Randy Moller Interview 3-12-18

Monday, March 12th

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The Panthers take on the Ottawa Senators acting stinks that's tonight at BB NT senator Randy Mueller joins us knew Ryan fueled doubts as convenient source castle and truly sets beyond convenience he of course is the third man. On on what I continue to say Randy for is a good morning Randy and I continue to say that television broadcast that you guys do Goldie and Denny. And rainy smaller you guys do such a terrific job and and I I was I was surprised means w.s intuitive but. The wave that you're able to work in seamlessly when you're not even in the both of those guys and your on ice level it's it's a terrific job you guys do Randy. All thank your remarks Saturday morning view. Not not one reason why. I step out hole on the dump my radio. It is. In the entry is to be a high level it is arts that a summary I thought the real. You're down there you get a different vantage point of the enrollment speed of the game and I think we're Mariam. Or were and what my responsibility you're against him in and out the odds in the you're down lol I bureau during a year doing. You wait rubble in and out opera makes it on and this game all. In the world. And god and and I believe that. Very beneficial for a band simple abroad count out somebody out there because because people became but I thought it's great ought to on. And I know right now we're out of water on it or not. Legitimate playoff police right now in the team that played such exciting hockey. It's great around. You're you're on ice level every night how much faster and more physical as the game them when you played. I got I talk about it all all out he had bought a watt who eager. Level when I like when I work Romans. Big. The speed of the game now a lot from year because the rules but who are we so they made a role. And not order them selves. Street being a big oil marine air and show up or not that was kind of like marble. But he can gain their critics actually caught a hundred mile an hour Nicole and goaltender now so big there's so our audit and deep well is. It's. Is it is drop the ball in my mind block in a year. Apple model. That is quite back. I know what it is saying perimeter they're still want to buy it by. Their employer. Are eating bastard should and the parks partner. And that Japan they'll play and in the same ring and a map Earl as it makes it worse so that they their cameras. What HD cameras and that people pick up the speed of the game batting. The biggest positive or. As as fans of hockey Renault were really enjoying this this is playoff run and and being a broadcaster like yourself and you have a job to do but how tough was going in their day in day out. Basically broadcasting losing hockey and how much pleasure now it is all now for your personal. If it's your it's so much on now because our team is equality. And and wickets here demand and help this spring. Out span than any organ any in any. Any city in any market is to have patience are. Don't Bill Cowan came in here remember years ago and say you know what gonna go the route we're gonna develop oral lawyers. Our border Trout was still an error there and more error. You know now we're now Percy in the air and a all. Crop in the lawyers and not the Bart cops and oh yeah. Wrote checks now guys not only are these good hockey player. They're better people off right and that makes it so much. Here in order. Little routine but what you want to interpret what you find in a mat per goes so it. Players know him a little bit. Individuals. Are everybody all on the same page and they they they buy into the America. Pop art as cold spell out all right are now you have got. It got players that are coming back if I where competition. Or internal competition for positions on the drop it and make aces on the wide out. And so we're talking pop it out but I Ottawa on how bad they are. On right now. We ought to sit in order to get a well bought. I'm always concerned about my hometown boy Bode Miller and I'm always wondering what is he done differently that maybe some of the pass coaches are you might have noticed. Operator of the way that they've gone and prepare thirteen. The details and and the system that he that he brought in this year it took awhile and just came out that honest and and they were. Two straight games over 500 a long time in November December and then and then. And that they were start in the grass system here. Not a complicated as to what he want to. I want you are correct so there's and the pursuit of pocket when you look at the pot people. What we're seeing now and the way that they are more as to whom the way. This team together there are one of bats in the national hockey game when you have speed. And you're out back in Europe ought you have speed or that the that complement each and and that's what we're sitting in now you're the results about it and airport trying to watch a game every term that comes green in the air it's got older. It's an outlet out and they are thought they speak from neutral zone they back off the opposite. Spent and that topic dot that's right now match we're doing this winning streak especially straight wins on all Alex. We are anymore you us series on television of the handers two handers had the senators tonight no I'm not talking about the game against the Rangers you know he had the New Yorkers in the Canadian unity got. The folks in Montreal but. The ad there's been terrific at home. How the home crowds and ring and your folks up all we start to get bigger crowds army friends some go to the game this weekend against Edmonton like what I crowds are we getting lately for for the steam what do we expect tonight and the Ottawa. I was not it is huge attraction and they steaks all backgrounds are we getting. Out. Aren't I beat a little bit smaller crop to crop on Saturday night was great are there of course when the and he can earn out here that. Oh I don't. Dynamic we're we're Aaron to support that not. I heard narrow. 101000. Band better Europe. Night in night out. Eight point six game that night or all compete here. And that if he is because. A couple of bought and that that the appropriately tried to grab and out and roll out there and especially in the second half year. Tom your orders in exports parents start car you're in hockey in general what a simple old soul or college football is done. If it's talking it's basketball. And that now of course and that. The crowd Specter questioned her a lot better I hope I mean. Not a art art but. Equipped. Acts when the march broken again. One of the better teams in the NHL I mean could not get a ticket count for so that now and go at saint Peter's. Think that our Saturday night vision we have much. Bill. Because you go in and their market and out. Unfortunately some are there and decided not a lot but overall we are back. Op what a bit and I expect it. Older more. They're close or Leo won a playoff spot and all world aren't what I'm able or is Erik per play quite well in the first round. How upbeat and battle or where you're crushed big rival. Yet either it be a lot of fun Randy how many books giving up by this season. Artistic come on that's why you're there are you bigger Gator game. Our Martin position between the Benson took a big old noticed I can't backdrop I'm right there are. McCall and I'm not Wear any action soul I I kind of expect it out and get a couple I'd like why the Ole Ole. All a couple of people on the watch homestand. And more out there and I could still go out. What are price got paid down their I want my reflexes that I got very very good and I hit it. Because we're not part comes I tell you what I'm not been in on it and try in the whole prime try. Petty taking a walk the face. Are our. We are in sorry brandy you'll isn't always like talk media and Tony those other no one cares more about their team and minimal as the Panthers could could catch W Randy. God and that there and and our our program in the morning their. Call. The great great we get go there. Thanks Randy there you go let's Randy smaller so watch and tonight's with school in any part of it's it's a really good broadcast.