Wednesday, January 3rd

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Still be used here with you on the Israeli side MBAs through some big things yeah man in the bill incident which the kiss 999 morning show was in the building with who got Fisher got you to element TC joining us in studio guys that you were. Stopping to our humble abode here and an awful and I appreciate it. Recently added residents of the Chillicothe off its it's a just a couple weeks of it's January 20 medium CB Smith park. South Florida tradition a staple like none other. People lining up at 1 in the morning pines boulevard Dick and Harry yet again and again. It's while it's it's a while time so what is what is becoming team this year show via. We always have a lot to look forward to 33 years that we've been doing this now with kiss and we wanna make sure that everybody understands it's not about the boots and a son about the cowboy hat in the whole thing like that it's about coming out to festival that is a lot of fun. You can tailgate that when he gets inside you to do some more drink and and managed just I'll party festival and we of course have Darius records showing up. The Rudy Rudy Rudy Rudy you know critical. So I don't know how we got eucharist and that so. 1 of our morning show host he we had Darius Rucker on Gypsies these themes dolphins I don't want most famous dolphin fans out. And he one point over the living in Dan Marino's on demery and those couch and people we had a lot Billy my doses into like all rock back in the day. You realize that who we had theirs or had gone to achieve themed. Put him like you know he's reckon more grammys now unconscionable bread. When used in Hootie and the Blowfish and so the dolphins PR guy avenue listening to our show. And he's like so you guys never forget here is a vintage poster of Rudy in the blowfish. So you could always be reminded that their shots and laughs. And and so is why he is headlining your show. Yeah absolutely any so he's gonna do some country somebody's gonna go in on deuce and some police honest that's what he does he puts on a good show. And we also have Old Dominion dean Richardson or try to cowboy most people know that song. Are we have a lot of other radar still but even if not into the country thing. Like you turned said it's just a big party atmosphere in the big deal this year is that it's usually a Sunday but we moved it was Saturday this year so you got all day Sunday to kind of however yeah. Those the big issue. Back in the day it was go into the cup golf and then. Try to make it to work the next day so now we get it we get a day to experience Maria thank you you feel you personally. It didn't I had eye is yeah a ninety day I don't know I don't ever you say oh yeah Emma takes on they'd arrest gonna pressured to drink samarra does it send it. Let's do this and I just went to a New Year's Eve right combined about 78 different types of alcohol and still recovering so little hole awful on a few days ago aren't. And I do you like the thing that with music hustles the people watching his incredible place to concede to CU where people the level we will go to as a member were initially cut off one year. I've return and I we've random we did this for like extra money who do events we ran we ran a beer trim at at the chili cook off. And dislike the system that was going to happen on in between shows that I think it shows like I think Taylor Swift was maybe yet to allow. And I joked super super young and I think it was when like Tim McGraw singles to I was it was bad it was so it was a while ago that back and 2006 or memory that reputation. For the Iraqi T yeah. But but yet it's immediate it's a while tablets obviously it's it's the session without their disgust so aside from that would the music what's going on on stage. It just the general party advisors aren't in the Al's gun on you guys get a bunch of cool food out there you got like on the in elephant ears what do we wouldn't. Oh yeah you got all the festival food like that would have been a rip tide everything we're just kind of picking up those truck to bring in motor chili cook on ice yet we you can actually try Chile there was times when you can do that at the chili cook off so. You can knew that handout for the first time ever. You know festivals I mean getting bathrooms and food it's like you have a premium there rat we have VIPs available and well as our tickets where you can get. Seats right up front with a table yeah free food and free beer and that's all available on the way on your web site. Yet to Miami dot com you get you to get you VIP passes all that stuff so. We're one big happy and come family promoting. One of the best festivals in the last three decades he has his big arch of public room yes they do. Still it's probably true that way and did his own thing for them that yes. Man I'm really don't count which makes is his life when he would pop and in the big and rich singles that I did receive a college game. Of college game day they are here. Some stills that your argument ago or so ago mobile policy that would drive you will seek public choice and it is that reason enough to go. Yeah. I mean yeah. First and introduce you to Brandon Dublin. The host this wonderful midday show. On yesterday we had the real pars and then to teach Tobin how to hunt iguanas and so ago I like that. He's I mean omelet and a long way to go to this guy's testimony bare handed off the turnpike he's pretty he's a pretty impressive individual should fall on its ground to unease I learned some things that put. Sorry but that sounds horrible on the record if you are gone and it it here's the thing though. It's it's it's actually good neighbor and rights because they're gonna take out all the wanna answer and they're going to be they're going to be like this they're gonna put it on the one certainly exist right pretty much he's fun ones homes I see. So he's rescue off the pathways of where I walk and then run and scream yeah. Rats and and and putting them anymore loving location yes that's me that's a but I don't think Tilden about rescuing them he just wants to ease he's on he's on for the hunt you if there's like wrestling ad actually took off now yeah. It seems that TCI could rebounds. Yeah and out of the grass problem and we're column that wrestling with. And it's solid it's all ultra low or somebody's you know dancing with a tree. But it seemed you'll give me you know big dividends on the election Alex it's. What a fantastic time it's not. It's it's such a stable in the market like it does sell itself and in narrow people go and look forward to every single year there's been going for 33 years actually come from other places. At a state just for this that's the best possible outcomes opponent and regularly like Emerson earlier about the show only one thing that you over the phone to a recent earlier that you guys be put through and that was something that is maybe new this year that is that's interest coming to. Or better. Okay let me see them they I have to admit to liking the most is that people watching. To see some great people watching this axis of staple it's my favorite. And asked her new things coming. I can tell you that they have the boos there that started last year. XP beer but this year and last year they get to and a hard alcohol so you know and if you're into that and the people watching even more the whiskey and Berman alone. Arlington diocese short shorts and usually it lets it usually starts off you're fully taxed I should does not mean other. And their foliage grass and there and lay ears and then all of a sudden a later start coming off and before you know it it's a boots bikinis I am yeah. Which fits me perfectly. It sells I don't know yeah it is but I think I can get to boot yeah yeah yeah optional. Though there. At least some ago with a yeah tickets and all the the things it's Sybil like even though there are awesome people from our kiss country mourning children 999. We're doing a great thing amongst the the clusters so right here our website to the Miami dot com. You get your take it you VIP passes all the information everything you need is have to go Miami dot com. And other three you should go and also check out our hot takes as well. Senator or a Tony as CB spent part to the turn off the Enron. Now and 9 construction morning showstopper and fish you turn them aren't easy thanks loving guys really appreciate. It says one thing Jirga in can we get JG IA to try and sell some chili cook off their. So old should tradition wanting to Angelo and management and trade of some of normal if you know. I wouldn't. Adequately. Today I didn't. What completed and who's not related blog. 20.