Sexxxy Stats 11-27-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Monday, November 27th

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You you'll sexy stats here to tell and let's let's. Finally here string together some wins that do. A super sexy set brought my East Coast public adjusters can address it's covered. Escalate by five get ECPA or visit east goes public justice dot com don't settle for less. Kimberly got for us here today I. Or is it I guess I got what he got. Not. Nothing is batter than a man you know comes through when it matters moments. So naturally. I like to look at NBA dot com clutch stats. They just kind of clutch is running game is within five points during the contest final five minutes. Joining me it's. You guys wanna know who the top three most efficient players in the car on a one in a moment fifteen clutch field goal attempts and when he hundred guys play if we only time three. Started. Numbered three. Scarier game which is not very sexy carrier ring. He's effectively shooting 66 point 7%. Number 20. LeBron James. Offensively shooting sixty point 9% but let's get vaccines and helpless right now because there's been a lot of details dusters in the success. The number one and it is most efficient and BA player in the clutch this season you're ready for in this XD. And mother of Natalee year's us on talking about right there. As that Billy G the that's on hawkish and team not. I. From a mean of hands. Dion in this effectively shooting seventy point 4%. And clutch situation. Room. Starring Larry summary Mario Chalmers you're gonna have to remove that mr. clutch tack to find your eyes that's because there's that new master collection town. Does he really had a mr. clutch center on his biceps Matt Summers that you aren't true. I think so income or do. Every and any else recipe don't OK because I found that to be very good. But even wind than mr. clutch on the bench for the entire fourth quarter last night he still played stellar authentic basketball. The lineups it's Aslan. On track to hit I see your name and no it is dominate the line up. And go on June racquets Tyler Johnson. And Wayne Ellington James Johnson and Kelly Nolan. Played the entire. Fourth quarter making two wild with eighteen shots. Hitting maintenance at a different deep. In scoring and total parity is six points. And belt and the second time in the game that the heat scored at least 36. In a corner. They found a seven they followed a seven point first quarter with this season. Eight parity eight point second corner. Second quarter so much sexier than the first quarter. Focus on the deal would agree that sometimes it's fun to just sit and watch I don't like it when you do that once elected an easier for us. I think I stood jumping in and used them for so morning. We canteen or sexy stats today. Without discussing the man with the golden arm went disaster is very nicknamed her players and he NBA. She motions of the norm. Years to come through in the mood you choose between Ellington the man with the golden arm. He's been making it east at 10% of histories. Over the last four games and says this woman weighing. I don't know we don't. Really any other. Morning. And that it thanks to stat you ruins it's you guys are ruined it.