Kelly Olynyk Interview 9-26-17

Tuesday, September 26th

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I we got a new heat forward Kelly a Linux joining us here in my doing the right to beat senator Ernie forward what are go yourself you know spoons pro Navarro forward toward a kind. Tussle about what this this summer was like because it was probably unexpected that you got released I mean the Celtics out re released you're rutz C Yukon comes up but they'd deal renounce your rights you become a free agent must an unexpected right. Yeah a little bit. Not much feared. Not some point there in there do a hundred other than at duke but you know this may have to do enormous time Hayward and you know after that happens obviously. Our world and how does that how does that go down for you where it's the only NBA city you know called home so far in your career and clearly they're trying to compete for a championship. What is there any is there any bitterness it's like man like I wanna I wanna be with you and compete for the championship. Number is definitely tough because he says sort person knows that for years you know definitely know made O'Meara and plenum our roots there and kind of grow up they're a little bit and you know we were narc good when I got there and you know I left remember when Jesus comes finals we're. You know solid team so. No different built some area some momentum there but. Notes is tough it's tough to doubly tough to leave you know the city in the organization everything treat you so well but. No this is probably equal opportunity come down here and join this group of guys in this organization as well also appealing. A lot allows appealing immune. No first and foremost you have an organization that is in a second to none. No winning culture. Knows the place and knows how to win knows what it takes to win many got a group of guys who. And finished the second half of the season is planned. The best dots moment and today. Pretty much and you know to go join that and don't jump on that ship and and sales. You know you always have an opportunity and not frozen you know very grid up to for me. I thought you know my skills in the way I've played known you're great student in this in this team in this organization and no here both the player development in the culture and everything down here those agreed to remove my career as well how many these guys did you know before coming down here. I'm an army you know everybody in the NBA no cure in there but it nod in religion don't know anybody come so discourages. They're going into the dark. No the guys chairman unbelievable in a welcoming. And it's. It's been a lot of console or you had a little bit of history with Hassan Whiteside on the court so how was that joining his team. That is awesome images unbelievable player and you say thirty smoothed everything over I read that you guys worry. There you ask me why and. Very news. Not talked to him when you were still on the Celtics an area I talked to him a few times and that I isn't his own blue guy that's funny how that works out right there are great character. Mean crazy potential and you know he's finally tapped into some other potential and you're conceived through the player he isn't. I think he's still got some room to it can be a better player obviously. It's easy to leave stuff on the court when your competing with somebody. Yeah army and it's it's game you're competitive it's vastly game took steps to happen. No off the chorus. No that is what it is and it's it's fun it's this game. But you know and it. Know you're human being an army pistons no reason to. Not hold a grudge and then. Now you you're the kind of player we had Kelley on a careless you're the kind of player who. Can can be perceived as a guy who's who can be a bit of a nuisance okay when when you're playing against their team. And I remember when he signed do you know we're doing our radio show on the morning and he fans were pissed man they were obviously Khalil Winnick the Celtics like besides that he's annoying. Got a guy who played for the Celtics don't tell people and listen all right you definitely hated when we played the Celtics. But this guy you know a lot of them on your team OK I feel like you war. You're your exact place that that guy's hate playing against I mean who wasn't who told us that earlier was James Johnson. Who spoke to log on told us hated playing against some law that he's RT now. The army and that's a guy you wanna be brave men and thus would sports is oboe. Knows who you gotta. So hopefully your appreciated where you are in no fear hated the new do some right as well who was a guy that you hate playing against. Was a tough matchup for you do on Miami that is roundly. I'm new suit and in. Dishonesty in this hard 'cause suited for the news team is hard nosed no Brady. No grind to those who don't back down. Scrappy. The they can't play every single night in new some and our love of this team and wire want to. Known to come join this team is. I'm just their demeanor and know how the approach every single session and also not having to worry about us on muscle yeah I don't know he's definitely I mean the guys this. His normally practice hitting and also bit do you care about starting coming off the bench you care about that. Non in. It is buddhism in you you put your faith in and push both hands and millions and make the right moves and decisions in Nome. Mauled us into the best. Version of ourselves that we can be in the best team we can be no way to start off the bench no finished. Notice them. No everything's important role and that's to have a team you need guys who fill every single role. So are you given a basketball reasons why you wanted to come down here at Miami though not a bad city and does then either so. Little biased but ideally we like it down here so have you had an opportunities are settling it. Not not as much as though light coming out on a house or car yes social costs and so Stewart can men in the her kink out of so David you know hurricanes will resume its only. Yeah tell her raise the word a short period is not yet we get warning. On you know is way worse yes but but don't don't let the hurricanes make you think as I give any warning sooner don't worry about that and pull what do our hot spots have been going out to restaurants are we got no City Hall don't seafood person. Big from the president and prime 112 yes IE I've been there before all night. Recently. Bush noted some doubts he had some news very low dose don't grab may even I don't know it's also got an amazing Montoya got closes her Summers I. Leo even during some crowds in that is open but the stone crabs are not in season right now I don't even listen though it may be close down the generals go very I have an hour ago there I go there you guys are not nice okay I I I know all the good rest read the words yes forges good and OK go there. That was an ass of your teammates they are now. Our pockets on now now judging by your. Social media you're big into fantasy football welfare aside iTunes so far. Solid actually yeah there are a couple teams who screwed you so far who's not playing well for. Who hasn't been playing well I'm in our own program announced by god knows it's just us who were out there together as a direct. From there they are clearly there is my this is 250 and our own floors guys got a chance glossy yellow Linux you saw many key figure out there's already I'll go the other way there's there's some great. Great picks and faster folklore Kramer on so you don't MRIs to yup he's been good Alonso and Gordon and kind of hope these he's all right are you an NFL stand grown up because you're you know I wasn't really and it's a long story most sordid but. You know I was born in Canada and there's no and folks in Solder in Washington. And yes it was it. Though Sunday night game with a month figures in us was national national Bryant isn't that you wouldn't get it drive and a united diplomatic. Random gains urinary and I'm in so you know what slogan of no CFO did that kind of stuff and then you know at play from on high school right yeah and you get injured playing the unaudited. And then proposal that actually. And then I went to college and they've been helpful boxy and so stuffed currency Bryant a college football it knows so much friends of what's gonna throw on Sundays and stuff put. We weren't allowed to play offense is our vision watches don't multiply fists up here in the college template fantasy sports and. Even if it's not for remote gambling even if I were you I don't know it's just this sense. Yes he had very very very I don't know and so I knew I was never into a zone and then when I left college. You know what to Boston diocese then. Everybody's in low it is so series razorbacks those areas in on our cement a couple of guys in nova. You know good friends in the Edelman on norms to Brady and you know it only as if of course I. And then I Malcolm vote there and you know that's my kind of got into fantasy. Known. For Malone as a guest. Since you're big into fantasy does it annoy you because some athletes get really frustrated with fancy sports and oh you know this is a real life so when fans act dumb on Twitter or anywhere else and are complaining about their fantasy team you're probably doesn't really the youth rally at daybreak as you like fantasy. Now me Casilla from both sides. I'm in. This is our life community guys are playing games and our allies like zero. This is like. You know us having a fantasy. Football of meg you know. Dropped in my car salesman in the echo that so many in somewhere I notice what the hell. Like. What what else is Kelly when it into into music what else you like doing. I'm I was very so I love food. Known ruby's studio I do of musical. With words. Like music with legs looks less giant isn't it and what's what's left shoulder saying no media then again and and out with the Bernama the what's let's let's show you want to. You know actually ever since I've been here of make. I mean I don't have a house or cars or sixty cross streets of her concert this agreement American president exco also is less when you until. The last when I went to went to. And Mumford and so yeah Sierra minerals also have thousands donated to see when you Lazard. Running through the current bills also are your and right of the I'll let my main man unbelievable. Before I go as Sharon. That was no good you know who writes the typical mar BM and its he's unreal yep yes sorry yeah. I was Indira. Go ask him about your band bill had a. He's not you oil and A AAA no way they weren't. You like Zack brown band. Oh yeah there there for a lot of Jews and yet there west palm and love not on Saturday and it you someone of undermining them. Only go three army massacre long Hoover it's it's nice to your grain output when you can call me direct we can split the air look at I would have preferred count I had. Harry the IEA IE standardized design fifty million dollar continuity is a car down here. Are you getting a call. I'm sure I'm working on it if anybody has a car that do. While admittedly I could deal against army. We only had to deal. I mean EMI's slow army no I haven't. I've Toyota Tundra up in Boston OK give us a call you have what's Ainsley high school or something right you're one of those guys right on I didn't have a current high school. So you call for a long time though I in Boston when I got there before yours but it's you're not pulling up and like the fans and I want the zone and tundra. It only so that the next call you get when you finally do get a cornea seem kind of geoghan on an army afterward another fancy you know known Barnum and offensively you don't need. The tundra you know united and there's no snow down so fortunate and tennis right and everyone know he said he I would very long very fortunate that there were very. There's no settling drive way it has to is a lie area. Let's actually comes down here that's who you needles and outs there you got Carlos and Kelly were glad to have you here man my car as a licensee he thinks lustig Castelli annoyance.