Romberg's Shoutouts 8-11-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, August 11th

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Shout out must do it. Shot I don't know what the Napa last week and obviously the food in San Fran is hot fire and when I mean how fire. Doug and Tyre only have maybe who went to a Thai restaurant after one of vineyards it was. There's really really nice. I don't know of anybody ever in this one it's actually up in Napa because we stayed down and Alamo but this was up a map it actually was named. After the family name so you know it's a family run owned and operated place. It's called I hope. I know of anybody there been there. They do everything you name like this Iraq's they do they knew the cut tires out of control you can do whatever enemy you're going to cut. I've got that there but like everybody in the restaurant is part of the family. So whatever the server part of the family the dads like the part of the payment to get the chef whose threat. He was awesome he came back to the table we found other drew obviously was was in the restaurants so my but he Drew Bennett was there and he's like a local celebrity kind of guys so federal payments of what's up everybody. You know I ask is what what were allergic to that'll spiel on mommy and humanity kitchen sick she was in their two. The cocaine to the table pickle was just all over Muslim live Islamic wanted to give the massage you kind of think to. That you'll busted out. Give they give massages there hump and into every night restaurant has put out my restaurant and are renting a lot of Thai restaurant now and opposition and out. Well the boots on the one Sunday mouton compute the delivery guy actually he's in and out all the time so Mike Hong Kong he was there on Don came in and out. Hung dongle was like back and forth saying what's up everybody aren't and a shout out to my boys Christian and and Christian and he does struck nuts. I don't know if you're in truck cuts at all and that is. Chris instruct met. That I do look real early on the back the trucks. I think we might be like advertising form I don't know what's grants that to get direction we got drug Mets saw him Christians got like unbelievable truck Mets going on they're really cool it's just you know pay minimum. Bomb but diet. Also leads this. Into something else the fact that it.