Solo D w/TLB 2-20-18

Tuesday, February 20th

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Committed. Seven. Confident in my. That sort of make. Just play. Yeah. Yeah it's an insult your sentences and so did so yeah Olivia Adelaide that you guys can enjoy an entire single put this out. An honorable went on stoned on the stuff streets on victims and that's gonzo did does and Iran to announce that news I was just on discussing on communion. Television is just better appreciate it. Oh well my brother. And my number actually. Craven about armor on a plan mapped my eye on the Internet remember that you'd go back over quick. Well I appreciate it join us man that was a that was another thing he put together this past week for want diamond heartland how long did it take you to get that together. Let me go on there are literally 130 minute. Millionaire it was cruise through. Rigorously Bieber and you guys birthmark broke the news markup abuse Butler. There's someone be governor elect their computer or the quality in the near where there. Or use it and implement automatic goal all I really make it. No we don't want the the cardinal wouldn't come to normal amount I will bet you would have been a make it happen anywhere in order to grab a definite better outlook but I know people. Look very good letter below the that would come out now Soledad Google. Does it is hard doings on the other material is it healing where what are the emotions that go through his unlike. I mean shall meet. My immune to create a lot of our I can compute the battle through it though Europe where there was a lighter. This you know besides apparently hidden. Not our press 200. No close to home and any time you would come about a minor matter how remote border well I mean he you know corner in this picture and you know what goes on below what I like the bigger narrative there. It's a delight at being notre Carter later an hour about the burden of our our main among the victims. But I wanted to shut out a big number one in the U. You know there's a they know about Newton corner and only the killer could give you ridiculous who spoke what are the memorable moment there. Our mobile there's a little Ireland and also. It is it is actually slightly political look at Miami might there appear bill make music. You know Pluto and the. Because obviously this tragedy happened here and you've done so much of represented in this community normally. A positive way with a sports stuff. What didn't I didn't instantaneous and it instantly call out to you as. This is my community. You know it may be open Parkland but still it's it's my community it's not but for. I need I need to do this for far community. You don't serve and her American blue light up all the formal break we'll. And I am open to people are no problem he's not a good code ought to know prior removed he took a mighty people from the class and Caleb. That daughter. Wanted to miracle that you have ever seen and these regular like on hampers we're going to work report. Of course would have been a cookbook arm from my amiga well the same kind of like. Measure my carport amendments so they're. I want for your part of the leg up and let there be no love me really better. About a number that saw them on the arm and I am part of an hour now so I you know much thought program on the. What's our facilities. He's on his way back south climaxes ability got you're going to be at an event this tomorrow university might agree graders are going to be that. Yes sir and the number of the remote you on what we've not a boom on the and of course a considerable. Well it's sort of the current release. When the government on them you know on the green re going forward you know you're on Sunday Vietnam. But you know the Puerto Rico in the Caribbean island to murder that a little bit and America so. It's a charitable event three. On the patio. Beggar my notebook failures or give them hope that they got to get better. Yet I don't know no doubt right by the Iraq by the labor about the pull there are facility a bit of speed and you just saw a draped over there with all the students of federal come his latest video and then give away a million dollars. Around the community would you take that whole deal. Maverick. Won't require very little uncertain about who. I literally got my grandma I'm a million or so ago we wanted to be so order a bread that. There are able to. People I drink very little expire because my deductible so we'll just do. We get my cold or upload a big wanna lower low lead on mark below him and I feel. Corner by cable I think you'll have million dollars but not my my bank united mine iron in immediate there we get the bag sort of where your primary voters. There is critical moment of very. Good I think you're home. You know you put a greater Carlo of the article earlier about a lot of videos. It sort of budget if I remember seeing you learn. Or are your current figure ever remember in the video he took their boys and actually gala well. I put a lot of pressure on our look at producer banking group a lot of people. I mean it'll be like that so. Absolutely that definitely that he can't you embittered him you know my city my and the general yeah. You know the blog and through it and you know I love and I do battle that I like. And it. So loaded that is take it's I was man's travels down here a basketball at. Solo 305 definitely has got he's got to see these sailor put up for Stallman Douglas just get out awaited single issue to slam off for the for the audience is all of the there the second BS check it all out. Does a great job exam is a big cabins in Miami sports he's on it. Bob and then obviously stressed out bigger with with the events at our last makes a save jobs do so loaded thanks rose mega top voice. Most definitely my pre retirement married government Syria parliament where you were about the growth and sort of ceremonial reserves and let. Mark and yen pair. Of good. Facility does a gem I've got legacy in my outsmart you be my universe in Miami Greek week tomorrow perform on the patio and.