TLB Mock Draft 4-26-18

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Thursday, April 26th

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Let's get to rob his mock drafts. All right bets are off the Cleveland Browns with the first pick in the draft. That was a lot of smoke street coming out of the speaker mayfield. Amid this draft and stick by it is all smokescreen the first pick of the draft by the Cleveland Browns Sam. Darn big it'd be wrong on that can be McNamee. I think it's a spokesman all right if Harry Arnold edits. What a smokescreen quarterbacks is gonna make sense where Indians. You have the first look at I don't understand that it would seem like unnecessary spoke. Just wondering what was adults they wanna smoke there's fire but who said that. The guys who says that technically this is in the smoky the bear Al Golden. That the now the giants are on the clock. Sequel Barkley is available they still ticket quarterback Brett they did a grind it out with Eli. One more year with the second pick the giants would take say Kwan Barkley. You LaMarcus happy. He didn't go to Cleveland he's super stoked. I don't know not Fareed surgical. What's three routing the New York Jets. Even they don't want to quarterback they'd they traded a thousand picks to move up to the spot they're they have no choice in the pic is going to be maker mayfield. At three. Merit pretty standard thus far this route its interest. Right now number four the Cleveland Browns again. Dirty job Donald. Barkley is off the board that's right you might go to DiMicco Chubb and Michael doesn't know to do and all of a sudden. Let's act as the Buffalo Bills this. May have the Cleveland Browns have traded down in the first round it seems that every year and the Buffalo Bills once gave the browns 21 round picks to move would get Samuel gets back as part. And so the the bit of the bill should think that the bills have twelve and 22 in this year's draft also to set tropics and the bills also the first pick in the third round what's that got. From Cleveland so they can. I could've been a trade to be worked out they might mimic haggle over the second and third round pick record trade it's dawn and buffalo moves up against the browns 21 tropics. And the move up and take Josh Allen. I don't care plan is passed well it's easily Alan Rosen and the united you know or to the California kid can put a buffalo. How would spiral because it cuts through wind. Like a nice like a Knight war or to listen cuts like knives you know I won't tell you go as an ally when things got a house. Yes but let me just say this is again maybe let me just say this. If he'd thrown it to ranked team. Or are we gonna say. Yes in October yet is because he was seventh in mountain west. You both look to meet the buffalo did and did meet the playoffs last year that they still got to Tyrod Taylor they desperately need corporate underwriting don't AJ McCarron and to do whatever takes Corbett. Now five the Denver Broncos. They're on the clock. Then the three quarterbacks already gone they did invest in case Keenan does a phone call from Adam this is getting nervous. Did the dolphins catcher of the fiber don't have they don't have the exit to on the pixel camera once you do your housekeeper to number one to Drew Brees ridiculously stupid could be difficult quarter. But I did go there wanna protect key skewed and establish a running game. And they're gonna go Quintin Nelson at five. And slowly or loses it. Israel is top on guard while when they go sick while Barkley because he just got rid of these on these these are what did you it was a moment to to the giants department empty to much to. All right sixty Indianapolis Colts now back in the day they were did the third pick in the draft. And the trade it all those picks to move up to six but when they had the circuit everybody was senator Tim Bradley Chubb and guess what. He's still there at six and they get all these draft picks in return. Is genius move by the colts' big team Bradley Chubb. Do you think that adds immersive as dozens of letters he's often a cap somewhere with you know but for the cash. Adams' car whatever. Is going to be on TV. It's odd alliance it is only every jailed an album saying he would they be doing live feeds and Indianapolis can't. Should be okay. He's like Jerry Jones less intense and yelling these should be read. I'm never seeing how do you feel like a mile of Lichen and he's left. Alamo like and now. What's number number seven route Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Now they have a history of drafting Florida State players what his team is once in quarterly give a thousand picks to get Robert choir that Italy were gods allow work well no but. It's you know why it is it is the ticker off connection he calls at least eight if they'd Decker. Decker off it wasn't there. Well either way Chris is now that's that's true Darwin James he's still there and I think he's gonna be delicate topic types and I did particularly James it's pretty good Becker off but. Period actor off of sound like. You once different room. Now and before your time and we'll talk about it. So low floor statement athlete if you don't James if he's there. Number eight I've Decker house numbers when all knack I've talked him avoids an interest and okay he cheats over and take a breath sounds like he's about to face very excited over this like just give him a bit. What is outs and expect me. The Chicago Bears some terrible team is not an there they're panicky because Nelson's not there they desperately want and also bodies hours or so at the subtle. And dictate the the linebacker most resembles. Brian Urlacher and that will be Jermaine and. Some room. Good thing. Again noticing somebody is quite absent is this is this this is as of today and here here we're wishing something into exist right there under the GMs here I'm I'm just saying. You know you want something happening you're making it happened this. I haven't heard anybody with a name that rhymes like that so far there's still a couple of exodus thing for against the that the all right if you say so number nine. San Francisco 49ers. Now revenue quarterback they have all the hype in the world are a high tree that way over hyped by the way. Count me in for overrated niners isn't a very very wealthy. Until that that everybody goes because they beat the hell of the jaguars are one we. To actually care that week Jimmy Jane hell out of here he's got a hose. It knows. So they're gonna want they're gonna wanna give Jimmy drop low some playmakers on offense too impressed to be dropped low and so the 49ers they're for real. Not the best receiver in the war I think it's a little too early for a but. The niners they're they're there on a full hype train and gonna go with Calvin Ridley. From Alabama him move enough. Understanding ramifications might complexity and related these examples that perhaps perhaps or maybe you're bluffing so I go down in the doomed at all. Maybe I don't trust in. Property I am a whole league was a last place and he is the only by game size unit and tyrants and it's a sweet chase and a few. Give us your tenth pick Rob Murray tent for the the Oakland Raiders now yes. Broke once Smith is available and this is a spot potentially throw ultimate however I give me this. The secondary last year was awful. Jay Cutler threw for 300 yards against these guys terrible and I know they drafted Gary and Conley last year but any off. Work on a second and luckily a Mac that itself at linebacker. Makeup Fitzpatrick is still there. They need a corner and safety this guy to possibly play both and Jon Gruden loves Alabama players to the raiders and number ten take Mika. It's Patrick I had round. All right speak a little. Eleven pick in the draft result two quarterbacks on the board yes it Mark Jackson he got Josh Rosen. But also you've got roped Quant Smith who still available. Is good this good Google takes forever to make this pick they'll go down to the wire the re battling and on the war room arguing left and right measles and minutes that he's alternates. And the other day entity could not pass on the number one player on the ball on the board which is broke on Smith and number eleven you know that means. An open stance. The. Well and drafted him in December. Brother squad coming out just the move a line of being quote. The two big twelve record record Rick was big blunder really want to look on yet who's better on. They do do different things one sidelined with some one logo split as they say played a full boom. What we got X routing number twelve what's vital is now the Cleveland Browns if you remember from earlier the Cleveland Browns traded on the fourth spot in their draft yes and I picked up 21 round picks from the bills they're picking again here. Now they can go secondary help they need to replace Joseph Haden lived the last couple years ago because not available not used or when James so live to go easy transitional Ohio State cornerback. Denzel ward. Tiny tiny guy but he's lasers and often did not just he he wrote. What we are on thirteen in the Washington Redskins. Now that it could probably some defense of hope. To that the threat to tackle vesta but to tackle on the board still there to Iran paint and have them not view a copy of it no way of at a Smart and I mean today in the first round maybe you'll love my they're the worst entities. It. Actually sell six Green Bay Packers to getting Aaron Rodgers baton. They could probably some defense of hope. See you get a warm seat to make air rises. Yet it did lose Jordy Nelson to the detective Jimmy Graham also via the but they can make a fine receivers in the lead around Jordy Nelson was so drop the cobbler the second topic. They can find receivers later but they hear they're gonna go with the the biggest sleeper in the draft. Marcus Davenport. The president from new TSA. Look at the senior. Was it was here pretty by battling cancer wasn't really popular Coker still still the guy and he's still got the magic touch. Hell Famer now Larry Coker. What's that job in the Arizona Cardinals at fifteen now Josh rose as audio stolen the Mark Jackson is still available. They did sign Sam Bradford do you want twenty million dollars all for a one year deal. Either human or. Why oh quandary over hunting game. It's under differently under definitely under but. What a neat last year despite the quarterback issues and know David Johnson is still banged out at eight needs season last year. So invested heavily at Sam Bradford it's easy to take Joshua is here however. They're gonna wanna keep Sam Bradford upright which is why they go tackle Mike McCue and chief from Notre Dame sent shock waves struck the draft. I had to an end to this two balls that's been though that's the thing the whole time because apostle of the guys that was during the U. McCain's gonna have any first round picks neither of these guys and you know the for they've made big dish rags to these guys. And garbage. Don't wish to join us to think he came to a fast by the way way into the league it. When's the first Cain get off the board Robby well its finances and prominent. Harlem it's awfully we are you doing a seven round draft. Wow well world world and show. Yeah spoil the mock draft. So have some classes can be Cain in the first round he did that. Yet the way Clinton if it's your utes have Robby I mean ideally if that's you'd so I'm just not get it you. Would tell you would have the into the vendors to me c'mon. We need to wind hit this thing Robbie hit it right. All right sixteen the ravens they panic and take a tight end Mike percent to you know they try to call the pay just trade but the papers let's listen to our at seventeen. The chargers colts and Miller the talk from UCLA if you try to disabuse elated Ellie charges. The Seattle Seahawks. Eighteen feet off a dilemma to protect Russell Wilson is your man will Hernandez from Utah and every team. Dallas nineteen beat a wide receiver to replace Dez Bryant who lets it fit the profile big tall six foot three wide receiver. SMU to Dallas easy transition. You're gonna. Visit the Detroit Lions had been patted down look at soon they've had. They've gotten rave it's the holy knotted up at the time they look to for the tackles beat Avaya Stolichnaya depict bachelor take beat Avaya. About a 121 the Cincinnati Bengals. Needed to but that's our go to player would you like it's they go to even Brian Todd and Florida. Florida you got to this point to this the cleaver about whomever they traded. They traded down earlier. Really price the caller from Ohio state of Ohio State bureau upload gassed you get a typically priced the senator from Ohio state of transition between. That's obviously. They got to Ohio State guys in this mock draft until lowered the price matters if a woman locked in the control room right now and then probably wouldn't object. To the the patriots at 43. Josh Rosen is still on the board that's one theory in what. Bill Belichick's sends a message to Tom Brady and he takes Josh Rosen a Tony three. The Carolina Panthers. The need a quarterback their place just over what it takes years ago then been the same since die a year Alexander the corner from mobile. Blazer. Tennessee Titans. Video linebacker late Bender Astra Boise State. A bill out of the rockets. They've been missing Tony Gonzalez the leader of the red zone threat to go with Julio Jones and they go to Dallas goal ordered the tide at South Dakota State. You can connect to us that there from Dallas Clark to. Or yeah. Absolutely. It's probably just the saints they need at us this those 47. The saints beat edged closer apparel Landry for Boston College to get more free to president he could stand up to be a 34 outside linebacker that's the place. 28 this Pittsburgh Steelers. Bill partnered or negotiate we'll leave you a bill that don't wanna send a message to Levy a bill that would go Darius guy. 29. About the Jacksonville Jaguars. Mark Jackson is still there you still there. What they want to replace our Brothers a wide receiver and got tested positive political Antonio Calloway at Florida. I. Couldn't pass a Lamar Jack believe public morals. Transition from game to lose actually very easy transition. He's just plays and meaningful way. Provision the campus plus plus. Minnesota Vikings. Bid city to secondary after that last play that ended a season last year they gonna go Josh Jackson from Iowa. Doing the patriots again. They love Rashad Evans margins were article telling them how much they love Rashad Evans he's still there that's the pick them. The Philadelphia Eagles a third to big leads to whatever they want what is pick for the gonna go with Mike Hughes the corner from UCF 32. Mil Mark Jackson just no large tax does not make you know retains. No gains in the way he he tease me for nothing. Spoiled picks or spoil that so and leg go back to my question when does the first case come off the board. I think to see you in the second round you see the defensive tackles Dornan Macintosh. Then. Maybe maybe Chad Thomas beaten. You're exhausted. Posed.