Richie Incognito Interview 12-15-17

Friday, December 15th

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Dolphins are in buffalo. This weekend and joining us soundly Ryan fuels and announcers convenient source gas signed truly steps beyond convenience. Willie talk enriching god NATO he's been our pal for a couple years now. Ritchie the morning and you know you guys is it you guys lost new England and at home a couple of weeks go on the dolphins beat new England's. At home this past weeks that means bombs are better than you guys. Yeah in them was Albert might get it here that's how. I know it now works or Portland or do people want to eat the better Oakland. You go into a game like this year you're playing the physical part of the game to go into the game thinking yourself. And those guys are really big and they're gonna push us around. There are a little bit on on on what we're talking about because I don't know if you watch any of the indie game last night I imagine. Are you probably didn't have this timing here I'm sure you've seen in a football put but did you see Indian. Last night and can you elaborate a little bit on how you were dish rag on these fools and tournament to each other on Sunday in the snowstorm. I yeah I I can't beat in my I have we been. But I did I I would kitchen you know you including 200 traction certainly is kinda a little bit around. And I felt like rate people already is that you are so. I bought them linebackers come all of that money it is safety problem that corner action know that like pulling it down. I love it man was that was as far as the. And only work conditions there were pregnant in my entire life talking ankle you know most look feel old you know part of appeal. Now. He knew. I guess can you explain to us what it's actually like playing in that weather because I remember there's there's very infamous story from. It's like fifteen years ago when the dolphins were playing at the bills and Ricky Williams a dolphins running back and Ricky Williams ran for like 200 yards that David has the story goes. It was one of those super cold days in buffalo. And in the tunnel as the team is waiting to come out and play Ricky Williams tried to go back to the locker room he didn't want to play it was too old. And the team had to force him to come out and wins it happening he was also be run for 200 yards and and so it's a fun little story can you explain to us. What how actually would actually like playing that whether. You know it's great technically a challenge you know. Com all putting it is. You know highly questionable that point you know you're just lucky to not flip. On an original play. You know for profit employment turned into like that yeah. Are wrestling match you're out there is wrapping guys like trying cargo and people have been in the blue certainly that is your heart the they're putting compromise so it period are. It is stressful that isn't. This is miserable. Permeated you know for me you know I'm on I'm going out there on on going out there are rich you inquired that I practiced all week and I have down and then put. He insists no on the field right there goes the whole team partner you're just out there it it excuse company that I. They're rocketing. Are you more sore after a game like that because I'm looking at and I'm thinking you've got to use a lot more upper body strength where you know we get good putting your dogs usually it's a little bit more and this time just becomes like a torso maneuvering. Sumo match for the most part are you a little bit more sore. After a game like what you did Sunday or you are you more sore vs like a heat game. You know its inspection and when he is I don't legal and that sort of more image. But after this in my ignores it Michael all the cash everything or body just a mall what he achieve it around in war. Definitely a little more for. We are reaching con me don't joining us near Buffalo Bills guard of course the the bills play dolphins this weekend did you still have a look and action edged do you when you play the dolphins are settled deal overweight. -- Question and it's one appreciate you guys are Brothers I've done that in a bit of battled all the guys they know looked up they don't targeted they know enough. When their you know I respect nuclear oil market player you know I bring it. Also wondered where I'm the overs South Florida on that I have a drink in the architecture brother beat them. About tomorrow remember those guys are spoke at county is I don't know ten hill. Com you know and it's fun on the block their TP if you got one if you don't have success giving me the playoff spot sheared the you know just just knowing that those guys your immediate now and then all know knowing that they worked so hard to get there. We don't have a guy like sue and him we go in this year after year to year he's not when your boys obviously never have probably and it will be. Animosity so you say is there animosity that would obviously these two have been labeled as like not necessarily the dirty its players but probably the most physical players in the National Football League so there's always a spotlight when you guys come and and and and come to blows with each other. This year. You know the defense is playing a little bit better you got guys like cam wade ranch a couple more guys what about a young book by the name of god shall what have you noticed about him. And and I imagine you got a little bit of learning lesson for him young rookie from Alice. Well the secret is ensuring the well known but like she's normally. Those guys are are up playing at a high level. Armed only got toward their looks they got out branch they got there I got chalk it. You know all rotate in their merry mood around. All. But other playing well you know they beat the light came on a wing of the IE a special all year our home. 88 fortune and third long that you got pat trucks going in the aid it started at Eaton. Are comparable particular experience they've gotten second there are they really it all by and that's that top passer remark or you know. Their counter or they're strike it eat and so. Front which goes straight more often approach. And go work trying. You know actually stay out on Sunday. So aside from a little bit of the playoff implication you guys might possibly have going on you have your little animosity in war with the Miami Dolphins and and and a good buddy of mine down here Kiko Alonso has his own little battle with the running back always yes. Seemed out of people remember this but you're more Kiko Alonso put on his Twitter account. The image of the avatar footage waited for each other right right but he ended up lighten his ass up. And they put that image up and member McCoy came back in the stock and about he might keep my name out your mouth and keep my picture after page your bomb. So I imagine there's got to stumble to a bar conversation going on. Yeah actually go back or amendment would eat go about a picture ready that was post it and whatnot but he made it eating at him not play another packet and eco pedal off. It's it go to fight on the road smoke and mirrors the imagery. And then and then you're very street being back where they're there. Our. Are pretty cheek comment Leopold Ramallah you show me I'll help you did you bomb. You know any EST you local further on the on our you're in show next minute speech that or not. At. Your favorite Arnold. Yeah I wished that only talk about its first contract so much money's mean that the man does it also are gonna come to blows these two this weekend at the. You know it it it deftly chipped PH at the trivia the last black army or adult and there are quite well in great book called shuttle or offer to record were. You are in point 21 now we can get the win but. As probably one most physical in their late in their fight for their lives in the playoffs we fight. You know just that. Right to ship appeared. We got effort so we get on equally. Cool copper control under. So you can enlighten us as former player I am menu current player in possible implications of playoffs or not how many guys in the locker room was already booked their offseason plans or or or made plans for the hills right in the thick of things. How many how many back door plans are there getting planned right now on the locker room. -- I know I know they're not sort of all book and mark your guys got insurance all these just in case of go through our. Policies meanings. Reservation. It's. Preservation yeah of course. You got reservations. Robert. No you have to shop early that day I was I don't know earlier yeah yeah yeah Black Friday deal getting enough arms we learned that from me yeah. No I have enough from Robert Robert B Joshi is my thought at first at a furniture our first out of it looked organic that it was actually probably I don't know. You go back and mitigating each other and you're a walk it in. We got the bit on how that while that war from the start doing. Gotta amend the UK can't sticker for editing and nowadays and you got to go got to relive it lumbered and you somehow. Especially down in Miami you never paid speaker for any number so we got you go you gotta have a guy. Finally Richie got a eat you got any stories of passing towners and Ndamukong Suh attorney game. On you know are really you know our I don't I don't encounter him too much she played over on the right side this year he's claim all horrible eyesight by. On Yasushi us competitor you immediately it was dirty or easiest physical and curl back in the right way and. On the adapter people. Calm. And I know this neatly dressed in a little bit minimum plagued U move form shiver running downfield. A little warm pure. Now in Iraq. I just spoke on what I gotta you are spoke on mark I I admire your. Well what helped me rate my in we still don't have time to trash talking on the field or a little bit older more mature low let's Richey like during the game. Dog got out on all that all people won't talk to them. Arm and they talked to talk my church and you sure leader offensive why he's basically saying that he's the godfather you you don't I'll write to talk to marry here do you the other guys and then they'll they'll relay the message to meet you guys try and get going and lightly at all is that he got Neil talk him like you guys trying to don't share. Your card you poke spared an eight mile an airline back to a years she'll her outlook and get quite incompetent and don't even look him in the this man our rights always good talk you Ricci and if you look at it I hope you play well this weekend by earlier war room for adult and win like look and say you know. Yeah of course you are too by the way I mean I think it's a fourth day now. It is or your partner. A all the tomorrow it well well well the Florida association ritzy good for you man writes I would not I would kill record out Panama the ball well while listen you doubt yourself a couple weeks of their ego. Exactly are our lives here it's either wow. Excellent pronunciation from him on no look I am comfortable and Monica and a muzzle talk semi semi is Monica behind. How how about that had its. Own rights.