Pete Holmes Interview w ZRA 8-11-17

Friday, August 11th

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Are joining us now on the ride you're on bouncers convenience stores gas line truly steps beyond convenience. Heat homes may have seen his special HBO always had a special on Comedy Central. Operating most notably HBO's crashing okay he is the star. And it's available on Blu-ray dvd and and obviously HBO go on demand that whole deal. He joins us here peak morning we appreciate you joining us here actually the whole premise of your show crashing I find to be interesting because it's it's something that we discussed even though or sports show we talk about some like this and I discussed this before where you like cheats on you okay she cheats on you in the shell. You're a comic you're trying to make it she cheats on you you wind up leaving your moments in New York you lose the house and I'll live with her anymore. She is the one who did the bad thing okay. And because she did the bad thing you now lose your house you're struggling you don't have kids and your show. Many times that dubious and Aaron I don't get to see your kids anymore and you didn't do anything wrong why you know the big loser in this spot. But I've never have I. It is supposed to eat. A celebration of the downed it seemed like everything is kind of leaning against a and that it ends up being you know you watch the view is the best they could have happened if he if he needed that push. In the deep end of comedy. And history. And sometimes you know I that's what happens if reelected by wide left if realize that they likely are more furiously. But the time I probably would have agreed with Europe like I didn't do anything Ron Clark activists that. But looking back at that I was pressing him about. Like I don't know that was that was the best thing it's not me in the big game that make it about sport I'll read about sport coming into the game. So yeah and and like you mentioned there in the show is is I guess a loosely or maybe not so loosely based around real life experiences so how. How much easier than you may Sally. Pursue being a standup comic when you hear you're not necessarily tied down by by marriage and family. Well I don't know authenticated it might be Egypt need to have the right Eric in the writes apparently I certainly hopes that well I am I've engaged right now about like am I. Well my wife on the show and you know it's beyond a little bit in the audit. Wasn't that crazy about me doing comedy that sometimes I feel like I built comedians that married people that that don't encourage and support permanent like. It's Ike bearing a vampire like you have to be. For the late hours and the blood sucking in the capital vital but you have to know what you're clinic in new. Pipe or like there's really no it's at a period that load when we got buried. And then I think that is fundamentally one of the reasons that didn't work. Did know how serious your meaning because you're gonna be traveling all time not to be around. You know it's funny it I've gotten that question before but it wasn't it difficult free travel. It was kind of like what you've kind of they're making a name we have you get its Orrin and that's when perfect but he would just like going to open my kind of like a strange. Obsessive quality was comedy that was I think a little off but it hurt. I think what we broke up and realize that is something that we used on the show as well like it kind of like you you were already at the big lover your life. Which was comedy and I didn't know how right she. I didn't I thought like you know I have that are here supporting an openly at. At some of that Hank now it. But a lot of you know you're right we want it more than that act and that might hurt my current you aren't they get that she looked carmody at that that's not so wonderful. That would work. So does the fiance ever come in and watch you perform in does that ever workers and after the easier. Yeah I think that's arteries and you'd send the the really hideous protests comedian with beautiful haven't yet because there is something. I guess we could they impressive are fired up about doing comedy oftentimes when you would he do it at a comedy afterward. You know you kind of already won people over I think that's quite as he elderly. Comedians that are real ladies and that would never really my strategy that there's that girl that I but now. He's seen yet or so and that's how we've bat and then we went out and kept going out so and it worked for me. They out did did she go to the show to CU's specifically liquid headliner of the show that she went sorry that's. Yep I would I would I would co headlining with my friends I'll say it's years ago we've been together almost five years now. And she came and I would show and we met afterward it was really evolved. That's very cool we got peed on Syria does he saw RB HBO's crash a check it out Blu-ray dvd of course HBO on demand and and that whole deal. Trying to make it as a comic. Especially in a city like New York ate it sounds like report seems to me like you can be pretty awful. Yeah I think that it is pretty all all but one of the scene of that is just as typical B. This started comedy and particularly the start comedy in New York. I would have done it in another city for all that where I started basically I think probably the year's Chicago. The that I moved to new York and that's really where the reverend at the wrote me. And there are a bit about New York it doesn't want you and it doesn't need view. And that this same thing comedy comedy yet or you think probably doesn't need you if you don't pursue your dream as a tribute stand up. Corporate Eugene who live in New York. Both things will be fine if you quit comedy comedy will be fine if I could go under because one prison quit. And it a thousand people move out of New York today because it's so grueling here a thousand people moving in the second believe. So there's something kind of perfect about during the show in New York because that's what it feels like. You probably even if you're not doing out in New York comedy is now you'll like and app. It feels like this churning machine but that doesn't really care about you look at. Is does making a roomful. Of people laughed for a Dern won appears sets feel better. And bombing feels terrible. Up that the great question. I think bombing. Bird. Well I never thought about that it might hurt a little bit more to fail but the but the. My dad did and why don't I guess because you know we ask that question a lot to athletes we have on the show where it's. Eight as the winning the feel better than losing feels terrible and they all seem to losing feels worse. Yeah I think that's probably what motivate. Vote deal you know it is like you know that the bomb or the loss hurt worse that the best we have but the wind is it. Very very close like editors show that I didn't. And it was amazing and I had that in a bit of an at and there was a lot of the crew from the show came out like I can't apartment but that the crew. I think he's got up aid as you feel so good at this. It like I literally went in the green room. This is just for a minute by myself. Because if I talked to anyone I would have been spared myself. The way like it here on cocaine herself in a place you if you like your lab in your mouth is saying is that you need to take in debt and come back to earth. That outfit I could edit that field. But at bat they're out that I mean that you'll like the rejection of who you are especially you're doing comedy that person at all. And you know you're you're really sharing something about yourself and it doesn't work. It's kind of like getting rejected by. Like a thousand hurt state all in 11 sitting. Does it still bother you if if if the senate bonds are you jokes bomber can you shrug it off at this point. Note that bothers me in fact bombing that we did are crashing. Obviously my characters like it opened my maker and that is sure apartment. Even the bad and the vomit or. To be used to get anxious what you remember what it feels like even your acting. Exactly I've beyond phase in the crowd would be left and I knew they were not supposed. Allow. It might you know might I start where they got it right now all the healing is. You can't explain your brain with it is protect it still feels this is it's great the other other other opinions. That he gave Miller. What was on the show that you would prefer the extra you know like this is really. Bringing me back to what it feels like to start as a comedian like I don't know if it was like going to our embassy. Pete Holmes here it does HBO's crashing you've had a lot of really cool comics on your show I mean TJ Miller David tell Artie Lange the who is if you were if you would buy a ticket these days who's your favorite comic to to sit and watch. But in this thing I loved all of those guys is and there are you Coke or get a are these. You hear it there as well and I've been ought to be about it's it's incredible hard to pick a favorite. TJ all right targeted at around it I haven't Chicago. So I think I would put people to go see each day. But Artie was on the show last night and you'd bring that we have I mean we were doing the show with a bunch of people on the show. He comes out closes people are so excited to see you. He's so great on crashing and then what you'd even better than you think he's going to be a despair that I think that the real scope of people. Wait sect beat out again he's got specials HBO Comedy Central HBO's crashing. Is big hit right now it's available dvd Blu-ray and and of course HBO on demand you know how all that works. Good talkative Pete thanks a lot. Bring it about it is that we take. That's Pete Holmes right there. You love my cheating question I'm right about that by the way if you if you catch more white cheating. You should not have to move out the house you should get the house she should have to pay you. May have to pay in that spot. Everything in the shell he didn't do anything wrong. Call it cheating NL he's homeless and trying to be a con.