my dress that's Fisher. You know we we had we get symbolic men who don't praise you because the last came about Jack in the first round it will work. He added the longest impact career. It though it's funny how it played darker you really you never know where he ended up playing. It played shipping thirteen years you know hall of fame bound me to chew bogeyed the patriot so. They note I do remember him to typically because it. Bit good Robert Vito bit with the dog bit and they're but he beat. And we roll we all figure where to go first round you who you gonna go higher in every one but maybe not so on but. Pretty much everybody else. And people whatever reason the team immediately tackled it if need be Jacko men into being drafted by the patriot. And I remember calling everything can correct. And he was so. Yeah well Larry all I to a bowl they've picked up Ira crowd I regret we will. You know they thought that patriot vote lawyer but I. Matt. That are typical. No this. All he would. Do a heated there was so what we have we got we weren't the way Ruben makes it a Buick Open acute back our ridicule you what are they. I'm an animal of some and so okay Jerome McDougal do we didn't play too long if I remember correctly was your car by the Eagles. Remember he got shot. Oh my god that's right the issue in the belly or something right. He got shot a belly matter remember they're tired. Out robbed him. Jerome what advantage gave me keep their very being and got those sharp. I mean and the stuff that happens so most sometimes zoos that are meant every year the story Robertson a good job with the sad stuff yeah. Yeah I seriously yeah pretty morbid today I'm hey you are under real college primary you know beloved giants US due to strong a Pena junior college football guide you have a strong opinion on any of the the quarterbacks mean quarterbacks tonight. Are allowed strong opinion you can go so many different ways that angle I'm going to pay. Is the longevity. And if you're looking for. A pure pocket. Quarterback. Job throws in as bad arm. Unsuited. He looked the best in the pocket. I like Josh Grogan. If we're talking about the most dynamic the one that would scare me as a linebacker UB LaMarr objective because. When he picked off. Look out man in my head of Spain yet extremely ticked off because out back out and every kid. But ally baker may look at it didn't turn the ball low. And Robert knows when you're playing the last thing he wanted to quarterback is gonna turn the ball over three Turkey day. You know you can't win if you do go what a big game or you're gonna lose because. There have been recorded banker the know how to protect well well so he noted that a lot of different way to look at it and I know that he can GM do have. Over analyze all the quarterbacks so I can't they Google Earth that might be. You know we're we're talking earlier today Josh Allen he had to apologize yesterday apparently some old tweets from when he was in high school were dug up these use in the yen word silly stuff. A stupid stuff. And and he's had to apologize I wondered do you think dude dude general managers look at bats Hayley yeah oh okay. They do yet. Yeah 100% say they look at it I remember my my GM. Brisbane my library coached there were more old school. And they look at all the bet all of the background character issue. What do you gain that they won it being bad. They wanted to be sure oh boy it was it to me young don't keep doing young gun being right or is there a pattern. And then if there were debate started to spend the pattern and it Erica Pratt character issues. And ripped it away from. There goes the bell young and dumb I got. One of the what do guys linebackers heat trapping one party got a EW. AI. Or driving a mole page. Are dropped while on camp is coming back rubble for. So they look at go to our I get you know young dumb you these dark character issue right don't they but they've got we look very well. And especially when deal with a quarterback here and we're talking about character and all them he franchise yet that that's a big deal right. Yes and respect you know. John always good talking man at some we have the all wheel trying to make sure robbery doesn't bring us all down you know my identity Broderick yeah they were not obligated by the IR in. I don't know you know this act rather. I wanted to war over the weekend he doubly does not know that anyone know that. Not much you wanna. Yeah below the radar where I do go to bat at you like your photo orchid print regret that a bit. Yeah I don't know this bodes for the boomers and or you slot. What does that mean eats or you play every night I wake up my LA does not double doubles Sean oh no what ego and. And I'll read you Oreo all day regular order. I hear rounds on the streets and love not to doesn't Hugo owners cupboards he's got no food no nothing new or has this taxable. Oreo that we are like an act would they are output they keeps doctor away or is it that you're. Now I do Erica little boy that. And while you're comes Nabisco with you or you it's for sugar yeah that's it yeah it. Excellence not John keep up the good work thanks man. They're very nice that's Jon Vilma right there.