Solo D w/ TLB 11-13-17

Monday, November 13th

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Another ten turnovers and turnovers and I don't know the strength to another. I think street big coming to. It's. This game. We demand created the this facility joins us some. Thanks John really Christian America don't have enough votes on what was it like that we'll play at all decision last week. What do your school but laid out on a good enough the you know early my kids up early Saturday. Mike and as such here and an un on sports senators are here on college game day. There was a very that's crazy man that I don't mind. Men Andre coach who'd be honest with sinkers. Ever notice for a while make a sports news represents Miami men and has been cool like you know most open government than him everything for got a played at nose out of our high while badges alone it's on the 790. Don't sleep very allows me. What you're gonna take measures and one of the guys on seven night there's a seven night. Tommy markers and if ESPN I the results immune put Osama noses. Here's the bless remember it you know like I say it became involved in this for the city is out but it things missiles. Is a good you know. So so you are Dodd you're not new to Megan songs about my view are you doing songs about the dolphins you don't Sandra McCain's when they went to the idea though of of say and I got to do some and about the turnover to anyone who when that hits you may have actually. Early in the season. Sort of the bottom I don't know whether I knew those will be some special you know. But it was you're summer's gone on and then heading got to a game and you know we had other than that the Cassidy gave everything I had actually been to a gay groups. There was conflict and I go to away doesn't and it's having to because again it's listener Q. So and when I got to go to Syracuse again and I got CS data and Ecstasy you know first animal and that has got to happen there's got to have and so. You know from mayors is when it's create a president and knows that and I wanted to do and it is no wonder you know so I was an example. Had a hook on my. My you know women kind of silent regal and as going Greta meego be put it on the job and then went home. When the history reached no no less than before yesterday d.s at the stadium resentment bravery said he wanted to play seven of these they would if they want to play. Pocono we got to put this honor is an obese I got a reason to be made seven DC studio who put it together Canada recording an out there. Our guys so loss making those I was like as soon as any time the turnover was it was out in this we have noted MI gotta go I thought I. It with the bad. So catchy it's a movie you here here we got it in school play very entrapment have forms amusement. We need to follow and that's the Arnold sounded shaky. In his stadium. Let friends now would like everybody is credited fell about everything oh lead in the stadium I think it's because. Not a summer break and were not the seller I think big they can't see any real soleil we played his song you know he's there are blood he wheat we need to make that happen but talk about. There's there's some connection going out this team that can't change your song it's all just like coming together as revenue 305. Is into the vessel Eagle Forum from my America isn't Miami team as good a day. It's amazing right Matta one defeated another tight group of McCain's fair regardless to receive the privacy is whatever it is. Course we ran high right now we undefeated so of course we cashing in on that but ended a day like you this is my music soldiers loyal friends the good days than bad days. We put it down this time I would say I was there as a frenzy right now is going crazy most important thing by the time notes. Is the turnovers right through woods and resume like a high remotely like. And that they like to see your defense that's brilliant turn over this national by capitalizing on why defeated from. That's what I wanna highlight the changes make fun you know like I'm different and attend a part of you know it. You know let's let let's have a point where it is now never ended today the defense is my men like this sentence of four Bonham excited about I'm excited department. It's where it's a mallet is the music that you think back to I think he'd times they do you you be everybody you know knows do you know The White Stripes I was kind of identified with that teams of our look back on. On this team if they especially continue to have the success of our of the holiday no member of the turnover chance August. Which is a wish they would memory music and and the sport's all kind of Lincoln together as I love that stuff that doesn't go away our group so that's that's. Emblem in my from my. Looking at a price that is also but I went my guess that a bit of France also we won because a lot of coast having a similar economic SO. Almost two weeks ago the song without sort of losing to take him think he has all summer men who were a loss adds instant. It is meant it got them. Commemorate his Natalie we win we have fought turn over the games so is beautiful member read replies number you know. Four games in a row with fortress. So you know that's what I want us on his defense it has a shot before so I don't and I don't is happen at least 1012 years and I've ever in history yet now I don't know that. And look at I never heard of Manny Diaz is diva coordinator who came up with the content are retained to doing your job can you list. You talked about that defense wins championships in this this team is young they're guaranteed to go to the ACC championship and who knows what's beyond. It's what will my you have at your door this. Incentive mentally I think. This is cinema who don't wanna give them what play at a lot of blood and elegantly put on one recruit a lot is being used again and we're just talk about how recruits who normally would talk some recruit and it's not. The male players constant reminder of problems there is put me and you know Kevin. I'm and it's exciting right now run and had met turnovers and let go. You know what's seventeen year old is look at this renowned as I definitely wanted to hurt you wanna hear part of its I think it is it's you wanna be a horror. Neither of some in Nassau and being he's a man. You've got enough to be on it he gets all the kids are you have to deal and if you got in his foot. Bully trouble as this thing where they stop about individuality a lot of the times god by the team don't step out don't be. Don't don't don't show only thing and end this team went the opposite delight. Take off your helmet there. Go laws of the top of the bench in Britain have had a moment and that's something that's that's just way different than today's vote. Back and what we do that's what I like about as low as Miami as best Wagoner by 2000. So to not be skit go out and embrace you know another criticism has not come from it how will fill moms talk about Craig though you know like on I ten and I find he likes it now yes our own not to name. Life and now I just he's put that same on life. It's this way men you back. We're hoping is is that where it makes even more amazing about these young men. Is that it's an individual honor that they. All over the years to the whole team is sort of like we got somebody put his chain no work and so from that standpoint they still keep it. Within the team concept even only one person wears a juror who aren't you giving. On the far mom though did the person you see his dancing pedestrians. Listen dancing that was as I'm not an analogy does yeah. Not supremely qualified to criticize him. Yeah here. We literally doesn't make you lose them out there shadow boxing blow it up there but he did sell it looked like it was the it looked like both my mom has never if I haven't even late. Bill with a toe tapper before it was with the oh. Susan. It was strange it struck me it's okay to do. I notice doom the measure by you know so anything in the works Cannes was because you know they go into the ACC chairwoman and you know they got some going on the era actually have a Sloan. With brazen mass that I movements and Chad. Cause he scored you know and I'll go this is a slow footed dolphins then McCain. Going to set an example to videos open to a Soviet government and it's on you know amoeba that's anti missile defense and then cry his core does look out for that. The government is what music in general got to have Miami sports music on every phone platform dot com. It's a ground check out for me the course look how McCain is music right now we ran on turnover siren you know. As prison admin just Elsie put out a dolphins you'd Buddha and ultimately you still a mice logo that that is that Hollywood that it is of value and you don't get it has to go amiss hereditary as we are and have been as I needed and Rubin's tonight. Monday Night Football yesteryear is going down I just put a song like two hours ago as the sun comes every week for the last seven youths so. And 130 songs she says and tonight I remember is one week. Arabs who have been through which started 2011 season always have a new most of us are prominent we. Arabs in those terms in my ambulance on the new songs and sing it. Yeah and Como man and it has fielded a bad news though did not us amid a playoffs all know like I felt like suitable for. It's where governor who is going to go directly to his word yet. The images I songs does moment mr. and it. Who bomber. Pass out of position and an automaker is Exxon for him you know. That is what is those injuries Williams the longer we lost that pogo bounce back tonight with holidays like this week we DOS world to dance movement and it's we just got to bear some bottom of the fifth event but it won't. But it's ugly programs and either way but we are welcome back and we want to play is it to the double off on the McCain is now we went into much Iran we just gotta keep going. We also it is studio and thus the office of the turnover Cheney does file at all. But I tell what impact and puts on ten. Miami sports music forward it's got to demand you know you do some work in the community is of it out with these solid what are some of the stuff yuck on on the however men. Like Esther I mean. In its sound as far as like our roots. That would help would our campaign in Houston things and at the time we would have probably put together target just days given Memphis and runs at a placenta and Maria. Miss to me than it is about dissipating as we pulled put together a Turkey drama together at all as a Christmas. Finally fog at times of these have him arms what new no more credit finale consumers of Abu attendant noticed when the camera on. Beyond his which I was there a ago. We do this programs to open the can muscle now more people would help come one don't want a servant to the communities in Miami and Broward and west on where we can't. Is the images news and I remember it was a from Miami on every aspect. Version of mallet they were style buzz suited awesome fun have a new list. And we are going to keep Craig on over there's an overload him what time I would say generally that it is fading out and executed not to let us know what you got coming again Paul Beaulieu enjoy listening to honor and adopt these two days Jamaican didn't get used to dance song Norman Johnson split right now to help him get on. So what is this let's wants all of you who needed to do hope. They they had to play. I don't know. Who knows a small sabotage. Results from Ohio on each other people originally did it's it's for me to detail on game day. In sports center in easy plane and gain you know it you know I'm in between right and a man who's on the need to get a cone and importantly foreign affairs tanks and listen in the I meet the same amount of energy that we've yeah and zoom yeah. And yet I mean that every week all right outside comments and they. As far what do we are made a shirt but he addressed to parents. Make the show this Saturday are we need every game strode out did you bet a lot of swagger suburb bears and as we don't need Seattle seeks no more no all right Todd. Scene of DC's normally DC size of that tunnel which they bring out the stadium bring you it took us there and customers Miami's was news. Download at violence is the ground solidly music let's go as a top matter the issue about activists.