Ron Rothstein w/ TLB 11-28-17

Tuesday, November 28th

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Let's Iran feels announces amused I was just luncheon recess BI you mean there will find the gray Iran Rossi you can him on the call tonight with Mike Inglis is the heat. Are on the roads economically when cavaliers coach section John has really appreciate it. Could it do you like it. I was solid this coached what was your reaction is that we're all star and I know Marxist Texan with the each other we couldn't believe that the the grizzlies did davis' Delhi that it knew what was your casual when you heard that they were don't want them. I'm shocked. Not not shocked nothing shocks me anymore I surprise. It took me by surprise I didn't think. I didn't think that was common. How do you think how do you think that that religion custom view with your best legs that's tough thing you know feel like. He did such a good job last year and seemingly I guess the relationship with the bass player. On the team and it didn't go imagine basically demanding I need it it's either him or me. That's a jet that such a rough stand up to go through fear and an organization. Well look if you're really NBA. Is full of situations where it comes down to a player or coach coaches get fired. It's simple. It's reality. It probably never gonna change. Coach I would ask you about. The heat. Thumb and end you know I watched all the games and I'm not an expert by any means but it seems to me that. When they shoot. Well and somebody gets hot they seem to win more games which is obvious where nobody every uses that. As an excuse as to why they lose gates can you tell us what the differences. In what difference has been these last. Couple of games from before. Well I think we're defending at a higher level I think our defense really slip. And we. The other teams and we're very comfortable consistent and and you know it an athlete. If you are playing against the guy and that guy is comfortable in Q you're gonna have a problem where we started the deeper and then I think. We're doing a lot of the little things that we weren't doing before that are also ought to basically guarding the ball. You've got to guard to forward them. And EG and have to impact effect I would ball. But having said that. NBA players it's good to guard. One on one or by yourself. And when you're deeper and that we we play well defensively. You basically guarding the ball at all times and a everybody's on a string everybody involved and everybody's. Willing and ready. To trust factor is it that period helped each other. When you do that. You also become a better rebounding team be pushing backcourt rotation or are trying to cover up is somebody in full rotation and then. Big of people get the biscuit or molested put backs you limit second chance opportunities. And you take away. Good luck that you make people take contested shot beauty from the field goal percentage. We'll. Become dramatically better when you do that. At the other end of the floor. The main thing that it we need to do is to get paint touches whether the ball participate. What is that guy with the ball was he touched the thing. The penetration. To collapse these differences. Is what opens up the driving kicking and opens up three point game. And what I think it happened I don't think we have. Decrease the number of three point attempts but what right do you think we've done is we've increased the quality of the show right. And increase the number of quality shots. Because we are now. Hacking to pay. And it's really hit it it's it's it's not it's not as if they brain surgery it's pretty simple but. You know I'm right you're just you're not willing to fight the fight for whatever reason and it's not. Big victory and it's all the little. So we're doing them better. Coach Koran drug X has been off to a great start so far obviously named Eastern Conference player of the week and it continues to. Be one of the main catalyst for this team. How he seen his growth TV it was actually surprising to me that he had got it has gotten off to such a hot start. After he played in the Euro championships but he has really grown and become a juggernaut for this team. Goran an extremely hard worker and you know why he's in the prime of his career age wise. And he's now here is thinking here and have three years. Correct. And now I'm. He's I think at this point in time especially if it would it would enable accomplish this past summer. You know would his national team I think he's really truly comfortable. And you know one guy can trade sometimes it takes. Believe it or not a year or two before they really truly become comfortable. And some guys never get comfortable it once you trade. But Goran is very very good basketball player and can get extremely hard worker I know he's very committed to winning and it's people like to say or you know they've they've used the term. If so did Philadelphia the process well it. You get results because there's all the hard work that you put it and Goran who really are you like poster boy cousin dubbed. And really really shooting the ball extremely well that doesn't happen that doesn't happen and Bobble by itself. That's the result of all the hard work. What occurs to me is seeing that I think maybe being an issue when there was a gets to see early on in the year because there are new guys. Just getting it's a different situation like guys for James and guys for Dion. You chase and so long to have a team believing you and and give that commitment to you as so you want oppressing you wanna do it it'd seem like maybe there was. And all of a level of discomfort with with want to live up to two contracts it was that a challenge to where. You know you get guys anywhere from last year and they're all on one year deals and they're trying to to try to show that there there's still something in this league. And then a team says you are something in this league and then you've got to go in and really. Live up to something. The other it is yeah I think there's a certain amount of truth to that I think it depends upon the individual. But I think what happened to us earlier in the year these. Basically very simply. We try to do too much. Instead of trying to. Just take what's there and automatic bid what you say we're got to try to live up to the numbers. And you know validate the contracts. Maybe that crept in a little bit and you know this is very very small margin of error. So when you get all these little things started to creep really. Had sort of a snowball effect what we also have some different that we have a lot of guys back but we got some new piece. And the dynamics of the opposite dynamics of spacing on the floor the dynamics of who is making a play who's setting the screen. We will sacrifice and who would get the ball. It changed a little bit I think we went to a bit of an adjustment period but. You know we had that that. Terrible loss to Indiana home and then right after that it's two days. Practice and issued around before the Boston game. And you using a result sent there. So sometimes it just you gotta get back to basics and basically that's what happened. Let's say on the tabs tonight coach in they have their own struggles early on in the year and everybody was arrows this finally. The time or look LeBron got enough in Iran and then you know a couple of weeks go by you blink and they've won eight in a row. I get ready for this game what have you seen I guess in their turnaround what is what has been the thing that's clicked for them. LeBron they're good they're good at her in the trees and is on a lot of questions. Look. They've good got out okay it may happen to people they had some injuries. They took a little while to get adjusted. But through this whole thing he's been absolutely. Spectacular. I think he's arguably playing the best basketball for the entire career. He's been inflation. He's dating back to pay what he's doing and taking marine who cut short. Have been. Quite. Watching from their games. Where not only is he. He's 48% from the floor over forty or 48% from three. I think over the fifty from the floor. He's shooting well from the foul line which was. Incumbent upon him the last couple years I think these. I seven to 80%. But what he'd done what he's doing. He's gotten back to. When they need him to shut somebody down to crunch time. He shook that guys down. And when we were not that during the victory here. That's what you did he is a hall of fame defender. At all five positions. Whenever you want to. And I I've said this before no one else in the history of this game. It ever been able to do that. And then they have got to. Wait does offensively. Pretty spectacular. 'cause a look folks it costs that would might thanks so much for some time of those really appreciate it thanks coach Eric Eric I'd take care. It's Ron rusting the OJ loved him from.