Lou Ferrigno Interview w/ ZRA 7-11-18

Wednesday, July 11th

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Well Robert this. Yeah. And you can get loans and I would let you meet you al-Qaeda doing OK I do and we want it. He saw opposite. His own pleasure to have you on the Erica time for us. Our rights. And an ear for comic con right has come and gone on. If they're young artists through the card there that super nuts on NASCAR's super guns on trinity competency and the super con is the one down here. Well Lou for you know of course would be you know we we all know incredible Holcomb Mott Romberg here who's a former professional football player he's huge and years and him know that I say hey Lou for a no he's down August what. Got about the seat on the hell out of our mind and in the harness or runner on the use of the big thing. Actually since the last the last show I I actually cry on when I watched. Was fall when you were falling out of the airplane and I just put it in like five years ago again to just see it again because I don't take what you VHS. And I started teared up again miles and oh my god I can't believe them teared up while. In the split the right he's outta steam because it put the king's honor could that at an air show we put to go back to film the defensive hole put pubic to Paris are right. Who do want to wish OSHA ten Vancouver. Like the way this film that formally formed to that there. The song and everything was just like to hear the song going from any medical or adult called Google Korea now known it was awesome it was dramatic for a child I remember also watching as a child incredible he's. What you're just lion Anderson meant to all aha bearish for a child back in it through this too shall back into suppan has been the like the good guys didn't die. Exactly you know it was it a lot different back then TV shows good guys and that didn't. With the idea that efficiently find one plus with a lot to think about that lie with a broken. Cadel pancreatic cancer would've in Paris on that. So tell us Florida super con you're here you're gonna be there making appearances tells what you. And support they show it tomorrow you have to prepare cutting at 1245 shall pulled pork park art filters party at this you know you have like 10 o'clock in the morning at duke VIPs. They've appealed 60000 people great show my patient might pose to we have Sofia BFQ and ABF a professional photos are. At these kids a chance that they have a good arms between family portrait generation. There's grief acute because nothing to do with two sets of you know a lot of the completeness who put the celebrities. You do you do these Q and days at at these super con conventions what's what what's the question you get asked most often. About my fifth decal with you about the whole about the episode about the makeup how filming and now how effective they realized that explicitly advocate for a personal funds back to the typical question answered that it had to act with. You had cameos in some of the didn't that the marble incredible Hulk films right you didn't some of them present before it's too for the whole. And what which once you had cameos it wasn't the incredible all the wrong with that portable. Divers to the world with an endorsement while they're bad their head and walk out with bill Standley. Okay at school issue that I feet maybe fight is OA's economic plus some day still and all so it's critical that is used to come back in the well it's been made my whole right this person was merely because when I was jail with a cute. I haven't used that we're going to be the comic book that's old old old ones were staying in the C York comic book fan. You know yeah I should say for the whole car. What was that was that one of your favorite and I the first issue of Spiderman had affairs to issue a hole because for a traitor for Martha McAfee. Pat and I felt we get invited recuperation period power now right now in my hair figure to a trade off the developer agreed upon it was a perfect. That's that's amazing though if you you grow up as a kid and you reading incredible comics Powell and then and a power and then you get to be incredible. That's about it cultural that's crazy. Yeah it will what was it like when you try outs for the role of on incredible. While waiting for the next conservative mr. Olympia it was softly to win they have the screen tests six with a fourth try you after the rule was I knew that par was marred. And overly critical but that I could look what it's about it's matter of fact they were shooting this Hoch we've which you Q a to a question on the big guys haven't too. He didn't fit the part. We've had an issue department that would after the sweet tea at the the next day. Among the ship look at the Mayo queen dies white guys we makeup and myself were right to hear the rest is history. It wasn't like them the first sign that you saw yourself on on the TV show and and I mean like island well. I was excited I know anything about actor. Timely quickly you know about the cute about the camera market percolating and haven't been total came that can be quickly so I adapted very quickly but. With the show hit the I mean I couldn't from. Cover my faith and we could heart. Became a huge piece of territory they feed nationality in the world. Yeah everyone everyone knows like I mentioned to amber Mike gala for no you don't credible he needs here in in in in the studio and she's like he's he's an Olympic vis a bodybuilder Lago world. World class you can agrees yeah lately I I and I know you ivory snow from incredible Hulk so so is is that the role did you get recognized most for incredible Hulk still even today. Oh yeah and that's general forty film of the fight different TV series. I can make paying going to win film I completed my outlook but everybody yeah so look we have the hope diamond I don't want to lover because of factors have to level Christian. Yes exactly. So I mean Robert you're. All star or audience outside of sinners smiling not a need so many celebrities he's no never beans are either I'd been. Hollywood I've been ghastly world quietness and government DM to. John open loves you currently amounts of snobbery I get a photo with him at the end to a fraud waste or not the first it's not a Marlins park oh is that right there today. Now Ari are you know are you going to be on the mound where you go in front amount. Dog ML wanted to do when you're on America via practice because you've thrown the ball. Which elevated yeah I'm ethically counselors should have the catcher's Mitt. By senior planning on being on the mound. Yes good good for you if you throw that in return the minute yes you got it around and now are you a big sports fan. That there you should be used to it please put the plea for poor productivity potential beauty traveling and so applicable high school do you know I pray for showtime has to want to talk about to open a bit of in my life. So why am I within one of guard from our to have people on the field of its output and effect of Pat Robertson and he was he was a senator was sent via if it is the very high risk of gain. And you know. It to the pin was directly couldn't do it for us to privacy. Telephoning and floors of upon outing when about the road to put on the show opens tomorrow what are parts of the kind of a 45 I would be the 1 o'clock tomorrow on or today. Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. Do you ever get tired talking about incredible leg whenever I ask you about it Melanie. America you're good minutes. Also am a robbery guiding us through the bridge now and decision is a man just a photo man I just looked out. I just a major step in getting a photo with I'm I'm I'm super I'm telling you right now I'd never been it's our stroke before the may yet and I did notice that you usually break I would call you immediately actually got this and I'm going Altria are much with the school with a with a formula Miami are you related to anybody that lives down here that passes by that attended school at the or. She Miami what crisis of its it was on the news. I'm wondering if that's Ers on the you know do you know her son maybe you're not human went to University of Miami Kazaa and ultimately. Sent -- the -- approach that the principal. -- was just some duties to say -- clearly -- yeah. By myself for -- you know -- for USC -- -- -- -- -- TV -- course -- one of the -- on the -- Obama. -- -- fall far from the -- -- -- -- TV shows that you're coming -- -- -- -- coming -- -- -- -- profits -- -- -- -- the -- of the -- programs will be -- got a couple -- OK we're OK I -- -- -- -- when I -- and to the weightlifting to bodybuilding. I was a huge huge story needs love Dorian Yates who wish organs after you left the game that you basically. Ball was the next torch bearer for four bought it. Well I have to immediate highly naming them than you are doing and mom and then you have like Nicole. By the Coleman took could be on a different expectations that are maimed flight. You could become put in Rome on the mosque the monster Canadian that was like six foot 76 foot six huge humongous Derrick he died he passed away yes. Movement Garcia Schumacher and it was just ridiculous you guys at your peak how much reinvention peak. By six. What do you Romberg a word for sixty or have you. Found that. It. Civilized and one in Auburn really goods immediately effect they're having you don't realize that you I was a break Robert and Atlantic tele Erica.