Sexxy Stats 11-6-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Monday, November 6th

Amber's out today, so Tobin brought in a special guest to fill in.


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Is heat victory salute of your not excited about it. Amber's not here so we need some of these sexy stats. So I called in the favor. And I got a guy. Our our resident statistical. Experts from Slovenia. Euro baskets. MVP. Choice seventeen. I got yourself a little evidentiary. Paid banks face a governor here you hope your point guard. Fresh from California wonder you shouldn't. Ella pill hole a little a little busy gore on thanks go to man. Did he say it is playing we'll. Solo homer in the Oakland you tonight good guards have incurred a one man insecticides are brought to you by east goes a bit of justice. We've got justice covered call 855 get ECPA. I was at ease goes public it just is dot com don't settle for less. Okay here you took your votes six sealed tying silly you look. Maybe. It. 60%. Of the time good you in my Asia making good an adult I'm CC time we'd do. Who to call that Haiti mission position. Mean missionary in Haiti mission both. What do you call it a missionary missionary okay. That site now there's Davis. Talent and this is I don't mean this play this is because I don't want to say. Sources tell us how you have sex I wanted to give us some statistics from yesterday's game. So no eye contact. We can do creme egg this with shining brightly may look nice. No man I don't want okay so basketball yet yes basketball statistic keynote Q and do I need like deep. Seeks your voice as well. Whatever whatever floats your brother Gordon mark king so. You see these gene me. As yet just jewel if these days jewel case sax man my god nine points they deem that I. My brother is low key deacons scored nine point big game. In he would give Vick on defense hubbub that Zora and what's more sixty. Mean do you mean he did send Goran that descends on a Russian because they want to pay doing weight after took a discount. So on the beach Boca McKinley. So sorry go earn. Kill that is that what you always call them up so angry I hit a kid no wife and multifamily. And no but rather soul here I was miserable. Because if gene. Apparently guy fails to run here the minister mr. I regard in the in the heat win. Normally I got one for you or Kessel. So sexy go to united he like long fooling view people here don't like my new team meet Kiely Caylee all the neat yeah. Achilles is good bad the book. Just beautiful here like the biggest he had I've seen. Seems that guy that you do any deal we he in the morning he's got a good hit his will but you know LC's view the feel about Caylee what's that. The maple man he's shooting fifty or seen. These species and he's like when a Mike hired hands macular is sick since the KGB guys that I. Coldly time when guys talk. Bad stuff on court you really have KGB assassins that though is that there's a bit late if so it's only bows off to you really get upset. You see how much money I have in my game can I can afford it. Oh they do go on it really appreciate he's not we've direct conflict if there's grass on the plane and in the overnight hours tonight saying Q. Dragic. Could get slim. Per issues again and go on and here. It's I mean needing I probably could have explained it better at first as I've been reading news now about his love life although the interest thing. A Blix icons that's the ladies and wife wears the pants in the relationship not all of us.