TLB w/ Adam Beasley 3-1-18

Thursday, March 1st

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Gentlemen gentlemen outlook from an apple beats before. You tell me duo watched it take. Does it will come. In my didn't get credit for saying there is no way on earth the dolphins are gonna pay charms Landry thirteen of fourteen million a year. Who know that it. And sixteen million dollars a share. Not only only socks. And it's gonna happen at all in the days and you know the LA yet okay what's the what's the deal bees will give us the lender lowdown. Adult and one download them they wanna trade and they wanna find somebody who need to order here would pick caps base. With the bunch asset that they would be willing to part where it gets dark Landry and the kind of deal last budget GM today. About it makes edit actually pretty you not as hard as we make it up to be so we'll turn motion or just say that. I'm called and made people called at all and adult literature called people. Place it's gotta you gotta find the picture it gang goes to speak at the Klein is suitable trade part. Who's news. Check him out there around him well and I got for ticket I told you. Italians eat into hell hole to get the strength it's a hell hole there's no cell phone service it's nothing but hit. And tin foil get that cocktail sauce is an almost this as well as talk about yesterday Beasley this day in Indianapolis and in their head and that utility Bowman did finger pointing. And they got they got his job for sickened cellphone signal. Now I mean it might be my provider not good anywhere I won't say who it is never good. Spot to be aimed at video of a problem or conflict are. Yeah also escalate what do people think. Like the ticket around the rooms there wouldn't believe the dolphins can get forehand wait what's that what's so reasonable last. What do they think is the best haul they can really get for Jarvis if they trade. Probably I served me even a little too. But you're not get a first round pick let alone two per trumpet. But putting. Another key gorgeous shot them you know it. I hammered a long trip beyond just signed a contract would give it all but how can happen. But they strategically Craig tries and with the intent of trading at. Again that's easier said than done though can you don't know you're gonna wanna go to somebody's city at all is a world. Yet be OK with whoever you know adult treated too because their. Quick brown Crocker up to the overall pick for a one year rental two million dollars they're gonna want garbage how long term deal so Hendrick does double cart here. Obvious spat into the call plays out at all yesterday. Made it abundantly clear we're just by a start under your both publicly and privately admit that this. But I think a lot of them from a curfew from you know smokescreen that. You know they don't want the world now that anyone who won't guard Landry. Well these this question. If you jobs stranger while we just go win inside right now you put pressure back on the dolphins. Because. This works at Mike Martz if Jarvis Landry here's what we're terrified. If I realized that nobody. Was gonna pay me what I was asked. But regardless it is kind of surprised that he wouldn't side that the lockdown key Al. In the end what one thing that we should make clear that all the Likud and the Niagara popcorn that is the least likely of all bill. He's gonna get paid at least sixteen million dollars in the next coming weeks or days or weeks. I get more that over the long term deal with a bunch of outlook guaranteed money or can play under a key going dollar pact. What kind of took I mean to me is the dolphins obviously have a number carvers had a number of mine too. And from what I'm hearing two sides had bit between the guard expectations any higher than what the market and it paid. I don't leak in them in the past to make public the public comments about. Restructuring the entire read mark wide receivers Antonio Brown that creed or no wait. Are gonna get paid like eat it tree inspirational player he is not that he's not even though they'll go out not to hit. But he's a pretty good player a year that created or he were all very weak it's very shallow there's not a lot on talent out there. He's going to find somebody is critically and call their immediate fourteen million dollars here. The issue is bit dolphins have certainty trade with certainty they will. I outlook it would anybody that division we've talked about before the bad blood between him and the Broncos but he's the Broncos although they would expect hurried. And in the eagle due to be eighteen to treat with every year but it never gonna call that right each of the great legal point so they may be old can't shy about that is well. But it I think it'll work out in social work out which are my anger get what you want which is guaranteed money a long term deal. And and and the team that once a medical development which kind of lukewarm or. B.'s try to read the tea leaves here what what do we think. As a real as it goes into the good the dolphins and cornerbacks and tanning hill and and that whole situation. Yet fun I mean it's quarterbacks are exciting and I only good but they're. Enter in hell I mean gosh frozen we could talk him tomorrow I can't wait you're yet to say because he has color on steroids or eight ES. I hear that we ought be on the could occur that. Bigger may feel that I can't enough baker major stories established by our. Are being countered that heralded as those at the time we we tightening economy fueled in line. People aren't good read about it not that it be a great create here at Miami out of east personality. Do I think they're going to take a quarter background one probably not I think that situation will present itself where they go. But player available to position that need you can't discount the possibility. What is telling us this. Even adults they had they have got true all the medal at which spot not likely possible. Adam he's made very clear yet that Ryan you know will be the dot org starting quarterback battle we this year. But the way he made some as a in the dwell on the future that are planned app writer quarterback. That kind of makes me scratch my head yeah mean on and on he'd be look a lot on what I would use eleventh pick caught a team a lot of needs god way not keep the field for three years you really think about that. Smokescreen. That. Let's come out is that is absolutely it is so it is the Prez that's. The only thing I can say that is because I think I saw it it was either your Barrie report that they're having dinner with baker may feel before his pro day and so is that a smokescreen to give you wanna jump to the dolphins trade is that so screen saying. Adam yeah it was and all these great things about arrival really not that short weeks he's coming off an ACL injury. Late. I don't know what are they given I don't know who to believe there. Last year was an eye opening your the dolphins and the way. And they saw how if you don't have quarterback Vick can play almost well Carter you don't you're your quarterback situation court. I eat a lot of evil and the vikings. I over. Ought to their starters went on May be playoff run brought up is K want to verbal duels Adam replied the dolphins who lost their starting quarterback in August. And went to contend were you aware of the big disappointment yeah cola. So I think what they would like to happen again this is awake them honest you're gonna come true they would like to have guys that. It UD BP not ride and don't you got sneaky but there and I I think that what they were like. And get those guys that you a first round draft pick or get really lucky that Eric Burke route and don't really heavy on that right on the taken. Corey handled Eddie is golden years and years and years the first crack at quarterback. And promote Gingrich. It and what doesn't well six years now might become two again. Because the situation knock it or not like aren't in Oakley younger. Or help here and get a place to be twenty to creed when he marked twelve match. We December 20 quite sixteen in an opening day out Nikki what he go local we have no idea that guy ever play football and forever. I think it on search market app coming have a plan in mind that you know grinder guy would support them we can put all our eggs not basket. Adam I'm I'm more concerned with every other position. In enacting the dolphins have so many needs in so many positions they need to Shura. That the last couple years. They haven't had their players that they drafted higher one defeat. And in so if you wanna know why this team looks all old and tired. And NATO did have a whole bunch of positions of need. It's because the guys that they drafted haven't been able to ache for whatever reason so to goal and did draft another guy. Who's he gonna sit or be a backup for a couple years how is your team getting any better. It it sit back and question here look at it this way I'll think Adam pieces and in my when year. But Mike Campbell probably is I mean it'll be is I believe Fortier the total control. Of the franchise's executive vice president. And then there's four years the going to content toys. And made the oil the other time. If they go to the content 79 again yeah you you're looking at a cop franchise. That is Mike Campbell look at this and say. You know what record draft a quarterback in my workplace thank you get it million awful I mean that's essentially how these guys you'll while I cook while exit the next guy up. To exceed our need to can now keep my job and that. At allow important voice in that room now the caliber should be he brought she and Internet and east. And and and people have longevity in that franchise to say. Look we're not yet we wanna win and eighteen but we wanna be sustainable. Organization that compete urine eater out. Keep your questions about quarterback. It often do. Clearly are questions about their quarterback as much as they wanna say they're all our Brian. You're gonna you're not going to be that sustainable and tries that would forever your just not you look at the key around will be in the playoffs every year. That triggered a quarterback position Nadal and quite frankly have not really I totally get that I'm on board used pepper trumpet you have Roger guy here. Because what did he honestly what does Brian can't hold on. Yet even he looked pretty good middle belt sixteen. But there are some people that that you know my great they all got a bunch Coke is not a court later. So yeah it is I think like me out as quickly this is transitional. Kind of finding all season afford it opened to the watershed moment for them do they have the courage to say look. Sure how we build up our franchise for the next ten years where they try yet again to do either one your stop gaps on all you. Veterans are overpriced veterans that are coming and help them right away future draft pick yet again on a could you actually when you chuckled on the road. If that great question and I think it's part of the reason at all we have been spoken mediocrity for so long as they didn't even operating a one your plans and they need to think broader they need to actually win it. Decade not the week. Business today it's I was ministries hello to John Gingrich resort on supper wanna there are given to not and join another man of Saudi Arabia and Minneapolis is aptly sucks but but you fantastically us. This that a Beasley.