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Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Monday, March 20th

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 41118041. Campaign. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room as a Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. So there. Everybody everybody and welcome audits over LeRoy and be still way you have. And have you man defense. You would have glasses this weekend and where does this weekend I was just Arizona and ended when a member guest. Right and I would have flown. Guess my first match it was against the blue yeah totally complaint uncle Toni Kukoc yes. Why is it. Who I imagine somebody talk get dressed like Goran almighty god this I come down I eighty didn't pitch some guy is do you. We'll schedule you looked like warm in these big you print a sixteen games a year play 82. -- what do you do was outside the report lies. Tricks did I swear and now. Found out I was in Chicago one time in two in the blurbs. With some family friends around like some quaint Italian restaurant. A Kukoc locked in. I'm guessing with his wife she was incredibly hot. And was just high five and everybody in hot Blakey ease seemed like. Mad he was the type of guy they had a larger than life personality. Yes he's. These heroes fund and airline bomb we play go we had to cover a secular play. Which was cool cause we got demolished by Toni Kukoc and some guy that is a pro I promise. UCL a tiger was on good morning markets and a know the sand like you answered back for the masters some real world's most maybe bags but it happened also looking like Benjamin button real old yet and mauled. Yes it's real all know he Abbott had a real it's like LeBron. Yet turn turn turn turn and that's Tiger Woods. Yeah it's AG got LeBron. No he didn't how do you sue because he's got a right now. Well at least you LeBron lately come LeBron lately has no marker no pain no nothing is forehead is backpedaling Richard Diaz Sanders. We did that day. Bush who he does he has not aged well at the studio lights is shut and real what do you think what do you think has cost him to age more his bad golf game or is bad social life. I would say go a 150 million he would give his wife was a good story. Imaginative once you go for mayor now and then not have the ability to more money on the golf course and then just. Stewart and then you think you find love again Lindsey Vonn says Nene. Then about that is that can see new agent in him though Brett that's not appropriate blew up your whole life a probe. Yeah well this mom's I didn't see you know little easy and no other little yeah. It's like a broke his eyes see as night. Now there's nothing you'd actually thank me as a little Asian male living in his ears alone should expect closer sick from total recall. You ever seen a mix kid and you say oh. They hear you I can tell your wife and went through entire tighten it up a little bit you know like I'm like dude looked a little bit better if you tell I didn't type it. Yeah no I'm not content in any grown back. So you see on backwards I feel like he should have got and we have what is so obviously I'm already retired look like you lick he should've gotten the way we're gonna have a feeling. I want Wayne Murray did keep us that hair transplant. Everything's a blade to a week now all the time out time out kind of reaching timeout. Hannah yes someone as rich as Tiger Woods and LeBron. They can't feel like there's no procedure there's nothing they can do to make it leg at least look like there's yeah we'll Tom Brady's pretty Palminteri is her hair plugs is going yes. I warned if you look at Elway can't afford to look out for hit. Metal Wallace's hair has been in that area of his own party when you she's worth is he worth over what how much is he worth over one billion minus a hundred to two million. Fifth I mean if you're a pledge isn't there's got to be some system some ordered doctor bobsleigh for the stars went OK I don't like this stuff all right you can do that war. He's slaying everything in his bedroom anyway so what's the point oh. And the postal got a strange thing I don't think he slain anything right now no he still is no I'm no way you fat guy sticks in them and didn't let let's see he's not playing. It's it's he's on his back Kurds to actually know hey let's go out and nobody got up on tiger aren't. Taylor stopped tea excuse my love is always did he wasn't hanging out with supermodels now. You're going to Denny's so that's always gonna be here Perkins Perkins that's always gonna be adding you want to go low rent and do. Yeah politics of porn stars are going to be to go low rent that's fine but I'm just saying he Capel and. I was so I would really yes just my hairline is receding but this is the street named after him Palm Beach County. Yes that's right I don't an island off the Jupiter is a low mileage yeses that's the president's. Some of playing for your. It's a really. Quite pleased and it is arson eight. Monica when you haven't even integrate these guys is gone from the ten go to also be exactly he's taken plenty you know to get the way he is they got me all you know doesn't and that's a bureau. Beast. Shrink ceased. I'll look how many people you go call right now yet. Ray yeah. Male female in different pretty ugly all the over the spectrum and say. To come seemed a senior mop a similar plane to come get to. And they would say not SRI am gonna stay here not receive fifty shades darker like that was that was the jet on that and I'll also in the chopper. Yeah and then all of a sudden she's in the rendered do whatever he wants. Bradley now you do you think that. I'm just saying listen rich people are tied a series tiger was at a certain level. And now utilities drop down like Perkins waitress like no. I. Anesthesia wants to put on the Lam custom. Use your own helicopter. You reenact the skills of horrible. Horrible and Arabs crew chief. Who is. It's 790. Ticket WA XY AM South Miami WSS asset their HDT me. I start slow run. Here's what's trending and now now. I mean and I mean how do you follow up other by just telling you of their loved response by JC Penney hurrying to the salon by in style JC Penney now. Through Wednesday for blowout. Savings and your favorite hair care brands and getting your day's worth at JC paid the headlines and heat disappointing loss. Yesterday but no deal on waiters that ankles gonna keep mum may be towards the end of the season hopefully he gets back. They're back in action tomorrow they host of Phoenix Suns American Airlines Arena believe it's 730 tempest 630 is when. So as on Tommy tiger and across brings out a while pregame show right here on your home the Miami game seven IDF tomorrow for three HD to the ticket would take a look at the World Baseball Classic scoreboard. It's sponsored by gain status uncertain place watcher Jeanne Blake and over seventy TVs full bar and great food Dave diamond or watch it play it when it mythic gains on players dot com tonight one game in the semi final. On number one we have right here on the ticket it's the Netherlands against Puerto Rico tonight the American many other semi final tomorrow night we unfortunate because of the heat game. Won't have now won here the ticket but we will have the final. Wednesday night here on the to get other guys lose our guys are shown out this week and many other stand and I'll. Bomb. And yesterday huge hit kids pissed because he went to the spring training game. Marlon against nationals yesterday there was no that was known plan. Rudy yet he had Dietrich nothing yeah this half hour. They would get out guys think wasn't worth the brand of arts and if he. Get him some more. Pete nothing he didn't really like all the kids that he went with what we're trying to get autographs. And my son who knows more about sports and ideas is like this is yeah out of Iran and other early regularly spring training and deregulate. A mass slicker so you can always learn he came home club bear ball that's what he came home and often I'm like you didn't get anything easily wasn't worth. I'm gonna go back threes not even. Bothering and it is if that's already stolen the Super Bowl Jersey. Evidently some Mexican journalist to get and also took one from the game they went beat Seattle they found multiple. And the FBI was involved or Camille wasn't that big news I don't know I don't know of one. Below the radar to do is always a dozen Mexican journalist. Her siblings get a good thing on how and valid thought it would of Toledo. Said so yeah an assembly line is doing now and again it. Brady friend of trumpet Mexican journalist still Jersey revenge pence wall. It. While he was terrible budget did you did you get your next press conference about the wall trouble bring up the Jersey yes. That things that it my friend Tom Brady we're good friends are really good friends. I don't know what it is. We got to Milwaukee good Mexican journalist and steel in his Jersey almost done as my sheep. I feel really your way woman can we can we please get to this meat no no we're not done yet. Put it with the headlines. Peres government news reader you can keep his weight. Tiger says he knows when Massa who talked about that. Yeah well there's some unfortunate for Monday's. On that note is unfortunate. Football lose one of is LeRoy is I don't Gale Sayers has dementieva. No socks and as we found out over the weekend like Clark famous for but catch. Diagnosed with the AL us in horrible stuff yes now you get to and every wanna get too well well yeah. I was kinda. Gonna save this. I think we need to let people know. Sucks. Epic in college basket I think illusions illusions I think agencies and and I think this season because I records and it was I mean we did that we need an entire segment actually rip a person there's a fraud among us yes a fraud actually. Let's run a sheep in wolves clothing if you will rest who has who has. Put in front of us know war and yup image yup but the reality is another right now will be expose. Exactly a. That's. How they cannot manage itself. Hackneyed script and absolutely I've used do a job and they did. Building up there. Golf with the gators. And their scary man comets we operate like Florida hitters that are no real problems we promised we got this picture. OK to remove we are ahead best either get the closest. Don't they there's a little baby and over about a canal in Seattle on July daughters so wanna get to move. So let's just aren't here so I'm telling them that I didn't. You're throwing stones at a dinner yeah how old hit I was getting hit them I just want to starlet to move so notice day. Greg demos in their real good what I did to move get a piece of chicken throw anywhere and I remember him to get heated. And it's going to be much pat I don't want that. No look. We tried to do so feet. Where you noticed. They gave it looks a little from where I was standing. Yeah it it doesn't but not so. I mean do we get into this because there is some money on the staff yet there's a foolish who's just a phony a liar a Trevor should mockery of a person so we had our we did our brackets we did our Brackins who recruited hoops hysteria at the gym I mean I come and we did our debt. On as a show correct. It is lowest score is gonna as you were gonna bust out the we'll have we got some humiliations left up there for many in the season and losers you suffer some shame. And listen. Also doing this in the morning show so I I've got doubled on Asians online and I'll lose in the first one focus. But at least you know what you're Sean admitted yeah I gotta give and hooters girl exactly which is look at likely. I'm not very proud how I losing that actually. It's very frustrating she is she's a woman with no Internet no television. And was mad she and big Xavier to be Florida State because she laws professor Xavier. So. This is why I'm losing to correct however. You see any readily admit I watch. Very very little college basketball I watched the canes from time to time. Unless they play Virginia than any to cleanse myself for a few weeks. Which thank god I mean I've never root for the gators ever except for that game against Virginia Obama grew Virginia fields or forty points. A lot of unique why do you do you get yet keep your mouth hey John. You're little tidbits of information yet mean nothing yet we have a right and so late. Our standings are as this I believe I have the script I analyst ads take I don't know how this is your pleasure to have friends and Jake was also on the on the line to shape. What does your score right now. All my think right now on Ali I believe someone behind you so I think on the head so your third head of okay you have to judge it could be it before idol finalists OK at least this first. I'm you have I I can't believe I'm in first but I have a 100 points I am 92 points putting me in second place. I didn't think war. 84. Jake has our 99 B a I'm entered so we got we got. Least me. College basketball mascot aficionado. And degenerate gambler. And suppose sports expert. He. 640 my. Elegant five teens and a sweet sixteen outs. We did pick it up trip deep just starting here and you shouldn't and it and it's Borodin who loses to Michigan this Thursday or or he doesn't make it to the final four I clinched last place and humiliation O line. I don't. Well we do and humiliation. Of sort of tournaments overnight night. I am anyway are. No no this person okay this the person. Who has come up with such. Amazing theories. On every. Kids and when watching a college basketball game with most thought he was playing by yelling at same same. Yeah. And also give up the stat of oh he's batted the first half of one and want to put for. Forget all that forget forget the fact that he's a crazy deranged canes fan. This is the guy who can just spin off team names like it's nothing and like UC Davis. They're the Aggies play. Texas southern. The of the tigers who lead. What I think is OK so we asked him. Hey Robbie how do you learn all the mascots using all. Watch holocaust fastball from watching all the sports and from watching all the shows I watch all the pregame shows in the post game shows and halftime shows it's ingrained in his mind right so someone so. He's watching all the show but really the only information he's gotten from all the stuff that mascot. It's you'll probably should've remembered some of the information you were did about the players and text or you don't be Robby who takes this in the who cares one it did they copper and that's true. Eatery and betting on the tournament now that that much better than the bracket obviously. You do better on alignments. Are on Arkansas plus eleven yes there was huge. You're sick never sick individual you know problem. They ask you on the leg what does the one that stung the most this week for you. Let's like what's the goal line. I got to know he's got a bevy of Miami Notre Dame Notre Dame I mean I thought I had a motivator game in the of them they're eliminated or lost as some EC may get this first week it had them in the championship correct what I look out of the children what. I had Villanova did it change your game and wasn't alone 'cause a lot of people it might you Rhode Island. Was a was a whisker away from B org in yesterday and ordered eliminated me noticed Chris the last place amendment in court. Little to lose weight went up enough to continue this. Way please go. Flying inmate gets worse. It gets worse OK more so there's dilemma charge you know pool. Which has ninety plus people and including pop beat who I'm sure doesn't mask now so far leading in that pool is my best friend Justin. Which I don't know how that's happening but he's leading okay. My goal he can seven's there's there's Greg's lobos are ninth so you try to find Robbie on this because I mean I don't second last nine people. Obviously Robbie should be a near the top. And as I look at this. He is tied for 87 place a lot of those guys to have to worry at all and so I still might sit next to pass those guys he is. The second the last person tied with Crisco. Along with Chris Cody. And only above the people that forgot to fill out the bracket wow. Wow so the only reason why you're not last. Is because the people below you Phil did a lot of bar correct. He's 87. I'll tell you what these rounds come more poison the first two rounds sucks to gain ground come surpass everybody Yury. Yeah you should you judge you say that I I think with the museum punish Joseph Dillon Brooks. Well as well as I know that neither punishment. If you don't have such a shame that these iPod like my wife slit a week off from hot takes. I can do that he can't because they just jump. The multi danced out yeah I can do that to him early Q you played him in a bottle marked and then eventually is gonna punch one of us in the face I want all happens so now. Big Michigan of course tortured. Will you pick might mean to win one game not to wouldn't do and they sought by the way up to Michigan to win go all the way to praise Kansas pushed it. How I guess what they are now mobile bracket. Is almost perfect. My midwest regular hours is almost perfect. By the way there's new might ease bracket. I had no more anticipation that he's brown there is nothing more deep bag year then talking about your bracket. No I disagree especially want to know Sarah out totem and I know I know we've been talking about how Robby is dead Tom Fuller. What do you like oh Sony that you're above somebody sang my bracket got busted do you don't wanna congress finally get a load in the midwest I had this and it does so now we know and in Florida putting on four point two of those. And of Morgan global demand me man. OK to say. That I don't have one single winner and a whole Brad get. One portion of the Brad has very impressive to me they make you feel better. All rights by the way BC or guaranteed mean to not be lastly you've clinched not humiliation yeah. I. Should done better I'll be disappointed in the. What will happen with the Kansas we rewards that bad football Larranaga being made a horrible coaching mistake by the way he went to demand demand from the zone then. They started coming back it was horrible and plus. The Robby actually nailed this in his college basketball knowledge the one thing that you nail when we were doing the video the other day would you say. No I said alluding to come done a good to cornerback Dequan didn't know what you're about to welcome Mark Murphy or not tomorrow in Yakima river not corn harvest and I want to yet he does that mean well can Mark Murphy. Even got no rebounds. They got they got out rebounded by 7000. And that was a big part of why they lost also because they can make any shots. The problem yeah you'll like I I would say this even though the Australian yet are serving in losing I don't know we we've seen yet the early in Canadian Australian media Slovakian. Yeah well good luck he has like Wisconsin I don't know man like. I don't know what to make that like how do you how do they jump on and so quick. Those are soaring and able and this is what we are getting from hurricane nation which is fine. Are they were supposed to be there anyways so little to Zulu stake it now leave that man this lake. You were there really you know you don't give just you brush it off because you figure gonna be there early put these guys are going to be early on the season they're all team all of the idiots Orlando much at stake shoes they should be arrogant twelve seeds thirteen who's here and then. What are absent without its slowness fine I mean listen the reward what are you reassure ask you to buy cans I don't know why I did not have them going past that I mean why. Meeting after the you know on the run 32 and latent at least an upload on the fly eat this shocker in the game I shot the Purdue is where they are. Because they did windows. Big Ten. Not a regular season by the way the Big Ten is upped their basketball game in the ACC is now global conference apparently. Early on is bogus they're runs out guess except for UNC yeah yeah museum in middle my duke it out also Carolyn. Because our old the screamer in dollar Frank Martin Martin Martin pilot games are being played in South Carolina thought it was a traps and tricks South Carolina go to the sweet sixteen yeah. Rob classic good. Ages. Wait Carlo gave a South Carolina therefore south Carolina's gonna win and that's why not a news on the we're let you take a stand against the confederate flags visited trap the hell you're talking about Robby has no morals he would have went against my own rule was to get that it was an hour from south Carolina's campus and when I guess that'll rule and I didn't lose in the first round. Really. Your net well the more you talked the more we realize how about how much suck interests that I had put us in our bracket I had closed they go all the way when I mean she eased and Hamilton to actionable fight in the I mean could not release of the young woman's heart and don't you I who. Stop it in my burns Eric inside the link new quinnipiac in nine just please. It's fate gets up early. And where is quinnipiac and that McKenna New York I ask you. I don't know we're quinnipiac it's it's lawlessness is that he's not cities dialogue you know let our bosses challenged us to ask you more than just the mascot. Really nuts are all blaze dozens well you don't think that's Hamden Connecticut that front since Robby Iona. The gaels would what to Gail. I don't know presently let's that is looking NASCAR CNET that kills the bit because I only want to know the small window not. And that's only the only knowledge he has at the other then 64. I. That's it it's really unheard of so I think before we add on to the arsenal here what do we crawl we can robbing hurting you rake. Honor of the leg not just our show but like everybody come in the seventh percentile. That's the settlers and I was a bottom like on the tickets website yes on the 250 something out of 300 that a true much of an even gone a bracket and moment. It's our guru that's an idea I got to do they relax I'll insist that the guy that's right. Outright winners got to do Google gets spread I mean they give you I give Utah Haim every week to the football season the show you right. The comeback coming sweet sixteen worries your comeback coming to explain what are your depicted on ABC when there are no no or the the sweet sixteen and elite eight games count for more points in the first two rounds so. It more when we're back with or you can do you have eighteen left. Known to any teams left his life but sweet sixteen yeah you I have. And yeah. The belly or even nineteen in the sweet sixteen so Reza who has the most he said thirteen out of sixteen BOY now. That's pretty good as pretty good bit reticent way and 200 favorites. When that he's the only guy on the South Carolina to advance and the sweet sixteen. And I mean okay. You're right he's fairway. Stored on your. Any team ever had as much nonsense covered about them in the patriots. Katrina stolen Jersey and Afflalo goes all eyes yeah. It's like they were lips hosts like it was limited and and that's why you have Hamlin never going to be the coverage you put into a stolen Jersey in this latest football's. It's quite amazing it's 'cause there's such a legendary franchise. This dirty. And or by any means necessary audio and dirty that Damian Miller yesterday. Oh. Well hood you know how you regard him that shot. Unbelievable. Especially when he shoots from where every he's so what ever you want to do it on fire and nine as well known don't have a losing an MBA now like. Guys who shoot like that big toe good defender to go over to top to do it does green. And then they stop in shooting get the three. Three shots yes those are a little bit of blame for the just consider making a name yesterday and Indiana Sonnen was odd to for the Q4 1003 quarter. So pretty fourth when Durham should come from outside. Under kitsch. Not hurt touched and sought to do he came out on fire yesterday sounding solid real. Yes they eat Kosher yesterday and it suit the standings are after yesterday. Because I think they're in ninth isn't stupid Detroit the tiebreaker getting to Detroit in minority. Yeah here and our twelve to have. With 3135. And two back and loss column to Indiana was eleven but it is a bar to the heat had chances sitting go to 500. And kind of get over that hurdle. And so now they are the sons were just god awful coming in tomorrow every time you save that not true US senate against Orlando. OK okay right so one example one team not only get their asses kicked by every time every time you had said the words. They should win this they don't that's not true and they want what's last week. Do you want him reverse jinx wolves. Bolts. Beat him showed up at. I mean the suns are playing horrible us believe they're resting Eric Bledsoe. Who of course you mean you got to rest you know here's a funny thing with the rest. Here's here's a solution the teams that are tanking. What do they just forfeit. So like. There's all this talk you mean once you're eliminated just right like he doesn't really wanted to see why you can't fortunate because the and we need to make money by tell lies and also land owners. Know what the thing about this. Let I mean that's what I'm Brimmer and what could say the cavs have pilot thanks for night and attraction phone. He's done that every show in front pastor after saying you don't look I know solidarity. Oh yeah only to be used to write with you know problem I don't know isn't good he's into a series hey every kid needed to vendetta towards Carroll's illiquid. Dude. I listened they'll go to dinner break and go get my two tablespoons of liquefied chicken salad and I'm gonna enjoy it. And so sad. That you have to saddest is the status companies and president we have ever heard do you realize. Well not me because I don't eat light the world champs right right. Because you're an AFC champ rubs the NFC chip thank you in every time we eat. Oh listen I I don't wanna make light of any kind of food disorder eating disorder or whatever but there's a possibility that Robby in. Me. Have a reversal after eating because he fakes everything else. They crowd visibly. I'd wanna put those turner Gil reminds possible. LeRoy Tobin called the long win streak overhead is his finger on the pulse and Christine thank you my son. Thank you go and I go in peace to love and you are right so I'd rather be with you know gone. No OK silly everybody's mad the cavs right. Nets won a loose. And the cavs don't wanna play a team like the Mets wanted to say. You know what. No game today because the owner of the nets and owners of the cavs still one demo and they want to attack your money does that make it differs with the nets lose another applicable to Boston pub of this total disk as LeBron wants to bleed Dan Gilbert try. LeBron says you have to. Buy my autograph for every fan in that building. And then everybody goes home happy. How about 181000 Ron go out in the clear Ellison who brought autograph we've got a buddy Matt. Our Robby late to see you like our LeBron sign anything I don't know for sure it does let you would if you digit led Daniel to drive. This so Dan. Every I don't wanna play in front of the nets fans because it's the nets waste my time. A lot of nice and two point 8000 LeBron James autographed shoes out. And you're gonna put the belt you're gonna foot the bill. Because I don't sign anything for freedom LeBron James. And put that nobody can LeBron is gonna sit and signed when he doesn't know obviously never cars your site but but they're gonna say LeBron James on the you let's. It's a good idea is the one little idea. Embodies a ton we got dumb witted. The one wasn't even citing a guy but tell me this if if you're if you're a huge fan I told you LeBron not playing. And what you're gonna go home of the LeBron autograph obviously I would burn it but if you were you if you know I would definitely going to share after urinating on. No you definitely definitely. I mean you is some real grunt autograph here for receiving happens that's close that door and given his ring back. And well he's a B let's character and just general goodness in his heart Aslan. Is true and slides in Basilan if you wait. Boy big east. Weight has caught and caught on in the morning and all metal beast. I know you after that I knew you quite well. In you wanna call him as slow. But it. If you. Were working round the heat. Any offered Jew or. You've been warned that puppy dog no doubt about it. And have a teens ring volume of course and I should I shoot. I shouldn't a baseball rain I don't know what happened there wait image said no or something he wanted to brief bit off this day or two where. Are we when you were. I brought it here for because the U court voters zero. Ring he had the sorted out. OK so let's say yet and I think this to be a thing like around the league so late everybody's so concerned about arrest. And they need to get there they need to get there wind about them okay but I don't think invention you know home empty handed because. They mail a lot of money they're paying a lot of wanted to see LeBron James is Kevin Durant. So Kevin Iran LeBron James you have a program where your owners have to buy your autographs. And you have to give them out all the offense by the way an autograph LeBron James Carter scored for 127 dollars to two cents. And a basketball or he wouldn't look at him does he number 6999. Real. The only a full size basketball as close as big a deal with the Sonics aims number six seems like is that a syndicated does that seem straight yes feel like that Felix Allen have been. Chile I would be late I feel like the number six to be more worth more because it's prayer area. A missile which is set let's say it's a 101 dollar and in times like in my calculator here. It so. Yet it'll cost Dan Gilbert two and a half million dollars for LeBron James to sit which is about how much they probably make it the game so we don't much. For a game boy game out of a now that colleges are costs and authenticated LeBron james'. Heat Jersey. Is going for 17199. Dollars I've but he Jersey like that's I mean I let let's go. Jersey seems excessive. Let's go with the shoes go to shill because he probably get a dealer knows yes save some money some say to hunt on a Daniel and again no deals with 200 are they too are okay authenticate our scientific. Oh my goodness we use the words that indicated that LeBron James signed. Sneaker that guy has a ring 350 dollars three unknown. Went on to and it's it's pretty much was at 35300 resumes. Seven million dollars per game if LeBron James if you want him to sit up arrest. And it's script because these TV companies are okay how much is LeBron make her 3033000030. Million. Makes these go 33 million he's had three years under million Chrysler seek 33 million and so does the according this. I'm a little bit more than a quarter of itself right. Should just do road games smoking administration and not sit at home not doing mass. Yeah pay heed former steered. Leader and we mix he makes 402000. Dollars per game has to live. Calm. Things G. So it's busy twenty times the salary were he I would have to work you till 2000. And knew I'd have to work your until 3000 somebody there got to keep our heads just a lot what did you trauma like Ted Williams. Throughout and I bruises. Anyway there's a lot of there's there's a lot of feelings get hurt in the NBA we'll get to that some more he Basque well next.