Thomas Brown w/ TLB 11-21-17

Tuesday, November 21st

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Then double there. Not just Jimmy Stewart just my. You know by McCain's office coordinator quarterbacks coach Thomas Brown. Just I guess like coach thanks for joining us really appreciate it probably you haven't so no words are about his last last segment. Just about how the rise has been so quick war. Your coaching staff and and with with Rick coming in and we talked about this with coach Rolf I think it was a couple weeks ago. And just wondered how I how surprised are you that you guys are at this level already hits it feels like it's all happened very fast. Well beyond rookie out he can't predict the future but now the goal that we all really don't care to get a staff. No knuckled grip for quite some time recruiting about a house looks like his former college. Or put them adored it. And what we want to try to become a lead Malle moderately toward towards a cup that's adequate globally they looked program could do and out threat he could turn things around so. Powell simply to prod back two under some of what you can't predict the future we're. Up in what we're (%expletive) or get a look at the most critical boost after I got that feature. Believe what do what was so until woman Katrina worked for the bigger go to the overall order chain will be conducive. Coach you lose mark Walton he's an amazing talent a lot of fans are saying okay. Then that that could be it for the season but Travis homer steps up and you find it jamming a freshman he moved over from receiver DJ Dallas. You know some moves it worked out for you and your pretty lucky to have those two in the backfield. I actually am not you don't Travis chart the Bennett picked some player they want and those are about supply both do conduct. At this park obligated government's been sent out to prod there were about it all and problems with file one bit because when the minute you walked on campus. You've been more than most productive Paul Workman told through. Opulence you've got to bear behind the air yet the depth chart a margin so European go. Dustin go down salute on the football what are the and they can multiple opportunities and also. A relief and shelter dark you're talking about what it does not run for the extent offbeat make it some place all folks a saint and that collect a through different duke about the field would most people you'd be quiet reserved the kind of lay back on all treatment to switch and become a different era and a they know little slimmer running back receiver even BB when Detroit got your spot starter at there was the respect employment we ought gonna and the back LaMont that in the habit of it but did have at the cornerback spot. I'd be kind of match in mall to get him. Uggla policy only to go would be dead because this is different player receiver. Out of the biggest fought about playing collegial and Rebecca even the next broke loose it was to go up and the other kind of forced president last week which is. A little bit of a down but it did a good opportunities for the live in the most of. Guys do when you have those slow starts because I don't watch in the game and a couple guys you bend in this let's go let's let's go oh yeah. Eight you just hope that. Debt moment doesn't come where you can't come but they always go back. No is it it'd be doing it because like a whole these folks is why didn't you just order did the big. I'm here this started without you go from nobody entered and voted and gave me. All the hype around front and old football game you never once say you know how how bad vote for Obama beat us up and I got about you motivated by. And out came out respond to well up and understand the local gangs. And what they are getting the deal a lot of critical of the trade a lot of stuff that he would effectively matzo ball and saw the ball with fairly good game plan to get to. The code is a great job who haven't gotten motivated gummery critical players with like this data for certain field. You know commodity and the plucked out of taken turns between god look at the ball got the box I haven't missed the side meant giving up affect. There's one thing up another it ought to other government did it treat lineup and it's truly local. And we are doing the best we can do didn't early get a part of this autumn when note down work all that we've been out there about two trucks are in the C but. I'll gripping about seeing a little bear regarding the guys never panic Politico we never parent of Michael distressed airport thing also great for me. Eighteen billion chaired standpoint approved I got time atomic knee in a model capitals but have a share of the key part of and finally local voters. Coach should just addressing a couple areas of the offense of the fans just around their texted in Texas and about which the red zone and third down. How are you guys addressing both those areas of the offense. Well I understand they're literate know full tortured the 200% yup pretty young horses at Notre Dame it would force secured in Oregon coast though looks pretty good as well. Or would then trigger was to protect them in the rebel about we had its early on a portable because. What an excuse to Oslo this. You know the people who were player complete. Although there were going to could with a cut off debate and stuff agricultural school I'm not up our doubted it could be an acute force Paula get more. Or threatened with certain sort did anything else without beat a look at what can have a cut deeper long period Horton Borg it. August because the want to would be could bring an option a money your epic yet the one play we are. And a better job we'll try to file ways to. Not be gossip put to promote sport has been in a would we mr. got. Watch open our breath convert a lot of revenue looks deal parliament but it just on the fourth quarter and we just you know commitment clip of Paul we we go port tack. The third out is just a nobody but they appeared nearby also that have improved the last brigade of between retain certain that they may need Virginia. And architect a child a political doubt we actually went twelve aboard and chipped out goal of. We're talking to coach Thomas Brown McCain's opens cornered coach what does what's corporate lights from from his years here when you when you join the Miami. Is is he any different that he was and Georgia you're you're kind of back with about the at the end there when. A lot to a surprise that he was let go and and now he's here he's gets a startling new how is out as coaches demeanor I guess either changed or say the same since you've known them. Up but he got a lot come and undermine the policy just took the lead this program. And the Colombian you know well played in Miami but also the Balkan and they want to get the opportunity that we had. Opting out he gave him more do you back to contemplate Nazis they're Soviet built multiple career. The book and that you did a lot of bother us a book out to the success he's had last year to this year. As they'll play attitude look at the overall do what they've had so that's why the big say troubles could endo is ordering an over the last year not to come to mind. Coach what are the challenges of three kids and it's a short week noon game on a Friday there's a holiday makes Dan. There's going to be some cold weather makes de net which not all these self glory kids who are are really used to sort of the challenges is weakened how are you guys adapting. I'm out in the big thing this is so weak you know being able to it's and got looks. About kind of attend it'll play at that point it's on the trigger attitude that they're who works at all but also to help beat. All the tricks without sleep I didn't know it's early haven't about a Mecca and Medina gave Abbott and to have Gary back an expert we have a mark album balls on the ball be on that. Nursing injuries there or he got bit nicked up. About the note of it could never be an issue. And what it shouldn't be issued I would be really. Ticked off about that lack a better word that it's been well to become an issue but they are got dropped folk they're motivated. They being able to try to get back on electronic Bertram an issue that we had what are you won't order to see. I need to spend any time tonight watching the playoff rankings show on series you guys are rat. Not go on this on the different out the steal and unravel how much alike about report. A multitude on the TV not also. Well relatable way and so we can do control well will be and so while they're but it didn't it started with football game kuril dust of the matter to. Severe Cogent and did you watch and upon bomb in the and is not that's what. Well Bob being second with three whatever I don't understand it to the losses over to the law and the citizens and not get bogged down we all around though the deal the coach Tebow to go word read it's it's been a joy. I went to Michigan but I'm still enjoy yet you guys isn't it common you both he spent the season in Cleveland and you played for Cleveland yeah owner of quickly wind. We actually with the playoffs and do we went to Baltimore. Yet better count needed nobody would know I've got woods you know what I what are you remind Cleveland is only city. In the National Football League to run a five times a bowl winning coach at a time. Yeah it took Michael so out there yet. And you know what I come back we romance through an occupant. All of rideau comforted but I was like does I would like to do we have to realize that. In the season of that conversation they know how to do you with a timer in the present. But you make these ovens grads on a farm and yes he did it.