Paulie Malignaggi Interview 3-5-2018

Monday, March 5th

Showtime boxing analyst Paulie Malignaggi joined Tobin and Beast to discuss Deontay Wilder's knockout win over Luis Ortiz


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Rose appreciative when pollen on Ozzie makes time for us he was on the calls last week for Dion there while nervous is Luis Ortiz politician make it toppers again really appreciate it. Don't we don't go men were doing good so. This is a there was a thrilling fight this past weekend both there there are scenarios were both guys look there are gonna lose this thing I multiple times. Just give us I guess your your reaction in the in the Russian then when it would all when it all came to an end. What do you think in the and in the listed for the many fights you've seen this year where to balance stand out. Our in our country and got her voice box and it always an actress thrill when the parts or exciting or new generation a very exciting morning. Green generation apparently sheep you often feel very sorry want. Well there's just not law and vulnerability to make it got exciting. We get district killing grit and determination to really meet the guys collector quality while he also from Bangkok. It's party blood that the U dub there at all actually had a trick terribly try with science major actual lottery which gulp. A lot of it was so careful battle with shops lot of momentum switching your dog I think it's some kind of at the scene at the seams are. Well in that will once which in what scratching could be. On the verge of being fired her trailer a one point are not good for all bit on the need your and so. Suppose there really terrific the bid Garrett start to shape up in memory there you're books site. Jail what what do we learn from Dion says is it isn't a big deal that he was able to to take that damage in the seventh round and keep don't do we need to see that or did finish. More vulnerabilities. In the CE OK well why didn't hurt as a little bit Chris you know a little bit productivity and our department. It's fiction totally neglect their fault that our run you know I wanna look at I think beyond cake shall a lot character that meet people that weren't sure he had. That's right Warburg is being knocked out adult not only did not get knocked out in the books are you keep all of them out to be able to come back. And you cannot currently himself and that's a really aren't any actual last year as well. Donny let me push program that kept pulled. You can recognize the app cannot count we did you know an outright where you don't want to hang in the balance sheets so I think bald guy showed that back character. Which is which you definitely need attract skilled talent whatever you are in power all the other people unique character can really get checked actual Americans not to show or something deputy Joshua short question it. And that didn't change should meddle in character all if you wanna. What's it gonna security out of eight you don't get it should check back in trouble she could tactically on you don't have any differently absolutely always. Nitpick little things in not anybody try to and we do a little better but beyond that it would look like ours are each other. It didn't know what westerly and ignore it each other football as an accountant jealous. Lord you rely more on that sense out of Paula do you do you look at it more half full or half empty with that. I look at all. Oh what's so if you don't I'm albeit heavily in the world you know we came in undefeated. In New England sort of the beleaguered every billion in battle or knock outs. And up and he can't fight. It can get along we get a W at all accounts you'll be pissed. You're usually can be checked the boundary original opponent especially a quarter and that's what you're also told them that we can be marquee fights so that their competitive. And they get a competitive fire anyone a look at you wanna look at the big criticized you are immediately to have a long way gotta go here and began herbal weight. Hope you wanna keep tight right now when you get beat Carey bites. You're excited for them in your card that he and when they are tracking and they are competitive you complain that one election initial impression that not all. They'll wonder why would you that it got to look at each other idle Ottawa you wanted to see what all orbit that actually visit H. The poly Ortiz flew on the scorecard at least to look to be ahead. Heading into that tense round. Was there a point where you think that either he let up heating give it is all he did something wrong because it sure looked like up until that point. He may have had a chance to win that fight. Accurate and conductors are one little fishy and wanting to do what he doesn't bother me the shooting is going to eat ground. While that had a horrible Sam dropped and he got extra time in between rounds in the proper prosecution about the the links usually you take action Conakry around that I got to believe that's right order a guy that caught somewhere that all you check on the board. They want him we young adult blood. They decided that the wrong about the start and adopt according to authorities there aren't more. All the they would get a more on the rest. I stole a stolen can't figure out what total box also that was part of why oil oil. Maybe part of something that's. Wouldn't you know contribute what he's not getting a job they won't add more condor caught between rounds then the other change is more critical while there is scorching to and Freddie need to ordered not returner she did not too which ground in any ignore it from the ability turtle with a lot of weight aren't shocked. While the campground the entire final secret tapping. And he flipped a double. BJ over across so I don't remember exactly probably what underneath any came over the top with a with a great right here at turner and that was elated on the spot back. Got I got rocked the Akita that attention and I'm not follow it to you weeks on the Apollo club. Act that it's in the sort not Aaron obviously you're not torture and fights so law that altered our kind of rounded tech coach and the fight. On so he just in what do you worry LD accountant. Our outlook that you are victories were just. Lot while ground I don't know I don't count you're sort he's account at a part of the character. Building that Yucca while that in order just. You people obviously you're not a sport it's incredibly over the mental fortitude it's what's despite the up. There are difficulties you get a wished to have mental fortitude to treat him there and Mickey just. We're up fighters were to spin around will we know talking has received from a from our novice. Point of view and and I feel like with Dionte embryos has all the styles not very good it's not clean it's not Crist. What are you see Paul as a got a braced on styles does does his again as boxing skill set does it need to be got polished when he has that kind of power at that weight class. Partial account. Powell helped Kook call and I do think beyond bad at Burke again I think people an honorary bat after Saturday night coast. He did not use that procedure very well is the South Portland articulate what it. Not everybody partner topple ball are you fighter supports you watch out they give it right in the fighter is the dominant factored like I still think. Think it's irregular fighter. Yuck is giving a big track there and fight scene cannot look at battery orbit goatee he had even bigger lacking but you'd is on the. Taken away from him completely united they get. Yeah and you stories on what a week acting or great part of this contract. Although if you put in an air strike and it's not ready to get very well you get you right hander is it looking. At a complete different car in your wallet out of the agent can beat them on the job. And ensuring that I'm not saying all like that I chose to talk creepy guy actual best a look at your blog I'm not saying. Why aren't they used. That means a lot more full and Ortiz got the luckiest and it helped or eight new market let that get a lot more than doubled to quit while they're here we are in. Talking apology not Ozzie showed to a sports who's on the call this past week birdie out there while there against. Luis Ortiz big mob the box into an upper showtime sports editor Joshua is taken on Joseph Parker at the end of this month. Our polity do you think he needs to I guess in the arms race of who's the more impressive heavyweight does he need a flashy. Knocked out performance like Dion did did for people to be guest swing back the momentum of people saying he's the better guy. On Narnia you know a pretty out of her critics who ate heartily but you. Called that's the most important thing bursts your current credit cards and credit cards where you're at risk to those results. When your party conference call. You can't sort it just will start establishing what I'm pretty exciting fighter it was. Yes I would also very good fighter I know how to take immediate attraction that you also were vulnerable and optional so I don't think. All chip LI ER short have a part to look forward it's just part of I think you get that just being go to Parker. You're statement in the W Kyle about they told obviously just what are your being be structural. That they may as well you know I don't I don't think. He took a look into the little discrepancy they'll vote all the things that loss wouldn't watch it at all ego this week that it better than better and better. I think you you break it down we Warburg bounced. I think every want to competitor target that's who they wanna you wanna be looking. And yet you're terrified you'll keep quiet Larry. Wolf for its earlier policy going to be call on live the fight coming up in and London with I would and they just had a harder it's so he's such a monster star than the so crazed about Olympian undefeated knocked out power. Why doesn't that equate the same way over here and what what do you think is I guess the X-Factor in why. Bobo London. Live people London support him the way they do as opposed to what Dionte is work. No he's he's getting of a bigger bigger star here in America but it's not quite what Anthony is as far star powers concerned where he's from. On the play what they of a big big differences technique actually not Atlantic which. On our Dominic have you intellect and you're still such a big factor here now. But aside from Mac. A lot about it a bit export toxic smoke followed in England or Britain or box Republican which is what he went on to stop it looks we'll get a good he globalstar. In an obtuse or in the country. Are you going to be of Pixar and equipped you're about you know. What may well there's probably a bit starting on me in the US you don't let alone. Guidance from retail should be actual abuse story going to be watching a boxing that not what the same way the US is something you can't you know. While they're also happy hour the opposition now by its faults on it's we put pressure PV tests and are your theories. All but now this is a big orange beat this as it's called a long list we know what you want we can. In not to talk anymore restock our PO I mean one guy gets by Turkish. Going into. The league you know the stock in the public will kick the ball there or are not fighting to get the you know. Are there may. In the years. In the leaking it has kind of killer is popular combat sport you that's not the case in the conscience not to share the great popular recording box and still. While no more and more more so quickly you know so. Both Josh why that it may to be in the UK. I think that it doesn't meet you what will take it as you can while there's just a matter of yeah you're not there yet he has the personality got what you're in order to keep stocks that are awarded install you know. I think he RKR I did it we can be stopped and just keep getting the results. Of course but also your internal audit that he had a pattern or people won't. I always think you give about always appreciate give us some some time in member Reagan on the sides of us and look for the rest because not because it a big month and a great slid on showtime. But coming out thank you. You've got a little boy at center ice man. On non you guessed it hasn't showtime sports really really gripped by this upcoming week now.