Ray Allen Interview 4-26-2018

Thursday, April 26th

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Good to have you aboard here ran out wanna ask you I'm sure you talk about it in the book. He got game man he had games such a great film Spike Lee you're young you're a kid when you're in that movie. It did give me some stuff on acting with Denzel Washington media yeah must have been super nervous or. Are you just such a competent guy that you're okay and whatever kind of a Reno you're participating in. Well. I get. You know bode bode well for being there are wrecked they don't know whether that he does not let it be it will be put. Nobody at that point it out they mean is in college they went muted BA. Well you know both. In retrospect to waste that has been in group acting is so what game here although a typical in India because. You you have all these you know I like there's nothing that lies like there doubted people all bow out so great because it is. You know he's back there at that point darted you know you're right they're in is equality that is it where you're you're you're crippled well they spoke with good. And make what would look good so he certainly didn't look. Why they picked you because like you mentioned there yet a great coach Gregg but your only in the league for a for a year I mean. And you are Milwaukee okay it wasn't exactly that top media market like what why they pick Ray Allen. Well I don't think the media market and if it was they'll fight. He directed at the box is there a moment we wanted. You know let the arm my you've bed every it was because I. I have a law is that I who is active play that well you know probably movie that scene of the the that they Wear. Being you know my. Oh you look at bat the ball being what they cut it way he bet they'll back within this is or. The right or use is not legal so you know he figured I'd rather have a map what where acted. I hope the guy act that the vote. The figure out how we think about well there's been a real. We got Ray Allen here with us all time great he's going to be in the hall of fame when he eligible in two years from now does that sound right. Although they've not been able. Well did that and look at. She owed this is this year olds are all right is it okay all right this year I hate. On and on them very embarrassed now been this year brown was named hall of Famer now are you is that something that you thought about during the your career or is that cement like when the career ends like you don't they got a shot here. No I'd and it. I did it not toward what they've they've been out for the ball is our ability that'd be a period of at it today. Everything is it appropriate it is that would come in and you know that's why you work are so. You don't have ever worry about the fate of Brett were spread out Brett is due to pay for the artwork. Going in forward ray an oral and Dwyane Wade and trying to figure what he's going to be doing with his near future how long before you made the decision that you were gonna hang a month. How long did that take for you after the season was over went. Follow him. While it is is they went wave it is that you'd you'd take lightly. Is. You know what he's figuring it out. You know you're hole. Well reared their old life back into orbit around they'd better think you've been doing your spare OK now what about what about the ball. And we'll vote the big step in my life well out of bad is. You know they've been there you know. Would be that he he. Probably poker if the bow of the court well. That over you know lots. You know you don't wanna be in debate is that or you have a lot of players evolve or while. The sport where eight the bid but our situation but it is well. You know depending on the scene look both forward depending on you know probably they're certain they're there and you know that that quite yet they thought they account. Ray's book is from the outside my journey through life and game I love was was there any one part of the ball great which was especially difficult. For you to disclose to it took to the public to people you don't note people like us. Are well you know it. I've been so people. Is what the book ain't the need for there and that you know or without the I'll always. You know I'll I'll I'll about it but it ain't. A RE because he knew very well this bowl in. You back there awhile like people read it you know there have been migrated people you know that they've Burton credit early you know were. Followed very occurred but because you know what they've they've sold it was that you know while this is it is that a lot of Kurt you got it right. If write that down in is there really billiard felt that the world would know everybody's gonna read it that they. That would it eight bit art though is that why you don't open it would do it they they they probably. And I wondered is on despair that it is is you know it's great ballclub but it is about what bill that would it would it call. What our lives out there people criticize both of them do. Like they get to pick apart you know whatever it is that they were criticized so. That they had fired the body it is so people there say they they too could be no good and they're so great right there's you know those. App my doubt. You talk a lot about your childhood in his book as well which of course can be very vulnerable place for people. When they're discussing things like that but happy in their past and you also discussed a lot about you came from a military family what kind of impact about having your basketball career. Well you know there's the kid being young is probably. Well that are written are that was when you're younger. Mo is now a date they think it's as well then gave where he worked that they've been that well you know at ten years old. You know because. There's no way to back in the if you'll let the mood is there a YouTube that in. What I by the went out people that you know out the red though it is by your ideal not a prominent I didn't have anybody out there. Played or I that they give up all of you know what it was not cited a spotlight. Pretty remote like so it is you know it is important for. You got it would invite it was our. You know everybody has voted you know what a story out there people rate it. You know people like Garrett he people called the robot that was due to edit that it you know that it was more sedate. And you know built nor dark great people though. It opal but art people like you don't become while they would it be point 530. 35 the if it's a couple but. You're very. But they're very. Ray's book is from the outside my journey through life in the game I love listen it's Miami's you understand we can't but to go before we talked about game six okay. The shot which ties the game into when he thirteen. I don't wanna ask you here you know I remember after game six and before game seven. One of the main reasons that I was hoping that you guys would win game seven was sold at that moments in game six what your shot. Would hold meaning for for the rest of eternity Gaza do you guys do to win game seven. If you're you're shot at the end game six wouldn't be as meaningful arizonans and. Yeah I mean we've got numb. You know I'm not worried about the dot. By. Is that our I knew that it got to the that moment that point. But. Oh you know think about. Note that the court like year you know we thought we would attempt it that they gave seven. But you know that they've been on though throughout the certain you know training period. The thing that we we do throughout the course the year where. You know there's been easy up and you brought that sort don't give up for a game or you know all of a person or player. But you know they're though it is intuitive but it beverage you. Are they get that situation. We are beat they give up an epic game they're there by a bet that your your biggest out of all are bound by. You know that we got to give it that it is the other being played out it is pop it is. Ray's book your best New York Times best seller it's called from the outside my journey to delight in the game Allah rants I've not known about golf in museums army crushed library times where I assume 00. Yeah you guys you tell yeah I would be right thanks a lot man it side that's rate down there. You horror is similar. Now people say that's a good summer Donovan has not. Yeah okay I'm prepared really Allen entered him. And. He goes applies to be used yours show in on the hall of fame. The fact is you didn't know that higher highs five years ago I guest when he fourteen right Tony fourteen. Mornings a book. I was gonna ask him didn't linger and I was like looking for perfectly never play comeback may never you never actually played so it does the clock doesn't start over. Again.